Stiles-ception – A (Ridiculously Late) Recap of Teen Wolf’s Season 3B Premiere “Anchors”

dark tunnel


“Is this real? Am I real?  Is this even a real door?  If I repeatedly bang my head on it, will I figure it out?  Ouch . . . ouch . . . ouch, maybe not.”

What’s up, my fellow Werebangers!  I missed you!

ep 8 i love you twg

How was your New Years?  Did you dance?

stiles dancing at gay bar melchiors

Meet any new and interesting people?

surprise bitch


Die in a bath tub, and come back to life, only to realize you’ve somehow forgotten how to read?

cold stiles

read good

cant read good

(Don’t worry if this happens to be the case.  Most of this blog post will be pictures anyway . . . :))

Wherever you’ve been, whatever you’ve done, worry not!  Your Werebanger Family welcomes you back with open arms.

ep 8 stiles dad hug fyeah

So, lets get on with this recap, shall we?

nodding oh yeah

[As always, a big werewolfy round of applause for my good pal Andre, who in addition to being the Lean Mean Screencapping Machine who generously provided us with all the awesome pictures you see here, also happens to be a pretty kickass person, in general.]

Sleeping with Stiles . . .

sleeping stilessss

Teen Wolf . . . it’s no longer just a show you watch to see hot guys take their shirts off, flex their muscles, and get all sweaty with one another . . .

(Though that, in and of itself, is a pretty good reason to watch the show.)

ep 9 no fit gravyjones

more shirtless male review

shirtless issac

This is show is educational!  You learn stuff here!  For example, this week on Teen Wolf, I learned about the Tibetan Buddhist concept of “Bardo,”which from what I gather, is basically a cross between Purgatory, and whatever the f*&k happened on the last season of Lost  . . .

state between life and death


“So you mean to tell me all this time, we thought we were battling Baddies, Bionic Bears, and Black Smoke in a jungle, we were really just sitting around in this lame old church?”

Also, I learned from Stiles all the nifty tricks you can use to tell that your dreaming, while you are actually dreaming .  . . you know, for all those times you find yourself possibly-but-maybe-not asleep, and don’t have on hand Leonardo DiCaprio’s Magical Spinning Top from Inception . . .


We start the episode off in bed with Stiles, which is as good a place as any to start off a series, AM I RIGHT ladies (and men)?

hi stiles

We know immediately that Stiles is dreaming, by the way he’s sweating, rapidly blinking his eyes, moaning amorously, curling his toes under his blanket, and thrusting upward, while he grabs on to his sheets for dear life .  . .

amorous sleeping stiles

Unfortunately for us fans, it ended up not being one of THOSE kind of dreams.  But we totally see where you were going with this, Jeff Davis, you naughty minx, you .  . .

gives me joy

At the start of the “Dream,” Stiles comes out of the closet . . . er . . . I mean the locker . . .

stiles comes out

“I feel so liberated!”

Then, Stiles takes a long slow glance in the mirror to remind fans how buff he’s gotten during the hiatus .  . .

buff stiles

“Someone’s been sneaking Wheaties into my Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs . .  .”

Stiles hears a sound, so he goes to investigate.  This is what he finds . . .

evil tree

“Don’t you just hate it when an Evil Tree crashes through your classroom, and then tries to eat you?”

feed me seymour

feed me

I know I do!

Then, Stiles “wakes up” only to learn that he’s slept through his entire courtship with Lydia!  Apparently, they’ve gone from “heat of the moment” first kiss partners, to bed buddies, who sleep together on school nights and massage one other’s arms after nightmares, in the span of less than two episodes . . .

lyd and sty


“Is it Season 5, already?”

This is the moment I usually realize that I’m dreaming . .  . when things are simply too good to be true. . .


Stiles breaks the fourth wall at this point in the narrative, leading us to believe that he realizes he’s still dreaming as well . . .

stiles looks at camera

“I can’t really be this much of a pimp, yet . . . CAN I?”

And while most hot blooded teens would take advantage of their Super Awesome Dream, by say .  . .  taking this unique opportunity to do away with a certain Pesky Virginity Problem .  . .

sex me now 2

Stiles, being the tragic hero we know him to be, decides instead to go and CLOSE THE DOOR . .  .


3 the door 1st

This concept of THE DOOR, is one that presents itself throughout the episode.  Throughout the hour, we see Stiles and Allison, in their dreamlike states opening doors that they shouldn’t, doors that release evil spirits, funky trees, and b*tchy dead aunts into the ether.  We learned last season from Deaton, that “dying and returning to life in a bathtub” opened a seemingly figurative, but possibly literal, door in the characters’ minds, through which some pretty nasty Big Bads can pass through, if they aren’t careful.

in tub

Notice how adamant Dream Lydia was against Stiles closing the door to his room / mind.  This reminded me a bit of something Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Inception said about dream characters becoming violent toward anyone or anything that might disrupt the dream.  Perhaps, Dream Lydia didn’t want Stiles to close the door in his dream, because if he did, it would end his Bardo, thereby closing off the possibility of the evil demons connected to the Evil Tree / Nemeton breaking free into the Real World.

lyd screams

That would make Dream Lydia kind of evil.  So maybe it was a good thing Stiles didn’t have sex with her . . .

Then again, Stiles never actually closes the door.  Instead he WALKS THROUGH IT, thereby exposing himself, once again to the Nemeton, and the horrors of sleep paralysis . . . which, some might say, was a worse result than if he simply ignored the door and started humping his lady love. . .

wake uppppp


wake uppppp stiles

We then see Stiles wake up, go to school and tell Scott all about his theories about waking dreams, and how his, in particular, might be related to the Sacrifice to the Nemeton that the three of them made last season.  Scott grunts, stares at his friend dumbfounded, and has absolutely nothing whatsoever intelligent or helpful to say, as per usual.  Everyone in the class pretends the two boys don’t exist, despite the fact that they are both rather attractive, have great bodies, and are talking very loudly about very weird sh*t .  . .  also as per usual.  Everything seems normal enough.  But Stiles still feels like something is off . . .

is this real babe

And that’s when he wakes up again . . . for real this time . . . maybe . . .

stiles and dad

In a sense, Stiles’ intense self awareness and extensive knowledge of dream states functions as both a blessing and a curse for him.  On one hand, Stiles is more likely than any other character on the show to instinctively realize he is dreaming.  Therefore, he would theoretically have the easiest time lucidly navigating his own dream world, and, when necessary, waking himself up.  On the other hand, Stiles’ innate ability to detect dreamlike things in everyday occurrences will undoubtedly cast a pall of strangeness on every aspect of his life, leaving him perpetually uncertain as to whether he is ALWAYS AWAKE or ALWAYS ASLEEP.

stiles and the new pack

This has led some to speculate that Stiles may already be dead (either from the tub, or from the car accident he experienced later that same episode), and that the entire second half of the season is taking place in his (unconscious?) (comatose?) (purgatoried?) mind . . .

ep 9 stiles hale tumblr going to die

In short, the cold open to Season 3B was about twenty times more meta than anything we’ve seen on the show, thus far.  But I liked it.  Unlike most dream sequences in teen shows, which bash you on the head with their symbolism  (Common Example 1: A precocious student is afraid of bombing her SATs.  So, she has a dream that she bombs her SATs, and ends up a homeless bum.  Common Example 2: A woman fears her Bad Boy boyfriend lacks ambition.  So she has a dream that she marries him, and ends up living in a dirty trailer park with 10 kids, married to her Bad Boy boyfriend, who is now a fat, burping, unemployed mess.), Stiles dreams were subtle, confusing, and disjointed.  They didn’t insult viewers’ intelligence, by tying everything up in a nice pretty Bardo Bow.  And that made them seem more like . . . well . . . real dreams . . .

dream bigger

I still wanted to see Stiles get dream laid though . . .

stiles with wolf hat

My Shadow Self

As is usually the case on this show,  other characters experience Real Problems, while Scott experiences things that are mildly annoying, but also kind of fun / funny.


“My Shadow Self really needs a manicure.”


“If you think it, it will come . . .”

Allison has 100% turned into Haley Joe Osment’s character from The Sixth Sense . . .

i see dead people

Complete with cold gusts of air coming out of her mouth, every time she encounters the dead . . .

cold alli

“Oooh, either it’s getting a little nippley in here . . . or I just stumbled into a commercial for breath mints.”

breath mint

She’s also hallucinating entire trips to the hospital mortuary on her walks to school, and may or may not be suffering from multiple personality disorder  . . .

two allisons

“Which one of us do you think looks better in this outfit, Me or me?”

To top that off, her hands are shaking constantly, as if she’s suffering from DTs, so she can’t shoot her bow and arrow for sh*t, and her pesky zombie dead aunt, not only can’t seem to leave her alone, but almost made her  kill her best friend, and TOTALLY cockblocked her Awesome Dream Sex with Isaac. . .

peekaboo i see

“Helllooooo?   Anybody in there?”


“Sup, girl?”



hello again its me

“Hey again.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were avoiding me, Allison?”

see me

“Was it something I said?   Is it because I have zombie breath?”



“Woah, Allison, there are much easier ways to make sure you win prom queen than scalping the competition .  . .”


“Oh Isaac, I’ve wanted this for at least three episodes so long.”

cock block 1

“Hey girl!  Can I get in on this too?  Argent Family Threesome?”

not an orgasm

“Worst . . . orgasm . . . EVER!”

So, I’d say that’s all pretty sucky.  Stiles, as we know, can’t tell whether he’s asleep or awake . . . like ALL THE TIME.  He may, in fact, already be dead . . .  As if that wasn’t bad enough, the sole income earner in his family either just got fired from his job by his best friend’s bio dad .  . .

sheriff do not remove

more files

. . . and /or became a serious hoarder.  And to top it off, in the past couple of days, Stiles has officially become a barely functioning illiterate who can’t count to ten . . . .

cant read

weird writing

read good


So, in what horrible way has Scott been affected by the ritual sacrifice you ask?  Well, his shadow is being sort of a pain in the ass . . .

peter pan

“My shadow has officially become more attractive than I am.  Now, I know how Peter Pan felt. . .”

take off shadow

“I am SO done competing with this douchebag.  Off he goes!”

And his best friend is crushing on his ex . . .

fly isa


“Weeee . . .  I’m flying.  Hey Scott, is this what it feels like to have sex with Allison?

Oh, and he’s also experiencing a massive case of dry eyes / anger management issues!

red eye scott

nothing to see here

“Nothing to see here.  This is totally normal.  I treat my friend like he’s the Hunchback of Notre Dame all the time!”


“You wouldn’t like me when I’m horny . . . “

smash 2

In  other words, it’s nothing a little Visine, and a pep talk from Mommy about how he’ll find love again, couldn’t cure . . .


mommy dearest

“You don’t need a girlfriend to keep you from turning into a monster, Scott.  Remember what that nice man Anthony Bates said in Psycho, ‘A boy’s best friend is his mother . . .’ “

janet leigh pyscho scream

ep 8 more shower scott 2

Perhaps, that wasn’t the best example.

So, to summarize, Stiles and Allison are going through Hell.  And Scott?  Well, he’s going through puberty . . .

That’s Sign Language for “You’re totally f*&ked.”

all signing


Have you ever had one of those dreams, where it’s the end of the semester, and you realize that you totally spaced and forgot to attend one of your classes.  And now,  suddenly, you have to go take a final for a class for which you’ve never even cracked open a book?

ep 8 funny stiles

Well, imagine that the class was Sign Language 101.  And you arrive to find everyone repeatedly, and angrily motioning toward you in a way that might be the Macarena dance, for all the significance it has to you.


That’s what happens to poor Stiles in this episode.  Fortunately, our trusty old Coach Crackpot is there to wake our hero up from his nightmare.  The problem, of course, is that, while all this was happening, Stiles wasn’t actually sleeping.   He was . . . drawing . . .

wake up scrib

But wait . . . check out the shape of Stiles’ incessant scribble of “Wake Ups.”  Does it look like anything to you?  Because it sure as heck looks like an “anchor” to me . . . as in .  . . THE TITLE OF THIS EPISODE .  . .


ep 5 more oral fixation stiles tyler

Here’s a theory.  You know how all the werewolves require a mental “anchor” to keep themselves from wolfing out at inopportune moments.  What if to escape “Bardo,” our heroes also need an anchor to keep them “tied down” to the real living world, which is becoming increasingly hard for them to reach?

nodding oh yeah

Kind of like the “anchors” who first guided our heroes into the Ritual Ice Bath Sacrifice in the first place?  (i.e. Lydia for Stiles, Isaac for Allison, Deaton for Scott, or according to Scott’s mother, Scott for Scott).

About that whole “Bardo” Concept . . .

So, it just occurred to me that I’ve been going about this  recap kind of backwards, in the sense that I’ve been consistently referring to this Bardo Concept, without explaining how this information was actually introduced to our characters . . .

verbal keyboard smash

It all started with Lydia, who was taking way too much joy in the fact that she was no longer the token wackadoo of the group . . . i.e. the one who screamed really loudly at really inappropriate times for no reason at all, occasionally drugged her friends with wolfsbane, and had a strange tendency to wander around in the forest naked in the middle of the night .. . (Well, actually, she’s still that person.  But now all her friends are acting just as nuts.)

no longe crazy

She also really, really wanted to figure out what the heck was going on with all her friends.

(By the way, you would think that a BANSHEE would be a bit more attuned to the fact that her entire social circle is potentially half-dead.  But whatever . . .)

you crazy

“Well, you all can’t be THAT dead, because I’m not screaming my head off.  Then, again, if all of this is just a dream in Stiles’ head then . . . at least his subconscious put me in a cute outfit.”

And while Lydia was busy being totally stumped by the situation, someone else had already figured things out.  Meet Kira . . .


She’s the new girl in school.  This is her dad . . . who is a history teacher, and who is inexplicably teaching Kira’s history class, despite the fact that the school is pretty large and likely has at least two other history teachers on the faculty who weren’t murdered by evil Druids . . .

new guy

“I really don’t want to be a history teacher.  History teachers never survive supernatural teen shows.  Can’t I teach gym, or woodworking?  How about making me a nice lunch lady?  No one ever kills the lunch lady.  I’d even be willing to wear a hairnet.”

Some have speculated that Kira (or her dad) might be the foxy kitsune who gets into our Scooby Gang’s heads this half of the season, and functions as its trickstery, mental manipulating big bad.  But, for now, all we know about her is that she knows all about Tibetan Buddhism and Bardo, totally believes Scott and Co. are hallucinating and stuff because they are about to croak.  Oh, and Scott thinks she’s a total hottie.  Anywhoo, I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of this chick . . .

Speaking of Characters Whose Sole Purpose Seems to Be to Explain Complicated Tidbits of Mythology to the Audience. . .


He pops up just in time to tell the kiddies what we all pretty much figured out from the promos.  Basically, that whole ritual sacrifice thingy, which actually had nothing at all to do with the finale or how Darach Jenny was ultimately defeated has made them Stiles, Scott and Allison, nutzo.  And so they all need to  . . . wait for it . . . close the doors in their brains to keep them from going straight to hell and letting all the evil demons escape into the world, just like they keep threatening to do but never actually do on The Vampire Diaries  . . .



Don’t worry Isaac.  At least you were more helpful than Deaton, this week!

In Seemingly Unrelated News . . .

This guy . . .

le douche

 . . . is a total douche, who is trying to take Stiles’ dad’s Sheriff job away, seemingly just because that’s the kind of thing douches do.

Stiles’ dad, of course, wants to keep his job, and randomly decides that solving a REALLY, REALLY cold case involving a missing little girl who IF she was still alive she’s totally still alive would be Stiles’ age now, is precisely the way to do it . . .

Meet, not really dead Malia Tate . . .

malia tate

Her mother and sister(?) were killed in what may or may not have been a wolf mauling, but her body was never found. Malia Tate looks a bit like a younger version of this lady, Shelly Hennig, who has signed on to be a “Super Secret Important Character on this Show.”

malia older

They even have the same side part in their hair!

For reasons that don’t quite make sense to me, Stiles’ dad decides to visit Malia’s slightly strange, and very pissed off, still grieving father, who has a strange obsession with, and seeming hatred, for coyotes  . . .

holding trap

“Coyotes are evil.  My missing daughter and/or I might be a were-coyote.

  . . . so that Scott can quite literally sniff around Malia’s room, and see if he can pick up her scent, despite her not having lived in the house for about ten years . . .

smelling stuff

She must have been a really smelly girl?

Scott can’t seem to latch on to Malia’s body odor.  But he and Stiles do have a fun little encounter with another smelly creature .. .

hanging with doggy

“Please let me join your pack.  I’m already house trained.”

cute dog

“I’m also a very good finder.”

Stiles and Scott narrowly escape the Tate home without being discovered by Creepy Papa Tate.  Later that night, the two of them head off into the night in search of Malia’s dead body.  (Riiiiiight, because this strategy of searching for dead things in the forest has served them both so well in the past . . .)

teen wolf chewed body

And while they don’t locate Malia’s corpse, the best friends do come upon one of her baby dolls, which, just so happens to have the best working batteries of any toy I’ve ever seen  . . .


What toy works that well after 10 years?  Even the Chuckie doll  from the Child’s Play series has started to show signs of slowing down, and he’s possessed by an honest-to-goodness serial killer . . .

Later that night, Scott stumbles upon a coyote or wolf (I’m not really good at differentiating between K-9’s) and is inexplicably convinced it’s Malia . . .


It’s important to note that the creature .. .  whatever it is . . .  has blue eyes, which means it has killed innocents (possibly its own family members . . . possibly by accident, during a Full Moon turn).  So, who is it . . . Malia Tate?   Her father?  The Mysterious Kira?  It’s probably too soon to know for sure.

Oh, and for those of you who have been wondering where Derek and Sassy Peter have been all episode . . . the answer will shock you . . .


electroshock therapy


Poor Derek!  He can’t even make it through one episode without having his manhood burned and denigrated in some way.  But hey, at least he still looks good shirtless . . .

ep 9 yeah shirtless derek

Some thing never change . . .

Next week on Teen Wolf . . .

And if that didn’t whet your appetite, perhaps this will . . .

Until next time, Werebangers!  Sweet dreams . . .

stydia kiss 5


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9 responses to “Stiles-ception – A (Ridiculously Late) Recap of Teen Wolf’s Season 3B Premiere “Anchors”

  1. East Coast Captain

    I have to say Scott sure used his head for once in this episode and his shadow looks pretty badass maybe it’s what his werewolf form would look like under certain circumstances but hey at least he’s going to get even better in 25 years look like his father now that dude looks like he could graze the cover of some erotic romance novel! 🙂

    Why would Malia kill her own family the father didn’t look like a werewolf.

    Well Jewls I believe wolves are larger while coyotes are slender and sleek.

    I have to say Scott has an awesome mom, yeah you’re only a kid you have your entire life to find love again.

    Oh Peter and Derek it’s like the werewolf version of Scott and Stiles well Scott is a werewolf but you get my point, those two never seem to stay out of trouble.

    • Andre

      I would say Scott was as stupid as ever this episode, so dumb I think he is a character from a Cassandra Clare novel, but I will explain in my own post why.
      The canine actually is a coyote. Not only is there the obvious facial mask (no wolf has that), but also the relatively short legs (North American wolves go more towards being long legged), the narrow snout (wolves’ are broader) and last but not least the open mouth when it threatened Scott. Wolves and dogs don’t do that, normal ones at least don’t, and it would be difficult to train them to do this sort of thing and look pissed while doing it since its not a behavior they would normally learn, but with a coyote its easy. So I can, without a doubt, tell anyone, that this canine was played by a coyote.

  2. Antonia

    Hey, it’s me again 😀 First of all, YAY TEEN WOLF IS BACK!!
    Anyway, so this episode scared the s**t out of me. Like Stiles dreaming was so SCARY! Allison’s dead aunt WAS FREAKY! Scott’s werewolf hallucinations were…soothing to be honest haha. I mean, what’s wrong with your shadow changing shape, but not you? Nothing! No one noticed anyway.

    I don’t like the idea of Isaac and Allison together :/ It just doesn’t sit right with me, because all through the past 2 seasons it’s been about how much in love scott and allison are, even when they were on their ‘break’ and now they’re just not going to get back together anymore? And that random new girl being used as a new interest for Scott is a bit lame, because she’s just come to the show! But that’s just me :p

    Oooh are we going to see a whole lot more of Scott’s dad do you think? Because i’d really like to see how that affects scott, stiles, stiles’ dad and scott’s mum. Especially if he’s going to fire stiles’ dad!

    I hope there’s Stiles/Lydia in this half of the season, I mean the kiss for his panic attack couldn’t have meant nothing to her right?

    My question though is; where the hell are the alpha twins, deucalion and cora?

    Loved your recap as always!! I’m glad to see you still continuing them xD xxx

    • Andre

      My question though is; where the hell are the alpha twins, deucalion and cora?
      I was asking myself similar stuff, except for Deucalion, I think it was pretty clear last season that the writers simply wanted him gone and thats it, I mean letting that guy go was the dumbest thing Scott and Derek could do.
      Cora and the twins… no idea. Cora is female so her survival chances in a werewolf show is pretty slim to begin with as for the twins… maybe they simply never mention them again like The Vampire Diaries did with Bonnie’s stepbrother/love interest, for the most part the twins were only there for striptease any way.

  3. Johan

    Damn, the first part with Stiles was scary. Also when he was at school dreaming while he was awake, and Allison walking to school while dreaming.

    Melissa is the greatest mom on television ever!!! Is there anyone that can match her?

    If Scott was loosing control shouldn’t he stay home from school? Though probably not a good idea considering his school records, but still he is risking others life and could even turn them.

  4. East Coast Captain

    Andre, Scott is your usual reluctant hero type like Peter Parker without the brains obviously but he’s your average person thrust into an extraordinary situation. But he has his mother to keep him in check, his mom is awesome. But you have a point about the Coyote though it’s not really one since the eyes glowed blue I think it’s a shapeshifter of a sort remember your form is what you are on the inside. Scott is your stereotypical werewolf, Peter was a monster and of course Deucalion was a Smurf.

    • Andre

      I would regard Deucalion as a zombie elf and this “you are what you are on the inside”… they never seemed to have kept that consistent apart from Peter. I mean what did Jackson have in common with real or mythological snakes? Nothing in my mind.
      And if Scott is average, than that doesn’t say much about average people since he is really incredibly dumb and a pretty shitty friend when you think about it.

  5. Andre

    Well Julie, I must say this recap was a nice start for this season. But I think you could have done better in terms of snark in some cases and you got a few things about this episode and last season wrong.

    And speaking of that:
    I regard this here as a new season, not a continuation of season 3. Episode 12 of season 3 had all the make-up of a season finale and this here is a season pilot. Not only did the camera start with a picture of Beacon Hills and then zooming in on Stiles but we also had a lot of time being passed and some things apparently happening that did not happen last season (like Isaac and Allison) and we were not told how much time actually passed.

    And as for my New Years Eve… well my nephew is 14 months now so I was mostly occupied with keeping the little rascal happy. You would think a boy his age would be more easily frightened by all the firework, but apparently he was fascinated by all the light and banging.

    Now as to your recap, I noticed quickly that apart from that one reference there were no TVD references in this recap. What happened, did you finally quit that sexist and racist show?

    And speaking of that:
    If Scott is regarded as a Latino by both Davis and Posey despite his obvious white look and his total lack of Latino cultural traits, doesn’t that mean that they apply the racist concept of hypodescent, thereby assigning a person that is in their eyes bi-racial (unless for some reason his father is not white for them) to the non-white, and let’s face it thereby socially lower, part of his parentage?
    Note: In their eyes bi-racial, I do not consider Scott bi-racial or even remotely Latino or Hispanic, this is a white All-American boy that simply tans well.

    And you know, I would not count on you calling me a pretty kickass person, in general after you read my updated Clockwork Angel review. 😉 That book was incredibly stupid, boring and how Clare handled Jem’s background was infuriating in its shallowness and lip-service. It was bad enough that she stated Jem and Magnus to look similar, despite one being British/Chinese and the other one Dutch/”Indonesian” (whatever that means), and even if you are a mix of the same two ethnicities doesn’t mean you turn out looking the same. But she even used his genuinely tragic and fresh backstory – note “genuinely,” not just pretend like Jace, Will and the ever whiney Magnus Bane – to squeeze in her screwed anti-drug and anti-white message and also to drive it home that Jem is a “Chinaman”. And yes I know the term is offensive, because I think Jem is an Asian stereotype and his half-blood status along the line of what I read in Dressing in feathers – the construction of the Indian in American Popular Culture:
    In current popular culture the exoticism of the Native male is always carefully controlled. For example, most of the heroes of the Indian novels are of mixed blood – “half-breeds”. This convention provides a safety net against several sexual pitfalls. First, it checks the exotic image from being too alien and keeps it well within the bounds of “tall, dark and handsome.” Second, it also avoids any squeamishness about miscegenation on the part of the reader, Since the hero is half-white, the romantic-sexual bond is not truly interracial and, once again, “the half-breed’s” appearance can be quite comfortably Caucasian.

    Btw. This would also fit Scott if he is bi-racial or “Latino” in the eyes of so many people. He is regarded as the “other”, the “non-white” (or its “better sounding” synonym “person of color”) but he is not truly the other so you could argue that lusting after him is regarded permissible since it’s not truly interracial. This doesn’t have to be conscious of course.

    And speaking of Jem and Magnus looking alike:
    By pure coincidence I stumbled upon a German translation of the movie tie-in version of City of Bones and was curious on how different the versions would be in German and English. Now I picked it up and stumbled upon Magnus’s description. And it was changed from what I remembered. I checked my notes (long story) and found it was different and since it didn’t let me get peace, I am used a lot from that author but not such a coup, and so I went to the biggest bookstore we have in Berlin and looked for it in the English section and checked it. And it was not a translation error, Clare did change his description:

    And that new description sounds suspiciously like Godfrey Gao, the guy playing the character in the movie and with whom she was so enamored that he is on the cover of the Bane Chronicles apparently. Apart from the fact that that means that for her a 1st generation Dutch/Indonesian mix looks like a Chinese guy (his mother is Peranakan and therefore most likely Chinese, just like his Shanghainese father) but it also opens a whole lot of plotholes. With her original description of Magnus’ curve of his sleepy eyes and his golden skin it was already pretty hard to believe that he could just walk through (light spoiler ahead!!!) 18th century Paris, 19th century London and Paris and 20th century London and New York City without any racism (seriously nothing, not even in New York City), but now its utmost ridiculous and obvious how she plays the race card just to get points for her lip-service. If a “Half-Asian” can just walk around like that, I can belief that. I could point out Bruce Lee’s kids as obvious examples but people might say that their Caucasian (allegedly German) great-grandmother somehow came through so I will not use them, so instead some more recent examples. If you look like this German/Chinese actor:

    Or this German/Vietnamese athlete (don’t drowl):

    Even this German/Vietnamese skateboarder with his skin tone (which is really no darker than Luke Pasqualino’s and that guy is a full blood British-Italian):

    But either way, in each of the three cases I could belief that they can walk around unharassed, but I should believe that someone looking like Godfrey Gao could just walk around like that?

    And to get a bridge to the show, Jeff Davis’ record in this regard is no better, seriously, it’s not, you will see what I mean later.

    You know, considered that you spoke about that you watch to see hot guys take their shirts off, flex their muscles, and get all sweaty with one another actually builds a good bridge, since I ask myself, if this is what you want to see, why don’t you just watch stuff like this:

    Or youtube compilations like this:

    And from there we go to Kira aka Arden Cho (from K-Pop to Korean American “star”) and her “Bardo”. What they said here: It literally means “in between state.” The state between life and death…. There are different progressive states where you can have hallucinations. Some you see, some you just hear. You can be visited by peaceful and wrathful deities… (Allison) If there are progressive states that what is the last one? (Kira) Death, you die.

    Ps. The equalized wrathful deities with demons in the episode… well the abrahamic God must be a demon as well then.

    Either way, that doesn’t fit what I found about Bardo on wikipedia:
    Used loosely, the term “bardo” refers to the state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth. According to Tibetan tradition, after death and before one’s next birth, when one’s consciousness is not connected with a physical body, one experiences a variety of phenomena. These usually follow a particular sequence of degeneration from, just after death, the clearest experiences of reality of which one is spiritually capable, and then proceeding to terrifying hallucinations that arise from the impulses of one’s previous unskillful actions. For the prepared and appropriately trained individuals the bardo offers a state of great opportunity for liberation, since transcendental insight may arise with the direct experience of reality, while for others it can become a place of danger as the karmically created hallucinations can impel one into a less than desirable rebirth.

    The term bardo can also be used metaphorically to describe times when our usual way of life becomes suspended, as, for example, during a period of illness or during a meditation retreat. Such times can prove fruitful for spiritual progress because external constraints diminish. However, they can also present challenges because our less skillful impulses may come to the foreground, just as in the sidpa bardo.

    And this is definitely not what was presented in this episode, rather the opposite of it. So, once again, what you “learn” here does not seem as good as you might think. And after that ridiculous story with Lycaon last season, which didn’t explain one bit and sounded to me like a rip-off of the Greymane Worgen story from World of Warcraft (plus the druids seem like TVD witches to me), I no longer give Davis any credit in this regard and therefore tend to check what is claimed in the show.

    So while these guys here seem to have hallucinations, the concept of Bardo does not seem to be connected to demons of any sort and technically all three would therefore be already dead since Bardo refers to the state in between lives and not between life and death.

    You know this first shot of Stiles showed that once again, like last season, the visuals seemed to have improved this season, but the question is: Does the story and the writing?
    I have to be honest after the last final there is currently a good chance that this will be my last season of Teen Wolf if it is just as plothole ridden and as much forced plot when Scott is concerned as last season. In this episode we already had the “because the plot says so” element when he was concerned.
    You know I really wonder whether Davis realizes what he has created there. But back to Stiles.

    Unfortunately for us fans, it ended up not being one of THOSE kind of dreams.
    Julie, if you want it, just watch this:


    But we totally see where you were going with this, Jeff Davis, you naughty minx, you
    Yeah the usual tease he does to keep fans at bay and never giving them what they want.

    Then, Stiles takes a long slow glance in the mirror to remind fans how buff he’s gotten during the hiatus

    I am pretty sure he was like that already at the end of last season; you could see it in the vision scene when the wet shirt clung to his chest and you could see the V of his back.

    Now this first dream sequence with Stiles was very well done, the locker scene did at first look as though he was buried or something and the symbolism and acting was probably the best in the entire episode, but I also noticed something else after we left Lydia and went with Stiles to school:
    The school ground looks different to me. I mean when did we ever see that in the three seasons before that with all the palm trees? I am pretty sure the wide angle shot when the two guys walk up the stairs, stairs we never saw before, was to introduce that. And it was definitely the same area as we see later when Scott tries to run away from his shadow. But I cannot remember it looking this way before.

    PS: I don’t give a f**ck abut Lydia and Stiles in bed or Isaac and Allison, after the whole thing with the twins and how their murder past was just forgotten by Lydia and Isaac and Allison just suddenly “got horny for each other because the plot says so”, I put nothing past Jeff Davis’s desire to have the plot how he wants it no matter what.
    I am more curious as to why they chose to give Stiles that WWII book. Was it part of the currently ongoing hero worship of the American WWII generation, that proclaims that war to be America’s just war? Could be of course. Either that or that power struggle topic on the cover is some foreshadowing to another power struggle later in the show, so in about 4-5 episodes max.

    PSS. I guess Stiles will still be a virgin by the end of this season, why I have no idea. Or it will be Lydia deflowering him, a pairing so wrong for so many reasons, first and foremost his past obsession with her, also would Davis be smart he could show that he is against racism and actually portrays gay sex naturally (Danny X Ethan was way tamer than what we got from the straight people in this show so far) by just letting Stiles have sex with a guy looking like that:

    It would be way more progressive than what seems to be coming so far, but more on that later.

    And since we are at the topic of dreams still. There is your first mistake. Deaton did not tell the trio anything last season about their “sacrifice” opening a seemingly figurative, but possibly literal, door in the characters’ minds, through which some pretty nasty Big Bads can pass through, if they aren’t careful. He only told them this episode. Last season all we got was:
    This is a dangerous thing for more reason than one. You’ll be giving power back to the nemeton, a piece that hasn’t had power for a long time. This kind of power is like a magnet, it attracts the supernatural, the kind of things that a family like the Argents can fill the pages of a bestiary with. It will draw them here. Like a beacon. … It will also have an effect on the three of you. You won’t be able to see it, but you will feel it, every day for the rest of your lives. It will be a kind of… uhm.. darkness around your heart, permanent, like a scar.

    Nothing about their minds being open to pretty much everyone in the area. So I suspect that Davis either screwed that whole plan up massively last season or came with that after that season was already finished shooting. Now that notwithstanding, maybe you are right about dream Lydia’s intention. Of course maybe she was supposed to be a warning to Stiles and not some tricky adversary trying to keep him trapped.

    If the season is truly Stiles in some purgatory mind I think they would shoot it differently, put him more in the spotlight and everything. But then again the previous seasons have shown that Davis is not averse to completely screw his own plot over and to ridicule the threats there are, remember “MOUNTAIN ASSSSSSHHHHH”, “I AM THE DEMON WOLF” and “I AM THE ALPHA!!!”? So we will see what comes, like I said, whenever the werewolves are in the forefront, one plothole hunted the other last season and when Scott was around everyone’s IQ suddenly seemed to have dropped several points.

    But you are right so far the episode was unusually meta, but for now I will reserve my judgement on where this will go due to the reasons mentioned before. Davis has to do much better with the supernatural elements of his show than last season before I will give him any credit again.

    And from there we go to Scott aka the show’s current resident biggest dumbass, until Derek returns to Beacon Hills of course, then the race for the biggest idiot begins anew. I wasn’t surprised at all that he would just try to move on and ignore the shadow thing since this has been pretty much his trope since season 1, at least his character is consistent in this regard. But this is one of many reasons why I still think this guy should not have the power of an Alpha, well technically no Alpha we saw so far for more than 15 minutes on screen should have. And this episode surely did nothing to convince me otherwise rather it provided further evidence.

    For Allison it’s actually odd that she just follows her dream and all. I mean shouldn’t she be more weary by now? Didn’t she state she wanted to protect the town now in episode 12? And wouldn’t part of that include reading the goddamn bestiary?

    Why is it that Stiles is the only one of the trio that actually seems to have a grasp on what is going on and notice all the weird stuff faster than the two actually entrenched in the supernatural?

    I just hope Davis will do more with Kate then just let her be a guilty conscience of Allison, because she sure as hell doesn’t have seemed to care much since mid-season 2. And hopefully not another revenge storyline because we sure as hell had enough of those already, 3 times in 3 seasons, so not another one.

    And since we are speaking about Scott being unable to control himself:
    Him suddenly having no control since Allison is no longer his anchor – didn’t seem to have bothered him last season – and he transforms when he is horny for Kira, seems to me like some kind of return to the start of the show, maybe that is why the twins are nowhere to be found. At least it would fit with the search for a “dead body” (and Scott’s “quote”) and his cliffjump when hunting the were-coyote. I mean you must have noticed the similarities to his cliff-jump at the start of season 2 right?
    And the “horny = monster comes out stuff” is to me also reminiscent of season 1 when he had similar problems with being horny for Allison, and since Davis claimed back then that the supernaturals stand for certain issues I have, still, my trouble with this image since it basically portrays sex without the ingredient of love as something inherently dangerous that will turn you into a blood-thirsty monster that attacks everything on sight. If it is a synonym for puberty, as I think you correctly identified, it seems once again a very extreme show, more in line with right wing religious scare tactics. Frankly I would have preferred had he just freaked out because of his bio dad.
    And as for his mother:
    I still wonder what justification there could be for a woman like that producing such a dumbass son. This can be due to the writers forcing the plot and nothing else if you ask me. Considered that she raised him alone for some time there must have been something to rub off on him but ever since season 1 we saw nothing, she seemed more the direct opposite of Scott and more in line with Stiles in terms of intelligence and especially mental fortitude. Two things her son never showed much signs of.

    Btw. Isn’t it astounding that apart from Scott no one seems to have noticed that Stiles scribbled his pages full with “Wake up” and how would that have even looked? Don’t get me wrong, the coach seems to be about as aware of his surroundings as Mr. Burns, so no surprise there (even Gerard called him ridiculous) but at least some students should have noticed. But not on a teen show I guess.

    Nice Macarena joke on your part. 😀

    I looked at the drawing of a screenshot of Stiles’ “wake up” and it doesn’t look like an anchor to me, looks more like a pendulum.
    It could of course be that he needs an anchor as well but whether that is true… we shall see.

    Now back to the way to Bardo.
    I liked how Lydia took charge, also once again it was her and Stiles who put stuff together, not Scott and Allison, you know the people who should actually know about this. Scott and Allison seemed to be rather “let’s not talk about it.” And now that Aiden is gone (seriously where are the stripper twins? Shouldn’t Aiden’s tongue be all up in Lydia’s furry cup by now?) Lydia apparently got rid of that awful frigid housewife dress she wore in episode 11 and 12, I know next to nothing about fashion but I know about character consistency and the Lydia presented to us would have never worn that awful dress.

    And correct: A banshee probably should have been more attuned to the character’s allegedly near death state (something I overlooked), but it seems as though Davis just created another bunch of plotholes so far and is just “let’s not talk about it.”…hm… could Scott be Davis’ alter ego?

    Well I know nothing about American highschools so I have to take your word on the number of history teachers in a school but I think it’s weird how he introduces his daughter. Who has a hairstyle and skin tone surprisingly similar to some of Allison’s. Coincidence? And damn, what is it with casting Mid-twenty somethings as high school students, she looks even less than a teenage than Keanu did.

    If these two are kitsune… my hopes aren’t high of Davis doing anything creative with them, as a matter of fact if they start to suck out the life force of people I think we would have the final evidence that he is too unoriginal to go past vampires. Think about it, we already have werewolves, then the druids are suspiciously similar to the witches of the Vampire Diaries, apparently we know have ghosts, which everyone does, and so if there would also be “vampires” now, the writing would scream unoriginal in that regard.

    Not to mention that none of the characters questions it that some random girl of Japanese descent seems to just know about stuff from Tibet. Highschool students or not, shouldn’t they be more perceptive of such odd coincidences by now?
    And as for us not having seen the last of her: Julie, come on, you are cleverer than that. Scott crushed on her, she just knows stuff that the characters need, the promotional posters show her next to Scott, the place Allison once had, and she was actually introduced and forced Scott with her mere presence to turn into a ravaging beast which he could only hardly prevent via inducing pain on himself (sounds kind of sexist and fundamentally catholic if you think about it).
    I think we can safely say that she is his future love interest, in about 2 episodes I would say, maybe 3. And if she is a love interest, we have a white guy dating and Asian woman/girl, or in other words, a pretty cliché trope, a very common one in white-East Asian interracial TV relationships. First Boyd’ death and now this.

    And yes Deaton is just there to explain things and he seems to know everything. He is officially the show’s magical negro by now, there is no other explanation.

    PS. What was that BS comment about Isaac and help being new to him about? Are they starting to claim that he has such emotional issues when he has been helping them for nearly 2 seasons now?
    I don’t get what he is good for anyway apart from creating a “love triangle” of sorts since I see none of the “Big plans” Davis had for the character.

    Not gonna comment on the sheriff and Scott’s dad, since both seem rather like plot devices to me now. Maybe that will change next episode.

    Now to the dumbest moment of the episode:
    No idea why you and I could figure out the weakness of this dumb plan of the trio and Davis couldn’t… it’s beyond me. What smell would there have been left after that long time? And despite Scott working for a Vet for probably at least 2 years now, dealing with who knows how many dogs per week or even day, he cannot recognize dog smell right away and doesn’t know how to pacify an agitated dog? He can be lucky the dog only barked alarm and did not try to attack, since what Scott did there with looking the dog in the eyes and approaching him in a crouched position; in that situation that was the dumbest thing you could do. You would think the writers for this episode did their homework when writing Scott in a situation that should be within his line of expertise, but nope instead it is another reminder of how dumb and incompetent the writing makes Scott.
    So this one time of him being smart and solving the door riddle (“ajar”) is outweighed by far by his incompetence in what should be his moment to shine.

    But as usual on this show since last season, fortune favors the stupid and so Scott finds “Malia” in the forest and confronts her after doing the cliff-jump. Now you are right the batteries on the doll should have been empty by now, after such a long time they could have considered themselves lucky to find some bones, but the plot doesn’t allow that and so it simply happens that the werecoyote is nearby when the two stumble around the car wreak age.

    Why Scott thinks its Malia… no idea either.

    PS. That was definitely a coyote. The form, the stance, the colors the opened mouth as a threat symbol is typically coyote like and not used by members of the species canis lupus.

    And you were right about Derek, him leaving town lasted for not even an episode. Not that I care what happens to him and his uncle, I care rather about where Cora and the twins have been doing so far.

    Well that was my comment on this recap so far. Now right into next episode.

  6. Jmae

    I didn’t really care for this episode. The opening with Stiles was great, but I feel like there could have been so much more. Even though I did like the scene with Dream Lydia. The part where Stiles wakes up screaming was a great father-son moment for me.
    Allison’s scene kinda freaked me out, because in order to leave her apartment and get to school she had to drive and driving while imaging your dead aunt is probably not the best idea in the world.
    I really the special treatment that Scott gets in the show all of his issues have become comic relief. Come on hallucinating Peter’s alpha form as his shadow doesn’t say darkness around the heart to me all it says it that the writers don’t want to be bothered with putting Scott through anything that could actually traumatize him. I feel like the writers are running out of ways to “test” Scott that won’t cause him to compromise his moral code. Which is starting to get really irritating. At this point in time I wouldn’t mind if Scott was killed off, but then again they couldn’t really call the show Teen Wolf if Stiles was the lead.
    Even though he is presented as the douche bag I do like the idea of bringing Scott’s dad into the show, because after a certain amount of murders in a small area I feel like the FBI should be coming in as part of the investigation. I’m questioning the FBI’s decision to allow him to investigate Stile’s dad, but I’m going to just chalk that up to Jeff Davis wanting to have him presented as the “bad guy”. In reality he’s just doing what should have been done a long time ago. I love Stiles’s dad as much as the next Teen Wolf viewer, but as a sheriff he doesn’t have the greatest track record for solving murders and that is what Agent McCall’s investigation really comes down to. The only thing that actually makes me think that he is a slight douche is the fact that in order to accept a job that is so close to home he would have had to assure his superiors that he could handle it with out personal feelings getting involved. I can understand why he would want to take the lead in the investigation, mainly because Scott lives there I feel like if didn’t even try to investigate a little after learning of all the murders in Beacon Hills that that would he didn’t care about Scott at all.
    I love Lydia’s reaction to everyone else “going crazy”, but let’s face it that is not going to last long.
    This feels like season 1 all over again. Stiles and Scott searching for a dead body, Scott crushing on the new girl, Scott not being able to control his transformation. Either the writers have some great elaborate plot for this or they are running out of ideas. Even though I hate to admit this on some levels I do miss season 1 Scott. That Scott actually carried some risk of losing control of his wolf side and actually harming someone, even though Scott can’t control his transformation now the audience knows that there is no chance of Scott actually losing that kind of control now.
    As bad as this sounds I did like that Stiles pointed out that Isaac was milking the fact that his dad locked him in a refrigerator prior to him becoming a werewolf. I understand pointing out that he is claustrophobic when he is locked is a small area, but at this point in time in the series I feel that he has been through worse. Not saying that being locked in that fridge wasn’t a traumatic experience, but at some point in time they are going to have to stop bringing it up every other episode or so.
    The ending scene with Derek and Peter felt a bit rushed to me. Even though I have no arguments about seeing them shirtless it just felt out of place.

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