True Blood Season 4 – Spoilers, Speculation, Screencaps, Shirtlessness, and SERIC!

Greetings, Fangbangers!  It’s about that time again!  Summer is almost here!  You know how I can tell it’s almost summer time?  By looking at a calendar, DUH!    Because all the stars on my television screen have suspiciously stopped wearing clothing . . .

SOOKIE:  “You know, it’s really rude to walk around looking all perfect, like that.  All you are doing is making me want to jump your bones the boys with normal-looking bodies feel bad!”

But summer time isn’t just about walking around naked.  (Well . . . it’s MOSTLY about walking around naked.)  It’s also about watching QUALITY summer programming (while naked . . . of course)!  You know, there was a time, not too long ago, when the phrase “Quality Summer Programming” was an oxymoron.  But, thanks in a large part to cable channels like HBO, AMC, Showtime, and . . . yes . . .even ABC Family, serious Summer TV isn’t so oxymoronic ANYMORE! 

Lafayette is very pleased with the new and improved state of summer television.

Perhaps, there is no better example of that than True Blood.  Produced by acclaimed showrunner Alan Ball, and based on the popular Southern Vampire Mysteries series penned by Charlaine Harris, this sublimely-successful television series is about to enter its fourth season.  And, if the collection of recently-released promos for the show are any indication, it’s going to be quite an AWESOME season, indeed.

Season of Seric, HERE WE COME!

The purpose of this post is to analyze and breakdown some of the promotional material HBO has released, during the past few weeks, regarding True Blood,  in hopes of getting a better idea of what to expect during the show’s upcoming season.  (Special thanks to my blogging pal / fellow TB fan / staunch Seric lover, Cherie, over at Spidey Sense, for coming up with the idea for this post.  So, if you don’t like it, BLAME HER!  Just kidding!)

I hope you guys are hungry!  Because we are about to BITE in to some SERIOUSLY juicy True Blood tidbits!


As most fans will tell you, each season of True Blood is, more or less, based on a book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries series.  Given that pattern, Season 4 should predominately follow the general plot outline of Book 4 in that series, which, appropriately, is entitled Dead to the World.  Without giving too much away . . . (SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT) . . . the main plotpoints of that book were as follows:

(1) The arrival of a nefarious witch coven, led by the super spooky Hallow, in Bon Temps, which led to a tentative alliance formed between the vampires and werewolves in the area to defeat that coven.

(2) Eric’s amnesia, as a result of a spell placed on him by the aforementioned coven, and how that amnesia affects his relationship with one Sookie Stackhouse.  (Hint: SHOWER SEX IS INVOLVED!)

and . . .

(3) Jason Stackhouse’s kidnapping by those wackadoo werepanthers from Crystal Norris’ trailer trash town of Hotshot.


Since, True Blood is never shy about killing off a good portion of their cast each year, every new season of True Blood will inevitably bring along with it, the addition of some . . . for lack of a better term . . . fresh blood.  And Season 4 of True Blood will be no different.  Below is a quick look at the newbies scheduled to spend this summer in Bon Temps . . .

Fiona Shaw, as Marnie “Hallow” Stonebrook

Harry Potter fans will undoubtedly remember Fiona Shaw for her portrayal of Harry’s prickly Aunt Petunia.  But in TB world she is Marnie, an unassuming, not particularly talented, palm reader, who may or may not, as a result of a bewitching possession, end up being this season’s BIG BAD . . .

Alex Breckinridge, as Daisy

Joining Marnie’s coven will be a young witch named Daisy, who is shown in one of the trailers below (I think) getting all teary eyed in front of Vampire Bill.  Daisy will be played by Alexander Breckenridge.  Many of you might recognize Alex from her role as Willa in the FX series Dirt.  However, as a Dawson’s Creek fan, I will always remember Alex as The Girl Who Kissed Dawson Leery And Then Puked, in a Fabulous Season 3 episode (particularly if you were a Pacey and Joey fan) entitled “The Valentine’s Day Massacre.”

Courtney Ford, as Portia Bellefleur

As Andy Bellefleur’s younger sister, an attorney who briefly dated Bill Compton until [SPOILER ALERT: The two found out they were distantly related], Portia Bellefleur has always been a consistent, if not necessarily important, character in the Sookie Stackhouse book series.  However, judging by some of the hot and heavy scenes her character seems to be enjoying in the promos, with Stephen Moyer’s Vampire Bill, something tells me the character’s role in the television series is going to be a bit larger than originally anticipated.

Portia will be played by Courtney Ford, who Vampire Diaries fans might remember as the Girl Who Shot Damon in the Backside with an Arrow, resulting in THIS fun little image . . .

Janina Gavankar, as Luna

Speaking of Love Interests, Sam Merlotte hasn’t exactly had much luck in that department, during True Blood’s first two seasons.  However, that may change when school teacher / fellow shifter Luna (a werebat in the book series) flies into town.  Fans of the Showtime series The L Word might remember Gavankar (who will play Luna) as promiscous lesbian, Papi.  And we all know how much Sam loves his promiscuous women! 

Will there be some Hot Doggy Style Sex in Sam’s future?  Only time will tell!

Vedette Lim as Naomi

Press releases gave us very little in the way of intel on this new character, except to say that she’s a tough-as-nails cage fighter, who ends up getting hot and heavy with her female opponent.  And we all know how much True Blood adores its hard core violent sex scenes with homosexual undertones!  You GO, Naomi!

Speaking of homosexual undertones, guess who just got bumped up to series regular?

Jessica Tuck, as Nan Flanagan

This no-nonsense spokesperson of the American Vampire League was perhaps best known last season for (1) eating out a lady in the backseat of her limo; and (2) sending a SWAT team full of guys dressed like extras from The Matrix to swarm Fangtasia.  And now we will get to see a lot more of her, I guess.  Could she become a possible love interest for Vampire Pam?  It’s certainly possible!

Also returning to Bon Temps this season will be the following relative newcomers: Lauren Bowles, as witchy waitress, Holly Cleary . . .

 . . . Kevin Alejandro, as Lafayette’s voodoo loving beau, Jesus . . .

. . . and Allan Hyde, as the Vampire Who Just Doesn’t Seem to Die, No Matter How Many Times He “Meets the Sun,” Godric (then again, maybe this will just be another flashback . . .)

That’s right Godric, KEEP THAT SHIRT OFF, and you will fit in just fine here!


Last year, in order to promote the show’s upcoming season, the producers of True Blood released a series of three-to-five minute long character-centric minisodes.  These short videos promised to tease what was in store for each of the series’ main characters, during the season.  Of course, in hindsight, while these videos were amusing (some, admittedly, more amusing than others), they actually ended up providing fans with very little, in terms of plot-line teasers. 

This year, as a part of its Waiting Sucks campaign, True Blood has once again decided to release a series of character-centric teaser videos.  Though significantly shorter in length than last year’s minisodes, these teasers are about ten times more informative than their predecessors.  Each of these 30-second shots (which feature a scene from the upcoming season, narrated by the script for that scene) contains suprisingly spoilery information about some of the season’s main plotpoints.

Let’s watch, and analyze, shall we?

(Special thanks to TrueBloodItalia, for providing these fabulous videos for our viewing pleasure.)

Bill and Eric – “New Coven in Town”

In Dead to the World, Eric’s amnesia is revealed within the first few pages of the story.  Apparently, True Blood has decided to start the season off a bit earlier in the timeline than that.  The above scene, I’m assuming, takes place fairly early on in Season 4, possibly in the first episode. 

In it, a clearly not-yet-amnesiac Eric, and Victim of a Ridiculously Bad Haircut Bill discuss the ramifications of a witch coven arriving in Bon Temps.  Never before have we seen Eric Northman this concerned about the arrival of another supernatural creature in his Area.  And, if the rest of the promotional videos are any indication, he is right to be worried . . .

Eric (and Sookie) – “Where am I? Who am I?  (and where are my clothes?)”

Knowing that Eric is meant to have amnesia in this scene, it is interesting to compare it to the one we just watched, above.  Alexander Skarsgard’s temperment has completely changed here.  Gone is the cocky confidence,dark sense of humor, all-knowing stare, and ferocious, “kill first, ask questions later” mentality that we have come to associate with the Sheriff of Area Five.  THIS Eric Northman looks more innocent, less sure of himself, more naive, and, dare I say it, MUCH younger than the one we’ve come to know and love, over the past three seasons of True Blood

In short, Mommy Likes this New Amnesia Eric . . . very much!

(Minor gripe:  In the book series, Sookie is driving home from work when she finds a NAKED Eric, running toward her home, clad in only his socks.  If you notice in this season, Eric is wearing . . . pants.   WHY, ALAN BALL, WHY?)

Pam, Tara, Lafayette, and Marnie – “Fix My Man”

This scene obviously takes place AFTER Pam has learned that Eric has amnesia.  She is clearly calling upon new witch Marnie to help her “FIX” her Maker, and return him to his former self.  The problem, of course, is that Marnie (or the thing possessing her) may have actually been the one to CAUSE the amnesia, in the first place.  And, therefore, asking HER for help, may not exactly be the wisest move Vampire Pam has ever made. 

The end of the scene, in which “Marnie” literally stops Pam in her tracks, and lets out an unearthly cackle, is particularly creepy.   Speaking of creepy . . .

Arlene, Terry, and the Demon Baby?

I’ll be perfectly honest.  Last season, I had absolutely NO interest in asshat Arlene, or her, “I may have been impregnated by my Dead Serial Killer Husband” storyline.  That being said, THIS PROMO genuinely gave me chills.  There is nothing I find more frightening then scary supernatural freaky kids.  I

 suspect that Arlene’s demon baby will join a long line of pre-pubescents that scare the stuffing out of me, including, but not limited to:  that chick from The Ring, the kids from The Grudge, all the Children of the Corn, those blonde tots from Village of the Damned, Rosemary’s Baby, the Omen kid, the kid from The Shining, Dakota Fanning’s character in Hide and Seek, and the list just goes on and on . .  .

You know who else is frightening me, lately?

Stepford Trash Wife Crystal and Bondage Jason

Oh, sweet, dumb, Jason!  I have a secret:  I never really liked your girlfriend!  To be honest, I just couldn’t figure out what it was exactly you saw in the plain-looking, not particularly charming, Crystal Norris. 

I suspect there was a part of you, who, after having countless girlfriends of yours DIE UNTIMELY DEATHS, wanted to date someone you could rescue, and actually keep alive, for a change.  Perhaps, Crystal, a werepanther, born and raised in an incestuous, crystal meth-producing, trailer park, seemed like just the girl you could save.

Except, now it looks like she’s tied you to a bed post, is rocking some REALLY unattractive curlers, and is getting all her werepanther friends to torture you and bite you, until you are “REBORN” as “ONE OF THEM.”  See,  Jason, you should have dated a TV Recapper, instead!  We are MUCH safer (and just a little bit less insane)!

Come on over to my place, Jason!  It’s not too late!

Speaking of Potentially Very Happy Couples . . .

Hoyt and Jessica – “I Pity the FOOL who messes with Hoyt’s girlfriend!”

Last season, Hoyt and Jessica experienced a happy reunion, after Hoyt finally forgave his girlfriend for trying to eat his mom.  But just because the pair are happy together, doesn’t mean everybody in Bon Temps is particularly happy for them!  Of course, this is far from the first time, Jessica has suffered the slings and arrows of vampiric racism at the hands of strangers.  However, this IS the first time that racism has been extended to include her human boyfriend, Hoyt. 

Under the circumstances, I’d say he handled it quite well, don’t you? 🙂  In other Relationship News . . .

Sam and Luna (Surprise!  She has a crazy, abusive ex!)

Awww, man!  Do we really have to suffer through another Crazy Ex Storyline, again?  No wonder Bon Temps is so incestuous!  There’s onlyabout five or six NORMAL/ non-psychotic people to date there!


In addition to all the juiciness illustrated above, HBO has also released not one, but TWO, new trailers for the upcoming season.  Admittedly, one is less informative, but (decisively more NAKED) than the second.  The other, in my opinion, gives us a bit more to work with, in terms of plot details.  Ready to investigate?  Let’s start sleuthing . . .

Trailer Number One – So Much Shirtlessness, So Little Time

After I got over the giddy glee of realizing just how much HOT NAKED MALE SKIN was featured in this brief, 39-second trailer, I was shocked to realize just how LITTLE information this trailer provided, in terms of actual Season 4 plotpoints.  I mean, think about it, all we got in the first ten seconds was a series of Scared “Good Guy” Faces . . .

For starters, here is Running Scared (but Shirtless, YAY!) Jason Stackhouse . . .

I can’t really tell whether this shot comes BEFORE his werepanther kidnapping, or after.   On one hand, Jason definitely looks STRONGER and more able-bodied than he appears in later parts of the trailer, leading me to believe he HASN’T been “infected” yet. 

On the other hand, if you look closely, Jason definitely has a big bloody bite mark on his stomach, leading me to believe either (1) he has already been bitten once, but has not been captured yet; (2) his transformation is complete, and, now healing from his bites, he has finally managed to escape his captors.  Since, I doubt, True Blood would want to spoil Jason’s triumphant ESCAPE from Hotshot so early in the series, I’m going to put my money on the former . . .

Speaking of Scared Good Guys, here’s Sam Merlotte . . .

I’ll be the first to admit that this is a pretty useless screenshot.  I’m only including it because of the cheesy Halloween decoration hanging over Sam’s head.  Am I to assume that this season DOESN’T take place during the summer (as previous seasons have), but, rather, occcurs during the fall and winter months?  Or is Sam just EXTREMELY lazy about taking down his holiday decorations . . .

:11-13 of the trailer contrast the Scared “Good Guy” Faces we saw earlier, with some equally useless, and generic, Angry Vampire Faces.  We have a probably pre-amnesiac Eric, a 1920’s costumed Queen Sophie Ann, and a very bizarre looking, Billy Idol-esque Vampire Bill.

80’s flashback, I presume?

At the :15 mark, our patience is rewarded with a nice shot of a Fresh-Out-of the Shower Sookie being ogled by a very turned on (and, most likely pre-amesiac Eric).  “Is this another dream?”  Sookie wonders dazedly. 

No Sookie.  Eric’s desire to separate you from that pesky towel of yours, and have his way with you, right on your Grandma’s old couch, is very real . . .


“Yowsa!  Those are some huge melons you’ve got there!”

We follow this up with another five seconds of random, uninformative, Fangtasia shots, one of a Very Happy, Dancey, Vampire Jess . . .

 . . . another of a fierce Pam . . .

(I suspect both of these are from the same episode, as the one-shot featuring Pam and Jess, above.)

 . . . and a third of Shooty Tara . . .

“I am in a very bad mood.  (SURPRISE!)”

My FAVORITE scene in the trailer doesn’t arrive until the 20-second mark, in which we see a shirtless, post-amnesiac, Eric looking at Sookie intently, and moving in for a kiss, one she seems more than willing to accept!

SQUEE!  *Does Happy Dance*

At 21 seconds, Vampire Bill can be found threatening a woman, who I initially thought was Queen Sophie Ann.  However, on second viewing, I’ve come to the conclusion that this is Alex Breckenridge’s witch, Daisy.  Hmmm . . . I wonder what “Big Mistake” she is making, according to Vampire Bill.  (Perhaps, SHE’S the one that gave him that awful haircut!)

“What do you want from me?  I got my Beauty School Degree online!”

Things start to get intense at 22 seconds, when we see Pam toss a purple shirted SOMEONE into the same Vampire Dungeon she used to hold Lafayette captive, during Season 2 . . .

Who dat?

We are also treated to a shot of a clearly, worse for WERE (Get it?), infected, and mustachioed(?) Jason.  In the scene, he is wearing a very ugly flannel shirt (boo!), and, presumably, trying to escape captivity in Hotshot . . .

My second favorite trailer clip arrives at the 25-second mark, when Sookie tells her half-naked growling pal, Alcide, to “Stop making that NOISE!”

Making sex noises in public is SO inappropriate . . . even in a slutty town like Bon Temps

That exercise in awesomeness is followed up by a Party Crasher Pre-Amnesiac Eric, making a VERY grand entrance at a coven meeting, one which may or may not be taking place at Lafayette’s house.

“I have ARRIVED!  (Anyone have six hours to spare for the best sexual experience of your human existence?)”

Speaking of sex (aren’t I always?)  check out Tied to the Bedpost, Bondage Jason, screaming his head off at the 27-second mark  . . .

“Why do I feel like I’ve been in this situation before?”

“Ohhhh . . .”

And because no True Blood trailer is complete without some good old-fashioned necking . . .

Way to go, SAM!

Check that off your list!

Uh oh!  Cheesy Fake CGI Werepanther ALERT, at the 30-second mark!


I think I’ll name it Fluffy .  . . or maybe Oreo.

We end the trailer with three quick-fire images of people beating the crap out of other people.  There’s Queen Sophie beating up Vampire Bill, in his own house . . . at least, I think it’s his house . . .

We’ve got Hoyt beating up that racist outside Fangtasia (from the episode clip we watched earlier).  And, finally, there’s SOOKIE PUNCHING AMNESIA ERIC?

Man!  Even the vampires end up in abusive relationships, on this show!”

“You’ll heal in five minutes.  You’re a vampire,” scolds Sookie boredly, when Eric questions her violent actions in the seconds moments of the trailer.  (Isn’t that what ALL the abusers say?)

Trailer Two – Witches versus Vamps (versus Weres?)

Though this second trailer is roughly the same length as the first, I found it to be a bit more telling, in terms of actual plot analysis.  Watch here, and see what I mean . . .

Right off the bat, we are treated to a shot of Sookie, nervously examining the rearview mirror in her car. 

At first, I assumed that THIS would be the scene where Sookie would find Amnesia Eric.  But then that THING attacked Sookie from the window of her car  . . .

(Why the heck does she drive with her window open?  Doesn’t she know where she LIVES, and what show she’s on?)

So, I figured out that I might be mistaken . . .

Given that the trailer opens with Sookie being, ONCE AGAIN, in danger, it is interesting that this scene is paired with Pam’s seemingly prophetic admonission that Sookie, “need[s] to be somebody’s . . . or [she] won’t BE.”

Woah, Pam!  Ease up on that red lipstick, next time.  Mmm Kay?

I also liked how Pam’s not-so-subtle suggestion that Sookie choose between her two vampire suitors, and choose FAST, is juxtaposed by images of BOTH suitors making a play for Sookie’s affections, in her home.  We’ve got Bill (zzzzzzzzz) . . .

“Miss Sookie, might I interest you in a rousing game of Chess?”

 . . . and then Eric (YAY!) . . .

“Miss Sookie, might I interest you in a rousing game of AMAZING SEX?”

During the trailer, when Sookie asked Eric what he wanted from her . . . and he looked deeply into her eyes and said, with all seriousness, “Everything,” I may or may not have melted into a little puddle in my chair . . .

We then get a generic image of Witchy Spell Stuff.  And, through this, we meet our new coven . . .

Notable members of this coven include, the soon-to-be-evil, Marnie . . .

 .  . . Holly . . .

 . . . Daisy (who we met talking to Bill in the other trailer), and, interestingly enough, Lafayette and Jesus . . .

“Et tu, Laf-e?”

I cringed a little bit at the hot, but, icky (because of what I know about their lineage) sex scene between Bill and Portia . . .  (I really don’t recall those two ever going that far with one another,  in the books.  But, hey!  That’s HBO, for you!)

“Well, I’d say it’s a really good thing vampires can’t procreate.  Wouldn’t you?  Otherwise, our baby would probably have three heads . . . or be like ARLENE’S”

We get a little humor (and some interesting spoilers), in the next few scenes.  During THEM, we learn that (1) the witch coven needs a dead body to complete one of its more complicated spells; and (2) witches have the power control vampires.

“Where the hell are we going to get a dead body?”  Lafayette inquires.

Given all that, Eric’s Party Crasher Scene from the first trailer, makes a whole lot more sense, in context, doesn’t it?

Like the above image, a lot of the ones that followed in this trailer, were ones we had already seen in the FIRST trailer.  That being said, I was intrigued by THIS image, of Tara going bat-sh*t on some Poor Unfortunate Soul . . .

Oh, Tara, who are you beating up THIS TIME?

Texting 911, as we speak . . .

. . . a second shot of the Billy Idol-like Flashback Vampire Bill . . .

. . . and an intriguing shot of Vampire Eric attacking Marnie.  (Could this be what prompted her to cast the spell on him?)

As with the first trailer, this one ends with a unique touch of Sookie’s Dry Meta Humor:  “Oh, GREAT!  Now, I have to deal with witches?”  She whines, as a decidedly naked (Alcide or Eric?) stands protectively behind her . . .

(My dear, naive, Sookie!  With an Amnesiac Eric Northman as your new vampire roommate, something tells me witches will be the least of your problems!)

And, there you have it, folks: a handful of new cast members, a slew of promotional one-shots, and two awesome trailers.  Not bad for a day’s blogging, right?

Thirsty for more?  Be sure to tune into HBO on June 26th at 9 p.m. for the season premiere of True Blood.  But, until then . . .



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23 responses to “True Blood Season 4 – Spoilers, Speculation, Screencaps, Shirtlessness, and SERIC!

  1. Yay! First comment!

    I’ll get the most important thing out of the way first… the abs standing behind Sookie in that scene are definitely Eric’s. I have spent enough time staring at that Adonis Belt over the course of my True Blood obsession to be able to track a Skargasm-inducing body part from a mile off. Also, Alcide has that ultra muscly look, whereas Eric has that lean but slightly muscled body that is my favourite body time (see also Somerhalder, Trevino).

    Now, with that outta the way 😉 I am so excited for this season! Book four has always been my favourite from the Sookie Stackhouse series for many reasons (Amnesia Eric, Shower Scene, red underwear, need I go on?), so to see it play out on screen is something I’ve been waiting for ever since True Blood premiered.

    I adored Alcide’s little growl. It reminds me of how vampires in Buffyverse could purr like kittens (like Drusilla purring in delight when Spike kissed her arm when they held Angel hostage. Good times!). I like my creatures to show their animalistic side even when their human visage is front and centre.

    Re: Bill and Portia. Hmm, as far as I’m concerned that man can screw his whole family tree, so long as he stays away from Sookie and we get Seric action (thank GOD we have a good couple name. Sookie and Eric have always been a pair I haven’t been able to think of a nice truncated name for, so awesome work there :)) If we Free Little Willie from being around Sookie, I have a feeling I might even find Bill hot this season. I mean, there were flashes in those promos where I was slightly turned on by him. It is strange, really, how his hotness quotient goes down whenever around Sookie. Can’t quite work out why that is the case.

    Can we have a show where Bondage Stefan and Bondage Jason can hang out together? Hey, Jason still believes in Santa, as do I, so if I’m a good girl this year, maybe I will get what I want!

    Is it wrong that I desperately want a True Blood / Vampire Diaries cross over so that we can see Damon and Tyler all naked and sexy, HBO style?

    Also, Hoyt is the most adorably adorable man to ever adorable his way through town. The key image that I carried with me from the finale in season three was that creepy doll taking up shop in his new apartment with Jessica, so here is hoping that my second favourite True Blood couple stay strong this season. I need more chicken/steak fried, sex and candy cuteness, Alan Ball, you hear me?

    • Good body part sleuthing, Cherie! Now that I look at it, Skarsgard is also fairer than Manganiello, in terms of complexion. Whereas Manganiello has more sun-ripened peach-type coloring, Skarsgard is more rose-kissed ivory. 😉

      Also, in terms of storyline, it makes sense that Eric would be standing behind Sookie in her home. As, I suspect, THIS will be the scene in which Sookie, having just taken Amnesia Eric home, is visited by Pam, and first filled in on what has happened.

      I too have been looking forward to seeing Dead to the World on my small screen. And from the looks of the promo, it does seem like the writers will be sticking to the book, for the most part. Specifically, it looks as though they giving us all the Sexy Seric-ness we deserve, rather than Bill-ifying the story, as they have in past seasons. Of course, one main departures from the book we can see already, is that Alan Ball will actually ALLOW the readers to SEE Eric get bewitched. (At least, I think he will!)

      I was torn about this change at first, as the opening of Book 4 was truly one of the MOST EYE-OPENING 😉 NOVEL BEGINNINGS EVER, in my humble opinion. However, for purposes of good TV, I’ve decided I’m really happy the show writers have decided to make this change. For one thing, it will allow fans to see just how different Hardened Bad Ass Vamp Eric and Amnesia Eric are! It’s always exciting to watch an actor take on what essentially amounts to two different roles in the same series. (See e.g. Elena and Katherine, and, perhaps more similarly, 1864 Human Damon, and Vampire Damon) Though this is not an easy thing to do, by any means, I think Skarsgard is up for the challenge.

      Also, one of my mini gripes with Dead to the World was that we NEVER got to learn exactly how Eric was “spelled” to become Amnesia Eric. I mean, sure, this added a bit of mystery to the book, which we won’t have here. However, one of the things that always gave me pause during Dead to the World, was that I simply couldn’t imagine someone strong and smart like Eric being placed in the type of precarious position, that allowed him to be so thoroughly manipulated by Hallow. True Blood will allow us to see exactly how that happened.

      Plus, I think it will be intriguing and oddly sexy to actually watch Eric be bewitched in this way, particularly if the spell includes ONE important instruction that, as a Seric fan, made me giddy when I read about it during the books. I think you know where I’m going with this. 😉 My expectations are super high, with respect to this plot point. So, here’s hoping the writers don’t let me down, in this regard.

      A crossover True Blood / TVD episode would be AMAZING. It really is a shame this will never happen. After all, I can see an excellent scenario in which the crossover could play out. Picture it: Klaus and Dark Stefan head to Bon Temps to recruit for their Were Vamp Army, having heard that this is a place where the vampires and werewolves are plentiful, the bars always have blood on tap, and the ladies are VERY loose.

      Damon, Elena, and Alaric also head there, hoping to rescue Stefan from the darkside. (Bonnie tracked the Devilish Duo to Bon Temps, using one of her Nosebleed Spells). Once there, Team Badass and Elena stop by Merlotte’s, where their waitress is spunky bar wench, Sookie Stackhouse, who has a heck of a lot of fun digging inside these three’s heads.

      Sookie eventually pulls Elena aside, and tells her not to be so mopey all the time. “Honey, take it from someone who knows, having supernatural creatures fawning over you all the time is AWESOME,” she explains. “Not only will you always have WAY better sex than all your friends are having, there will also always be someone willing to take the bullet for you, when those OTHER supernatural creatures inevitably try to murder you.”

      Meanwhile, Tyler and Caroline ALSO take a roadtrip to Bon Temps. After all, Tyler met some folks from Longtooth Pack, during his stay at Were Camp. And they absolutely INSISTED that he come visit. 🙂 While there, Caroline meets Vampire Jess, and the two become TOTAL besties, dancing it up Fangtasia at night, and exchanging vampire fashion tips during the day. 🙂

      Hey, it could work! 😉

  2. Jen Steph

    Oh I just love you! Team Eric and Damon for the win, yay!
    Your breakdown was great, as always, made me laugh and gave me some fun details to think about until the premier.
    One thing, tho. You complained that Eric was dressed only in socks in the book. You are not alone, I hear/read this all the time from my friends and on the internet (Either that or they think he was butt nekkid –and wouldn’t THAT have been awesome?) BUT in the book Eric was barefoot, dressed only in jeans…the show just put shoes on him.

    (Pg. 15 …Dead to the World ) “A running man: At three in the morning on January first,….I had a moment to notice that the man was tall, blond, and clad only in blue jeans….

    Then Sookie took him home and washed his feet because they’d been bare and cut up (weird because he’s a vampire that heals). She washed his jeans, got a load of his red underwear and then oddly had Jason go buy him pants the next day. Charlain Harris LOVES discontinuity.

    • Awww, that’s sweet of you to say, Jen Steph! I love you too. 🙂

      Thanks for the clarification on Eric’s “state of dress’ in Dead to the World. Hmm . . . I wonder why I distinctly recall our Viking Vamp in the nude. Wishful thinking, I guess?

      Oh, wait . . . now I know why! It comes from the back cover description of the book:

      “When cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse sees a naked man on the side of the road, she doesn’t just drive on by. Turns out the poor thing hasn’t a clue who he is, but Sookie does. It’s Eric the vampire–but now he’s a kinder, gentler Eric. And a scared Eric, because whoever took his memory now wants his life.”

      I guess that was wishful thinking on the book jacket writer’s part too! 🙂

      That being said,I still think Alan Ball should have taken the reigns on this one, and made Eric naked. It IS HBO after all! And, really, does Eric seem like the kind of guy who wears jeans? I’m trying to remember if I ever saw him wearing them. Maybe he wore them under the Panty Dropper Blue Sweater in Season 3. I don’t recall.

      Eric does strike me more as a black leather pants kind of guy though. 😉

      I can’t wait to talk True Blood with you this season, Jen Steph! Just a few more weeks to go! 🙂

  3. Jen Steph

    OMG! You are so right. I never noticed that on the back cover. Well, that explains a lot because once you’ve read the words “naked man” and associated those words/ image with Eric, why would you ever want to put jeans on that? 🙂
    Still, there’s always “the shower” scene to look forward to some yummy nakedness (pray for on my knees ….oh please, please, please). Eric can’t wear jeans in the shower unless Alan Ball has no fellow feeling for humanity .

    BTW: Some of my favorite Sookie-isms of all time are from that infamous scene. ie: “I was right on a level with his hard nipples. They were the size of pencil erasers.” ….Lordy!

  4. imaginarymen


    There are plots on this show? Really? I too busy looking at all the Hot Shirtless Men to notice ;-0

    And SIGN ME UP for the Bondage Jason and Stefan Hour. Jesus – I would NEVER leave my house!!

    • LOL. You know, I was thinking of you when I saw that video of Hoyt kicking ass and taking names to protect the honor of his vampire girlfriend. 🙂 I thought, “Amy is going to be so excited about this . . . But then she’s probably going to start worrying about Hoyt dying again.” 😉

      And because the promos didn’t have NEARLY enough Jason Stackhouse for my taste (nor did the new Sookie book, “Dead Reckoning,” for that matter) , I thought you might enjoy this:

      (If you recall One Republic’s “Everybody Loves Me” was also the song the CW used in the AWESOME “Oh Damon” commercial to promote TVD last year. No wonder, I LOVE this song so much! )

      • imaginarymen

        WOOO HOOO!!! JASON FTW!!!! Thanks for that. Not only was it full of Shirtless Kwanten Goodness, but it was really well done!

        And yes, I did scream “HOYT!!”! in joy, then “DON’T DIE!!” in fear. I’m not feeling his new hair-cut either, but whatever. I hope he and Jason take a break from fangbanging and fighting supernatural creatures and eat some hot buttered biscuits together. Shirtless. Of course ;-0

  5. André

    Hy, I followed your advise and started to watch True Blood. I am only at ep. 3 right now and I am a bit undecided what to make of the show. Currently I can’t see why it’s such a big hit, but we will see. 😉

    • Hey Andre! I’m so psyched that you’ve decided to give True Blood a try! I do think you will eventually like the show, and find it a more humorous, raunchier, alternative to TVD. (Plus, there are plenty of hot naked boys in it. And that’s never a bad thing.)

      Like with TVD, the series got off to a fairly slow start, in my opinion. However, if I recall, it definitely picks up steam around episode 4 or 5. I’d say, give Season 1 a try. (It’s only 12 episodes. So, it’s not as much of a time commitment as TVD.)

      This way, if you aren’t hooked by then, you haven’t wasted that much of your time. 🙂 But if you ARE hooked, then you have 2 more seasons to enjoy and a new one on the way.

      Sound like a plan? 😉 Definitely, let me know how you feel, as the season progresses. I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the show, and how you feel it compares to TVD.

      • André

        Well I am at ep. 5 right now. The insight into part of vamp-society is interesting, although like the old sniffer freak I am I of course wonder why hep D can affect a vamp if they don’t even have brainwaves and therefore are technically dead. 😀
        TVD should borrow a bit from True Blood since they have their supes more or less in a bubble.

        It was kinda funny how a single drop of V affects Jason. 😀

      • See? I had a feeling the mythology of True Blood would be right up your alley. I like the idea of the vampire community being integrated into society, as they are on True Blood. I also find the feudal-type way in which the vampires organize themselves on the show (and in the novels) to be a very clever artistic touch. While THAT particular aspect of True Blood wouldn’t necessarily work on TVD, I do think there are other aspects of True Blood mythology that would jive quite well with Mystic Falls.

        For example, I like the idea of there being a Vampire Underworld, in which vampire blood is sold on the black market. I think that would be a fun storyline for TVD to explore. Of course, in TVD Land, vampires aren’t exactly “OUT,” in the same way they are in True Blood. However, everyone in Mystic Falls knows that they exist.

        Therefore, it wouldn’t be out of the question for teens to experiment with the euphoric effects of vampire blood. Plus, the “drug” could always be marketed as something else. An interesting twist on this would be that it would increase the probability that teenagers would die with vampire blood in their system, thereby making them more susceptible to vampirism. Hey! I think I just figured out how Klaus could build his Were-Vamp Army! 😉

        Speaking of drinking blood, I love True Blood’s idea of a Blood Bond created between drinker and drinkee. This would be a fun concept to play with, regarding the budding Delena relationship, as well as with Forwood. Speaking of the sexual aspects of blood drinking, TVD doesn’t take nearly enough advantage of them, in my opinion. After all, this is a show that can’t, due to censorship, and the young skew of its fan demographic, depict real sex. What better way to get around that then to sexualize blood drinking, and portray it as an aspect of foreplay? Heck, even Twilight caught on to that!

        Like you, I also think the way True Blood depicts werewolves as political and organized beings would work well on True Blood. I always felt this particular aspect of werewolf packs was hinted at in both “Daddy Issues” and “Cry Wolf,” through Jules, Brady and Co. It would be nice to see a flashback of Tyler’s month-long absence, in which he was invited to take part in this kind of society.

        I can also envision a future storyline in which Tyler, as heir apparent to the Lockwood Werewolf Dynasty (and a possible relation to Klaus), is asked to claim a position of political power within the Werewolf Pack. Imagine, for example, what kind of impact that would have on the Caroline / Tyler relationship . . . and how his fellow “packers” would view him dating a vampire. Good stuff! 🙂

        As for the Hep-D, is it possible that this particular virus has “scavenger” qualities, and therefore, thrives in vampire bodies, specifically, but not in humans? Just a thought.
        I’m glad you are taking a liking to Jason Stackhouse. He was one of my favorite characters, during Season 1 and Season 2. (In Season 3, meh!) So, I had a feeling you would take to him as well.

        Here’s a fun fact for you. Ian Somerhalder, a.k.a Damon Salvatore, initially read for the part of Jason Stackhouse, before landing his role on TVD. According to him, he “bombed” the audition, and never received a callback. In hindsight, I’m kind of glad this happened, as I can’t imagine anyone else aside from Ian playing Damon. Plus, Ian’s expressive eyes just seem too smart and broody, to make him believable as the dimwitted, happy-go-lucky, Jason Stackhouse. Ryan Kwanten, on the other hand, is IDEAL for the role, with his sweet innocent teddy bear face, and corn-fed Southern boy body. 🙂

        Oh, and just in case you decide to stick with the series, I should let you know that I started doing full recaps of the show in Season 3. So, if you make it that far, and are looking for a bit of “supplemental reading,” I’ve got what you need ;).

  6. MaryJey

    Hey! So after that awesome VPD finale and the promise of *soorik* for season 4 I’m in Fangbanger’s heaven… But I don’t want to get carried away just yet, with true blood is always a 80-20 shoot things will turned out our team!
    I love both club dead and dead to the world the same and last season the show really disappointed me. Not only because I don’t give a f*ck about anything but the vampire world of TB, but because those characters that I don’t give a f*ck about where much more boring and poorly done than previous seasons… It feels that the show have more and more and more plotlines that have nothing to so with each other, that are in the show just to keep characters that probably only Alan balls like.
    Honestly last season was saved but Russel, Frank and Talbot. I hope this season is much entertaining but honestly I don’t have much hope with the cast additions. Don’t care about fairyland, don’t care about witches (honestly they were just a plot device in the novel, please don’t give them a back-story, I can’t bring myself to care about Jesus already), don’t care about ARLENE and HOLLY, don’t care about Sam.. You get the point.
    Jason and Laffy were my fav characters together with Eric, but last season they were awful… Jason and crystal… and that quarterback WTF! jesus and Laffy no words…
    What give me hope for this season:
    Its base on Dead to the Word! duh… (despite the doubts)
    The way the cast was seated last Paley fest: Alex was third next to Ana and Stephen, so I guess Alan ball is acknowledging his popularity! and importance in the story. Plus Ana and Alex talk a lot about Sookie and Eric which it great and Alex didn’t hide his optimism… He was very funny talking behind Ana, did you see it?
    Bill will be involve with Sophie ann, and I’m really fond of her character. I love to hate her!
    Bill and sookie will be apart (At least for now)
    Jason maybe becomes interesting again as a werepanther … (although I think he was interesting in season 2 only because of the Newlings)
    Pam will obviously be much more involve with Eric’s lost of memory and hopefully Jesicca will be close to Pam and therefore also more involve in vampire politics (I hope the sneak peak “speaks” for the rest of the season)
    I’ll probably fast forward the rest, but I’ll come anyhow to read and discuss your amazing reviews!! I’m really glad that theres someone like you making awesome reviews, that share all my ships!

    • Hey MaryJey! We really are kindred spirits, aren’t we? I feel the exact same way you do about True Blood. The Vampires (and Jason Stackhouse) MAKE the show! Everything else is just window dressing.

      But, yeah, even as a HUGE J. Stackhouse Fan,I can say with complete confidence that Jason’s storyline with Crystal was HORRID last season. What a waste of a great character and a hot body? And who the heck cast that Crystal chick, anyway? She kinda sucked.

      I also never really gave two figs about Sam’s trailer trash family, or Arlene and her demon baby, just like I didn’t really care for the whole MAENAD storyline in Season 2. (I mean, really, wasn’t the so-called rave/orgy in Living Dead in Dallas just an excuse to put Eric in those hot pink pants, anyway? And Alan Ball didn’t even put that in the SHOW! What kind of self-respecting gay man would eliminate something like that? ;)) Oh, and Jesus and that whole voodoo storyline? NO! Just . . . no!

      Yet, as you mentioned, there WAS plenty of stuff to love about Season 3. Such as, for example, all the smoking Seric sexual tension, and the fabulous villainy of Russell and Franklin. (I loved Talbot too. I kind of wish they kept him around longer. I think he would have made a WAY sexier match for Lafayette, than that dull as dogsh*t Jesus guy.) For those reasons, Season 3 of TB was a worthwhile watch for me, even though I ended up doing my nails during some of the less interesting storylines . . . 🙂

      This is also the reason I have high hopes for Season 4. After all, I’d really like to see Alan Ball TRY to Bill-ify THIS BOOK! It will be absolutely IMPOSSIBLE. Whether he likes it or not, Mr. Ball will HAVE to give us Seric, and give it to us GOOD! 😉 Otherwise, he might as well just skip book 4 completely. And he wouldn’t possibly skip one of the best books in the series, now, would he? 😉

      I actually haven’t had a chance to watch the interviews from Paley Fest yet. However, I am THRILLED to hear that Alex is finally getting the attention he deserves at these interviews. (I know in past years, he kept mostly mum with the press, in favor of some of the other, LOUDER, cast members). Now that I know it’s worth a watch, I will definitely have to go check it out. Thanks for the tip.

      I can’t wait to talk TB with you this summer. I have a feeling, you are going to be cracking me up with your snarky commentary on the show. 🙂 And, of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

  7. Pingback: Commence Stackhouse Shoulder Watch ’11! « she liked Imaginary Men best of all

  8. André

    ” I had a feeling the mythology of True Blood would be right up your alley.”
    We will see, currently it just drew my interest. As well as the whole “prejudice”-topic since the vamps in True Blood are prejudiced (for the wrong reasons) but there is real reason to fear them. In TVD there is currently this “they are so misunderstood theme” but that is not really appropriate in my eyes, since these vamps are clearly dangerous as well.

    ” I also find the feudal-type way in which the vampires organize themselves on the show (and in the novels) to be a very clever artistic touch.”
    Don’t say too much I am not that forward on the show and I will probably never read the novels, since there is so much else I want to read.

    ” For example, I like the idea of there being a Vampire Underworld, in which vampire blood is sold on the black market. I think that would be a fun storyline for TVD to explore. Of course, in TVD Land, vampires aren’t exactly “OUT,” in the same way they are in True Blood. However, everyone in Mystic Falls knows that they exist. ”
    No, most people in Mystic Falls don’t know that vamps exist; the founders council had kept it a close guarded secret. However I did find it unbelievable that the supes are supposedly so … separated from the non-supes. I mean a lot of stuff had filtered through over the years so there must have been some contact.

    ” Therefore, it wouldn’t be out of the question for teens to experiment with the euphoric effects of vampire blood. Plus, the “drug” could always be marketed as something else. An interesting twist on this would be that it would increase the probability that teenagers would die with vampire blood in their system, thereby making them more susceptible to vampirism. Hey! I think I just figured out how Klaus could build his Were-Vamp Army!”
    That would require some serious retcon because the characters already had experienced vampire blood so often that such effects would have to have been visible. So vamp-blood might be an ingredient but not the actual drug.

    ” Speaking of drinking blood, I love True Blood’s idea of a Blood Bond created between drinker and drinkee. This would be a fun concept to play with, regarding the budding Delena relationship, as well as with Forwood. ”
    The same as above. And I already know the concept from White Wolfs World of Darkness although I don’t know whether there is a connection.

    “Speaking of the sexual aspects of blood drinking, TVD doesn’t take nearly enough advantage of them, in my opinion. After all, this is a show that can’t, due to censorship, and the young skew of its fan demographic, depict real sex. What better way to get around that then to sexualize blood drinking, and portray it as an aspect of foreplay? Heck, even Twilight caught on to that!”
    I think that might be the very reason why they can’t do that. That is an old hat and the show needs something that is at least original at the time because otherwise it would only be a copy and no matter from what perspective you look at it, this would be a bad thing.
    And as for the audience age, isn’t the target group of the show women between 18 and 34?
    By the way, what is so sexual about blood drinking and the whole piercing of skin with fangs? For me that is not sexual it is purely predatory.

    ” It would be nice to see a flashback of Tyler’s month-long absence, in which he was invited to take part in this kind of society.”
    Again retcon. Maybe not so much but then it would stretch the definition of “nearly extinct” pretty much. Kinda waste of potential because if they would be more then maybe it would be good for a scenario similar to these:

    ” I can also envision a future storyline in which Tyler, as heir apparent to the Lockwood Werewolf Dynasty (and a possible relation to Klaus), is asked to claim a position of political power within the Werewolf Pack. Imagine, for example, what kind of impact that would have on the Caroline / Tyler relationship . . . and how his fellow “packers” would view him dating a vampire. Good stuff! ”
    Not in my eyes. For one he cannot have a future with Caroline, unless weres can be turned but then it would be weird if he would be the first one. Furthermore an actual relation to Klaus would be a bit stupid. They already have this fate stuff with Elena and that already took so much of the show that it would be too much if another character comes along who just happens to live next door.
    However something just occurred to me. If the writers think a bit outside of the box, they can make it to show us a bit more of McQueen’s abs by using his tattoos as part of the show. Maybe something like using the dragon fly as a spiritual spy or the eagle as some sort of power boost. Or some sort of totemic relationship.

    “As for the Hep-D, is it possible that this particular virus has “scavenger” qualities, and therefore, thrives in vampire bodies, specifically, but not in humans?”
    Can’t be, a virus needs living cell tissue to procreate, technically they are not fully alive the way a bacteria is, so while a bacteria might mutate to effect a vampire the way you described, a virus couldn’t because it cannot sustain itself.

    ” Ryan Kwanten, on the other hand, is IDEAL for the role, with his sweet innocent teddy bear face, and corn-fed Southern boy body.”
    Well he is southern, Australian to be specific. But did they cover in the show how he keeps his physics?

    ” Oh, and just in case you decide to stick with the series, I should let you know that I started doing full recaps of the show in Season 3. So, if you make it that far, and are looking for a bit of “supplemental reading,” I’ve got what you need ”
    Well the seasons aren’t too long so I might catch up.

    • Thanks so much for the Sam Tsui videos! I hadn’t seen them before, and am inclined to agree that he definitely has both the right look, the talent, and the inherent charisma to be a Glee star. He actually reminds me a bit of a male Charise, the internet sensation / songstress, who recently landed a recurring role on the show. This summer Glee will be casting a new actor for its ensemble cast through a “reality show” called the Glee Project. I’m honestly quite surprised Sam Tsui didn’t make the cut for THAT show.

      Now, on to True Blood . . .

      As for Vampire Jessica’s similarities with Vampire Caroline and Vampire Katherine, just wait. She’s going to start behaving a bit more Caroline-y (perky, over-energized, and sometime a bit petulant) and Katherine-y (seductive, fun-loving, slightly manipulative), as the series progresses. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, to me, anyway.

      Regarding your comments comparing TVD and TB, Alan Ball, and, by extension, Charlaine Harris definitely stick closer to traditional vampire lore in creating True Blood’s mythology, than TVD does in creating IT’S supernatural “rule system.” (No sunscreen rings for THESE GUYS!) This, of course, makes Sookie’s choice to date and consort with vampires a more difficult, and life altering one, in many ways than Elena’s. After all, Sookie doesn’t just have to worry about getting OLDER than her vampire boyfriend, she also has to grapple with the fact that he’s NEVER going to be alive, during the day. That’s a BIG DEAL. On the other hand, the whole synthetic blood thing would come in mighty handy in Mystic Falls, where the vampires’ choices for sustenance are limited to animal blood, human blood taken directly from humans, and blood bags.

      As for the Season 1 killer, on True Blood, because I discovered the Sookie Stackhouse books, around the middle of season 1, and had finished the first one long before the Season 1 finale aired, I can’t say for sure whether I would have correctly picked the killer. However, I suspect I wouldn’t have suspected Sam either. The Number 1 suspect ALWAYS ends up being the red herring in these types of stories. I ADORED the actor who played the killer, though. I thought he did a superb job with the role, and actually missed his presence a lot, during the show’s second season.
      You bring up a good point about True Blood focusing more intently on the grief / trauma-related reactions of the characters to horrific events. I thought Nelsan llis (the actor who plays Lafayette) did a brilliant job in Season 2 portraying the post traumatic stress disorder he experience, as a result of being held captive by Eric. And yet, while it was certainly realistic that he would react that way, part of me very much missed the fun-loving, sassy, Lafayette from Season 1.

      In some ways, the portrayal of real grief and emotion is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it is real and raw. But, on the other hand, it is not particularly enjoyable to watch for any extended period of time.

      Interesting book-related factoid: In the books, Lafayette is the FIRST DEATH of the second book (not that so-called lady). However, the character got such a positive fan response, and Alan Ball liked him so much, that he decided to keep him around for the foreseeable future.

      Ha! You know, I vaguely remember watching Everwood, back when they did the “Kyle coming out” storyline. And yet, I never put two and two together, that Steven R. McQueen played Kyle. Very impressive! Oh, and Ephram’s college roommate was SUPER sexy. Just sayin’!

      As for the eroticism of neck biting, I’m inclined to think that’s more of a Girl Thing, than a Guy one, and that it’s placed in TV shows like this to appeal to a female demographic, which might be why you find yourself immune to its unique charms. The neck is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on the female body. And, most women I think would agree with me that being kissed, massaged, or lightly nibbled on there in particular, feels very good, indeed.

      As far as the biting, the way it’s often portrayed on these shows makes it seem akin to the female orgasm, which is why many women find it so erotic. Watch the women’s faces on vampire shows when they are bitten. Their first response is pain, stemming the initial breaking of the skin. However, once the first drop of blood is lost, the groan emanating from their throats tends to change into one of pleasure. They shiver, and their eyes roll back in their heads. It’s a highly intimate thing to watch, particularly for a woman. From a male perspective, think about Jeremy’s response when Anna bit him on the hand for the first time . . . Because that was the same thing.

      Speaking of pleasure / pain . . . scientific studies show that when we are cut, and bleed, endorphins are released from our body, making us feel GOOD, to temporarily cover up that we are in pain. Psychologists argue that this feeling as one of the reasons people become obsessive cutters. That concept is on display in these vampire shows as well . . .

      As for the seeming lack of genuine homosexual scenes in True Blood, during the first two seasons, all I can say is . . . just wait for Season 3. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised. 🙂

      Oh, and I had NO IDEA you were a Degrassi fan. I’m one too. I actually think Zane was a critically underused character on that show. The actor who played him was decent, and really could have been the next Marco Del Rossi, if the writers utilized him better, I think.

      It’s interesting that you bring up Tara on True Blood, and compare her to Matt on TVD. Because, I think a lot of fans have equally negative things to say about both characters. Check out the message boards sometime regarding what fans say about Tara. Many find her to be whiny, uncompromising, and generally unlikeable . . . That being said, her storyline in Season 3 was a solid one, which served to endear her character to me, a bit more. So, stay tuned for that.

      The voiceover in the World of Warcraft video made me giggle, I must admit. So, it took me a bit of time to get over my own immaturity, and actually concentrate on what he was saying. Plus, it’s sort of hard for me to view “trolls” as intimidating beings. I just keep thinking of those toys I used to have when I was a kid, with the long stick-up hot pink hair, the chubby pregnancy bellies, and the bejeweled tummies. 🙂

      I do see the point you are making regarding TVD and the werewolves, however. Given that Tyler’s whereabouts during his month-long absence are yet to be explained, a wolf rebellion is certainly not out of the realm of possibility. And yet, I think if anybody is out to “take over control of the world,” my money is on Klaus and his were-vamp army. Because, the thing is, I never got the impression that the werewolves we met on TVD considered themselves disenfranchised, or had any desire for world domination. Rather, their actions always struck me as being more “defensive.” They struck out against the vampires, both to prevent retaliation, and to ensure the betterment of their race, through the possibility of being able to turn at will, which, at least as far as they were concerned, the Moonstone represented.

      That being said, I do think that if the Were-Vamp army DOES come to pass, we will see a tentative alliance formed between the Werewolves and the Vampires, with betrayals and defections likely, on both sides of the line.

      • André

        Glad that you like Sam Tsui and I am lucky that I’m not the onle one who didn’t knew of him despite his popularity. The earliest memories are of his cover of “Hold it against me” by Britney Spears.

        It’s one of my favourites along with “Jar of Hearts”

        And “Born this way”

        I think that these three covers are better than the originals.
        No idea why he didn’t get into Glee, maybe he didn’t really audition or maybe because he wasn’t an official actor although he can:

        You will find it hilarious.
        Maybe they didn’t want him because they didn’t want another “Asian” or so. Personally I was surprised to read that he is of Chinese ancestry, because lets be honest he could easily pass for full European origin.

        Ps. As far as I know it’s not official on which bus he drives so you can still hope.

        Ok, back to our transvestites… sorry, I mean vampires, of course. 😉

        Let’s see how Jessica plays out. I am only at S02E08 at the moment.
        By the way if someone hadn’t told me I would have never guessed that the vampire in the Viking flashback was Godric, he looked so different. And if Godric was his name back then it would be historical inaccurate because as far as I know that name is of old English and that didn’t come up before the 7th century.

        True TVD is less near to the folkloristic vampire than True Blood. But also True Blood is pretty far from it (e.g. sunlight killing them, at least I know of no stories of it killing them prior to the film Nosferatu, even in Dracula it only weakened them).
        One thing True Blood is also doing a better job at is depictions of vampires in general (albeit their fangs are stupid). In TVD it is mostly only talked about but never really shown (the bubble again).

        The portrayal of real grief and emotion being a double edged sword is true but if you do it like TVD or Smallville and throw one thing after another at the characters and them barely showing any signs of stress you make it unbelievable.

        I barely saw the respective episode of Everwood, I only realized that is was McQueen due to youtube. Well McQueen does sound kinda different now, and he doesn’t look like a teenager anymore.

        I am not sure whether the neckbiting is a Girl thing, since the neck is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones on the male body as well, I know nobody who doesn’t like being kissed and licked there, at least gay and bisexual ones. 😉

        Actually Anna sucking Jeremy also had nothing erotic in my eyes. Touching a wound is only painful according to my experience or you feel nothing and the whole bloodsucking is simply feeding in my eyes.

        But if you are into neck-biting, try the “With or without”-serious by Langley. Currently its 4 books (in order or release): With Love, Without Reservations, With Caution and With Abandon. You can skip the first one since it is only casually connected with the other three who are directly connected. I am currently at Chapter 13 of With Abandon. So far Without Reservations ( is my favourite and I think it will stay that way. It is said that the author didn’t had the same writing skills in book 2 she had in book 4, because that would have made it even better.
        And don’t listen to the Product Descriptions they are a bit misleading.
        The books can be labeled as homoerotic werewolf fiction albeit the wolf part of the characters has no big role and functions rather as an explanation for certain features of the plot. The werewolves seem to be based mostly on wolf-stereotypes than actual wolves.
        I like the second book because the author neither uses wolf-/gay-stereotypes so often when concerning the two main characters and presents an actual explanation why they are together, unlike in the other three books these two can be considered equals and not as a sort of protector and protected relationship. In the other three books it’s rather like a fairy (no pun intended) just came along and bewitched the main characters, also there it is as though the younger character finds a protector and not really a lover. In book 2 both characters are able to make a live for themselves. The sex is also best in book 2 and doesn’t have to resort to using overtly kinky or S/M and dominance stuff. The smaller skinny guy fucking the big hunky guy or a bisexual who for the first time explores giving a blow job is just too damn hot.

        And I must disappoint you. I am not a Degrassi fan, I only found Riley’s story on youtube by chance and it was slightly different from what I was used to, so I gave it a chance. But I agree that the character of Zane is underused.

        Do you have any links to one of those message boards?
        I only found Tara a bit unlikeable during the pilot but that changed pretty quickly.
        Concerning all the people who hate her and Matt, maybe there is some kind of psychological mechanism at work. In TVD that would mean:
        There is one character we forgive everything (Damon) so we need one whom we hate on principle (Matt) and no matter what he does we will never truly like him and always resort to hate if the see the slightest sign of something we could use to discredit him.
        Could be the case. You gotta admit that this Matt-hating is extreme, especially considered how most Forwooders and Delenas seem to have forgotten what Damon and Tyler did.

        As for the Warcraft trolls. I guess your reaction is due to lack of information. A typical warcraft troll is about 3 m highs and a savage practitioner of voodoo and cannibalism.
        And since we are at it I am sure that there is at least one race you would like to play:

        check the trailer (if you can’t wait go to 2:23)

        I don’t play WoW but I read some books and many videos are really good and of very high quality:
        E.g the one of Wrath of the Lich King:

        or the one of the last expansion:

        Watch them in HD, it’s worth it. 😉

        A werewolf “rebellion” in TVD would only be possible if they had sufficient numbers but that would stretch the definition of “nearly extinct” more than just a tad. However that “rebellion” would be more likely mixed with revenge and mostly based on the suggestion that they are the “oldest creatures of the night” meaning that they once “ruled”. However, no matter what, this trigger would have to be connected to an outside force lending them power because currently I don’t see anything the werewolves could come up on their own that would give them an edge.

        Maybe Klaus will built an army or the writers will make him unable to procreate (personally I favor the latter), however since common vamps already are much frailer than the originals the progeny of Klaus might be equally weak.
        I think they already went too far with Klaus itself because this “unkillable” enemy is also a story killer. They probably will come up with a way to kill Klaus (I could think with one that is directly connected with the origin of the vampires) because if they don’t it will be like with the X-Men villain Apocalypse, that one was already killed more than once but he always returns and that gets old and ridiculous pretty soon.

        The werewolves’ acts weren’t really “defensive”. Sure they were in their own eyes, but when you consider their actions that is not the case. Jules could have gotten into Mytsic Falls and get Tyler out without anybody ever knowing but her actions show, despite her words, that she wanted revenge first and not Tyler. It is the same with the other werewolves if you really put survival on the top of your priority list you don’t act that way. Maybe the writers did intent it as acting for survival but if that should be true, they seriously need to get in touch with reality.

        By the way, do you know that spoof already?

        I like this one better:

        And that one is the best of the three:

        Deleted Scenes & Bloopers:

      • I LOVED the Twilight Parody videos you sent! Thanks so much for those! How hot was the guy who played Edward? 🙂

        I’m inclined to agree with some of the video commenters, who wish the “parody” actors were cast in the real movie. I feel like some of the problems with the Twilight films arise from the fact that they take themselves WAY too seriously. 🙂 The actors in THESE videos have a little spunk and moxie. And they know how to SMILE. Kristen Stewart take note.

        As for evidence of Tara hate in the True Blood fandom, check out these:

        By the way, be warned, I’m going to post a True Blood teaser video for Season 4, in these comments, now. It IS spoilery, regarding certain events in Season 3.. So, if you don’t want to be spoiled, you may want to ignore it. 🙂

      • So, I just found THIS six-minute True Blood Season 4 preview online, and thought I would post it here. I don’t know about you guys, but I found it pretty shocking. Talk about a departure from the BOOKS! And what’s with the nod to that Lotus Eaters’ Story in the Odyssey (or, a nod to a storyline in the Percy and the Olympians books, for the younger set)? I’m not sure how I feel about this. However, the other commenters on the YouTube video seemed to like it.

        Feel free to leave your thoughts . . . 🙂

  9. André

    If you love parodies you should have seen Lautner’s on SNL as well as this one:

    I just watched True Blood S02E11. It’s kinda nice that a maenad can at least be a danger to a vampire. Sadly my dreams of ever seeing a species that could really give the vampires pause will never come true on television. At least in True Blood the humans are not as helpless against vamps as in TVD. I mean in True Blood you can incapacitate a vamp with silver jewelry and you can take your invitation back. In addition these ancient vamps are not so indestructible.

    And it is so easy to explain why Jason has such a body. Did TVD ever manage to explain where there vamps or Jeremy got their bodies from? 😀
    And Jarambo is damn hot. But I think they didn’t keep in line with the books concerning him. If my infos are right he could be no more human than Sookie so he shouldn’t have been under the Maenads power. Or is he not part fairy?

    I think True Blood also simplifies real world mythologies and deities. E.g. “hearts being the food of the gods” is definitely not true, not even in ancient Greece. And I am not quite sure whether that story about Dionysos death and birth isn’t made up ala giving the aliens the name of gods like in Stargate.

    And I didn’t see where Godric and Eric could be gay.

    And Sam’s bull form was as much ancient greek (it was a zebu in fact) as Ganesha in Supernatural was Indian (the elephant man remember?). And that his horn transformed into a hand doesn’t make sense as well actually. :/

    But that vampire Queen was hilarious.

    And it was hilarious what sort of weird stories they came up in episode 12. That fits actually, I know of stories that link werewolves with UFOs. But then again I also just meat some portugese teen who classifies everything “supernatural” with claws, furs, fangs and extended jaw as werewolves, unless of course he knows their names. E.g. he said himself if he didn’t knew that Bouda turn into hyenas he would classify them as werewolves. At least that is what I think his statement meant:
    “With the bouda and bultungin you speak of, I would call them werewolfs if I had not further identification that they were hyenas, as that is not the case, I would call them what they are. This is my point however, that I would prefer it if people really did not call something something elses name.”
    How he could classify them as werewolves without knowing what they turn into is a mystery to me, in addition he did the same thing what he criticizes with his weird definition.
    And you should have read what he wrote after I pointed out that this “ancient” picture (yeah right, 1512 classifies as “ancient”) of a werewolf doesn’t even meet his werewolf criteria.

    He insisted that” it certainly presents just the few qualities of fur and a presentation of either a sharp or strong jaw, just try biting down on a baby like that and you will see that the characteristics are needed.” Now he rants that I should come up with an ancient picture (you know actually ancient as in “before the fall of Rome”). He also believes that lycanthropy as mental disorder was totally unknown during the werewolf trials.
    Some people are just nuts. *rolleyes*

    By the way did you manage to watch Teen Wolf. I didn’t manage it I thought I found a stream tonight but it didn’t work and so I have to wait to see it via other channels.

  10. Pingback: Ummmm…Stephen Moyer?!!! « she liked Imaginary Men best of all

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