My Ten New TV Boyfriends of 2011 . . .

As the New Year approaches, I suspect that many of you are taking this time to reflect on the year past.  Perhaps, you are even wondering how you might be able to improve your life in the upcoming year.

Meh!  Self-reflection is overrated, I say.  As for me?  I prefer to use this time to think back on all the hot new fictional TV characters I’ve met this past year, and decide which ones are worthy of being added to my ever-growing TV Boyfriend List . . .

Now, I’m the first to admit that, when it comes to TV Boyfriends, I tend to be a bit on the slutty side (sometimes “dating” as many as  twenty television characters at once) . . .

Nevertheless, making it onto my List is still a rather competitive process for prospective faux-beaus.  After all, I’ve watched A LOT of television, during my time on this planet.  As a result, there are characters on my List that have been getting into my increasingly crowded panties, since the late 90’s.  (I’m looking at you, Pacey Witter.)

So, if a TV character wants to date me, he better be pretty damn special.  Because, when it comes to fictional men, I’ve literally seen it all!

Nonetheless, 2011 ended up being a pretty great year for TV Boyfriends.  New additions to my List run the gamut from fairytale characters, to warlocks, to bartenders.  I even managed to squeeze a little person in there!

So, without further adieu, I proudly present to you (in no particular order) my Ten New TV Boyfriends of 2011 . . .

1. Wade Kinsella – Hart of Dixie

Who plays him: Wilson Bethel

Why we’re “dating”: 

Just like Hart of Dixie’s own Zoe Hart, I’m both a city girl, and a native East Coaster.  And whether or not we like to admit it, us East Coast girls can be a bit high strung.  We could really use a laidback, small town, southern guy to keep us grounded, and prevent us from “sweating the small stuff.”  Whether he’s playing video games, jamming on his guitar, or cooking up a prize-winning pot of gumbo, Wade is a guy who knows how to have a good time.

Wade is a man’s man, through and through.  He doesn’t put on airs, or stand on ceremony.   You can always count on him to be straight and honest with you, whether or not you necessarily want him to be.  He’s also quite the ladies’ man, not that this should be any surprise .  . .

And yet, Wade has a soft side too.  He cares about his family and his friends.  And he can always be counted on to lend a helping hand, when they really need him.  And as much as he might mess around with the local floozies, deep down, I think Wade is a one-woman man, as evidenced by his adorable, suffer-in-silence pining over one, Zoe Hart.

Moments when he won my heart:

*When he kissed Zoe to “calm her down” . . .

*When he sang Moon River with his drunken dad to get him down from a roof ledge . . .

*When he cooked a prize-winning gumbo pot for Zoe, but let her take all the credit for it . . .

*When he offered to drive Zoe to the airport, in a tacit admission that he had feelings for her . . .

*When he called out George for leading Zoe on, when the two spent the night in jail . . .

*When he told Zoe that she taught others how to be “amazing” . . .
For your consideration:

2. Nick Miller – New Girl


Who plays him: Jake Johnson

Why we’re “dating”:


There’s just something super endearing about a grumpy guy . . . especially when you are one of the few people that can make him smile.  Like many of us, Nick is still figuring some things out about his life.  He’s a smart guy, and a law school graduate, but he isn’t quite sure what career path he wants to take.  He’s a “relationship guy,” but he just got out of a devastating relationship, and might not be quite ready to fall in love again . . .

However, Nick doesn’t let these shortcomings detract from who he is as a person.  If anything, his self-deprecating sense of humor, and good-humored, if slightly sarcastic, take on life makes him more relatable and approachable.  This is likely why most of the roommates in the house go to Nick first for advice.  And yet, as wise and grounded as Nick can be,  he’s not afraid to let his adorkable flag fly, when it’s warranted, or when his friends need a good laugh.


As a friend, Nick’s a pretty considerate guy . . . one who almost always puts his friends needs before his own.   And even though he can tend to be a bit jealous sometimes, he never lets that get in the way of his friendships.  Oh, and I almost forgot, like Wade, Nick is a bit of a “piner.”  And the way he looks at Jess, when he thinks nobody is watching will most definitely turn you to mush. . .

Moments when he won my heart:

* When he convinced his roommates to leave a hot party, so that they could all serenade a recently stood up Jess . . .

*The way he looked at Jess, the first time he saw her in a dress . . .

*When he “fixed” the house soap dispenser, by attaching a wooden spoon to it . . .

*When he got super jealous of Jess and Paul, but still followed them to the back of the shopping line on Black Friday, so they wouldn’t be left out . . .

*When his feet pointed at Jess, wherever she went (a sure sign of attraction, if ever there was one) 😉 . . .

*When he missed Christmas with his parents to bring Jess to Candy Cane Lane, so that she could see the “pretty lights” . . .

For your consideration:

3.  Derek Hale – Teen Wolf

Who plays him: Tyler Hoechlin

Why we’re “dating”:

Derek Hale really is the best of both worlds.  He’s dark and dangerous . . . yet highly moral, loyal, and fiercely protective of those he cares about.  He’s masculine and tough, yet sensitive and vulnerable.  He’s got a bit of a temper, but he’s also surprisingly funny, and an exceptionally patient teacher.  He’s kind of a loner.  And yet he’s no stranger to “pack mentality.”  He can be cold and aloof sometimes, yet warm and caring other times.

Though Derek’s been hurt and betrayed in the past by those he loved, this hasn’t stopped him from caring about others, and looking out for their best interest.  Derek is the kind of boyfriend, who would always make you feel safe and protected, but would never be too clingy or overbearing.  He’d always be there for you, when you needed him, but would be willing to give you space when you didn’t.  I mean, so what if he sometimes gets hairy, and howls at the moon?  We all have our idiosyncrasies!

And have you SEEN this guy’s body?  It’s genuinely mesmerizing . . .

Moments when he won my heart:

*Every time he rescued damsel-in-distress Scott from certain doom . . .

*His sexy homoerotic “locker press” with Jackson . . .

*His surprising show of vulnerability with Kate, and when he found his sister’s corpse . . .

*His hilarious exchanges with Stiles, most notably, that one time Stiles tried to “pimp” him out to his gay friend . . .

*When he did pull ups half-naked, in his ramshackle house . . . (THANK YOU MTV!)

For your consideration:

4. Sheriff Graham / The Huntsman – Once Upon a Time

Who plays him: Jaime Dornan

Why we’re “dating”:

Having literally had his heart crushed by an evil queen, Sheriff Graham may not have been long for TV land, but he will most certainly live happily ever after in our hearts.  An animal lover, with expert aim (which can come in VERY handy, if you catch my drift), plenty of energy in the sack, and a high tolerance for liquor, this hard working public servant will most certainly be keeping you warm and happy during those long cold nights in Storybrooke.  Did I mention he has an adorable accent, and a sexy voice that will make you go weak at the knees every time he opens his mouth?

But lest you think my relationship with the Sheriff is just superficial, I can also tell you that, despite what he might tell you to the contrary, Sheriff Graham has a good heart.   He’s a hero, a protector, and a savior of those in need.  Plus, despite his murky past, and dubious history, he’s managed to stay surprisingly innocent.  There’s an almost childlike quality about him that’s quite refreshing.  Perhaps, that comes from spending so many years inside a children’s book . . .

Moments when he won my heart:

*When he drunkenly kissed Emma for the first time . . .

*When he (as the Huntsman) beat up some barmen for talking smack about wolves . . .

*When he (as the Huntsman) was brought to tears by Snow White’s letter, and ultimately spared her life . . .


*When he sat with young Henry and learned about his history in Fairytale World . . .

*When he finally got up the courage to dump the Mayor’s ass . . .

*When he lovingly kissed Emma for the second time, just moments before his heart . . . turned to dust.

*Anytime he wore those super tight pants . . .

For your consideration:

5. Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones

Who plays him: Peter Dinklage

Why we’re dating:

This may seem like an odd choice to some.  But hey, I’m only 5’3”.  So, height has never really been an issue for me.  (Also, I hate wearing high heels . . .)  Though I despise most of his family members (which means we could probably never marry), Tyrion himself is a terrific catch, in my eyes.  He’s exceptionally smart, amazingly resourceful, exceedingly wealthy, uproariously funny, honest almost to a fault, and surprisingly honorable.

Though he comes from a very powerful family, Tyrion is most certainly not a snob.  In fact, he often acts as a champion for the weak and less fortunate.  Though not necessarily the most able-bodied of the bunch, Tyrion can use his intelligence and wit to get himself out of even the stickiest of situations.  And he knows how to get what he wants.

On top of that, Tyrion is a blast to hang out with.  He drinks like a fish, curses like a sailor, screws like an Adonis, and always has a joke or hilarious story handy, when the party is getting too stale.  In a world that is dark, bleak, and filled with war, Tyrion never takes himself or the situations in which he finds himself too seriously.  Optimistic, fun-loving, and good-natured, this is exactly the kind of guy, you want on your side, especially when “winter is coming” . . .

Moments when he won my heart:


* When he helped the newly crippled Bran come to terms with his paralysis . .  .

*When he told the story of his first love . . .

*When he confessed to ALL of his sins, in front of the Moon Door . . .

*When he won a fierce deadly battle, despite being unconscious for most of it . . .

*When he proved that at least one Lannister, does, in fact, always pay his debts . . .

For your consideration:

6. Schmidt – New Girl

Who plays him: Max Greenfield

Why we’re “dating”:

Sure, he owns a Douchebag Jar, sometimes wears women’s kimonos, and gets a bit persnickety about his cooking, but, rest assured, if you are hanging out with Schmidt, you’re going to be having a great time.  You will also be laughing a lot . . . sometimes with him . . . sometimes at him.  A notorious ladies man, who’s clearly very comfortable with his sexuality, Schmidt feels just as comfortable being “one of the girls,” as he does being “one of the guys.”  Whether he’s at a baby shower, a wedding, or playing Sexy Santa at the office Christmas function, Schmidt is always sure to be the life of the party.  He’s also an impeccable dresser, with great hair.  So, if you are ever in need of fashion tips, he’s your guy.  (Just don’t let him choose your perfume . . .)

As if all that wasn’t enough, Schmidt is also super sweet and an unabashed romantic . . . when he’s not being douchey, that is!

Moments when he won my heart:


*When he watched Curly Sue with Jess . . .

*When he singlehandedly saved a baby shower, by getting everybody (except for the mother-to-be) completely wasted . . .

*When, at the same party, he drank out of a giant baby bottle . . .

*When he admitted to not liking to sleep alone . . .

*When he saved Thanksgiving Dinner . . .

*When he played Sexy Santa at the Office Christmas Party . . .

*When he bought Cece her own personal perfume.  (Regardless of how bad it smelled, it’s the thought that counts, PEOPLE!)

*When he made this dating video . . .

For your consideration:

7. Owen Sleater – Boardwalk Empire

Who plays him: Charlie Cox

Why we’re “dating”:

Every girl wants a bad boy.  And Owen Sleater’s as bad as they come.  A hit man, and professional “enforcer,” Owen has no qualms about stealing, committing murder, or sleeping with another man’s betroved.  Don’t let his sweet smile, boyish good looks, and adorable accent fool you.  Owen is a very dangerous man.  He’s strong, smart, incredibly resourceful, and can be very manipulative when he wants to be.

But Owen Sleater can also be a true gentleman, one who sweeps ladies off of their feet, with his incredible acts of kindness, declarations of adoration, shameless flirtation, and calm, self-assured nature.  Owen might have a criminal’s brain, and a killer’s body, but he has a lover’s heart, and deep down, I think, a good soul.  Like many of the men on this list, Owen is a caretaker, and a protector.  And he’s going to make one lucky lady very happy some day . . . if he doesn’t get himself killed first . . .

Moments when he won my heart:

*His surprisingly awkward, and adorably cute, early flirtations with Margaret . . .

*His surprisingly friendly standoff at gunpoint with Richard Harrow . . .

*The sexy, and brilliant way he explained the inner workings of the explosives he was making to blow up Mickey’s liquor distillery . . .

*How he told Margaret that he was hers to “command” . . .

*The way he always looks at Margaret . . .

*The fierce growl he let out, when he finally had his way with Margaret . . .

*The look on his face, when he found out Emily was diagnosed with polio . . .

*The way he helped Margaret fix Emily’s leg braces . . .

*The solemn, and slightly sad, look on his face, as he acted as a witness to Margaret’s and Nucky’s wedding . . .

For your consideration:

8. Charles Meade – The Secret Circle


Who plays him: Gale Harold

Why we’re dating:

If Owen Sleater is a “bad boy,” Charles Meade is arguably an “evil man.”  When he ignited the fire that killed his supposed long-time friend Amelia Blake, in the pilot episode of The Secret Circle, I got chills.  When he used a crystal to turn Jane Blake into a Stepford Wife / zombie in more recent episodes, I gasped.  Charles is an incredibly powerful warlock, one that will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  The fact that his motives for doing the things he does are, as of yet, not entirely clear, make him even more frightening . . . and intriguing.

That said, people are not all good, or all bad.  Most tend to reside within the shades of grey, and Charles Meade is no exception.  We’ve seen this man experience extreme guilt, and even have an emotional breakdown, as a result of his part in the accidental death of Nick Armstrong.  We’ve also seen him show love and concern for his daughter Diana, and affection for his longtime friend and fellow coven-mate Dawn.

Aside from all that, there’s just something about Charles Meade that makes me think that he lives by a rather rigid moral code.  He seems to truly believe that the things he’s doing are in service of the greater good.  Many times he’s even expressed disapproval toward Dawn, when she behaved particularly rashly, or hurt someone he felt didn’t need to be hurt.  This evidence leads me to believe that Charles Meade’s motives might be more benevolent than many viewers assume them to be . . .

Besides, there are plenty of perks to dating a sexy, strong, mysterious warlock.  I mean, when you think about it, the possibilities are absolutely endless . . .

Moments when he won my heart:

*When he broke down, following Nick’s death . . .

*Anytime he uses his sexy, eargasmic, spell-casting voice . . .

*During his flirtations with Dawn . . .

*During his father/daughter moments with Diana . . .

For your consideration: 

9. Prince Charming / James – Once Upon a Time

Who plays him: Joshua Dallas

 Why we are “dating”:

There’s a reason the phrase “Prince Charming” has come to embody the Ideal Man.  He’s strong, heroic, debonair, dashing, incredibly handsome, and, let’s not forget, how his KISSES SAVE LIVES!  And yet, admittedly, in children’s books, I always found the character of Prince Charming to be kind of wooden, and woefully personality-free.  Fortunately, in Once Upon a Time, the writers have managed to come up with a character who actually lives up to his name . . .

Unlike the traditional, born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-his-mouth fairytale prince, our Prince Charming lived most of his life as a poor, sheep herder, in a remote town.  He worked hard, took care of his mother, who he loved dearly, and expected very little out of life.  In this new world post-recession world of 99%ers, where most of us “have-nots” deeply resent the “haves,” the fact that Prince Charming came from humble beginnings, and can, therefore appreciate the riches bestowed on him in later life is deeply refreshing.

And if that didn’t make him loveable enough, Prince Charming is also a dragon slayer, who put his life at risk to save an entire kingdom, and gave up his happiness to save his own mother’s life, when he agreed to marry a woman he did not love.  But what really makes Prince Charming an excellent TV Boyfriend is the way he behaves around Snow White.  With a disarming smile, sharp wit, and adorable banter, both Prince Charming and his Storybrooke counterpart James managed to bust through this slightly jaded woman’s firm walls and found his way deep into her heart.

Prince Charming literally lights up whenever he sees or speaks to Snow White.  And yet, there relationship isn’t cliched or cheesy.  They are both very strong willed, head strong, and slightly snarky individuals, who have fought hard for everything they have, and are inherently skeptical of those for whom things come easy.  There’s is the kind of love for which everybody secretly wishes . . . the kind of love that makes you believe in fairytales . . .

And who doesn’t want a little fairytale in their lives, every now and then?

Moments when he won my heart:

*When he rescued his knights, and singlehandedly slayed a dragon, without any battle training whatsoever . . .

*During his heartfelt goodbye to his mother . . .

*When he “captured” Snow White . . .

*When he flirted with Snow White . . .

*When he helped Snow White battle the trolls . . .

*When (in Storybrooke), he came to Snow White / Mary Margaret’s school to declare his love for her . .  .

*When he lost his own life (in fairytale land) to save his wife, and baby Emma . . .

*Everytime he said “I’ll always find you,” to Snow White . . .

For your consideration:

10. Matty McKibben – Awkward


Who plays him: Beau Mirchoff

Why we are “dating”:

Sometimes in our lives, we are looking to find our Prince Charming, and have our fairytale.  Other times, we’d much rather date someone normal, with flaws, insecurities, and imperfections . . . someone like us.  What’s so great about Matty McKibben is that he’s so incredibly real.   Way too often television shows make teenagers act and look like people in their late twenties.  But Matty McKibben is a genuine high school guy . . . a guy who most likely reminds you of someone you went to high school with, crushed on, and maybe even were lucky enough to date . . .

In the pilot episode of Awkward, Matty is depicted as your typical popular high school jock.  He’s good looking.  He’s athletic.  He goes to the best parties, and dates the prettiest girls.  He has sex with Jenna Hamilton that first time, more on impulse than, as a result of any sort of strong feeling he has for her.  And he keeps their relationship a secret, because it’s easier that way, considering the fact that they come from different social circles.


And in a typical high school drama, that would pretty much be the end of the story.  The “Jenna” character would inevitably find out that the “Matty” character is shallow, and using her for sex, so she would leave him for a “nicer” guy.  But real life isn’t that simple, and, fortunately, neither is this show.  As the series progresses, we get to know more about Matty McKibben.  What we learn is that he’s actually pretty good guy . . . someone who’s loyal to his friends, to the point of being willing to give up love for their sake . . . someone who truly cares about Jenna, and tries to do right by her, in the best way that he knows how.

Throughout the series, we watch Matty learn from his relationship with Jenna, and grow from a seemingly dimwitted and shallow jock, to a surprisingly smart and thoughtful boyfriend.  And in the end, when Jenna chooses the “nice guy,” our heart can’t help but break a bit for Matty, who, as it turns out, is  actually pretty “nice,” himself . . . not to mention, smokin’ hot.

Moments when he won my heart:


*When he drove Jenna home from the football game on her birthday, and helped her toss out her not-so-lucky socks . . .

*When he finally told Jenna he wanted to make their relationship official . . .

*When he took Jenna to his parents’ restaurant on their first official date . . .

*When he bonded with Jenna’s friends, and gave them guy advice . . .

*The mixture of jealousy and friendly sympathy he showed, when he learned about his best friend, Jake’s feelings for Jenna . . .

*When we found out about the sweet way Matty planned to “ask” Jenna to formal . . .

*The resigned look of heartbreak and devastation on Matty’s face at Winter Formal, following Jenna’s tacit rejection . . .

For your consideration:


(Sorry, MTV is surprisingly stingy, about allowing scenes from Awkward to exist on YouTube.  So, this was the best I could do.  That said, you could watch the entire series on!)

And there you have it . . . my Ten New TV Boyfriends of 2011.  So, who’s on YOUR list?

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23 responses to “My Ten New TV Boyfriends of 2011 . . .

  1. I probably should start watching Hart of Dixie. Ugh!And I should probably finish Teen Wolf before Season 2 airs. Challenge accepted!

    I so agree on Nick Miller and Schmidt in New Girl. They are boyfriend material in their own ways. I couldn’t have said it better than you. You just took the words out of my fingertips haha!

    Do you seriously think Sheriff Graham’s gone forever? I don’t want to believe it because I still want him around. HUHU. And Prince Charming, sigh. What a nice smile. My heart broke for Mary Margaret at “The Shepherd” because huhuhuhu, why James, why?

    While I do find Gale Harold so sexaaayyy and hot, I wouldn’t really want Charles Meade to be my TV boyfriend. Haha! Well, I dropped TSC after 7 episodes because I was getting frustrated at Cassie. Do you think I should continue watching it? Haha!

    And lastly, Matty McKibben. My friend once said that she couldn’t blame Jenna for choosing Jake because Jenna does not know what we know, that Matty is such a great, GREAT guy. In her eyes, Matty is a jerk but we all know that’s not true. He has just the worst timing ever and maybe a shy less of being courageous. While I enjoy Jake and Jenna, I enjoy them when they’re being friends (aka in the car and all when they left the party) but Matty and Jenna are soulmates (at least for this show haha!).

    I’m so excited for (y)our TV boyfriends to get back! Heehee. Maybe I should make something like this too but I wouldn’t be as great as you in describing them and pinpointing their “moments”. Another great read! And happy new year! 😀 (Sorry for the novel-long comment. Haha!)

    • Hey whoopeyoo! I’m so psyched that my little article has convinced you to watch some of these shows. It occurred to me, during this long TV hiatus, that there are a lot of shows that I watch, but don’t necessarily have the time (or the energy) to recap. This was a great opportunity to pay homage to those shows, and (perhaps, more importantly) to the excellent TV boyfriends residing in them.

      It’s funny. When I watched the first couple of episodes of New Girl, I wasn’t entirely sold on the show. But Nick and Schmidt won me over entirely . . . and both during the episode “Cece Crashes,” if I recall. You are absolutely right. These are two VERY different guys, who would make great boyfriends in their own way. And it’s their charm, and humor that keep me coming back to the show each week.

      As for Sheriff Graham in Once Upon a Time, from what I’ve read, though the Sheriff is REALLY dead in Storybrooke, we will still get to see Jaime Dornan as the Huntsman in the fairytale flashbacks. While I LOVE me some Jaime Dornan, and am really happy that the actor will still be on the show, I kind of feel like it won’t be the same, not having Sheriff Graham around. After all, the Huntsman never met Emma, who was a baby at the time. So, we won’t get to see their relationship progress on the show. Plus, the Huntsman is now under the Queen’s control, and will most likely be doing her bidding in most of the flashbacks. And considering how much I loved the Huntsman’s gallant “rescue” of Snow White, and Sheriff Graham’s brave dumping of the Mayor’s ass, I suspect I will find this very disconcerting.

      Now, when it comes to Prince Charming and Snow White, the opposite is true for me. I absolutely ADORE the flashbacks between these two. But in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret lacks a bit of the spunk and free-spirited nature that her fairytale counterpart possessed. Because of that, I actually think it could be a good thing that Mary and James are separate now. Just like Snow White found her courage and spunk, after being cast into the woods by the Queen, I suspect that Mary Margaret will find hers, now that she has experienced true heartbreak, and is finally becoming suspect of the Mayor. Plus, now that James remembers his “past” in Storybrooke, this will allow Mary and James to fall in love all over again. And, if the flashbacks are any indication, that is going to be exceptionally hot!

      You bring up a great point about Matty in Awkward. Given Jenna’s history, you really can’t blame her from mistrusting Matty. And some of the great things that WE know that he did on her behalf, she never saw. For example, she never got to learn how he planned to ask her to Winter Formal. And she never found out that the real reason he never told Jake about their relationship, and the real reason he canceled out on her, was not because he was embarrassed to be seen with her, but because he knew Jake liked her, and was trying to be a good friend to HIM.

      The thing is, I really DO like Jake. I think he’s a great guy (smart, funny, sweet, etc.), and will be a great boyfriend to Jenna. I also like how Jake was never ashamed of Jenna, and showed an interest in being her girlfriend, right away, whereas Matty took some time to come around to the idea. I just think she has more romantic chemistry with Matty, and that Matty’s the one she really loves. Also, Jake comes off as a bit too perfect for my taste. I like that Matty is still a bit flawed, and, like Jenna herself, still has some growing up to do. Imperfection can be just as sexy as perfection, sometimes. 🙂

      Thanks again, for taking the time to talk TV with me. Clearly, you have excellent taste in TV Boyfriends! 😉

  2. Andre

    Hm, I can’t really say much about this list because apart from Teen-Wolf I didn’t watch any of these shows. And from Teen-Wolf I don’t really have one that would count as boyfriend. Albeit I would surely screw, Scott, Stiles and Danny, probably at the same time. 😀

    Anyway, Teen Wolf and TVD were the only shows I watched regularly this year and the only contemporary ones.

    I guess I simply take guys from the shows and tv movies I watched this year.

    Robert Wheeler (Into the West) – Warren Kole
    The looks, the voice, this journey between his own life and involuntarily stepping into the footsteps of his father. Yummi.

    Jacob Wheeler Jr. (Into the West) – Tyler Christopher
    Tough, big, muscular, sweet and caring. One of the better examples of the wild west. This hunk in his prime is a morsel too tasty to resist.

    Edwin Bouwhuis (Goede Tijden, Schlechte Tijden) – Raynor Arkenbout
    Adult but still quite naive, you just gotta love him

    Riley Stavros (Degrassi: Next Generation) – Argiris Karras
    Those eyes, and he is so overeager to get everything right he simply runs against the wall without knowing it

    Zane Park (Degrassi: Next Generation) – Shannon Kook-Chun
    The reasons for that should be obvious

    Kenny Kwon (Dick Strachey Series) – Nelson Wong
    The eyes, the broad face, the sturdy body, he’s got the brain, he’s got the looks, He will always be in my books ^^

    Black Cloud (Black Cloud) – Eddie Spears
    This Navajo boxer in his early twenties has some major issues but damn what a smile combine that with his long hair in the wind and he is iresistable

    Max (The Hard Times of RJ Berger) – Jayson Blair
    Yep, he is acting like a douche, but there is definitely more to him. And come on, who would not want to top that hot jock

    Ok, these are all I can think of right now, but maybe some more will come over time.

    • Hey Andre! It’s funny you mentioned Stiles from Teen Wolf. Because, after I made up this list, I found myself genuinely regretting that I didn’t include him. (Not Scott though, because he’s too whiny for me . . . and Danny . . . well, he probably wouldn’t be interested, for obvious reasons. ;)) In many ways, Stiles would be a much better “boyfriend” than Derek, and I’m not just talking about the whole “not-a-werewolf” thing. Stiles is brilliant, snarky, hilarious, and probably has the best heart of any character on that show. But what can I say? I watched that Derek Hale workout video again, and I got weak . . . 😉

      Hmmm . . . now looking at your list, the only two guys I recognize are Riley and Zane. Both are adorable, I agree. And Argirs Karras proved himself to be a really talented actor, particularly a few seasons back, when they first introduced the character, and he was first coming to terms with his sexuality. Riley’s thinly repressed rage, confusion, and angst, was all kinds of hot, and made the character oddly appealing, even when he was beating the crap out of innocent people, and doing other awful things of that nature.

      In more recent episodes, though, I actually feel like the writers didn’t take enough advantage of Riley and Zane as characters, or of the talented actors who played them. The storylines for this couple in more recent seasons, always seemed to be just variations on the same theme: Riley wasn’t yet comfortable with making his sexuality public, and Zane was. I would have really liked to see the writers explore more aspects of their relationship together.

      In particular, I never felt like we got to know Zane as a character. Sure, he was hot, smart, kind, athletic, and gay. But who was he, really? What was his family like? What were his relationships like before he met Riley? Did he have any flaws . . . at all?

      I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on this. 😉

      • Andre

        Well based on youtube comments Zane’s flaw was that he was overeager in outing Riley when Riley simply wasn’t ready for it respectively when Riley’s family background was totally different.
        But yeah you are right when it comes to background. It was seriously lacking on Zane’s part, the only thing we know is that he wasn’t out long when he met Riley.
        More is there not to say about these two except maybe that Zane seemed to be equally stubborn than Riley was.
        And many also seemed to think that the actors were not fully used, but this might simply be due to the high number of characters.

        As to reading more… Lets just say you will read some stuff when you have me on you fanfiction authorr alert 😉

  3. Awesome List: If it wasn’t four in the morning I would give your more kudos but its late so I will be brief. LOVED IT!!! The three or four guys I didn’t know I would replace with Jensen Ackles LOL but you did have lots of PRETTY more than the average list. I applaud your selections…………talk soon hun

    • Hey sassyfran! Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m so glad you liked the article. I had a lot of fun writing it, and “bonding” with my new boyfriends, of course! I figured you might appreciate the additions from The Secret Circle and Once Upon a Time, since you are a fan of those shows too! 🙂

      I love that you said Jensen Ackles takes up four of his own TV Boyfriend slots on your List. That’s a lot of panty space! 😉

  4. Amazon Annie

    Wow, I loved your list! It made me realize that I DON’T WATCH ENOUGH TELEVISION because my TV “panties” are woefully empty. Yes I still have some boyfriends from years before (always room for Damon) and recently I lost “Jimmy” from Boardwalk Empire (HOW COULD THEY!) Your recap and fabulous list made me want to watch many of the programs I haven’t bother to look at in 2011. The producers and channels should pay you, you are better than any of those promos I’ve seen which left me singularly uninterested in their shows. Well thanks for the great recap of the “hotties” of 2011. I’ll be watching your recap to find out who I shouldn’t miss in 2012. Keep up the great work!

    • Awww thanks, Amazon Annie! That’s so sweet of you to say! I’m really happy that I could introduce you to some new shows, through my Boyfriend List. 🙂 And I agree with you 100% about Jimmy Darmody. He will be much missed on my list as well. Jimmy truly was the heart and soul of Boardwalk Empire.

      Sure, he was a criminal, and yes, he could be ruthless, but he was also incredibly vulnerable, intuitive, and intelligent. He was a good father to his son, and a good friend to Richard Harrow. And, while he wasn’t necessarily a great husband to Angela, I do think he cared about her, in his own way, and, in the end, tried his best to do right by her, and make her as happy as she could be, under the circumstances. He also genuinely loved Nucky like a father, which made how things ultimately went down between them, all the more tragic.

      And those crystalline blue eyes . . . and those perpetually pouty lips . . . how could you NOT fall in love with Jimmy Darmody? 🙂

  5. East Coast Captain

    Awesome, you should do a top new TV girlfriends for us dudes.

    • LOL. Good idea, East Coast Captain. I’m just not sure I’m qualified to make such a list. 😉 Given your love of Vampire Katherine though, I suspect you’d probably enjoy the tough-as-nails, but secretly vulnerable Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time. And Jenna Hamilton from Awkward is definitely the kind of girl I could see myself being friends with in real life. She’s smart, laidback, snarky, and-all-around awesome.

      The better question I guess would be . . . who’s on YOUR list? 🙂

      • East Coast Captain

        1. Katherine Pierce

        2. Sarah Walker

        3. Kensi Blye

        4. Ziva David

        5. Lydia from Teen Wolf

        6. Kate from Teen Wolf

        7. Tania from the President´s vampire

        8. Kate Beckett

        9. Jessica from True Blood

        10. Summer Glau on Chuck

      • Nice list, East Coast Captain! Of course, I am not at all surprised to see Miss Vampire Katherine at the top. 😉 I also love that you included Vampire Jessica from True Blood. She’s definitely my favorite female character on the show, with Vampire Pam biting her way into second place. (Sorry Sookie!)

        It’s interesting that you included Lydia and Kate from Teen Wolf, but not Allison. Of course, I’d probably do the same thing. Lydia and Kate (R.I.P) are ten times more fun!

  6. Megan

    As I started watching about thirty different TV shows in 2011, many of which started years ago, my list is rather long. And also populated by females.

    Sugar Motta (Vanessa Lengies) – Glee, because is hilarious to watch for background moments. And also she’s Brittana’s time-travelling daughter.

    Rebekah (Claire Holt) – The Vampire Diaries, because even though she’s an “evil” original, she’s just lonely and it makes me sad.

    Jess Day (Zooey Deschanel) – New Girl, because she’s so adorkable it’s untrue.

    Gloria Delgado-Pritchett (Sofia Vegara) – Modern Family, because “in my country we have a saying, ‘love is always around the corner’ … i come from a city with lots of prostitutes.”

    Vala Mal Doran (Claudia Black) – Stargate: SG-1, because she’s so badass it’s untrue.

    Bela Talbot (Lauren Cohen) – Supernatural, because she’s so badass it’s untrue. (What do you mean I already used that one?)

    Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) – Pretty Little Liars, because I apparently have a thing for girls who are freaking insane.

    Elle Bishop (Kristen Bell) – Heroes, can I just repeat the one above again?

    Bennett Halverson (Summer Glau) – Dollhouse, because the way she is super sweet and shy in the flashbacks and then in real life is a crazy person, but then gets super sweet and shy around Topher, is heartbreaking.

    River Tam (Summer Glau) – Firefly, because Summer Glau does heartbreaking far too well.

    Max Guevara (Jessica Alba) – Dark Angel, because she’s such a badass, but is also a genuinely nice person at the same time. And she also has heat cycles.

    Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) – Gossip Girl, because my thing for crazy people mixed with my undying obsession, erm, i mean love, for Michelle Trachtenberg means that I can’t help my urges to find G and marry her.

    Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) – Veronica Mars, because she’s smart and resourceful and I like Kristen’s face.

    Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) – Pretty Little Liars, because she’s the most screwed up of all the girls, in my opinion, and I just want to give her a hug.

    • Awesome list, Megan! And I adored your explanations for your choices. I had heard that little “rumor” about Sugar Motta, as well. 😉 What a great idea for a Glee spinoff! What’s amazing about Vanessa Lengies is that she is able to do so much, with so little. After her brief introduction in the Season 3 premiere, Sugar Motta became criminally underused. She rarely ever speaks anymore, and yet her background facial expressions, and dance movements practically steal every scene in which she appears.

      I suspect we will be seeing quite a bit more of her next season (considering a good portion of the class is graduating). And that can only be a good thing.

      I was super psyched to see Veronica Mars on your list, since, as I’ve mentioned in a few previous posts, I love that smart, spunky blonde to pieces and want to BE her. (I feel no shame in saying that.)

      I also love Claire Holt as Rebekah on TVD. You are absolutely right about her. In the hands of a lesser actor, the character would probably be extremely grating and unsympathetic. But Claire brings a certain vulnerability and inherent likeability to the role, that makes you root for her. Personally, I would love to see her develop a friendship with Caroline. I think those two Vampire Barbies could learn a lot from one another. 🙂

      Hanna Marin is my favorite PLL girl (which is interesting, considering that looks and personality-wise, I’m probably more of a “Spencer”). She has all the best one-liners on the show, and just seems like she’d be a blast to hang out with.

      I’m also with you on Alison. Speaking of great one-liners, girlfriend could make an entire book filled with them, just based on the Halloween episode, alone. Much like Lily Kane on Veronica Mars, Alison DiLaurentis manages to be totally intriguing, complex, and oddly sympathetic, despite being . . . well . . . DEAD! 🙂

      Thanks again for adding some much-needed estrogen to my list. I know East Coast Captain, in particular, is pleased you stopped by. (See his comment above.)

  7. Tricus

    Ha compared to you I barely have any boyfriends. I don’t watch most of the shows you watch so that may be it.
    But my fantasy BF’s are Damon Salvatore ( Of Course) and Derek ( Teen Wolf).
    Oh did you see My Babysitters A Vampire on Disney last summer? I know it’s a teen/kid show but the Ethan character s cute. I feel like a couger though I am just a few years older than him (he is 17 or 18 yrs old) but whatever. He is cute and nerdy.

    • Well, you know what they say, Tricus . . . it’s not the quantity of TV Boyfriends, but the quality that counts. And Damon and Derek are most definitely HIGH quality. 😉

      I actually did catch a few episodes of My Babysitter’s a Vampire. It’s a fun show . . . a lot better than I thought it would be, when I first came across it. I just did a little research on the series. It turns out that the second season will begin airing on Canadian television (Teletoon) on January 5th, and on the Disney Channel sometime in April. So, you will probably be able to catch the premiere online in a few days. Not bad, right?

      And I agree with you, both Ethan and Benny have a sort of nerdy / cute, thing going for them. 😉

  8. imaginarymen

    Wow – this list tells me that I am watching NO TV these days! The only show on this list I watch is “New Girl” and I LOVE Nick and Schmidt (or as I call them, “Chandler and Joey” 😉

    Thanks for all the Eye Candy, always a good way to start the year!

  9. Amelia

    Hiii Julie!!
    OK, so I TOTALLY agree with you on most of this list. I’m in love with Wade, Nick, Sheriff Graham, and Prince Charming.
    Schmitt is ok, but I can’t take him seriously because all I see is Officer Leo LOL, and Matty irritates me for reasons I can’t even explain, to be honest. From this list, it appears that I should start watching Teen Wolf! My sister loves that show. Anyway, I’m excited to chat with you as the winter hiatus is coming to an end!

    • Hey Amelia! I’m psyched that winter hiatus is nearing an end too. 🙂 We have so much spectacular TV and quality shipping ahead of us. 😉

      I’m not surprised that we agree on many of our new TV boyfriends. I always said you had excellent TV taste. 😉 LOL about Schmidt being Officer Leo. It took me a while to stop thinking of him that way too. Leo was sweet, but he was a MAJOR BORE. Schmidt would most definitely not approve. 🙂

      As for Matty, I can see why he wouldn’t be everyone’s ideal TV boyfriend. For the first couple of episodes, I wasn’t a huge fan either. He just didn’t seem all that smart. And while it made for a realistic idiosyncracy, I thought the writers WAY overdid it with the whole “armpit thing,” if you catch my drift. 🙂 I think Matty started to win me over, when he first learned that Jake kissed Jenna. Sometimes it takes the prospect of losing something to really make you realize how much it means to you.

      But my Matty love was really cemented when he drove Jenna home on her 16th birthday. He knew she had just had a total crap day. But he didn’t pester her with questions, continuously ask her if she was OK, or make her feel more uncomfortable than she already was. Instead, he just quietly kept her company, tried to make her laugh, and helped her throw out those cursed rainbow socks. 🙂

      And that moment just before Jenna left the car . . . where Matty wanted to “officially” ask her out, but wasn’t quite sure how to do it . . . the way his hands were gripping the steering wheel . . . his palms sweaty, his knuckles completely white . . . just slayed me. It was the first time we saw some genuine vulnerability from Matty. What can I say? I’m a sucker for hidden vulnerability. 🙂

      As for Teen Wolf, I do think you’d like the show. 🙂 It’s surprisingly well-written, has some unique plot twists that are genuinely unexpected, and the actors who play Derek and Stiles, in particular, are top notch. Of course, there’s some GREAT eye candy in there too. 😉

      As is often the case with me, I didn’t really love the pilot episode. I personally found it to be a little rough around the edges. But by the third episode, I was definitely hooked. I think MTV might still have all the episodes online, if you ever want to check it out. 😉

  10. littlebirdy.

    AWESOME LIST! except, i will admit, i don’t watch hart of dixie, game of thrones, boardwalk empire or secret circle :$ My latest TV boyfriends are

    Sammy Winchester–
    Not only is he incredibly muscly and tall and just generally beautiful, but he knows how to protect the ones he loves, even if they hurt him. He will (and does) give his life for his brother Dean, and he spends most of the first season out to kill the thing that killed his girlfriend, Jessica. And he isn’t afraid to cry (and looks completely gorgeous when he does).

    Dean Winchester–
    Will do absolutely ANYTHING for his younger brother, Sammy, and gives his life and soul for him once or twice! Is just as attractive as his younger bro. Good sense of family and is as loyal as anything. Also, he’s hilarious. I think he gets the best lines on the show, kind of like Damon from TVD. And a bad boy, leather jackets WOO!

    Johnny– Two Broke Girls
    So he can be a bit of a jerk, going back to his gf rather than ditching her for Max, who lets face it, is HEAPS MORE AWESOME! But he’s really quite cute and he can’t help what he feels, now can he. Also, he’s an artist, and knows the most romantic places in the city to graffiti nice pictures of him kissing the girl he likes. And he looks ADORABLE in glasses.

    Just thought i’d also let you know you write the best reviews for the latest Vampire Diaries eps. Once a new one is out, i always check here for your review, coz they have the gifs of my favourite scenes and you make me laugh! DELENA and FORWOOD FTW! ❤

    • Hey littlebirdy! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome TV Boyfriend list, and eloquent justifications for your choices. Wow, I’m seeing a lot of love for Supernaturals and the Winchester boys in this post. I really have to start watching Supernatural! (Secret: I was always afraid the show would give me nightmares. *blushes* I love me some vampires and werewolves. But when it comes to devils, demons and zombies, I’m a total blubbering baby. What can I say? :))

      I’m also starting to feel like I’m the only person on the planet who doesn’t watch Two Broke Girls. (Maybe because it’s on opposite Gossip Girl?) It’s a shame too, because I absolutely adored Nick Zano as Vince on What I Like About You. That character has actually been a long-time TV boyfriend of mine. 🙂 So, I have no doubt that, if I watched his new show, Johnny would be a part of this list as well.

      Oh, and thanks so much for the super sweet kudos on my TVD recaps. How excited are you for tonight’s mid-season return? I can’t wait! Delena’s gonna KISS! I can feel it! 🙂

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