Glee’s Noah “Puck” Puckerman – Yet Another Addition to My Ever-Growing List of Current Television Boyfriends . . .

“I don’t care that you are giving me the ‘LOSER’ sign right now. I am still in love with you . . .”

Wednesday nights are currently television-lite for me.  I don’t have any shows to recap, which saddens me a bit (but probably improves upon my ever-dwindling sleep schedule – Recaps take a LONG time to write!).  It also causes me to get a bit nostalgic for a time, not too long ago, when Wednesday night television, literally rocked!  Of course, I am talking about one of my favorite new shows of last year – GLEE!.   

This cheese-tastic, 80’s and 90’s loving, musical powerhouse graced my television set, every Wednesday night, from May through November of 2009.  It took only one episode, for me to become a total “Gleek”.  During those fun-filled prime time hours, it wouldn’t be at all unusual to find me bopping around the apartment like a drunk girl at a bar, singing at the top of my lungs, or clapping and hooting when the first bars of songs I recognized were played on screen.  After the first season finale aired, my typical television withdrawal-fueled depression was tempered, only by the fact that I now have EVERY song ever aired on the show in high rotation on my iPod.

Musical obsessions aside, one of the major draws of the show, for me, anyway, came by way of a certain mohawk-wearing, bad boy jock, with the body of an Adonis, and a last name that sounds like a kiss.

Here are 10 reasons, that I have decided to elevate Noah “Puck” Puckerman to fake boyfriend status:

(1) Mohawk Man: Puck sports a hairstyle that went out of style around the time that I was born.  But he makes it look GOOD!

Nice try, Vanilla Ice.  But SOME things should be left back in the ’80s,  where they belong . . .

(2) Varsity Boy: Puck is a total, card-carrying, jock.  This  means, as his faux-girlfriend, I get to wear his slightly oversized varsity jacket, when we go out on dates . . .

(Personal sidenote – Back in high school, I was on the track team, and actually had my own varsity jacket.  This didn’t stop me from secretly hoping that the right high school athlete would let me wear his . . . )

(3) Underdog: Puck spent most of the first season on the unrequited end of a love triangle.  In my book, brooding men, who want what they can’t have, are a total turn on . . .

(4) Father Figure:  Rather than run away screaming (as many lesser men would do), Puck has shown that he’s willing to step up the plate and help Quinn to raise their baby.  He even raised money to help her to pay for her medical bills.  So what, if that meant getting all the kiddies high, by selling them pot brownies?

That just means he’s a good cook!

(5) Abs-haver:

If I even have to explain this to you, you have no business reading this blog . . .

(6) Shalom Sayer:  Puck is Jewish.  And it is high time that television portrayed Abraham’s people as something more than math geeks and mama’s boys . . .

Say what?  You didn’t know Jews were cool?  Have all 80 installments of my Hanukah song taught you nothing?

(7) Non-Perv Maker: Sure, Puck is only in high school.  But the actor who plays him, Mark Salling, is a twenty-something, like me.  This makes me feel WAY less guilty for drooling over him.  The fact that he and I could date in real life, without me (a)  being mistaken for his mother; or (b) being charged with a crime, is a definite selling point for our make-believe relationship.

(8) Renaissance Man: Puck plays three different sports at the varsity level, cleans pools, bakes brownies,  sexts like a champ, sings AND plays guitar.  Is there anything this guy CAN’T do?

. . . currently working to single-handedly solve the Health Care Crisis.

(9) He doesn’t mind getting dirty . . .

Hint, hint, wink, wink . . .

(10) He gave me this . . .

Need I say more?

Glee returns to Fox on Tuesday, April 13th.  Watch with me.  But keep your mitts off Puck, OK?  He’s MINE!


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12 responses to “Glee’s Noah “Puck” Puckerman – Yet Another Addition to My Ever-Growing List of Current Television Boyfriends . . .

  1. imaginarymen

    Oh KJewls I wish we lived near each other so we could have a “drunk girl at a bar, singing at the top of my lungs” Wednesday night viewing party every week!

    #3! #3! #3! OMG I think you’re my soulmate ;-0

    #7 Puck/Salling joins a long, distinguished line of men playing boys, making women feel like pervs for lusting over a boy, who is really played by a man in real life, but is playing a boy on TV, so the lines get fuzzy and women spend all the time wondering “where were boys like THAT when I was in HS? Oh that’s right, they were ACTUALLY 17 and not hot 25 year old actors PLAYING boys”

    #11 – you forgot his eyes. He has really beautiful eyes

    Ummm…what do you mean TVBoyfriends aren’t real?? Uhhh huhhhhh nuhhhhh I think I have to lie down – WHAT DO YOU MEAN TVBOYFRIENDS AREN’T REAL!?!?!????

    • So, true, imaginarymen. I can’t remember the last time I had a good old-fashioned viewing party. Too bad, WordPress doesn’t have a recordable singing feature. (Then again, maybe that wouldn’t be such a good idea . . .) But, I bet, if you listen hard enough on a Wednesday night, you could probably still hear me sing . . . I’m THAT loud!

      You are a fellow unrequited love shipper! I remember this from our Dawson’s Creek discussion. When Season 3 Pacey Witter spent the entire season, pining over Joey Potter, I could have died and went to heaven. No one does longing like Joshua Jackson. Mark Salling is a bit more understated in his pining, but it definitely WORKS!

      You are absolutely right. I went to high school with A LOT of really scrawny boys. And even the buffest, and best looking of them, looked nothing like Mark Salling. But I am sure a picture of Mark at 17, would prove that even Mark Salling, didn’t look like Mark Salling . . .

      Those ARE some amazing peepers! Very dark and expressive. I vote for more facial closeups of Puck during Season 2.

      Well, sure they are REAL, imaginarymen! As long as you never try to approach one in person, I’m convinced you can have a long and very happy relationship with a TV Boyfriend!

      • Annabelle Salling

        Sorry, but, since whenn is he “YOURS”? He’s mine. ALL MINE. Mark Wayne Salling belongs to none other than I, Annabelle Salling. I know everything about him. EVERYTHING. I could write a WHOLE biography on this man. And what do you know? How hot he is? Yes, that’s a key part of why I am married to him, but if you really want to call him yours, you have to commit to him, just him, and learn every single thing there is to know about him. Right down to the tricks his dog can do. Yep, do what I did. But be alarmed: HE’LL STILL NEVER BE YOURS. MWUAHAHA.

      • LOL. Well, congratulations on your recent nuptials, Mrs. Salling. 🙂 Be sure to let me know when the biography is published.

        Can I still have the fictional television character, Puck, though? I’d be willing to accept your marriage to the REAL person, Mark, if I can take the character from Glee. Deal? 🙂

  2. imaginarymen

    *deep breath* TVBoyfriends are Real TVBoyfriends are Real.

    Don’t scare me like that girl!

    Yes Pacey Witter is the High Priest of Pining and Longing. He is the King, the Mt. Olympus, the most winning Olympian of Pining and Longing EVER.

    He’s not my all-time TVB for nuthin’!

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    I am now a proud Gleek and thats all thanks to you! Three weeks in a row I have tuned in to watch and have not been disappointed. So far my fave episode is definately the one with John Stamos. OOOOO I love me some uncle jessie!
    Speaking of your Television boyfriends, I have followed Julian Morris on Twitter (I finally gave in and signed up. I was desperate.) and recently found out that he will be returning season 2 as Doctor Wren. So you will be seeing your British cutie pretty soon.
    Speaking of Rosewood, IAN HARDING IS SAID TO BE SHIRTLESS IN THE SEASON PREMEIRE! Dang it! JUNE 14th come quick!

    • Awww, you just made my day, CrazyLove! So, to recap . . . :):

      1) I’ve just added another Gleeky friend to my ranks, with whom I can gossip about songs and drool over the Super Sexy Puckmeister (WOOHOO!);

      2) MY WREN is returning to PLL, just like I always knew he would. (YIPPEE! By the way, I love how they call him “Doctor” now. Here’s hoping he starts playing “Doctor” with some of the females on the show, ASAP.); and

      3) Ian Harding is FINALLY flexing those pecs for PLL fans, when the series returns in June. (SWWEEEET!)

      I couldn’t be any happier with this news, if you just told me I had won the lottery! (Well . . . maybe I’d be a little happier then . . . but not much!)

      SQUEE! Thanks SO MUCH for all this awesome scoop! I can’t wait to talk BOTH PLL and Glee with you soon! 🙂

  5. I don’t get the appeal, and I watched this season’s episodes out of order but Puck’s weird relationship with that scary woman was not convincing at all.

    • Point taken, Constance. 🙂 I actually feel the same way about the Lauren character, and the emasculation of Puck, that has gone down since mid-season 2, back when he first started dating her. However, I assure you that Season 1 Puck was another animal entirely: darker, edgier, funnier, more masculine, and sexier, to boot.

      That being said, regardless of how he’s written, Mark Salling has gorgeous eyes, great skin, and can rock a shirtless scene like nobody’s business. 😉 And no annoying woman with glasses *cough Lauren cough* can ever take that away from him. 🙂

  6. bombinanina

    he is so pretty

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