Mistaking Nipples for Pepperoni (and Tattoos for Irony) – A Recap of Glee’s Season 3 Premiere “The Purple Piano Project”

Blaine is THRILLED that Season 3 of Glee has begun.  Mr. Schue is just excited that he and Blaine own the same sweater vest . . . 

Welcome back, Gleeks!  Well, the summer is over.  And that means school is back in session.

But hey!  School’s not ALL bad!  After all, it’s senior year for most of our McKinley High students.  And senior year is AWESOME!

I mean, think about it . . . that’s when you decide where you’re going to college  . . . and what you want to be when you grow up . . . and if you should bang your boyfriend on prom night, and whether you should dye your hair pink, and get an ironic tattoo of Ryan Seacrest on your ASS . . . wait . . . WHAT?

Between Ripper Stefan on TVD last week, and Bad Quinn on Glee this week, this is quickly shaping up to be Evil Alter Ego Month on prime time television.  What’s next, a Homicidal Blair on Gossip Girl?

But Quinn isn’t the only Glee kid making MAJOR changes this year.  In fact, the entire hour was chock full of breakups, makeouts, oustings, school transfers, political manuevers, fire-starters, glitter bombings, food fights, and, of course, a whole LOTTA show tunes, courtesy of our favorite McKinley High School students . . .

So, tighten up your bow tie, tune up your purple piano, and get ready to dance on the lunch tables, because it’s time for another Glee-cap . . .


If Carrot Top and Woody Allen ever procreated, this is probably what their kid would look like . . . 

In what has become a highly efficient, if slightly lazy, plot device, this season begins, just as last season did, with Jacob Ben Israel “video blogging” about how the entire cast spent its hiatus.  For example, Mercedes dumped Sam because the actor who played him left the show and started dating THIS GUY . . .

“Knock . . . knock.  Hey Sam, are you in there?  It’s me, Mercedes!”

By the way, does anyone else find it funny that all these so-called “outcast” Glee kids, all seem to either be on the football team, or cheerleading squad, or dating someone who’s a cheerleader or football player?  Just wondering . . .

But wait . . . I have even better news.  LAUREN AND PUCK, FINALLY BROKE UP!


Apparently, it had something to do with Lauren wanting to be more “popular,” and thinking that Puck and the Glee club were somehow, bringing her down  .  . .

In other news, Puck’s balls have returned to the show, as returning cast members . . .  And we all know what THAT means . . .

Now, if we could just get someone to help them change back to their original color.  Any volunteers?

We also learned that Tina and Artie are the only juniors left in Glee club, which actually doesn’t really tell us anything about how they spent the summer, or what they are doing with their lives.  However, apparently, it was something the writers wanted us to know . . . you know . . . to prepare us for next year . . . WHEN THE ENTIRE CAST IS GONE!

Dear Glee Writers,


Hugs and Kisses,

Rachel Berry 

Santana aspires to be the next pre-psychotic breakdown Paula Abdul, until Jacob informs her that Paula isn’t technically a “Latina,” like Santana once thought   . . .

In other news, the cat from that old “Opposites Attract” video?   TOTALLY Latino!

As for besties, Mercedes Rachel and Kurt, the uber dramatic pair aspire to become the next Will and Grace (1) move to Manhattan together, (2) attend a performing arts college in the city, (3) achieve moderate success as broadway stars, and (4) get married by 30, but, obviously, not to one another.  (I smell a Glee reunion special!)

“Shhh . . . this segment of the show is really a campaign for Kurt and I to get our own spinoff show.  Don’t tell anyone.”

Speaking of Rachel, her milquetoasty boyfriend Finn has NO plans for the future, beyond not getting slusheed on his first day back from school . .  .

Way to shoot for the stars, Finn! 

Ohhh . . . nevermind!

Watch Out, Ladies!  This is what becoming impregnated by Puck can do to YOU  . . .

Meanwhile, somewhere underneath the bleachers, where, coincidentally, is where the cast of Freaks and Geeks used to hang out, a newly pink haired, nose-ringed, Seacrest tatttooed, Quinn Febray is hanging out with a clique of girls known as The Skanks.


But Quinn’s appearance isn’t the only thing about her that’s changed this past summer.  She’s also started dating middle-aged skateboarders, has quit BOTH the Cheerios and Glee club, and suddenly, talks like she’s swallowed a phone sex operator . . . weird.

“You sound hot, Evil Quinn, what are you wearing?” 

I have to say, of all the storylines introduced in this episode of Glee, Bad Quinn’s is the one about which I’m most intrigued.  After all, when you think about it, Quinn’s rebellion against the status quo has been a LONG TIME coming.  I mean, here was a girl who feared that high school would be her Glory Days . . . that she would graduate McKinley High a popular pretty cheerleading prom queen, only to find herself trapped for the rest of her existence in the dull, and unfulfilling, lifestyle of a barefoot and pregnant Lima, Ohio housewife.

And then she got pregnant, and had to give the baby up for adoption . . .

 . . .  and then her boyfriend dumped her for the dork next door . . . and then she lost the title of Prom Queen to a BOY.

Here was a girl who’s only hope was that, even if she wasn’t meant to get out of her hometown, at least let her high school experience be perfect.  And then, she couldn’t even achieve THAT!  Given all that she’s lost in the past couple of years, is it any wonder that Quinn is rebelling now?

Staunchly on Team Return Quinn to Glee club and the Cheerios, are her fellow Unholy Trinity members, Brittany and Santana . .  .

This sapphic duo attempt to convince Quinn to return to the Bright and Perky Side,  by reminding her of the Good Old Days, back when the three of them were all simultaneously f*&king Puck . . .

Talk about Glory Days . . . 

However, since Quinn TOTALLY still has the option of continuing to f*&k Puck, even without returning to those pesky extracurricular activities of yesteryear (He is single again, after all!), this strategy proves ineffective.  Next up is Rachel, who offers Quinn a more heartfelt plea to return to the World of Glee .  . .

“You’ll probably get more screentime, if you come back!” 

Rachel seems immediately to recognize Quinn’s rebellion for what it truly is, a sign of SERIOUS depression.  (I mean, if getting a picture of RYAN SEACREST tattooed on your ass isn’t a cry for help, I don’t know what is!)

Hey, I resemble that remark! 

For someone who’s typically so completely self-absorbed,  Rachel Berry sure can be awfully intuitive, sometimes.  We see this here, when Rachel tells Quinn she is sorry that the latter is so sad.  And despite the fact that the pair have been rivals for most of the series, Rachel’s admission that she misses seeing Quinn at practice, and hopes that this will be the year the two of them can “do it right,” genuinely seems heartfelt.  In fact, Quinn even seems to consider Rachel’s offer for a few extra moments, before returning to her Army of Skanks . . . and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Wannabe Wardrobe . .  .

Speaking of filling those increasingly empty show choir room chairs . . .

We Got Beaten Up The Beat!

Hey Artie . . . I don’t want to be the one to have to tell you this, but you have spaghetti ALL OVER YOUR HEAD! 

Sometimes, I think Will Schuester is the most passive aggressively abusive teacher on the planet.

If the purple piano fits . . .

I mean, sure, the idea to have Glee club members break into song whenever they saw a purple piano (kind of like Pavlov’s Singing Dogs), was a clever one, in terms of advertising the club and drumming up possible new recruits.  But, REALLY, if you KNOW the entire school hates the Glee club, and tends to THROW FOOD at them, even in the most benign of circumstances, what on Earth would make you think it was a GOOD idea to have the entire club perform in the SCHOOL LUNCH ROOM?

I don’t know.  Perhaps, the fact that Will has spent the ENTIRE SUMMER sleeping next to Emma, and she STILL hasn’t given him sex, has caused him to want to provide EVERYONE ELSE just as much pain as his blue balls experience, EVERY SINGLE DAY . . .

But still . . . that DOESN’T MAKE IT RIGHT!

Then again, part of the fault HAS to lie with Rachel, who (1) convinced the group to perform in the first place; and (2) selected “We Got the Beat” by the GoGo’s as their musical number — a song high school kids might have genuinely enjoyed . . . back in 1982.


And though the choice of song was decidedly MEH, and the student body seemed to be a combination of confused and annoyed, by the fact that the Glee kids were interrupting their meal time to sing it, you have to hand it to New Directions for their Mad Dancing Skillz . . .

*fans self* 

 . . .  infectiously bubbly energy, and their uncanny ability to magically produce a backup band, whenever the need arises.

“Woah!  How did we get here?  Do we even go to this school?” 

Don’t believe me?  Check it out for yourself . . .

Of course, WAY MORE ENJOYABLE than the actual music number, was the food fight that erupted afterward . . .

Particularly, THIS part . . . (Man, did I get an insane amount of joy out of watching THIS . . .)


Does that make me a bad person?  Maybe not.  But THIS definitely does . . .


Oh Sugar!

I mentioned that the Glee club was hoping that their lunchtime performance would drum up some new potential members.  And it did.  The problem of course, was that the ONE prospective Gleek it did entice sounded like THIS . . .

 “W . . . T . . . F?”

Now, a bad new recruit like Sugar would have been a FINE addition to Glee club, back when they were just starting out . . . And back when they weren’t under a TREMENDOUS amount of pressure to return to and win Nationals, following what Kurt lovingly refers to as “The Kiss that Missed.”

But now Schue is torn between being a GOOD teacher, and a GOOD competitor.  Since he was never much of the former, he ultimately chooses the latter, thanks to a rousing speech from Coach Beiste about Crushing Kid’s Dreams in Order to Win . .  . and Stuff . . .

“For  what it’s worth, I’d still very much like to have sex with you.” 

Sugar, who thinks she worked the song “like a Stripper Pole,” not surprisingly, is shocked and crushed by the clubs rejection of her.  Something tells me she won’t be staying away for long . . .

Since we are on the subject of people who WON’T GO AWAY  can’t stay away from the Glee club . . .

Congressman Sylvester, I presume?

Notice how Sue’s tracksuit matches the purple piano.  Coincidence, I think not! 

*sigh*  So, last season, when all this “Sue as Congressman” stuff first came up, I was THRILLED with the idea, because I THOUGHT it would mean that the writers had FINALLY given the prickly cheerleading coach something else to do other than harrass the Glee club.  And it worked . .  . for about two minutes of the season.


Then Sue finds herself trailing in the Congressional opinion polls behind, “Undecided,” “that rapist running from prison,” “please don’t call me during dinner,” and “anyone white.”  Then comes that annoying and frustrating fateful day, when that equally curmudgeony geometry teacher actually APPLAUDS her for taking apart one of the Glee kids pianos, because she HATES artsy fartsies.  Suddenly, Sue’s new political platform is born.  And (SURPRISE!) it involves cutting ALL funding to arts and music programs until all the students in Ohio schools read at or above reading level.

And that’s when WILL gets his UBER CREEPY Glitter Bomb Idea, a.k.a. the idea to pour glitter on Sue’s head, while extolling the virtues of Arts in Schools, and putting the result on YouTube.

Perhaps the magical glitter can make this terrible storyline disappear. 

Oddly enough, Will’s flaming vigilantism, has the unintented consequence of making Sue a MORE popular candidate, due to her perceived image as a VICTIM of the Evil White Man and his Glitter.  And wow, I can’t believe I actually just typed that sentence.  Make it stop.  Please make it stop .   . .

In other news . . .

“We Totally Just Did the Gay High Five.”

Wow, I didn’t know they were planning to make Strawberry Shortcake into a live action movie . . . How come nobody tells me these things?

After unsuccessfully trying to give them dating dating advice, (you know because she’s TOTALLY an expert on the subject) . . .

Emma actually helps aspiring stars Kurt and Rachel out by (1) crushing their dreams, by informing them that their dream school Juliard, actually lacks a musical theater program; and (2) reawakening their dreams by informing them about ANOTHER school in New York City that DOES have such a program, AND, (SURPRISE!) just so happens to be holding a mixer for prospective students in Lima that week . . .

And so, our intrepid future theater majors prepare for this live-changing event, by actually researching the school singing a duet to Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.  You know, because Kurt and Rachel haven’t done NEARLY enough Wizard of Oz themed numbers together, during the past two seasons . . .

Ding, Dong, this theme is dead . . . 

All sarcasm aside,  the performance was actually kind of cute, in a goofy, should-be-sung-by-actual-munchkins, kind of way . .  .

 Cut to the night of the mixer, when Rachel and Kurt find themselves surrounded by, not surprisingly, a bevy of copycat Rachels and Kurts, led by Glee project winner, Lindsay Pearce, each laden down with a bevy of acting credits (I think one of them actually claimed to be the Gerber baby), overly ambitious Singing Faces, and an over abundance of Spirit Fingers.  This group horrifies Rachel and Kurt by performing, of all things, a mashup of “Anything Goes / Anything You Can Do” that, while definitely not better than MOST of the numbers we’ve seen Rachel and Kurt perform, is DEFINITELY better than “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.”

Obnoxious, aren’t they?

Cut to Rachel and Kurt boo-hooing intensely in the car about the reality check they’ve just experienced.   Maybe they AREN’T good enough to make it as theater geeks in the REAL WORLD?  Maybe they won’t actually get into this school?  Maybe Dorothy really DIED at the end of Wizard of Oz, and the makers of the movie just didn’t want to tell us the truth.

“I’ll get you my Pretty, and your Little Rachel too . . .” 

But, no!  Kurt and Rachel will not be so easily discouraged.  In the car, the pair comfort one another, vowing to help eachother get out of Lima and into showbiz, no matter what it takes.  And their exchange is both incredibly schmaltzy, and uplifting at the same time.  It even ends with a Gay High Five . . .


And that’s how Kurt decided to run for student council president (to beef up his extra curriculars . . . Because, you know, Kurt is so popular outside the Glee club)  . . .

Yay Kurt! (He’s so screwed.)

 . . . and Rachel decided to cast herself as the lead in the school’s production of West Side Story (because the opportunity to see Rachel sing more solo show tunes is exactly what Glee needs).

Speaking of Kurt . . . and Blaine

It’s Not Unusual . . . to Commit Arson at Your School . . .


Guess who just transferred to McKinley?  That’s right, my Gleeky friends!  Apparently, being a local legend / high school hero / Mr. Popularity /Warbler Extraordinaire, is NOTHING, if you can’t spend every waking minute of the day with your high school boyfriend.  Ah, the wonders of Dumb Young Love!


(Oh, something tells me our super attractive friend is in for a RUDE awakening, the first time he gets DENIED a solo, and when his adorably tight red pants inevitably get covered in blue slushee .  . .)

By way of introducing himself to his new school, and Glee club, Blaine decides to perform an AWESOME rendition of a song that I honestly always thought was incredibly LAME, until I heard Blaine Warbler sing it outside McKinley High, surrounded by a bevvy of cheerleaders, most notably new Cheerio co-captain (along with Sue’s pet, Becky), Santana . .  .

Seriously, this was, BY FAR, the best musical number of the evening.  I mean, he even did the CARLTON DANCE during it, for crying out loud.  It just doesn’t get much cooler than that!

As you might have noticed, Blaine’s McKinley musical debut ended with a BANG, care of the cheerleaders dousing the piano with lighter fluid, and Bad Quinn flicking a cigarette on the now-flammable keys.  While the piano bursting into flames, as a result of Blaine’s AWESOME singing made for a spectacular finale, it certainly did not make one Will Schuester particularly happy.  And he ends up kicking Santana out of the Glee club for (ahem) playing for both teams . . . (See what I did there?)

“Not funny!  Can’t you see I’m in pain here?” 

Man, they really are dropping like flies in Glee club this year, aren’t they?

Oh, did I mention that Finn called Blaine out, when he was introduced to the rest of the Glee club, for being a BALL HOG, and getting all the solos at HIS school?

“Hello, Pot?  This is Kettle calling . . . guess what, YOUR BLACK!” 

The episode concludes with the remaining Glee clubbers performing a rousing rendition of yet another showtune  Hairspray’s “You Can’t Stop the Beat,” while Bad Quinn looks on longingly from the rafters . . . undoubtedly wishing her elderly skateboarding boyfriend was there to give her a hug . .  .

*sniffle, sniffle, pout, sniffle* 

And that was the season premiere, in a nutshell.  Next week’s promo promises, among other things, auditions for McKinley High’s production of West Side Story, the return of Rachel’s bio mom / Quinn’s adopted baby mama, Shelby Corcoran, some Finchel makeout sessions, and Brittany teaching us what the the REAL capital of Ohio is . . . You can watch it in its entirety (with Portugese subtitles, of course ;)), right here:

So, now that the premiere has come and gone, what are your thoughts?  Are you psyched for this upcoming season?  Or do you feel its time the whole series got itself glitter bombed?  Sound off in the comments section below . . .

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12 responses to “Mistaking Nipples for Pepperoni (and Tattoos for Irony) – A Recap of Glee’s Season 3 Premiere “The Purple Piano Project”

  1. Ali

    Hey There Jules!

    First of all I´d like to say I could not agree more with you about “It´s not unusual”. For me, it was always a bad jingle for energizer ads or something, yet Blaine managed to make it AWESOME… and, as you said, the best musical number of the episode. And the Carlton dance? priceless. The rest of the songs were…. how do I put it without sounding mean? Aweful? LAME! Ughhh Show tunes are fun once in a while but seriously? It was nothing like the 2nd season premiere, where we had a very good mix of showtunes and nowadays hits…. The Go Go song? Infinite times MEH.

    As for Quinn…. I kinda liked that she got a new storyline, one that is both fresh and not-GleeClub- related. Yeiii for Puck and Zeizes breaking up… Finally. And The Rachel-Kurt storyline: I´m digging it. They are a lot more cooler together (Well, at least Rachel is). And the part played by Lindsay as Rachel nemesis was very enjoyable. You are right: It was better than the Wizard of Oz number.

    I think Blaine´s transfer was a little lazy from the writers. I seriously though He was going to remain a Warbler for a while and we could see some bumps in Klaine relationship, but he´s in New Directions since the very first ep. Well, Given the fact that the members are really falling as flies, it was good to have him on board. They´re still missing 2 members tho. Damian´s character should be one and the other… no clue

    Sue…. I love her. She had good one-liners and she´s back on hating the glee club, which comes at no surprise at all. But I seriously hope the writers know what they´re doing with her storyline.

    Loved the Beiste! And when she sat with that humongus piece of chicken I laughed through the whole scene.

    For a premiere I think the music choices were not the better. I´ll keep watching but I really hoped for a better episode. Kinda dissapointing

    As usual .. your recap was sooo hilarious I forgot that the episode had not been that good… Love u

    • Ali

      By the way.. the subtitles are in portuguese.. not spanish… 😀

      • LOL. Thank you, I fixed that. Shame on me, I have studied Spanish for years. You would think I would have noticed! 🙂 I guess, once I picked up on a few Spanish sounding words, I stopped reading the subtitles. *blushes*

    • Hey Ali! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! It’s been a crazy couple of days. 🙂 I felt exactly the same way you did about Blaine’s transfer to McKinley. On one hand, it just didn’t seem realistic that someone who originally transferred to private school, because he was being bullied in public school, then became (what seemed like) one of the most popular, successful, people in the entire private school, would be willing to give all that up so quickly (and risk possibly being bullied again), just so that he wouldn’t have to spend a few HOURS a day away from his boyfriend.

      On the other hand, from a creative standpoint, Blaine is an excellent addition to the flailing Glee Club. Because Darren Criss is SUCH a great actor, and talented performer (one of the best on the show IMO), having him at McKinley, and able to participate in ALL the various school storylines, as opposed to just the “Kurt” storylines, can only be a good thing. So, I guess the writers ultimately decided to sacrifice some “realism” for the sake of good storytelling. They did a similar thing with Jesse, back in Season 1. His temporary transfer to McKinley was RIDICULOUS (Glee spy? Come on!)), but also fun to watch, since he was such an intriguing character.

      I also love what you said about Rachel and Kurt. You are absolutely right. They make a great pair. And Rachel is WAY less annoying in her scenes with Kurt, than she tends to be in all these frustrating Finchel storylines. Lea Michele and Chris Colfer share a really nice repoire with one another. That being said, I still would like the writers to try to pair her with Puck. Now, THAT would be a relationship storyline on Glee that I could SHIP! 🙂

      We agree again on Quinn (Great minds think alike, I guess! :)). In the past, I’ve found the writing for her character frustratingly inconsistent. But this change REALLY does seem to make sense for her. It’s made Quinn interesting again. And Dianna is doing a great job portraying, what, to many, seems like an entirely different role (swallowing of phone sex operator aside). Also, this could only be good for Dianna’s burgeoning film career, since writers can now see that she’s capable of playing other roles than the “popular, pretty” girl.

      All that said, like you, I didn’t LOVE the episode. And I really wish Glee could find more balance between its show tune numbers, and it’s more popular tunes, within the context of each hour. I feel like lately, it’s been all OLDER songs, all the time. And that just doesn’t jive with Glee’s target demographic (not to mention the CHARACTERS, who wouldn’t even know that most of these songs exist, let alone choose to sing them). However, I do think the season has a lot of potential. And I am definitely interested in seeing what the two Glee project winners (Damien and Samuel) bring to the table. 🙂

      Thanks as always for your commentary brilliance. And again, sorry for replying so late. 😉

  2. Danielle

    I don’t know what the school’s problem is. My senior year in high school they played music in the lunch room and people (including the administrators) sang, did karaoke and got up and danced. It was so much fun you just had to join in.

    • Hey Danielle! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. You make a great point. I continually find it hard to believe that the Glee club is so ostracized at McKinley. After all, maybe it WAS a club for nerds and outsiders in the pilot. But now, most of the people in it, are cheerleaders, football players, and ridiculously attractive guys like Blaine 🙂 Plus, they are REALLY talented. And even if I didn’t LOVE that GoGo’s song, if I was eating lunch, and people started doing that on my lunch table, I’d definitely be more amused than annoyed.

      Wow, I think it’s so cool that you got to play music at lunch in your high school! That sounds awesome! What a great idea! 🙂

    • marysueloser

      There are different kind of schools. And some of them (like McKinley) don’t really tolerate this kind of show tune stuff ‘coz it’s “uncool”.

      Sad but true. 😦

  3. L.A.N

    I’m so love your recap. Can agree more with most of your word (except I couldn’t like Blaine’s solo, actually, I’ve never liked any of Blaine’s solo, and his usual dress made me wanna LMAO)

    After all summer of waiting, I have to say, I’m kinda dissapointed. The plot is a mess, when it ends, I don’t even remember when did it begin. So we learn that Sam is not here anymore and suddenly Mercedes is dating a football player (which I have to say really cliché when you look at them together) Finn said something about his I-don’t-know-what-I’m-gonna-do future in the begining and that’s it, never mention again. Quinn, ha, don’t know what to say, even her new hair-cut looks…cute. (I mean, if they want her to change 180 degree, dye her hair black!) Rachel and Kurt still seem to be ever immature. (what, they wanna go to Julliard but don’t know they don’t have musical theatre department??? There’s something call, I don’t know, research? Google? It’s 2011 already, guys.) And on top of that, Blaine change school for his high school sweetheart because it’s senior year, and they want it to be miracle. Aww, how precious, wish I could do that too, the world could be so peaceful. Even Sue’s bitches is so sweeter than ever.

    I don’t know, none of the music number they did in the premiere really move me, you know, usually if I hate the plot, I watch and enjoy the music performance. Everything is just so mess.

    • LOL. Your comment cracked me up, L.A.N., so many different times. I’m always happy to find fellow Glee viewers, who can look at the show critically. I always try my best to be mostly positive in my recaps, because I have gotten complaints from readers in the past, who think I’m too negative about the show, and, therefore, shouldn’t write about it. But I suspect that a lot of viewers had many of the same complaints about the season premiere that we had. While I still enjoy the show, there’s a part of me that keeps waiting for the magic of its first few Season 1 episodes to return . . .

      I felt the same way you did, about Rachel and Kurt NOT KNOWING that their supposed DREAM school didn’t have a musical theater program. I mean, I thought these two were supposed to be SMART! Then again, Rachel is the same supposed musical theater afficionado, who purchased tickets to CATS on Broadway, not realizing that the show hasn’t been around for 10 years. So, maybe these two ARE just missing a few marbles upstairs. 🙂

      Ooh, and I would love to see Quinn with black hair! Great idea! I kind of hope they don’t make her preppy again, right away, because, of all the storylines presented in the premiere, I think hers has the most potential.

      I’m also with you on Mercedes. It took the writers SO LONG to give her a love interest. (And, of course, I’m not counting her dating Puck for one episode, because that was just odd). And then she’s with Sam for two episodes, and suddenly he’s gone. So, I understand why the writers didn’t want her to be single again. And there isn’t really anyone else in the club now for her to feasibly date. But WHY that guy? Personally, I think it would have been more interesting to see Mercedes with a cute nerdy kind of guy (like Damien from the Glee project), or an edgy artsy guy (like Samuel from Glee Project), than with a male version of her.

      And yeah, I’m definitely hoping Glee ups its game with the music numbers, in the next few episodes. For one thing, it would be nice if at least ONE of the songs performed by the teens was actually written AFTER they were born. (“You can’t stop the beat” from Hairspray was probably the one song in this episode written after 2000. Everything else was just old, old, old!)

      • L.A.N

        I know, I still hope they can do what they did amazingly in the first half of season 1. I love old music, and Lea has a ability to turn old music and musical theatre number into something fresh, like her What I did for love, My man… ( and oddly, turn hot music into something old LOL, can’t swallow her Baby one more time) but they’re just too much in this episode. I really hope Glee do something news this season, a little rock, jazz, R&B. I love Jacob’s comment last season premiere when he said Will’s song list is 100% gay LMAO. Really ironic and so true.

        I actually kinda like Mercedes and Puck, yeah, it’s weird but I wanna see where it’s gonna go, take a chance, something like that.

        Maybe you’re right about the Glee’s kids miss a few marbles upstairs. I mean Puck even thought women has testicular on the very first episode. (in case you are doubting, yeah, that’s what drawed me to Glee :D)

        I so miss old Sue!!!!

  4. marysueloser

    Arrgh! Your blog is a lot better than mine! I envy ya! 😦

    Anyways I love your very Gleeky insights. And the gifs? LOLS! Ha! I died laughing! I especially love the one about the magic glitter. Hahahaha! 😀

    Why won’t Century Fox let glee videos avaiable on Youtube? It’s so unfair!!! 😡

    And yeah, call me dummy, but how the hell do you put line slashes across words? When you want people to read something, at the same time, informing them that you take them back because even though funny, doesn’t fit in ‘decently’. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hey MarySueLoser! (Your screenname rocks, by the way!) Thanks so much for the kind words. Now that I know you also recap Glee, I will absolutely have to check out your blog. 🙂

      I’m really sorry to hear they took down the videos from YouTube. When I post the recaps (usually a day or two after the episode airs), I usually have no trouble finding videos of all the songs from the episode. Then, I post them, so people who didn’t see the show can watch the “highlights.” But I guess Fox takes them down, shortly thereafter. BUMMER! I honestly never realized they did that.

      For what it’s worth, most of the episodes are available on Hulu or Fox’s website for free, shortly after their air.

      As for the GIFS, I love them too! (I just wish I was better at making them myself!) I can usually find them by going to tumblr.com and searching for the Glee tag, an hour or so after an episode airs. So, if you are ever in the market for some good GIFS for your blog. This is a good place to find them:


      Searching this way, also makes it easy to “source” your gifs, so people don’t get mad at you for using them. 😉

      As for the crossed out words, since you have a WordPress blog, you can do that too! When you create a new post, you will see a button that looks like an ABC with the letters crossed out like this ABC Just highlight the words you want to cross out, and press that button. 🙂

      Good luck. And I will defintely be checking out your blog soon! 🙂

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