Four Funerals and a Naked Cuddle? – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Sun Also Rises”

“Oh NO!  Don’t cry!  Please don’t cry!  Let’s try to focus on the Happy Things, like the fact that Michael Trevino spent this entire episode naked . . .”

“I have the most awesome nipples on the planet.”

*Takes Deep Breath*  Hey, Fangbangers!  How are you doing?  Are you holding up, OK?  As you well know, this was probably one of the most intense, and heart-wrenching, episodes of TVD history.  And no one will hold it against you, if, while you watched it, you engaged in a little Soulful Crying . . .

You may have ventured over into the territory of the Ugly Cry Face . . .

And that’s ALL RIGHT!  There is no shame in that! 

You know, I was trying to figure out what tone I should be taking with this recap.  I mean, on one hand, I usually like to keep things light.  But making fun of an episode featuring FOUR DEAD PEOPLE, seems a tad inappropriate, even for ME! (Well . . . two of them at least.  When it comes to the demise of a certain VERY Unlikeable Wolfgirl, and an EXTREMELY B*tchy Witch, all bets are off!). 

Hours and hours of painful faux-wolf transformations, followed by some time spent rolling in the dirt, plus getting her HEART RIPPED OUT OF YOUR CHEST, and this one still looks like she just stepped out of a salon.  Talk about UNFAIR!

There’s also a lot of great acting and plotting in the “The Sun Also Rises” that deserves to be given its do.  So, while this recap may be a bit more “somber” than most, I’ll try my best to cover everything that happened, while hopefully, still entertaining you a bit along the way . . .

See?  Already you are entertained!

Sound good?  Let’s get started .  . .

(By the way, did you notice that I always called her Useless Aunt Jenna, but now that she’s gone, doing that makes me feel like a TOTAL asshat Aunt Jenna voiced this week’s “Previously on the Vampire Diaries?”  Kind of fitting right?)

So, let me get this straight, you want me to open the show?  But Stefan always opens the show.  Why do I get to do it this week?  Oh, wait a second here .  . . you aren’t trying to give my character a ‘Poignant Sendoff’ are you?  ARE YOU?”

Let Sleeping Werewolves Lie . . .

“Shoot me in the face, I’ll bite you in the balls.  Just sayin’  . . . MATT”

“Ahhh .  . . see that’s what YOU think!  I gave up my balls on this show, a LOOOONNNNG time ago.”

You know you are in a maudlin TVD episode, when the storyline revolving around SHOOTING wolves, painful werewolf transformations, homicidal moms, and a brutal breakup functions as the COMIC RELIEF!  The episode begins with Caroline trying to secure Were-Tyler behind a locked gate, while Matt proceeds to go Rambo on the animal’s ass.  (PETA must have LOVED this one!)

It’s interesting how this scene pretty much telegraphs the Matt / Caroline breakup that occurs at the end of the episode, and the main reasons behind it.  (Then again, considering that Matt has spend the past few episodes plotting AGAINST Caroline with the EEEVVVIL Lizard Forbes, one could argue that this relationship has really been dead in the water, ever since Matt found out that Caroline was a vampire, back in “The House Guest.”)

“Whatchu talkin about, Recapper?”

First, obviously, Matt shoots Were-Tyler.  (By the way, since when did MATT become this GREAT SHOT?  Who the heck ever took this orphan out hunting?  Vampire Vicki?) 

The fact that a gunshot wound CAN’T actually kill this supernatural creature, doesn’t mean that Matt didn’t INTEND to shoot to kill.  Some have disagreed with me on this point.  But I took his actions here as a sure sign that Matt has extreme difficulty seeing the HUMAN BEING, behind the supernatural creature.  Admittedly, he does come around a bit on this point, toward the end of the episode . . . but just not ENOUGH.

As luck would have it, however, the bullet wound  incapacitates Tyler, preventing him from breaking through the wrought iron gates.  This ultimately allows Caroline and Matt to (1) pass through those gates, (2) step over the “sleeping Tyler,” (3) lock said gates from the INSIDE, and (4) return to the safety of Caroline’s house.

That may end the problems with Were-Tyler.   But the problems between Matt and Caroline are just beginning.  Matt offers to help Caroline with the situation, and she REFUSES, probably because (1) as the kickass Vampire Barbie she is, Caroline is about ten times strong than Matt’s wimpy ass; and (2) she doesn’t entirely trust that Matt won’t try to kill Tyler again.  “I’VE GOT IT,” Caroline says snippily.

“Oh . . . my sweet manhood.  Oh, how I miss you.”

In return, when Caroline asks Matt to hold her hand (adding FURTHER insult to injury on the “I’m stronger than you” front), so that the two can navigate around an anesthetized Tyler, Matt hesitates for a LONG TIME.  I’m not even sure if he ultimately DID IT.  Granted, this may just be Matt’s Male Ego trying to show Caroline who’s not so much boss, and not wanting to be mothered by his own girlfriend.  But, mainly, I think it illustrates the notion that Matt STILL doesn’t entirely trust Caroline in her vampire form. 

Ultimately, it is THESE issues (along with some other ones) . . .

“Matt who?”

 . . . that completely tear apart the flimsy fabric of this more-or-less already broken relationship . . .

Back at Alchy Alaric’s Crib . . .

Damon Penetrates Katherine’s Emotional Fortress of Solitude (and Then Pulls Out)

See what I did there? 😉

KATHERINE:  “So, I know you’re like ‘dying’ and all, but would it be too much to ask for a rousing Goodbye F*&k?”

Back when the promo for this episode first aired, many of you noted the genuine look of concern in Katherine’s eyes, as she surveyed the increasingly gnarly werewolf bite on Damon’s arm.

OK . . . that is SO not a hickey!  (Great arm definition though.  That vamp works out!)

And while I DO think that Katherine loves Damon to the extent that she CAN, her love is a selfish and possessive one.  Katherine’s concern over Damon’s dying seems more related to her OWN loss of a GREAT Sex Partner feelings of abandonment and neglect, as well as her fear that there will be one less person on the planet pining over her.


That being said, it was VERY satisfying to see Damon, who had spent centuries mooning and moping over Katherine, FINALLY coming to terms with the MANY deficiencies of Katherine’s character.  Of course, the exchange wasn’t NEARLY as satisfying as THIS one . . .

Damon immediately calls Kat out on the part she played in Jenna’s demise.  After all, it was KATHERINE who led Jenna into the trap that resulted in her being Klaus’ vampiric sacrifice.  And Katherine did this, even THOUGH she had already consumed the vervain Damon himself had given her, and clearly, had a choice in the matter.  “Somehow you are always the only one who wins, Katherine.  How did that happen?”  Damon asks.

“Because I didn’t let love get in the way,” Katherine replies.

This, of course, calls to mind the much-discussed concept of vampires “turning off their feelings,” which will be touched upon again, later in this episode.  One could argue that Katherine acts the way she does because she simply “never turned her feelings back ON.”  However, I think that’s an overly simplistic analysis of the situation.  Because unlike OTHER vampires who have “turned off” their feelings in the past, like the stoic, verging on sociopathic, Isobel . . .

 . . . and the Bloodaholic Stefan of Old  . . .

 . . . Katherine seems VERY in touch with her emotions.  She often manages to experience JOY in her life . . .

. . . and shows obvious signs of fear, when her existence is being threatened, right before her self-preservation instincts set in.

No, Katherine is just a manipulative biatch.  And, for the most part, she’s probably been that way for her entire life.  The difference now, is that Damon Salvatore has her number. “Enjoy your life alone,” he says icily, as he walks out of her life.   For good?  Somehow, I doubt it . . .

For Damon’s part, the fact that he was willing to sacrifice HIMSELF, not just for Elena, but for JENNA (The werewolf bite ultimately prevented him from doing this.), shows tremendous growth in his character.  Remember THIS line?

(My apologies to the owner of THIS awesome tumblr, who’s site I neglected to properly link in my last recap.)

Well, of course, us Delena fans’ hearts just melted over this, viewing it as the ULTIMATE in romantic statements you can make to the person you love more than life itself.  And yet, it also resulted in Elena de-staking ELIJAH, which, ulimately, may not have been the best decision.  (More on that later.) 

On the otherhand, the “I will always choose you,” line exemplified the ways in which  Damon’s unparalleled love for Elena sometimes prevented him from seeing the Big Picture.  And the Big Picture, is THIS:  Sometimes “saving” someone, isn’t just about preserving their life; it’s also about preserving their heart, by protecting the people that mean something to that person.  Damon’s willingness to save JENNA, in this episode, shows that he understands that Big Picture now.  This understanding, undoubtedly makes him an EVEN STRONGER candidate for Elena’s love . . .

Just sayin’ . . .

Unfortunately, saving Jenna was not in the cards for Damon, this week.  “I’m sorry Damon, but Jenna is dead, and there is nothing you can do about it,” notes Katherine, prophetically. 

“Oh, my GOD!  He killed me! (WTF?)”

“Got any aspirin?  I feel like Death!”

Still Useless, but I can’t call her that anymore Aunt Jenna wakes up with what I imagine is the WORST HANGOVER EVER!  Being forced to drink gallons of Old Fart Vampire Blood, then being MURDERED, then being tossed into a Burning Ring of Fire, will do that to a girl.  What’s worse, she seems to have blocked the entire event out of her consciousness, forcing Poor Elena to have explain it to her ALL OVER AGAIN. 

“Do I REALLY have to be the PARENT in this situation?  AGAIN!  Seriously Aunt Jenna, if there was ever a time I needed to be mothered it is RIGHT NOW!”

It’s important to note here, that the minute that Jenna awakens, she says that she feels different and strange.  After all, it is JENNA’S accounting of what it feels like to be a newly turned vampire in transition, that helps Elena to determine whether she has, in fact, made that transition herself, by the end of the episode.  Unfortunately, Elena BARELY has enough time to tell Jenna’s she DEAD, and give her the crash course on Intro to Vampirism 101, before that EVIL Wanker HOBAG Greta comes out to play . . .

Man, I know she didn’t stick around all that long, but I REALLY hated this b*tch!  Seeing her smug, puckery, self-satisfied face on my screen had the odd effect of actually making me MISS Luka!

Remember him?

“Oh my god!  He killed me.  I’m a vampire,” remarks Jenna, a line that would be bizarrely hilarious on ANY show other than this one and, maybe, True Blood.

“And I bet you’re hungry,” coos Greta Hobag.

Elena, who knows what’s coming next, starts Freaking the F*&k OUT!  So, Greta decides to give her some impromptu flying lessons . . .


It turns out that living conditions in Burning Ring of Fire Number One, were getting kind of cramped.  So, Greta treats Elena to an “upgrade” by sending her to Burning Ring of Fire Number Two, which is much roomier, and comes with a better view of the park . . .

Greta then slits her own wrist.  Oh, DIE!  Please DIE!  I think to myself.  But alas, this is no Suicide Attempt on Greta’s part.  This is merely a FEEDING.  And Jenna, possibly mistaking Greta’s arm for some Chunky Monkey . . .

Just trying to lighten the mood here, folks!

. . . starts gnawing at Greta’s bloody skin, like it’s an Ear of Corn. 

*nom-nom, nom-nom*  “Tastes like CHICKEN!”

Then THIS happens . . .

Coolest trick ever!  The most interesting thing I can do with MY eyes is cross them.

By feeding on HUMAN blood, shortly after death, Jenna has officially completed her vampire transformation, thus making her a “ripe” candidate for Klaus’ Sacrifice ritual.  From across their respective burning circles, Jenna and Elena view one another, as only two family members who are no longer the same SPECIES can.  Once again, Elena takes on the MOTHERING role for her Useless until the end terrified Aunt and Guardian.  “Jenna, look at me.  It’s going to be OK,” Elena lies through her teeth.

“It’s OK Elena?  It’s going to be OK?  I just DIED, and ate some girl’s arm!  Now I’m in a circle of FIRE, out in the middle of nowhere, being babysat by two chanting psychopaths.  How does this satisfy your definition of OK?”

Meanwhile, back in the underground tomb, Bonnie and Jeremy are spending a leisurely romantic evening reading by candlelight . . .

“So, if our ancestors used to date eachother, does that mean there’s a chance we might be related?”

JEREMY:  “Hey Bonnie, did you know that there are 365 diferent sexual positions?  One for each day of the year?”

BONNIE:  “You had to look in a BOOK to find THAT?  So, what formerly EMO, but now incredibly hot, guys, don’t believe in internet porn?”

The purpose of Bonnie’s and Mini Gilbert’s underground research session is to  allow Jeremy the screentime he’s been sorely lacking these past couple of episodes find a spell that can somehow keep Elena from GOING VAMP, after Klaus kills her.  Truthfully, Jeremy’s and Bonnie’s search for this spell seems kind of half-assed. In fact, both parties seem more interested in eye f*&king, shoulder nuzzling, and making sexually suggestive historical references than rescuing their friend from the Ignominy of the Undead.  “I think [my ancestor, Emily] had a thing for [your ancestor, John Gilbert] remarks Bonnie, with a seductive wink.


And just in case you actually BELIEVED Bonnie’s lamely flirtatious statement, please allow me to show you something.  THIS was Emily Gilbert . . .

She’s kind of hot, right?  OK . . . now THIS is John Gilbert, on whom Emily supposedly had this HUGE CRUSH . . .

Did I mention, the dude was batsh*t insane, and seemingly spent his entire life writing down his every thought in about 85,000 DIARIES?  Yeah, Emily Gilbert!  This one sounds like a Real Keeper!  You gotta give props to Bonnie for trying, though . .  .

Unfortunately, this little slightly nauseating moment is interrupted by Cock Block Alaric, who, ever since his delivery of the “message” that the Sacrifice begins tonight, has seemingly had no other purpose than to be the Bearer of Bad News . . .

“Dammit!  I miss being Klaus.  Now THERE was a guy who knew how to have a good time!”

“Jeremy, something’s happened to Jenna . . .” he begins morosely.

“Seriously?  Again?  You’re kidding me with this, right?”

The Man with the Plan . . .

Back above ground, Damon and Stefan engage in one of their little Brotherly Telephone Gossip Sessions that are quickly becoming a regular occurrence on this show . . .

” OMG!  Katherine actually SAID that to you?  She is SUCH a b*tch.  Did you f*&k her?   Because I totally would have f*&ked her.”

During the phone conversation, Damon informs Stefan that his girlfriend’s aunt is now vampire bait, and Stefan responds by getting weepy . . . again.  Stefan also makes a decision.  It’s the same one Damon made EARLIER in the episode, but couldn’t carry out, due to his Were-Rabies.  Namely, Stefan will offer to sacrifice himself in place of Jenna . . .

 “So, all these hot guys are willing to sacrifice themselves for ME, now!  This is SO COOL!  It also means I’m pretty much dead already, doesn’t it?”

After hanging up on Damon, Stefan turns his attention to Elijah . . .

I’m sorry. I just think this picture of Elijah is really funny!

Elijah helpfully restates the Save Elena gameplan for the audience.  “Bonnie will stay hidden until the moon reaches its final phase.  [This way, Klaus will continue to think she’s dead until the last possible moment.]  Then, she will deliver Klaus to the brink of death, and I will finish him off,” explains the Original Vamp of Haircare Excellence, stoically . . .

Shut UP, Elijah!  I’m mad at you.  We’re in a fight, now!

Though it’s undoubtedly TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE, Stefan FINALLY wakes up to the fact that Elijah’s insistence on killing his own brother, in order to help out folks who he (1) barely knows; and (2) tried to kill him . . . TWICE, seems . . . ODD . . . to say the least.  When Elijah tells Stefan that he is a “very honorable man,” Stefan pointedly asks whether ELIJAH, himself, is honorable.  (You know, this might have been a good question to ask BEFORE you hung all your hopes on THIS guy’s purported “honorability.”)


“You can’t see it, but I’m actually crossing my fingers behind my back, right now.”

Klaus FINALLY explains why he seems so intent on killing his own brother, the Original Douchebag.  Turns out, this dude is SO CUCKOO BANANAS that he murdered his ENTIRE family (except, conveniently, Elijah . . . I guess he thought that hair was too pretty to go to waste), and buried all their corpses AT SEA, so that no one could come an “revive” them. 

Stefan, who knows a thing or two about wanting to kill your brother, while still being tormented by feelings of LOVE for that sibling, can relate . . .

Last I checked, they didn’t allow vampires on Dancing with the Stars . . .

“Sometimes, there is honor in revenge,” says Elijah, sounding like he’s quoting Shakespeare. (And he may be, for all I know.  Heck, he probably knew the guy, personally . . . and possibly even ATE him.)  “I will not let you down,” concludes the Original, as his nose grows to epic proportions . . . kind of like Pinocchio.

“Trust me.  It gets worse.”

“Dear sweet Wall!  You are the only one who truly understands my pain.”

Back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Uncle / Father John barges into Damon’s house, wondering why Elena hasn’t returned any of his phone calls . . .

“Looks like you are a day late, and a daughter short,” snarks Damon.  (LOVE HIM!)

Once, Damon gives Uncle /Father John the Cliff Notes version of the past few episodes of TVD, during which he was doing LORD KNOWS WHAT, U.F.J. decides this would be the PERFECT opportunity to call Damon out on his failure to properly parent / protect his daughter.  Riiiiight, because dads should ALWAYS hire out Sexy but Morally Ambiguous Vampires to take care of those pesky parental duties!

Now, THAT’S what I call a Father Figure!

“All you had to do was keep her safe,” whines John, when he learns that Damon prevented Elena’s certain death by feeding her his own vampire blood.  “You destroyed her life, you know.  You’ve turned her into what I’ve spent my whole life ineffectually protecting her from.”

“Now, is REALLY not the time for lectures, Daddio!”

That’s when Damon introduces Uncle /Father John to his good pal Wall Face (which was awesome, by the way).  “Yeah, yeah . . . I took her choice away.  And I ruined her life, I get it,” remarks Damon, in the voice of a bored teenager.  (Clearly, Damon Salvatore reads blogs.)  “But, trust me, it gets worse . . .”

“Oh no!  Well, let’s not talk about such dark things.  After all, you and I will have plenty of time to have this discussion next season . . . Won’t we?  Won’t we?

But get worse, IT DOES!  Perpetual Bearer of Bad News Alaric chooses THIS particular time to drop a bombshell on Damon, that STEFAN will be sacrificing himself in Jenna’s place.   Damon’s Man-Cry and Sexy Wall Punch, upon hearing about his Little Brother’s most recent attempt at Martyrdom SLAYED ME with their gut-wrenching intensity  . . .

I also couldn’t help but be reminded of ANOTHER time when Damon took his inconsolate sadness and anger out on Innocent Pieces of Furniture . . .

Be afraid La Casa de Rich and Awesome!  Be very afraid!

I also had to laugh, when Damon once again, RIGHTLY wondered why they couldn’t just let BONNIE sacrifice herself for Klaus.  After all, SHE had enough power to kill him, even BEFORE he started offing various cast members.  In hindsight, this probably would have been the better solution, as it would have prevented Elena and Jeremy from becoming orphans, and from needing a lifetime of pills therapy, most likely punctuated by various stints in rehab . . .


“Dammit, BONNIE!  Way to take one for the Team!”

Meanwhile, back at the Sacrifice . . .

“Hi Jules . . . Bye Jules!”


“Life like a Beast.  Die like a Porn Star.”

Jenna is beginning to enjoy the Perks of Vampirism.  “I feel everything stronger,” she notes thoughtfully.  “The colors are brighter.  The fire is hotter.”

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), this little Advertisement for Undead Living is interrupted by SERIOUSLY LOUD SEX SOUNDS.  Moans, groans, grunts . . . the whole nine yards.  For a second their, I thought Klaus was getting a quicky.  Then, I realized that those sounds were coming from the soon-to-be-dead Jules.  Apparently, Greta slowed down Jules’ were transformation, so that she could be a candidate for the Sacrifice, and the process has ravaged her innards. 

Jules is promptly thrown into Burning Ring of Fire Number 3.  She and Elena only have the briefest of moments to chat.  (She claims she did all that she did to help Tyler.  Do we believe her?  Does it even matter anymore?)  Then Klaus magically appears . . .

“Are you ready my lovelies?”  He asks in that slimy child pedophile voice of his.

Then Greta starts her annoying chanting, as the lights go out in Burning Ring of Fire Number 3.  Apparently, it’s Checkout Time at the Ole Go to Hell Motel!  Jules lunches at Klaus.  And it looks like she’s about to “Go Were” on his ass.  But he tackles her, and does THIS . . .

Now, that’s what I call wearing your heart on your sleeve!

Ummm . . . yeah . . . so in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Jules is Dead . . .

Mind you, this happened only 12 MINUTES into the episode!  So, we all should have known we were in for a while ride.  Klaus expediently drops Jules’ heart (Who knew she had one?) into his little cauldron, as Jenna and Elena watch on in horror from Burning Ring of Fire Numbers 1 and 2, respectively . . .

In a heartfelt moment between Auntie Vampire and Niece, the Character Formerly Known as Useless Aunt Jenna turns to the child she was supposed to be parenting and said “I failed you . . .”

To which Elena, responded, “Hells, yeah, you did!  No, I failed YOU! (But we all know, she just said that to be nice.)


This touching moment is followed by another one, in which Elena tells Jenna that due to her new and SUPER nifty vampiric abilities, she has the power to fight back against Klaus.  And I THIS realization on Elena’s part (along with her TERRIFYINGLY TRAUMATIC near-death experience), that causes the Petrova Doppelganger to gain an understanding of why Damon did what he did to her, and recognize that it might not have been such an awful thing to do, after all. 

We definitely see an unspoken understanding form between Damon and Elena, in the final moments of the episode.   And I actually think THIS is where that understanding begins . . .

When it comes time for Jenna to take HER part in the Sacrifice, as signified by the lights going out in HER Burning Ring of Fire, Stefan appears in the distance, to offer up a little “barter and exchange,” one vampire for another . . .

“Just in case you needed evidence of what a FINE vampire specimen I am . . .”

Klaus looks at Stefan, intrigued (and slightly turned on) . . . “Very well, what can I do for you?”  Klaus inquires politely.

Speaking of fine male specimens . . .

Have you ever wished someone would leave a Hot Naked Man on your doorstep?


Christmas, apparently, came a few months Early in Mystic Falls . . .

After escaping Were Tyler, Caroline and Matt lock themselves up in Caroline’s house where they can be bored safe together. 

“I keep expecting your mom to barge through the door with a chainsaw, and murder us all!”

Now that Caroline and Matt finally have a little down time, they could talk about what a Monumental Douchebag he’s been, the past few episodes!  Matt explains to Caroline, how he pretended to succumb to her compulsion, after watching both Season 1 and Season 2 of TVD on DVD . . .

As we well know, he then went and ratted Caroline out to her the World’s Worst Mother, Lizard Forbes.  “So, where does that leave us now?”  Caroline wonders.  DUMP HIM, CAROLINE!  DUMP HIM HARD! 

“It leaves us stuck in the house, trying not to get malled by our friend,” replies Matt.  (OK .  . . I’ll admit it.  That was a pretty funny line.  And yet . . .)

Friends don’t shoot friends . . .

Do you think my mom wants to kill me?”  Caroline wonders, in the Saddest Little Voice Ever.

“She doesn’t know what she wants to do with you.  Because, really, what are parents supposed to DO with their kids anyway.  Parenting is so darn confusing!”  Matt replies.

Then, there is loud thump at the door.  And for a second, I really did believe it was Lizard Forbes, preparing to go postal . . .

“I’ll get you my pretty.  And your little werewolf too!”

But it was something WAY better than that.  “Give me your jacket,” Caroline scolds, taking charge once again. 

Caroline rushes outside to find THIS laying naked on her doorstep . . .

After doing a little Dance of Joy around her front porch.  (Where all the BEST Forwood action happens anyway, right Cherie?)  Caroline strategically drapes Matt’s coat over Tyler’s man parts.  (Gee, ya think Matt’s going to want that back?) 

There’s a scene in the Southern Vampire Mysteries Book Series (on which True Blood is based), where, after being cursed by an evil witches spell, which gives him amnesia, one of the main characters is told to run in the direction of the one woman he truly loves.  And that character, not remembering ANYTHING else, still, on some level, is able to follow his heart, and find the Right Girl.  I would like to think that the same sort of INSTINCTUAL memory prompted Tyler, while still in werewolf form and injured, to drag himself toward Caroline’s porch.  Because, of all the places in Mystic Falls, THAT is the one where he feels most at home.

Gee, I wonder why? 😉

Just like after his first werewolf transformation, Tyler’s eyes flutter open, and the first face he sees, is that of the woman he loves.  “Caroline?”  He asks tentatively, his face a mixture of relief, love, comfort, and utter sadness.

“It’s OK, Tyler . . . it’s OK,” Caroline replies, looking deep into his brown eyes, as she rubbs his shoulders affectionately.

Unlike the time earlier in the episode, where Elena uttered these SAME words to Aunt Jenna.  This time, I actually BELIEVE them.  And I think Tyler does too . . .

“I’ll drink to that!”

“Can We Just Skip to the ‘Save Elena’ Part”

Good news, guys!  Uncle/ Father John knows of a plan that could save Elena from being a vampire!  When the rest of the Scooby Gang arrive, he starts waxing poetically about some dying mother and her unborn baby.    Apparently, Witch Emily was able to PROTECT this mother-daughter pair (well, at least one of them) from death, by ensuring the intact nature of their souls.

(Like Damon, I’ll admit I zoned out through most of this part.  But it actually makes a lot of sense by the end of the episode. So, bear with me . . .)  Long-story short, Bonnie plans to use the SAME spell that Emily used on the Mother and Baby on Elena and Uncle / Father John.  Damon is skeptical of the plan, thinking it’s all a bunch of hooey.  But Uncle/ Father John seems DETERMINED that his daughter stay human, so . . .

When it comes time for Bonnie and Damon to leave for the Sacrifice Scrappy Doo Mini Gilbert, of course wants to come too!  So, what does Bonnie do, she makes out with him, and knocks him unconscious with her Disgusting Dragon Breath witchy ways. 

“Seriously?  AGAIN!  This SUCKS Monkey BUTT!  Then again, the fact that I didn’t get my ass kicked ONCE this episode, shows at least SOME signs of improvement . . .”

Jeremy shouldn’t feel too bad though.  At least he will have company!  Uncle / Father John is staying home from the Save Elena Games.  And apparently, so is Alaric . . .

“What?  You mean I don’t get to go either?  But I ALWAYS get to go!  I’m one-half of Team Bad Ass DAMMIT!”

Apparently, Bonnie and Damon thought Alaric’s love for Useless Aunt Jenna made him a liability.  So, they did to HIM the same thing they did to ELENA when SHE tried to throw herself at Klaus’ feet the first time . . .

The Poo HITS the FAN, Big TIME!

Back at the Olympic Burning Rings of Fire, Jenna tries to use her newfound vampire hearing to figure out what the heck Klaus and Stefan are gossiping about . . .

“So, do you, like, use a special shampoo, or something, to get your hair to look all shiny like that, because I’ve tried just about EVERY haircare product on the market.  And mine is just dullsville.  I envy you, and your Super Hero Hair Stefan Salvatore.”

Jenna reluctantly tells Elena that her BOYFRIEND has offered himself up, in exchange for Jenna.  (Now, THAT’S awkward.)  Elena, understandably, is horrified by the idea.  Does she want to keep around the Shrink she has Sex with, or the Aunt, who has her OWN sex, while Elena watches?  Decisions, decisions.  When Stefan gets thrown into Burning Ring of Fire One in Jenna’s place, Elena is both touched by her boyfriend’s kind gesture, and frightened as all heck!


Now, this was a PRETTY sneaky move on the part of the TVD writers.  After all, MOST OF US knew that Stefan and Elena would both make it to the Season Finale.  So, the fact that Jenna, was no longer sitting in the burning ring, probably gave SOME of us, myself included, a false sense of security.  And it was that sense of security that was RIPPED TO SHREDS, when Klaus impulsively announced that he had OTHER plans for Stefan, and therefore, wanted him to survive. 

(What PLANS?  Does Klaus want Stefan to join the Were Vamp army?  Does he want Stefan to get DAMON to join the Were Vamp Army?  Does he want Stefan to give him more Hair Care tips?  Something tells me that we will have to wait until next season to find out . . .)

Klaus then puts Elena’s So-Called Savior out of commission (at least for a few moments by breaking his neck, and staking him).

Something tells me that’s going to hurt in the morning!

Elena looks at Jenna, in terror.  But her aunt seems oddly determined.  “I know what I have to do,” says Jenna, with more verve and intensity than we’ve seen from the character all season. 


(SERIOUSLY, Sara Canning was ON FIRE this episode!  It makes you understand just how CRIMINALLY under-used her acting talents were on this show.  Useless Aunt Jenna, could have realy kicked ass . . . if she wasn’t so . .  . useless most of the time.)

Knowing she can’t defeat Klaus, Jenna lashes out at GRETA, which, if you think about it, is a pretty genius move.  After all, without a WITCH to say the spell, Klaus can’t complete the ritual.  The only problem is that Poor Newbie Vamp Jenna isn’t well versed in the Creative Killing Tactics of Salvatore Brothers and Originals, like, for example, the Bold De-Harting . . .

. . . or the Nifty Neck Snap.  So, Jenna, instead opts for the Good Old Fashioned NECK BITE, which . . . well . . . it basically does nothing.  Greta looks more annoyed, than truly in pain. 

A heart-tugging, tear inducing look is exchanged between an inconsolate Elena, and a now truly terrified Jenna, as both come to the horrifying, not to mention, massively depressing, realization that this is going to be literally the LAST TIME they will ever see one another “alive.”

With no other options available to her, a tearful Elena gives her aunt the ONLY piece of advice that a person who’s death is imminent really wants to hear:  how to die without fear . . . or pain.  “Just turn it off . . . Turn it off, Jenna.  You won’t be scared, anymore.”

We can’t know for sure whether Aunt Jenna ultimately opted to turn off her emotions in the final moments of her life.  However, the surprisingly peaceful expression on her face, after Klaus drained her of blood . . . gives us some clue that she might have done just that . . .

OK . . . I lied.  That doesn’t look “peaceful” at all.  She looks scared sh*tless.  Man, this show is depressing!

If you weren’t crying by this point, Elena’s shout of anguish as her ineffectual, but well-meaning, and loveable guardian, bit the Big One, most certainly had you reaching for Box of Kleenex.  Still, more tears follow, when Stefan awakens and finds Jenna’s lifeless body lying just outside the burning ring.  “I’m sorry, he mouths to his girlfriend, who’s family member he WASN’T able to save.”

Elena puts her finger to her lips.  “Shhh . . . KILL HIM,” she whispers.

You know . . . when Useless Aunt Jenna (R.I.P. Girlfriend) is the Smartest Girl at the Party, something is WRONG with this picture.  Don’t try to kill KLAUS, Stefan!  Kill GRETA!  BREAK HER NECK!  RIP OUT HER HEART!  Do something, aside from haphazardly throwing yourself at Klaus, and FAILING . . . AGAIN.

But fail again, Stefan does.  And, the next thing you know, the lights at Burning Ring of Fire Number 2 are out.  And Klaus has Elena in his grubby hands.  Now, he’s groping her, like a drunken college fratboy.  She is not amused .  . .

KLAUS:  “The moonlight . . . the candles  . . . the dead bodies . .  . I don’t know about you, but I find this all incredibly romantic.”

Ever the gentleman, Klaus politely thanks Elena for her services on Team Sacrifice.  “Go to hell,” Elena snarls. 

So, Klaus does . . .  but he brings ELENA right along with him . . .


Poor Stefan, he’s been pretty much all Water Works, all episode.  And for good reason.  With Elena down, Klaus drops the Moonstone into the cauldron, and to the tune of Greta’s insufferable chanting of gibberish, begins his were-tranformation . . .

A face not even a mother could love . . .

But just when it seems like all hope is lost . . .

All Hail Team Scooby!


Bonnie comes seemingly out of nowhere, bringing Klaus to his knees with her massive Firestarter Power.  From the other side of the park, Damon magically appears . . .

. . . and does exactly what Stefan SHOULD have done about 20 minutes ago.  He BREAKS GRETA’S NECK, in one sharp SNAP!

Damon than picks up a lifeless Elena and gallantly carries her body over to Stefan.  But Stefan surprises his brother, by NOT taking her in his arms.  “I need you to take her out of here.  I’m not leaving, until he is dead,”  explains Stefan.  (My, my, my . .  . how the roles have reversed.)

I was happy though . . . because I got to see this . . .

I mean, seriously, how much better forshadowing can us Delena fans get?  The dude CARRIED ELENA to safety AND over the proverbial threshold, into her HOME! 

But just when you think it can’t get any better, IT DOES!

My heart literally leapt out of my chest, walked over to the television screen, and nuzzled up to Damon’s face, as he gently and loving caressed Elena’s unconscious face, in a move that reminded me VERY much of THIS early TVD scene . . .

“If you come back a vampire, Elena.  I will have to stake you myself.  So, DON’T.  Because I can’t stand the idea of you hating me, forever,” Damon whispers.

As if in answer to his prayers, Elena awakens . . .

“How do you feel?”  Damon asks tentatively.

“I feel fine,” Elena replies incredulously.

Remember when I told you that Jenna felt DIFFERENT when in transition.  Well, Elena, based on her response, is still human.  The question is how? 

More about that in a bit, for now, I want to get a bit more Delana-y with you . . .

That look Elena gives Damon when she first wakes up!  Delena fans will undoubtedly analyze this look ALL SUMMER, along with the one the pair exchange at the funeral, later in the episode.  There are a lot of similarities between this look, and the one Tyler gives Caroline, when he awakens from his werewolf state.  Elena too, has had somewhat of a rebirth in these last few minutes.  She has LITERALLY died, and been reborn.

Clearly, something has changed regarding Elena’s feelings for Damon, since their last encounter.  But what?  Has Elena softened toward Damon, because, in facing the True Death, she has finally come to terms with the fact that she wants to live.  Has Elena begun to grudgingly see the positive sides of vampirism, as I mentioned above?  Or is it something more . . .

Recall that Damon once, not to long ago, told Elena he loved her, and compelled her to forget it . . .

 You may also recall that as a vampire, you can remember all instances of compulsion you experienced as a human . . .

Could Elena suddenly be REMEMBERING Damon’s sacrificial declaration of love for her?  But wait . . . that doesn’t make sense.  After all, I just said Elena is HUMAN.  So, how could she remember something like that?  You might wonder.  Well . . . I think, based on the loosey goosey way she was able to STAY human, that she might actually remember it. 

And to that plot development, I say . . .

But we are getting a bit ahead of yourselves here . . .  Let’s take a step back for a moment, and figure out how Elena managed to stay HUMAN, after clearly dying with vampire blood in her system.

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Aside from read books, and write a letter with his severely bandaged hands . . .

Ahhh memories . . .

Uncle / Father John hasn’t done much this episode.  And yet, as Elena is waking up in Damon’s arms, U.F.J. is handing Jeremy a letter and a ring, with instructions to give them to Elena.  With one last look at the house, he then walks outside.  The moment Elena awakens, he falls to the floor . .  . dead.

Remember how we talked a bit about that spell Emily did on the mother and the baby.  Well, apparently the mother gave HER life, and her soul to the baby, so that the baby could be reborn.  That was Uncle/Father John’s final gift to his daughter: the gift of a second chance at REAL life.  All U.F.J. ever really wanted for his daughter was for her NOT to become a vampire.  And now (at least for another season) she won’t be . . .

Now, I’m just wondering who the HECK is going to get custody of these two underage teens, who LITERALLY have no family left on Earth.   Maybe Alaric can adopt?

Speaking of Alaric . . . poor guy!  Lost another woman to vampirism!  The look on his face, when he foudn out Jenna didn’t survive the Sacrifice ritual was horrifying.  He and Jeremy just can’t seem to catch a break.  Can they?

But WAIT . . . what about KLAUS . . . and ELIJAH?

Elijah Do-Little


Back at the site, the Scooby Gang’s Save Elena / Kill Klaus plan seems to be going as planned.  Bonnie is doing her Crazy Ass witch thing, Elena is alive, human and safe, Greta is dead, and Klaus is close to it.  Now, all they have to do is wait for Elijah to finish him off . . .

But NOOOOO!  Just when Elijah ACTUALLY has his hand inside Klaus’ chest, and is ready to make the final pull, a skill we all KNOW he’s incredibly adept at . . .

Klaus has to go and open his Big Fat Mouth, and tell some Big Fat Sob Story, about how he DIDN’T actually bury his family at sea. like Osama Bin Laden.  (Presumably, this means that the family of Originals can be brought back to life, just in time for next season, no doubt.)  Did I mention that Klaus KNOWS where the bodies are (or so he says), and promises to take Elijah to them, if he lets him life? 

“Quite the conundrum I’m in here.  Follow my Crazy Pants  Brother on a Wild Goose Chase to find my long lost relatives, or help these misfits I barely know kill the last member of family I have.  Hmmmm . . . I wonder what I should do?”

And so, with a quick half-assed apology at the remaining Scooby Gang members, Eljah escapes with the now Were-Vamp Klaus to parts unknown . . .

I hate to say it (because I loved me some hot Delena moments), but Damon would NEVER have let this happen, if he was there . . .

Speaking of hot moments . . .

What you got under that blanket?


“So, I guess it’s true what they say about men with big hands.”

While naked Tyler is in Caroline’s bed (HELL YEAH!) sleeping off his were-bender, Matt is giving Caroline the Big Ole’ kiss off.   “So, this is you’re life, huh?”  Matt asks, conversationally.  “Never a dull moment.”

Unlike MY life, which tends to be jam-packed with Dull Moments.

In what was probably the LONGEST version of the “It’s not you.  It’s me.”  speech I have ever heard, Matt tells Caroline how much fun he’s had with her over the past few days (while he was pretending NOT to think she was a Brain Eating Zombie), BUT he doesn’t feel like he can handle her Hardcore Vampire Lifestyle.  He’s got other things to think about, like his lame job at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, and his Slutty Mom, and his Dead Sister.  So, yeah, greener pastures, I guess . . .

Matt would prefer to live his life in a fog, and forget vampires and werewolves ever existed, then to spend time with the woman he supposedly loves, who just so happens to occasionally, drink Red Stuff from a hospital bag .  . .

Oh, well!  If you can’t take the Forwood Heat, get your ass out of Caroline’s house . . . 

 (Admittedly, though I mock it here, because this recap never seems to end, and I’m getting a bit cranky, this annoying scene did show tremendous acting ability on Roerig’s part.  And since I’m a staunch Forwoody, it even made me smile.)

But on to the good stuff . . . Tyler wakes up, wanders down stairs, and sidles up to a sad Caroline on the couch.

TYLER:  “Man, I’m in pain.  What the heck did I do last night?”

CAROLINE:  “Umm . . . Tyler . . . I’m pregnant.”

Undoubtedly, a bit embarrassed about whatever Werewolf Hijinks he may have engaged in, the night before (though, clearly, not embarrassed enough to put on a pair of pants before coming downstairs – and THANK GOD, for that!), Tyler wonders outloud whether, what Caroline said to him the night before was right.  Maybe he should have stayed away from Mystic Falls, after all.  “You shouldn’t have left,” Caroline corrects him.

“Awwwww yeah, she SO wants me!”

The way Tyler and Caroline relate to one another is just so uniquely special and so natural, you just can’t help but smile when you watch them together.  I loved how, in this scene, the pair repeatedly waver back and forth between the expression of serious feelings and joking easy-going banter, knowing instinctively that using the latter, will help them comfortably ease their way into the former.  Like in this moment, when Tyler jokes that he tried to kill her . . . twice.  (That happens A LOT on this show, doesn’t it?)


“No friendship is perfect,” jokes Caroline.


See, what I mean?  I mean what OTHER couple could joke and laugh about the topic of Involuntary Man (Wolf?)slaughter?

Yeah . .  . them too, I guess.

But then, when Caroline’s laughter turns to tears, Tyler is serious again, and prepared to comfort the woman he clearly loves so much . . .


And when Caroline tells Tyler that Matt broke up with her, Tyler does a REALLY GOOD JOB of looking genuinely sad for her, even though we all know that, inside, he’s wanting very much to do THIS . . .

. . . and maybe even a little bit of THIS . . .

“So what do I do in this situation?”  Tyler genuinely wants to know, biting his lower lip in happiness, as Caroline snuggles closer to him.

“Instead of bailing again, you say, ‘Thank you for taking care of me.  Sorry I tried to chow down on you again.'”

“Thank you for taking care of me,” Tyler whispers in Caroline’s ear, as she nestles up close to him, feeling safe and truly loved for the first time in as long as she can remember.


And now that all are hearts are FILLED with the Warm Fuzziness of Forwoody Goodness, I regret to inform you that we have a funeral to attend . . . well . . . two funerals.

Saying Goodbye


Now, normally, I’d say Hard Core Eye Fuckery is inappropriate at the funeral of your Parental Guardian and Bio Dad.  But since it’s Delena, I’m totally cool with it!

Though the sun had in fact risen, and was shining high in the sky, at the conclusion of “The Sun Also Rises,” the tone was undoubtedly somber, as Elena and Jeremy buried their only remaining parental figures, Uncle/Father John and No-Longer Useless Aunt Jenna . . .

In a very sweet, but extremely poignant, moment, Jeremy and Elena both tried to stay strong for one another, as they comforted eachother in Elena’s bedroom, just moments before their hastily patched together Double Family Funeral.  (Jenna and John would be buried in secret,  right alongside Elena’s adoptive parents, so as not to stir suspicion among the town residents.)  Elena apologized to Jeremy for all the people he had lost in his young life.  And Jeremy, in turn, gave Elena John’s final gifts to her: the letter he had written and his Ring of Immortality.

We watched as Elena sat by the window, and sadly read her father’s last words to her . . .

What follows is John’s letter, in its entirety:


It’s no easy task being an ordinary parent to an extrordinary child. I failed in that task. And because of my prejudices, I failed you. I am haunted by how things might have turned out differently if I had been more willing to hear your side of things. For me it’s the end. For you, a chance to grow old and someday do better with your own child than I did with mine. It’s for that child that I give you my ring. I don’t ask for your forgiveness or for you to forget. I ask only that you believe this: whether you are now reading this as a human or as a vampire, I love you all the same, as I’ve always loved you and always will.



At the funeral the entire REMAINING Scooby Gang gathered and left roses on the Gilbert gravestone.

After exchanging some VERY meaningful looks with Elena at the cemetery (hint, hint, wink wink), Damon FINALLY came clean to Stefan about the secret he was hiding.  Tyler had bit him.  He was marked for death.

“We will find something . . . a cure,” said Stefan resolutely.

“There is no cure, Stefan,” replied Damon morosely.

But Stefan refused to accept the loss of his brother, “We kept Elena human.  We found a way when there was no way.   We will do this.”

“You wanna do something for me?”  Damon asked.  “Keep this from Elena.  The last thing she needs is another grave to mourn.”

And with that, Damon walked off into the sunset, ALONE, as we all blew our noses, and reached for the now-empty box of Kleenex.

Until next time . . .

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62 responses to “Four Funerals and a Naked Cuddle? – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The Sun Also Rises”

  1. Even though I had been spoiled and new Tyler would be okay this episode, when I YouTubed the scenes later I was like “PANIC IN THE STREETS! PANIC IN THE STREETS!” when Matt shot Tyler. Oh, Matty, and you grew on me like E Coli last week. As you say, Matt didn’t know that his shot wouldn’t kill Tyler. Andre made a good point on my blog that Tyler would prefer his friends kill him than bring them to harm, and the shot is what caused wolf!Tyler to need to catch some z’s, but I would have liked to see some, I don’t know, CONFLICT about harming a creature that was his best friend on the inside.

    I am really disappointed that the writers denied me Caroline dumping Matt, or Caroline at least feeling legitimately mad that he was double crossing her. Here’s hoping that Matt and Tyler resume their friendship next season, because I really want to see the writers milk some of the awkwardness of the love triangle. Matt represents the humanity of Tyler as much as he does the humanity of Caroline, and Caroline is the supernatural side of Tyler, so it’s a great metaphor to explore.

    I choose to think that Caroline wasn’t really bawling at the end over Matt so much as the break up signifying the loss of her anchor on humanity. Caroline hasn’t dealt with the implications of being a vampire yet, having gone about her ordinary life much like the girl she used to be. Having Matt cut her out of his life is the first moment of her new identity shaping her relationships for the good AND the bad.

    Just a tiny question, cos I’m not sure: did Tyler end up at Caro’s house, or his own? It just seemed nicer on the inside than Caro’s, and because Matt and Caro were last in the Lockwood cellar, I just assumed that they went back to the Lockwood house. I like the idea of Naked!Tyler in Caroline’s bed better though 😉 Either way, MARK MY WORDS, Forwood porch sex will happen one of these days.

    Delena killed me with their longing looks this episode. I have so much speculation of what will happen between them next episode. Maybe Damon will seek Elena’s forgiveness but she won’t give it to him (initially) and later he approaches Katherine thinking she is Elena and KAT gives him forgiveness while Elena can’t – kind of as a bookend to last season where Damon shared a key moment with Kat when he thought it was Elena.
    EVEN BETTER… Damon and Elena share their first real kiss, as a bookend to the fake Delena kiss at the end of last season, which is bittersweet and filled with all the heretofore unresolve longing between them. They think it is the end and then BAM! Tyler and Stefan go bar hopping to werewolf bars like Lou Pines, run into Eric for sex tips and werewolf bite cure information (oh, Eric would SO be on that stuff), and then come back and fix Damon all up.

    I for one LOVE your idea of the writers getting Elena to remember Damon’s “I love you”. Oh writers, no matter how convoluted the plot, I WILL GET BEHIND IT. *Mwah*!

    Bonnie was a HWIC this episode. I thought that Kat Graham was incredibly badass in her acting. I hope that she has powered through her 100+ witchy powers so that next season she can go back to growing into her witchydom. Loved the reverse sleeping beauty kiss she gave Jeremy.

    I loved that, until the end, my girl Elena was wearing her chucksters. Elena, you’re “go to hell” to Klaus and refusal to take his hand, just continued your streak of awesome since you hugged Tyler.

    I’m a little sad that your Useless Aunt Jenna jokes will be no more. Who is going to befuddle us with her lack of guardianship skills each week?!

    You know that music that played while Klaus was feeding on Elena? Every time they play that over a sad or bittersweet scene, it kills me. I wonder which scene will deserve it next week?

    Hilarious recap! I cackled about Aunt Jenna mistaking Greta for Chunky Monkey and Tyler’s nipple comment in particular.

    Also, GOOD RIDDANCE, Jules. The token effort to make you sympathetic had no impact on me whatsoever. Sayonara Forwood unicorn stomper. Yes, this sociopathy might explain why I love Damon so 😉

  2. OMG! I can’t believe that I forgot to mention how moving I found Damon’s reaction to Stefan offering himself as a sacrifice. Reminders of Salvatoreo love turns me to jelloid.

    • Hey Cherie! Thanks so much for your awesome comment! Reading your take on the episode (particularly on Forwood) always makes me smile. It’s funny. As I was writing this recap, I kept thinking: There is SO MUCH more Naked Forwood Cuddling to analyze, than I could ever possibly include in THIS Already Mammoth Length Recap. Thank God for Cherie! 🙂

      (Oh, and Coed Naked Forwood Cuddling. I really have to make a t-shirt for this.)

      I’m with you on the Shooting Thing. I can grudgingly admit that what Matt did to Tyler ended up being helpful. *grumbles* Who knew regular bullets affected Werewolves like tranquilizer darts? 🙂

      But, yeah, I didn’t really see an ounce of conflict or pity cross this guy’s face, and he shot a bullet into his friend’s (chest, head, not sure). I mean, he SAW the guy turn! He KNEW it was Tyler. He THOUGHT he had a deadly bullet in his gun. Did he REALLY think Tyler was going to come back and play, after it was all over? I would have liked to see at least one manly tear cried by Matt, to illustrate that thought process, as it wound its way through his selfish head.

      That’s true, Caroline never really expressed anger at Matt for his double crossing her. Even worse, she never expressed anger at her own mother. The only explanation I could think of for this is that Caroline does not yet feel comfortable in her own skin as a vampire. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she’s grown a lot since she turned, and has become truly kickass. We all know that. 🙂

      But I think there might be a small part of her that is ashamed of what she is. (Heck, there are parts of STEFAN and DAMON that are ashamed of what THEY are, and they’ve had 145 more years to process it than Caroline.) So, when others call her a monster, she doesn’t fight back, and say, “I’d rather be a MONSTER, than an ASSHOLE. At least my ‘curse’ can be attributed to ‘science,’” like she should. But, fear not, she will get there, eventually. 😉

      Good point, Cherie. Though nobody likes to get dumped, I think Caroline’s tears were more a result of her finally having time to sit down and assess all that has happened to her since Tyler returned: the kidnapping, the escape, Tyler turning, Matt almost shooting Tyler, her own MOTHER wanting her dead. The dumping was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Plus, I think she feels comfortable enough with Tyler, someone who loves her for who she is, to, emote, in a way that she doesn’t necessarily feel comfortable with Matt, anymore, nor should she.

      That being said, I LOVE your metaphor of Matt representing humanity, and Tyler representing supernatural courage and strength, in Caroline’s life. Maybe, she’ll get a new human love interest next season to fill Matt’s void. Because I definitely think she needs a break from him. I mean having a boyfriend who not-so-secretly hates the vampire side of you, is like having a boyfriend who hates what race you are, or the color of your skin, or any other part of your nature that you can’t change. No matter how well meaning, the significant other is, a relationship like that can’t help but be emotionally abusive.

      I think most fans agree with you that it was Tyler’s house Matt and Caroline ended up inside. But I’m still confused as to how they got in, because it seemed like Caroline used a KEY to get in the front door? Is anybody home at the Lockwood Mansion? Mama Lockwood might still be in the hospital, but surely she’d have a housekeeper manning the place while she was gone. And I can’t see Caroline compelling that housekeeper in front of uppity Matt. He would just simply not approve.

      Also, is the Lockwood cellar directly connected to the house? Because I thought it was on the property, but a ways out from the actual home. Otherwise, MAN it would get loud down there on full moon nights. Not to mention the concern that the wolves would get hungry, and break into the home.

      Part of me just LOVED the idea of Caroline breaking free from Matt and embracing Tyler on her OWN turf. There would be so much more symbolism in that. Also, I thought I recognized the front door, Matt kept eyeing as the one Matt entered when he took Caroline to the dance. I also recognized the entrance foyer of the home, as the one Tyler and Caroline first had their altercation inside, when he first learned what she was.

      Maybe it’s just a question of them using similar “furniture” sets for both homes? Because I know the set they use for Caroline’s house is an actual house that they shoot from inside. As for the Lockwood mansion, they definitely use it for external shots, but I’m not sure about the internal. This really makes me wish I took the Tour of the Set when I was in Atlanta. 🙂

      I LOVE your idea for As I Lay Dying. (Man, you HAVE to submit a spec script to this show. With all your great ideas, they would LOVE to have you on their team! And SO would I! Because I just know you would work your butt off to make our mutual ships happen!) And I DEFINITELY think we are going to get our bookend Delena kiss in the final moments of the episode. The question is, will Damon think he is in 1864 kissing Katherine, or 2011 kissing ELENA when it happens? And to what extent will Elena kiss back . . . One thing is for sure, Doppelganger Hijinks will definitely ensue . . . in Damon’s Mind. 😉

      Oh, and Damon’s reaction to Stefan’s self-sacrifice SLAYED me with its emotional intensity. I wish I had more time to discuss it my recap. Because when Damon said, “There goes my little brother, always cleaning up my mistakes,” it broke my heart. Because, after all that’s happened, it seems like a part of Damon STILL believes that Stefan is more deserving of Elena than he is.

      Plus, I think Damon is wrong. BOTH brothers have cleaned up one another’s mistakes on many occasions. Look how Damon saved Stefan from the Hidey Hole Vamps, and how he saved Stefan from himself during the Bloodaholic Incidents. Also, as much as no one on the show wants to admit it, regardless of what John ended up doing to protect her humanity, if Elena DIDN’T have vampire blood in her system when she died, I don’t think she would have been able to come back AT ALL, in either form.

      All that said, both Damon and Stefan genuinely showed their love for one another in this episode. And Salvatoreo Loving is definitely something we needed, with all the brotherly ass kicking that has been going on lately!

    • Oooh, one more thing . . . it just occurred to me, what if KLAUS’ DAD iS A LOCKWOOD! *shivers*

      • Oh, I totally made a spec on TWoP about the Originals having a Lockwoof family connection. I mean, Elijah just HAPPENED to compel Tyler’s mom and set up shop in the Lockwood mansion. I’m also convinced that the wolves’ intense interest in protecting Tyler wasn’t just because he was a new pack member and they have that code of loyalty and honour. Can you imagine Trevino and Gillies in loads of scenes together next season if this spec turns out to be right? I might just faint, especially if Damon strolls onto the screen to rile them up!

        I also wonder if part of Tyler’s new maturity and aura of confidence is because he knows that he has to shoulder an important responsibility by virtue of being a Lockwood?

  3. Fauvish

    Three out of the 4 deaths today were women… I wouldn’t be surprised if we were to count the total amount of deaths per gender, that women would have the rougher deal here on TVD… misogynistic undertones? J/k.. It definitely was a depressing ep, but your recap was hilarious as ever. I think in these kind of situations it’s even more important to look for those little things that can make us smile and you brought us that ^^

    Gah, deus ex revival spell machina. I know these kids discover new things (and diaries) each week, but it felt a bit like a cop-out. However, I was already expecting it, so I’m not too disappointed. Now I just wonder in what diary, or grimoire the cure for Damon is. It’s a shame I’m pretty certain Damon will survive, because it takes away a bit of the angst. However, they may come up with an unexpected twist, so I’m hoping for a fun ride. And more Delena time. And though you can’t call aunt Jenna useless anymore, Stefan might take the crown, with his exchange fail. Maybe I forgot something, but wasn’t he completely a waste of space this ep, only causing more heart ache?

    I thought Matt and Caroline fled towards the Lockwood Mansion, because it’s a big-ass house with pillars and all. I don’t think the Forbes house looks like that. I’d prefer your interpretation for obvious reasons, but I’m still on the fence. I actually feel that Matt’s reasoning undid his doucheyness of former episodes and was very in character (though it still doesn’t explain what he was doing there in the first place with the gun and all) . He’s not the type to fight the baddies or have an adventurous life. I think the break-up is as clean as it can get in this situation. He recognizes that she is still the same person, but that he can’t deal with the new life style. And now that he has almost literally pushed her in Tyler’s muscular, shiny, yummy arms, the way for Forwood is finally paved for S3. Can’t wait to see the sexiness ensue when Caroline is finally over Matt and Tyler can move in.

    I was also wondering before this ep where Jeremy and Elena will live, since they’re both underage. I think Alaric might take them in… or move in with them. On the other hand, due to so many absent parents, Matt also lives by himself so maybe they will, too.

    • Hey Fauvish! Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap. You know, before I started writing, I really struggled with what tone to take in reviewing this episode. Should I be somber and respectful to the 4 actors who became unemployed Thursday night? 😉 Or should I try even harder to create humor out of a dark situation? I’m happy to see I hit the right chord with you.

      Hmmm . . . interesting point about the high female to male death ratio on TVD. It does seem like a lot more of the BIG deaths on the show, have been LADY deaths: Vicki, Anna, Pearl, Rose, Lexi and Jenna come immediately to my mind. When I think of MALE deaths, John and Mason are the only ones I would classify as having Major Emotional Impact. I wonder why this is? Perhaps, it’s because aside from the MAIN males, “Damon, Stefan, Alaric, Tyler . . . Matt,” this is a predominately FEMALE cast? I would be interested to hear Julie Plec’s thoughts on this. 😉

      “Deux ex revival spell machina” – I LOVE THIS LINE! And I agree. They do this WAY TOO OFTEN on the show. John’s 8:53 cleanup at the end of the episode, really made everything that came before it completely useless, plotwise. Though they already clearly have too many vampires on this show, I actually think it would have been interesting if the writers have surprised us all, by actually having ELENA BECOME A VAMPIRE at the end of this episode.

      Imagine how Elena would relate to Damon, (1) knowing that he DID, in fact, save her life; but (2) also ruined it, in a way. Both characters would be forced to come to terms with that. And it would be interesting to see them relate to one another, in light of those events. I think Elena might have surprised us, and forgiven Damon, a lot more quickly than the previous episodes would have us believe. We sort of got to see a bit of that, as Elena was highlighting for Jenna the many benefits of being a vampire.

      I also think it would be interesting to see Uncle /Father John have to raise His Daughter / the Vampire. Sure, at the end of the episode, he SAID he’d love Elena either way. But I’m sure the guy would be REALLY conflicted, if he had to face a vampire daughter, in reality. And HIS character arc may have been an interesting one to watch, in that regard. (Needless to say, I don’t think John would try to KILL ELENA, like Caroline’s mom is trying to kill her.) 🙂

      A very good point about Stefan! You know, because I am SUCH a big DELENA fan (and because I LIKE Paul Wesley as an actor), I try very hard to give Stefan the benefit of the doubt in most recaps. I mean, I already alienate Stelena fans enough, by wanting their SHIP to sink, right? But yeah, it’s funny how everyone is always talking about DAMON’S mistakes, when Stefan’s made quite a few doozies as well, in this episode, in particular.

      In his slight defense, it made sense for Stefan to think that Klaus would want HIM as a sacrifice more than Jenna. After all, he’s a STRONGER vampire, and to the extent Klaus’ plans for Elena had been thwarted in the past, the Salvatores were to blame for that. Plus, it DID seem as though Klaus WOULD have used DAMON in the Sacrifice, had the latter not received the wolf bite. So, the fact that Klaus probably wants to either possess Stefan someday, or use him in the Were Vamp Army, is not something anyone would have guessed beforehand. (It also pretty much telegraphs next season’s plotline. Don’t you think? ;))

      But after that, it was just one mistake after another for Stefan. He came into the Ritual WITHOUT a clear plan of action, in terms of how to save himself OR Elena, if and when things didn’t go as planned. (And they NEVER go as planned, on this show.) He let JENNA die. He went after KLAUS, when he SHOULD have gone after Greta from the VERY BEGINNING, stopping the ritual in its tracks. He trusted Elijah. And, perhaps worst of all, he stuck around to watch Klaus and Elijah defeat him, rather than checking up on his OWN GIRLFRIEND, who at that point, could have been alive, dead, a vampire, a zombie, NOBODY KNEW!

      But it did give us an EPIC Delena scene, AND seem to foreshadow a shift in Elena’s affections. So, in that respect, THANKYOU STEFAN!
      I do think Matt took some strides toward redemption in this episode. And he DID give Caroline the closure she needed on the relationship, by telling her, in effect “It’s not you . . . or your vampirism . . . it’s me, and my wussy-ness.” So, he’s not EVIL, like Caroline’s mom. He’s just wimpy. And yet, I still say good riddens to that relationship. It was kind of boring anyway. Coed Naked Forwood Cuddling FTW! 🙂

      I was also thinking Alaric might be the one to adopt the Gilberts. But you are right. Child Services never scooped up underage Matt, so they might not pick up on the fact that Elena and Jeremy are currently adult free. There was also a throwaway line in the episode, in which, Damon said, “We compelled the grave diggers to put Jenna’s and John’s bodies into the Gilbert grave.” So, it’s possible they aren’t planning on telling the townspeople that these two even died . . .

      Hey, maybe they will just compel the state to change Elena’s birth certificate, to make it look like she’s 18. Then SHE can raise Jeremy . . . which, let’s face it, she’s really been doing since the pilot episode, anyway . . .

      • André

        Ok, I know that since Mason’s tranformation only two months have passed in the show, but considered all that happened in season 1 where Elena started as a 17 year old, could she not be 18 already or at least close to it?
        In addition, I heard a rumor about 3 main deaths. Ok we have had two already and T-C-M are pretty much safe. Who do you think it could also be? Sheriff Forbes or Bonnie? Damon might be safe, as well as Jeremy. If the latter dies there would be no way that the writers would get away with not having Elena have a mental breakdown. And if she would have, the show would practically be dead.

      • Hey Andre! Good point regarding Elena’s age. Ordinarily, I’d be inclined to agree with you that Elena should DEFINITELY be 18 by now. The only reason I know that she isn’t yet, is that in “The Last Day” she made that speech to Stefan about “being only 17” and “wanting to grow old and have kids” and blah, blah, blah. 🙂 Apparently a year in TVD time takes at least two in REAL TIME. 🙂 Man, I wish I lived in Mystic Falls. I want to age slower too!

        That being said, she clearly LOOKS over 18, and may be just a few months away from her birthday on the show. After all, no one seemed to have a problem with her purchasing a HOUSE. And I’m pretty sure you need to be 18 to do that. So, I guess there is plenty of technically illegal things you can accomplish in Mystic Falls, provided you have a pretty face, and a little compulsion on your side. 😉

        Hmmm . . . I didn’t know there was supposed to be one more death on TVD. Thanks for the scoop! Well, I DEFINITELY think Sheriff Forbes will bite it. Check out this line from the supposedly non-spoilery episode synopsis put out by CW: “Sheriff Forbes makes a deadly mistake while trying to keep everyone safe.” *pumps fist in triumph* The question, of course, is whether Sheriff Forbes is important enough to be considered a “major death.” We also get this line in the same synopsis: “More than one life hangs in the balance as the consequences of the sacrifice ritual play out to a horrifying conclusion.”

        Now, I’m wondering whether Damon will have one of those “death” / “rebirth” moments, similar to what Elena experienced in “The Sun Also Rises.” This would allow the spoilers to be sneaky and count HIM as a death, even though we know they will somehow revive him by Season 3, Episode 1. If you recall, they did this with Uncle/Father John and Caroline in the Season 1 finale. 🙂

  4. Sophie

    Is it heartless when I say that, apart from being sad and emotional, I’m also kind of relieved after this episode?! I mean, think about who else could have died – I would almost call us lucky…
    Elena has to be the most complete orphan on the planet now, poor girl. I’m wondering who will take care of them now, hopefully Alaric or they could dig out some forgotten grandparents.
    Stefan was, weirdly enough, a comic relief for me this time: “I’m here to talk” – I just BET you are. I would also like to have a specific number of how many times he said “I’m sorry” by now, it’s probably really impressive.
    Jules’ pain made me kind of happy, whatever, I’m evil, she is definitely more evil….only not any more, yay!!
    I found Bonnie quite impressive this episode, that is, until she began warning Elijah instead of simply finishing him off, grrr.
    Speaking of, it sucked royally that he betrayed them but at the same time I felt like yelling “Damon told ya, bitches!!” because, honestly that was bound to happen… Elena’s magical trust gets you only so far. Season 3 is going to be stressful.
    Loved all the Caroline/Tyler interaction, but the first thing I thought during the hug was “wait, is he wearing boxers now?”. I’m also a bit confused, didn’t they first retreat to the Lookwood mansion – but then they were at Caroline’s? Help?
    I have a thing for Damon carrying Elena, he can pull off these grand romantic gestures because he does it in such a damon-y way, I adore it.
    The funeral staff was pretty magical – THE LOOK!!- the collected grief, the brotherly chat (shallow note: Is it just me or did Ian look breathtaking in that scene?), him walking off into the graveyard was perfection…
    I’m kind of glad that the major death and action stuff seems to be over and now we’ll be having an entire Damon-centered Episode, never a bad thing, IMO.
    The promo gives me chills to no end. How is it that Ian can deliver such overused lines like “You’re so beautiful” and make you feel like you hear them for the first time? Gah, I have to forcefully stop myself now or I will be spamming your blog with endless reasons why IS is pure perfection…
    Just one more thought: I hope they are smart enough to get him out of the sweaty clothes, it’s not good for him to wear them in his condition. Or they should give him cold rubbings, against the fever, a foam bath could also work or they —
    Ok, I’m stopping now, my mind is going to naughty places…

    • Sophie, I just ADORED reading your comment, particularly all the stuff at the end about Damon, having to take off his clothing, as a result of his fever, and his being copiously rubbed down with cold cream, and bathed . . . in his tub . . . by Elena . . . using only a very gentle cloth . . . and her hands. I have to ask, do you write Fanfiction? If not, PLEASE START DOING SO. And please send me your work. I’ve never been so turned on reading a recap comment in my life! 🙂

      I like your optimism about this super depressing episode. Yes, I suspect it could have been worse. (Though, of course, I never really doubted the safety of our core cast members in this episode, with the exception of maybe Bonnie.) In essence, TVD managed to make this episode a HUGE bloodbath, without really taking anything away from the series, as a result. After all, Useless Aunt Jenna, as much as Sara Canning ended up being a great actress (who knew?) was . . . wait for it . . . pretty useless for two seasons. Ditto for Uncle/Father John, who was at his best when he was at his most villainous. And Jules and Greta, well, they were just glorified Villains of the Week to me.

      But I still got a weepy during the episode, more for Elena and Jeremy, and THEIR traumatic losses over the past two seasons, than for the Dead Characters themselves. Damn that Nina Dobrev! When she emotes, I can’t help but emote too! 🙂

      Excellent point about Stefan and Bonnie feeling the need to “explain themselves,” when they should have been kicking ass! I’ve said this before, and I will say it again. Instead of miraculously appearing in the trees, and saying, “we need to talk,” imagine if Stefan ran out and broke Greta’s neck, like DAMON clearly would have done, if he was in this position. Ritual OVER! Jenna SAVED! Elena SAVED! Then Bonnie could have finished off Klaus, at her leisure . . .

      And ditto for Bonnie’s “I’ll kill you both,” line to Elijah and Klaus, when she should have . . . I don’t know . . . ACTUALLY KILLED THEM BOTH! Personally, I think she was mesmerized by Elijah’s excellent hair, and couldn’t bring herself to kill him, no matter how traitor-y he had become.
      “Elena’s magical trust only gets you so far.” – THIS LINE WAS PURE WIN FOR ME.

      Also, “Damon told ya, bitches!” – THIS . . . just reminds me that I have to start making more t-shirts at Café Press. I suspect I will have more time to do this after the season finale, when I am no longer spending my life recapping and talking TVD incessently with my fellow fangirls. 🙂

      All my Coed Naked Forwood Cuddling jokes aside, I suspect, Tyler had, at some point, put on boxers, between the time he landed on the porch, and the time he came downstairs. (Of course, only Caroline would know for sure. She did seem to spend an awful long time peeking under those blankets.) I mean, otherwise, when Caroline was lying on, Tyler in that last scene . . . ummmmm. 😉

      I’m just as confused as you are about where Caroline and Tyler had their cuddle session. Geographically, it makes more sense that they were at the Lockwood mansion. I’m just not sure how they got in, or how no one noticed them there. I also can’t imagine MATT not feeling conflicted about “just chilling” in the house of the guy he thought he killed. Then again, Matt didn’t seem too conflicted about shooting Tyler (or even Maddox for that matter), so . . .

      Yeah, it may have been the Lockwood Mansion after all. But if so, I think a bit more explanation may have been required on the part of the writers, as to how all that happened. Because I missed it. And I was even TAKING NOTES during the episode!

      I too am THRILLED that, having endured all this carnage, we nowget to enjoy an ENTIRE DAMON (and DELENA)-filled hour this coming Thursday. So, what if Damon spends most of the finale Cuckoo Bananas and Crazy Eyed? He’s Damon, and I love him anyway! (And so does Elena. She just doesn’t realize it . . . yet.) 😉

      • Sophie

        Ahhh, now I’m having a happy giggle-fit, thanks to you!
        And just so you know, I simply no longer start my comments with :”This was awesome! Your recap is genius! I love you! You just made my day! etc.” because it seems so obvious by now. But I think it ALL the time!
        And no, I don’t write fanfiction, but I love to read it, especially yours!
        I think it’s just Damon working his magic, your imagination simply starts running wild…..
        And yeah, I so don’t mind him being sick and crazed for the entire episode – he will still be awesome! In fact, I realized during the “gulping”-part in your last recap that I would be completely content and entertained watching him do boring (at least if somebody else would do it) stuff like
        -gulping 🙂
        -towel-drying his hair
        -singing along to music
        -finishing off his bourbon
        ah, endless opportunities….

  5. Rashmee

    Awesome recap, as usual 🙂 I think you’re the only one who could make us fans smile after such a heartbreaking episode! We love you!!!

    • Awww, Rashmee! You are the SWEETEST! Thank so much for warming my heart. You made my day! I love all you guys too! Your support and witty commentary make all my sleepless nights spent recapping, and groggy mornings spent trying to be a productive human, TOTALLY worth it! 🙂

  6. BrittanyMarie

    Pretty awesome recap as always, but I too question your call on Ty/Care being at Care’s house. I was pretty sure they were at the Lockwood’s as well because Care’s house doesn’t have two stories as far as I’m aware and the front door does not at all look like the one she opened to get to Tyler.

    Maybe it’s just me but it makes more sense to me that Ty would wind up at his own home rather than at Care’s. — I have a lot more feelings on this episode as well but it’s pretty early and my desire to recap anything isn’t that large, I’m still dealing with the after-depression of this week’s episode.

    • Hey BrittanyMarie! Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m with you. I think all of us are experiencing Post-TVD Hangover, after this SUPER stressful, and HIGHLY depressing, but still AMAZING episode. This is partly why I had to take a night off from replying to comments. I needed a mental vacation from the Sacrifice. 🙂

      It does seem that I’m outnumbered in my belief that the Coed Naked Forwood Cuddling (as you may have noticed from my other comments, I am REALLY working hard to make this phrase catch on in the TVD fandom :)) took place at Caroline’s house, and not Tyler’s. I guess I just like the symmetry of that exchange happening on Caroline’s home turf, better than the alternative. As for Caroline’s house not having two stories. I’m not sure. I thought it did. But I could be wrong.

      But I agree with you that the Lockwood Mansion would be CLOSER to where the trio were running, when Tyler first turned. Maybe Caroline somehow took Tyler’s KEYS from his pocket, when he turned? 🙂 Who knows? Wherever the location, as long as Forwood is together, and Matt is splitsville, I am a happy camper! 🙂

  7. Gen

    This episode. Wow. Way to make me a sobbing mess TVD. Just when Aunt Jenna was starting to get interesting for me, she’s killed off…tragically. I NEVER suspected Jenna dying until last week and even then I didn’t fully believe she would be the one to die.

    Uncle John. I think I am the minority when I say that I absolutely loved that characters. I think David Anders had a lot to do with that, but there where times when I absolutely loathed John and then love him when he showed what now seems to be genuine sincerity towards Elena. So his death and that letter…I’m still having trouble just thinking about it. *Rubs heart* It tore me up.

    The moment when Damon told Stefan about his bite was also a moment that stayed with me after the episode ended. I am a proud member of Team Salvatore. I refuse to choose sides with these guys and I value the relationship between these two brothers than who they will end up with. The pain on Stefan’s face as he promised to fix it did me in. I don’t believe for second that Damon is going to die, but I do expect an INTENSE performance from Ian Somerhadler next week that I am very much looking forward to.

    I don’t usually love all aspects of a TVD episode, but this episode delivered in that category. I loved the entire episode. Bonnie, whom I usually loathe, didn’t get on my nerves and was actually kinda badass last night. The sibling moment between Jeremy and Elena had me in tears. We don’t get to see just them that much anymore and as beautiful as it was to finally get a moment between them, the circumstances that brought that on was heartbreaking.
    As for my favorite part of TVD, Tyler and Caroline, I am in my T-C bubble and I’m refusing to leave all summer. Even though they didn’t get a lot of screen time, the insane amout of chemistry and emotion in those scenes made up for it in a big way. These two just GLOW when they are together. I do think though that the trio ended up at Tyler’s home, not Caroline’s. The front doors were definitley from The Lockwood Mansion. Doesn’t matter though because they were perfect. I LOVED the way Tyler’s eyes shifted in, I want to say hope for the lack of a better description, when Caroline confessed that Matt broke up with her. It’s those subtle things that Trevino does as actor that brings Tyler to life and why I love him so much lol. I do hope that their issues/problems don’t get swept under the rug next season. As much as I want them to fall epically in love with one another I don’t want it to be another cliche TV pairing. I love them way too much for that. I want them to struggle, to have conflict and fight; because when they are finally happy it can be all worth it in the end. And if we can get some Vamp on Were action amidst all that then that’s more than fine too. 😉

    Another brilliant recap! I’m looking forward to dropping by next week!!

    • Hey Gen! Thanks so much for stopping by! I always have so much fun during our post-TVD roundups, both on this site, and on Cherie’s. Are you popping in for the liveblog, next week, by chance? 😉 That would be AWESOME, if you could! 🙂

      Good point about Jenna. One thing could be said about TVD, they do love their poignant sendoffs! Being a vampire is probably the one thing that could have made Aunt Jenna a LESS Useless parent to Elena, and actually a real protector for her. As a human, Aunt Jenna may have worn out her welcome. But as a vampire, she could have actually been interesting. And I think Sara Canning would have knocked the more complex role out of the park. It’s a shame we will never know, either way . . .

      I was never a huge Uncle/Father John fan. But I agree with you that David Anders made would could have been a two-dimensional villain role, have some REAL complexity and emotionality to it. I kind of like the symmetry of John’s brief redemption arc, before he died. It was handled by the writers in much better way, than say, ISOBEL’s so-called arc, in which she said, “Sorry Elena, for being awful,” and then proceeded to BURN HERSELF IN FRONT OF HER DAUGHTER.

      That being said, as I think I mentioned in another comment, with Jenna dead, it would have been interesting to see a MORE EXTENSIVE Uncle/Father John redemption arc, in which he FINALLY took real responsibility for ACTUALLY RAISING Elena and Jeremy. His death was sort of a cop out in that way. It would have particularly been interesting to see John be forced to raise Elena . . .if she was a vampire. 😉

      The scene at the end of the episode between Damon and Stefan was equal parts heart-warming, and heart-wrenching. I kind of wish I had more time to spend with it in my recap. But by that point, my creative and emotional juices were a bit tapped out, I must admit. Through all these guys have been through, and all the times they’ve beaten the crap out of each other, Damon and Stefan truly love one another, and cherish each other’s existence. And I suspect we will get to see a lot of that in next week’s episode, as Damon struggles with his past, and Stefan works to rescue HIS BROTHER, instead of Elena, for a change.

      I know many feel like, since we know that Damon will somehow survive the were-bite, it makes the finale anti-climactic. I don’t feel that way at all. The fact that Damon BELIEVES he’s going to die, and that Stefan BELIEVES that Damon is going to die, if they don’t find a cure, is angst and intensity enough for me. I look forward to seeing Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, and Nina Dobrev, all rise to the challenge of what I expect will be an extremely emotionally exhausting episode for all three of them. It’s going to be EPIC!

      Beyond the core three, I do agree that The Sun Also Rises was a watershed moment of acting for all the main cast members. Bonnie’s BIG Spell Casting Scene could have been REALLY awkward and cheesy (as some of her other spell casting scenes have been). But Katerina Graham handled it really well, and was actually pretty darn frightening, and SERIOUSLY bad ass, with all her hand waving and muttering.) 🙂

      And Jeremy’s and Elena’s pre-funeral scene was both quietly moving, and beautiful. I can really believe these two are siblings . . . siblings who have LITERALLY been through hell and back (Both brother and sister have now officially DIED once.). And yet, they still have one another to keep them strong. I do hope that next season we get to see a bit more interaction between Steven R. McQueen and Nina Dobrev than we’ve seen lately.

      Ahh, Forwood! Michael Trevino was MESMERIZING in this episode . . . and not just because he spent it naked, either! 🙂 I just love the sweetness, and genuine understanding with which Tyler and Caroline relate to one another. That scene on the couch was pure perfection. As characters, Tyler and Caroline just FIT together for me. So, the fact that Caroline ended the episode literally entwined in Tyler’s muscular arms, made sense to me, on so many levels.

      And don’t you worry. I don’t think believe for a second that Tyler’s and Caroline’s relationship will be mushy, schmaltzy, or conflict free. I DO believe that Tyler got involved in something NOT TOO KOSHER, during his month away. And THAT might bring about the Tyler / Caroline angst (and makeup sex) you seek. It also means MORE Forwood plotlines and interactions for next season. And that could never be a bad thing. 🙂

  8. Vulnavia

    I enjoy very much your recap. Fun and reflexive at the same time, like usually is.
    I confess, I would like to see Elena become a vampire, like in the books, but beyond the books. I´m not sure if she deserve that (I mean, if she deserve Super Powerful Ears And Awesome F*king With Super Sexy Vampire Damon), I hope so, because I like very much the Delena thing, but above all, I´m 100% TeamDamon.

    • Hi Vulnavia! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recap. 🙂 I’ve read the original L.J. Smith Vampire Diaries series as well. And I too think it might have been interesting to see Elena as a vampire. (Who knows? Maybe the writers WILL take that narrative turn, in a later season.)

      It would be interesting to see how Elena copes with the emotional and physical changes of turning. Of all the HUMAN characters on the show, Elena probably has the most experience with the good and bad of vampirism. She also has the most VAMPIRE support, in terms of helping her to be a GOOD vampire, as opposed to an EVIL one.

      And still, it might be fun to see Elena, act out her dark side for once . . . to see her VAMP OUT, during an intense argument with a friend or lover. How much would a Vampire Elena be like a Vampire Katherine, for example? To see the two of them interact as EQUALS, as opposed to Predator/Prey would be interesting to watch. And of course, I would love to see how Elena would handle DAMON, knowing that HE is responsible for her new identity. Would she hate him intensely, as both of them suspect she would. Or would actually BEING a vampire, give her a new perspective on the situation, entirely.

      Oh, and I love THIS line from your comment: “Super Powerful Ears And Awesome F*king With Super Sexy Vampire Damon” You definitely have a way with words, Vulnavia. And staunch of a Delena fan as I am, I TOO am 100% Team Damon. So, we definitely have that in common. 🙂

  9. Tricus

    Seriously I teared up soo much in this episode than any other TVD episode,I think. Gosh mostly I teared up during the Caroline and Tyler part, When John fell dead after Elena woke up and during the funeral. For some reason I didn’t feel sad during the sacrifice when Klaus was killing everyone. Weird.

    1)Anyway I don’t have alot of things to say about this episode. It was great. Like you said Jenna is a great actor. They could have really used her but they never did.
    2)I also thought in my mind, before Klaus said it, that it was kind of kinky of Klaus to have all women as his sacrifice. ( Well his 2nd backup plan sacrifice because remember Tyler was his first choice werewolf – or maybe he planned on using Jules all along since she was taken the same time as Tyler)

    3) Stefan offering himself as the replacement for Jenna I just knew Klaus wouldn’t go for it. I think he would have taken Damon but not Stefan, for some reason.
    4) When Klaus started to drink Elena blood and talking to her he was looking like he was enjoying it too much . LOL
    Oh DID YOU NOTICE that Elena also said the same thing that Damon said last episode? She said to Klaus ” You can go to hell”. Damon and Elena always seem to eventually say the same thing.
    5) Yeah I alwasy thought that Bonnie would have been able to take on Klaus to at least weaken hin enough so that a fast vamp with some balls can quickly take his heart and kill him. Ex: Damon.
    Elijah did the same thing. Well he was until he started to listen and believe Klaus words. Ooopsie.
    6) What I found VERY interesting is when Damon picked up Elena, started to put her automatically by Stefan but he’s like “No you take her, I’ll make sure Klaus is dead”. Correct me if I’m wrong but Elena is your GF,very much loved, and you don’t want to take her home to make sure she’s okay yourself? Damon, not being the BF and as the fighter along with Bonnie should be left behind to clean up the mess especially with Stefan being all injured by Klaus already. That was strange.
    Is the TVD writers trying to tell us something?

    7) Damon’s actions of being soo gentle with Elena when she woke up was soo sweet. He kept stroking her hair and holding her head. She was like “Damon?”
    8) I am also wondering what that long stare they shared at the funeral was about too. Someone on another recap post was pointing out this: Elena died staring at Stefan and she woke up staring at Damon.
    Not reading into anything because I don’t think the writers are smart enough to give us such subtle hints but it is an interesting observation.

    My final point/observation: Even though Damon and Stefan are not buddies, always argue and don’t agree a lot of times they really do love each other and don’t want to see each other die.
    Case in point of how Stefan looked when Damon told him about the bite. He really loves Damon though I don’t think Damon thinks so. Stefan I think tries soo hard to be human, he gets angry with Damon when he doesn’t do things like he wants, he sometimes gets envious/jealous of Damon’s “balls’ but at the end of the day he needs and wants Damon around.

    • Hey Tricus! I’m with you. This was definitely a three hanky episode, one that was a major workout for all of our tear ducts. I actually think us fangirls need a good TV cry, every once in a while. It’s cathartic and healthy, given all the hours we spend ogling Shirtless Damon pictures, and drooling over Delena interactions. 🙂

      I am SO GLAD you brought up Klaus’ GODDESSES COMMENT! Because it SO had me thinking of Charlie Sheen and his so-called Goddesses. Needless to say, the statement definitely had sexual connotations to it.

      I actually had planned to do a little Charlie Sheen joke in my recap, but never got around to it, because I had SO MUCH ELSE to write about. But, yes, Klaus is definitely the epitome of a Dirty Old Man. He probably thinks the whole Sacrifice Ritual was actually a turn on for the ladies. What a slimy jerk!

      I’m also glad you brought up Klaus’ werewolf and vampire CHOICES for the Sacrifice, because that was something that had me thinking as well. I truly believe that Klaus NEVER intended to use Caroline and Tyler in the Sacrifice. There was a comment Klaus made to . . . I think Maddox . . . in which he said “Werewolves travel in packs.”

      I’m pretty sure Klaus assumed that SOMEONE wolfy would come with Tyler back to Mystic Falls, when he visited his mother’s bedside. And, whoever it was, would be the Werewolf Sacrifice. And I definitely believe that SOMEONE kidnapped Jules, at the same time that Tyler and Caroline were kidnapped, and brought her to a tomb near wear the ACTUAL ritual was taking place. I also agree with Cherie that there is some connection between the Lockwoods and the Originals, and that Klaus might have “big plans” for Tyler, just like he has “big plans” for Stefan. And, therefore, he wants Tyler to save alive for a little while longer . . .

      This brings me to my next point: the Vampire Sacrifice. As I said, I don’t think that Caroline was ever meant to be the one. Nor was Katherine, as Klaus would prefer, instead, to torture her, and use her as his emissary / play thing, than to kill her.

      Interestingly enough, I think the ACTUAL vampire sacrifice was meant to be DAMON. Klaus knew that DAMON would return to Alaric’s house at some point to try and reason with / kill Klaus. And that’s when Klaus planned to kidnap him, and take him to the Sacrifice. If that’s true, then why would Klaus be OK with sacrificing DAMON, but not Stefan? Well, that’s something I think we will have to wait until Season 3 to find out. But I suspect it has something to do with the Were-Vamp Army. 🙂

      Oooh, great parallel between Damon and Elena, in their “You can go to hell,” comments (Elena having made hers at the Sacrifice) and Damon making HIS when Elijah requested his personal apology in “The Last Day.” I hadn’t picked up on that! It does go to show you just how similar Damon’s and Elena’s thinking and arguing styles are, and how much they truly LISTEN to what one another says, even if they are not doing it consciously.

      I do like the symbolism of Elena DYING looking at Stefan, and being REBORN looking at Damon. The entire end of the episode, seemed to foreshadow a shift in Elena’s affections. From Elena’s propping up the benefits of vampirism to Aunt Jenna, to Stefan’s GIVING of Elena to Damon during the Sacrifice (him being MORE interested in seeing Klaus killed, than seeing if his girlfriend was OK), to Damon’s CARRYING Elena across the threshold, into her home, to Damon’s actions of affection over Elena’s body, to the look in Elena’s eyes when she said, “Damon?” upon first waking up, to the meaningful glances they gave one another at the funeral.

      You know, I’m beginning to think that Damon force feeding Elena, and getting bitten by a werewolf, might end up being the TWO BEST THINGS to happen to this couple’s relationship! 🙂

      Oh, I definitely think Stefan and Damon TRULY love one another, no matter how many times they try to act like they don’t. And aside from “As I Lay Dying” illustrating DAMON’S emotional journey, as he copes with the mistakes he’s made in the past, and tries to right some of his wrongs before the end of his life, and DELENA’S journey, hopefully toward SEXINESS, I also think a big part of the Season finale will be the Salvatore Brother’s story. I look forward to seeing Stefan cope with how much Damon means to him; and to see how far the Scooby Gang will go to save the life of one of its most important members.

  10. serendipity

    OMFG, what an episode! The sacrifice went on and on and on… I wasn’t really sure what you were gonna do with all the angst and drama, but you pulled it off to turn it into a kickass recap!

    Now, I actually don’t think I have much to add to the comments above… I just saw the episode and read your recap and I’m still kind of recovering! Just a few random comments…

    Damon was (of course) AWESOME: you could think that he had his own worries (what with the wolfbite “it was more of a nip actually” and all), but still he’s firm on the save-Elena team! You gotta love his dedication! Loved the way you pointed out that he still wants to go and save Jenna, until Kat points out he is no longer sacrifice-material (If he had been, I’m sure he would have found a way to trade himself for Jenna and make it work, unlike Sobbing Stefan did).

    Elijah… dammit, I knew he couldn’t be trusted! Well, it wasn’t as if I didn’t expect him to do an about-face (all the while making sure his hair wasn’t mussed of course), since the next season is supposed to be the season of the originals no? And I knew they were gonna get away for sure when Elijah told Stefan that all the others of his family were supposed to be dead (well, unrecoverable bodies, since dead doesn’t exactly fit…)… how else where they gonna show up again?

    Also WTF ? Jeremy and Bonnie are leisurely researching cures for Elena (even finding the time for some flirting) when they have to KNOW the sacrifice is going down tonight (well, barring a miracle – and didn’t they read the script? the next one is the season finale so there’s just no time left to postpone the thing)! Well, I figured the writers were not gonna turn Elena into a vamp (just yet?) so there had to be a cure … and granted, it was a very self-sacrificing gesture by uncle John… but still it felt a bit… forced and just too easy to me.

    That’s why I am sure they will find an equally miraculous cure next week for Damon’s wolfbite (“it was just a nip actually”: yes, Damon, we know, but it’s turning into this ghastly red pulsing thing, so who cares what it started out as?) .
    I loved the Damon moments on this episode even more than usual (don’t know why?): the snark with Kat and Uncle John (cracked up at your comment about fathers hiring sexy but morally ambiguous vampires to do their parenting 😉 ), but most of all the tender and awesome DELENA moments: the Carrying of the Beautiful Maiden out of Danger and into the house (*sigh*), his words about how he couldn’t stand it if she hated him (*snif*) and of course the Lingering Looks in the Graveyard (*sigh again*)…

    Oh, and I know I have been Stefan-bashing these last few weeks (and he didn’t really satisfy me as the heroic knight on his white charger this episode either), but Stefan almost made up for his wet-rag-ness in the final scene when he seemed so distressed over the idea of losing a brother he has been wanting to kill for the past 150 years… it reminded me a bit of their turning, when Stefan couldn’t face living for ever without his brother either… And Damon being all “Don’t tell Elena”… well, we all know she WILL find out eventually (doesn’t she always? and then she’ll get mad at them for keeping it from her!), and this gives me hope for some awesome Delena-goodness in the last episode to tide us over the long summermonths…

    Okay, that was longer than I meant it to be, and sorry if I was rambling a little bit… but this is just my much needed ‘afterTVD-therapy’!

    • Awww, thanks Serendipity! You are so sweet. Knowing what a spectacular writer you are, I’m truly honored that you enjoyed this recap. There WAS a whole lot of action in this episode, and in the Sacrifice Ritual in particular, wasn’t there? It’s truly amazing how much the writers of this show can squeeze into a single hour, without making the episode seem rushed.

      I do think the fact that Damon has spent the past few episodes trying to save, not just Elena, but Elena’s LOVED ONES as well, shows MAJOR growth on the part of his character, and also illustrates the extent of his love for Elena. I suspect Elena is going to start to realize how far Damon has come in Season 3, if she hasn’t already started to see it. And yeah, Damon TOTALLY could have saved Jenna, if HE had been the one in the Martyrdom Role.

      As we saw, Damon, like Jenna, recognized that if you kill the witch, you stop the ritual. The only difference is that HE actually knew how to kill Greta. I also think that Damon would have been able to incapacitate Klaus, and foil the sacrifice (perhaps, by knocking over the cauldron?) Stefan may be a REALLY NICE GUY, but, let’s face it, heroism isn’t exactly his forte. He should stick to what he’s good at, like being a shrink . . . and doing sit-ups. 🙂

      Yeah, I don’t think Elijah’s betrayal ended up being quite as shocking, as the TVD writers wanted it to be. Us fangirls are SMART, dammit! We know fakery, when we see it! All that “honorable man” talk, and Elijah ended up being one of the least honorable characters on the show. At least Klaus makes no bones about being Evil Asshole. It’s always the kind and polite ones you have to worry about . . .

      As far as the Originals, I took Klaus’ and Elijah’s exchange to mean that the entire family can be REVIVED (and possibly converted into a were –vamp army?). If the bodies were lost at sea, there would be no chance of finding them. But since they are elsewhere, the family is not really DEAD-DEAD, just resting their eyes. 🙂

      As far as we’ve learned, the only TRUE DEATH for an Original is Death by Witch. So, however, Klaus killed his family, there’s always the chance of bringing them back to life. I suspected as much, the minute Elijah made reference to his SEVEN SIBLINGS, SLUTTY MOM, and PSYCHOPATH dad. These characters are just too enticing for TVD not to take advantage of them.

      I think a lot of us are with you in getting a bit tired of the Last Minute Spell that saves all the main characters, and maintains the status quo. And, as you said, I’m pretty sure we will be getting ANOTHER one next week (or in the premiere episode of Season 3), regarding Damon’s were bite. Perhaps, Bonnie and Jeremy KNOW they are in a television show, and figured Elena can’t die, so they simply weren’t that worried. Or maybe they were just REALLY horny, having spent all those days alone, underground, with nothing but some shoddy WiFi, candles, and a lot of boring old books. Whatever the reason, they acted like they didn’t remember what kind of show they were on. 🙂

      As usual, Ian Somerhalder was SPECTACULAR this week. And his scenes with Nina melted my heart. It just makes me all the more excited for next week. I do wonder if Stefan will do what he usually does, and run right away to tell Elena about Damon’s werewolf bite. After all, Stefan did seem to take Damon’s comment in “The Last Dance” about how he didn’t tell Stefan about Bonnie, because he KNEW Stefan would run and tell Elena to heart. On the other hand, I think this time Stefan should DEFINITELY tell Elena, because, if Rose’s bout with Were Rabies was any indication, Elena needs to be VERY CAREFUL.

      And I do agree that being faced with the possibility of losing Damon for good will force both Stefan and Elena to realize how much Damon means to them, and how much they can’t live without him. (I liked the parallel you drew between THIS episode, and Blood Brothers, regarding Stefan’s not wanting to live in a world without Damon in it, by the way). Ooh, this conversation just made me even more excited for “As I Lay Dying,” and I didn’t think that was possible! 🙂

  11. MaryJey

    wow! I’m so glad I can count on your reviews to put a smile into my face when I’m so sad and emotional. I couldn’t watch live yesterday and I just finish watching and it was wow… no words… so sad… I will comment about the emotional stuff and not analysis today, I cant even think:
    Damon and Katherine: ICA. What a selfish bitch! I like to hate her before, now I just plain hate her. And if possible my love for Damon went 1000 degrees higher after that scene. I was screaming with Damon: “He gave you a choice!!!”.
    Damon: what a great episode for our boy! such a growth he show!
    and Delena was amazing! all the foreshadowing! Damon broke my heart as well, plus my emotional state at this point of the episode was instable. I was thinking the same thing about her remembering… I was glad you saw something in Elena’s face that gave you that thought, for me it was just wishful thinking… But I don’t think they are going to go there now, I believe Elena will become a vampire in the future and then she’ll remember.
    Elena and Jenna: I’m still shedding tears… everything about the interactions was perfect for me. Elena was kind of perfect. Its a complement for the show/writers I think the scene was kind of flawless, from Elena explaining, telling her to run/to fight back, telling her to let go. I kind of compare my emotional state at this point to my state when watching titanic’s final scene in the water 12 years ago. I love your idea that Elena might start understanding Damon here, I have to re watch now and think it over.
    And of course useless aunt Jenna was never more useful than the last minute of her life when she tried killing the witch. You are right Sara Cunning was really underused, what a great actress we discover this last three epis. But As plot line I’m glad it was her to die and not anybody else (except B*****, but I don’t think they will get rid of her), there was never much to do for her. And I too hope Alaric will become legal guardian of the gilbert brothers.
    Bonnie kind of shocked me today, I kind of love her -less- when she told Elijah: “Do it and I kill you both!” you’ll die “I don’t care”.
    I’m really not looking forward to a “season of originals”, and I’m really pissed Klaus didn’t die. I was looking for Elijah being part of the action next season, but as a member of “mystic falls society”, I’m not looking forward to “we have to find a way to kill originals again”. Of course I will never leave this show as long as DELENA its a reality. Speaking of which, how awesome was the promo? Apparently will get a Delena full final. Cant wait!!
    Ps: poor john he doesn’t know the ring doesn’t work for Elena…

  12. MaryJey

    Sorry I really had to add, that thought this episode really worked for me, again they are relaying the solution for another of their complicated plots on out of nowhere spells, and it isn’t working for me anymore. I’m happy Elena its not a vampire (esp for our boy sake) but I think they could have come with a better solution than a last minute new spell. I hope they have a different idea to cure Damon’s werewolf’s nip/bite.
    Of course I love Caroline/tyler, but it was really hard to concentrate on their scenes when so much action was going on elsewhere, I’ll have to rewatch all their scenes for a fully appreciation of their complete sweetness!

    • Hey MaryJey! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m with you 100% about needing a little break from TVD, before you can fully process an episode. (I always take quick naps, before I start recapping. ;)) And with an episode as intense as this one? Wow, those writers sure raised a lot of fans blood pressures Thursday night.

      Excellent point about Katherine. It would have been SO EASY for her not to impersonate Elena, and NOT make that call to Jenna. After all, by this point, Katherine was well aware that Klaus DIDN’T want her dead, and wasn’t planning to use her as the vampire in the Sacrifice. She could have just bolted out of Alaric’s apartment, right then and there and kept on running. It would have been a lot more humane than what she actually ended up doing, particularly considering how Damon helped her, by giving her the vervain in the first place. I’m just glad Damon finally understands how weak Katherine truly is.

      Maybe it is wishful thinking on my part, but I LOVE the idea of Elena remembering Damon’s words to her (I even based a fanfiction around it). The thing is, whether or not John ultimately saved Elena’s SOUL by sacrificing his own, Elena’s initial REVIVAL can only be attributed to the fact that she had vampire blood in her system. And I think the writers could really work with that, particularly in light of the journey Delena is destined to go through next week. Now, I’m not saying, she would remember this and rush right into his arms, but it may go a long way in getting Elena to realize that Damon IS a good person, and that he DOES know how to love.

      Nina Dobrev never fails to bring tears to my eyes with her emotional interactions. And she really did try to “mother” Aunt Jenna through her vampire transformation and final moments. It was a heart-wrenching and beautiful scene. And it does also go to show you just HOW MUCH Elena knows about being a vampire. She instantly recognized what the benefits of vampirism were in a situation like this. And I do think this will come in handy, if not immediately, in her re-appraisal of Damon’s actions, than in the long run, when she eventually DOES become a vampire. Because I do think this will addressed in a later season.

      You know, as much as Bonnie and Damon don’t see eye-to-eye, they really are the same, at least, in their Take No Prisoner’s style of battling. Bonnie showed that this week. I just wished she would have been less talk, more action, in her exchange with Elijah, because that really ruined EVERYTHING!

      I’m torn about a Season of the Originals. On one hand, I think they have an interesting back story, and that Elijah, though he seems like a total WIMP / ASSFACE right now, IS, in fact, a redeemable character. After all, even though his brother is a Psychopath, it IS still his brother. And I do think the TVD writers will have fun coming up with Elijah’s and Klaus’ wild and wacky array of siblings.

      On the other, Klaus never quite grew on me as a Big Bad Villain. I, honestly, liked him better as AlarKlaus. Nothing against Joseph Morgan. He’s obviously a great actor. It might just be the two-dimensional way the character has been written so far that doesn’t sit well with me. I like my villains to be a bit more multi-dimensional and complex.

      Interesting point about John. You know, when I first watched Jeremy give Elena the ring, I had forgotten that she can’t use it. LOL. On the other hand, I think John might have actually figured that out.

      If you recall, in his letter, John suggested that Elena give the ring to her CHILD. I kind of like the symbolism in that. Here is John, giving up his life to keep Elena human. In doing so, he allows her the possibility to have CHILDREN. And it is to those children (well . . . the first child at least) that John is giving the GIFT of freedom from the Fear of Supernaturals, which is something that plagued HIM his entire life.

      That being said, I definitely see your point about the Last Minute Spells, and can commiserate with your aggravation over them. As much as I thought John’s sacrifice had symmetry to it, his explanation of why the SPELL itself worked, went right over my head. I don’t think the writers were trying to have it make sense, as long as it kept Elena human.

      As for Damon’s were bite, we know the cure will have to be SOMEWHAT magical, since his AILMENT is magical. And yet, I would prefer that cure be something more “homeopathic” like “the blood of a Doppelganger” or “the blood of werewolf that bit you,” rather than something Bonnie finds on “”

  13. Rene

    Jewls you have so spoiled me; I refuse to read any other recap; I have still not read this but I plan to after Supernatural at 9 🙂 I cannot wait I am sure it will be good.

  14. Lauren Knott

    Holy Depressing Episode, Batman! ANOTHER hot ass mess episode–in a GOOD way of course. RIP Aunt Jenna. You’ll be missed, sort of. I was sad to see her go, but I wasn’t destroyed, as, say, how I might be destroyed come next week for the season finale, when we all get to see Damon suffer from dementia *sad face*. I just wish they made Aunt Jenna not so useless, then maybe I would have actually cried. Or maybe I’m a heartless bitch? Anyway, I didn’t care that Jules died, I was actually kind of glad, and I was SOOOOOO glad that that bitch Greta died. I hate her. I had hopes that she would somehow find out that her family died and then she would turn on Klaus and work together with out Scooby Gang, but I guess sex with Klaus is much more satisfying than avenging your family’s death. I found Klaus to be compelling, menacing, charming, creepy, and HOT all at the same time, though his werewolf eyes kind of freaked me out towards the end of the ritual. I find it hard to dislike Klaus, what with the accent, those cheekbones, and that face and everything. That’s so damn shallow, but that’s just how I feel, damnit! I kind of didn’t care about the whole Tyler/Caroline/Matt storyline this week. It just seemed irrelevant, because they were sitting in that house talking about their problems whilst epic and depressing shit was going down just across town. I hope we don’t see Matt again. He’s kind of a waste of space. I hope Liz Forbes dies. I hate that heartless bitch. I really do hope Caroline and Tyler get together, but I just wasn’t into it this week. And lastly, I don’t think I can ever hate Elijah for what he did. He’s, like, loyal to his family and stuff. That is a part of why he’s so honorable, though I don’t know if he should still be considered honorable after tonight’s episode . . . though, I’m biased. I love Elijah, and his hair, and his suits, and I just hope he gets to stick around long enough so that he can find a love interest and we all can see him walk around in fabulous pin-striped suits. Off track . . . anyway, I can’t hate him. He’s only doing this so that he can resurrect his family (and give us a storyline for Season 3), because he loves them very much. I just hope Klaus isn’t bullshitting him. Then I’ll feel like Elijah is stupid, because he could have killed Klaus right then and there, but instead he chose to believe him. I just don’t want Elijah to look stupid. Like I said, I’m biased. But I don’t think Klaus was lying either, but with The Vampire Diaries, who the hell knows?

    • You know, I was thinking about you when I was watching this episode, Lauren, my favorite loyal and honorable Team Elijah member. I was keeping my fingers crossed that Elijah would turn out to be exactly who he said he was, and do exactly what he promised, saving the Scooby Gang, and the DAY. I was hoping that you would get to come by this blog, after the episode, raise your fist in triumph, and say, “SEE? I TOLD YOU SO.”

      That didn’t exactly happen. But I think it will . . . eventually. Here’s the thing about what Elijah did. I didn’t necessarily agree with it, but I could understand it. Elijah, like Damon and Stefan, loves his family, and can’t live with the knowledge that he hasn’t done everything he could to protect them, and, in this case, bring them back to life. And yes, that family just so happens to include his TOTAL WACKJOB of a brother.

      It would be near impossible to put a stake in your own brother’s heart, no matter how creepy he is, just because you made a promise to some strangers, who tried to kill you a couple of times. And yet, I DO believe that Klaus was telling the truth about Elijah’s siblings being alive somewhere. The fact of these siblings is just too big of a story for the TVD writers to pass up.

      That being said Klaus DID KILL NEARLY HIS ENTIRE BLOODLINE, albeit temporarily. And in that sense, I would have found it TOTALLY justified for Klaus to ACTUALLY STAKE KLAUS to get revenge for his relatives (as well as satisfy his promise to the Scooby Gang), AND THEN spend the rest of next season trying to find his family. If Elijah had done THAT, he would have fan’s undivided sympathy. I also think that he would have the rest of the Scooby Gang, as allies, in his quest to find his family. And having Damon as an ally is VERY HELPFUL I think. 🙂

      But alas, Elijah ran off to parts unknown, with his SCARY were-vamp brother. And yet, I still think there is hope for his redemption. I’m inclined to believe that, ultimately, Elijah WILL find that he eventually has to kill Klaus to save his family and humanity from the Were-Vamp army. And when that happens, he will win back the support of fans. So, when the character ultimately bites it, we all can cry over the loss. Because we all know how much TVD loves a good cryfest!

      Regarding Useless Aunt Jenna, for me, I found what was most depressing about the scene was not so much the loss of JENNA, as it was the impact this loss had on ELENA, who had to witness it firsthand, and JEREMY who is a LADYKILLER in every sense of the term. I mean, these poor kids! Can’t they ever catch a break in the Dead Relative Department?

      I do think the writers missed an opportunity with Greta, by making her SO completely two-dimensional and sex crazed. We could have had a nice moment, in which she mourned her father’s and brother’s demise, especially considering all they sacrificed for HER. And maybe, if that happened, her death could have been a little more poignant. Instead, when Damon snapped her neck, I cheered . . . And that made me feel evil. 😦

      While, as you can tell, I’m a staunch Forwood-ite, and love me some Caroline/Tyler cuddles, I definitely see your point about OTHER storylines seeming out-of-place and distracting, in light of the Main Event. I felt this way, in particular, about Caroline’s storyline in The Last Dance. I mean seriously, she was dancing with STUPID MATT, while everyone else was getting abused by AlarKlaus. WTF! Oh, and I HATE, HATE, HATE Lizard Forbes. I’m going to throw a friggin party when they kill her. And I hope its Damon that does it too, or maybe Matt . . . or Tyler, in order to save Caroline. On second thought, I don’t care who does it, as long as she DIES PAINFULLY.

      Personally, I’m hoping that Tyler’s storyline gets linked to the MAIN ONE, next season, in that he has SOME connection with Klaus and the originals. This will make the show’s focus on Caroline and Matt, seem less jarring than it sometimes does on the show. It will also give Candice Accola and Michael Trevino more opportunities to interact with the other actors’ on the show.

      As for next week, I know it’s going to be heartbreaking to watch Damon literally and physically fall apart. But I know Ian Somerhalder will OWN those scenes. And I definitely look forward to seeing some of the other characters, Elena, in particular, stand by his side, and support him, during his hour of need.

  15. Rene

    You didn’t disappoint it was a great recap. There are no words for the episode except what Nina said herself on one site, EPIC!! So much going on I think its almost too much. At times it seems their intention to go deeper is just time constrained so they take short cuts. I don’t know if anyone else notices that on some shows. I enjoy vampire diaries but I wonder if the next season is going to seem a stretch. They have covered so much grown in a short amount of time. I mean what happen to the actual diary writing? I thought that was the premise of the show. The direction its all gone in has been away from what I ever imagined but then I never read the books. I think I will read them this summer.

    • Hey Rene! I hope you enjoyed your Friday, and that Supernatural rocked the house this week. One of these days, I will have to pick up the DVD for that show, so that we can fangirl for hours over Jensen’s and Jared’s insane hotness and snark brotherly bonding. I bet these two could give TVD’s Team Bad Ass a real run for their money. I for one would ADORE a Supernatural / TVD crossover episode in which something like this actually went down.

      You bring up a great point about the show possibly moving too fast, killing off TOO many characters, and covering too much ground for its own good. Of course, I love the show like it’s my own sibling (possibly, because I am an only child). But like with a sibling, I worry for the show’s safety. Will TVD be able to keep up this intensity for another few seasons, or will it run out of steam?

      I hope for the former. But I know as the seasons progress, it will become an uphill battle for the show’s writers and producers to keep things fresh. Such is the challenge for any show with a EXTREME CULT FOLLOWING. (“Lost” immediately comes to mind here.)

      As for the diary writing, I think the writers trashed the concept, because, while it made sense in the books, the incessant voiceovers didn’t work in the series AT ALL. They came off sounding overly dramatic, and very cheesy. Plus, in DIARY WRITING, the writers seemed unable to differentiate between Stefan’s and Elena’s distinct voices. The entries sounded as though they were written by a single narrator, one who had no personality whatsoever, and was extremely full of himself. 🙂

      I think the first few episodes, which focused heavily on the diary writing, were actually some of the show’s weakest. But, yes, it is strange that the show is called VAMPIRE DIARIES, when the only person who EVER seems to do any writing on the show is Ancestor John Gilbert . . . oh, and I guess Mr. Letter Writer Himself, Dead Uncle/Father John.

      As for the books, they are very, very different from the show. In fact, aside from the character’s names and a general premise, the TVD writers retained VERY LITTLE of the original series. Nonetheless, they are a fun read, and an interesting take, on what has now become a familiar story: two vampires, one girl (and some witches and werewolves, thrown in between). 🙂

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  17. Linn

    Wow what and episode! What a recap! Can’t WAIT for next week!
    What really surprised me was how Klaus, who’s supposed to be this all-powerful original vampire, turns out to be such a COWARD!

    He needs to kill a vampire, a werewolf and a doppelganger to complete the ritual, and you’d think that for an original this is a piece of cake, but he CHEATS!

    Rather than killing a “fully grown” vampire, he choses the “newborn” baby vampire, Jenna, who has no idea how to use her new power (awww, why did no one tell her about the neck snap?). Furthermore he dares not take on a fully transformed werewolf so he gets his witch to make poor Jules into a quivering mess. It’s kind of hard to fight back when your insides are doing whatever they were doing to Jules.

    Not even Elena does he manage to just kill. He has to make some lame ass deal about sparing her friends to make her come quietly. I was totally underwhelmed. Also Elija, what an ass. Klaus will just kill him now, and he will never get his family back. Elija, I never liked you, and actually I think your hair looks stupid.

    Aww Jenna. I started watching TVD because I had to review the show for the newspaper I was working for. I think we can all agree that the first four episodes were pretty lame, and one of the main reasons I kept watching anyway, was because of that damaged little character Vicki Donavan. I was gutted when she died! But yesterday I was actually even more gutted when Jenna died. I really liked her! And poor kids now, poor Alaric! I would definitly rather have Jenna as a vampire, than not at all. Booo!

    • Hey Linn! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I adore your analysis of Klaus. You are right. What a sniveling wimp! You’ve totally got his number!

      Klaus tried to make it seem like he chose all LADIES for his sacrifice, because he thought it was HOT. But it also meant, he didn’t have to stand like a man, and fight for his future. And the look on his face, when Elijah was about to rip out his heart . . . it was PURE TERROR.

      I actually think a lot of what drives Klaus is his own insecurities and paranoia. That’s why he’s always got all these “extra people” hanging around to do his bidding (in case one ends up getting killed), and all these BACK UP PLANS.

      If you really think about most of the SCARY stuff Klaus did, since we’ve met him, it was always SOMEONE else pulling the trigger. Isobel got the moonstone, and ensured Katherine’s kidnapping. Maddox got Alaric. Alaric’s body took all the blows from Bonnie, during “The Last Dance.” The kids at school tortured Elena and Jeremy. Katherine got Jenna to come to The Sacrifice. And Greta did most of the dirty work required in the actual ritual. Come to think of it, Klaus isn’t just cowardly, he’s LAZY too!

      I thought Vicki Donovan was an intriguing character as well. And, as you said, she was one of the main draws of the early TVD episode, when the show was still getting on its feet. Gosh, remember those AWFUL diary voiceovers, and the “black mist,” and Damon as “THE CROW?” *shudders.*

      I actually think the scene where Damon and Vicki danced to “Enjoy the Silence,” and then he, ever so gently, broke her neck, was what converted me from an “OK . . . I’ll watch this show” person, to a DIEHARD FAN. Kayla Ewell was a very talented actress, and could have done a lot more for the show. She will certainly be missed.

      And so will Aunt Jenna. Sara Canning was great in this episode. And I personally think Jenna would have been a very COOL vampire. If nothing else, her quirkiness, inevitable vampire screw-ups, and kinky biting sex with Alaric, would have provided some EXCELLENT comic relief.

  18. Linn

    Oh gooood the diaries! They were truly awful and very Twilighty and pompous. I actually ended up giving the show only four out of six stars back in the day (based on the two first episodes), oh how I eat my harsh words now 😉

    I wonder what happened to Damon’s ability to turn into a bird… I can think of several situations he’s been in since where it would have been handy.

    And regarding your comment to Rene, if you started watching Supernatural AND recapping them, I would positively JUMP for JOY! There is soooo much to be said about the Winchester boys, and none of my friends are watching it!!! Get those DVDs Julie! 🙂

  19. Madeleine

    This episode, just . . . wow. Holy crap, writers. It’s like if Old Testament God were going through nicotine withdrawal. They’re gonna have to start introducing new characters like crazy, or they won’t have anybody left to kill off.

    • LOL. SO TRUE, Madeleine! TVD might be the deadliest show on primetime! Just thinking about how many characters they have offed since Season 1, makes me a little dizzy. What’s interesting is that, in the early episodes, they used to introduce random characters, and kill them off just for fun. In fact, in my early recaps, I used to give out a little award entitled “Senseless Death of the Week,” for the no-name character that got axed in that particular episode.

      By Season 2, Senseless Deaths, for the most part, went the way of the “crow,” and the “diary readings” of early episodes. Then the writers started bringing in villains, and killing THEM after 3 or 4 episodes. Brady, Luka, and Jonas would probably fall into this category.

      But now, it seems like we are regularly bearing witness to some BIG deaths, like Rose, Aunt Jenna, and Uncle John. Even JULES was around for longer than her 3 episode quota would seem to allow. And yet, THIS WEEK the cast was considerably thinned out, with no new members in sight. I guess the writers will leave it up to Season 3, with its Family of Originals, and Were Vamp Army, to give us a larger cast, and, inevitably, more random folks to kill . . . only a few of whom we will actually care about. 🙂

  20. serendipity

    First of all, yay on what you wrote about Stefan: he should stick to playing shrink and doing sit-ups! So right! Although I would rather have him do pull-ups on that wooden beam in his room like he did in season one… preferably without a shirt! Even being all the way on team-Damon, that doesn’t mean I cannot still appreciate Stefan’s abs… purely for aesthetic reasons of course 😉

    I read somewhere that it was unbelievable Stefan and Bonnie let Klaus and Elijah get away. Absolutely! I’d say Stefan could have known that Elijah was not going to kill his brother as soon as he heard Klaus’ confession… Elijah would not kill Klaus if Elijah thought there might still be something redeemable in Klaus… After all, isn’t that why Stefan claims he never killed Damon: that there was still some good in him? When Klaus said the Original Family was still intact and retrievable, and having heard Elijah’s reasons for wanting to kill his brother, Stefan should have guessed Elijah would not go through with it… just like Stefan himself wouldn’t have killed his brother under those very same circumstances… Dammit, do I make ANY sense here?

    Now about Stefan running to Elena and telling her about Damon’s little problem … I don’t know, and actually, I hope not. I’ve got this whole scene playing in my head where Elena sees him stumble or something, and when she asks, he of course says it’s nothing! And then she doesn’t believe him, so she follows him to his room, which is poetic since that’s where many of the scenes with were-bitten Rose played out … plus I LIKE that room or didn’t you notice 😉 Or better yet, she corners him in his room when he’s just taken a shower… *drool time for us fangirls* AND she gets to see the bite… (2 birds with one stone lol). So of course she gets mad at him for keeping it from her (like she always gets), but also from anxiety naturally! And then they can have a Moment…

    Then again, that’s probably just my imagination running wild, AND we’re talking about Stefan after all, so it is quite possible he’ll go charging off to tell Elena …? But I doubt it will be because Stefan knows how dangerous a were-bitten vampire really is, since he wasn’t around when
    Rose went all grrr *claws hands in the air in imitation of Damon in the last dance* Wasn’t he out looking for Isobel during the Descent?

    Oh yes, and I forgot something I was wondering about? Why did Stefan have Damon take Elena away from the site of the sacrifice? I know, he said he wanted to make sure Klaus was killed for good (tough luck so) but why didn’t he make Damon wait it out with Bonnie (well, apart from the foreshadowing of Delena that we may or may not be right in seeing)? First off, unlike Damon, Stefan wouldn’t be any good anymore in a fight, since he was still healing from being stabbed in the back (literally by Klaus, figuratively later on by Elijah ;)). Secondly, and more importantly, isn’t it a bit strange that he would send his brother with his ‘dead’ girlfriend back to the house, not knowing if she’s gonna wake up at all, or maybe wake up a vampire? Now I’m not clear anymore on the facts here, but did Stefan actually know about Bonnie’s spell with uncle John? If not, there were only two choices: dead or undead… And he sends HIS BROTHER? The one said girlfriend is supposedly not gonna forgive if she really were to grow pointy teeth?

  21. Ah so reading the books might not help at all; good to know. Yeah I just mentioned the diary thing because of the title LOL.
    Linn: I used to do recaps for supernatural, well a few of them but I did them in seasons. ON the Associated Content site I think I did Season Three. It was fun but it was just a recap in my opinion using my favorite episodes.
    ^^^that Link is my season 3 recap at AC^^^
    It’s funny I always want to do recaps but so many others do them and they do them well, like Jewls and I don’t feel up to the job. Of course, I have other writing going on and that is a factor.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see what happens in the finale of both shows. Have an awesome weekend ladies.
    See the Website link for my Cassie & Dean Supernatural Haven site 🙂

    • Linn

      Hahaha, great timing! I will check out your link right now, as I litterally JUST finished watching this week’s Supernatural episode. I didn’t care for the episode much I must say, I guess I’m just more into monster-of-the-week-episodes, than the mythology-heavy ones. I felt the exact same way about the X-Files (still probably one of my favourite shows of all time).

      I read a couple of the TVD-books a few months ago, and appologies to L.J.Smith, but they were truly awful! I mean, maybe they would have been awesome if I’d read them when I was 12 (and I suppose that is the target audience), but oh my… On the other hand it takes about two hours to finish one, so you might as well give them a go, if not just for the unintentional hillarity 😉
      Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

      • Awesome Linn, I hope you like the recap for season three. 🙂 As far as tvd the books I think i will pass I forgot it was YA rated LOL. I went to my local library site to get one of them and then I remembered when I saw the rating. I like our version on TV better.

  22. Kroy

    Whats with the parents on this show..and im saying this on mother’s day..Jenna, Liz-ard Forbes, Isobel..Bad Bad Bad Parents/Guardians..Its actually sad that Elena has no parental figure in her life now..there is nobody normal or experienced to turn to apart from some weary teenagers and a few vampires..thats sad and really contradicts the bubble Elena had built around herself in the previous episode..well, nothing around her is normal..and yet, she wants a normal life..i salute her guts & hope but really doubt the feasibility of it..kind of like Damon..

    Oh, Damon..He was right all along..He did not trust Elijah and did not completely/blindly put his faith on Elena’s trust of Elijah..and see where that got him?Why cant he be taken more seriously?He has more brains and kicks more asses than a lot of characters put, maybe he is a little impulsive and rash at times, but he has started to care about the town and its people (Season 1 finale)..and he always has Elena’s best interests in mind..(except for the taking away her choice part but he more than made up it in this episode..that Delena moment wherein he picks her up, crosses the threshold and is stroking her hair and her face while saying those lines is v.heartwarming)

    Its a tricky situation now..Elena has no one to turn to except Mini Gilbert in her own house wherein all the bad vampires have been invited in..thanks to Useless/Useful To Klaus Aunt Jenna..

    The Salvatore brothers gifted La Casa De Rich and Awesome to her for her protection against all evil forces who can now NOT come in coz they are uninvited..

    And look at what happens..ELENA INVITES ELIJAH – THE AWESOME HAIR & THE BROTHER OF K.L.A.U.S IN!!!!..and in the light of Elijah’s turnaround, that seems to me a fatal error of judgement on both Elena and Stefan’s part (coz Stefan blindly put his faith on a 17 year old girl who doesnt even know what love is, when he, a 145 year old vampire is weak in the knee before Klaus coz he soooooooo lets him escape when he stayed back to ensure Klaus died leaving Damon to take care of Elena in her Dead/Undead/Resurrected State)..Ughh!!

    Damon was Right afterall..High time the rest of the lead cast realized that..and he does deserve RESPECT for not trusting blindly..well, it shows definite strength of character here..Damon does not put faith in a half-baked plan set into play even by the girl of his dreams when her partner in crime is the brother of the now 1st were-vamp specie in the history of time..Damon, I RESPECT you, no matter what this bat-shit crazy world thinks of u..

    Speaking of which, i loved the Forwood moment..though it seemed a little out of place in the Sacrifice episode..I expected Caroline to be involved in the save elena mission but she stayed removed from huge events happening around her..not that im and tyler were awesome together..and im loving tyler more with every episode..he didnt leave a great impression on me in season 1 except for in the hunky looks department..but now he is growing as a character..just like Caroline grew after her vampire transition, tyler is growing with his werewolf one..way to go FORWOOD!!

    Just wondering, if these guys come together, they can also create the were-vamp hybrid..think of the possibilities there..they can have kids mightier than Klaus maybe..born hybrids..woah, scary and intriguing!!

    So, Overall, this was a Tearjerker of an episode..some very sad moments for me – John’s Ultimate Sacrifice..( and the last scene had me crying a lot..damon walking into the sunset….Im so upset about Damon’s Love..Naeh..Were-Bite..

    I am wondering what that look between Damon and Elena meant during the funeral.

    I am also wondering about the really ill Damon next week..The extended promo made me cry too..And yup, does she come into the picture. With Klaus gone, she stays in Alaric’s Apartment..or does she..and im wondering if there could be a romantic angle between Alaric and Katherine..or a triangle between Alaric/Kat and Stefan?Hopeful Delena Fan Here!!

    And what if she can escape somehow and the CW photographs are of her and Damon like the kiss previous season?oh, i will be very very disappointed being a die-hard Delena Fan..

    Oh, by the way,

    RIP Dear Diary..Good riddance to really bad rubbish..

    More Delena Moments next week..i wish they are meaningful and hot enough for me to crave for more TVD action in the long break before season 3..(Shudders)..I miss TVD already..

    • It is really kind of funny how there are NO examples of Good Parents / GUARDIANS on this show. NONE! The least AWFUL one I can think of is Tyler’s mom. And yet, she didn’t seem nearly concerned enough that her UNDERAGE son up and left town for a MONTH to go LORD KNOWS WHERE with some Random Older Chick. So, yeah, not such a good parent there either . . .

      You bring up an interesting point about Elena’s desire for a normal life. It kind of makes you question whether she sees herself remaining with Stefan in the long term. After all, Elena wants to grow old. Stefan never will. Elena wants to have kids. Stefan biologically can’t provide her with them. Elena wants to stop being chased down by evil vampires and werewolves. They all seem to have Stefan’s number on their speed dial. 🙂 Hmmmm . . .

      But I agree with you. Given who Elena is, her “Petrova Doppelganger Status” (She can’t even use the Ring of Immortality, because she is not considered fully human, herself), her penchant for keeping supernatural friends and lovers, her history, and the mere fact that she lives in Mystic Falls (Land of the Free and Home of the Weird), the chances of her having a so-called “normal” life are few and far between. But, hey, “normal” is overrated, right?

      Damon was BOSS in this episode! (Isn’t he always?) It really is too bad that he’s going to spend the next episode ill, sweaty and hallucinatory. Because, I for one, would have loved to see him, dance around La Casa de Rich and Awesome, singing, “Told ya so! Told ya so!” about Elijah’s betrayal. Damon, of all people, knows that all vampires and supernatural creatures’ promises should be met with a healthy dose of skepticism.

      But on a sweeter note, Romantic Damon warmed my heart in his care for Elena at the end of the episode, just as much as Destined to Die Damon broke it. I’m hoping they find him a cure, before the end of the finale. Because, even though we all KNOW he’s going to somehow survive this, the thought of going into the hiatus, not knowing my Damon is OK, will KILL ME, literally.

      Good thinking about the whole Elijah Home Invasion thing. Now that he seems to be on Team Klaus, you can be certain that Elena’s decision to invite him into BOTH OF HER HOUSES will come back to bite her in the ass at some point during Season 3.

      Interesting point about the Coed Naked Forwood Cuddling (as AWESOME as it was) seeming a bit . . . insensitive, in light of all that Elena was going through. My only thought in Caroline’s defense, is that perhaps, she believed, as DAMON had undoubtedly told her (since that’s what he thought at first too), that once she and Tyler were rescued from the tomb, Klaus had NO werewolf and vampire to complete the Sacrifice. So, she might have assumed Elena was safe, thereby freeing her up to worry about her boyfriend problems, sociopath mother, and wounded were boyfriend 🙂

      Hmmm, now while I’m looking forward to some HARD CORE were-vamp sex, I actually don’t think that Tyler and Caroline can make beautiful hybrid babies together. Since, Damon had said once in an earlier episode, “Vampires can’t procreate, but we sure love to try.” While, Klaus is a true were-vamp hybrid, I think his mother was human when she had him. So, when Klaus was born, he was just a kid with a dormant werewolf gene. The Originals were all somehow turned into vampires AFTER Klaus was born. Then again, this show has changed the rules before . . . Who’s to say it won’t do it again?

      I like to interpret Elena’s LONG look at Damon during the funeral, as a mixture of understanding, gratitude, apology, and affection. John Gilbert may have kept Elena a human, but DAMON made sure she came back alive. So, Elena owes her life to Damon, just as much as she owes it to John. Plus, as you said, Damon ended up being absolutely right about Klaus. So, there’s a bit of “Sorry, I didn’t believe you,” in her look as well.

      I also think that being in the Sacrifice situation made Elena realize just how much she wants to live. And that gives her an appreciation of all that Damon had done, even against her will, to ensure that this would come to pass. Elena’s conversations with Jenna gave her an appreciation for the benefits of vampirism. And while she still wouldn’t want to be one, she doesn’t consider it the AWFUL cursed life she did before.

      In her comment, Tricus mentioned that Elena died looking at Stefan, and woke up looking at Damon. I think that’s significant too. And something on Elena’s mind when she looks at Damon during the funeral. While Stefan bungled his Kill Klaus attempt, Damon was carrying Elena to safety, comforting her, and nursing her back to life. This does not go unnoticed by Elena. I also question whether Elena’s rebirth with vampire blood in her system, though she isn’t a vampire, is enough to make her remember Damon’s telling her he loved her, before compelling her to forget it. If so, there’s a bit of knowledge and affection in that look as well.

      But I guess we will have to wait until next week, to see how Elena copes with her changing opinion of Damon, and the fact that, now, HE needs HER help, more than ever.

  23. André

    Ok, since this is a damn long recap I took my time to say as much as I want in the shortest way possible. In addition, there is a lot that I have to say about the episode myself and it definitely won’t be always nice.

    First things first:
    You wrote that recap in less than half a day? Impressive!!!

    “I have the most awesome nipples on the planet.”
    You kinky girl. Is that everything you can think off? 😀

    ” As you well know, this was probably one of the most intense, and heart-wrenching, episodes of TVD history.”
    Can’t really agree with that. In fact I don’t quite know what to make of this episode. I think it gave me more questions than it actually answered. In addition, while I wasn’t really surprised with anything that happened, I am kinda disappointed from a few aspects of the episode, but more to that later.

    ” You may have ventured over into the territory of the Ugly Cry Face . . .”
    Not a single tear in my eyes.

    “Hours and hours of painful faux-wolf transformations, followed by some time spent rolling in the dirt, plus getting her HEART RIPPED OUT OF YOUR CHEST, and this one still looks like she just stepped out of a salon. Talk about UNFAIR!”
    You say it sister.

    “The episode begins with Caroline trying to secure Were-Tyler behind a locked gate, while Matt proceeds to go Rambo on the animal’s ass.”
    Actually she was not securing Tyler, she was trying to keep him out. And since we’re at it I still can’t say what variant of Canis lupus doubled Tyler but I am pretty sure that they used a fake head in some scenes and probably added some sounds since it partly sounds like a cougar, or maybe the vocal repertoire of Canis lupus in bigger than I know.

    ” Some have disagreed with me on this point. But I took his actions here as a sure sign that Matt has extreme difficulty seeing the HUMAN BEING, behind the supernatural creature. Admittedly, he does come around a bit on this point, toward the end of the episode . . . but just not ENOUGH.”
    Well, I guess you expected that, but I am one of those who disagree. There is no hint that he has difficulty to see, as you called it, “behind the supernatural creature”. In fact I took that as a sign that he, unlike Caroline, saw the situation as it was: Tyler had transformed into a ravaging beast that would have killed both of them. And he definitely said “he is trying to kill us”, so he knew exactly what was going on.
    Love, friendship, romanticism, heroism, all these things are good, but one should not mix or confuse them with stupidity. And I am not ashamed to say it, but I think that is basically what Caroline, Elena, Jeremy and Tyler have done to a great deal, they acted stupid, they failed to see reality despite it practically hitting them with a sledgehammer.
    As for Matt being able to shoot like a pro… well, I wasn’t really surprised. I mean we practically know next to nothing about the characters backgrounds. Even the main three are barely touched and in case of the supporting cast it only seems to be important as long as it is important for the main three. So whether we like it or not, but the past of the supporting cast is covered in mist. A bit lame if you ask me. :/
    And you should give him some credit that he is trying to protect Caroline. Forwood shipper or not. And yes Matt DID take Caroline’s hand and then she sped away with him.
    By the way, at 8:00 you can clearly see that Matt and Caroline are in the Lockwoods Mansion. The Forbes home doesn’t have collumns.
    Personally I found Matt’s stand of the situation refreshing. I asked myself more than once when seeing the human characters “are you crazy?” Seriously, death literally lurks for them at every corner but seemingly they have no problems coping with it. That is the actual “supernatural” aspect of the show if you ask me. :/

    And I say it again. I see no realistic future for Forwood. So far the circumstances threw them together not they themselves. Not that I would be surprised if they turn out as an actual couple since the writers have come up with weirder stuff (see Katherine Pierce) but I have my doubts whether I would ever get what these two would see in each other. I personally hope that they will stay friends. Those two as a couple would be lamer than Jeremy and Bonnie.

    I however, totally agree with you on Katherine. Although it is a bit weird, since she didn’t seem to bother about him for more than 140 years. Maybe she is just crazy.
    I didn’t think anything about Damon just leaving Katherine, took him long enough. And as for the old “turning of the emotions”, if the writers are serious with this concept they failed big time on bringing it along. So far there was no vampire, who was more than a random figure, who actually had turned off their emotions. Even “sociopathic” Isabel was still full off it in her most bitchy moments. A character without emotions would have no drive to act the way she acted. The same is true for Damon early in season 1, he clearly enjoyed inflicting misery. If he had turned off his emotions he would have done nothing, he probably wouldn’t even have cared for Katherine. So like I say, not one emotionless vampire so far.

    And since I am at it, I don’t think that Damon is deserving of Elena’s love as much as you think. He tried to safe Jenna after he noticed that he had messed up again. Seriously, that guy is how old? 160? Or older? Shouldn’t it have occurred to him that Klaus would have a back-up plan? What did Damon do in all those years?

    ” as only two family members who are no longer the same SPECIES can.”
    I think I never mentioned it here but I don’t consider the vamps and weres of TVD to be species separate from humans, they are only subspecies and clearly depend on “baseline” humans to procreate and a basic for their morals.

    “So, if our ancestors used to date eachother, does that mean there’s a chance we might be related?”
    That joke was hilarious. I started to see the whole Mystic Falls dating scene as going towards inbreeding months ago. 😀
    But I guess 145 years comes close to the point where these two dating would no longer be considered “inbreeding” anymore. 😉

    “Seriously? Again? You’re kidding me with this, right?”
    That covers it pretty good what I partly thought. People seem to drop dead every second month around the Gilberts.

    ” Klaus FINALLY explains why he seems so intent on killing his own brother, the Original Douchebag.”
    You meant to write “Elijah finally explains”, right?

    “upon hearing about his Little Brother’s most recent attempt at Martyrdom SLAYED ME with their gut-wrenching intensity ”
    It left me cold as a stone.

    ” After all, SHE had enough power to kill him, even BEFORE he started offing various cast members. In hindsight, this probably would have been the better solution, as it would have prevented Elena and Jeremy from becoming orphans, and from needing a lifetime of pills therapy, most likely punctuated by various stints in rehab . . .”
    If it just were so. Come on, it is as though these two developed supernatural composure. :/
    But I also asked myself why Bonnie didn’t simply blow off Klaus’ head. But maybe this is due to US-American censorship laws.

    ” No, I failed YOU! (But we all know, she just said that to be nice.)”
    I think she had a point. After all, she wanted to protect many people from all the shit happening around them and did she succeed? No, not once, big time failure.

    ” Friends don’t shoot friends . . .”
    And friends don’t try to eat friends.

    ” SERIOUSLY, Sara Canning was ON FIRE this episode! It makes you understand just how CRIMINALLY under-used her acting talents were on this show.”
    Not only she. Let’s face it; the big three are given way too much screen-time on this show.

    ” If you weren’t crying by this point, Elena’s shout of anguish as her ineffectual, but well-meaning, and loveable guardian, bit the Big One, most certainly had you reaching for Box of Kleenex.”
    Still not a single tear in sight.

    ” Now, I’m just wondering who the HECK is going to get custody of these two underage teens, who LITERALLY have no family left on Earth.”
    Well I don’t know the age you are considered off age in Virginia but like I stated earlier in this blog, Elena could be officially 18 now. And considered the lack of family members (at least I hope that this is the way it is) Elena would be Jeremy’s legal guardian. There is of course the money question, but hey you don’t have a rich boyfriend who seemingly always has money without working, for nothing right?

    ” The look on his face, when he foudn out Jenna didn’t survive the Sacrifice ritual was horrifying. He and Jeremy just can’t seem to catch a break. Can they?”
    I wouldn’t call that horrifying. In fact it was rather a “not again”. The whole thing – and their faces at the funeral later on – was weird. Either the writers/director wanted it to be that way or both actors suffered from spontaneous lack of acting skills. That at least McQueen can do much better he proofed in the next scene when Elena awakened. Or maybe they both have lost that part of them. Somehow McQueen’s face looked rather like “I have no tears left, no matter how much I want to cry” in the funeral scene when Alaric passed him. After all when something is sliced long enough it dies.

    ” Klaus has to go and open his Big Fat Mouth, and tell some Big Fat Sob Story, about how he DIDN’T actually bury his family at sea.”
    To use one a favorite line: “You gotta be kidding me.” That’s what I thought when I saw this scene. Really I get the whole family topic and I knew already that Klaus would survive but this way? Again? That’s how he got Elena. And since Elijah now knows that his siblings are alive why didn’t he get some witch to track them, surely he must have something that belonged to them. Really they get them every time in this show with that crap.

    ” Oh, well! If you can’t take the Forwood Heat, get your ass out of Caroline’s house . . .”
    Actually I think it’s good that he broke up with her. Not that my opinion on Forwood has changed but it was about time we get a character who is more real in that regard. Think about it, everything that happened in the show happened over the course of only a few months. Normally people would have psychological problems from that but seemingly the characters simply got along with it. They have been on the brink of death time and again (like Matt said they were trying not get mauled by a friend) and let’s face it, what sane person would want a life like that.

    ” The way Tyler and Caroline relate to one another is just so uniquely special and so natural, you just can’t help but smile when you watch them together.”
    It’s weird if you ask me. It’s like the writers just rewrote the characters’ personalities to suit their whims.

    ” Like in this moment, when Tyler jokes that he tried to kill her . . . twice.”
    If I would be a writer I would that let them be a thing that bites them later on, the show is a bit to forgiving with the whole supe-stuff. I think people need to be reminded that this part of the supernatural is not funny.

    ” … even though we all know that, inside, he’s wanting very much to do THIS . . .”
    You know that the Tyler you just described would be the season 1 asshole who told Jeremy that he could have Vicky once Tyler would be through with her right?

    ” And with that, Damon walked off into the sunset, ALONE, as we all blew our noses, and reached for now empty box of Kleenex.”
    Again, no tears. Eyes staid dry the whole episode.

    Ok, these were my comments on your recap (except that you could have focused more on Bonnie’s performance), now to my thoughts on the episode:
    You already noticed some of the questions it raised but there were some more issues I had with it.

    The whole werewolf thing was pretty much trivialized if you ask me. All of a sudden there is a spell that slows down the transformation?
    I asked myself early on why there are no such things as Moon rings. If there are sun-rings why not those?
    I thought that it might not be possible but seemingly everything is possible for witches so this really lets me question why there hasn’t been a cure found for werewolfism yet?
    In addition why is Tyler’s reverse transformation a) so early in the night and b) so soundless? Shouldn’t we have heard some wolf-yelping at least?
    The werewolf-concept was originally portrayed as something serious, dangerous, which should be avoided at all costs. But now it’s rather like a bad joke. If the writers keep up with this, grandeur is out. But I guess since it is called TVD and the writers have their hybrid now (I agree with Spidey that this would either be totally awesome or totally terrible, I personally lean more towards the latter) werewolves are no longer important.

    This leads to Damon’s bite. Shouldn’t he be dead by now? Rose died within less of a day and Damon is still walking around? In addition shouldn’t he get demented sooner than the next episode?

    And the whole witches and their spells thing. It seems to turn into a deus ex machina. We had it two times this episode. You want something, there is a spell and you won’t have to deal with the expected consequences.
    All this power of the witches makes it again so totally senseless that there was no action on their part. Seriously there must be plenty around.

    I wonder whether Klaus’ reference to the three goddesses was any hint towards the witches’ belief-system.

    And what happens to Katherine now? Klaus is still alive so she must be compelled to stay in Alaric’s rooms.

    I also wonder whether John gave Elena the ring for her child means that he thinks that his family will not be able to stay away from the supernatural.

    These were my thoughts concerning your recap and the show.

    Ps. I only heard rumors about a third death, nothing confirmed.

    By the way, have you seen the promo already?

    • “” The way Tyler and Caroline relate to one another is just so uniquely special and so natural, you just can’t help but smile when you watch them together.”
      It’s weird if you ask me. It’s like the writers just rewrote the characters’ personalities to suit their whims. ”

      Gotta disagree with you there, Andre. We’ve seen a gradual change in both of their characters all season, and Tyler has obviously undergone life-changing experiences while away on wolf camp. Plus, the characters have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions with one another, including profound regret. So seeing them enjoy one another’s company is not unusual – they are probably just relieved to have one another. We saw hints of their relationship entering this ultra friendly territory in The Descent before all the s**t went down, so obviously they have connected.

      Initially I was disappointed that Tyler didn’t work harder to gain Caroline’s forgiveness, but she had told major lies to him and had to ask for forgiveness herself earlier in the season for some terrible acts – and if Caroline can let Matt get away with plotting against her with her mother, an intentional, cold-blooded act, forgiving Tyler for a heat of the moment hesitation is within the realms of believability for me.

      Having said that, I hope that Caroline and Tyler retain a lot of the snarkiness that marked their earlier relationship, because their ability to be real with one another while maintaining respect is one of my favourite aspects of their relationship.

      Ahh, you and I will forever be chewing this issue out, won’t we 😉

    • Hey Andre! Seriously, I adore our post-TVD roundups. Possibly, because you are not nearly as distracted by all the hotness, romance, and longing looks, as the rest of us are (How do you do that, anyway? You must be superhuman? ;)), you bring a completely different perspective to the show, one that is almost . . . scientific.

      Yeah, this was definitely an epic-length recap. And writing it felt a bit like running a marathon. (Well, I’ve only actually run a half-marathon . . . once . . . but you get the idea.) There was certainly a lot to cover here though, more so than in past episodes. That being said, I’m actually kind of hoping that the finale will be LESS action-packed, so I have more time to focus on the Lovey-Dovey Stuff I enjoy so much. 🙂

      I’ve decided to reply to your recap, the way you did mine, in quotes. 😉

      “You kinky girl. Is that everything you can think of? :D”

      YES, this is definitely ALL I CAN THINK about, especially when I watch this show. There was some study that said that men think about sex every 52 seconds. When I watch TVD, I think about sex every 3 seconds. 🙂 It’s amazing I’m able to write recaps at all!

      “In fact I don’t quite know what to make of this episode. I think it gave me more questions than it actually answered.”

      On this, I can agree with you. While I love the show dearly, sometimes I think TVD bites off more than they can chew with their mythology. And that results in one of two things that lessen the emotional impact of the show: (1) chunky flashback episodes that say a ton, but provide little, in the way of character development; and (2) reliance on Magical Spells that Fix Everything.

      “Not a single tear in my eyes.”

      LOL. Like I said, you are clearly superhuman. 🙂

      “In fact I took that as a sign that he, unlike Caroline, saw the situation as it was: Tyler had transformed into a ravaging beast that would have killed both of them.”

      I can see your point here, but . . . and maybe this was a slight fail on the producers part . . . I just didn’t see Caroline and Matt in great danger of mauled here. “Tyler” looked less like a “Scary Evil Werewolf” and more like a “Slightly Miffed Dog.” I was more frightened of Tyler when he was undergoing the transformation and lunged at Damon, than when he was in his FULL WEREWOLF phase.

      Besides, Caroline and Matt were behind the gate. And “Tyler” lunged may have lunged at it a few times, but he didn’t seem anywhere close to breaking it. So, because I didn’t BELIEVE them to be in such great danger, I couldn’t sympathize with Matt’s “shoot first, cry later” mentality toward his so-called best friend.

      “As for Matt being able to shoot like a pro… well, I wasn’t really surprised. I mean we practically know next to nothing about the characters backgrounds.”

      This is true, for all we know, Matt could be some Super Cyborg Genetically Engineered to Kill Werewolves and Witches. It just seemed to be a bit convenient for me, and used more as a plot device, than anything else. I would have at least liked for Caroline to throw out a line like, “Hey, where’d you learn to shoot like that, Killer? Did your MOM teach you?”

      “Personally I found Matt’s stand of the situation refreshing. I asked myself more than once when seeing the human characters “are you crazy?’”

      The problem is that Mystic Falls is OVERRUN with supernatural creatures. Even when Matt didn’t KNOW they existed, they were still very much a part of his life. I mean, think of it this way: he was best friends with a werewolf, dating a vampire, exes with a Petrova Doppelganger, in the same social circle as a witch, on the football team with ANOTHER vampire, and had been compelled by a THIRD vampire to provoke his friend to murder him at a party. In her comment, Kroy noted the fact that for Elena to believe that she could ever lead a “normal life” is pretty ridiculous, given who she is, and where she lives. I’d say the same for Matt.

      And as for ME, if I lived in a town like this, I would probably want as many supernatural creatures on my side as possible. This way, if I was ever in danger, which I inevitably would be, at some point, I’d actually have a shot at surviving.

      “Those two as a couple would be lamer than Jeremy and Bonnie.”

      LOL. NO ONE would be a lamer couple than Jeremy and Bonnie. (Sorry Jonnie fans!)

      “And as for the old ‘turning of the emotions, ‘if the writers are serious with this concept they failed big time on bringing it along. So far there was no vampire, who was more than a random figure, who actually had turned off their emotions. “

      I think the concept of “turning off emotions” is probably a misnomer. I think the writers are referring more to vampires being able to “turn off their humanity” than anything else. Stefan, Damon, Isobel, and Katherine, have all acted PURELY ANIMALISTIC when in their respective bloodthirsty rages. In THOSE moments, it’s not that they didn’t feel ANYTHING at all, they just didn’t feel anything HUMAN. They had no conscience, and no feelings of guilt, about what they were doing, when they were doing it. In essence, being a vampire, gives you the opportunity to live without fear, and be a sociopath, if you choose to, during specific moments in time. But as we’ve seen, humanity always has a way of biting these vampires in the ass, in the end.

      I agree that Damon should have known that Klaus would have had a backup plan. And I think he DID recognize that to some extent. I actually believe that he was heading to Klaus’ to offer himself up as a sacrifice, even BEFORE he knew Jenna was the one kidnapped. The problem was that the Pesky Werewolf Bite got in the way. Because, and maybe this is just the Damon Lover in me, I believe that if DAMON was in Stefan’s position, he would have IMMEDIATELY thought to incapacitate Greta, and stopped the ritual in its tracks.

      “I think I never mentioned it here but I don’t consider the vamps and weres of TVD to be species separate from humans, they are only subspecies and clearly depend on “baseline” humans to procreate and a basic for their morals.”

      This is an interesting point. And I guess the scientific answer to this question would depend on a “percentage of genetic” similarity. After all, humans and apes have minimal genetic differences between one another, and yet we are still considered to be different “animals.” As for werewolves, their existence is the result of genetic mutation. It’s a single gene that lies dormant, until activated, and then, once activated, reoccurs on a monthly basis. So, I’d say that Werewolves are HUMAN, except during the time they spend as wolves.

      Vampires are a trickier question, because the HUMAN part of their DNA is technically dead. So, if the biology that keeps them alive is COMPLETELY different from what keeps MAMMALS alive (i.e. how the breathe, how they eat, what keeps their heart pumping, etc.), than they are not technically mammals, even though they LOOK like they are. In terms of a soul, a moral code, and a personality, however, I’d consider vampires to be identical to humans.

      “But I guess 145 years comes close to the point where these two dating would no longer be considered “inbreeding” anymore. ;)”

      Very true! I guess, if you trace back our origins far enough, ALL OF US are related in some way, right? 😉

      “You meant to write “Elijah finally explains”, right?”

      YES! Thank you for letting me know about the typo. It has since been corrected.

      “But I also asked myself why Bonnie didn’t simply blow off Klaus’ head. But maybe this is due to US-American censorship laws.”

      I would have liked to see Bonnie blow off Klaus’ head. We’ve seen it in other shows. And they seem to have no trouble plucking hearts left and right, on TVD, so why not “GO BIGGER?”

      “I think she had a point. After all, she wanted to protect many people from all the shit happening around them and did she succeed? No, not once, big time failure.”

      True, but I still think it’s the GUARDIAN’S job to protect the child, and not the other way around. That being said, I do think, if Jenna had been “taught” about the Supernatural world sooner, she may have been better equipped to handle it. For example, knowing about the Sacrifice and the Petrova Doppelganger, Jenna might have been suspicious enough of “Elena’s” phone call to her to at least “call for backup,” before she headed into the woods alone.

      “And friends don’t try to eat friends.”

      Touche. LOL. But Tyler wasn’t exactly in his right mind at the time. Can the same be said for Matt?

      “Somehow McQueen’s face looked rather like “I have no tears left, no matter how much I want to cry” in the funeral scene when Alaric passed him. After all when something is sliced long enough it dies.”

      I agree that there was a certain stoicism about Elena and Jeremy at the funeral. But I actually found that more heart-wrenching, than if the two of them were shown to be blubbering messes. As you saw, Elena was significantly more emotive, during the Sacrifice. But in public, she probably wanted to appear strong. As someone who has been to plenty of funerals at a very young age, for very close family members, and never once was able to shed a tear during them no matter how bad I was hurting, I can relate to the concept of attempting to numb one’s self to the pain, in order to be strong for others. There’s also this sort of fear that runs through your head when going through something like this, that if you start crying, you will break down completely, and won’t ever be able to stop. So, I like to interpret Elena’s and Jeremy’s reaction to the funeral along those lines.

      “And since Elijah now knows that his siblings are alive why didn’t he get some witch to track them, surely he must have something that belonged to them. Really they get them every time in this show with that crap.”

      These are my thoughts exactly. Whether or not he buried the bodies, Klaus still KILLED Elijah’s entire family. And that’s as good a reason as any to kill him. I too would have liked to see Elijah say “Well, then I’ll find them myself,” before finishing Klaus off. But, Elijah’s conversation with Stefan foreshadowed the notion that he wouldn’t be able to go through with killing his own brother for a bunch of strangers, no matter how CRAZY said brother was. So, while this scene was disappointing it wasn’t necessarily surprising.

      “It’s weird if you ask me. It’s like the writers just rewrote the characters’ personalities to suit their whims. “

      I see that Cherie has eloquently formed a rebuttal to this statement. 🙂

      “I think people need to be reminded that this part of the supernatural is not funny.”

      Actually, I sometimes think that TVD takes itself a bit too seriously. So, I like when the characters take a moment to step back and comment on the ridiculousness of it all. Sure, in real life, all of these people would be Mass Murderers, and Cannibals, and would probably already be in jail for the rest of their eternal lives. But in this show, they are our FRIENDS! Now, come on, tell me that’s not funny. 🙂

      “You know that the Tyler you just described would be the season 1 asshole who told Jeremy that he could have Vicky once Tyler would be through with her right?”

      LOL. Yeah, if he actually DID that in front of Caroline, he would be. But let’s not pretend that YOU’VE never been the slightest bit happy to learn that the person you were crushing on just broke up with their significant other. It may not be polite, or nice, but it IS a very human way to feel.

      I agree with your comment about the werewolves seeming WAY less menacing than is necessary for them to have the emotional impact they could on the show. And I also agree that the “Miracle Cure All” witch spell thing is overused. Hopefully, these detractions on the show will go the way of the “Dear Diary” and the “Damon Crow” bad plot devices of episodes past.

      As for Rose, if you recall, she didn’t actually DIE from the werewolf bite. She died from Damon putting a stake in her heart, much like someone would shoot a rabid dog, who had become a danger to themselves and others. The legend states that a werewolf bite CAN kill a vampire, not that it HAS TO do so. As for Rose’s dementia seeming to move faster than Damon’s, this can be attributed to one of two things: (1) More time had elapsed between Rose’s werewolf bite, and the events of “The Descent” than we had originally assumed. (2) Damon’s bite is progressing slower, due to Tyler’s “youth” as a werewolf, and the fact that when he bit him, he was still partly human.

      Interesting point about Katherine. While she IS on vervain, and, therefore, no longer subject to FUTURE compulsion by originals, if past compulsion kept her in Alaric’s house, she probably will be forced to stay there. Bet Alaric’s just going to LOVE that! 😉

      “I also wonder whether John gave Elena the ring for her child means that he thinks that his family will not be able to stay away from the supernatural.”

      And John would be absolutely right, in that regard. Save for her changing her name, leaving town and getting complete reconstructive surgery, Elena will ALWAYS be a target for supernatural torture. And if Elena is a target, so too will be her children, if she ever has any.

      By the way, thanks for the extended promo. Believe it or not, this recap had me so busy, I hadn’t actually had the chance to watch this one yet. 🙂

      • André

        Ok sorry that it took me longer than usual but we are understaffed at work currently so I have to do overtime. Therefore this is the answer for Spidey and Kjewls:

        Yes, me and Spidey (don’t worry I haven’t forgotten your post, it’s just the same problem) will probably be chewing on the whole Forwood stuff for all eternity. But hey we need a hobby right? 😀

        To start with Tyler: if he had some life-changing experiences while at wolf-camp these writers need to show us, it was only one month after all. All their development was over not even half a year, so…
        But then again, maybe I expect too much realism.
        Now that Spidey mentioned what Caroline seemingly forgave, it came to my mind that Elena set the standard pretty high after forgiving Damon for killing Jeremy after even a few days. Or at least she didn’t do much about it afterwards. Seriously if that guy would have done that to my sister I would have tossed him into a pool full of vervain, at least.
        Somehow reminds me about Klaus and Elijah from last episode. But more to them later.

        No kjewls I am definitely not superhuman.;) But I guess nearing thirty makes me wiser. Or I simply had to deal with enough good-looking assholes not to be so distracted by good looks any longer.
        And you are probably right about my being almost scientific. I just want to know what’s behind it all, I am incurably curious, always have been and always will.
        To the annoyance of everybody around me. 😀

        As for Tyler not looking menacingly enough, well after he was shot he didn’t look hurt either, but that is both due to the limits of working with animals that are not trained enough. And yes wolves can be trained sufficiently. The film Blood and Chocolate is proof for that. And I also noticed in that scene, that Tyler was not able to break through the gate. After his first transformation he had broken through a similar one despite being on wolfsbane. Was he now full of it or what? Again weird and inconsistent portrayal of supe-strength, seemingly another detail that the writers don’t keep track off.
        And while he didn’t break through the door, I can tell you from experience that you don’t think rational in such a situation. A normal person sees only the teeth.
        But maybe we are analyzing too much, considered what Spidey wrote about Plec’s statement and that I recently read a statement of her myself where she “contemplated” how much they can let Damon do and still making the people forgive him, this whole Matt-Tyler-Caroline thing might fall into the category of “not think too much or you drive yourself crazy”. No matter how much you try to analyze it, or call Matt a douche, the whole stuff is crazy with a lot of holes.

        ” some Super Cyborg Genetically Engineered to Kill Werewolves and Witches”
        To be honest the only reason why I think this would be nuts, is because the show makes such a clear distinction between “normal” and “supernatural”, and therefore between technology and science. Otherwise it would totally be fitting. 😀
        And I agree that Matt’s shooting abilities were a bit too convenient, just like Jonas stabbing him. It’s difficult to assess what is a simple plot device and where there is more to it.
        I also think that from all the cast Matt had the highest chance of getting out of it all. In case of the others it would have never happened. Even if Tyler hadn’t triggered the curse, if Caro weren’t a vamp or Elena not the doppelganger just by belonging to the founding families makes it impossible for them to escape it all. Matt might have by simply moving away but in case of the others it would have been pretty much impossible.
        In addition Matt seems so far be one of those people that rather want to avoid it all. I would love to say that you get it once you look at how little time has passed in the show, it is quite overwhelming, but I have my doubts whether the writers had intended it that way. I still hope that the whole triangle thing will actually be interesting, based on what Trevino had leaked, but considered that there was so much fuss made about so small things (e.g. Mason or Luka) I have my doubts.:(
        And ridiculous about the whole supernatural here is more how naïve the characters are, me and Spidey (and you probably as well considered your recaps) spotted that there was something not adding up about the whole curse early on, not that everything adds up now. Especially that Damon and Stefan quickly believed the story simply because it was written in a book is unbelievable naïve. Shouldn’t these two have known better than simply believe a legend?
        And for the record, I would probably never feel safe around someone like Damon and if I laugh about it, it would more like some sort of despair laugh. Especially the werewolf condition is nothing to actually laugh about and is serious stuff.

        But to make it a bit funny again:
        Maybe this will be Klaus in his hybrid form, the attitude would fit 😀

        ” LOL. NO ONE would be a lamer couple than Jeremy and Bonnie.”
        Never say never. 😉

        Hard to tell how Damon would have reacted, he is definitely more prone to killing than Stefan. However something about the depiction of the old vamps makes me question the… let’s say ‘wisdom’ of them. Sadly we have only known, to some extent, 4 vamps of significant age (Rose and Trevor where not long enough in the show to count). Somehow I think Pearl acted surprisingly naïve when considered the other tomb vampires. Katherine still seems to drool after Stefan and may even think he might start to fancy her again, which of course is totally crazy considered what she did. Now we have Klaus and Elijah. In many ways Klaus acts like a spoiled brat and somehow Elijahs actions don’t speak for much foresight (I wasn’t surprised either). The biggest however was that Elijah seemingly believed Klaus and just went along with it. While I understand his desire to see his family (although who knows how they were) the fact that he seemed to trust Klaus so suddenly strikes me as odd for such an old vampire. Does that guy think he can trust Klaus? Because right now there seems to be nothing keeping Klaus from just attacking Elijah at the next opportunity. If your argument about Klaus not being killed due to him being Elijah’s brother is correct, this might go along the way of “an evil that could have been prevented early on”.
        Now if these four are prime examples about old vamps, than we might have to be prepared for actual big-time stupidity from our main-bloodsuckers.

        What you talk about the vamps shutting off their humanity and acting animalistic reminds me about what I read in “The Curse of the Werewolf” by Chantal Bourgault du Coudray. She talked about how people confuse/mix the two concepts of the “beast within”. One is that of having an “animal” inside oneself, something that is separate from what is called “culture” or “civilization”. The other one is rooted in Plato and the Christian teachings “in which negative or evil impulses were dissociated from humanity through their attribution to a symbolic, internalized ‘beast’.”
        I think this is the concept that is at work here. All the good stuff is labeled as “human” while the bad stuff is sort of separated to a point where it could almost be considered a spate personality. Personally I am not a fan of this concept, since it shows us better than we are and on the other hand makes it easier to demonize “the other” by attributing everything negative to something “inhuman”.
        Now back to the show. If what you talk about “living without fear” is correct for the TVD-vamps, they could be easy to fool then, since without fear they would be more vulnerable to haughtiness.

        This brings me to the statement of vamps and weres being sub-species of human. Ok, one thing first, genetic similarity is not such a good indicator when considering species level and relatedness. E.g. we are closer to chimps than a wolf is to a coyote. But nonetheless a hybrid between wolf and coyote is usually fertile (a first generation one I might add, when you mix the hybrids the fertility decreases according to my state of knowledge) while there isn’t even evidence for a hybrid of human and chimpanzee. With genetics it often depends where you draw the line and that line is often drawn at random.
        The most reliable criteria is the biological one. Now according to this, werewolves and humans can be considered one species since both can definitely mix and the offspring is usually fertile. Of course there is the problem of the werewolf-condition after the triggering of the curse. While a male were could easily impregnate a human female, a female werewolf might not be able to carry a child to term due to the high stress of the transformation which would lead to miscarriages. And even if the fetus somehow survives this ordeal it might still be damaged or the wolf-body cannot provide the necessary nutrients for a human baby, respectively it might even be too small for a human fetus from a certain point of time. Therefore a mixing of the hybrids would only be possible when the female werewolf is pre-trigger, but then it is debatable whether she can be considered a werewolf.
        Now in case of the vampires this criterion is of course useless since they cannot procreate sexually. So they might be considered a separate species. However, they are not truly separate. You mentioned them as being identical to humans in terms of morals, personality, etc., but as I mentioned they are tied to us in terms of procreation. So when humans would suddenly disappear it would only be a matter of time before even the originals die (I don’t buy the immortality stuff, or did any of them ever jump into a volcano?).
        And since we are at procreation, as far as I know you have to be at least 5 generations apart to not have your relationship being considered inbreeding. That mixed with the racial segregation of the southern United states and we can assume that Bonnie and Jeremy are not related in the traditional sense.

        ” I would have liked to see Bonnie blow off Klaus’ head. We’ve seen it in other shows. And they seem to have no trouble plucking hearts left and right, on TVD, so why not “GO BIGGER?””
        I have no answer to that; US-American censorship laws and morals don’t make sense to me. Over here you would have already seen naked butts and possibly female nipples in a show like TVD. And its not as though we haven’t already seen lots of death in the show. Maybe they simply don’t have the money for such effects. Although this is really just guessing, and seems a bit unlikely considered Bonnie’s performance in the forest.

        To speak of death I think it rather odd that they don’t react stronger. Considered the pacing of the show it may have been only a year and a half since they lost their parents. In Elena’s case that makes the loss of 4 people that were close to her (or did I forget anybody?), in Jeremy’s case it would be six. Maybe the writers will build future storylines on that, or at least I hope so.

        I am really concerned about the background of the show, I fear that they are gonna jump the shark sooner or later if they keep going like this. Maybe some current elements will go the way of the “Damon Crow” but if they keep doing this – introducing certain elements just to discard them later on without comment – they will make the show pretty ridiculous pretty fast.

  24. Kristina

    Soooo this is officially the third episode i had ever watched of The Vampire Diaries so some parts were confusing to me. I had just read some of the books in which Tyler is like pure evil and i hated him so I almost didnt recognize him except for the name and the whole “werewolf” thing. I liked him and Caroline! That actually surprised me because i just couldnt see them together in the books but they were adorable.
    The first like 10 minutes of watching Greta i was certain that she was Bonnie and i was like wow Bonnie went evil but then they showed Bonnie somewhere else which confused me greatly but i got it in the end 🙂
    I wasnt attached emotionally to the characters as much as my friends were but i do admit to crying. It was just so sad! Elena and Jeremy lose like everyone in their lives!
    Damon was so cute to Elena in this episode and i loved his “i cant stand the idea of you hating me forever” line it was soooo sweet and so unlike Damon from my perspective because I’m only like 6 episodes into the first season but i absolutely LOVE him!

    • You have no idea how excited I am that you are starting to get into TVD, Kristina. It’s so interesting and refreshing to see a “newbie’s” take on the show. I remember back during the last season of the show Lost, there was a very popular recapper’s blog called “Never Watched Lost.” In it, the writer recapped the episodes of the show’s final season, having never watched any of the five seasons that came before it. People just ADORED the blog, because, even though this person hadn’t had the YEARS other fans had to analyze and critique the show, his fresh perspective still allowed him to notice a lot of interesting quirks and inconsistencies about the show that longtime-fans missed.

      Oh, gosh, after the first two or three episodes, TVD on TV becomes NOTHING like the TVD books. And Tyler and Caroline probably experience the BIGGEST character changes between the two. I’d say that, during the first season, Tyler is much like the Tyler of the EARLY TVD books. He’s a douchebag alpha male, but not necessarily evil. In season 1, Caroline too is more similar to the vapid insecure mean girl of the early TVD books, than the crazed lunatic she becomes in the later books.

      But in the series, you will see BOTH Tyler and Caroline go through MAJOR positive personality transformations in the early part of the second season, a lot of which relate to their new, supernatural identities. And the fact that Tyler and Caroline were BOTH similar sort of people (popular, shallow, selfish) prior to their transformations, but are now (scared, confused, vulnerable etc.) is what really binds them together, and brings about the Coed Naked Forwood Cuddling you get to witness in this episode. 😉

      Speaking of character changes between the books and the series, how about BONNIE? I mean, where is the short, slightly chubby, bubbly redhead, L.J. Smith created? I actually think, in terms of personality, THIS Bonnie is a lot more like Meredith, tough, stern, serious, distrusting of vampires, and more than a little bit scary. 🙂

      Though I knew that the witch helping Klaus was Greta, I’ll admit that I too got a bit confused as to Which Witch was Which when the pair, both wearing black, were casting spells against one another toward the end of the episode . . . that is, up until Damon broke Greta’s neck. *pumps fist in triumph*

      I was never a huge Useless Aunt Jenna (may she R.I.P.) or Uncle /Father John (may HE R.I.P.) fan throughout the course of the show. But, like you, this episode made me emotional, because I felt so incredibly bad for Elena and Jeremy, and all the suffering they’ve had to endure during these past two years. Nina Dobrev, in particular, is such a talented actress, that, whenever she emotes on screen, it never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

      As for Damon’s gentle loving words to Elena not quite jiving with the snarky, fun-loving ASS you met in the first six episodes of Season 1, JUST YOU WAIT! Our FAVORITE vampire is in for some MAJOR emotional upheaval in the very near future. If you love Damon in the first six episodes of Season 1, wait until you get a load of him, in the back 9 episodes of that season. You will be hooked for life. 😉

  25. Kangababy

    I’m beginning to realise that this show has started to impact me on an emotion level that I last experienced when watching LOST. My husband hardly knew what to do with my emotional outbursts through this episode, which included amongst others:

    1. Pride, when Damon told Katherine that the reason he had given her vervain was so that she could make a choice in being ordered to lure Jenna out and effectively sign her death sentence. How far has our Damon come where he actually cares about Jenna?!?!

    2. Acceptance of Matt’s motives and finally admitting that the problem in his relationship with Caroline was not her being vampire but him wanting a “normal” existence. Before the episode aired, I was debating Matt and Caroline’s relationship with another colleague of mine. She thought that Matt and Caroline were a cute couple and should try to work things out. My argument was that they are not meant for each other, and that ultimately Matt wanted the dream of a white picket fence with the sweet wife and two kids. And really, there is nothing wrong with his dream, it is just clear that he would never and will never have that with Caroline, and it is best that they stop prolonging a relationship that will ultimately fail.

    3. Devastation when Aunt Jenna and John died. I openly sobbed as if it was me that had lost some family. And yet it was not perhaps directly mourning the loss of each character (we’ve pretty much pointed out that no matter how much we liked or didn’t like in John’s case, these characters they were still pretty useless), as so much as it was knowing that Elena had effectively lost five parental figures within a year. Right until the end, it was still Elena that was the “adult/care giver” in her relationship with Jenna and there was something so beautiful and sad in her helping Jenna with coming to terms with death when surely she must have her own imminent death on her mind. I also can’t think of anything profoundly sadder than John standing on his own, glancing at the family he is leaving behind while he waits for his life force to leave him, and die alone.

    4. Impressed with Bonnie and her bad ass spell making until Elijah took over. There is only one word to describe her in this episode: GANGSTA!!

    5. Pure and utter glee when Damon snapped Greta’s neck. I’ll admit that I shouted “That’s what you get bitch!” when I saw that moment. (My husband quietly got up and moved away from me to another couch, afraid of what I would do next). Damon did what Stefan should have been done from the get go. (Damon sometimes you clean up his messes too!)

    6. I was in awe of Paul’s acting during the final scene between the brothers. The shock and loss he feels hearing about the werewolf bite was palpable. While of course Stefan felt bad for Elena for all that she had lost during the sacrifice, I think to an extent it didn’t deeply hurt him as it didn’t cost him anything personally… until finding out about Damon that is. The drop in his voice to barely a whisper, the rambling of how he would fix it and find a way, the stillness is his face and mannerisms while frantically fidgeting with one hand betraying how urgently he was trying to keep it together just when he thought they had survived the mess of the sacrifice was frankly amazing.

    7. While I found the funeral emotional and the way Elena cried beautifully raw, it was Alaric putting the rose on Jenna’s unnamed grave that completely broke me. There was a man that deserved a second chance at a happy life, and I will mourn the relationship that will never reach its potential. I fear now that we may lose him soon.

    8. And finally the Delena of it all. Damon picking up Elena to bring her to his brother, and then carrying to the house; his “I can’t stand the idea of you hating me forever”; the fact that the first word she said when she woke up was “Damon” even though her brother was there (and also that it was not Stefan, who I imagine she would be worried about seeing as the last time she saw him, he had been pegged by a stake!); and the beautiful shared look of understanding at the funeral was perfect. This felt like the turn of the tide for us Delena supports, so to speak, and I hope that the writers don’t find other ways to unnecessarily delay and draw out what seem to be now, more than ever, an inevitable relationship between these two.

    Apologies for the ridiculous length of this comment. I’ll try to keep it shorter for “As I lay dying”.

    • Hi Kangababy! Thanks so much for your eloquent and insightful review of this incredibly intense and action-packed, but, at the same time, very poignant, TVD episode. I love how you’ve taken the time to highlight each of the characters in this story, and discuss the specific journey he or she went through during the episode. You really do have a deep understanding for these individuals, not to mention a remarkable writing talent.

      As someone who has never particularly cared for Matt Donovan (and that’s really an understatement), I was impressed by the neutral and interesting take you had on his character’s decision to dump Caroline. I do think Matt seems like the kind of guy who would want to have a white picket fence, and a pretty “human” wife, and 2.5 kids, and a dog. Considering the dysfunctional family from which he came, I can see how Matt might cling to the notion of normalcy, and the hope that the family HE builds can provide that for him.

      In my experience, the friends of mine who had the most difficult upbringings tended to be the most interested in marrying young and starting families early. I guess Matt would fit into this category. That being said, Caroline CLEARLY deserves better. And I am glad she is about to get that with Tyler. 😉

      I also love the attention to detail you paid to the quiet, but heart-wrenching, funeral scenes in the final moments of the episode: the first with Alaric, placing the rose on Jenna’s grave; and the second featuring the Salvatore Brother’s exchange. Obviously the actors put a lot of thought and work, into these small movements, to convey the depth of emotion we witnessed on screen. And their hard work was definitely not lost on you. 😉

      I also LOVE what you said about Damon killing Greta, when Stefan couldn’t. You are RIGHT, Damon DOES clean up Stefan’s messes . . . fairly often, actually. There are actually quite a few instances of this in the series. (Most notably, Damon helped Stefan cope with his bloodaholic bender, came to Elena’s rescue in the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant, saved Stefan from the Tomb vamps, and saved Bonnie and Elena from certain death, in “The Last Dance.)

      I can’t wait to hear your take on “As I Lay Dying,” especially knowing that you and I share loyalties to Team Damon and Team Delena. I suspect your analysis will be brilliant, indeed. 🙂

      • Kangababy

        Hi Kjewls!

        Wow, I can’t think of a better way to start my day than by waking up and receiving such high praise from a writer that I respect and like as much as you, so thank you for that!

        I’m not sure if you read Thomas Galvin’s blog on TVD so if you do just ignore the link below. I think his latest recap perfectly articulated in all its snarky glory, one thing that has been bugging me about TVD lately, and that is Elena’s list of characters that cannot be allowed to die, no matter how many lives it would save, which comprises solely of Bonnie.

      • LOL. That’s true! Elena does seem more interested in saving Bonnie than everyone else, doesn’t she? Perhaps, Elena “will always choose” Bonnie. 🙂

        Thomas Galvin rocks. Thanks for the link! 😉

  26. sassyfran

    I did it Jewls, LOL. Since I am addicted to blogging and television I decided to blog my own recaps. It won’t be consistent but I will try it over the summer and see what happens. I will let you know when I actually get something posted. Perhaps TVD on Thursday will get me going. 🙂 You are such a good influence on me. *hugs*

    • YAY! I can’t wait to read all your recaps, Rene! I have no doubt that they will be fabulous. And I’m honored to be a teensy weensy part of your recap-writing inspiration. *tackle hugs you right back* 🙂

  27. As serious as this episode was, this recap made me laugh. Perhaps my favorite was the caption, “Unlike MY life, which tends to be jam-packed with Dull Moments,” beneath a picture of Matt which says it all. I also liked “Elijah Do-Little.”

    Regarding John Gilbert, he must be some sort of gorgeous supernatural girl magnet, because Pearl also loved him, right? As for Shakespeare, isn’t the phrase “sweet wall” in A Midsummer Night’s Dream?? (Am I really this much of a nerd?)

    I don’t think the funeral involved inappropriate Hard Core Eye Fuckery – it was more eye bonding. Jules, I am so close to switching teams. You know, maybe I’ll just keep both. I’ve been open to either when the show reaches the right moment, and this episode might have been it. I’ll still enjoy Stefan and Elena (and Stefan…), but I might be hedonistic and also experience Delena love.

    One of my friends thinks that Klaus’s plans for Stefan involves making him some sort of a sire due to his loyal, stoic nature (when he’s not acting like a maniac). Damon is loyal, too, but obviously much more of a wild card. I love that the actor who plays Klaus felt that he had to specify in an interview that Klaus takes an interest in Stefan – but not necessarily romantic.

    • LOL. Well, believe it or not, I’ve actually never read “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” (I think I saw a ballet for it once, though.) But I looked it up, and, you are right! Apparently, there is a line in Act 5 of the play, that reads, “Thou Wall, O Wall, O sweet and lovely Wall . . .”

      Who knew my sense of humor was so gosh darn literary? 😉 (By the way, from now on, I’m just going to pretend that was an intentional Shakespeare reference, on my part, because it makes me sound much smarter than I actually am. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!)

      Do you know that when I read that you were considering defecting over to Team Delena, I actually did a little dance in front of my computer? 🙂 You would be a fabulous addition to our Team! I mean, you are an awesome TVD recapper . . . AND you know Shakespeare! What more could Team “D” ask for? So, consider me like Klaus . . . I’m taking “an interest” in your SHIPPER allegiance. 😉

      And I very much like the concept of “Eye Bonding.” The way I see it, it’s just like Hard Core Eye F*ckery, only without the danger of disease (ETDs?) or EYE-babies.

      I love how Joseph Morgan felt the need to clarify that Klaus doesn’t “like Stefan, like THAT.” I suspect that the minute Klaus uttered that “I have bigger plans for you, Stefan” line during “The Sun Also Rises,” a thousand fanboys and girls immediately began copiously typing up Klaus/Stefan Slash Fanfiction. 🙂

  28. Hypa Kitty

    Its me! As promised ❤ with my usual few notes to add to your super duper extra amazing word for word recap! [I promise I kept my notes as minimal as I could manage!]

    So this episode most definitely had me laughing, and crying, and smiling and bawling, as I have no doubt, it had you awesome fellow were-vamp-witches-mere mortals doing!

    Firstly and foremost, the broody Damon does things to my inside i reallly cant explain ❤ I really must get him and I married as soon as he is free from gracing your screens 😛 x

    Secondly, in relation to the wonderful Damon, there are 3 women in a ring of fire AND the last thing on Klaus mind = sexual favours? That is when you know something is wrong and confirmed to yourself, Damon most definitely would have manipulated the situation, and id have LOVE to be in his PANTS shoes?

    Thirdly, its finally time Stefan decided to grow a backbone, regardless of how late he is.. the only other heroic thing he has done to date is rescue Elena from the car crash [as told by him, therefore making this the first major on screen thing] he has gone up in my books, even if he is too LITTLE much too LATE! He still has a semi hawtness thing going on!

    I would be surprised if Jeremy and Chunky Monkey [too steal your description =P] Alarik hate being the only humans.. cause ii sure as fuck would hate being left out of all the amazing scenes they seem to miss!

    Jenna and Klaus had an almost Sexual chemistry before he decided to kill her. Maybe he was wondering what kind of heirs she could provide him with (a)

    I was crying my eyes out in THAT epic scene where its all about Bonnie and Damon rescuing, much much better than I could have ever dreamed it to have been! ❤

    I think it was a fundamentally stupid mistake of the Scooby gang to not have A DIFFERENT back up plan WITHOUT Elijah just in case of mess ups.. especially after that talk Elijah had with Stefan, I somehow doubted his word.. no pun intended :p

    I for one am ever so glad scum of mystic falls Daddy / Uncle John is finally dead. He could not have been a worst excuse of a father if he tried harder.
    John wasnt much of a dad.. let alone to an extrodinarily daughter he has in Elena. Lets hope she uses his gift wisely, chooses the right brother and then becomes a vamp AFTER making gorgeous hydro-bird babies with him!

    That super sexy sweet scene with the unconscious Elena and Damon, I can't help wondering the enormity of his words about staking her so she did not hate him forever, especially considering he must have been super aware of the wolf bite he knows would be killing him. Maybe he could not have bared the thought of her being with Stefan and not having him to compete with for love.. I am still 50/50 on how real his wording was

    I am sooo glad the amazing Ty is back on with Caroline.. However apart from their physical chemistry it seems harder to choose which man is right for her especially as Matt and Ty both have the broken up family scene she has.. I really do hope Matt has better luck in love during the third season.

    The sibling scene is too adorable – Elena has also lost as many people as Jeremy, but you really can not stop those little pesky tears leave for either of them! I really do feel for them both.

    Finally! Enjoy the season finale and as promised, I will see you tomorrow fingers crossed! xoxox

    • Hey Hypa Kitty! It was so great to read your commentary on “The Sun Also Rises,” after seeing the TVD finale. I feel like I’m going to be so lost without this show, this summer. (Thank goodness for True Blood!) So, it was nice to “revisit” this episode, and pretend, for a moment, that I hadn’t yet watched the finale, and that the season was still ongoing. 😉

      I totally agree with you, that the Scooby Gang, needs to start coming up with Plan B’s, Cs, Ds, Es etc. Because Plan A never seems to work. And their adversaries always seem to have a BILLION plans to their ONE. 🙂 Damon, being naturally less trusting of others than the rest of the gang, is just better equipped to handle these sort of villainous attacks than his brother. He’s not afraid to cross moral boundaries when they are absolutely necessary to accomplish goals. Plus, Damon KNOWS how villains think. He used to be one. 🙂 And in this situation, the fix seemed easy. Damon would have simply snuck onto the scene super fast, and, before anyone could question him he would have (1) killed Greta, (2) stopped the ritual in its tracks, (3) scooped up Elena and Jenna (one in each arm) and (4) ran home. Problem solved . . . at least, until the following month.

      That being said, as far as Stefan’s acts of heroism, you might just find one or two, in the season finale. 🙂

      Speaking of game changers (and Alaric’s, Jeremy’s and Matt’s status as seemingly the ONLY HUMAN MALES in Mystic Falls) pay very close attention to one of those three, in particular, during “As I Lay Dying.” 😉

      Another thing that you mentioned in this comment that might change, after you watch “As I Lay Dying,” Caroline’s “family scene.” 😉 On another note, it will be very interesting to see where Caroline’s romantic entanglements take her next season. Because, I do think there was more to Tyler’s one-month absence than meets the eye. And the pair will have to cope with THAT next season, among other things.

      Ooh, interesting point about Damon’s claims that he would stake Elena if she went vamp. I too question whether he would be able to do that to her. After all, it’s not as though Elena would wake up, and immediately be this EVIL, EMOTIONLESS monster, with none of her former positive traits. We’ve seen plenty of vampire transformations on TVD (Stefan’s, Damon’s, Vicki’s, Caroline’s, Jenna’s, Kat’s). And none of these individuals IMMEDIATELY went bad. In fact, before completing the transformation, all of them were EXACTLY as they had been before they died. Turning off one’s humanity is a conscious decision, one that Elena would probably NEVER choose for herself, as a vampire.

      That being said, if you recall, Elena would have to voluntarily imbibe human blood in order to complete her transformation. So, Damon may have been thinking about the possibility that Elena would wake up, and NOT want to complete the transition. And, if that happened, Damon would probably feel responsible, and would be willing to “stake” Elena, so she wouldn’t have to experience the pain of a slow, gradual, withering away into nothingness. Fortunately, we never have to know. 🙂

      You are absolutely right about Uncle/Father John. He WAS pretty Bad Dad, wasn’t he? And yet, it was still nice to see him ultimately come to terms with his hatred for vampires, and sacrifice his own life for Elena’s humanity, while still asserting that he would love her, even if she ended up a vampire. As you mentioned, Uncle/Father John was a frustrating character. But I think the writers gave his story an appropriate ending.

      Enjoy the finale, Hypa Kitty! I really think you are going to LOVE the episode! 🙂

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