The Ick Factor – A Recap of Big Love’s Season Finale “End of Days”

I had mixed feelings about tonight’s Big Love season finale.  On one hand, it was certainly eventful.  There were a lot of twists and turns during this episode that I didn’t see coming.  Plus, a lot of questions that had been left unanswered throughout the series were finally resolved, although not necessarily for the better (cough, Tommy and Barb, cough). 

On the other hand, watching “End of Days” was a highly unpleasant experience for me.  A lot of the scenes and plot points were just plain uncomfortable to watch.  When you’ve come to know and care about characters during the course of four seasons, as I have with the Big Love cast, there are some situations you just don’t want to see them in.  The episode’s game-changer ending will definitely send the show in an entirely new direction next season.  I am just not entirely sure that I like where it is going . . .

So, let’s take a look at where we are going, and where we have been, shall we?

Ding. Dong, J.J.’s Dead!


One of the questions that was resolved during the season finale was what the heck J.J. was doing to get everybody pregnant.  In fact, the J.J. storyline was entirely resolved, because awesome Adaleen set his house on fire, burning that crazy mother-f’er and his wife to a crisp in the process.  So, the prospect of J.J. returning to Juniper Creek is highly unlikely.  Unless, of course, he comes back from the dead all burned and disfigured a la Freddy Krueger, which I wouldn’t put past him.  (They both have that “terrorizing children” thing in common, after all . . .)

“I will haunt your dreams, and force you to carry my creepily deformed babies to term.”

When news breaks that the polygamist compound in Kansas is rife with inbred babies, all signs point to J.J.’s involvement, seeing as he runs things down there.  Wanda comes out of her catatonic state long enough to admit that J.J. has inseminated Adaleen with Wanda’s egg (and his own sperm) in order to impregnate her.  Wanda just so happens to be J.J.’s biological sister  . . .

J.J. then tricks the infertile Nikki into coming to his “doctor” son’s office, in order to impregnate her with an egg belonging to Cara Lynn, Nikki’s own daughter with J.J.  I don’t even want to KNOW how he got that egg!

Fortunately, Bill finds Nikki just in time, and rescues her from the clutches of the evil creepy J.J.  Then Adaleen ties J.J. and his wife up, douses their home with gasoline, and watches it go KABOOM!  Who knew drippy weak-willed Adaleen Grant would turn out to be such a . . .

“Come to think of it, Mary Kay Place could totally pass for an older version of Drew Barrymore.  Don’t you think?”

At the conclusion of the episode, Nikki cuts her compound-style braid, and agrees to carry Margene’s non-incestually deformed baby to term for the Henricksons.  Ummm, yay . . . I guess?

Margene, Goran, and Anna sitting in a tree . . .

“Come and knock on our door.  We’ll be waiting for YOU!  When the kisses are HERS, and HERS, and HIS, Three’s Company Too!”

Margene’s storyline this evening would have fit really well into a swinging 70’s era sitcom.  For the past few episodes, Margene has been waffling back and forth between her marriage to Barb, Nikki, and Bill, which will result in the inevitable loss of her jewlery business, and her greencard marriage to Goran.  When she talks to Anna about it, Margene confesses that she feels guilty about marrying Goran, because she is attracted to him.  This attraction makes her feel like a Big Ho-Bag, seeing as Goran is actually in a (committed?) relationship with Anna.   

Huh?  Where did this “love interest” come from?  There was no evidence of Margene’s “attraction” to Goran throughout the entire season.  The guy seductively grabs her knee once, and all the sudden she’s in love with him?  Wasn’t it only a few episodes ago that she was talking about her romantic feelings for Ben?  It just plain didn’t make sense to me . . .

Weirder still was Anna’s response to Margene’s confession.  She was totally cool with it.  Anna told Margene that she already knew that Goran and Margene had feelings for one another.  So, why couldn’t the three of them just be happy together?  Is this the same Anna who, just last week, lectured Bill about his hypocritical one man-for-many women ways?  Truthfully, I always sensed a bit of a lesbian subtext between Margene and Anna.  However, both characters’ actions during this episode seemed inconsistent and unrealistic to me. 

“Just imagine all the hijinks we can get into now!  Wait until we tell Mr. Roper!”

At the conclusion of this storyline, Goran is seen happily hugging Anna and Margene, while fondling both of their asses.  Somewhere up in heaven, Jack Tripper is raising his fist in triumph  . . .

“Goran, I salute you!”

Barb and Tommy are Splitsville . . . But what about Barb and Bill?

“I’m going to miss you, and your sexy sweat lodge too!”

I had high hopes for Barb and Tommy at the opening of this episode.  She adorably mothered him, by trying to get him to eat a healthy and well-balanced meal, after a stressful day.  He confided in her about his family troubles (apparently, Tommy has some bad seed drug dealers in his family).  Together, they worried about how Tommy’s screwed up family history may adversely affect the casino.  Barb then vowed to help Tommy, promising him that he wouldn’t have to go through this alone.  They shared plenty of longing looks, and another sexy hug . . .

Then Bill had to go and screw everything up!

Well, in Bill’s defense, Barb made quite a mess of things herself, by offering the results of Anna’s paternity test, which showed that Bill was the father of her illegitimate child, to a local news network.  Barb did this in hopes that doing so would keep Bill from winning the Senate seat that has been slowly tearing their family apart.  Then, ostensibly, Bill ratted out and fired Tom and Jerry from the casino, to save face.  However, I thought the move had “revenge against Barb” written all over it. 

“Wow, this just occurred to me . . . probably because I never remembered the Jerry-character’s name.  Why the heck did the writers choose names like these for a pair of characters that would constantly be discussed in the series together, and in this exact order?  Seriously!”

Barb apparently thought Bill made a dick move too.  And when she FINALLY stuck up for herself, and told Bill, “I don’t think I need you anymore,” I cheered for her. 

“You go girl!”

But will she have the guts to leave him now that he is a State Senator?  Only time will tell . . .

Don, Don, Don, Don DONNNNNNN!

Yeah, this wasn’t a big part of the show at all.  I was just happy to see my favorite sidekick, Don, back on Big Love for the finale, even if it was just to kiss Bill’s ass again.  Despite the fact that Big Boss Man ruined Don’s life and turned his kid into a juvenile delinquent (who throws rocks through people’s windows) Don still showed up to watch Bill make his State Senate acceptance speech, and actually seemed HAPPY when Bill won . . .

Build for Bill (more like Demolish for Bill)

Meet Bill Henrickson, the family values Senator from Utah, and his family (Not pictured: illegitamate child, fourth wife, and illegal alien second husband)

Perhaps the most cringeworthy moment of the entire episode came at its conclusion, when Bill won the State Senate seat, and came out as a polygamist. As a bunch of his former supporters stormed out in anger, Bill made matters worse, by calling each of his wives up to the podium with him, singlehandedly destroying their lives along with his own.  Although the foursome held hands together at the conclusion of the speech, in a show of solidarity, each wife looked like she would rather be pulled apart by two horses running in opposite directions, than be there with Bill.

And that was it for this season.  So, what did you think of the finale?  Are you excited for a Season 5 that  revolves around Bill as a polygamist Senator?  Are you hoping that Barb leaves Bill’s ass for Tom (and Jerry)?  Are you hoping Margene leaves Bill’s ass for Anna and Goran?  Were you as happy to see Don as I was?  Were you as happy to see Marilyn and J.J. GO as I was?



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9 responses to “The Ick Factor – A Recap of Big Love’s Season Finale “End of Days”

  1. imaginarymen

    This episode was BANANAS!

    Yay JJ is gone – Boo for the turn to the XFiles territory with creepy eugenics/impregnating women stuff. And the jarring transition to that craziness to everyone cozy around Nikki at home as if she hadn’t just ALMOST been impregnated by her ex-husband with her own DAUGHTER’S egg and then STABBED him in the back!!!

    Is Marilyn gone, PLEASE? Except for her saying polygamy/Mormonism being “another excuse to f*ck around” (which I did cheer!) she just bugs. Why is she so obsessed with Bill??

    Oh Margene. You tramp. Is she going to start her own new Plural family now?

    LOVED Barb n’ Tommy (BarMy?) So bummed Bill screwed it up, though not suprised bc Bill is an ass. I too cheered her “I don’t think I need you anymore” I also cheered her ratting Bill out. I don’t blame her.

    I was shocked Bill went public, now I have to know when the next season is! I kinda feel like this show this season and this show the previous seasons are different shows. The “old” show was more a family drama – this show is more a crazy “WTF??” rollercoaster ride of wackiness!

    I can’t believe you had to tag “incest” in this post!

    • LOL. You are right about Nikki, and the lack of appropriate reaction from the rest of the family, following her ordeal. Nikki always gets the short end of the sympathy stick, in my opinion. Then again, the whole situation was a bit . . . awkward. It’s not as though you find a lot of Hallmark cards with the words: “Sorry you were almost impregnanted with your daughter’s egg by your bat sh*t crazy ex,” emblazoned on the front.

      I love that Nikki agreed to carry Margene’s “big-headed babies” (Ginnifer Goodwin could NOT have liked that line very much) to term, after all.

      I think Marilyn’s gone for good. HOORAY! I can’t imagine Sissy Spacek signing on for another season. It annoyed me that the writers tried in vain to make her likeable during the finale, by suddenly providing her with the conscience and soul that were lacking the rest of the season. I just didn’t buy her sudden “moral outrage” at all . . .

      Is it weird that I’m OK with a Margene, Anna, Goran threesome next season, if it means sticking it to Bill? His coming forward as a polygamist was the most selfish and self-destructive thing he could have done for his family, and I really hope they make him pay for it BIG TIME.

      Think there is any chance Barb will go running back into Tommy’s arms, after her whole “I’m just not that into you” speech to Bill? Here’s hoping . . .

      Haha, I guess I could have not tagged “incest,” but I probably would have received a lot less blog hits then :)!

  2. I love Nikki’s mom, what a pistol! You know somehow JJ and that crazy wife of his survives.

    Bill, however, is just reckless, and I’m made we didn’t see Tommy and Barb get it on, nor did we say goodbye to her oldest daughter. She’s just gone – poof!

    I’m praying the season premier next year will be amazing, because I have my doubts about this episode as well. Come on, why did they even air it against The Oscars?

    • I was pissed about Big Love competing with the Oscars too, girlfromtheghetto! It just didn’t make any sense. HBO is a CABLE channel. We PAY for it.

      It doesn’t need to compete with ABC. Nor should it try. I’m sure HBO would have received much better ratings, if they held off on the finale for a week.

      In order to write this recap, I passed on the 9pm showing of Big Love (to watch the Oscars, of course), and opted instead for the 11pm one. The problem with that was, as you know, the Oscars ran long this year. And the two best awards, Best Director and Best Picture, both came after 11.

      Fortunately, every news entity in the country (your hilarious live blog included – nice job, by the way) had the results for me the next day. But it would have been nice to see it happen live . . .

      Damn you Bill Henrickson! 🙂

      (P.S. If you put your money on J.J.’s return next season, I’ll put mine on Tommy’s – HBO loves a good extramarital affair . . .)

  3. “Meet Bill Henrickson, the family values Senator from Utah, and his family (Not pictured: illegitamate child, fourth wife, and illegal alien second husband)”

    you are my favorite person on the interwebs today!

    • Awww, thanks so much Lola! I think that may be the nicest blog comment I have ever received!

      Sometimes, I write these entries and wonder whether anyone out there is actually reading them. As a fellow blogger, I am sure you can relate. It’s nice to know that I have friends in the blogosphere, especially fellow “Big Lovers” 🙂 (They are the best kind of blog friends.)

      I’m at work now, but the first thing I plan to do, as soon as I get home, is surf your blog. I love finding new reading material, by people who share my pop culture taste :).

      Thanks again for reading. By the way, have you found a replacement for Big Love on your TV Roster yet? Because I haven’t . . .

  4. thanx!!! you’re deff. getting a follow from me! i haven’t found anything to watch yet….i tried getting into V by watching the episodes up on Hulu, but it’s just not the same….i guess there are only a few more months until Mad Men, right?!

  5. Ann

    Believe it or not I haven’t actually seen the finally yet but I sure am looking forward to it now. Your post and the responses cracked me up. Can’t wait to actually see the show.

  6. Ann

    Ooops!!!… meant finale… but I guess you figured that out. 🙂

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