It’s Hard Out There for a Ghost . . . and a Vampire . . . and a Werewolf – A Retrospective of SyFy’s First Season of Being Human

On Monday night, the SyFy channel aired the Season 1 Finale of it’s critically acclaimed supernatural drama,  Being Human (based on a British series with the same name).  The show, which has just been picked up for a second season, chronicles the lives of three roommates, who WOULD lead fairly normal lives, were it not for the fact that they are a Ghost, a Vampire, and a Werewolf, respectively . . .

Nice hat!

Nice lipstick . . .

Nice boxers!  (Now, please take them off!)

Although I stopped formally recapping this show after Episode Three, (due to other recapping responsibilities, and my general inability to secure solid screencaps of the show, in a timely fashion *blushes*) . . .

“That smells like bull$h*t to me!”

 . . .  I watched it faithfully, each week.  And, as a result, I am proud to name myself as part of its fanbase.  Admittedly, the series was a bit slow getting out of the starting gate, as its writers struggled to find a balance between copying what made the British version of the series so successful, and striking out on their own.  However, as the cast developed their character’s distinctive voices, and the producers ventured outside the British series for episode inspiration, Being Human really began to hit its stride, with the episodes improving significantly from week-to-week.

“You like us!  You REALLY like  us!”

In honor of that sentiment, I thought it might be fun to take a look back at Being Human’s first season, as seen through the eyes of its three main characters: Josh, the Werewolf, Sally the Ghost and Aiden the Werewolf . . .

Wolfman Josh (played by Sam Huntington)

Poor Josh!  Life definitely hasn’t been kind to this guy.  Two years ago, he was a loveable, overachieving college graduate with his sights set on med school.  He was also engaged to be married, and had a younger sister who admired him, and parents who worshipped the ground on which he walked.  Sounds pretty good, right?

Cut to two years later, when we first meet the afore-described “Golden Boy” in Being Human’s pilot episode.  Now, Josh is a hospital orderly, who cleans bedpans for a living.  He hasn’t had sex for two years. (So much for being engaged!).  And his whole family thinks he suffered a nervous breakdown.  Did I mention he is also a werewolf?

In addition to being my absolute favorite character on Being Human, Josh also bears the impressive distinction of being the cast member most often naked on the show.  Given Sam Huntington’s fine physique, I suspect this is NO accident . . .

If the repeated appearances of Naked Josh on Being Human were inserted into the show, as a cheap ploy to increase the female viewership of a television station, that has, heretofore, been almost exclusively watched by geeks men, it sure WORKED ON THIS FEMALE!  In fact, every time Naked Josh “exposed himself” to my television screen, I may or may not have have reacted like this . . .

Anyhoo . . . in addition to the monthly “wolfing out” of his man parts, Josh underwent a number of intensely personal and painful transformations, during the course of the season.  In the first few episodes, we sympathized for Josh, as he coped the shame he felt regarding his true nature, and the anger and bitterness he experienced over the many ways in which being a werewolf prevented him from achieving his lifelong dreams and goals.  These complex, and super angsty, emotions that Josh kept bottled inside caused him to isolate himself from others. 

*sings* “All by my selllllllllf . . . don’t wanna be . . . all by my selllllf, any morrrreeeee.”

However, as the series progressed, Josh began to open his heart to his roommates, who taught him that, just because he gets a bit hormonal once a month, doesn’t mean his life is over.  (Surely, many of us girls can relate to THIS!)  This “heart-opening” eventually enabled Josh to reconnect with his baby sister . . .

  . . . and make a new werewolf playmate (who ended up being this TOTAL vampire-hating psychopath, who was responsible for scratching Josh, and turning him werewolf in the first place . . . but still . . . babysteps!)

Eventually, he even manages to fall in love again, with a nurse at the hospital named Nora.  And she falls in love with HIM too, once he finally figures out how to stop growling at, running away from, and butt humping her, of course!

Speaking of butt humping, it takes a real well-endowed wolf to impregnate a girl THIS way, on the first try .  . .

Way to go JOSH!  (You sly DOG, you!)

In a matter of days post ass-screwing, Nora is suddenly the human-equivalent of three months pregnant (Apparently, wolf gestation periods are WAY shorter than ours.  Who knew?  Plenty of people who regularly watch the SyFy channel did, I bet!  ).  This, of coruse,  is going to make it REALLY hard for the new couple to find time to decorate the nursery! 

In the season finale, Nora walks in on Josh during a wolfy transformation, and watches him endure it.  In an oddly calm moment, a Wolfed Out Josh blinks his big yellow CGI-created eyes at Nora, from beneath a locked door.  (This Wolfman knows a Baby Mama when he sees ONE!) 

Far from being freaked out by this revealation, Nora actually seems pretty relieved to learn that Josh has been acting like a crazy man around her, because he’s a werewolf, instead of just your run-of-the-mill a$$h*le.  But then she realizes that, during his transformation, Josh inadvertently scratched HER, in an effort to push her out of harms way.  Sorry She-Wolf!  It looks like the MONTHLY CURSE is on YOU . . . TOO!  (And now you have TWO of them.  LUCKY YOU!)

Sweet, loveable, socially awkward, and undeniably goofy, Josh is definitely a character with whom I wouldn’t mind spending a second season.  Except, I’d probably buy him a REALLY THICK PAIR OF GLOVES, before I got too close . .  .

A girl’s always gotta use “protection,” you know!

Vampire Aiden (played by Sam Witwer)

If Josh was the Being Human character who got the most Naked Time (though, admittedly, Aiden got HIS share of that too .  . .) . . .

. . . Aiden was the character that got the most TOTAL screentime. (Then again, if YOU were alive for as long as THIS vampire’s been roaming the Earth, YOU’D have a lot of ISSUES to address too!)

Well, hello, Charlie Chaplin!  I didn’t know YOU were in this show!

*sings* “Grease is the time.  It’s the place.  It’s the no-tion.  Grease is the way we are FEELIN”!”

Yeah . . . I don’t really have anything to say about that . . .

For Aiden, most of the season was spent struggling to maintain a non-human munching lifestyle, and cope with centuries of past wrongs, all while trying to avoid the clutches of his evil old Vampire Empire Building boss, Bishop (played by Mark Pellegrino). . .

I’m proud to report that it only took me THREE-QUARTERS of the season to stop thinking of THIS GUY as “Jacob from Lost.”

Though Aiden managed to lead a fairly “human” law-abiding life style, throughout the season, there were a few minor missteps along the way.  Like, for example, the time when he accidentally ate his human girlfriend, Rebecca, while they were screwing . . .

So, Bishop turned her, just to piss Aiden off, basically.  Then, Rebecca became this REALLY ANNOYING, SUPER UNLIKEABLE CHARACTER with whom Aiden still inexplicably hooked up, for most of the season.  That nonsense ended in the penultimate episode, when he finally staked her, at her own request, thereby, putting us ALL out of our misery . . .


Then, there was this OTHER time, when Aiden met this guy who SWORE that Aiden had killed his dad, back when the guy was only 10- years old.  (HE HAD!)  So, Aiden tries to take away the guy’s memory of the event, but ends up driving him to KILL HIMSELF, instead . . . OOPS!

Then, there was this THIRD TIME when Aiden befriended a little boy, named Bernie, who accidentally got into Aiden’s vampire porn stash, making Bernie’s mom think Aiden was a TOTAL Pedo!  Then Bernie gets hit by car, and dies.  So Rebecca turns him.  But Bishop makes Aiden think his new vampire son is running around EATING bullies, so Aiden kills the little vampire child.  (Am I noticing a PATTERN, here?)

“Hey, little boy!  What do you say I give you a REALLY untimely death?  Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

The season ends with Aiden killing Bishop, and becoming Sheriff of Area Five, Eric Northman Vampire Ruler of Boston.  (Be afraid, Ben Affleck!  Be VERY AFRAID!)

Broody, tortured, soulful, and super sexy, with a healthy dose of guilt and self-hatred to boot, Aiden is EXACTLY the kind of TV vampire, us fangbanging fangirls love to drool over!

Sally the kind of Whiny Ghost (played by Meaghan Rath)

Sad Sack Sally has a sob story to tell.  You see, a few months back, she “fell” down the stairs of her apartment, hit her head, and died.  So, she’s been literally hanging around the apartment in her pajamas, ever since . . . unable to move on to the Great Beyond, due to “unfinished business.”  Sally spends the first half of the season crying over her boring, and rather personality-free, fiance, Danny, who is renting the apartment, where he and Sally used to live, to Aiden and Josh.

To make matters worse, Danny has recently started boning Sally’s best friend . . . while Sally watches.  AWK-WARD!

Care for a Menage-a-GHOST?

Things with Sally become slightly more interesting (not to mention WAY less annoying), when she learns that Danny just so happens to be a Girlfriend and Fiance-Beating Sociopathic Cretin, who KILLED SALLY, just because she accidentally dropped her engagement ring in the sink!  Suddenly, it becomes a battle of “wits” between Sally and Sociopathic Cretin.  Sally, with more energy and intensity than she’s exhibited all season, haunts Danny’s ass FOR FUN!  It’s all INCREDIBLY dark . . . and oddly cathartic.  In return, Danny does everything in his power to try and get Sally out of the house, even going as far as to perform an EXORCISM on her, and light their apartment ON FIRE!

After a brief bout of zombieism . . .

That’s taking the “smoky eye” look a bit too far, don’t you think?

 . . . Sally (with the help of a vamped out Aiden) finally scares Danny into turning himself in to the cops for killing her. 

When this happens, Sally’s Unfinished Business is suddenly not-so-unfinished anymore.  In the Season Finale, a LITERAL door opens for Sally to travel into the Great Beyond . . . and she conveniently forgets to walk through it.  OOPS!

And that was Season 1 of Being Human in a VERY SIMPLIFIED nutshell. 

Thirsty for more?  You can now check out full episodes of the first season of Being Human on  For those of you who would prefer a “quicker fix” of the show, check out these nifty little sixty second episode recaps on the SyFy website: here

Not only do these recaps come FULLY LOADED with excellent video footage from each episode, they are also narrated by a woman, who clearly has a gift for the delivery of deadpan humor.  This woman can make you roll on the floor laughing without EVER HAVING TO CHANGE THE INTONATION OF HER VOICE!  She’s the Ben Stein of!

“Bueller . . . Bueller.”

Some of my favorite gems from the recaps include lines like these: “Evil Greaser Aiden threatens Bishop,”  “Josh gets sniffed .  . . weird,”  “Rebecca yells at Aiden.  She’s forgiven . . . again.”  and “Aiden and his Sideburns refuse.  Then they leave.”

For those of you who had a chance to watch the First Season of Being Human live, I would love to hear your thoughts about it in the Comments section.  As for the rest of you, see you in Season 2!



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16 responses to “It’s Hard Out There for a Ghost . . . and a Vampire . . . and a Werewolf – A Retrospective of SyFy’s First Season of Being Human

  1. Rene

    Great review as usual.
    In case u missed Meaghan’s blog on hulu here is the link: they are kind of funny. It’s from before the Premiere.

    • Thanks so much for the link, Rene! I can’t wait until I’m back home, so I can check it out. Meaghan Rath does seem like she’d be really funny, in person. (Even though, her character, Sally, still kind of irks me. ;))

  2. Tricus

    Yeah Being human first couple of episodes was not very exciting but it got much better. I am hooked now.
    1) Josh and Nora is cute. At first I was like blah but I warmed up to Nora after she loosened up. The doggy style sex was HOT when they were doing it.
    Didn’t like Josh buddy who turned him. He wa s bad news. Glad Josh finally told him where to go.
    Josh is hilarious. His expressions when he is making a joke make you laugh all the more. Yep Nora will now be a were/shewolf. I guess it is now a family thing.
    2) Your comments on Aiden hairstyle/outfits throughout the years had me dying laughing. Sooo funny. Aiden and Rebecca romance I was like whatever. She just seemed to screw everything up whenever she came around. I loved her ending though. She definitely redeemed herself there by helping Aiden and asking him to kill her so she can be at peace. I actually shed a tear for her there.
    Aiden and Celeste his back in teh day GF was sweet BACK in the day. But him kissing what looks like a 50-60 yr old woman today while he looks 20’s tops weirded me out. I know Aiden is hunderds of yrs old but the visual was just like Noooooooo. Anyway Celeste past and present was sweet. Aiden and the little boy was such a sweet storyline. I wished they had kept the little boy but not turned him.
    I am sooooooo anxious for Aiden and Sally to get together. I think they will be super HOT when making out/having sex. Can they really have sex though? Who knows. Did you notice Aiden startled look when Sally threw in a normal convo in the last epi that she loved him.
    Sooo glad she can touch things now.
    Bishop is gone and now Aiden is the head honcho in that area.
    3) Sally doesn’t have a real storyline right now since she got closure with Danny. I hope she don’t haunt her fam/friends like she says. She needs something to do.

    P.S I wonder who this woman is that that old vamp wants Aiden to meet or else. Obviously she is an old vamp too but I just hope she doesn’t look young otherwise you know the writers will have Aiden and her getting it on at some point. Messing with my Sally/Aiden potential coupling? I don’t think so. LOL

  3. Tricus

    Oh also, I loved Sally storyline with Danny soo much more after the Exorcism. Before that Danny was basically winning all confrontations with Sally and for Sally to be a kind of poltergeist ghost she could have done sooo much more damage to him. She was kind of wimpy , to my thinking, before the exorcism.
    Well at least her bestfriend who was dating Danny saw him for who he is and Danny got what was coming to him.
    On Rebecca and Aiden again: I did not get that hookup after she was turned. Sure Aiden felt sorry and responsible for her, I get that, but I didn’t see any passion between them. The only time I was like “HMM thats Hot” was when Aiden was in the bar and the girl co worker started flirting with him then Rebecca came in and started being all up under Aiden carressing his hand and , being sexy and acting like “this is my MAN”. That other girl expression was like “Let me get outta here”. Now that was HOT. Rebecca was beautiful so I guess the writers was like “Lets give Aiden a somewhat romantic buddy”.

    • Hey Tricus! Thanks so much for sharing your take on Being Human! All this time, and I had no clue you were a fan of this show too! You’ve got great taste, girl!

      As for Aidan and Sally, I definitely think a coupling between them is possible. (It worked in the British version!) Remember how Sally was able to hook up with that ghost dude, because he was the same form of “matter” that she was? Well, I suspect, now that she can touch, she can hook up with any supernatural creature. (Well, actually . . . she can technically hook up with anyone . . . but human’s couldn’t see her . . . so they wouldn’t no it was her doing the “hooking.”)

      I really like Josh and Nora too, and actually think that the fact that Nora (1) knows his secret; and (2) is now infected, for better or worse, will actually help their relationship become a whole lot sexier and less dysfunctional. For starters, Josh will no longer have to be so “careful” about wolfing out in front of Nora. He also won’t keep running away from her, everytime he has to leave to do “wolf stuff.” With all the times he kept doing that to her through the course of Season 1, a part of me didn’t understand why she never dumped him. Now she can genuinely understand how hard everything has been on him.

      Oh, and Josh is by far the funniest character on the show. You are right. Some of his facial expressions are absolutely hilarious. All he has to do is look at the camera and I crack up.

      The whole Bernie storyline was so sad for me, because I feel like he really didn’t have to die. After all, he didn’t actually kill those bulllies. And when Aidan asked him about the little girl he was talking to when he first turned, Bernie actually said, “She is a good person. I would never hurt a good person.” I think Bernie, himself, was a good enough kid. Under Aidan’s tutelage, he could have been a “good vampire” too, one that learned to live on animal blood and the occasional Really Bad Guy. Hey, it works for Dexter! 😉

      I too thought the way Rebecca’s story ended was touching, and went a long way toward redeeming her character. But throughout most of the season, she was such a toxic influence on Aidan. And I feel like most of his attraction to her came out of guilt for inflicting this lifestyle on her. But it wasn’t Aidan’s fault that Rebecca “sucked” at being a vampire (pun intended).

      I think a lot of who you are as a vampire, on this show, comes from who you are as a human. For example, I strongly doubt that if Aidan turned Celine that she would have behave the same way Rebecca did. I actually think Celine was a much better match for Aidan. Too bad she “grew out of him” and had to die.

      I absolutely agree, that Sally’s character was WAY more, fun once she started growing a backbone, and winning in the battle against Danny. However, I’m really glad that storyline is finally over. And I look forward to this newer, less whiny, version of Sally, beginning to get her own supernatural life next season, particularly now that she can touch.

      I can’t wait to talk Being Human with you in Season 2, Tricus. Thanks again for sharing your love of this show with me.

  4. If I was a ghost, I would totally take advantage of the Perk of being a voyeur in a different way… like entering Damon Salvatore’s bathroom everytime he feels compelled to wash away his mangst and show his annoyance by stripping off his shirt.

    “Aiden and his sideburns refuse”. Hilarious! I bet that Stefan’s Hero Hairdo has emotions of its own and self-awareness too.

    I’m just waiting for the female ghost to fall in love with one of the main guys. It would be so heartbreaking to fall for someone you can’t touch. I read a YA novel about a succubus who falls for a human she can’t kiss or be intimate with in anyway because she would kill him, and it is just such a sad and lonely concept, not being able to show physical affection for the one you love.

    • Ahh, but there’s a TWIST! In the Being Human Universe, supernatural creatures are the only ones who are capable of SEEING ghosts. 😉 So, if Ghostly You was peeping on a Shirtless Bathroom-Bound Damon, he would surely catch you doing it, and ravish you, instantly for punishment! 😉

      See, it IS hard out there for a ghost. But at least in THIS universe, if you happen to live in a house filled with Supernatural Beings, LIKE La Casa de Rich and Awesome, it can be HARD in a different way too, if you catch my drift. 😉

      As for the touching, early on in the season, Sally, as a ghost, was only able to touch other ghosts on a regular basis. However, she was also able to touch humans, on a more limited basis, provided that they were “open to it.”

      Now, however, in a more recent development, Sally finds herself miraculously able to “touch” household objects, as a result of her LITERALLY missing her Door of Opportunity to cross over into the Great Beyond. It will be interesting to see if this newfound “ability” extends to touching other supernatural creatures as well, like, for example, her roommates. 🙂

      As for Sally seeing her roommates as possible romantic prospects it’s definitely a possibility, especially considering that her British TV counterpart recently hooked up with the Vampire character on THAT show. I’m not sure if it will happen next season (because the show only has twelve episodes per season, and it just seems too plot heavy at this point to throw another SERIOUS romantic storyline into the mix), but if Being Human is lucky enough to get a Season 3, Sally will DEFINITELY be hooking up with either Aiden or Josh then.

      (Because as Dawson’s Creek and HOPEFULLY TVD fans well know, all the BEST SHIPS come together in Season 3. ;))

      • Seriously, I have the feeling that season three of TVD is going to be all Forwood and Delena, and possibly Kefan if we are lucky. There will be too much awesomeness to handle, clearly.

  5. Glad to find out that Sally is no longer as annoying as the season progressed. I cannot bear to watch the US version after following the UK version. Have you been following the UK one? I can’t believe the ending of the last season….. AAAAAAAAAAAH! I just can’t believe it….!!!

  6. Btw i loved the episode recaps! Getting updated without having to watch the entire show =P And the voice over is hi-lar-ious!

    • Isn’t she great? Her super sarcastic episode analysis and deadpan tone of voice remind me a bit of the narrator who does the pre-episode “That’s what you missed” recaps, before every Glee episode.

      It kind of makes me want to have my own snarky recapper around, so he or she can provide the play-by-play on MY life, each week. Wouldn’t that be fun? 🙂

  7. Tricus

    Yeah I am actually a fan of Being Human since the first episode. Something about the show caught my interest. It is not on par with TVD but hopefully it will get there.
    I think also that based on the UK version, Being Human US version romance will mirror it to a certain extent. Mainly the big plots so I bet in Season 3 you will see Aiden and Sally getting closer and closer and probably hook up in Season 4 if not by the end of Season 3.
    Hopefully its in Season 4 they start a relationship because like you said there are only 13 episodes per season in this show. It’s not like TVD where there are 22 episodes per season so it’s relaistic for them to be further along in their feelings.
    Anyway yeah , you are right. A turned vampire and how they act when they are turned probably has a lot ot do with their basic personalities as a human. Even when I saw Rebecca as a human in the first episode on a date (before he killed her) with Aiden I didn’t like her then.
    The little boy would have been fine if he had the guidance and training from Aiden. Alas the writers didn’t want to do such a big change from the UK version I guess.
    Josh and Nora is adorable. Now that she knwss everything about his secret they can be more open and comfortable with each other. Josh can feel good with no secrets between them.

    Speaking of which, I don’t know how it will work in the UK version if the vampire ( what’s his name?) is not on the show anymore. It just throws off the dynamic. Are they going to bring in another vampire to round it out and have the ghost fall in love with him?
    I just don’t get how that’s going to work.

  8. Nina in Anchorage

    So, that’s three supernatural shows we watch. TVD, BH, and now Teen Wolf. And we all think the same actors/characters are hot. We should throw a party!
    I sincerely hope your life settles down enough that maybe you can recap BH Season 2, but I’ll settle for your TVD ones if it becomes a choice. 🙂

    • Hey Nina!

      Wow, clearly, you have excellent taste in television, and in men! 🙂 I am so excited that you found this blog. And I am sure you and I will have A LOT talk about in the coming months.

      Do you watch True Blood, as well? If not . . . you might like it. 😉 It premieres on June 26th on HBO, and is CHOCK full of vampires, werewolves, and sexy men that are sure to pique your fancy. 🙂

      I ADORED Being Human, this past season. Admittedly, the show was a bit of a slow starter, but BOY did it finish strong! And based on where everything left off, I think Season 2 will be EVEN BETTER. In terms of whether I can recap the show weekly, starting next fall, that’s probably going to have a lot to do with when it airs. These past couple of years Monday nights, have always been busy nights for me, TV wise. But if Being Human moves to say a WEDNESDAY or a SUNDAY, I’m all in! 🙂

      I’ll definitely keep you posted, as soon as I learn anything. But hey, either way, we’ll always have TVD and Teen Wolf, right? 😉

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