Fave TV Couple #2 – Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars – The Ultimate “LoVe” / Hate Saga

In continuing my tribute to the hottest, most swoon-worthy, couples of our pop culture past and present, I have honed in on a pair of characters whose complex relationship generated more heat and passion during their show’s brisk three season run, then some fictional television couples could muster in ten.  (I’m looking at you Ross and Rachel from Friends .  . .)


(Sorry guys . . . the truth hurts.)

Critically acclaimed, but tragically under appreciated by the mainstream public, Veronica Mars allowed viewers a glimpse into the day-to-day life of an intelligent, plucky, take-no-prisoners teen heroine who just so happened to be a private investigator.  And while the show’s various mysteries and crime capers were deftly plotted and placed the show a distinct cut above other teen dramas, it was the romance between Kristen Bell’s Veronica Mars and Jason Dohring’s tortured rich kid Logan Echolls that kept fans like me tuning in week after week.

Let us roll the opening credits, and begin at the beginning, shall we?

The Preamble : “A Long Time Ago, We Used to Be Friends . . .”

Interestingly enough, just like Ross and Rachel, this television twosome actually did start off as friends.  (The “hate” part of our tale came a bit later).  As illustrated by flashbacks throughout the first season, before the Pilot episode, Logan and Veronica were both part of the same exclusive clique, Neptune High’s privileged and popular 09ers.  At the time, Veronica was dating Logan’s best friend, Duncan Kane, and Logan was involved with Veronica’s best friend and Duncan’s sister, Lilly.


The foursome’s friendship began to unravel when Veronica informed Lilly that Logan had cheated on her.  Shortly after Lilly dumped Logan, she was brutally murdered.  A heartbroken Logan soon lashes out against Veronica, under the belief that had Lilly not broken up with him, Logan could have saved her on the night she was murdered.

To exacerbate matters, Veronica’s father, who, at the time, was the town Sheriff, accuses Duncan and Lilly’s father of committing the murder.  Refusing to turn against her father, Veronica stands by him, and is ousted from the 09ers as a result.  Newly single and with a lot of extra time on her hands, Veronica quickly develops the tough exterior she needs to help her father start his own private investigation business.

And this is where things stand when we meet Veronica Mars in the Pilot Episode . . .

Season 1:  Nothing Says Loving Like Broken Head Lights. . .

Needless to say, things aren’t exactly copacetic between our two protagonists when the series begins.  As if to exemplify this, in the Pilot episode, Veronica frames Logan for in-school drug use  by planting a bong in his locker.  (Not a very nice thing to do . . .).  Logan retaliates by bashing the crap out of the head lights on Veronica’s car.  (ALSO not a particularly nice thing to do . . .)

Ah young love . . .


Things stay fairly chilly between Veronica and Logan until Episode 15 – “Ruskie Business, ” when Logan convinces Veronica to help him find his missing mother, after television footage shows her jumping off a bridge to her death.  Refusing to believe his mother is gone, Logan, with Veronica’s help, tracks a woman using his mother’s name to a 5-star hotel and waits for her to reappear.  When the hotel patron turns out to be Logan’s sister, he is forced to come to terms with his mother’s death, and breaks down in tears, while Veronica attempts to comfort him. 


It is at this moment that their friendship is reborn.  The question is for how long can they stay “just friends?”

Apparently, not for long.  In Episode 18 – Weapons of Class Destruction, Logan rescues Veronica when she is kidnapped and taken to a shady motel by a would-be high school terrorist named Ben (played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas), who ends up being a CIA agent.  Overcome with gratitude for Logan’s unexpected heroism, Veronica impulsively plants a brief kiss on Logan’s mouth.  Embarrassed, the young sleuth turns to run away, but Logan pulls her back.  The two stare at one another intently for a few moments before falling into a hot and steamy makeout session.  Yummy!


And just in case, you thought this was just a one time thing . . .

Guess again . . .

In Episode 19 – Hot Dogs, Logan learns that the deceased Lilly slept with gang member Weevil, while the two were dating.  Logan explains to Veronica that he realizes that he loved Lilly more than Lilly loved him.  Veronica moves to comfort him, but Logan gently pushes her away.  “It’s OK.”  He explains.  “You know, it kind of lets me off the hook.  I don’t have to feel guilty anymore . . . about moving on.” 

 And before you know it, Veronica and Logan are necking again.  Given their differing social statuses and the impact their relationship will inevitably have on their mutual friend Duncan, the two decide to begin a relationship in secret . . .   Secret sex = so hot!


But, of course, nothing can stay secret for long.  In the process of making out, the new couple inadvertently walk into a surprise party being thrown for Logan by his dad (and Lilly’s murderer, as we will soon learn).  The jig is officially up for these two.  And, because high schoolers can hold a grudge like no one’s business, the 09er crew does not take news of Logan and Veronica’s new relationship well.  In Logan’s entrance foyer, you can cut the tension with a butter knife.

(It’s a meeting of the Neptune Voyeur Society . . . They like to watch.)


Logan, being the hard core guy he is, stands up for Veronica against his snooty friends.  “That’s sort of a general invitation,” he scolds.  “If you don’t like my girlfriend, you can start for the rectangle with the round knob.”

And, thus, in a single scene, we have illustrated the three things Logan and Veronica do best: making out, breaking things, and alienating others . ..

Season 2 – “I thought our relationship was Epic . . .”

One of the unfortunate things about this show, is that some of its most intense moments take place off screen.  And that is the situation here.  When the season begins, we learn that Veronica has dumped Logan over the summer and has begun dating Duncan. 

Say what?

As it turns out, Logan had kind of a crappy summer. The fact that his dad was being tried for the murder of his former girlfriend certainly didn’t help.  Then, after a drunken evening, he found himself wanted for the murder of a gang member, even though he remembered absolutely nothing about the night in question.  So what does our wise teen do, he burns down the public pool.  Wouldn’t you?

Arson doesn’t exactly sit well with our favorite teen sleuth, so she kicks young Logan to the curb.  But don’t be sad.  This is actually a good thing.  Because like all television couples, Veronica and Logan are at their absolute best when their love is unrequited.  And hence, we had an entire season of dialogue laced with sexual innuendo and longing looks . . .

Foreplay . . .

And it appears that Logan’s Superman complex has not gone away.  In Episode 2.08, Ahoy Mateys, Logan once again comes to Veronica’s rescue when she is attacked by some creepy Irish mob guys in a bar while investigating a case.  He pulls out a gun on their asses and Veronica escapes.  Later, back in the car, Veronica illustrates how much she still cares for Logan when she breaks down in tears.  Contrary to what you might think, she is not crying about being attacked by creepy Irish mob guys (which sure as heck would make ME cry).  Instead, she is crying because she fears that Logan’s heroic antics will get him killed . . .

The sexual tension between Veronica and Logan ALMOST comes to a boiling point in Episode 2.11, Plan B, where the not-so-couple share an intense slow dance with one another.


At yet another dance, a drunk Logan confronts Veronica in what may have been the sweetest scene in the entire series.  (Why are guys always sweeter when they are wasted?  Or maybe that is only in my experience . . .).  Anyway, Logan expresses his fear that after graduation, he and Veronica will part ways for good, and will never be able to see eachother again.  He explains that she has basically ruined him for all other girls (which, as women, is always our ultimate goal, anyway).

 “I thought our story was Epic, you know, you and me,” he says. 

And now I have to bend over and retrieve my panties, as they just fell on the floor . . .


Initially, at least, Veronica is not as easily won over as I obviously am.  She freaks out over Logan’s unexpected declaration and runs away before the two can share a kiss.  The following morning, she thinks better of this, and visits Logan at the suite where he is staying.  “I don’t want to lose you from my life either,” she admits. 

Veronica is about to offer to give their relationship another go, when Logan “claims” not to remember his big Epic speech.  To make matters worse, Veronica soon learns that, after she ditched him, he spent the night with a tarty older woman.  She doesn’t take it well . . .


Fortunately, tragedy brings the couple back together!  Yay tragedy!  In the series finale, Logan rescues Veronica from a fellow student, who just so happens to be a homicidal maniac who killed a good portion of Logan and Veronica’s classmates by sending their school bus off a cliff.  Nice, right?  But it got these two lovebirds back together, so it was totally worth it . . .  (Man, am I shallow!)


Season 3: Kicking ass and taking names . . .

I’m not going to spend all that much time on Season 3, The College Years.  Suffice it to say, that Veronica and Logan spent a majority of the time mistrusting one another, fighting, breaking up, and dating other people – and not in a good way.  Fortunately, in the Season Finale, the pair, in their own dysfunctional way, imply that they will be getting back together after the series ends.

It all starts with a sex tape being released of Veronica and her new boring boyfriend Piz.  Logan immediately assumes Piz made the tape and beats the crap out of him.  Veronica is understandably pissed off about this, particularly because it turns out that Piz didn’t make the tape at all . . . some jerky connected mafia student did. 

Since Veronica values her life, she is uncharacteristically silent when the real El Director de Porn confronts her.  But Logan doesn’t really care about his life.  Therefore,  he kicks the ass of Veronica’s tormenter for old times sake.  And I’ll be darned if Veronica isn’t happy with the results.


“Hey Logan, you got some ketchup on your shirt . . .”

“Oh, that’s not ketchup.  That’s the blood of the D-bag who tried to mess with my girl.”

“OK then . . .”

So, it wasn’t exactly the romantic end we were hoping for.  But, given the unique nature of this relationship, I guess it was kind of par for the course.  It doesn’t make Veronica and Logan’s relationship any less EPIC, as far as I am concerned. 

Unfortunately, the series met its untimely end right here, after Season 3.  But we’ll always have YouTUBE . . .


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31 responses to “Fave TV Couple #2 – Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars – The Ultimate “LoVe” / Hate Saga

  1. Alice

    I’m too old to be watching “young people’s TV”.
    That’s sad because I’m always with young people who watch these shows. If I’d read this blog earlier…I might have been much more popular at the office.

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  4. mira

    i just started watching veronica mars. and i love it. veronica and logan are great together they go though a lot of crap, but they are great

    • Hi Mira!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I am so glad you are enjoying Veronica Mars! Veronica and Logan definitely remain in my Top 5 TV Couples of all time. They are just so smart, sassy, and sexy! I could seriously watch them interact with one another all day, and not get bored. I almost wish I hadn’t already viewed the whole series, so I can enjoy it again for the first time, like you are doing now. You are SO LUCKY!

  5. mira

    have a q who are the other 4 top couples. ive got totally hooked on this show (v.m.). i watched for 9 hrs straight. love it

    • Ooh, good question! Here are my Top 5 TV Couples (in no particular order):

      1) Pacey Witter and Joey Potter – Dawson’s Creek
      2) Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars – Veronica Mars
      3) Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert – The Vampire Diaries
      4) Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl
      5) Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts – The O.C.

      V.M. is definitely the type of show that draws you in and won’t let go. I didn’t discover it until its second season. So, of, then I rushed to rent the first season on Netflix immediately. I must have watched about 9 or 10 hours of it in a row too. I LOVE IT! Happy watching!

  6. Charli

    Your top five couples are also my top five. They all have a lot of heat and chemistry. Whether they are fighting or loving they are great. I too just stumbled on to Veronica Mars and am in LOVE with her and Logan. I have most definately watched hours upon hours and am feeling a saddness that I am halfway done with season 3.

    • Hi Charli! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! All five couples are your faves too? Clearly, you have excellent taste ;).

      What you said is so true! Like you, I like my TV couples to be a bit more complex. Drippy, sappy, couples, for whom everything comes easy, bore me to tears. I think great chemistry between the actors, insane amounts of passion (even when the pair is “hating” one another), snappy dialogue, and complex relatable characters that aren’t too perfect or “goody-goody”, are what ties all five of our favorite couples together.

      And I can certainly relate to you feeling bad about having almost completed watching the Veronica Mars series. Are you currently watching the show on DVD? If so, then you probably know that Rob Thomas had a fourth season of Veronica Mars, where Veronica enters the FBI, all panned out. Bummer right?

      I found the trailer online, and will post it here, in case you haven’t seen it yet. (You can link to Part 2 from Part 1). I feel like it’s in serious need of some Logan Echolls! However, at least, it gives you an idea of what could have been.

      And who knows, maybe one day, CW will get its act together and bring Veronica Mars back to the airwaves . . .

  7. moks

    just watched the whole show for the 2nd time..i just cant seem to get over it. m convincing my friends to watch it. m so into veronica n logan. great lines together… epic. just love watching scenes w/both of them.

    • Hi moks! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! As you can probably tell from this blog entry, I too am no stranger to LoVe obsession. There’s something about seeing Veronica and Logan on screen together that is just so fascinating (not to mention incredibly hot)!

      And you’d probably laugh, if I told you how many times I watched some of the LoVe scenes featured here. If it were at all possible to wear out the button on a YouTube video, I would have done it along time ago.

      By the way, have you heard about Kristen Bell’s campaign to finance a Veronica Mars movie, herself? You can read a little about it here:


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  9. Bonnie

    I fraking love this! Logan and Veronica are such a tight couple. I like a lot of your favorite couples but mine are slightly different. I wish you’d do some maybe for some of my other favorite couples? Chuck and Blair on both our favorites, you should so do one for them too! (:

    • Hey Bonnie! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! 🙂 I’m so excited to hear that you were a LoVE fan, and that you loved Logan and Veronica as much as I did! I really do miss those two *sniff*.

      I know Kristen Bell will be back on the small screen soon for another television series, and I’m hoping the same thing happens for the indubitably sexy Jason Dohring. Who knows? Maybe they can even have a LoVe reunion on Kristen’s new show! How cool would that be? 😉

      As for Chuck and Blair, I did write something sort of similar to this article for them. It wasn’t a “full show” retrospective, like the ones I did for LoVE an Joey and Pacey, partly because Chair are still on television, and their relationship is still evolving. However, I did chronicle my favorite Chair moments from the this past season of the show! Feel free to check it out here:


  10. Found this blog randomly just now, awesome summary of their relationship lol ^_^ I love Logan and Veronica! OMG My top fave couple ever! I started watching the series recently and I just finished season 2, now i’m on to season 3 and I already know how it ends (yeah I hate spoliers but I couldn’t help myself) anyways, I don’t care what ANYONE says, Logan and Veronica are together forever ♥♥♥♥♥
    and did I mention how hot Jason Dohring is???

    • Hey HyoMi! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m so thrilled that you’ve discovered Veronica Mars, and the spectacularly epic beauty that is the LoVe relationship. I had so much fun reliving this couple’s complex, edgy, sweet, and undeniably sexy courtship, when I was writing this post. And talking to you about it, just makes me want to re-rent the DVD’s so that I can relive the magic all over again.

      It is a shame this show was taken off the air, before it’s time. Because I feel like the LoVE relationship had SO much potential. The TV couple was one of those rare gems that was STILL fun to watch, even after their unrequited love finally became requited. I guess, from now, on we’ll have to resort to YouTube videos and fanfictions to get our Logan and Veronica fix. 😦

      And yes, Jason Dohring is SUPER sexy! Why some smart producer haven’t scooped him up for another television series yet, is beyond me! Thanks again for reading, and for your awesome commentary. Any fan of LoVe is an automatic friend of mine. 😉

      • HI it’s me again lol, just wanted to stop by to tell you that I finally finished watching Veronica Mars! I’m so sad that it’s over and i’m even more sad that there’s no more LoVe 😦 I need a new show to watch, any recommendations?
        did you like the ending? I knew that they weren’t gonna end up together but the ending was way more abrupt then I thought it would be… so many questions left unanswered 😦
        and yes I do admit that I go on youtube to search them up, they are such a great couple 🙂
        I love how you describe Jason Dohring as SUPER sexy, because I couldn’t agree with you more! 😉

      • Hi HyoMi! Thanks so much for checking in. I was dissatisfied with the ending of Veronica Mars as well. For what it’s worth, however, in my mind, LoVe DID end up together. 😉

        You know how, after Logan beats up that guy for leaking the “sex tape,” he and Veronica share this extended meaningful look with one another, and Piz is looking on, all sad? In an interview about the final episode, Rob Thomas noted that this look was supposed to signify that Veronica was realizing that no matter how many bad acts Logan engaged in, she would always love him. And Logan and Piz both caught on to that as well.

        I think the problem was that Rob Thomas really thought he’d get at least one more season to complete the story, so he didn’t have time to provide his characters with real closure. But I always interpreted the open-ended ending as a happy one for LoVe.

        As for other “old” shows to try, Season 3 of Dawson’s Creek (the Joey/ Pacey season) has always been a favorite of mine. And Season 1 of The O.C. is pretty classic. I also recently discovered Freaks and Geeks, and enjoyed that a lot. And though it’s lost a bit of its luster for me, of late, I think the first two seasons of Grey’s Anatomy were spectacular.

        I hope that helps. Also, as your a Jason Dohring fan, I heard he was very sexy in the short-lived vampire series Moonlight. I haven’t seen it myself, but friends of mine enjoyed it a lot. So, that’s always an option too. 🙂

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  12. PR Zora


    I really enjoy your blog and your insights into my fav tv couples (really enjoying your Damon and Elena stuff). I totally agree with your picks for great tv couples, but I will add one although it may date me–Maddie and David from Moonlighting. If you’ve never caught the old clips of the show on Youtube,try them. Everything you love about Pacey and Joey, or Logan and Veronica for that matter, you’ll love about those TV detectives from ’80s.

    • Hey PR Zora! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your kind words. Clearly, you have spectacular taste in TV couples. 😉 I’ll definitely have to take your advice, and give Moonlighting a try. I’m sure I’ll love it. I’m always on the look out for new couples to “ship” . . . even if they are not-so-new to everyone else. 🙂

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  14. lisa

    What about Max Evans and Liz Parker from Roswell?

  15. juliet

    Ah Logan and Veronica from Veronica Mars..this is my favorite tv couple of ALL TIME yep hands down, i was literally obsessed by this show and even more by this pairing..it was the first time it ever happened to me, i am more a movie addict, i don’t watch often tv but the first time i saw them on screen i was fascinated, i could not look away: the writing, the chemistry between the actors it was perfect to me..I never felt something like that before and ever since..
    As for Jason Dohring, i don’t get why he doesn’t have a MOVIE career, he has the same type of range and charisma as Ryan Gosling or Christian Bale or a young Mickey Rourke therefore i really don’t get how Hollywood did not already make him a star..

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Juliet. I’m thrilled to see that there are so many of us out there who LOVE LoVe (i.e. Logan and Veronica). The fact that the couple has such a huge fanbase, despite the show being long off the air is a true testament to all the things you mentioned that made this couple so special: the chemistry, the complexity of the characters, the great writing, the romance, the angst. This show, and this couple had it all in spades.

      And I agree with you completely about Jason Dohring being one of the most underrated actors of our generation. He’s just so talented, and relatable as an actor. I hope his day in the spotlight is soon to come. He certainly deserves it.

  16. Susan Cope

    I’m a little ashame to admit this but I’m a 40 year old that just discovered V/M one afternoon while nothing else was on. I was amazed at the fact this show it was well written, smart and not the same old same old that TV keeps coming out with.
    I also love this pairing maybe because they seem so real both extermly flawed, but where one has a weakness the other has that as a strength. Logan has this ability to love uncondictionally, and protect even when he doesn’t care for the person. Veronica needs to have others love proven but has this hope for love. His lack of faith that anyone can accept or love him is challaged by her being there when he needs her. Her lack of belief that love can endure is challanged by his always loving her no matter how many obsticals she puts in his way. It is epic though I think that is a dramatic way of putting it.
    I do wish they would make this a movie, I think the writing is far more movie or at least showtime/HBO worthy than regular TV. That could be why it was pulled after only three season. It certainly worth a nother shot.

    • Hi Susan! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I’m so glad you discovered Veronica Mars. I’ve been catching the episodes on Soap Net over the weekends, and am pleased to report that the episodes are just as good on second viewing.

      I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head regarding the Logan and Veronica relationship. Both are far from perfect. Veronica can be closed off, and has a hard time trusting people, and letting them in to her heart. Logan can be impulsive, and brusque. Yet they compliment eachother so well, and the chemistry they share on screen with one another is unmatched.

      Personally, I’ve always felt like Veronica Mars didn’t last longer because it was a show that came out before it’s time. And that, if it came out now, under different circumstances, it would perform much better, in terms of ratings.

      But hey, we’ll always have repeats, right? 😉

  17. Cat

    I have just discovered the awesomeness that is Veronica Mars!! 🙂 My sister introduced me to it and i couldn’t stop watching!
    I was watching the last episode of season 1 really late at night. And I was so anxious to find out who was standing in Veronica’s doorway, i had to watch the first three episodes of season 2! I was so upset to find out that Veronica and Logan got together for the summer, then split up! Grrrrrr!!
    But honestly I loved Veronica and Logan since the very first episode. I literally whooped with glee when they first kissed! I loved how, in the first season, Veronica comforted Logan when he realized his mum was actually dead! It was so sad how he just broke down in her arms, but also kinda sweet.
    I also loved Logan’s “Epic” speech, i start to cry every time. I wish she had kissed him then, but i guess if that happened she might not have found out Beaver was the one who blew up the bus and raped her.

    In season 3 I did kinda like Piz, but I thought he was more of a friend, then a boyfriend. She needed a boyfriend who wouldn’t let anyone hurt her, because she makes a whole lot of enemies, and Logan was that person!
    It makes sense that it would end with that one look shared between Veronica and Logan. It said everything. There really was no chance for Piz and Parker!
    I really wished that they had made another series…. or three!
    But then i guess they might have made it too long and then it would kinda ruin it.
    Sorry, I’m kinda ranting here, but i really love this tv show! 😀

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