Daydream Believer – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Strange Frequencies”

haha scott impaled

Love hurts . . .

Those wacky head shrinking Dredd Doctors are at it again, Werebangers! For the second episode in a row they are hard at work, forcing our Scooby Gang to confront their darkest fears and kinkiest sex fantasies, one CGI’ed hallucination at a time.

Question: Why they are doing this, when it seemingly has no conceivable link to their ultimate plan to craft the ultimate teenage chimera murder machine?

Answer: Because mentally torturing teens is hilarious, obviously . . .

nodding oh yeah

Also because when the characters are spending 98% of their screen time battling Big Bads each week, the most convenient type of character development is not the kind which is deftly drawn out through dialogue, facial and body language (Zzzzzzzzz, bo-ring!), but the kind that is beat into viewers brains with a sledge hammer and ground into a fine paste.

Let’s psychoanalyze, shall we?

[As always, special thanks to Andre, whose screencaps are always so spectacular, that I sometimes find myself wondering whether the episode he watched was better than the one I did.]

Playing Hard to Get Versus Just Getting Hard

When we last left Evil Theo and Stiles, Evil Theo had just saved Stiles life from a guy who liked to eat electric wires so much! It was like he was a hormonal female, and the wires were his favorite brand of potato chips for that special time of month (You can’t eat just one!).

“Hey, speaking of dead teens with effed up teeth, how about that douchebag you impaled a couple of weeks back. His chompers were insane, am-I-right?” Evil Theo brings up conversationally.


“Grrrrr, Evil Theo,” fumes Stiles. “It makes me totally furious that you would know about my deep dark past of two days ago, because I totally hate your guts, and aren’t at all interested in ripping off your clothes to have sex with you. So, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to throw your Adonis body hard against this chain link fence, grip your strong muscular shoulders in my fingertips, press my face millimeters from yours, and show you just how not attracted to you I actually am.”

better now kissnow kiss cartoon

“This is spectacular! Everyone on this show wants me!” Theo exclaims to himself, laughing maniacally, as he thumbs the lettering on his ‘I am Evil’ t-shirt. “After I murder a litter of puppies, engage in some light devil worshipping, suffocate some adorable babies, and have intense animalistic sex with Kira and Malia, I am totally going to come back and have my way with Stiles.”

now kiss

“OK, so here’s the deal. I won’ t tell Scott you are a murderer, if you don’t tell him I’m a murderer,” Theo offers his new boyfriend.   “And just to make sure our mutual friend isn’t at all suspicious of us, we should (1) never play ‘Never Have I Ever’ with Scott at a party, just in case he’s tempted to say “Never have I ever murdered a hot teenage boy with weird teeth, in which case we would both have to drink, obviously, because no one can lie during ‘Never Have I Ever’. It’s the law. (2) Bring him this dead body to fondle, as we know how much virtuous Scott loves to manhandle the bodies of the recently deceased.”

“Awesome ideas, Theo!” Stiles responds. “Let’s also put some sunglasses on Dead-y over here, so we can drive around Beacon Hills with him in the back seat, and pretend he’s still alive, Weekend at Bernies’ style.”

Weekend-at-BerniesMeanwhile, Liam is trying to charm his love interest, Hayden (I tried so hard not to learn her name, but then the Dredd Doctors said it about 85 times this episode, just to screw with my plans), by telling her she is a science experiment gone horribly wrong. Now, if a line like that isn’t enough to make your panties drop, ladies, you must be dead inside!

hayden wait

get away

Then, Liam doubles down on the seduction techniques, by transforming into monster, and trying to chew Hayden’s face off . . .

Hayden is unimpressed . . . possibly because she is legitimately dead inside . . . because the Dredd Doctors made her that way. So, she punches Liam in the face and runs away.

scared face punch

These two are going to be the best couple ever!

face plant

Habeas Corpus (Translation: “You should have the body.”)

Scott is thrilled that Evil Theo and Stiles have brought him a brand new sexy chimera body to play with.

“I really hope that bastard, Naked Garbage Man, doesn’t take this one from me, like he took all the other ones,” Scott pouts. “I mean, seriously. What’s a guy got to do to keep a corpse as a pet around here?”

scott dog dish“Stiles and I will babysit the body for you tonight, while we have sex in the car outside,” Evil Theo offers generously.

“What?” Scott asks, confused.

yet another scott face

“I said Stiles and I will babysit the body for you tonight, and Naked Garbage Man will have nowhere to hide,” Evil Theo covers cleverly.

“We will also keep the video camera on my cell phone trained on the body, so we can see who tries to take it. I am offering to use my cell phone to film this eight-hour snuff film, because even though I want everyone to believe I’m dirt poor, my cell phone has an insane unlimited data plan,” explains Stiles.

Stiles and Scott conveniently leave Evil Theo alone for a few minutes, so he can yell at one of the Dredd Doctors for not keeping him in the loop on the whole Naked Garbage Man thing. “Inconsequential,” the Dredd Doctor repeats over and over again to Theo’s lecture.


chatting with dreddyWhy? No reason. It’s just a cool word . . .

Back on the spinoff show Baby Wolf and Friends, Hayden’s car has mysteriously broken down, and the radio in it will only play one channel: It’s All Dredd Doctors, All the Time. Now, the Dredd Doctors may be totally awesome at Frankenscience and giving people hallucinations that are thinly veiled metaphors for their life, but they suck at other stuff . . . like talking. This makes them horrible disc jockeys for the radio station to which Hayden is being forced to listen.


First of all, the Dredd Doctors are nearly impossible to understand most of the time . . . they sound like I imagine Darth Vader would sound . . . if he was lying at the bottom of the ocean underneath something very heavy.

darth vader

“Hey, I resemble that remark.”

And then, when you do manage to hear what they are saying, it’s almost always something totally lame. (The word “inconsequential” notwithstanding.) Here’s what they say on Hayden’s radio: “Hayden . . . Hayden . . . Hayden . . . (wait for it) . . . Hayden.”

And “Your condition improves.”

Fortunately, Liam hops on top of her car, and bashes in the window, to free her from the mind-numbing nonsense of bad radio.

running tog

So, to recap, Hayden and Liam repeatedly punch one another in the face. And when they aren’t doing that, they are destroying one another’s private property on a regular basis. How can you not ship these two?

make up for

(Recapper’s note: In all seriousness, I actually do ship these two, which I think makes me a terrible person . . .)

Speaking of terrible people . . .

Child Abuse is Adorable!

Kira’s been calling out sick lately from Scott’s Scooby Games, because she might be possessed like Stiles was a season or so ago, and doesn’t want it to interfere with her friends’ Fight Against Evil, which makes her super considerate as far as possessed people go . . .

Kira’s parents aren’t satisfied though, and decide to trick her into going to school on the weekend, so Kira’s mom can try to impale her with a katana. At first, Kira doesn’t fight back, because it’s her mom, and she’s like, old and stuff. But then, Kira’s mom is all “Come at me, BIATCH!”

fight mewtfmom

She starts really coming at Kira hard, and getting all stabby with her.

they fight howduken

So, eventually Kira starts to fight back, and knocks the sword out of her mom’s hand. Kira’s mom immediately crumbles in the corner, looking totally horrified and insulted that her daughter had the nerve to defend herself against her mother’s TRYING TO KILL HER. HOW DARE SHE? She should have just rolled over and died, dammit.

Kira’s mom blames the kitsune on Kira’s violent behavior. But, personally, I blame her parents being assholes . . .


Later that night, Kira’s mom gets back at Kira for the whole defending herself thing, by sticking a bunch of needles in her back. She says it’s to help “balance” the power between Kira’s human self and her foxy self. But if I wanted balance, I’d buy myself a scale, not impale myself multiple times over just for fun . . .

sad kira

Kira starts to cry, and Kira’s mom asks her if she’s in pain. “DUH! OBVIOUSLY, SHE’S GOT ABOUT 85,000 NEEDLES IN HER BACK!”

(Yeah, I know . . . I know, acupuncture is supposed to be about pressure points, and it’s generally not supposed to be painful. But considering this woman just tried to kill her barely legal daughter a few moments ago, excuse me for being a bit suspicious.)

I actually felt kind of vindicated when Kitsu-Kira, took all those damn needles out of her back, used them to make the number 115 on the headboard of her bed, and escaped, leaving her asshat parents to think about what they’d done.   Hopefully fox Kira was smart enough to call Child Services on her way out the door . . .


In Which Every Supporting Character in Beacon Hills is Gay (and wants to sleep with Mason)

i got thisWatch out, Evil Theo. You’ve got competition in the Sex Pot Department. Mason’s been macking it with so many chimeras and wolves lately, his tongue probably has rabies.

He gets another one this week. This time it’s the boyfriend of the chimera he made out with a couple weeks ago, before the latter was brutally murdered. (AWK-WARD!) Mason flirts with him long enough to realize, by golly, he’s a super healing chimera too!

Hey Mason, do you have any chimera in you?

No? Do you want some?

I love you like you’re my sister . . . who I may have murdered, coincidentally.

his eyes yelOutside on Sexy Stakeout, Evil Theo and Stiles eye f*&k one another so hard that if one of them was a woman she’d probably be pregnant by now. Evil Theo is trying to convince Stiles that murdering people is totally cool, if they are douchebags like Donovan and the guy who ate electric wires all the time. “See, I killed Electric Wire Eater, and my eyes didn’t even turn Murderer Blue. That’s God’s way of saying he approves,” Theo explains.

Or it’s because you are not an actual werewolf, but a chimera, made by science, and, therefore, not bound by wolf law . . .

“Yeah . . . I have to admit killing Donovan was kind of fun, especially when all that blood poured out of his mouth like a geyser, and it kind of looked like chocolate . . . a chocolate geyser,” Stiles admits.

more impale“You remind me so much of my sister, who I pushed off a bridge, so she broke her leg and fell near a lake. And then I watched as she died of hypothermia,” says Theo.

a little help

“Um? A little help here? I’m dying, kind of?”

closeup evil face

“Not really feeling up to it, to be honest. It looks a little chilly down there.”

“WHAT??!!!” Stiles asks incredulously.

mistrust“I said I really want us to be friends. And you are hot. So, I’ll always protect you, and occasionally bone your brains out.”

“That second thing you said, didn’t sound at all like the first thing you said,” Stiles muses suspiciously.

car flirt

“Do you smell something burning?” Theo asks, quick to change the subject.

Speaking of burning . . .

The Scooby Gang (and new chimera, Hayden) all gather at the school. They have this ridiculous idea that they are going to trap the Dredd Doctors there by using high frequency dog whistles or something. Parrish is there too, because he has no friends his own age, and finds all girls over the age of 18, so crusty, old and gross.

“Hey Scott, I know you are supposed to be like my were-dad or something, but I think it’s kind of mean that you are dangling my new girlfriend in front of a bunch of psycho killers, and making her wear a sign on her back that says ‘Please brutally murder me,’” Liam admits.

liam doesn't like it“Don’t sass me, boy,” Scott lectures. “This is an excellent plan. Trust me, nothing will go wrong.”

“You’re right, Wolf Daddy. I’m sorry,” capitulates Liam.

cuddlingFive seconds later, everything goes straight to hell . . .

The Dangers of Kinky Sex Without a Safe Word

It’s Dredd Doctor Hallucination time! Let’s start with the sexy ones and work our way back, OK?

Anybody who has ever watched the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey knows that all weird sex should come with a safe word, to make it stop when things get too intense. Ideally, that word should be something you wouldn’t normally say during sex anyway, like “Ohhh,” or “Ahhh,” or “Owwww,” or “Are you almost done? Big Brother starts in five minutes.”

Parrish and Scott clearly didn’t get the memo about the safe words . . .

Parrish is sitting outside the school in his cop car, fondling his Lydia playing card, when Lydia herself appears in the flesh. Now, THAT is a great magic trick!

macking it

We know something is off about this soon-to-be sex scene immediately, because (1) Lydia is wearing a completely different outfit than the one she had on a few minutes ago; and (2) Lydia is ravaging Parrish like he is a juicy steak, and she has been on an all kale smoothie diet for weeks.

Sometime during the sex act, Lydia’s makeup comes off, and she starts to look a little rough . . .

do you think im prettyJust kidding! Parrish completely burns off her face with his Naked Garbage Man hotness. Fortunately, Lydia doesn’t seem to mind a bit . . . Talk about a ride or die, girl!

not liking thisClearly the Dredd Doctors have tapped into both Parrish’s guilt at desiring a high schooler, and his fear that he may be an Evil Naked Garbage Man, who burns kids bodies on a big ole tree, just for fun . . .

All this self-awareness really pisses off Parrish, as we will see in just a bit.

Elsewhere in sexual guilt land, Scott is beating himself up over the fact that he’s totally turned off by Kira, now that she’s constantly wearing that dorky fox costume, and is kind of evil . . .

So, of course, his Dredd Doctor Fantasy involves rough kinky sex with Kira that ends in his own demise.

more impale haha die sonBut what a way to go, am I right, boys?

The Trap Queens

The girls’ Dredd Doctor fears are a bit more shallow then the boys, which is saying a lot considering what you’ve just read above.

Malia spent eight years of her life as a coyote, living in a town covered in coyote traps placed by her own father, so of course, her fear would look something like this . . .

great trapLydia is a really good kisser, so her fear involves the ripping out of her tongue . . .

her tongue gorryJust kidding, I think the loss of tongue fear comes from Lydia worrying that she will never truly be able to harness her banshee power (i.e. her scream) in a way that can actually help her friends. And if that’s the case, then she might as well not have that power at all . . .

In which the most likeable character on the show is murdered, a.k.a Stiles’ jeep

So, remember how I told you that Parrish was really angry that the Dredd Doctors called him out, via hallucination, for being a creeper. (Not to mention the terrible case of these, he undoubtedly received . . .)

blue ballsWell, Parrish’s anger ended up being bad news for Evil Theo, who got punched in the face. Worse news for Stiles, who got smushed under his car, when Parrish knocked it over. But it was the worst news for Stiles’ poor jeep, Roscoe, which Parrish burned to death.

awesome punch great stiles(I wonder if Theo would consider THIS justifiable homicide . . . you know . . . due to the whole blue balls thing. Not to say that the blue balls were Roscoe’s fault, or anything . . . )

Speaking of Evil Theo, he rescues Stiles from the burning car, saving his life A-GAIN, while Naked Garbage Man Parrish conveniently gets away with yet another chimera body completely unnoticed . . .

gotcha boddyAm I being naïve to think, Stiles may be able to revive Roscoe for one more car accident . . . just for old times sake?

Just in case I am, R.I.P. Roscoe. You will truly be missed.   I always liked you better than Scott . . .

In which Scott shows himself to suck just as much at fishing as he does at regular life

When Scott and friends are all done daydreaming, they learn that the Dredd Doctors have kidnapped Liam and Hayden . . . oops.

we screwed up

You see, that’s the thing about bait. In order for it to work, you actually have to keep it attached to the fishing line, not just throw it to the fish, and hope they come onto your line out of the goodness of their hearts . . .

kidnapedWell . . . THAT happened . . .

Having a slightly better day than her son is Scott’s mom. Not only did she have a pretty adorable flirt session with Sheriff Stilinski (Take that, Lydia’s mom!), she also figured out the relationship between the chimeras. As it turns out, all of them had surgical procedures in which dead people’s body parts were attached to there’s, making them real chimeras/ wuzzles before they became fake monstery ones.

figure it out tog

Scott’s mom is feeling pretty darn good about herself, when she arrives home from work. So, of course, Jeff Davis has to crap on that . . .

dead body screamUntil next time, Werebangers!


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5 responses to “Daydream Believer – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Strange Frequencies”

  1. Amazing recap! I really need to catch up on this show. Otherwise I might be forced to play a Never Have I Ever (watched every episode) game with Theo, and we know how that would end. Is there any way you can briefly recap season 6 for me, as this is my first taste and I would really like to follow along? xx

    • Thanks Spidey! It’s still Season 5 actually. (It’s those darn two-part seasons. They always confuse me too.) In terms of a long recap of the season, you could probably skim through my previous episode recaps, and get a pretty detailed idea of what’s gone on in the past six episodes. For something even shorter, I would suggest going to the MTV website, and watching the little animated recaps those two fangirls do of each episode. They are only about 2 minutes long a piece but pretty much cover everything!

  2. Andre

    Your start of the recap was spot on: Why are they doing the hallucination thing and how does that relate to their powers of electromagnetism? Because there are electronic impulses in the brain?
    Also, they use hallucinations…. that reminds me of someone, well two in fact. Both on this show. Do you know who?

    And you mean what they do here is actually character development? Oh boy…. that is not good.

    And don’t worry, the episodes I watch are no better than yours, I just usually watch them first and play videogames at the same time and then do the screencaps… the dumbest moments of the show are less cringe-worthy then.

    Well, let’s go o the episode:

    One thing I have to say: If you are so much into male on male contact that looks like wrestling… just watch wrestling… or gay porn, there is not much difference really:

    However, to be serious, what you wrote there jokingly sounds exactly like what happened with Klaus in TVD…. thankfully Teen Wolf hasn’t gone down that route yet, even though all its black cast members are basically just tools to advance the plot. Seriously Mason is the closest one so far to having an actual life.

    And speaking of lives: Why does Theo ask Stiles to help him carry the body. I am pretty sure Theo would be strong enough to carry it with one hand.
    I guess it’s one of the many inconsistencies that this show totally does not have

    So you tried to not learn her name? Funny thing, I didn’t even know it prior to this episode… or was it the one before… never mind.
    Let us think of the important things:
    Like the fact that Jackson 2.0 is now officially the dumbest teen on the show. Ok, he might be the only teen on the show, but I guess you know what I mean. I have the feeling the whole scene with Hayden punching him in defense was, even though it was a nice change to the usual screaming we get from women/girls, just there for laughs because what Liam did there was so dumb, not even Scott ever did it. Seriously, what did he think he would accomplish with showing his teeth and roaring at her? What were the writers thinking? What kind of idiot thinks that is a good idea?

    I guess the same kind of writers who think a werewolf like Jackson 2.0… you know what since he is so much like Scott now, I will call him Jatt, ok? Ok, so Jatt apparently can catch up with that one car, just in time to save the damsel in distress…. well why should an allegedly dangerous chimera be able to defend herself right?

    And since we are at self defense:
    I have only four things to say to the whole Kira vs Noshiko thing:
    1) What sort of idiot does such a bad dance routine (you can’t call that fighting) in a school room full of tables and chairs? Would the show not have such forced plots something might have been damaged.
    2) The whole possessed or overwhelmed by the “kitsune” thing really reminds me of Naruto… again


    3) How do her parents even know what is up with her?

    4) Tell me the whole “Noshiko attacks Kira to train/test her” doesn’t remind you of this?
    The Magical Asian, like the Magical Negro or Magical Native American, exists to dispense lessons to white characters using the wisdom of his people. He will usually be a martial arts master, a practitioner of traditional Asian medicine (which in fact is not magical, but actually works, and is taught in many Chinese universities alongside Western medicine), or a sage of some Eastern religion. If he is not explicitly supernatural, he will often (but not always) be so highly skilled in his art that it will appear superhuman. Martial artists will be impossibly good fighters, the medicine-men will be able to easily diagnose and cure any illness (bonus points if he mentions chi), and the sage will be enlightened with some kind of supernatural intuition. Expect at least one scene of them meditating. They will often quote Ice Cream Koans attributed to Buddha, Confucius, or some other famous Asian sage.
    Unlike the Magical Negro, the Magical Asian is not always nice to his white protégé. It is common for the Magical Asian to put his student through a number of demeaning and seemingly pointless tasks. However, it always turns out that there is a purpose to these tasks that helps get his lesson across. Mr. Miyagi’s famous “Wax On, Wax Off” routine is one of the best known examples. This tendency is possibly related to Asian Rudeness.
    He will speak in proverbs and Koans. He will often be referred to as sensei, sifu, or master. Your training will be complete When You Snatch the Pebble from his hand.

    I have nothing more to say on that. However I have something to say on the dumb accupuncture session later on:
    It is clear that the fox in Kira is now, for some reason, independent (which is really cliche), so how on earth will an accupuncture session that balances power help with that? Shouldn’t they train on making Kira’s will stronger? I know the show doesn’t do true character development but I am sure they could shove in some hypnosis or training montage.

    However I must tell you that fox-Kira definitely did not call Child services on her parents, because that would require for her to be smart and we all know supernaturals on this show are all bone dead stupid now. Except for Lydia, but apparently by the rule of mountain ash and Eichenhouse, she doesn’t count as supernatural, somehow.

    As for Mason and the tons of gay guys on the show:
    I am sure plenty of people are desperate, and pathetic, enough to call this great representation, but I call it tokenism and pandering, just like the sudden appearance with sideline characters (like electro guy and Hayden) with Spanish last names, but still being white, to pander to hispanic audiences.

    Now, when it comes to the whole Theo-Stiles-car thing, I have only three things to say:
    1) It shows that Stiles is a better friend to Scott than Scott is to him, showing me that he is not a kill-kill psychopath that a person I am corresponding on deviantart with claims him to be. He seems way more realistic and moral than Scott, who sees things in black and white and seems incredibly easily to switch sides and be hypocritical.

    2) I do not like the whole Theo let his sister die and claiming he did not approach, since it reminds me too much of Peter and the flashback in season 3a. And the show had enough rehashing in my mind.

    3) If this is supposed to be some sort of bonding process between the two, like Stiles pouring his heart out suggests, than the writers have lost their mind. The earlier scene with the corpse and Theo lying to Scott would be something that would tell season 1 and 2 Stiles that Theo is an accomplished liar even considered Scott’s incredible incompetence. So that Stiles would know that Theo cannot be trusted.

    Of course the writers seem to be unable to write a good plot or they have just given up.
    Not only is another convergence of ley lines, or however they are called, under the school (Buffy anyone?) but the whole plan is ridiculous in all ways. Seriously these doctors remade themselves into these quasi mechanical things and have shown their ability to manipulate things from afar and they thing some old emmitors, or whatever they are called, will keep them out or so?
    And the whole Scott vs. Liam thing… no comment to that ridiculous attempt at introducing moral depth into these two dofuses.
    And yes they are dofuses, as are the writers, because who on earth things it is a good idea to try and restrain antagonists with strong electromagnetic powers with chains that are so obviously metal that you cannot overlook that. And these morons did not think of that?
    Have they never heard of Magneto?

    I have no comment on the hallucinations apart from what I already said, plus Scott saw what was up and didn’t react accordingly, again. I have only one question: What makes you think the girl’s hallucinations have that much depth?

    Now the whole burning Parrish taking the body is showing how dumb even the directing is now. Let’s forget that it would be smarter to place cameras inside and outside of the animal clinic and have Stiles erect a mountain ash barrier, but the way it was all shot… With Parish’s flaming hand the only thing you can see and the whole wandering of the camera from unconscious Stiles to Parrish carrying the body away, looks like the kind of scenes you would use when you want to reveal something. Except that there is nothing to reveal here, we know what Parrish does with the bodies, so why shoot it that way?

    And speaking of bad directing:
    What was up with the performances by Hayden’s and Jatt’s actors? Both have definitely delivered batter performances so why does Jatt act as if he couldn’t really care about Hayden?

    So from there we get to the final part, Scott’s mom:
    How is it that a supporting character like here is more competent than the alleged main characters?
    And as for the antagonist of the week that was clearly impaled by Kira and Melissa’s reaction to it:
    How is that consistent with their usual portrayal?

    • You are right, Andre. Theo could have totally carried the body on his own. Maybe he as just feigning weakness for another opportunity to cozy up with Stiles ;).

      I feel the same way you do about Kira’s storyline. For me, it’s the weakest storyline of the season. It’s basically the Stiles possession storyline all over again, only no where near as scary, cool, or interesting, and with a protagonist who doesn’t have an iota of the acting chops O’Brien has to pull off a storyline like this.

      And now that we know the Dredd Doctors basically made Kira’s fox take over her body, the whole thing makes even less sense. Why isn’t Kira displaying new powers or exhibiting some of the bodily symptoms Hayden and some of the other chimeras are exhibiting? Also, isn’t the whole point of the Dredd Doctors to combine the strengths of different animals into one body? If so, why is Kira still a fox human, only now more fpx, less human? That seems like it would be antithetical to the Doctors’ plans?

      As for Scott’s mom’s reaction to the dead body thing, I think the scream was less related to the gory nature of the body itself, she’s a nurse, after all, and more related to the fact that it was IN HER HOUSE, ON HER KITCHEN TABLE. She’s not going to be able to eat steak there for weeks now . . . 😉

      • Andre

        If just I could believe that Theo was feigning weakness, but I think its more likely that the writers simply forget about that, like they forget about plot points, canon, character traits and werewolf abilities time and again.

        And now Kira is gone… meaning apart from the Scott vs. Jatt thing, all the scenes from episode 1 have been shown and none were even remotely as interesting as they were claimed to be, something Teen Wolf does all the time so I was not surprised.

        And I think the doctors don’t truly have a plan since they are not well written antagonists but rather plot devices to give us one monster after the other. I mean we are at episode 8 now and all that we know of their plan is that they want to make chimeras for no reason apparently.

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