How Klaus Became the NEW Voldemort!- A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Know Thy Enemy”

Damon:  “So, you’re KLAUS, now?  WTF Alaric!  I thought we were supposed to bros?  Do the words ‘Team Badass’ mean NOTHING to you?”

Alaric:  “Ummmm .  . . yeah . . . sorry about that.  But, hey!  At least I won’t be forcing you to hang out with my Boring Ass Girlfriend, anymore!”

Damon:  “True . . .”

OK, so remember THIS GUY?

“Dammit Harry Potter!  If I was on The Vampire Diaries, they would  have made me HOT . . . or, at least, given me a nose.”

Well, then you know how, in the first few Harry Potter books and films, “Big Bad” Voldemort never actually MADE an appearance.  He just hypnotized all these random folks to do his bidding, while he skulked around town, in search of a new face.  (Honestly, can you BLAME him?  I mean LOOK at the guy?)   

That’s kind of what Klaus has become on The Vampire Diaries.  Everybody talks about him.  Some folks even work for him.  But nobody seems to actually know what he looks like unless they read the spoilers.

In related news, Alaric Saltzman has officially become AWESOME once again . . .



He is also randomly sporting a bizarre new voice and accent, that makes him kind of sound like Yoda . . .

“Words . . . I speak.  Understand them . . . you will not.”

Oh, and in case I didn’t mention it before, THE LONG HIATUS IS OVER!  THE VAMPIRE DIARIES ARE BACK, FOR GOOD!


Let’s get on with that recap, shall we?

Breaking News:   Useless Aunt Jenna comes face-to-face with an Evil Vampire . . . and actually DOESN’T invite her inside the house!


There’s a first time for everything!

The episode begins literally right where we left, off a few months back, with Isobel (who’s such a RIDICULOUSLY awful mother, she makes that corpse in the basement at the end of Psycho look positively maternal, by comparison) arriving on Elena’s doorstep.  This makes things incredibly awkward for Useless Aunt Jenna, who, in the past few seconds, has just learned the following:  (1) her boyfriend’s wife is not quite as DEAD as he made her out to be; (2) that undead b*tch gave birth to Elena; and (3) everybody in Mystic Falls, except for Jenna, herself, already seemed to know this.  Needless to say, Jenna has had better days . . .


“Wow, my character hasn’t done this much emoting on screen since . . . well . . . ever!”

Being the “rational and mature” guardian that Useless Aunt Jenna is, she responds to this Unwelcome Home Invasion by . . . throwing a temper tantrum, and disappearing for the rest of the episode.  (You’ve really gotta love all the stellar examples of parenting on this show.  It’s no wonder, everybody runs around, throwing eachother into walls, and biting one another!  It’s like Lord of the Flies on this show!)


“SNIFF . . . now, I’m never going to get to see Alaric’s Chunky Monkey AGAIN!”

Speaking of Alaric, he stopped by the Gilbert House to (1) apologize to Useless Aunt Jenna for being a Terrible Boyfriend . . . and (2)  to do something us TVD Fans have been wanting to do, ourselves, since Season 1 . . . PUNCH Uncle / Father John in the FACE!

An image that has resulted in the destruction of many television screens . . . due to objects being thrown at them . . .

Meanwhile, over at La Casa de Rich and Awesome . . .

Kat Plays for Both Teams (in more ways than one)


Katherine tells the Salvatore Brothers that, despite having played for Team Smug Asshole (a.k.a. Isobel and Uncle / Father John) for the past few episodes, she is now “TOTALLY” batting for our Salvatore Scooby Gang.  The CunningVamp promises to do whatever it takes to help those Sexy Salvatores save Elena, so long as that means offing Santa Klaus.  Of course, no matter how many times Katherine dances around the living room, like a girl who really has to peepreparing for a strip tease,  neither vampire brother particularly seems to trust her.

As it turns out, the brothers’ suspicions are well-founded!  Just a few scenes later, we find Kat encountering Isobel at the “Safe House” the latter supposedly purchased for Elena.   (“It’s the nicest foreclosure on the block,” Isobel notes proudly, in TVD’s first ever, Timely Recession Reference.)


At first, Kat attacks Isobel, by . . .  throwing her up against the wall.  SURPRISE!  (I’m beginning to think this is some form of Bizarre Vampire Greeting, considering how often it’s done on the show.)  Soon after, the pair are being all flirty and seductive with eachother.  There’s definitely this odd sapphic chemistry between them.  In fact, watching Katherine and Isobel interact, I can’t help but wonder if these two have ever “known one another in the biblical sense,” if you catch my drift . . .

“Yeah, thanks for giving me Crabs, last time you were here!  That was fun!”

The other odd thing I noticed about Isobel, is that, ever since she’s returned to Mystic Falls, she has lost all emotional affect in her voice.  Every line she utters is delivered in this painfully dull monotone kind of like James Franco hosting the Oscars.  Of course, in hindsight, this noticeable change in Isobel’s personality (assuming she has one!) actually makes a lot of sense to her character’s particular plotline.  But initially, I must admit, I attributed it to bad acting.  (Sorry Mia Kirshner!)

“Don’t worry, I ain’t mad at ya!  (I’ll just eat you in your sleep.)”

While Isobel and Katherine chat, we learn that Katherine, at Isobel’s urging, is actually planning to cut some kind of deal with Klaus, in which her own life will be spared, in return for her turning over to him the Moonstone  . . . and Elena.

(We also learn that Isobel has a nickname for Useless Aunt Jenna . . .  “Auntie Vanilla “. . . I like it . . . but I still think “Useless Aunt Jenna” is better.  Just sayin’!)

Later, while Damon and Stefan are out playing Save Elena Games, Katherine begins ransacking La Casa de Rich and Awesome, in search of the Mysterious Moonstone.  Of course, she’s not averse to helping herself to a few of the boys’ OTHER possessions, while she’s looking . . .


After searching nearly the entire house, Kat heads to the bathroom to wash her hands.  It is there that she locates the Moonstone, which has been hidden by Damon (who always said the darn thing looked like “soap, “anyway) in the Biggest Soap Dish Ever!


Now, I know a lot of TVD viewers out there were understandably annoyed at the USUALLY brilliant Damon, for picking such a seemingly lame hiding place for such an important object.  Many of you might have even wondered why Damon, an admittedly “manly man” keeps so many Fancy Girly Hand Soaps in his bathroom, in the first place!  The answer to the second inquiry is quite simple, actually:  Damon REALLY likes getting clean . . .

As for why Damon chose the Soap Dish as the Moonstone’s Hiding Place, I’d have to say, the writers “compelled” him to do it, as a gift to US!   Because, think about it, had Damon NOT hidden the Moonstone in the soap dish, we would not have been treated to THIS . . .


“GRRRRR . . . Wearing clothing makes me SO MAD!” 

Or this . . .


“GRRR . . . Girly Soaps make me SO MAD!”

I rest my case.  Speaking of the Sexiest Salvatore. . .

Damon meets the ONLY women on the PLANET who don’t want him in their house!  (Of course, they are DEAD . . . and have no taste.)


Just so you know, Damon . . . MY DOOR is ALWAYS OPEN!

Damon spends a large chunk of the episode hanging out with Witchy Bonnie and Mini Gilbert.  NOOOOOOO!  Hang out with ELENA, DAMON!  YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HANGING OUT WITH ELENA!

A witch, a vampire, and a Gilbert walk into a house . . . I think I once heard a really bad joke that started like this . . .

You see, through his many years of trying to rescue Katherine from the tomb she wasn’t in . . . , Damon learned the location of the house where all the Mystic Falls witches were burned alive, back in 1864.  If Bonnie can harness the power of these witches, she can kill Klaus.  So, Bonnie, Jeremy and Damon, pick up a spell book from a probably VERY RANK- smelling Jonas’ house . . .

(BTW, I love how DEAD LUKA has been rotting away on the floor of that apartment for MONTHS, and nobody seems to care!)

 . . . and head to the all-powerful Witch Burning Site.

“Hi, honeys . . . we’re HOME!”

As it turns out, three is DEFINITELY a crowd, at the Dead Witch Bed and Breakfast.  And soon after Damon enters the house, strange things start happening to him. (Unfortunately, none of those “strange things” involve his clothing magically disappearing from his body.)


First, Damon finds himself glued to the floor.  Then, his Sunscreen Ring suddenly stops working, and he gets the WORST SUNBURN EVER!  Wisely, Damon decides to leave the house before things get “too intense.”

Alone in Witchland, Bonnie and Jeremy start preparing to perform the “I see dead people . . . and take all their powers” spell.   While Bonnie mumbles and chants gibberish, the witches start whispering something in her ear. 

“Pssst, you’re boyfriend is REALLY HOT.  Think he’d mind if we all had Hot Invisible Poltergeist Sex with him?”

Of course, Nosy Jeremy wants to know what the witches are saying, but Bonnie won’t tell him (which means she probably agreed to the Hot Poltergeist Sex Thing).  Suddenly, Bonnie is screaming in pain.  And Jeremy gets ghost f*&ked thrown into a wall for the 85,000th time this season . . .

“I’m starting to think that the universe is trying to tell me something . . .”

Then, it’s all over.  And Bonnie and Jeremy celebrate, by making out again . . .

Outside, the house, Bonnie shows off her  newfound witchy powers, by making Mystic Falls have Really Bad Weather for 15 seconds . . .

I would have made myself a Super Model / Lottery Winner, instead . . . but that’s just me.

After doing some research, Jeremy learns that using all those witchy powers necessary to kill Klaus, will result in Bonnie’s death as well . . .

“ANOTHER Dead Girlfriend?  Are you friggin kidding me, with this?  That’s IT!  Next season, I’m totally turning gay!”

Speaking of soon-to-be-dead folks . . .

Isobel’s Big Plan

While in town, Isobel confronts Alaric, tells him how much she used to love him  . . . and has her Massively Large Warlock Body Guard, Jedi Mind Trick him into unconsciousness.  (Did you ever notice how EVERY vampire has their own witch on this show?  The Salvatores have Bonnie.  Elijah had Jonas.  Klaus has this nameless Sumo Warlock.  Is there some sort of a Witches R’ Us store in Mystic Falls that I don’t know about?) 

Isobel then heads to the Lockwood Mansion, where Elena is accepting some random award on behalf of her OTHER Dead Mom.  Once there, Izzie seemingly kills Uncle / Father John, by biting him in the neck and tossing him down a flight of steps.  (Geez, punched in the face, bitten, AND thrown down steps.  It’s not really this guy’s episode, is it?)

“At least I got to keep my balls all my fingers, this time!”

While, the crowd is tending to Uncle / Father John . . .

Katherine is “tending to” Elena . . .


Moments later, Stefan finds “Elena,” and takes her out of the mansion.  The problem is, The REAL Elena is gone!

When Stefan finally figures out what has happened, Katherine, looking remarkably like Elena, stabs Stefan with a syringe (filled with what exactly?  It was never explained . . ) and tosses him into her “bush.”  Sexual symbolism abounds . . .


And in this moment, Delena fans across the world, simultaneously updated their Tumblrs and Facebook pages, with the best thing that has happened to their SHIP (at least symbolically), since Damon told Elena he loved her in “Rose.” 

Then Damon magically appears!

After assuring the masses at La Casa de Lockwood that Uncle / Father John is unfortunately not dead yet, Damon proceeds to entertain them, by performing  a Ventroliquist and Dummy Act with Elena’s Bio Dad’s limp body . . .

“Now, watch me make him dance!”

Back at The Nicest Foreclosure in Town, Katherine gets  . . . kidnapped by . . . Sumo Warlock?

Meanwhile, Isobel drives an unconscious Elena to a grave site, that I had assumed would be for Elena’s adopted parents, but was actually Isobel’s own . . .

Isobel explains to Elena how no one is actually buried there (DUH!).  However, a part of Isobel really did die, when she became a vampire.  Isobel wistfully wishes that Elena got to meet the nice (probably dull) Isobel, who studied supernatural things, regularly boned Alaric, not to mention Uncle / Father John (Maybe she wasn’t so dull, after all!), and genuinely loved her bastard child daughter.  Then, Isobel gets a call from Sumo Warlock.  He tells Isobel, that her “job” is done, and Elena is free to go! 

Wait . . . huh?

Apparently, Klaus compelled Isobel to do ALL the evil crap she did during this episode!

OK . . . so let me get this straight . . . Klaus compelled Isobel to (1) get Katherine to find the Moonstone; (2) have Alaric kidnapped; (3) push John down the steps; (4) kidnap Elena; AND (5) betray Katherine, so that SHE could get kidnapped, while carrying the Moonstone. 

(Does being compelled give you, like, Super Human Memory or something?  Because that seems like a WHOLE LOT to remember to do  . . .   even for a non-Hypnotized Zombie Type . . .)

But at least now we know why Isobel seems to have lost her ability to emote, since last season!  She’s been a Klaus’ Toy Robot this entire episode!

Speaking of rotting and decayed flesh, Isobel tells Elena that she’s “sorry she was such a disappointment to [her].” The vampiress then rips off her Sunscreen Necklace (I thought they only came in rings!) and “tragically” meets the sun, a la Godric in True Blood.  The difference, of course, is that Godric made killing yourself, look pretty darn awesome, while Isobel, quite honestly, looked a bit rough, during her Dramatic Death Scene . . .)



Oh, HONEY!  You really need to moisturize!

“Isobel Fleming . . . consider yourself OWNED!”

Sayonara, Mama Isobel!  It’s been . . . REAL . . . interesting. 

(For those of you keeping score, Elena has now experienced, FIRSTHAND, the death of THREE PARENTS!  How many YEARS of therapy, do you think it’s going to take to erase THAT?)

Meanwhile, in Not-So-Clueless-Anymore Matt News . . .

And you thought TYLER did Caroline dirty! (a.k.a The Forwood is MUCH BETTER than Caratt Plotline)

“I have three things to tell you, Mama Forbes.  (1) I think your daughter is an Evil Bloodsucking Vampire; (2) she probably killed my Slutty Sister; (3) I’m SUPER hot for Cougars in Uniform . . .”

So, throughout most of the episode, Poor Caroline is trying to get in touch with Matt, who has been avoiding her, ever since she SAVED HIS LIFE at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls.  (Way to be grateful, DOUCHE!)  When Caroline, inappropriately, asks Tyler’s mom, where Matt might be, the latter reminds Caroline that HER SON, TYLER is also missing, and that Forwood belong together, so Caroline should really get her priorities straight! 

(Oh, by the way, how weird is it that Snooty Mama Lockwood is officially, by default, the BEST MOM ON THIS SHOW?)

Outside, the Lockwood Mansion, Matt accosts Caroline’s mom, with crazy talk of vampires and supernatural beings having something to do with the death of his sister.  Later, Matt arrives at Caroline’s house, with some BIG FAT LIE story about Mama Forbes bringing him there to “cool down.” after his “outburst.”  Matt’s Big Monologue about how alone he feels, being the only Clueless Human in a clearly Supernatural World . . .

 . . .  is remarkably reminiscent of Tyler’s admission to Caroline (which also took place at her house) about how alone he felt, having to cope with the Werewolf Curse, all by himself . . .

Except . . . you know . . . Tyler’s speeched rocked, and Matt’s . . . well . . . didn’t.

Anywhoo . . . Matt claims that he wants to know everything about Vicki’s death, and what’s going on in Mystic Falls.   So, Caroline gives him these . . .

Just kidding!  But Caroline REALLY does seem to have told Matt everything that’s been happening on the show, at least, everything that has happened since she became totally awesome a vampire.  (I wonder how long THAT took!) 

Then, Cry Baby Matt tells Caroline that he’d rather not know all this Scary Stuff. WUSS! So, he asks Caroline to compel him to forget everything he just BEGGED her to tell him, moments earlier.  (Way to WASTE CAROLINE’S TIME, MATT DONVA$$HOLE!)  Reluctantly, Caroline obliges . . .


“Don’t worry, Matt. Vampires and werewolves don’t really exist . . . And Santa Claus is real . . . and so is the Tooth Fairy . . . and the Easter Bunny.  Also, there is no war, or poverty, or hunger.  The world is a Perfect Place.”

The Big Twist comes just seconds later, when Matt hops into  . . . Mama Forbes car and starts boning her reveals everything.  “I did what you said.  I drank that vervain stuff, got [Caroline] to tell me everything, and then told her to make me forget it.  I think she DIED,” Matt whines to Caroline’s mom.  Caroline’s mom tearfully agrees . . .

Well YEAH, GENIUSES!  She DID die!  That’s what makes her a VAMMMM-PIRRRRRRE!

Honestly, I don’t know who made me madder in this scene:  (1) Matt, for manipulating Caroline, and then (AFTER hearing her obviously HEARTFELT, and extremely guilt-ridden, confession about what’s been going on in Mystic Falls) STILL not believing her to be the same sweet girl he supposedly fell in love with not too long ago . . . just because she happens to drink a little blood, every once in a while . . .

“That’s SO racist!”

 . . . or (2) Caroline’s OWN mother, for so easily thinking the worst of her daughter, just on the say-so of Some Dumb Kid She Used to Date.

You know, what?  Why choose?  Here’s what I have to say to BOTH of them!


Come back soon, Tyler!  Your girl, Caroline, NEEDS YOU!

In MUCH Nicer Boy News . . .

Team Salvatore FOR THE WIN (for now . . .)!

How’s this for a rockin’ present?  Upon realizing that EVERY BAD GUY IN THE WORLD has access to the Gilbert home  (Thanks, AUNT JENNA!), and that Elena needs a place where she can be safe, Damon and Stefan decide to DEED LA CASA DE RICH AND AWESOME OVER TO HER . .  . OMG!  They gave her an ENTIRE MANSION!  Holy CRAP!


Later, the two brothers bond over booze, and the knowledge that, because THEY are the only ones who know that Bonnie has her witchy powers back, she is  literally their Secret Weapon to Kill Klaus . . .


Speaking of Klaus, Katherine wakes up on the floor of Sumo Warlock’s hideaway to hear him performing weird creepy chants over an unconscious Alaric’s head.  Then, “Alaric” wakes up . . . and he’s got this disturbingly evil look in his eyes, which makes me think Sumo Dude programmed him to be some Mindless Killing Machine.  But Nu-Alaric is something WAY COOLER THAN THAT! 

“Lovely Katarina.  I’ve missed you,” he warbles in that weird new accent of his. 


“Klaus?”  A dumbfounded, and clearly terrified, Katherine replies.  (And . . . that’s when I peed my pants . . .)

Next week’s episode promises a WHOLE LOT MORE AlarKlaus, not to mention some funky costumes, and a TON of DELENA DANCING!

You can check out the kick ass extended promo for “The Last Dance” here:

Is it Thursday yet? 8)

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46 responses to “How Klaus Became the NEW Voldemort!- A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Know Thy Enemy”

  1. serendipity

    Hiya Kjewls,
    I had a lot of laughs reading you recap of this episode, as usual. Truly inspired, also as usual! I’m just a little bit disappointed by this episode, but that’ll be because we’ve just been through an enormous dry spell of no TVD and more importantly no Damon (apart from what we write ourselves of course LOL), so of course I’d hoped for more Damon.
    Luckily the writers understand some of our needs, because they did give us a peek at shirtless Damon, all with the flimsy excuse of Damon getting uncle/father John’s blood on his shirt (and to discover the missing moonstone, but he could have done that just washing his hands, no?) So that part I liked! Also I wondered about the girly vase filled with girly soap in different girly colors in his manly bathroom, but hey, he has to keep all his lady visitors stocked, no? Even if there haven’t been as many lately…
    So that’s it for now, and I’ll hope for more Damon-related shenanigans next week… Just my luck that I had an idea about writing a fanfic about Damon and Elena dancing BEFORE seeing the trailer for next week’s episode 😦

    • Hey there, serendipity! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      I can definitely see what you mean about the episode. While I enjoyed “Know thy Enemy”, for all its crazy twists and nonstop action, I was looking forward to a bit more Delena interaction, particularly after the long hiatus we had to endure. For what it’s worth, it looks like we will be getting A TON next week!

      Speaking of the promo, how fun was it to see Damon and Elena laughing, bopping around, and being a bit goofy, for a change, at the dance! Yes, I recognize this is destined to end badly (with the crying, and the slapping of Damon). But fun, silly, goofy interactions between our main characters is something you just just don’t see enough of on TVD, lately. So, even if it’s just for a little while, I’m REALLY looking forward to some Delena Dancing Fun next week.

      Oh, and DEFINITELY write your Delena Dancing Fanfiction! Don’t let the promos stop you! As far as I’m concerned, there is absolutely no such thing as too much Damon dancing! 🙂

      (By the way, the most recent chapter of your fanfiction was FABULOUS! I loved it. I’ve been meaning to stop by and tell you just how much, but things have been crazy this week. Definitely expect another comment from me this weekend. :))

      Back to “Know thy Enemy.” Why, oh WHY, did Damon have to go cavorting with Bonnie and Jeremy, INSTEAD of going to the Lockwood Mansion with Elena? Not only would we have surely gotten more Delena interaction then, Elena could have really used Damon by her side, to stop all the Katherine / Isobel madness that went down there!

      I mean, I get that Damon was the ONLY person who knew where the Witch Massacre took place, but couldn’t Bonnie and Jeremy have just MapQuested it? After all, Damon just ended up leaving the Witch House and going to the Lockwood Mansion anyway, so why not right away? Just sayin’ . . . 🙂

      • serendipity

        Too right about Damon trailing after the witch and her love interest Mini Gilbert! Don’t get me wrong, generally I like Jeremy, but I’m not much into Bonnie this season: she’s just there to fill some gaps and be the witchy one on the salvatory scooby gang! I’m beginning to see a possible casualty here at the end of the season, but I’ll be sorry for Mini Gilbert: losing 3 consecutive girlfriends is gonna get him into therapy!
        Oh, and I forgot to say that I totally agreed with you about Kat and Isobel having some kind of kinky history: the looks between them were positively sizzling!
        Thanks about the story! I’ll see what I can do about the other one, maybe I’ll post one chapter and see what happens…

  2. Sophie

    Oh, how I’ve missed your recaps! this was great as usual and I noticed you got a lot of new awesome gifs: new Damon dance and of course I’m in love with Stefan and the bush…..
    I was a bit disappointed with the lack of Damon too but the little we got was quality for sure. And on the bright delena side: anyone noticed how she would have been okay with either of her bodyguards to accompany her to the meeting/whatever?
    By now I’m so scared of Klaus that I expect him to give me a nightmares really soon. If anything happens to Alaric, I will ….words fail me, but it WILL be ugly!
    Next episode is going to be so insane: Damon dancing (in leather pants!), Elena slapping him (again, you remember how that is just an excuse for her to get physical with him?), Klausaric being uber creepy….I love that episode already!

    • Hey Sophie! It’s so great to see you on the blogosphere again! I’ve missed TVD fangirling with you SO MUCH! And I’m so glad you like the new GIFs! (Special thanks to the talented folks who made them!)

      You can bet that the new Damon Dancing GIF (leather pants SQUEE!), and the “Stefan in a Bush” gif, will get plenty of play in upcoming episodes!

      You are right. Even though we didn’t get a lot of Delena scenes, Damon was AWESOME in this episode. Ian’s comedic timing at the Witch House was just SPOT ON! (“Screw you too . . . EMILY!”) Oh, Ian, you crack me up!

      I also adored how Damon never, for a second, trusted Katherine, as well as the flirty smiles he gave Elena throughout episode. (By the way, you just KNOW Elena’s going to get into a fight with him at one point, and BAN HIM FROM HIS OWN HOUSE, right? So fun! I can’t wait!)

      And a Shirtless Damon = a Happy Recapper, no matter what ridiculous situation resulted in the clothing removal, in the first place. 🙂

      I am SUPER intrigued by Elena’s tearful Damon slap. (I agree that Elena sometimes hits Damon, because it’s the only form of physical contact she can have with him, without feeling like she’s cheating!) That, being said, I do wonder what brought about her outburst. Could Damon have kidnapped her, and compelled her to stay by his side, to prevent her from playing martyr again, with AlarKlaus, (Klausaric?) on the loose? It would explain why Stefan’s screaming “Where is SHE?” to Damon in the promo.

      All fingers crossed . . 😉

  3. Tricus

    Yeah the only thing missing from this episode was more Delena scenes, Overall I liked all the twists and turns of the episode.
    I loved when Kat threw Stefan into the bush.
    I loved when Damon made that joke when he showed up at the Lockwood Mansion to get “dead” John. Damon replied to the sheriff about what cover story to tell people “Tell them he got drunk, fell down or slipped on a banana peel or something.”
    Damon is HILARIOUS.
    Anyway I was like “Damon moonstone in plain sight in the soap bowl? COME ON”. I guess it does look like soap and the only girl that goes to his room is Andie. He thought no one would figure it out.
    Just a thought. Tell me this. WHY is it that Kat ALWAYS does her business in Damon room? When she came out of the tomb she took her shower there, tried to seduce him there, searched his room and now washed her hands there. Damon has proven time and time again he doesn’t want her anymore. Since Stefan is the one she is upposedly soooooo in love with, like the writers want us to think, WHY is she always up under Damon? I always thought it was weird. She should be working on Stefan if she ALWAYS gets what she wants and not Damon. Maybe cause Stefan just ignores her and don’t give her a reaction maybe. LOL
    I thought it was sweet that the Salvatore bros is deeding their house to Elena. That smile that Damon gave Elena was soo sweet. Damon totally loves and trust her. We all know Stefan does but Damon is a hard one to trust people.
    Love Klaus/Alaric accent. I hope Alaric doesn’t die.
    Anywhoo excited for next episode when we get MUCH Delena good and bad. I am sure that Damon is telling Elena something bad in his “usual blunt/don’t care as long as you are safe” way that she doesn’t like and she slaps him. Put my money that it has something to do with Bonnie and her dying if she uses her full power on Klaus..

    • Hey Tricus! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! You’ve perfectly described everything I ADORED about Damon in this episode. The DUDE is hilariously funny, inherently masculine (HELLO, SHIRTLESS!), and super sweet, to boot. You are right, Damon didn’t question for one second, whether or not he should deed Elena his house. And the look he gave her when she took the deed was just adorable

      Being kind to and caring for Elena is like second nature for Damon. It just happens. He doesn’t even have to think about it. NOW THAT is TRUE LOVE!

      With Damon, Elena truly gets the best of both worlds. He’s the quintessential Bad Boy, on one hand. Snarky, and insanely fun, yet tough, fearless, and capable of doing some SERIOUSLY evil things to those who mess with the people he loves. And yet, Damon’s also got this soft side. And you just know, if he ever dated Elena, he’d be SO sweet and generous with her, but not in a mushy, nauseating kind of way.

      In fact, I’d fully expect Damon and Elena to fight ALL THE TIME as a couple, because Damon DOES NOT take Elena’s crap! And SHE doesn’t take HIS either! But . . . then they’d have kick ass makeup sex, of course! 🙂 Honestly, Delena is what EVERY GIRL secretly wants in a relationship! 🙂

      You bring up a very good point about Katherine, always seeming to be trying to seduce Damon, even though she’s supposedly TOTALLY in love with Stefan. Paul Wesley even mentioned something about this in a recent interview. He said that Katherine is a pro at playing both sides. Just when you think she loves Stefan, she will do something that makes her seem completely into Damon.

      In short, I’m not really sure Katherine can love ANYONE, at least not in the way normal, non sociopathic, people can. But Katherine LOVES to play games, and she LOVES being loved. So, whenever Katherine begins to feel like she’s falling out of favor with one of the Salvatore Brother’s, she will flirt with him shamelessly, in hopes of getting back into HIS “Desirous Place.” Right now, I suspect that Katherine intensely jealous of Elena, because ELENA now has BOTH brothers’ hearts, and Katherine has none.

      As for your predictions about next week’s episode, and what Damon says to Elena to make her cry and slap him, I agree that Bonnie’s inevitable death is a very good guess. Elena HATES the idea of anyone giving up their lives for her. And if Bonnie died for Elena, and the Salvatore Brother’s ENCOURAGED her to do it, I don’t think that Elena would ever forgive herself for it. She may not even be able to forgive THEM!

      I guess we will just have to wait until next week, to know for sure, though, won’t we? 😉

  4. Gen

    So glad TVD is back, because it also means you equally awesome recaps are back to bring me extreme amounts of joy. Note that trying to contain my laughter while reading this recap during work is not an easy task.

    I still love John. Some hate the guy, but I really do have this soft spot for him. I wanted to believe that it was a genuine moment between him and Elena when he gave her Miranda’s bracelet and I want to take their talk in 2×17 as another one of those moments. Am I being naive? I hope not.

    Isobel burning up…I liveblogged that I wanted her to burn in hell…so my face when she actually burned up was of shock and “I FRIGGIN CALLED IT!” LOL.

    As for my favorite part of TVD and the only thing really relevant to my interests is Caroline-Matt-Tyler. I don’t full on hate Matt, because he is good person, but Caroline seems to bring out the worse in him. So I defended his mini-freak out in the last episode, because like Tyler, I felt like he had every right to freak. Him jumping to the conclusion that Caroline had anything to do with Vicki is another thing. I’m like the Matt and Sheriff Forbes angel. It gives them something interesting and I’m curious to see how they handle this situation and what exactly they plan on carrying out. Matt is consciously making the decision to betray Caroline, where Tyler hesitated in what was a confusing, scary and intense moment. I’m sure if he could he would do something entirely different in that moment. So my T/C shipper heart remains more hopeful than ever. I believe that when Tyler does return that he will be the one to find out about Matt and Liz working against Caroline. Just a hunch.

    Awesome recap was awesome!!

    • Hey Gen! Thanks so much for kind words. You are SO SWEET! And, I must say, I’m really intrigued and impressed with the diplomatic manner in which you viewed Matt’s and Caroline’s mom’s actions in this episode . . . especially since I know what a die hard Forwoody you are. Because, as a passionate, but slightly less diehard. Forwoody myself, these two PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH THIS WEEK, THAT I WANTED TO STICK MY HANDS THROUGH THE TELEVISION SCREEN AND STRANGLE THEM BOTH! 🙂

      OK . . . must breathe . . . and chill . . .

      Better now. 🙂 So, here’s the thing. IF Caroline’s vampire transformation was more like VICKI’S (or, Isobel’s, or even Stefan’s, based on those early flashback’s we’ve seen), and she suddenly became this dangerous emotionless creature, who completely lacked the ability to emote, and would kill ANYONE who got in her way, then, I could understand Matt and Caroline’s mom thinking that THE VAMPIRE in Caroline KILLED the girl they knew. And, therefore, they would feel like it would be their DUTY to destroy Caroline’s BODY, in order to protect her memory from being tarnished by THIS foreign creature who is currently inhabiting it.

      If Caroline behaved as I had described, Caroline’s mom and Matt would view her like WE currently view AlarKlaus. Basically, we see AlarKlaus in action and KNOW that, even though Alaric’s body LOOKS the same, he’s simply not in there any more . . . at least, not right now.

      But Caroline behaves JUST LIKE SHE ALWAYS DID! In fact, she’s actually a kinder, more generous, and less shallow, person than she used to be. Caroline’s mom got to see this side of Caroline earlier in the season. Unfortunately, she has been compelled to forget it. And now, presumably, Caroline keeps her distance from her mother, so as not to give herself away. Yet, I would hope that a mother would know her OWN daughter enough to know she’s NOT EVIL, even if they aren’t “bonding regularly.”

      And as for Matt, GEEZ! Caroline told him EVERYTHING! By now, he KNOWS she had nothing to do with Vicki’s death. And even if he didn’t trust Caroline initially, the look in her eyes when she was giving her speech to him, should have told him that she was being sincere. NOTHING about the way Caroline has acted around Matt, since her transformation, should make him think that she is EVIL or a ZOMBIE of any sort, quite the contrary, actually.

      So, for Matt and Caroline’s mom to consciously manipulate and plot against the woman they supposedly both LOVE, and talk about her like she’s dead, just FLOORS me. Say what you will about some of Tyler’s actions in recent episodes, but he NEVER doubted who Caroline was as a HUMAN. Sure, he felt betrayed by her, but the extent of that feeling actually goes to show how much Tyler values Caroline for the person she is inside. ZOMBIES and EVIL CREATURES are incapable of betrayal, because monsters lack any sort of human decency. And, yet, THIS is how Matt and Caroline’s mom seem to view Caroline now. And THAT is just plain wrong!

      Of course, TVD has a way of tricking us all. So, who knows? Maybe this odd couple really does want to HELP Caroline, by breaking her free of the Salvatore Brothers, in the same way Uncle / Father John felt like he was helping ,Elena by breaking HER from their grasp too. Sure, it would be a misguided attempt at love on their part, but an attempt, nonetheless. So, I’ll TRY to withhold judgment until we get more information. But for now, these two TOOLBOXES are TOTALLY on my Poopy List! 🙂

      Oh, and I LOVE your idea, of Tyler figuring out that Matt and Caroline’s mom (Liz?) are plotting against Caroline, and foiling their plans. Now, THAT would be an awesome turn of events, for sure! I love your excellent insights, in general, and definitely look forward to Forwood Fangirling and Caratt Crushing, in the near future! 🙂

      • Gen

        I am bowing down to this reply post. At the time I was so intrigued by Matt and Liz being in cahoots with each other and finally getting a storyline I didn’t look at the whole picture. I like to be a person who can see both sides to every story, to be an unbiased party and be able to sympathize (if deserving) with each side. Like I said before Matt is consciously making the decision to betray Caroline. That does not sit well with me. All he and Liz see when they look at Caroline is a vampire. A monster whom they feel is no longer the person they love and must conspire against. As much as it disappoints and hurts me I can’t blame them for seeing her that way. Liz knows through teachings passed down through generations that vampires are evil. You kill evil and that’s that. Matt just knows that the girl he “loved” is dead and is something he can’t understand. But they fail to see that she has been this amazing person this entire time. That is what bothers me the most. Instead of taking the time to assess the situation and confront Caroline honestly they chose other means. I hope this blows up in their face. I would love nothing more for Tyler to come back, find out about Matt and Liz and make them pay for their betrayal. That’s the pissed off T/C shipper in me talking lol. Then again, I can’t get too ahead of myself. First of all, Tyler needs to return and the manner of his return is going to dictate how he and Caroline will meet and converse. I’m hoping for the best, but you just never know with this show.

      • Hey Gen! That was a very well-put, and very diplomatic response. 🙂

        You know, all this talk about Matt’s coping (or, perhaps, more accurately, not coping) with Caroline’s vampirism, kind of makes me wonder how Matt would have reacted, had he learned of Vicki’s transformation, back when it initially happpened. Would he act like Liz, and immediately assume that the Vicki he knew was dead, and, therefore want to kill her “imposter,” or would he be more willing to see the best in his sister, due to their shared blood and experiences?

        I find it interesting that Vicki, who REALLY did seem to lose herself in vampirism, and become a genuine danger to her family and friends, was, at least initially, given the benefit of the doubt, by those who knew what had happened to her. Meanwhile Caroline, who’s shown more restraint than ANY vampire character on this show, and with a few MINOR exceptions (eating Connor, being one) has really never exhibited a vampiric darkside, was initially discounted by Damon, Bonnie, Matt, and Liz, all of whom, at least at first, seemed to assume she was “better off dead.”

        It’s just interesting how misguided people can be. 🙂

  5. Madeleine

    You know what amazes me? Bonnie has channeled 100 dead witches, become the secret weapon to two Insanely Hot vampires, may kill the Big Bad, and die in the process, and I still find anything to do with her EXTREMELY BORING. Quite frankly I feel I must attribute to the actress (sorry, actress whose name I don’t know), as this should be whatever the *exact opposite* of boring is, and she is the only variable I can see changing that.
    In other news . . . WTF MATT??? That scene in the car with Worst Boyfriend Ever and Worst Mom Ever was about the most frustrating thing I’ve seen all year. Why, exactly, did Tyler have to go? I don’t recall *him* wigging out and outing her like a wuss, even when he had good reason to be mad at her (which Matt doesn’t, by the way. It’s not like she killed his sister, not to mention the whole Heartfelt Confession). They had *better* bring Tyler back, pronto. I hate Caratts. I hate the stupid writers.
    Does it say something about my taste in men that I now magically find Alaric (or AlarKlaus, rather) hot? It does, doesn’t it . . .
    Speaking of having a thing for evil, I am officially no longer rooting for Uncle John’s Slow, Painful Demise. It has something to do with the talk he had with Elena later in the episode (which was conveniently not mentioned here, for all those who can never forgive an attempt on the life of a certain Salvatore, I assume), but, I suspect, more to do with the fact that I finished watching Alias last weekend, and Julian Sark *officially* gets my vote for best Straight Up Villain of all time (not to mention hottest, did I mention, Uncle John was FREAKING HOT?? As evidenced here: , the weird thing being that he looks pretty much exactly the same now, just *less hot*. I have no idea how that’s possible, but apparently it is.) So, please don’t kill me for that one 🙂 .
    In conclusion: Writers, make me care about Bonnie, kill Matt (painfully), let Tyler console Vampire Barbie (who better?), and don’t kill Uncle John (for now). Also, Delana, but everybody’s been asking for that for *forever* , so I assume one little extra voice ain’t gonna do the trick.

    • Quite the contrary, Madeleine! I think every little outspoken Delena supportive voice is SUPER important! 🙂 Want a justification for that opinion? Remember that little show called Dawson’s Creek (another Kevin Williamson Creation)? Well, I’m pretty sure that when it was first written. a little (boring) couple called Dawson and Joey was a foregone conclusion. But in interviews, Kevin Williamson will say that the chemistry between PACEY and Joey was SO undeniable, and their relationship SO heralded by fans as the BEST THING ON TELEVISION ever, that the overall story was ultimately morphed to support ANOTHER couple’s happy ending, than the one originally intended.

      I think WE can do the same thing for Delena. In fact, writers have already aknowledged our voices in small ways, like the scene where an Elena-looking Katherine threw Stefan in a BUSH! 🙂 We keep talking, and there is going to be MORE of that to come . . .

      OK . . . off my soap box now! 🙂

      LOL, sly of you to notice my omission of the Elena / John scene from this recap. I wish I could say it was as calculated as you suspected. But really, I think it was more a result of absentminded neglect on my part, than anything else.

      I had four pages of notes on this action-packed episode. And I wrote the recap from about 11 am to 4 am in the morning. Sometimes things just fall through the cracks, particularly when they are scenes that aren’t particularly “funny” or “sexy” or don’t fit well into the general narrative of my recap. This week, John and Elena’s small moment just happened to be one of those scenes. 🙂

      For what it’s worth, I DO think that, somewhere deep down, John LOVES and wants what’s best for Elena, which is more than I can say for that SOCIOPATHIC SHREW ISOBEL! (And no, the BURNING HERSELF ALIVE IN FRONT OF HER OWN DAUGHTER / emotionally scarring said daughter for life did nothing to redeem her character for me. Compulsion or no compulsion.) The thing is, that a parent’s love for a child should be a NATURAL thing, I think, not necessarily something a parent should get patted on the back for.

      The REAL kindness in that scene, for me, anyway, was Elena’s ability to see past all the AWFUL things John did, (not only to DAMON and STEFAN and ALARIC and DEAD ANNA, but to ALL THE SUPERNATURAL CREATURES in Mystic Falls) and be willing to let him back into her life. In my admittedly limited experience, love is better SHOWN than said. And I do look forward to the time when John can SHOW Elena he loves her, by truly doing something sacrificial and genuinely good for her. Unfortunately, I suspect that the only time we will see John doing this is moments before he croaks. That’s just how the cookie crumbles on this show. 🙂

      And yeah, I don’t think there’s anything at all wrong with the fact that you find Alaric hot, now that he’s AlarKlaus. This week, I was too FRIGHTENED by him, to really feel any stirrings of lust. (Possession is one of those things that just scares the bejeezus out of me!)

      And yet, in those previews for next week? Evil Alaric is just SUPER SEXY! You can tell that the actor, Matt Davis, is just SO HAPPY for the chance to finally get to play the Bad Ass he’s secretly always wanted to play. Unfortunately, I suspect that HE TOO might not live to see the Season Finale. So, let’s enjoy his newfound hotness while it lasts, shall we? 🙂

      I’ve never been a big Bonnie fan either. (You probably already knew that!) I genuinely never forgave her for her judginess against Elena, Caroline, and the Salvatores (ESPECIALLY Damon) back in Season 1 and Early Season 2. And I’m never particularly intrigued by her witchy scenes either. I’ve always choked this up to the writing of her character. But you make a good argument for the fact that this might have more to do with Katerina Graham’s portrayal of the character than anything else.

      That being said, I DO think that nothing redeems a character like a BIG BOLD SACRIFICIAL DEATH in service to her Best Friend, and Supernatural Beings the world over. It’s actually probably the only thing Bonnie could do that would UNDO her earlier judginess, and literal headache-giving, in my eyes.

      But MAN! Poor Jeremy! Can’t a Mini Gilbert catch a break!

      As you might have noticed, I’m also in total agreement with you in my FURY at Matt Donovasshole and Sheriff Liz the LOSER. But I’m still hoping they surprise me and redeem themselves. (Or Tyler and Jules kill them . . . either way.) Team Forwood, FTW! 🙂

      Thanks for your spectacular comment, Madeleine. You never fail to enlighten me on all things pop culture. And for that, I am eternally grateful! 🙂

  6. sassyfran

    As usual your recap is awesomNESS……….I really enjoyed the episode last night and its always so much better EVEN when I read your recaps. I do think it odd that our first real look at Klaus will be as Alaric 😦 *is sad* Hopefully the real Klaus will also show in the episode. I guess this is his way of staying hidden while still having control. I do wonder why he chose Ric?? I feel for Bonnie though of course I have no doubt she won’t die but it seems almost a waste to have a storyline that clearly will not be fulfilled that way. *shakes head* I really don’t like those type of send-us-in-the-wrong-direction type storylines it seems like lazy writing to me. I am ready to move on from the Isobel story. I figured out where I had seen Isobel before last night LOL I only recently watched the L Word on You tube and I totally disliked the person she played named Jenny. I mean her monotone voice was just annoying. Anyway, I can’t wait for more of the story next week. !! oh my gosh I just realized I won’t be home next thursday RATS!! Okay well I guess I won’t see it till I find it online afterward. 😦

    • Hey sassyfran! Thanks so much for your kind words! You bring up a really good point about Klaus specifically “tapping” Alaric to be his literal “body double.” Hmmmmm, so why Alaric?

      Well, Klaus would definitely want to possess someone with easy access to Elena. Stefan or Damon would be the most obvious choice for that. But maybe it’s not as easy to possess a vampire, as it is a human? Possessing Useless Aunt Jenna or Jeremy would be a neat idea, and TOTALLY unexpected. I mean, if Elena wasn’t living in La Casa de Rich and Awesome now, EITHER of these people could probably get to Elena in her sleep, and no one would be any the wiser, until the following morning.

      Possessing Matt would be . . . um . . . OK . . . I guess. But he’s been MIA recently. So, the Scooby Gang would probably be suspicious as to why he was suddenly hanging around all the time. Plus, Alaric has a WAY BETTER BODY for Being a Killing Machine.

      Which reminds me, how much of Klaus’s POWERS are retained in Alaric during the possession? Can AlarKlaus for example, compel humans and vampires? (It definitely seems like he’s compelled that random chick from the promos, who keeps referring to AlarKlaus the “HOT GUY WHO’S INTO ELENA,” even though EVERYBODY probably knows she’s dating Stefan and that Alaric is . . . the early 30-something history teacher dating Elena’s guardian, and NOT a high school student).

      As for the REAL Klaus, I’ve read he won’t physically appear until the April 21st episode. Check this out:

      Now THAT should be interesting! 😉 Man, I’m glad this show is back! 🙂

  7. imaginarymen

    OMG this show is insane in the membrane!!! I lose all track of time bc there is so much happening and SO many “cliffhangers” that I think it HAS be 9PM, and it’s only 8:22 or something!

    BTW my mom was in FINE form last night!:

    Me: What does Katherine have that lets her walk in the sun? Does she have a ring?
    Mom: Knowing her she probably has magic nipple rings

    Me: I love when the Salvatores want to kill one another, but I love it even MORE when they’re all partnered up like Teen Detectives
    Mom: Mystic Falls, 03871
    Me: *hums the 90210 theme*

    Me: The Salvatore Brothers are here, and they are PISSED OFF

    And seriously, we had trouble following the plot after Damon took his shirt off in a huff then had Shirtless Sink Rage. YES PLEASE!!!!! I was ALREADY in a bit of a tizzy bc Stefan was sporting a Pea Coat of Lust he must have borrowed from Pacey/Peter on “Fringe” ;-ppp

    I have to say, I don’t care about the witches or any of the stuff Bonnie is doing. In fact, I kept saying “what are they doing again?” during their entire segment (I’d rather watch Damon lurking outside and bitching to dead witches 😉 And I’m probably the only person in the world who doesn’t hate Matt. I don’t love him, but I do feel bad for him – he really IS all alone. Although aligning himself w/ Sheriff Forbes isn’t the brightest idea (have to say, did NOT see that coming.)

    Useless Aunt Jenna gave new meaning to her nickname by RUNNING AWAY FROM HOME and the children she is GUARDIAN of! Poor Jeremy is going to turn into Matt – w/ Jenna sulking on campus and Elena living at HER La Casa de Rich and Awesome! (that was so great, we’re hoping she insists on re-decorating “These ugly curtains have to go. And these lamps. And that chair. I’m sorry what? I believe it says here this house belongs to ‘Elena Gilbert’ and that would be – NOT YOU. Damon get your feet off MY coffee table” ;-00)

    I almost wish they hadn’t cast an actual Klaus and let him inhabit the other characters. The Alaric twist was great – I can’t wait to see how this pans out in the awesome looking 60’s dance ep!! (Damon dancing! Elena slapping Damon!! Stefan shoving Damon “where is she??” Oh MY! Bonnie’s witchy nose bleeds – Bo.Ring.)

    This was a great recap of a busy busy ep (btw “Playing Save Elena Games” should be a shirt in our store!)

    • I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. You and your mom NEED to do TVD recaps on YouTube. I have no doubt that they would they be hilarious, you would become an internet sensation, and it would result in you guys getting your own entertainment talk show. Just remember who gave you the idea, first! 😉

      Katherine TOTALLY has Sunscreen Nipple Rings! (Or maybe even a ring somewhere further down her body, where CW TV Show cameras can never travel.)

      Shirtless Sink Rage! I love this phrase! Here’s hoping it becomes a regular feature on the show, like the always epic Wall Slam of Anger / Expression of Thinly Veiled Sexual Desires.

      Yeah, I definitely could have done with less Witchy Bonnie Stuff, and more of The Damon Salvatore: Ghostbuster Comedy Hour. Why can’t they bring back Emily Bennett, as a recurring ghostly character on this show? Because, unlike her Great, Great, Great, Great etc. Granddaughter, SHE seems AWESOME!

      OK . . . I have to disagree with you on the whole Matt thing. (Sorry!) But, unlike Tyler, who GENUINELY seemed to have no true friends, before Caroline took him under her wing, Matt is NOT alone! Or, at least, he didn’t HAVE to be alone! Once he was clued in to All Things Supernatural by Caroline, Matt could have TOTALLY become an adopted member of Team Scooby, if he wasn’t such a douchebag weenie! (Hey, it worked for Mini Gilbert!)

      The thing is, back in Season 1, people REALLY liked Matt . . . well . . . the characters on the show did, at least. Remember when he bonded with Stefan, during the one episode where Stefan joined the football team? These two TOTALLY could have had their own bromance, like Damon and Alaric, or like BOOK Stefan and Matt do. But nooooo, HE’S gotta hang with LAME LIZ!

      Useless Aunt Jenna is just one in a line of the MANY ridiculously bad parental units on this show. By the way, since when is Jenna a student? Because, I don’t think her scholastic ambitions have ever been mentioned, before this episode. Since when did Being Useless qualify as a course of graduate level study?

      While we are on the subject of U.A.J., doe she even work? Or do they just live off the Tragic Gilbert Parent’s endless supply of life insurance money? Elena is WAY better off living in La Casa de Rich and Awesome, with two INSANELY SEXY brothers, who, unlike Useless Aunt Jenna, ACTUALLY SEEM TO CARE whether she lives or dies.

      Oh, and I do think it would be HILARIOUS if Elena started redecorating La Casa and actually added some COLOR to it. (She does OWN it, after all!) Because, right now, the only colors in that house are the ones on those Girly Soaps Damon keeps in the bathroom. And I suspect, in light of what just happened, THOSE won’t be sticking around too much longer.

      Oooh a Chain of Klaus Possessions! I LIKE IT! I remember a few years back, there was this movie whose TV trailer scared the stuffing out of me, and gave me nightmares for WEEKS! It was called “Fallen,” and the premise was that the Devil could possess anyone, just by touching them.

      So, in other words, you could be walking in the street, someone knocks into you, and BAM, you’re the Devil. I think that would be a pretty awesome plotline for TVD. Not only would it be seriously frightening for Elena to know that ANYONE could try to kill her at any moment, I also think it would be SUPER FUN for the whole TVD cast to each get a chance to play Klaus!

      It’s just too bad that possessions on TVD seem so FRIGGIN complicated! (I mean, seriously, what was SUMO WARLOCK doing to Alaric all that time, anyway? I suspect some kinkiness was involved. ;))

      Oh, and for the record, I’d totally wear a Playing Save Elena Games t-shirt! 🙂

  8. “Isobel (who’s such a RIDICULOUSLY awful mother, she makes that corpse in the basement at the end of Psycho look positively maternal, by comparison)”

    Hilarity. Before I realized she was compelled, I wondered why she thought Elena would somehow forgive her.

    “You’ve really gotta love all the stellar examples of parenting on this show. It’s no wonder, everybody runs around, throwing eachother into walls, and biting one another! It’s like Lord of the Flies on this show!”

    Hah! Hence the weird mating ritual/vampire greeting wall throws. Also, I was shocked that Jenna didn’t invite Isobel in.
    An image that has resulted in the destruction of many television screens . . . due to objects being thrown at them . . .

    “In fact, watching Katherine and Isobel interact, I can’t help but wonder if these two have ever “known one another in the biblical sense,” if you catch my drift . . .”

    They’re related. Distantly, I guess. O_O

    “It is there that she locates the Moonstone, which has been hidden by Damon (who always said the darn thing looked like “soap, “anyway) in the Biggest Soap Dish Ever!”

    I forgot Damon said it looked like soap! Probably gave him the idea for its brilliant hiding place. His bathroom was indeed very… spiffy. I liked it. Typical vampire overachiever.

    Everything about Jeremy here is hysterical. And Alaric punching John and then becoming Klaus? Wow. I liked Alaric when he first appeared in Mystic Falls, but then I found him rather dull. He completely won me over when he stabbed Elijah. (Not that I don’t adore Elijah. The act itself was awesome, though, even Elijah would have to admit that.)

    • Hey Noelle! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I always love your fun and clever insights into this show.

      Everybody loves a good Wall Slam! And though, admittedly the writers on the show may use them a smidge too often, they never cease to make me smile.

      And you are right. There is definitely a sexual aspect to TVD Wall Slams, no matter who’s doing the “giving” and “receiving.” In fact, if I’m not mistaken, it was a Wall Slam that kicked off the SUPER HOT vamp-on-vamp sex between Katherine and Damon in “The Return.” Kinky! 😉

      Haha, I guess Katherine and Isobel ARE related! It’s so easy to forget that. 🙂 Then again, I think everyone in Mystic Falls is probably distantly related, if you trace the gene pool back far enough. And I don’t think Katherine or Isobel would let a little thing like a social taboo get in the way of a “good time,” do you? 😉

      I do think Damon’s BAAAAAAAD decision to hide the Moonstone in the soap dish (aside from being an excuse to have him take off his shirt and toss stuff around) was a little nod to fans and bloggers like us, who, on Damon’s urging, had described the Moonstone as soap on message boards and in recaps. In short, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson LOVE US! Awwwww! 🙂

      I too got bored with Alaric, once his main storyline began to revolve around his regular humping of Useless Aunt Jenna. And yet, seeing Matt Davis in interviews, and reading his tweets, you just know he’s got a real sense of comedic timing. I’m glad the writers picked up on that, and have recently given him a bit more to work with in terms of fun, and now, deliciously evil, scenes. I bet Davis is just LOVING this new plot point, even if it doesn’t last long.

      I can’t wait to read YOUR recap! 🙂

  9. sassyfran

    Jewls you are hilarious. I just Tumblr’d you so you might get more folks over here. 🙂

  10. Danie

    so i just read that zach roerig (matt) sais this about whether his character is going to join team vamp
    “Knowing Matt as a person, at the end of the day these are all people that he really loves. Once he gets over the shock and the general fear, he’ll reach a point of understanding. I don’t think he’s going to turn his back on Caroline forever, and especially, Matt will never turn his back on Elena.”
    EVERYONE is in LOVE with elena hahha

    • Hey Danie! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! And thank you for the Zach Roerig scoop!

      When I’m particularly angry at a TV character (as I am at Matt now) I’m always eager to hear the ACTOR’S insight into what’s making his character act like such a douche. Roerig’s desciption of his character is refreshing, in that he does seem to believe Matt will ultimately be redeemed in the eyes of fans.

      It’s interesting that Roerig notes his character’s love for Elena. Because that was a plot thread that seemed to have been introduced early on in the series, and, then, was promptly discarded. The two characters have barely had a chance to interact in the second season. (Though, admittedly, Elena has had her hands full, both with boys who love her, and with people trying to kill her.)

      Matt’s unrequited feelings for Elena, and his undying loyalty to her, were also a HUGE part of the TVD book series. So, it will be interesting to see that plot thread get picked up again on the television series as well, in the near future.

      Plus, as a Forwood Fan, I’m taking this as SERIOUS SUPPORT for the notion that Caroline belongs with Tyler, and not Matt. After all that Caroline and Matt have been through together, it seems like Matt is STILL putting Elena first.

      UNACCEPTABLE! 🙂 Caroline doesn’t deserve to be anybody’s second choice. And I suspect with Tyler, she will always be his FIRST (“choice,” I mean . . . I don’t even pretend Tyler’s a virgin! :))

      And yeah, I’ve been the best friend of the girl who everybody loves before. It is NOT always fun. Poor Caroline! 🙂

  11. Here is how I justify the moonstone hiding place…

    In Damon’s own immortal words, there is “no such thing as a bad idea, only a poorly executed awesome one”. Hiding stuff in plain sight, in theory, works well. I mean, it’s better to hide a needle in a bunch of needles rather than a haystack, right? I mean, Katherine discovered it by pure accident; it’s not like it occurred to her to even check the bathroom for the sole purpose of finding the moonstone.

    He just should have thought through the other soaps being too dissimilar looking to the moonstone. I do love that it was a callback to Damon saying that the moonstone looked like a soap bar. Also, Katherine searching the Salvatore mansion for the moonstone kind of reminded me of an Easter Egg hunt, so maybe the writers were just getting us into the mood for chocolately goodness this month!

    The twist of AlariKlaus took me by complete surprise. It was ingenious! We’ve spent so much time anticipating seeing Klaus for the first time that the last thing I expected was for him to possess one of our regular characters. God, I can’t wait to see Matt Davis in action next week.

    Matt’s permabitchface this episode reminded me of Jeremy circa Vicki, which is kinda fitting given he was all worked up over his sister. I really must make a blog post about the many inexplicable facial expressions Matt has made over the course of the series. I don’t know if Zach Roerig really pulled off the complexities of the emotions I bet that he was meant to display in this episode. If I had seen layers of guilt about his treatment of Caroline or a sense of loss at believing she was truly “dead” beyond his words at the end, I might have been able to sympathise more.

    As it stands, his stone cold manipulations were deeply disturbing for a character lauded for being a good guy. The fact that he so easily knew which buttons to push to play Caroline (e.g. playing to her insecurities by saying he didn’t want to see what he was now seeing when he looked at her), highlights how easily he is emotionally abusive towards her. I know that seems like an extreme term, but when I re-watched all of the Vampire Diaries episodes in the past month, not one compliment from Matt to Caroline (that I could find, anyway) came free of passive-aggressiveness, and small jabs at a person sustained over a period of time that undercut their self-esteem are just as bad as out-and-out insults. For example, in The Descent, Matt says, “YOU’RE A LOT OF THINGS, Caroline, but a liar isn’t one of them”. Even if I didn’t ship Forwood, I would still be mystified about why people find Caratt so appealing. I might have cackled when I saw a Caratt reference in your recap. For five minutes. Or maybe more 😉

    On the other hand, it just isn’t human nature for Matt to just blindly accept finding out she is BFFs with the people responsible for his sister’s vamping and death. Caroline wasn’t directly involved with what happened to Vicki, but I’m saddened that she trusted Matt so wholeheartedly to take her heartfelt explanation and realise she meant it when she told him she cared about him. At least Matt going all double agent makes him more interesting.

    Haha, I love how Jeremy seems turned on mainly by Bonnie’s powers. Remember the ep when she lost her powers for like five minutes? Jeremy seemed more concerned than her when she lost them, because obviously it butters his biscuit. Somehow I doubt he would be interested in her if she was an ordinary human being. To be fair, I think that Anna’s vampirism was a large part of her attraction for him.

    I hope that all of Jeremy’s shots of being thrown up against walls by witchy powers is foreshadowing for Jonnie wall sex. The only time I can stand this pairing is when they are making out, so I bet some hot action, with Jeremy shirtless preferably, would mollify me even more.

    Please don’t let Isobel come back in supremely cheesy ghost visions like Godric did, is all I can say. After witnessing three parents die, I think it is safe to say that Elena will be in therapy until she’s 30. Or 130, if she ends up turning during the series.

    I always “Awww!” at the Damon Approves GIF. So much love.

    Also, Delena and Damon crowd dancing next week should be nothing short of spectacular. Makes me want to take Ian Somerhalder out clubbing.

    • I guess the “hiding in plain sight” thing makes sense. On the other hand, Katherine’s a GIRL! Did it honestly never occur to Damon that, with Katherine LIVING in his house, she would NEVER USE his bathroom, or PLAY in his Treasure Trove of Deliciously Scented Girly Soaps from Heaven? I mean, I WOULD PLAY IN THERE! Wouldn’t YOU?

      Hmmmm . . . I think I would probably hide the Moonstone someplace really inconvenient for Katherine, like Bonnie’s house (I don’t think she’s managed to get permission to enter THAT ONE yet?) , or on the roof of La Casa de Rich and Awesome, or inside a knifed cut out of a REALLY BORING BOOK. (Katherine never struck me as a particularly “literary” type.) But hey, it prompted Damon to get MAD and SHIRTLESS, so why I am I complaining again? 🙂

      Matt Davis seems like such an adorable scoundrel on Twitter. I love it. He was MADE to play Klaus . . . even if only for an episode or two. Next week’s episode of TVD is definitely going to be the Bomb Diggity! 🙂

      The only good thing I could say about Matt’s despicable betrayal of Caroline in this episode is that I genuinely believe the writers included it in the story, to show fans how much of a better match Tyler is for Caroline. This way, by the time the character has returned, people are genuinely routing for HIS redemption and a Teen Wolf / Vampire Barbie reunion (not that we weren’t routing for that, beforehand. ;))

      Because, as Gen mentioned earlier, Tyler’s actions with respect to Caroline, while misguided and disappointing, for sure, MADE SENSE in terms of who Tyler is, and what he is currently experiencing, the context of this series. For TYLER to feel ALONE . . . for TYLER to feel completely betrayed by Caroline for lying to him, when she was the ONLY person he had managed to trust with the deepest and darkest part of his soul . . . was understandable. Even in his inability to act on her behalf, you could SEE Tyler’s face how much he cared for Caroline, and how much it killed him to see her in pain. Tyler’s asking Matt to he look out for Caroline (“And hasn’t Matt been doing a GREAT JOB at that, so far?” She says sarcastically) only serve to confirm the extent of his feelings for her.

      Matt’s actions, conversely, boggle my mind. Yes, discovering the World of Vampires in a matter of minutes is a whole lot to deal with. And discovering that your GIRLFRIEND is a vampire would be shocking to anyone. (Though, admittedly ELENA, JEREMY, and TYLER all had this SAME experience, and handled it JUST FINE!)

      And yet, Matt wasn’t SO SHOCKED that he lost the presence of mind to purposefully trick Caroline into telling him the truth about everything. Furthermore, after having heard Caroline’s genuinely heartfelt confession, he’s STILL somehow remains convinced she no longer has a soul.

      On the other hand, the scene between Matt and Liz in the car, I think, was purposefully vague. Watching it, I assumed that when Matt said, “I think she really died,” the was saying that the Caroline he knows no longer exists, and has been replaced by a completely evil being apart from herself. But it also could be interpreted in a kinder, gentler, more literal, way: “I think Caroline is telling the truth. She really is a vampire.”

      I guess only time will tell, just how much Matt will make fans despise him, in the coming weeks . . .

      You bring up an excellent point about Jeremy and Bonnie. I’m not sure if the seeming superficiality of their relationship is intentional, or if the TVD writers just have SO MUCH ELSE to deal with now, in terms of complicated relationships and plotlines, that the pair is currently being underwritten. But I agree, the only real INTERACTIONS we have seen between Jeremy and Bonnie of late seem to involve the following: (1) Bonnie does magic; (2) Jeremy gets turned on; (3) Bonnie’s nose bleeds; (4) Jeremy is concerned; (5) Bonnie lies and says everything is fine; (6) They make out; (7) Someone comes and throws Jeremy into a wall . . .

      Though Jeremy did seem extremely turned on by Anna’s vampire qualities, at least, with the two of them, we got to see the couple’s relationship develop quite a bit, BEFORE he knew what she was. Jeremy and Anna connected on this sort of Emo Geek level. It was sweet. And it seemed like natural and realistic relationship for Jeremy to have with someone, given the kind of person he was when he met Anna.

      For me, Bonnie and Jeremy’s relationship always had a whiff of artificiality surrounding it. Then again, I know a lot of people ADORE the couple. So, perhaps we are missing something that they see? 🙂

      I am SUPER excited to see Damon dancing like a fiend next week (a throwback to “Lost Girls”), AND, specifically, him dancing with ELENA (a throwback to “Miss Mystic Falls”). You’ve really gotta hand it to TVD writers. They sure know how to make us fangirls smile!

      And, just so you know, the next time you go out clubbing with Ian Somerhalder, I definitely expect an invitation 😉

  12. MaryJey

    This is the first time I comment on your blog but I have been following your recaps for a while now and Love them. You make me laugh. I’m at the point when the first thing I want to do when I wake up Friday morning after a new TVD is come to read your review. 🙂
    I have really loved this season (except maybe 2×04 2×11 that I can think of now). I know a lot of people are saying that its not as good as the first one but I have really love it . 2×17 not so much. I don’t understand a few things maybe you can help me/ Why is bonnie such a martir? I mean she is 17! I’m a little older than that now and I wouldn’t kill myself for a anybody! I’m sorry but that storyline is not working for me. I understand it about Stefan and Damon, they have live a lot, they are in love… Anyway if this means that they are killing bonnie, I wouldn’t mind so much…
    I’m a Delena HARDCORE- obssesed shipper and Damon fan since ep 1 but this last few episodes the show has manage to make me like Damon a little bit less (which I never thought could be possible) and the soap last night, why oh why? Are they trying to make Damon look stupid? I know its not a big deal, but its what everyone its talking about and that makes it a big deal. I don’t like this new Damon wanting to be love by compelling Andy, missing being human, Its not him. I like that his is fighting for his humanity but I think his is already there and the writers are trying to drag the storyline adding new unnecessary condiments. What do you think?
    I hope you understand my point as I’m not an English speaker, I did my best to explain myself. There are a lot of more things I like to add but this is too long already and I’m sure will have the chance in the future. 😀

    • Hey Mary Jey! Thanks so much for stopping by and for being so sweet. I’m truly honored that you enjoy my recaps. And definitely look forward to chatting more about TVD with you in the future. And, for the record, your English is excellent. 🙂

      I’ve been genuinely enjoying this season of TVD, as well. Sure, I have complaints about certain storylines, and would prefer certain characters got LESS screen time, while other characters got to” interact” with one another more frequently (Ahem . . . Damon and ELENA! Hello? Why so stingy on the Delena scenes lately, writers! ) But I still feel the show is brilliantly acted, well written, and generally one of the best programs on television today.

      That being said, I agree with you on your least favorite Season 2 episodes being 2 X 4 (Memory Lane) and 2 X 11 (Katerina). What these episodes have in common, I think, is that they are both Katherine-centric, both heavily feature flashbacks, and LACK meaningful Damon and Elena interaction. Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE how Nina Dobrev plays Katherine. I just think that Katherine is at her best when she is interacting with Stefan and Damon. And she is not nearly as interesting on her own, or “playing” with minor characters that fans don’t know or care about.

      2X17 also seemed to be a fairly Katherine-centric episode. And again, she seemed to spend more time with Isobel (who NOBODY really liked, let’s face it!) than she did with any of the other cast members.

      You bring up an excellent point about Bonnie. I think fans (myself included) often forget that most of the characters on this show are supposed to be just 16 and 17 years old. (Which reminds me, if Elena isn’t 18 yet, how were the Salvatore Brothers able to DEED that house to her? Just sayin’!)

      It’s easy for us to forget that these characters are teenagers, for a number of reasons. (1) They are played by actors in their 20’s. (2) They almost NEVER to school (unless there’s a dance). (3) They have virtually no parental supervision, whatsoever. (4) And they are coping with all these seriously adult stuff, each week.

      But you are right. Most teens would NOT be willing to give up their lives for another teen, no matter how good of a friend she is. For Damon and Stefan to be willing to sacrifice THEIR lives for Elena makes sense, because they’ve already been around for 160 plus years. But Bonnie and Elena are the same age. So, what makes Elena’s life more valuable than Bonnie’s (aside from the fact that Elena is a much more likeable character)?

      As for Bonnie’s reasoning behind sacrificing herself for Elena, I think part of it is similar to Elena’s initial desire to sacrifice herself for HER friends. Just as Elena couldn’t live with the thought of Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, and Caroline dying for HER safety, Bonnie couldn’t live with herself, knowing that she stood idly by and watched HER best friend die, especially when she could do something about it.
      That’s the other major reasoning behind Bonnie’s martyrdom I think. She has all this witchcraft knowledge and power now. And she feels that saving Elena’s life is the reason she was given these powers. Suddenly, it’s become her life’s purpose.

      I also think that a third, much smaller, part of Bonnie’s martyrdom has to do with guilt. For a season and half she’s been SO VERY judgmental of Elena’s decision to date Stefan, and hang out with Damon. In fact, she hated vampires so much, that she TRIED TO THEM ALL KILLED, in the Season 1 Finale. And when Caroline turned vampire, she BARELY accepted her for who she was, even though Caroline hadn’t changed on the inside. By working with the vampires to save Elena, Bonnie is showing them that she was wrong to distrust them to the extent that she did in earlier episodes. Martyrdom is Bonnie’s redemption.

      As for Damon, I, of course, still love him with all my heart. But I think your criticisms of some of the writers’ more recent decisions regarding his character are definitely valid. It really is amazing just HOW MUCH fans were totally confused and mind-boggled by Damon’s decision to hide the Moonstone in the soap dish. In fact, for a usually smart guy, who’s good at EVERYTHING, Damon was in almost COMICALLY bad form this week: from the abuse he suffered at the hands of the witches, to his screwing up with the Moonstone, to the way Stefan and Damon inadvertently allowed BOTH Elena and Katherine to be kidnapped, by fatally underestimating Isobel, and, by extension, Klaus.

      I feel like a lot of the decisions the writers have made for Damon’s character this year have been in an attempt to “humanize” him: his undying love for Elena, his desire for humanity, the Sacrifices he makes for his brother, the flashbacks, which show that as a human, Damon was actually the “kinder gentler” Salvatore, and all the crying scenes he’s had this season. To a large extent, a lot of these changes, made Damon seem more REAL than he seemed in early Season 1. They fleshed out his character, and gave Ian Somerhalder more to work with than just being the Hot, Snarky, Villain Guy.

      But I agree with you that, in trying to make Damon more of a “good guy” the writers walk a fine line. And if they go too far in the OTHER direction, we can lose some of the AWESOMELY EVIL THINGS about Damon did that made us fall in love with him in the first place. Because, I don’t think Damon has to be completely “good” to be deserving of Elena. In my eyes, Damon has ALWAYS deserved Elena. (Well . . . maybe not in the first few episodes, when he was torturing Vicki and compelling Caroline, but definitely by the time he saved her life, and took her to Georgia, in early Season 1.) Because regardless of some of the deliciously BAD things Damon has done in the past, he has almost ALWAYS done right by Elena, cared for her, and sacrificed for her.

      Sure, a relationship with Damon would be messier than one with Stefan would be. There would be lots of fights (with great makeup sex), and tons of conflict. And Elena wouldn’t always approve of Damon’s actions. But, through it all, I think Damon would be a SPECTACULAR boyfriend to Elena . . . a better, and certainly more exciting boyfriend to her than Stefan, in many ways. I hope the writers keep sight of that, and don’t feel the need to turn Damon into Stefan, in order to make Delena happen.

      Ultimately though, I have faith that the writers will do right by Damon’s character . . . because they seem to like him just as much as WE DO! 🙂

      • MaryJey

        Hey julie!
        When I was reading your answer it make me think of another reason I love you your recaps and its your Delena optimism. Even episodes where there is little Delena OR not Delena at all, you manage to make it about them and that is awesome! You make me smile after I watch not so Happy episodes.
        I can now see the “bonnie sacrifice” for the greater good. It kind of reminds me of Peter Parker’ s “with great power come great responsibility”, kind of super hero crap, that I didn’t consider before.
        But the part about Bonnie feeling guilt for her vampire hate, I don’t know. I actuáis think that if she could do it again, she would do the same thing she did in the season finale. It’s not that she apologize or anything. She considers Damon and Stefan her allies to protect Elena and the town from worst evilness but I don’t think her opinion regarding vampires have change.
        I don’t like her as a character at all, so I know I’m being totally parcial but It is what it is….*shrug*
        Of course I understand why Damon and Stefan are willing to sacrifice themselves. They are old vampires and they are in love, that makes it completely different.
        The lack of Delena interaction its something that’s been on my mind for a couple of weeks now (I don’t know if this is the place, I mean here we are supposed to discuss 2×17 tell me if I shouldn’t). Its not only the lack of scenes between them but there has been little advanced in Delena’s territory. People always say that TVD is great because storylines moves so fast, but that’s not exactly true regarding “the main triangle“. We are in the same place we were at the end of last season. Nothing has change. Both seasons started with Damon being the bad guy (because of Jeremy the second season), Damon redeeming himself, Damon falling/being in love with Elena, Elena being in love with Stefan. I know that I’m really simplifying things, but that’s how I feel it. I wouldn’t change the “Damon killing Jeremy” storyline because I thought it was awesome and really well executed. But besides that there was not real development between the two. The famous “ everyone I care about, including the two of you” was obvious in “Founders day” and maybe before. There has been no sings of Elena feeling different about Damon. She still wants him to be the better man. Plus if someone was willing to die for me, I would at least say thank you. I think sometimes the writers are afraid to give as too much Damon/Elena (as if that was possible). That’s why Damon is stuck with Katherine or with Bonnie an Jeremy, but hey its just an opinion.
        As I told you I really think this season has been entertaining, but Delena was much more develop in season one. Actually I feel that this season has been pack with action but very little character development for the main three, they are stuck. Different is the case of Katherine, Caroline and Tyler that had had great characters developments.
        I really like to hear your perspectives about TVD (and other shows) so I’ll be stopping by often to continue talking about this amazing show.

      • Hi MaryJey! Thanks again for massively inflating my ego with all the genuinely sweet compliments you have given me this week. You really are SO sweet! 🙂

        I’m going to keep this short, because I’m currently not at home. But I was thinking about your disappointment with the development of Delena in Season 2 . . . and I can definitely see where you are coming from, in that regard.

        HOWEVER, I was just reading a few early reviews of the upcoming episode 18 and . . . I have GREAT NEWS for you! It looks like our GUY Damon will finally stop pining / suffering in silence, and GENUINELY make a play for Elena’s heart THIS THURSDAY! And, can I just say, it’s about DAMN TIME!

        How’s that for Delena Optimism? 😉 See you in a couple of days!

  13. André

    Once again I simply don’t get you Forwood-shippers. I really think you totally overemphasize. But oh well that’s not what I am here for.

    First, you really put a lot of work in your articles so respect for that.

    I think you got a good point of linking Klaus to Voldemort, albeit no one is afraid to speak his name ;). And I think the actor that played Alaric now playing Klaus (I actually tipped Voldemort first, curse you :)) is a great opportunity to show some more acting and I wonder what superpowers he has (I watched the promo) because something was injected in him and someone as supposedly paranoid as Klaus surely wouldn’t have possessed a body that was simply human without any precautions.

    Of course the character of Jenna breaks down and is angry. Remember how Elena accused her about not telling her that she was adopted and now Elena practically does the same thing. Of course she won’t take it well, that is human.
    And by the way, did you notice the lack of faculty and school rules? Seriously Jeremy and Tyler didn’t even get detention.

    Actually the soap dish as a hiding place makes sense, considered that Katherine wouldn’t possible think of that. So the idea wasn’t as lame as it seems.

    Were all those witches really burned in 1864? Wasn’t that much earlier? I think you made a mistake with that.
    By the way I still don’t get how the people managed to capture all those witches? Like Lisa Simpson once said: “Why don’t they use their powers to escape?”
    And Luka definitely didn’t rot for months, it was only days ago that he got killed and in the real world dead bodies can lay for weeks or even months without anybody noticing it.

    You hid a notch with the “hot Jeremy”-topic. That guy looks like a model and so far only four girls had interest in him? Weird, very weird.
    Jeremy “turning gay” would probably make a lot of fans happy, especially if he gets to bonk Tyler. 😀

    I wouldn’t have called it “Witches R’ Us store” but you have a point I also noticed. The witches seem to be tools mostly, wouldn’t be surprised if the moon-slaves have some as well. I mean considered all that loyalty talk of Luka, shouldn’t there have been some witches already who are united and work against Klaus?

    The kidnapping of Katherine is really weird. Shouldn’t she have been fast enough to attack him? Seriously these vampires so often talk about how fast they are and then: bang.
    I personally thought it more interesting how much of Isobel’s own character was still visible despite the compulsion. Normally the compelled ones never showed any sort of regret or something. But maybe that is just inconsistency on the writer’s part.
    As for the part on Elena’s therapy: in real life she would need it, but this is TVD so she will get over it. Seriously are Matt and Jeremy the only ones so far who act like normal human beings and can’t just shrug it off?

    Oh Caroline saved his life and just because he doesn’t run into her arms now makes him a douche?
    That guy has a totally messed up background and he thought he could at least rely on his friends, now Tyler is gone and he finds out that the rest of his “friends” are lying to him. In addition I doubt that Caroline told him about Tyler since we only got so far as the night she compelled him and how she tried to stay away from him. Give the guy some credit for acting human or do you actually want a Ken? Even Elena freaked out when she learned Stefan’s secret and let’s face it, what comes in mind when you hear “vampire” is that they eat humans and are basically evil. Furthermore Matt learned that in a life and death situation and now he finds out that the Caroline he thought he knew didn’t really exist, so how was he supposed to act? Do you really believe anybody would scream “oh goody” considered that history?
    And Caroline’s mom reaction is pretty much understandable. Despite Caroline’s constant antagonizing of her mom there was no hint that she was a bad mother. She deeply cared for Caroline and now she finds out (again) that Caroline is a vampire. For her that’s probably like “Hey mom, you tried everything to keep me safe but oops it didn’t work and I am not only dead I am a bloodsucking walking corpse and you failed in every aspect.” Considered that, it is to be expected that she thinks/tells herself that her daughter is dead. In her eyes being a vampire is a fate far worse than that.

    ” Later, the two brothers bond over booze, and the knowledge that, because THEY are the only ones who know that Bonnie has her witchy powers back, she is literally their Secret Weapon to Kill Klaus.”
    Which we know is not true and I hope the writers did make use of the “Jeremy-leak”.

    ” But Nu-Alaric is something WAY COOLER THAN THAT!”
    Actually I knew it was Klaus the moment he opened his eyes. 😀

    I look forward for the next episode.

    • Hey Andre! Thanks so much for stopping by! I must say, I am VERY excited to debate and discuss some of the issues you have raised here. 🙂

      As for AlarKlaus / Klausaric? I agree with you about the whole “powers thing.” Based on what we saw in the extended promo, it seems as though, when Klaus came to inhabit Alaric’s body, he maintained all of his previous superhuman Original Vampire powers.

      Just in that short 30-second spot, we see AlarKlaus use some superhuman strength and speed, while chasing Elena. He also at one point, seems to have shoot some sort of lightning bolts from his fingers? Or maybe I’m just making that up. Additionally, I think that kind-of-creepy girl who keeps talking to Elena about the “hot guy Klaus,” who “has a crush on her” is absolutely acting under compulsion.

      The possession is a pretty smart move on Klaus’ part, because it gives him the element of surprise, without him having to sacrifice any of his “natural” human-hunting skills. Though, admittedly, he could have been a bit more discreet about “COMING OUT” as Klaus. (Based on the promo, the “cat’s out of the proverbial bag” within a pretty short amount of time.)

      If Klaus had even made an attempt, at genuinely impersonating Alaric — the way Katherine impersonates Elena — there’s a good chance he could have just walked right into the Gilbert House or Salvatore Mansion, asked Elena to “come with him,” and then took her back to his Dark Lair.

      Ahhh, Useless Aunt Jenna. 🙂 It’s nice that you stick up for her, because she never gets very much loving on this site. Sometimes, I say things about certain characters just to make an attempt at humor. But in all seriousness, I find Aunt Jenna insanely selfish. Does she have a right to feel betrayed by Alaric? ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY! Does she even have a right to feel betrayed by Elena? Sure. (It was never actually established in this episode, whether she was aware that Jeremy technically “betrayed” her too.)

      But Elena and Jeremy are still minors. And U.A.J. is their GUARDIAN, who was given, by their parents, the responsibility to take care of them. Honestly, I’ve really never seen this woman do anything remotely resembling parenting, since the pilot when she TRIED AND FAILED to have the “Just Say No to Drugs” talk with Jeremy. And this week, despite Elena’s OBVIOUS discomfort at having the not-exactly-mentally-stable Isobel appear at her doorstep, Jenna just picked up her little book bag, and exited Stage Left. Just sayin!

      The soap dish? LOL. See, I can definitely see Damon’s reasoning behind where he placed the Moonstone. And, in all honesty, I think the decision was more an attempt at humor, and an excuse for a Shirtless Damon, on the writer’s part, than anything else. Plus, Katherine NEEDED to find the Moonstone, so that Klaus could have it by Episode 18. So, from a storyline perspective, this made sense.

      But, from a REAL perspective, GIRLS LOVE GIRLY SOAPS! (They are so smooth, and smell so delicious!) And I’m pretty sure, that if I was living in La Casa de Rich and Awesome (OH THAT WOULD BE HEAVEN!) I would have found the Moonstone. And when someone smart like Damon can’t even pull a fast one on a Normal Human like me, that’s a real problem!

      While I can see your argument about the witches being burned PRIOR to 1864, (Elijah seemed to talk about the event, as if it happened even earlier). I assumed that we, as viewers, were supposed to infer that the “Witch Burning” happened shortly after the Vampire Entombing. (Mystic Falls residents SURE love their Persecution Rituals, don’t they?) The reason I’m saying this is that EMILY BENNETT was one of the witches burned in the conflagration, and SHE was around during all the 1864 flashbacks.

      As for how they were burned, I suspect it was done in similar fashion to the way the vampires were entombed. A whole bunch of men rounded up the women, tied them up, put them all together, and just lit the match, not really giving them enough time to perform any sort of spell. There’s a chance we will get a flashback explaining this soon, however, particularly, given that Bonnie now supposedly has all these dead witches’ powers. So, maybe the REAL answer to this question is forthcoming.

      I kind of think Mystic Falls needs a gay character. Don’t you? Realistically, I’m not sure Jeremy is a workable option for that, at this point. It probably would have worked, if they did it, say early in Season 1, back when he and Tyler had all that tension. But, to do it now, the writers would have to convince us that Jeremy was NEVER genuinely sexually attracted to Vicki OR Anna OR Bonnie. And that would be a tough sell for most fans. But, hey, you never know! 🙂

      As for the witches, I do suspect that the wolves have one as well, and that we will meet him or her in the finale. Because we all just know that Jules, Tyler and Co. are going to CRASH that little Sacrifice Party Klaus is throwing. Don’t we? Speaking of witches, I’m looking forward to the return of Katherine’s witch, Lucy, who we met briefly in Masquerade. I really liked her. And I think she has a thing or two she could teach Bonnie about being an “AWESOME” Witch, as opposed to a “kind of lame” one. 🙂

      (Oh, and as for Luka. Dead bodies burned alive like his was probably wouldn’t take long to smell. Dead bodies in general, actually, can build up a stench in as little as three days, if not properly cared for. I really don’t want to get in to how I know that. But I do.)

      I agree with you on Katherine’s capture. I guess what we are seeing now, is that, as strong as she is, the Elena-looking vamp is no match for the Originals. This is the second time we’ve seen Katherine genuinely get PLAYED by an older vampire. The first was when Elijah compelled her to stay in the tomb. As for her not being fast enough to escape Sumo Warlock, I suspect he had probably “mind melded” her as soon as she entered the house. After that, she just didn’t have a chance . . .

      You bring up a good point about Isobel maintaining a bit of her personality, despite being under compulsion. This was shown in the speeches she made to Alaric and Elena, as well as in her call of apology to Katherine, a woman I genuinely believe she cared about, even in her “soulless” vampire form. I have a theory about that actually. I think that compulsion works on vampires in a slightly different way than it works on humans, because VAMPIRES KNOW they are being compelled (since they have the ability to do it themselves), whereas humans don’t. (This would explain why Caroline only remembered being compelled by Damon, AFTER she became a vamp.)

      The first time we saw this was with that random vampire Slater, who Elijah compelled to stake himself, after he made the call to Rose and Damon about them needing Bonnie to break the Moonstone curse. We actually saw Slater crying and NOT WANTING to stake himself. And yet, he was completely unable to stop his body from performing the act. The same thing happened with Katherine, when Elijah compelled her to stay in the tomb. She knew exactly what was happening to her, and had full control of her faculties. And the tomb was WIDE open at the time! But she just couldn’t bring herself to leave!

      Likewise, Isobel was given a series of commands, and probably the instruction that she kill herself once everything has been carried out, and she gets her “call” from the Sumo Warlock. This is why Isobel behaved throughout the episode, like a woman knowing she was going to die. She made that stop at the Gilbert house, out of her OWN jealously of Alaric’s new girlfriend, not from any sort of mind-controlled instructions. And, as I mentioned, her final words to Alaric, Katherine and Elena seemed genuine.

      Ohh, no! Matt and Caroline’s MOM AGAIN! 🙂 I could go on for HOURS about how annoyed these two make me. But I’ll try to be brief. With the exception of the short time that Caroline and Liz bonded, back when she was KIDNAPPED by Damon, and waiting for the vervain to leave her system (and maybe when Caroline was in the hospital, after the car accident), I have NEVER seen Liz act particularly maternally toward Caroline. Human Caroline never had a particularly good relationship with her mother, which was why having to compel her to forget all the bonding they did during her incarceration, was so very hard for her.

      And, if you recall, in “Kill or Be Killed,” when Liz first learned her daughter was a vampire, she COMPLETELY WASHED HER HANDS of the girl, initially. “My daughter is dead,” were her actual words, I believe.

      In fact, Liz didn’t come around to Caroline, until being FORCED to spend time with her. So, no, I don’t have sympathy for LIZ. I see her as just another bad parent on this show. In fact, Liz seems to exhibit more maternal behavior toward people who AREN’T her children (like Damon and Matt) than to her own daughter. But at least her actions in this episode are consistent with her personality (or lack thereof).

      Matt’s behavior just doesn’t make sense! Yes, Elena and Jeremy freaked out a bit when they learned about the vampiric tendencies of their loved ones. But it didn’t take either very long, to realize that being a different RACE (because, yes, that’s how I view vampires on this show) doesn’t make you evil or unworthy of love.

      And NOTHING that Caroline has done or said to Matt, since he learned who she really was, illustrated her to be ANYTHING different than the girl she’s always been. Sure, Tyler may have had an EASIER time coming to terms with Caroline’s true nature, because he’s a different “race” as well, and knows what it’s like to be transformed. But still, Matt’s jumping to conclusions about Vicki’s death was patently ridiculous. And his manipulation of Caroline, despite her honesty, and the genuine nature of her confession to him, made me a bit ill.

      And, Matt may not have family anymore. (No one on this show really does! :)) But that doesn’t make him “alone.” He still has his friendship with Elena, Bonnie, and Tyler (if he ever returns), not to mention all the OTHER friends this “popular guy” on the “homecoming court” and “football and basketball team” has at Mystic Falls High. So, I just have trouble sympathizing with the guy.

      I agree with you that the whole Bonnie as Secret Weapon thing will not remain a secret for long, especially when it seems like she will be using her powers at the dance to Save Elena from AlarKlaus. I actually suspect that the people who, perhaps, inadvertently, end up saving Elena from Klaus will be the werewolves . . . maybe even Tyler, himself. But that’s just my prediction.

      Thanks for playing with me! This was fun. See you next time!

      • André

        Nice to find another adult that actually wants to discuss and not just shout. Looks like a finally found “my scene” (pun intended):)

        As for AlarKlaus’s powers (Klausaric sounds like from the Asterix-comics) we can guess that he has vampire powers, of what extend we don’t know. Anyway I guess he has some sort of safety measure anyway. Anything else wouldn’t fit the hitherto description of the character.
        And no, no lightning bolts in the promo, the explosions were more likely Bonnie’s powers. But you know how it is with the promos for this show: don’t trust them.
        I guessed the same about the girl, I mean she is a student and doesn’t recognize Alaric?
        And Klaus, well I gotta admit it fits an original more than the whole paranoia stuff. Seriously what does he fear?

        Well as for Jenna, she probably knows what a failure she is. And considered her history (all those mistakes remember?) no wonder she snaps. Maybe the writers will make more of it but since she is only supporting character I doubt it. In general do the characters in this season interact much less with non-regular characters than in the first one.

        “Plus, Katherine NEEDED to find the Moonstone, so that Klaus could have it by Episode 18. So, from a storyline perspective, this made sense.”
        I agree and I think that stuff like that is also the reason why some other stuff doesn’t make sense.

        “But, from a REAL perspective”
        Well from a real perspective the painful transformation of the werewolves doesn’t make sense since, let’s face it, who would ever undergo such a thing willingly, but nonetheless there were enough around in the Americas to pose as a plague.

        Emily Bennet was burned after 1864, true, but I can’t remember that there were other witches around at that time.

        It could be that Jeremy is gay all of a sudden, although it would make more sense if he is a bisexual, and it would be keeping things interesting. That would fit because considered the area “male-courting” is probably not very common so it might be possible that he doesn’t know it yet. What would be funny would be a male character that finally gets him to acknowledge that he is hot. I mean seriously loner/pothead or not, when you look like that you are bound to get laid. But I don’t think we will get a bi-character, in all those American TV-shows it looks as though bisexuality doesn’t exist.

        Hopefully we will see some more independent witches. And if Tyler doesn’t return in this season he will in the next. Although it would be weird if the wolves know about Klaus whereabouts but had not the tools to spy on Mystic Falls.

        My assumption of the time elapsed was actually based on the whole Matt and Caroline thing. Listen to what Caroline says in the episode and you see that really only days have elapsed, possibly just one.

        Maybe you have a point about the compulsion thing but here, again, we arrive at the borders of what we know about the writers. Maybe they didn’t think in that direction. It is possible. Consider the many characters that have come and gone over the two seasons. None of them was actually flat but they were killed off pretty fast. Now combine that fact with e.g. the hiding place of the moonstone and I think you can see the contradiction.

        I know what you say, but nonetheless. We were never given a reason why she acts towards her mother that way just as we were never given a reason for the, at first, intense rivalry between Tyler and Jeremy.
        And considered the actions of Caroline’s mom she probably was brought up in the same environment as John and Jeremy’s father. Considered that she probably cannot act differently and like I said, for here it’s like she failed 100% when finding out that Caroline is a vamp. When you grow up that vamps are genuinely bad you won’t just be convinced by a few words.

        No offense but Jeremy didn’t freak out at all, unless you count the Vicky-death scene, quite the contrary he embraced it because he thought there was something in for him.
        And let’s face it, up to now we only saw the sugar version of the vampires. None of them were really exposed to the much darker nature of these beings. As a matter of fact it is the vampire’s human side that makes them so dangerous; “the vampire” in them is only a very small part.

        Don’t judge Matt to hard since we don’t yet know what will happen, so be patient. Apart from that, of course he acts that way. Consider his background how many people he cared about have not betrayed him in one form or another? Hm? Any? Vicky maybe, but that was it. Unless the other characters in the show he definitely has no family anymore and so all this only reinforces his believe to be alone in the world. Whether that is the truth is something different.
        And by the way: I don’t get it why so many people can’t sympathize with Matt but can sympathize with Damon? That guy did far worse for even less reason.

        I doubt that the werewolves will “save” Elena, she is the most valuable “ingredient”. Although I wonder who will be the werewolf sacrifice.

      • Hey Andre!

        I’m very honored that you have included me in your scene ;). You know, maybe it’s because I stick mainly to the blogs and entertainment news sites, but my experiences chatting with TVD fans, so far, has been really positive. I’d say, as a whole, us “fangbangers” are a pretty intelligent, cleverly creative, and MOSTLY level-headed bunch. (Though, admittedly, I am not always so “level-headed” when it comes to my love for Damon Salvatore. More on that in just a bit . . . :))

        Good point regarding Klaus’ possession of Alaric tying back to the character’s paranoia, which, if I recall, was referenced by Elijah in one of his earlier episode. I know Klaus is supposed to be the “biggest and baddest of all,” but I actually think he has good reason to be paranoid. When you are alone at the top, EVERYBODY wants to see you fall. (Look what happened to Julius Caesar!) I mean, if you think about it, there are even more people in the TVD Universe who want to see Klaus dead, than who want to “sacrifice” Elena. This of course, includes, the rest of the Originals, at least one or two of whom, I hope we get to meet, before the end of the Season.

        I guess it IS kind of realistic for the writers to have Useless Aunt Jenna be a bit bitter about having to put her life on hold to care for kids who aren’t hers, and who aren’t much younger than she is. (They don’t really specify how old the character is, but I’m thinking mid twenties?) She never asked to raise Jeremy and Elena, after all.

        And, in many cases, I suspect that bitterness, combined with a bit of immaturity for her age, could lead to “Bad Parenting Syndrome.” I also agree that the character is underwritten, for the sheer reason that there are SO MANY MORE interesting characters and storylines for the writers address. But it doesn’t make her any less Useless. 🙂

        LOL about Jeremy’s “latent hotness.” 🙂 I actually find it kind of refreshing that Jeremy, due to his unappreciated, and much abused, role as Scrappy Doo in the Scooby Gang, doesn’t seem to realize the extent of his attractiveness. (Remember how shocked and pleasantly surprised he was when Bonnie first mentioned it?) When you can find a guy that is super hot, but, for whatever reason, hasn’t figured it out yet, you really do get the best of both worlds. Because, let’s face it, most hot guys who know they are hot, are severe a$$hats. A bisexuality storyline WOULD be a ton of fun. And since Jeremy seems to dig supernatural creatures much more than us mere mortals, I can definitely see him hooking up with a Hot Warlock. 😉

        I actually do think that most of the human characters on the show have been exposed to the dark side of vampirism — the destruction of Vicki’s impulse control was an example of this, the conversion of Newsman Logan into a psycho killer, was another. We’ve also been introduced to the Tomb Vampires, most of whom were pretty unsavory. Even Anna, initially entered the scene as a villain, who set off a bunch of attractive male vampires to stalk and kidnap Elena. Even with our “good” vampire characters, like Stefan and Caroline, we have seen vampirism bring out their darker sides, like when Stefan attacked that girl from beauty pageant, and Caroline ate Connor and that police boy.

        I’m glad you asked the question, about why most fans forgive Damon his sins, and continue to love him no matter how many times he screws up, while we have almost zero tolerance for the sins of some of the other characters (like Matt, for example). As a STAUCH Damon lover, I’ve actually given this a lot of thought. And have a few answers for you. Some are obvious and generalized, others are more personal to myself.

        (1) Damon is SUPER HOT! I hate to be shallow, but let’s call a spade, a spade shall we? It’s a scientific fact that better looking people have it easier in life, at least in terms of social interaction. People are more likely to attribute positive attributes to them, and forgive them of wrongdoing. The same goes for television characters.

        (2) Because Damon is a main character on the show, fans are privy to more of his thoughts and emotions than your run-of-the-mill secondary character. Therefore, we have a better understanding of WHY Damon does the things he does, and how his actions affect his psyche. Many of Damon’s worst actions have come from “good” places in his heart, and from feelings to which fans can relate.

        Damon errs out of love for Elena, and protectiveness of his brother. He errs due to feelings of loneliness, and a desire to be human. He errs because he never feels like he’s “good enough” for this world. Damon errs to dull the pain of living.

        With a character, like Matt, we are not given much of an explanation as to why he behaves the way he does. And therefore, are left to guess at the motivations behind his more insensitive or despicable acts.

        (3) This one is kind of personal to me. I generally love me a good anti-hero. The thing about anti-heroes, is that they never make any bones about who they are. They are well aware of their short-comings, and never pretend to be something they are not. They also tend to be extremely open to and non-judgmental of OTHERS shortcomings.

        Anti-heroes rarely possess any of the characteristics which I refer to as the Seven Deadly Personality Traits of TV Characters. These are the character traits that are so distasteful to me, that when I see them on a television character, I tend to despise that character forever:
        1. Excessively Judgmental Behavior
        2. Hypocrisy
        3. Whininess
        4. Blatant Stupidity
        5. Consistent Selfishness
        6. Boringness (Is that a word?)
        7. Schizophrenic and Regularly Inconsistent Character Behavior, usually as a result of poor writing

        Damon, to me, at least, doesn’t possess any of the above traits. Matt possesses a few. I’ll leave it to you to decide which ones . . . 😉

        And finally, as for the werewolves “saving the day,” I was thinking of them doing so more inadvertently than purposefully. For example, I can envision a finale in which the Scooby Gang’s plan to foil Klaus fails, and the Sacrifice goes as planned, only to be crashed by the werewolves, who intend to complete it themselves. However, the distraction caused by the werewolves, allows Elena and Co. to escape the Sacrifice in just the nick of time, while the werewolves and the Originals destroy one another.

        Hey, it could happen! 🙂

  14. BrittanyMarie

    After having just about the WORST week / weekend ever.
    I sincerely needed my fill of TVD. This episode was no let down in my opinion either, although now, I desparately wish it was Thursday 😦

    I needed a bit more of an emotional morphine shot than that .

    • Hey BrittanyMarie! It’s so great to see you on the blogosphere! I’m really sorry to hear about your bad week and weekend. 😦 I can’ definitely relate to needing my TVD Emotional Shot of Morphine on a weekly basis, particularly, when life is on the sucky side . . .

      Perhaps, THIS will help? 😉

      By the way, this is only part two. The GENIUS who made this, gave us FOUR parts! 🙂 So, feel free to laugh and smile with Damon to your hearts content. He is, after all, the best medicine to all that ails you. 😉

      • BrittanyMarie

        That absolutely helped! It’s good to see you again too Kjewls , Been missing you. Life has been hectic and crazy and continues to be so. Damon is definitely a big help though (:

  15. Linn

    I can not WAIT for the next episode. It looks so awesome on so many levels! However I don’t think Elena is slapping Damon and crying (in the promo) because of anything that might happen to Bonnie. To me it seems those brown eyes are not filled with anger or even sadness, but reather good old fashion hurt. I think Damon said something to her that hurt her feelings, specifically about the feelings between them. I think she’s starting to realize she loooooves him! 🙂 This may of course be pure wishful thinking on my part 😉

    Also I can’t believe how they missed their opportunity to use Damon’s new reporter girlfriend to make Elena jealous…

    Man, I wish it was allready Thursday. I expect we will have lots do discuss after that! 😉

    • Hey Linn! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

      Oh, I DEFINITELY think the writers plan to address Elena’s reaction to Damon’s and Andie’s so-called “relationship” in the VERY near future.


      In fact, Julie Plec mentioned in a recent interview that Elena is going to have quite a bit to say to Damon about what he’s doing to Andie. She also mentioned that Damon (likely as a result of Elena’s reaction) is going to begin to feel guilty about / dissatisfied with his rendezvous with Andie. Sounds pretty good for us Delena fans, right? 😉


      As for the slapping scene, I guess it’s a bit early to tell. Of course, I would LOVE it if the scene illustrate some of Elena’s growing feelings for Damon. And, of course, we just KNOW that the sexual tension between these two is going to be INTENSE in this episode, between that scene, and their dancing scenes.


      But the description of the episode, states that Damon makes a decision to save Elena that upsets everyone. So, I can’t help but wonder if THAT decision, is what’s causing Elena to react the way she does in the promos.


      Of course, we’ll know for sure, in just a few days . . . 🙂

      • Linn

        Aha! Well I am mighty pleased that we will se more of Andie and that Elena will find out. Slightly less pleased with her reaction though. I want her to be jealous, not judgy!
        You have me intrugued about the slap now, even if it doesn’t turn out to be about their feelings towards eachother. I hope it isn’t about some sacrifice of Bonnie. Although I am not a huge fan of our resident witch, I feel her death would just be too much for poor Jeremy, as you have also pointed out. I mean, how would he cope!?
        I’m so pleased we’re only having the weekly wait between episodes now. These hiatuses kill me! 🙂

  16. Kangababy

    Hey KJewls!

    I’m sorry that it has taken so long to leave a comment, but it took me forever to get enough time to watch Know thy enemy. I think this has been the best recap of this episode (out of all the sites I’ve read) by far, given how twisty the plot was, so congrats!!! (Though if I’m honest, your reviews are pretty much the best every time!)

    What to make of this episode:
    1.I am very disappointed with Matt and Liz. They have been bothering me for a while now, but now they’ve taken it to a new level. It is sad that Liz’s prejudice gets in the way of her loving her daughter and trying to understand what she is going through. I just don’t get how, as her mother, she’s never thought for a second that in order for Caroline to be a vampire, something terrible must have happened to her to get that way, and want to understand that at least before judging her. As for Matt….. I liked Matt and Caroline when they just started dating. However, shortly after that, it became really apparent to me that Matt really didn’t get Caroline, and he was always insulting her passive aggressively through back handed compliments. For a long time now I have thought he is not worthy of her, particularly after she became a vampire.
    2. I just can’t relate to Stefan. While I am very clearly on Team Delena, I had always liked Stefan, particularly in season 1. He irritated me so much in this episode with the following: his almost callous mockery of Alaric’s dead wife meeting UAJ (love this nickname by the way!), him ragging on Damon that Elena better be in the safe house (yeah Stefan, it was your fault she was kidnapped and at least Damon had ideas on where to search for her) and finally his attitude to Elena’s request that one of the Salvatore brothers escort her to the Lockwood Mansion (me thinks you are very jealous Stefan, and wary of Elena spending any alone time with Damon even though he’s given up pursuing her!)
    3. Emily needs to chill out. She’s the one that broke her end of the deal with Damon, not the other way around.
    4. I’m with the school of thought that Isobel killed herself so that she could prevent herself from being compelled in future (and that she had been compelled that she could not try to kill herself before achieving her mission) especially because her conversations with Alaric, Elena and Katherine reeked of goodbye. However, she loses major Mom points for burning herself in front of her daughter. Way to go Isobel, that is at least 2 years of therapy right there.
    5. Damon is awesome. What else is there to say. I forgive the soap dish saga. I forgive all when presented with shirtless Damon 😉 Seriously though, the scene with him signing over the deed to Elena was just too cute. Looking forward to more Delena next week.
    6. I cried a real Jenna tear when Alaric emerged as Kalaric (evil Klaus!!) as I know that the odds of Alaric surviving the season two finale has greatly decreased. Urrghhh! Can’t they just kill Liz, or Matt (or Bonnie?) instead???
    7. Which brings me to my final point, death….. and I am sad to say that I have a suspicion that Damon will be delivering the news of Jeremy’s death (or nearly beaten to death as I would really love for Jeremy to survive now that he is out of his whole emo-druggy phase) to Elena in the next episode. Jeremy’s ring only protects him from direct supernatural death and it would be devious of Klaus / Kalaric to compel humans to kill Jeremy as that would surely by-pass the protection of the ring.

    Apologies for rambling….. but it has been a very long 6 weeks without TVD!

    P.S: I am loving your fanfic “In blood there is truth” (I’m guessing it’s you because of the username/author name)

    • Hey there, Kangababy! I am so glad you a chance got to watch Know Thy Enemy! 🙂 I know how it feels to miss your favorite television shows, and can definitely relate to the pain you undoubtedly had to endure this past week (especially given the long hiatus that preceded it)!

      Thanks so much for your kind and generous words about my recap. There are so many really great TVD recappers out there that to even be considered in the running among them is truly an honor. And yes, I agree that this was a VERY twisty episode, which made recapping it coherently a bit of challenge. But it sure was fun to try! 🙂
      You know, I’ve been trying all week to adequately express what it is about Matt and Liz that annoys me so intensely. And you’ve said everything I’ve been trying to say, only so much more eloquently than I could ever say it. So, thank you very much for that!

      I don’t really think there are any circumstances in which I could justify a mother just completely turning her back on her daughter, like Liz seems to have done to Caroline. I don’t care what prejudices you were raised on, blood is blood! (No pun intended. ;)) And it’s not as though Caroline has been walking around biting people and ACTING like a monster. In fact, I suspect that when Caroline is home with Liz, she acts pretty much the same as she acted before her transformation, only more mature, and a bit less shallow. Without any evidence, why would a mother just assume the worst of her daughter, like that? It’s just wrong!

      As for Matt, you are right. He doesn’t seem to really understand who Caroline is as a person. And the fact that he doesn’t see her as the same girl she always was, after hearing her heartfelt speech to him, just proves that. When Matt and Caroline were dating, he regularly complained about her jealousy, her overwhelming perkiness, her Type-A personality, and her tendency to get a bit over-excited about things. But these little quirks are what make Caroline, Caroline. And if Matt doesn’t love these things about Caroline, than he shouldn’t be her boyfriend. (Then again, most of us knew that, anyway. ;))

      It’s true. Stefan has been a bit of a grouch lately. And hasn’t exactly been the best at “keeping Elena safe.” This episode was a great example of this, as was Stefan’s complete absence from La Casa Rich and Awesome, back when Elena was almost eaten by Rose for an ENTIRE HOUR at least, in “The Descent.”

      And I am definitely starting to notice a bit of Delena-flavored jealousy on Stefan’s part. I suspect this will only become MORE apparent, in the upcoming episode, when Delena dance, bond, and spend some SERIOUS alone time together. (YIPPPPPPPPPEEEEEE! ;))

      I actually think this “darkening” of Stefan’s character is purposeful on the part of the writers, and is meant to foreshadow the gap that is destined to develop once again between Damon and Elena, as they both struggle with their feelings for Elena, and fight over the ways in which each of them see fit to protect her. That . . . and it’s preparing us for Season 3, which we all KNOW is going to be the Season of Delena! 🙂

      LOL about Emily. She’s JUST like Bonnie: super judgmental, slow to forgive people, and quick to give Damon a literal headache, when he invades her personal space. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the Ancestral Family Tree!

      I definitely agree with you that Isobel knew that she was going to die, when she made those speeches to Elena , Katherine Alaric. Interestingly enough, in an interview following the episode, Julie Plec, the show’s producer / writer, reminded fans of the time when Isobel compelled that man in black to attack Elena, kill Isobel’s high school friend after she talked to Elena, and then kill himself. Like Isobel, that man, received a phone call, and heard the words, “it’s done,” before committing the suicidal act. It’s possible that those words were a hypnotic trigger meant to incite the hearer to commit the final act of death.

      Klaus probably wouldn’t want Isobel alive with her own free will intact, particularly after she had done his bidding. Because he knows that Isobel would likely try to help Elena and Katherine defeat him, if she was in her “right mind.” But I can definitely see your point, about some of Isobel’s acts of free will, even during compulsion, illustrating how much she HATED doing the things that Klaus had compelled her to do. In fact, she might have hated herself so much after doing them, that she felt she couldn’t live with herself knowing all the pain she had caused. Perhaps, the scene was meant to be open to interpretation.

      Ahhhh, Shirtless Damon . . . there are no words to describe my love for this fictional man. I CAN’T wait until he dances again for us next week! 😉

      As for Alaric, it may please you to know I am about 95% sure he survives the Klaus possession. (Don’t click below, if you don’t want to be spoiled . . .)

      I’m less certain about Jeremy though. 😦 I really hope he makes it through this, because I think there’s a lot more the writers can do with that character . . . Besides, Mystic Falls is running painfully low on humans, these days. 😉

      And, thank you so much for the fanfiction props. They are very much appreciated. 🙂 It seems you’ve found out my Deep Dark Secret. 😉

  17. André

    Hey KJewls, since it looks as though I can’t reply to your post directly I will do it this way.

    Well, when I referring to the scene, let’s just say that it’s not unusual for me that my opinions are often not received enthusiastically.

    The reason for Klaus paranoia is, well hard to track, because we only know that he is supposedly the oldest, but since vamps are immortal he could just as well be a millennium older than the other Originals. So like I said, as to yet we have not been given an actual reason for that. Well the old issue of the lack of background info. Like the whole vampire-Werewolf conflict, even if the wolves could shift willingly considered how they were portrayed so far their wolf-forms wouldn’t really give them a tactical advantage in an actual war. In my eyes the vamps would win.

    I think Aunt Jenna is supposed to be 29 at the start of the series. I know it’s a bit weird since the actress was only 23 at that time, but you know what you can do with make-up 😉
    Her character might be underwritten due to the “big three” you gotta admit sometimes it seems as though the other cast are only important as long as their lives serve the plotline of the big three. At least that would be an explanation for Tyler’s sudden disappearance. And since we’re at it, I remember something Spidey said. Her fear might be justified that Tyler would be out of the whole completely once he returns. He has been gone for what now? A few weeks? And look what has already happened.

    You can only see Jeremy hooking up with a warlock or you only want to have him hooked up with a warlock? Come on, I am sure you want the whole supernatural palate. Or maybe he becomes a supe too? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t mind some hot wolf-on-wolf action. 😉

    But to be sincere, like I said I doubt that we will see any actual bi-character. It would be nice but they at least seem to be pretty rare in American shows, but who knows, so far the writers managed to surprise us time and again so there is always hope.

    Actually I meant even darker than what you have mentioned. Considered how strong vampires are as well as their strong emotions, they could do much much worse.

    Ok, I am also commenting on the points concerning Damon (which are probably reasons why I see him differently): 😉
    (1) I don’t see any hotness in Damon, neither physical nor mental, he is not ugly but totally unattractive for me. Simply nothing. “Better looking people” is very relative due to taste, as I just proved. I look far from being a supermodel and people forgive me all the time, by the way if someone’s an ass he loses any sort of attractiveness for me. But maybe that is just me.
    (2) Good places? Seriously? What reason was there for him to kill left and right in season 1? What good places do you mean? And just because you can relate shouldn’t be a reason to forgive. And exactly because we know so few about Matt he shouldn’t be judged so harshly.
    (3) Isn’t Damon rather non-judgmental due to lack of interest? And anti-heros can very much make a bone about who they are.

    And to be honest in my eyes Damon possesses point 2, 3, 4 and 7 of your trait list.

    The scenario you describe for the end could indeed happen, but than we would need a really good explanation. Because if Klaus is so eager to break the curse before the werewolves do it would be weird if he didn’t have some safety measures. And it’s difficult to kill an original. And well, one witch can obviously bring down a whole bunch of the wolves.

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  19. Rashmee

    Your recaps are amazing, LOVE them and it usually goes in this order every week: watch TVD, watch the trailer for next week’s episode’s, and go on to see what tvrecappers had to say about it 😉 You rock! Keep it up 😀

    • Thanks so much, Rashmee! That’s so sweet of you to say. I’m truly honored to be part of your weekly TVD viewing ritual. 🙂

      You know, I feel the same way! Part of the fun of watching TVD, is reading about how all my fellow fangbanging fans felt about each episode, after it airs. The TVD fan community is really one of the best out there, in my opinion. There are so many great recappers and commenters around to snark, gripe, and squeal over the show with. I just love it! 🙂

      Thanks again for stopping by, and for your kind words. Just a few more hours until Episode 18 airs here. I can’t wait! 🙂

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