“So what? I’m still a Vampire!” – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ Season Finale “The Departed”


NOT choosing between all these hot vampires, who love me unconditionally, all season was EXHAUSTING.  I need a nap!  Wake me before the final credits roll, OK?”

So what?  I’m still a Rockstar.  I’ve got my rock moves.  And I don’t neeeeed youuuuuu.”


Pink’s classic single-girl anthem “Rockstar” initially seemed like an odd choice to kick off the Season 3 Finale of The Vampire Diaries.  For one thing, here’s a show that’s made a name for itself by specializing in sad and/or moodily haunting songs, written by virtually unknown artists, just on the cusp of making it big.  Pink is hardly an unknown artist.  And as for moodily haunting, “Rockstar” is probably one of her peppiest ditties to date.

Also, I don’t think there’s a woman on television who’s more patently un-accustomed to the Single Life than Elena Gilbert: She Who is Loved By All. Plus, let’s be honest, I’m kind of shocked they got the rights to play it.

However, in hindsight, the song choice made a lot of sense.  Because while the moody, mopey, perpetually waffling between two vampires, “Everyone around me is dying, let’s paint some walls,” Elena we know and love probably wouldn’t be caught dead (no pun intended) rocking out to anything remotely resembling a dance beat . . .

“Hey!  I resent that!  I do rock out . . . once a season . . . at my school’s annual Bloodbath Prom.   Take that, you mean recapper, you!”

 .  . .  her two-years younger, cheerleading, pony-tail wearing, Matt Donovan-dating, “Nothing bad ever happens in Mystic Falls” self absolutely would!


And when you think about it, that’s really what “The Departed” was about . . . comparing Elena’s pre and post vampire worlds, and recognizing that they might not be quite as different from one another as we originally thought . . . You know, aside from the whole “Constantly in Danger / On the Verge of Death,” thing . . .

So tighten up your ponytail, hike up your skirt, and take a nice long drive off the very short Wickory Bridge, because it’s time for another TVD-cap .  . .

(Special thanks to my good pal, Andre for providing me with an entire season of the most amazing screencaps ever invented.  If you were a vampire, I’d put your soul into somebody else’s body, so you wouldn’t ever have to croak.  That’s how appreciative I am!)

“Caroline thinks my ponytail lacks zchuzz” (By the way, I must have sat for at least ten minutes, trying to figure out how that word was spelled.)

Like so many episodes of TVD, this one begins with Elena groggily waking up to the sound of her alarm, and undoubtedly looking like she wants to slit her wrist on her bedside table . . . usually because one of her friend’s (or an attractive guest star) died in the previous episode or is destined to die in this one.

“I told you not to wake me until the end credits, DAMMIT!” 

But wait!  Are my eyes deceiving me?  Is our girl Elena actually . . . smiling and bobbing her head up and down to pop music?


Oh, I get it!  This isn’t regular Elena, it’s her sassy alter ego, Ponytail Elena.   This makes a lot more sense now . . .

But why is she wearing the Glee Cheerios uniform?


QUINN: “I hate that b*tch.  She stole my man.”

SANTANA: “I hate her too.  She stole my woman.”

BRITTANY: (offscreen) “Unicorn?” 

Clearly, I’ve stumbled into some Alternate Universe Crossover Fanfiction of some sort.  Either that, or this is the start of another . . . wait for it . . . Flashback Episode.


That’s right, Fangbangers!  Meet Elena Gilbert, the peppy popular high school cheerleader, with the clean-cut jock boyfriend, the twerpy little brother, and two uncommonly hot parents, who both love and support her unconditionally.

“Aren’t you glad both of us will be dead, long before we could ever get wrinkles?”

 I feel like I’ve stumbled into a Tampon Commercial .  . . or one for Teen Spirit Deodorant.  Now, all I need is for Elena to say something like, “At school, I work hard, but I also PLAY HARD!”

ELENA: “Psst . . . Matt, I’m not wearing any underwear under my skirt.”

MATT: “Psst . . . I’m wearing a skirt, under my underwear.”

BONNIE: *judging you*

“Caroline thinks my ponytail lacks schuzz,” Elena pouts, as she walks toward Mystic Falls High with fellow cheerleader Bonnie Bennett.

Matt’s there too, with his varsity jacket,  butterfly kisses, and references to the dreaded L Word.  In short, he’d be the Greatest Boyfriend Ever . . . if his mere presence didn’t seem to put Elena to sleep.

Bonnie chastens Elena for “stringing Matt along,” when it’s quite clear she doesn’t share his feelings for her.  In other words, Bonnie is judgmental in Flashback Land too.  Something NEVER change . . .

“I’m so going to give that Recapper a piece of my migraine!” 

RECAPPER: *takes an Aspirin*

Meanwhile, in the FUTURE . . .

“Have I told you lately how much I appreciate your not being the dumbest brother on Earth?”

Future/Present / Non-ponytail Elena wakes up in a hospital bed after the dramatic, nosebleedy faceplant she did at the end of last week’s episode.

Ahh . .  . waking up miserable.  Now THERE’S the Elena I know and love . . . 

(At this point, Jeremy probably has the ambulance on speed dial.)  Mini Gilbert is understandably concerned about his sister’s newfound tendency to make out with home flooring.  However the Only Doctor in Mystic Falls, Crazy Nanny Carrie, tells him not to worry.   “Just a itsy bitsy concussion . . . nothing to worry about.”

“I’ll just bash her face in with a hammer, like I do all my other patients.  She’ll be good as new in no time.”

Jeremy calls Elena’s two vampire lovers to let them know what went down.  Both Stefan and Damon are absolutely furious with Jeremy for trusting traditional modern medicine.  (Clearly, they must be closet Christian Scientists or something.)

STEFAN: “I think we’ve spent about half the season in this car.”

DAMON: “Tell me about it.  It’s a good thing vampires never have to pee.” 

“Get her out of there,” they exclaim practically in unison, realizing that keeping Elena in a public place makes her a sitting duck for .  . . oh, I don’t know .  .  . EVERY VILLAIN WHO’S EVER BEEN ON THE SHOW, EVER!  (Then again, it’s not like they all don’t know where she lives.)


Did I mention that Damon and Stefan are still roadtripping to make Klaus’ body swim with the fishies hide Klaus’ body?  Honestly, in hindsight, I’m kind of glad The Brothers Awesomesauce decided to scrap their original, wetter, plan to dispose of Klaus.  What if Klaus’ dry, flaky, desperately in need of lotion, body was devoured by a hungry shark . . . or a really ambitious school of goldfish?  Then, the whole entire cast would die, and they would have to rename the show “Ghost Diaries.”

“I ain’t afraid of no ghost vamp.”

Upon getting off the phone with Jeremy, Damon, who’s been especially brother-bondy with Stefan lately, praises the latter’s intelligence .  . . or, perhaps more accurately, his lack of utter stupidity. “Have I ever told you how much I appreciate the fact that I don’t have the dumbest brother in the world?” Damon quips.

Awww!  That’s sweet.  You know, it’s really too bad that no one ever decided to make Brother’s Day a national holiday.  Because, that would have made a really great statement for the inside of a Hallmark card.

Back at the hospital, Nouveau Ric has gotten wind of Elena’s whereabouts . . . though he may have had to show some poor lonely EMT his Chunky Monkey to get that information . . .

“My eyes aren’t the only part of me that has vampire compulsion powers.” 

He corners his erstwhile sex buddy Crazy Nanny Carrie and demands that Elena be released to his custody, as her legal guardian.  He also tells her that P.S. she’s fired.  WHAT?  You can’t fire Crazy Nanny Carrie, Alchy Ric!  I told you, she’s the ONLY DOCTOR IN MYSTIC FALLS!

“You can’t fire ME!  I’m Paul Wesley’s wife Meredith Fell!”

Also . . . I hate to break this to you Nouveau Ric but uhhh . . . you’re dead and have no authority whatsoever.

Nevertheless, to add insult to injury, Nouveau Ric quickly locates Crazy Nanny Carrie’s healing vampire blood stash, and DUMPS IT ALL ON THE FLOOR!

“How dare you fill these shot glasses with a non-alcoholic beverage!  That’s just wasteful!” 

Crazy Nanny starts to cry, thus proving she’s not quite the cyborg we always thought she was.

You know I’d have a heck of a lot easier time feeling sorry for the Good Doctor if she didn’t hide her Most Important Medical Miracle, in an UNLOCKED FOOD MINI FRIDGE, right next to her Lean Pockets and Dannon Yogurt Cups.

Honestly, she would have been better off putting it inside her bra or down her pants.  After all, I’d willing to bet that, since Alaric “died,” no one has ventured inside there at all.  Also, not to nitpick (just kidding, I’m totally nitpicking), but did you see how little blood she had left in there?  I’ve had shots of tequila with more total fluid ounces than her entire stash!

Where did this woman go to medical school that she thinks this is an appropriate amount of blood to take from someone? Munchkinland?

Crazy Nanny Carrie’s apparent incompetence aside, by the time Nouveau Ric reaches Elena’s hospital bedside she’s . . . wait for it . . . already long gone.  SURPRISE!

“Nothing wrong with free will!”

Back at the Gilbert house, Caroline, Tyler, Jeremy and Matt are all babysitting Elena.  Caroline offers the recently concussed and drained of blood tea and vodka to help her sleep.  (Mix in some soda, a little triple sec, and a bit of that tequila she had last night, and she could have a Long Island Iced Tea.  It’s just what the doctor ordered!)

“All the best tea comes from Long Island.” 

Wait . . . correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t you NOT supposed to sleep when you get a severe brain hemorrhage concussion?  I swear I remember reading that somewhere.  Man, Crazy Nanny Carrie really is the worst doctor ever!

But hey, it isn’t TVD, if Elena isn’t constantly in danger right?  So, sleep again, Elena does.  When she awakens, Caroline and Tyler have left on an emergency call (more on that later), leaving Matt as the soul Mr. Mom of Casa Gilbert. (Jeremy, the “breadwinner” is out getting food.)

With her flashback / dream still fresh in her mind, Elena chooses now to apologize to Matt for sort of/ kind of leading him on when she was 15.  It does seem like a rather odd time for an apology.  And Matt quickly conjectures that this whole conversation really has less to do with Elena’s and Matt’s relationship, than it does with Elena’s and her vampire entourage.

Now, not to bash Elena or anything, but am I the only one who found Elena’s apology a little insulting from Matt’s perspective?  I mean, sure, she used some “nice” words to say it.  But when it came right down to it, wasn’t Elena really telling her ex this:  “I’m sorry I continued to suck face with you, even though you, quite honestly, bored me to tears.  And I had no romantic feelings for you whatsoever.  Now would you mind helping me choose between the two men I REALLY love?”

“You’re right, Recapper!  WTF!  Now I’m pissed.” 

My own interpretations of the situation aside, Matt seemed to take the whole thing quite well . . . acting all “understanding and supportive,” through the whole monologue, until Stefan came bounding through the door, in true “speak of the devil,” fashion.  (Then again, Matt did purposefully drug Elena later in the episode.  So, maybe  just maybe, he wasn’t quite as OK with all this rejection, as he pretended to be . . .)

It looks like Matt might have accidentally drugged himself too . . . 

Meanwhile, over at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, Nouveau Ric (for whom this is probably his first time at the bar sober) promptly corners Jeremy.  He then makes a surprisingly convincing case for the latter turning over Klaus’ body, and getting Elena out of dodge for a “Vampire Free Life.”

Super Hero Hair on Super Villain Head

Vampire the Vampire Slayer even volunteers to allow Bonnie to desiccate his body, so that Elena can live out her natural life, and he will no longer be a threat to anyone (Then again, all the IMPORTANT vampires . . . except Elijah and Rebekah . . . will pretty much be dead anyway, so an un-desiccated Nouveau Ric would just be bored).  Jeremy, who’s been becoming more than a bit anti-vampite himself lately,  seems more than a bit receptive to Nouveau Ric’s suggestion.

“You just look so different, Vampire Ric.   Have you gone tanning recently?”

But would he be willing to betray his sister and everyone she loves, in order to accomplish it?  We’ll know soon enough . . .

Back at the Gilbert House, an old familiar friend has stopped by to catch up.  It’s ELIJAH!  And dare I say, he’s looking fabulous . . .

Elijah has come to . . . wait for it . . . make a deal, with the Scooby Gang, in return for Klaus’ body.  Wait a second.  I think I heard this joke before.  And I didn’t particularly like the punchline.

Don’t get me wrong, I love you, Elijah.  You will always be my favorite Original.  But let’s be honest with ourselves.  Your “deals” always SUCK ASS!


Damon, who’s been conveniently dialed into the meeting on speaker phone seems to agree with me . . .


That said, you’ve got to admit that, just like Nouveau Ric, Elijah drives a hard bargain. (Then again, maybe it’s just the hypnotic sound of his super sexy voice that makes me want to just mindless agree with everything he says.)

Elijah offers total and complete protection from ALL the Originals for the rest of Elena’s natural life, and the lives of her children and grandchildren.  (In hindsight, all this talk about Elena’s “natural life” and her “having babies,” were like neon flashing lights over her head that just SCREAMING Soon-To-Be-Vampire.)  Only when Grandkiddy Elena finally croaked would Elijah finally reawaken Klaus.   “You have my word,” he said . . . again.

(Note: If there was ever an Elijah Talking Doll, one of the phrases it would always say, when you pulled the string on it’s back, would be “You have my word,” the others would be, “There is honor in revenge,” “You cannot beat me,” and, my personal favorite, “Hello Elenaaaah.”)


“It’s a shame you and I never hooked up.  We would have the most polite and sophisticated sex ever.”

Elijah may be winning over his fanbase, but a good percentage of the Scooby Gang is still not down with his plan.  Damon wonders out loud, whether inhaling all the pain fumes last week gave Elena brain damage.  I’ve wondered this about Elena a few times myself.  And Matt, who’s been pretty quiet up until this point, suddenly looks like his eyes are about to pop out of his head, and roll across the kitchen floor, like in those old Bugs Bunny cartoons, when the pretty girl bunny walks by.  “WHY SHOULD SHE TRUST YOU?” He yelps.

“Duuuuuuude . . .” 

Why indeed .  . .

But Elena’s question for Elijah goes a bit deeper than that.  “Why do you want his body, so badly?” She wonders.

“He’s my brother.  We remain together,” Elijah replies matter-of-factly.

Oh, that was smooth, Elijah! You know full well that this crowd can’t turn down a statement of “brotherly love.”

Elena’s heart immediately turns to mush.  She’s blinking a lot, and making googly eyes at her brother.  Before the words, “You have a deal,” come out of Elena’s mouth, we already know that Team Original has won . . . this round, anyway . . .

Later, Jeremy gripes to Stefan about the ridiculousness of Elena’s decision.  Once again, Stefan clearly disagrees with a choice that Elena has made (Heck, everyone in the gang seems to disagree with it, except her and Elijah.). And once again, he says nothing.  Wussy pants  “Nothing wrong with free will,” Stefan explains sagely.  “You’d understand that if you ever had it taken away from you.”

“Anyone have a bib I could borrow . . . or a neck?” 

But Stefan’s been this way, since long before Klaus compelled him to turn on his emotions.  He always seems to blindly go along with Elena’s half-cocked plans, so as to seem agreeable, and not to start a fight with her.  It’s a fundamental difference we’ve seen between Damon and Stefan, one that the two of them discussed briefly back in “The Last Dance” episode,  and will discuss again before the episode is over.

In fact, Stefan willingness to ALWAYS go along with Elena’s wishes literally costs her her life at the end of the episode . . .

I don’t know.  I feel like there has to be a happy medium in relationships between strong arming and bullying your beloved, just because you can, and rolling over and playing dead, every time your better half makes a controversial decision.

To me, the best couples are the ones that fight and duke it out about the things that matter to them most . . . trying to get the other person to see their way, for better or worse.  .

Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.  But not getting your way, is not the same thing as not having free will.  Not by a longshot . . .


OK, now that I’m off my soapbox, it’s time for some FORWOOD!

“Just you . . . and maybe a curling iron.”

Last week, Nouveau Ric outed Mayor Lockwood and Sheriff Lizard Forbes for harboring vampire /hybrid kids.  The heads of the Vampire Killing Council (that never, ever kills any vampires) both breastfed future vampires!  Oooh!  Que Escandalo!  This is some seriously juicy stuff . . . like the Mystic Falls equivalent of a sex tape leaked on YouTube.

“Wait until they find out about our demon baby lovechild . . .”

I found it kind of funny and ironic, how the Mayor and the Sheriff encouraged, even INSISTED that their barely legal children run off together to lord knows where, for a life of nonstop sex, and blood drinking.  I mean, of course, they didn’t want their kids pitchforked by the members of their own town.  But the fact that neither parent even thought to offer to come WITH their kids, was kind of strange, and  a little shocking to me.

“We promise to call you from the road . . . after we’ve robbed a few banks for shopping money.” 

And of course, the newly reunited Forwood pair was just ecstatic about the concept of running away together.  In fact, they barely managed to refrain from ripping one another’s clothes off, while their respective moms were still in the room!

You know, I teased Caroline and Tyler a lot this season, about having a sort of puppy-in-heat-leg-humping relationship . . . lots of hot sex and very little talking, apart from the occasional grunt and growl.


But these past few episodes, have included a lot of really fun relationship moments for these two!  In short, these horny puppies are growing up . . . though, arguably, in that last scene between them . . . well . . . I’m getting ahead of myself.

Anywhoo, once apart from their parents, Tyler and Caroline begin to chart out their future as Bonnie Vampire and Clyde Hybrid.  They discuss what they need to pack . . . a few clothes and a curling iron.  (Hey, at least won’t need condoms!)  “Let me protect you,” Tyler says, solemnly, grasping his lover by the shoulders.


But Caroline can’t leave town yet, because she has to . . . wait for it . . . SAVE ELENA.

The minute Tyler and Caroline made a pact to meet one another in two hours,  I knew things were about to go south.  I mean, come on you too, don’t you watch TV?  Don’t you know that by planning to meet at some indiscriminate future time, you are pretty much GUARANTEEING that one of you won’t make it?  I mean, let’s face it “I’ll see you in two hours,” is the romantic drama movie equivalent of horror movie classic lines like: “I’ll be right back.”  or “Let’s split up,” or “Come drunk girl with big boobs, let’s go out into the woods and have sex.  It will be FINE!”

Speaking of Best Laid Plans . . .

“You know what else was her idea?  Everything bad EVER!”

Jeremy and Matt, the sole representatives of Team Human, have a little pow wow on the Gilbert Porch.

They discuss the possibility of “going rogue,” and ratting out where Team Scooby buried Klaus.  Shortly thereafter, we see what we THINK is the result of that pow wow, when Jeremy calls Alaric with a location.  “You are doing the right thing for your sister,” Nouveau Ric says, in a voice that’s oddly paternal for a soulless sociopath.

Jeremy agrees, as he hangs up the phone.  Oooh . . . Jer Bear!  Bad Boy!  Judas of the Vampires!

But wait!  The camera just panned back, the whole Scoooby Gang is there.  It was all a trap!  You got me, TVD!  My faith in Team Human has been restored . . . for now, anyway.

Meanwhile, Damon and Bonnie, who have been surprisingly chummy, ever since she gave  the vampire brain freeze, and fed herself to her history teacher, are in a storage locker retrieving Klaus, toasted body, so that they can turn it over to Team Original, as part of the Great Vampire Truce of 2012. Damon gripes to Bonnie about how the rest of the gang is letting this happen AGAIN . . .

 Hey look!  It’s Klaus’ new apartment.  I wonder if he’s going to invite me in?”

“It’s Elena’s call,” Bonnie says diplomatically.

“You know what else is her call?   Everything BAD ever,” Damon quips.

Truer words have never been spoken.

“Yay . . . wait .  . . that was an insult, right?” 

Creepiness ensues, when they open Klaus’ coffin, and his eyes pop open.  Wasn’t expecting that.  All chained up, and pale, Klaus suddenly sort of looks like whatever vampire Johnny Depp is playing in that new movie Dark Shadows.  It’s not a good look for him.

Someone should really consider bringing this coffin to the tanning salon where Nouveau Ric’s been going . . . 

There’s this really weird moment that follows, once Bonnie is left alone with Klaus’ coffin.  She starts talking to him about how he’s very likely the source of the bloodline of all of her vampire friends . . . her mother’s blooline.   “I can’t kill you,” she says morosely.

Later on in the episode, we will learn just how far Bonnie will go to stay true to that statement . . .

“That’s the difference between you and me.”  Oh, and also, I’M AWESOME!

Back at the house, Stefan and Elena are having a moment.  He’s promising to come back to her.  She’s contemplating telling him about her Big Boyfriend Choice.  (Yeah . . . uh . . . Elena, this isn’t really the time for that.  We’ve still got Nouveau Ric problems.)  And yet, for a second, it seems like Elena might be prepping to kick Stefan to the curb.  My Delena heart is beating faster.  I’m excited.

Then Stefan rushes back to her room, and starts kissing Elena.  It’s probably one of the more impulsively passionate things we’ve seen the younger Salvatore brother do all season.  But it hasn’t changed my mind about who Elena should choose, of course.

“Tastes like chicken.” 

Speaking of Damon, he’s waiting outside to have yet another brotherly chat with Stefan.  As I mentioned, this conversation is a kinder gentler echo of the one they had back in “The Last Dance.”  Damon notes that he will always do whatever it takes to keep Elena alive, even if he has to drag her kicking and screaming to her salvation, and even if it makes her hate him.  Stefan . . . well . . . we all know how Stefan feels about this.  “That’s the difference between you and me,” remarks Damon thoughtfully.

That’s not the only difference, Damon . . .


But it is a BIG difference, one who’s specter promises to haunt Season 4 in a BIG WAY . . .

Beef-jerkified Original

Now, we are back at Save-a-Vampire Storage Center.  Damon is waiting for Rebekah, so that he can hand over Klaus’ crunchy baked tortilla-like torso.  Unfortunately, someone else has crashed their party.  It’s Nouveau Ric!  He breaks Damon’s neck . . . again. Seriously, how many times has this poor guy had his head popped out of it’s socket, this season.  He must be practically a Pez dispenser by now . . .

Eventually Beks does find a now re-necked Damon.  But Nouveau Ric is still on the prowl.  So, Damon does that sexy kidnapper thing, where he wraps his arms around her, and covers her mouth to keep her save.  The fact that I always find this kind of behavior hot, disturbs me.  But hey, at least this time, it’s for a good cause . . .


Last week, we saw Damon save Bonnie,  despite the fact that she’s often such a crazy b*atch, where he is concerned.  This week, we see him do the same thing for Beks.  It’s noteworthy, especially considering, how, at this point, Damon is pretty sure that he comes from Klaus’ bloodline, which would give him no personal motive for saving Rebekah.  It’s just the nice, Southern Gentleman thing to do . . .

But let’s not get too comfortable, folks.  Because Nouveau Ric has just found Klaus’ coffin.  And he wastes no time, popping it open, and shoving that Big Bad Dagger right in his heart.  It’s kind of a b*tch move, I’m not going to lie.  I mean, if stabbing someone in the back, so they can’t see you coming is cowardly, stabbing them when they are covered in 100 pounds of chain metal is Wuss Incarnate.

Hey look!  It’s a TUMS Antacid commercial.  Product placement anyone?

Still, the shock of seeing Klaus, Big Bad for Two Seasons Now, erupt into flames, without a single villain monologue, or fist-shaking declaration of revenge was probably the most shocking moment of the Season.  Rebekah is inconsolate.  It’s heart-wrenching to watch her like this.  Her history with her brother is complicated.  But, through it all, there was never any question that she loved him deeply.

Damon’s pretty depressed too.  I mean, he saw what happened to Sage, after Finn died.  It certainly didn’t look like a party.  Now, suddenly, he’s gone from the Man with the Plan to Undead Man Walking.

Then Nouveau Ric closes the coffin, without waiting to see if Klaus actually finishes burning.  Nouveau Ric is a MORON . . .  But we like morons on this show.  They keep our heroes alive.

“Sorry . . . I over honeyed.”

Back at the Gilbert house, Elena is still having her extended Golden Girls mini episode with Matt.  Hey Matt, newsflash, the rest of your friends are out fighting vampires, while your home putting too much honey in Elena’s tea.  Don’t look, now. But I think you might have just sprouted a va-jay-jay.

“And afterward, we can paint our toenails, put on mud masks, and sing Katy Perry songs into our hairbrushes!” 

In hindsight, the fact that Elena’s tea tasted crappy was meant to be “foreshadowing.”  But at the time, I was just thinking.


“This tastes like our relationship.”

What guy puts honey in their tea, in the first place?

Matt, ever the glutton for punishment, wants to know what Elena loves so much about the Salvatores.  We’ve heard this one before.  Stefan makes her feel safe when he’s not threatening to bite her neck,or drive her off the Wickory Bridge.  She met him at a time when she needed him.  She sees their love as something “true and constant.”

Damon, on the other hand, gets under her skin.  When she’s with him, he consumes her.


Which kind of love would YOU choose?

“You have a beautiful future ahead of you. Me?  Not so much . . .

It’s angst time, on TVD.  There’s lots of bad news to be spread, and uncomfortable conversations to be had.  Damon calls Stefan with the bad news.  It’s soulful crying all around.  Though both men are a bit confused as to why they aren’t bleeding from the nose or coughing like Rebekah was.  They know that one of them has to break the news to Elena that everyone she ever loved, more or less, might very well croak, within the next hour.  Or WILL they?

Stefan gets the honors, “Say goodbye for me,” Damon says solemnly.

Meanwhile at La Casa de TV Recapper, there’s a whole lot of Ugly Crying, and snotty sobs going on . . .

Over in the Sex Cave, Caroline and “Tyler” reunite.  She’s bawling her eyes out.  “Klaus died,” she sobs.

And we all know what that means for Tyler . . . and possibly Caroline too.  But this isn’t the “Tyler,” we met back in Season 1 (in more ways than one!).  This Tyler isn’t immature, or selfish.  He’s not going to place blame, or break down.  He stays strong for Caroline’s sake.  “You’re going to be fine.”  “Tyler” reassures Caroline. “I’m a lost cause.  But you are strong.  You have a beautiful future ahead of you.”

OK, in hindsight, this was a rather loaded monologue for our Alpha Male.  I never really considered Tyler the kind of guy, who would ever use the word “beautiful,” to describe anything without tits.

In fact, this sounds a lot more like something ANOTHER one of Caroline’s suitors would say . . .


But in the moment, I genuinely felt the chemistry, the passion, the love, loss and longing of the scene.  It seemed real to me.  So, I ignored the warning signs.  I suspect others did too.  And that Presumed Last Kiss .  . . WHEW! Smokin!  We’ll get back to that a bit later.

Then “Tyler” starts coughing, presumably starting to feel the “death” effects of Klaus’ demise.  But Caroline is just peachy, which undoubtedly causes fans to wonder if her bloodline might have begun with another Original, after all.  Ever the stalwart girlfriend, Caroline is determined to stay by “Tyler’s” side, until his death, just like she did during his first werewolf transformation, nearly a year ago . . .

But in the words of Schmidt from New Girl, Tyler “White Fangs” Caroline by wolfing out on her ass, so that she will leave.

He seems determined to die alone.  Or DOES he?

Meanwhile, Rebekah and Elijah share a quiet tearful embrace over the loss of the brother they’ve known and loved for over 1,000 years, despite his many flaws.  (But wait . . . where’s Kol?)


After the initial cryfest though, Rebekah and Elijah get down to the brass tacks of Plot Explanation.  They both admit to not being the sires of Scary Mary.  Neither, for that matter is Kol.  So, Klaus is the source of the Salvatore Bloodline after all!  But then why did Tyler “die,” while Caroline and the others are still alive.  The plot thickens . . .

“Maybe, if I met you first.”

More flashbacks . . . Elena’s at a party.  She had a fight with Matt, because she doesn’t want to get married and have babies at age 15!  (See?  I told you he was a woman.)

Speaking of Matt, Elena wakes up in a car next to him . . . destination unknown.  “You drugged me with crappy ass tea,” she says incredulously.

“Is this what you have to resort to in order to get laid these days?” 

“I’m getting you out of Vampire Town, once and for all,” Matt explains, more or less.

Then, they both get the call . . . the Dead Friend call . . . Suddenly, this isn’t just your average kidnapping . . . it’s a mass funeral.  “We have to go back!” Elena proclaims.  (How very Dr. Jack from Lost of her.)

The question is back to WHO?  Damon is back at the Save-a-Vampire-or-Watch-Him-Burn storage site, and Stefan is back home.  Elena has to  . . . wait for it . . . CHOOSE BETWEEN THE BROTHERS.  She calls Damon, to tell him she won’t be seeing him, before he croaks . . . if he croaks.  Ouch!


But Elena has a good excuse.  Back home she has three-soon-to-be-dead friends: Stefan, Caroline, and Tyler (four, if you count Bonnie’s mom . . . which nobody does).  There, she just has one, super hot vampire lover.

However, Damon isn’t letting her off the hook that easily.  He wants to know what her choice would be, if it wasn’t just a matter of numbers.  She tells him.  Over in La Casa de TV Recapper, shoes, pillows and soda cans are thrown at the television screen.  You’re not going to actually make me say it, are you?

“I love him Damon.  I never unfell for him,” Elena expains.  (Oh, come on!  Un-fell . . . now that’s just bad grammar!)

“I care about you, which is why I have to let you go.  Maybe, if it was you I met first,” she explains, as she hangs up the phone.


Damon morosely looks up from his own cell phone, and sees Nouveau Ric.  It’s time for another installment of Vampire Fight Club . . .

But wait . . . first Matt has to find out from Elena (who found out from Caroline) that “Tyler” died.  He may be a Golden Girl, but Matt Donovan’s surprisingly attractive cry face broke my heart.  “This isn’t how our lives were supposed to be,” Matt complains.  I agree, Matt!  Elena was supposed to pick Damon.  And you were supposed to NOT DRIVE ELENA OVER THAT DAMN BRIDGE.


Elsewhere in “Everything is going to Hell Land,” Rebekah unilaterally decides that Klaus’ death means the brokerage of peace between Team Original and Team Regular Average Joe Vampire is officially over.  She vows to avenge her brother’s death, by killing Elena.

“May I wash your windows for a $1.00?” 

But wait . . . check this one out!  A not-so-dead Tyler meets up with Bonnie.  It turns out, he’s not Tyler at all, he’s KlausiTyler, who was conveniently witchily inserted into Real Tyler’s body shortly before that whole “burning thing.”


Yeah, so remember last week, when Tyler said this . . .


That didn’t work out so well for him, did it?

I must say, this was pretty clever, as far as plot twists go . . . (not to mention, probably the most daring thing Plot Device Bonnie has done all season). The writers got to keep Klaus as the sire of the Salvatore Bloodline, without actually killing ANY of the main cast.  Also, the fact that we never saw Klaus’ body fully burn, leaves an opening for HIS return as well . . . the question is, who will “Klaus” be when that happens?

Also, this little bit of intrigue just made that seemingly run of the mill, angsty death scene between Caroline and Tyler SOOO MUCH more interesting . . . not to mention slightly creepy.  I mean, after all, what we just witnessed was the first time Klaus and Caroline kissed, and she didn’t even know it was happening!  (Plus, something tells me that Mr. Hornball-My-Character-Never-Gets-Laid-on-this-show Klausityler is going to take a heck of a lot more advantage of this situation, than just kissing Caroline in the coming episodes.)

“Suck on that, Elena!”

So, it’s a win for both Team Klaroline, and Team Forwood!  Speaking of a win for both teams . . .

“You want a love that consumes you.”

Nouveau Ric and Damon are kicking the crap out of one another, just like old times!


 Damon takes a nap for a little bit, and wakes up in his very own flashback.  We find him lying in the middle of the road in Mystic Falls . . . a tactic we’ve seen him use many times in the past, to get chicks . . . and eat them. 


He runs into Elena on the road, and, of course, mistakes her for Katherine.

It’s your classic Meet Cute, complete with flirty comments, and a whole lot of Damon’s trademark “Eye Thing.”  Not-Ponytail-Wearing-But-Still-Perky Elena looks like she wants to rip Damon’s clothes off, right there in the road.  So,  of course, the two start talking about Elena’s dreaded soon-to-be ex, and why he isn’t cutting the mustard . . . in the bedroom or otherwise.  “You want a love that consumes you . .  . passion, adventure, danger . . .” in short, everything she has with Damon now . . .


Then the elder Salvatore Brother compels Elena to forget ever meeting him, promising her that she will get everything she desires, in the future.  And she does . . . well . . . once she gets through that whole, my parents are going to drown in about 10 minutes thing . . .

P.S. Elena met Damon first.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it SUCKAS!

“Glug, Glug, Gurgle, Glug . . . Cough, Cough, GASP!”

Back in real time, Rebekah is standing in the middle of the road, and Matt Donovan, Worst Driver Ever, swerves WAY TOO WIDE to miss hitting her, and sends the car he’s driving with Elena careening into the water below.  (Moron!  She’s a vampire!  Hit her with the friggin car!  It’s not like she’s actually going to die or anything!)

The scene then begins to intercut back and forth, between Stefan’s rescue of Elena, from the backseat of her parents drowning car, and Stefan’s rescue of Elena in present day.  Back then, as we’ve all heard, Elena’s mom died right away.  But Elena’s dad held her hand for one last goodbye.  We also know that Stefan tried to save Elena’s father first.  But he refused to be helped, until Elena was safe on dry land.

Sidenote: This kind of reminds me of that question jealous siblings always ask of their parents.  “If me and [insert sibling name] were both drowning, and you could only save one of us, who would it be.”

“I’d save you both,” the parent inevitably say.

Which we know is something no HUMAN would be able to actually do, if the situation occurred in real life.

HOWEVER, I would argue that Vampire Stefan, totally could have saved both Elena and her father back then . . . and now . . .

Stefan finds himself faced with another’s Sophie’s choice.  Now, Matt’s unconscious.  And it’s Elena who’s refusing to be rescued, until Matt is safe and sound.  Stefan ultimately follows her orders.  He’s her bitch after all.  Damon would’ve probably given her the middle finger under water, and then actually rescued them both .  . . just saying.

But Damon wasn’t there.  So, we have to watch Elena die . . . and we know, for sure, she croaked too, because over at Vampire Fight Club, Nouveau Ric croaks too.

Poor Damon!  Not only is losing his former best friend again, but he’s facing the loss of yet another lover . . . There’s a lot of heartbreak in this episode.


And there’s about to be more.  Back at home, Jeremy gets a visit from Ric . . . not Nouveau Ric . . . the real one . . . complete with gelled up, Nice Guy hair, and a trademark Chunky Monkey smile.  Upon seeing him, Jeremy comes to the sad realization that his sister is gone.

Alaric promises to look out for Jeremy, so he’ll never be alone.


It’s a sweet gesture, not to mention the writers clever, if short-handed way of redeeming a character they pretty much made mincemeat of, these past few episodes.  But still  . . . I don’t know . . . would you want a dad-type “looking out” for YOUR every move .  . . watching you sleep . . . and eat . . . go to the bathroom  . . . have sex?

I just totally killed that perfectly nice moment, for you, didn’t I?  Sorry, Alaric!  We’ll miss your well-meaning, but with inappropriate relationships with his students, goofy stalker, ass! 🙂

Back at the hospital, an inconsolable Damon is begging Crazy Nanny Carrie to tell him where Elena’s body can be found.


It’s then that we find out, what many of us suspected, that Elena’s injuries, from MASSIVE BLOOD LOSS, PAINT FUME INHALATION, AND FACEPLANTING, were way worse than your run-of-the-mill concussion.  Her brain was bleeding (kind of makes Damon’s comments about Elena’s brain damage earlier offensive, doesn’t it), and she needed vampire blood to survive . . .

AKA . . . Elena died with vampire blood in her system . . . AKA the TVD writers just Breaking Dawned Elena Gilbert . . .


But more importantly, now she’s going to remember all the wonderful things Damon did for her,  that he compelled her to forget.


Game on Team Delena!  Godspeed Vampire Elena!  Until next season . . .

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23 responses to ““So what? I’m still a Vampire!” – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ Season Finale “The Departed”

  1. serendipity

    Hi Julie! Another season come and gone… and maybe one that was more fickle than the previous two. Not always as good. But not altogether bad either. Let’s comment one last time 😉

    You gotta love the irony of this show. “It’s Mystic Falls. Nothing bad ever happens here.” That one had me laughing so hard! And then Damon: ‘I’m glad you’re not the dumbest brother in the world.” Yeah, right, Damon… Don’t get me started! How many times did Stefan let Elena make the WRONG choice in this episode alone? He just couldn’t stop talking about her free will. Honestly, I ran out of fingers to count. Damon at least sees her flaws, “You know what else is her call? Everything bad ever!” 😉 , so his is definitely the better option whenever Elena has an idea: “Grab her, gag her, throw her into a well” 😉

    It’s not like Elena’s choices are any good, ever. After waffling and waffling, she finally gets to choose between Stefan and Damon, and then she goes and chooses Stefan (she even took me by surprise there. Yeah, I know. Silly me). Ironically, it is that choice that gets her dead. Because had she chosen Damon, she wouldn’t have been on Wickery Bridge. Stefan’s suffering from his usual end-of-season wet-rag-ness and letting Elena make her own choices. I don’t think he knew Elena’d had vampire blood, so he was condemning the love of his unlife to a certain death, and he STILL listens to Elena when she tells him to save Matt first? That’s why Damon is totally the better choice for her: at least HE won’t listen when she insists on putting her life on the line; he’ll always CHOOSE her first, even if she might hate him for it (we all know she could never hate him for long anyway 😉 ) He would have saved her first (or both her and Matt, as you cleverly pointed out).

    Question: Do you think Elena herself knew that she’d been given vampire blood? It would make quite a difference for her choice in asking Stefan to save Matt. Because if she knew, she was well aware she might become a vampire, in which case she chose it and just offered her human life. If she didn’t know…

    Anyway, after that gamechanger at the end, Elena’s choice is moot anyway: it’s human Elena who always chooses Stefan because he makes her feel safe (although that’s kind of relative, right, rippah?). Elena tells Matt “You should love the person that makes you glad you’re alive”. What crap. Do you always do what you should? Where’s the fun in that? Love is not a matter of the mind. But the point is moot now that she’s no longer ALIVE… Also, she won’t need Stefan anymore to feel SAFE; she’ll be able to take care of herself now. Besides, the reason she wasn’t safe, was that everybody was always out for her doppelganger blood, so that problem is solved too, à la façon de Katherine Pierce. (Do you wonder what Katherine will make of that if she ever returns? She didn’t seem too happy at the prospect of vampire Elena last season… 😉 )

    And did you wonder whose blood turned Elena? Might be important in the grand scheme of things (you know, bloodline stuff, and which original not to kill). Might we assume it’s actually Damon’s blood that turned Elena (and that Meredith jacked from him a while ago)? She can’t have access to that many vampires to blood-drain… I hope so, because not only will it firmly anchor her in the same bloodline as the others, it will also make Damon her sire (and not Stefan or Caroline).

    I’m glad they kept Klaus returning an option. Of course, making Klaus their ‘grandsire’ doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to keep Klaus for all time, because who says the rules of ‘kill-an-original-kill-their-bloodline’ are even valid if grandsire-dearest is a hybrid? Maybe his blood is special in some way… only the future will tell if the writers will take the bloodline idea any further… That being said, Tyler-possessed-by-Klaus will make a fun storyline, especially for Caroline: solving a love triangle by just rolling both of wannabe lovers into one. Only on TVD 😉

    I think Elena the vampire will be an interesting change too, if they don’t just gloss over that too fast. Because one of the effects of Elena sprouting fangs, is bound to be all that compulsion wearing off, making Elena remember… hmm, a compelled away declaration of love, but also that she met Damon first! Laying it on rather thick, writers! Elena telling Damon that things might have been different if they’d met first… and whaddayaknow? They DID meet first (there goes one argument from Stelena shippers, that because Stefan saw her first, they are meant to be lol), while Elena was still a cheerleader (I never knew Bonnie was one too?), with a cheeky spark in her eyes (kudos to Nina for that!). And Damon was a bad ass vampire… NO. Wait. Not so badass. “I want you to get everything you’re looking for”? While that sounded beautiful and sweet, it also bugs me a little. He was so perceptive and so much ‘the better man’ in that flashback, which for me clashes somewhat with his bad boy persona when he first showed up in the show. He did mess with her head in the beginning, which seems a little inconsistent with him here. Of course, that could be explained by him being bitter that Stefan again got the girl, but in a way, that’s his own fault for compelling her to forget him…

    Besides, he said ‘I want you to get everything you’re looking for’, not ‘everything you want’. Maybe his wording was a little off? Because after her parents’ death, she was probably just looking for safe. Enter Stefan and three seasons of Stelena’s very own sugarcoated brand of cottoncandy love.

    But what DOES Elena-I-don’t-know-what-I-want-Gilbert actually WANT? If Damon’s right, she wants ‘a love that consumes you, passion, adventure and even a little danger’. What does she tell Matt? ‘The problem is Damon. When I’m with him… he just consumes me.’ Coincidence that they use the same words here? That’d be the first time these writers let coincidence play any part at all, and in the same episode no less… And how can she say that when she’s with Damon, he consumes her, and NOT love him? What does she feel when she’s with Stefan then? Is there anything stronger than a love that consumes you? I’m thinking vampire Elena, who feels her emotions more strongly, will not be able to suppress her consuming love for Damon. As Julie Plec said, the choice she makes now, is not endgame. There’s hope for Damon yet… so I guess in the end I was okay with human Elena making the choices she did…

    Damn. Even seeing that one coming as I did (up to the eye-opener 😉 at the end), it’s still going to be a long summer… Thank god we’ll have True Blood to tide us over. I hope we’ll meet again there, Julie! Thanks for 9 months of awesome recaps. You’re the best!

    • Hey Serendipity! I can’t believe this show has already been on for three seasons. It feels like I just started recapping it last week. 🙂

      I’m with you on experiencing massive Stefan Wussiness Frustration. I understand that being forced to become Klaus’ sex slave for a summer was genuinely traumatizing for the younger Salvatore. But honestly, it’s time he GOT OVER IT! I mean, hasn’t three years of blindly following along with Elena’s suicidal plans, and suffering the consequences for it taught him ANYTHING?

      And the fact that Stefan hesitated for only about two seconds, before leaving Elena to die underwater, was kind of shocking actually. I for one am of the mindset that Elena didn’t know she had vampire blood in her system. She’s certainly seemed willing to put everyone else’s life before her in the past. Why not now? But why it never crossed Stefan’s mind to save them both . . . well . . . I guess there wouldn’t be much of a storyline, if he did. One things for sure, Elena would still be alive and human if Damon was on the bridge that day, and not Stefan. Julie Plec even admitted that.

      I’m also in agreement with you that the blood Meredith used to revive her was probably Damon’s. We know she had some in her little blood bank. And it would be a clever way to tie Elena to the Salvatore Bloodline. Plus, if Meredith was aware of the whole bloodline concept, offering Elena Damon’s blood would be the wisest choice, since it would mean every other Original could be killed. Conversely, if a strangers blood was used, the Salvatores conceivably could never kill ANY Originals, as they would never know which one sired Elena’s anonymous donor. Also, this would be consistent with the books, and would create a nice little tie between Elena and Damon, for us Delena fans to cheer about. 🙂

      A few folks brought up Damon’s surprisingly gentlemanly treatment of Elena during their first meeting. On one hand, I guess we could chalk it up to him simply being caught off guard by her resemblance to Katherine. Plus, there were hints of old Damon there. I mean, he was laying in the road for a not entirely “kind and gentle” purpose. 🙂 But I do agree that while the encounter showcased some of the trademark sassiness of the early Delena relationship, it would have been nice to see just a smidge of the old angry, bitter Damon we met in Season 1. But I guess that would have lessened the impact of the “romance” of the scene somewhat.

      As for Damon’s stating that Elena should get everything she wants, I think subconsciously, he was talking about himself, not Stefan. After all, even though Elena hasn’t chosen Damon this minute, they still have a relationship characterized by passion, adventure, and danger. And I suspect that relationship will grow and strengthen, as Elena explores her new impulses as a vampire, and, therefore, comes to a greater understanding of who and why Damon behaves the way that he does.

      Which reminds me, I wonder what trait of Elena’s will be heightened in her vampire state. I hope it’s “passion” and not wishy-washiness or suicidal tendencies. 🙂 Thanks so much again for all your awesome comments and insights. I’ll definitely miss talking TVD with you each week this summer.

  2. Amelia

    Hi Julie! Wow this episode.. can I just say that truly, I am *genuinely* shocked that Elena chose Stefan? Because the theme of this season was to let Damon into her life, and her heart, and to let Stefan go “Then we’ll let him go.” I’m not sure where this sudden realization that she never “un-fell” for him (lol proof that Elena does need to attend school more..)
    I just hate that Delena.. regressed? Because we got the “I care about you” speech in 2×01, then in 2×22 we got “I like you now. Just the way you are.” and now at 3×22 we’re back at “I care about you.”?! Is this a joke?
    As far as Forwood is concerned, I for one, am so angry that they didn’t get a proper goodbye. What was supposed to be a full circle of Tyler and Caroline in the cellar, Caroline seeing Tyler becoming a wolf just like she’s done in the past, etc.. and a summation of their journey over the past two seasons, was all tainted because of this Klaroline business. I guess, as you said, in retrospect, it should have been obvious, but really. Is Klaus the ONLY person capable of telling Caroline she has a beautiful future ahead of her? And I just think it’s creepy and just.. wrong that Caroline was mourning the death of Klaus because it meant that TYLER was dying, but it was actually Klaus. Plus Klaus will continue to have
    “fun” with this for a while, which is just disturbing. Poor Caroline. Either way, Plot Device Bonnie clearly has to fix this soon, and really?She couldn’t give Caroline a warning about this? it’s funny how when she finally gets the chance to make her “own choices”, it screws over other people. But that’s another conversation for another time..
    As far as Vamplena is concerned, it breaks my heart that she had no choice in the matter (unless she knew that she was “treated” with vampire blood..) Look, I know that she was going to become a vampire sooner or later, it just sucks because she never wanted this, and really? Stefan couldn’t save both? This is just ridiculous.
    It’s sad because human! Elena never said I love you to Damon,plus human! Elena chose another brother. That’s just what saddens me the most, but it will be interesting to see how Nina plays Vamplena and what nuances we’ll see in this character. I’m also a bit bitter that Human! Elena and Damon never had a last, emotional scene… especially with the lack of Delena in the past few episodes.
    But these twists open a door of possibilities for season 4 and beyond, and despite how I was crying for the majority of the episode, I’m excited for the new season! Bring it! Thanks again for the entertaining recaps!!

    • Hey Amelia! I don’t know, I wasn’t that surprised about Elena’s choice. Disappointed maybe . . . make that VERY disappointed, but not surprised. I just feel like human Elena is still afraid of her strong passionate feelings for Damon. She fears she can’t trust herself around him. It was why she sort of self-sabotaged their sexy encounter in Heart of Darkness. But Vampire Elena is an entirely new ballgame. I feel like she will have the strength and courage to eventually pursue her feelings for Damon, in the way human Elena didn’t.

      After all, if the whole point of being with Stefan was that he made her feel “safe,” as an immortal feelings of safety and mortality are kind of irrelevant now, aren’t they?

      I do wonder how the rest of the gang is going to cope with Plot Device Bonnie’s betrayal . . . Caroline, in particular. On one hand, she saved all of their lives. On another, Klaus is back in action, not desiccated at all, and possibly more dangerous, in his new, more, anonymous body. And poor Caroline. She’s going to need some serious therapy after this whole Klausityler thing!

      Of course, Klausityler is going to have some clever explaining to do, as to how “Tyler” survived Klaus burning. So, perhaps, Caroline will get clued into things, before she bones her enemy. Though, somehow, I doubt it . . .

      As annoyed as I am with some of the developments of this episode, and the flakiness of Human Elena, in general. I’m trying to remain positive that this new direction the show is taking will revive the franchise, and eventually, the Delena relationship in a positive way.

      I had so much fun talking TVD and GG with you this season! Thanks so much for reading, and for all your insights and comments! You rock!

  3. There are many things I want to say after season finale, but I don´t speak english, and it will take me forever!

    But I´ll try .

    I like the bromance, the Defan o Stamon thing, but I´m not crazy about it. I mean, I´m ok with that but… come on! we already have the Winchesters, we don´t need the car, the road, the brotherhood, again and again. Stop it now.
    They always tell us that the family is the most important thing and, let´s face it, the worst people in the world has parents and children, so, stop tell us that Caroline has to love her abusive father, Bonnie has to love her mother who abandoned her, and Damon has to love her brother who is an idiot. The family isn´t the most important bond in the world, the good people is! Is a shitty mensage for the adolescents: you must tolerate anything, because they are your relatives. WRONG.

    I don´t know how Elena is capable of treat Matt like that. I remember his face when Matt talked about his invisibility. I think the Matt´s felings are invisibles for Elena. She´s a big girl, you know, I think she would have to be careful with her selfishness because it´s become a character who isn´t easy to love.

    Two weeks ago, I said Elena don´t deserve Damon unless she become a vampire or something blows her mind. And here we go, it seems that two things happened in The Departed.
    I think it will be interesting to see when Elena remember the two times that Damon has erased her memory but I’m not very optimistic.

    I´m sorry, but…I don´t thing they will keep Elena as vampire, I’d love to, but I think they will use Bonnie´s witchcraft: feathers will fly, noses will bleed, and Elena will remain human. I hope I’m wrong. (Please, God, have mercy)

    Good hiatus. 🙂
    I’ll miss Damon, (as I read Fifty Shade of Gray and I imagine that Ian will make the film).

    I will read you in the True Blood recaps. 😉

    • Hey Vulnavia! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I loved your summation of the “importance of family” theme that TVD seems insistent on hammering into our heads this season.

      You are right, it’s one thing to LOVE your family members. It’s quite another to be blind to their flaws, and to let them literally get away with murder, merely because you are from the same gene pool. Needless to say, I’m hoping that, next season, Damon knocks Stefan around a bit for literally leaving Elena to DROWN this season. Little bro deserves it, in a big way!

      And I’m glad I’m not the only one who was bugged by Elena’s need to confess the sins of her entire love life to her ex boyfriend, who may, or may not, still be carrying a torch for her. I think the problem is that Elena has never, ever been rejected by a man, or anyone for that matter. Elena simply can’t understand why someone who used to love her, wouldn’t want to hear her babble on ad nauseum about her hotter, more interesting boyfriends, who she actually has feelings for. I for one would like to see her get rejected herself a bit, next season . . . bring her ego back down to size . . . maybe even by Damon, himself. 😉

      “Feathers will fly, noses will bleed indeed,” lol. I like your summation of Plot Device Bonnie’s Miss Fix It powers. But I really hope they don’t use them to make Elena human again. I mean, if witches can randomly un-make vampires, they would pretty much be un-making the whole point of this show, right? There would be nothing stopping Stefan from turning human, or Caroline.

      In short, it would suck! 🙂 I had a great time talking TVD with you this season, Vulnavia. Hopefully, we will chat again soon!

  4. Andre

    I must say that I cannot share a single positive thought about this episode with you.

    Seriously, no matter what happened in the episode the only thing I felt was annoyance, well not the only thing but that was the strongest emotion. And why should I continue to watch a show that has such an effect on me?
    Well as you already know there won’t be any future TVD screencaps from me. But don’t worry we still have a whole season of Teen Wolf coming up and since there are more werewolves now, you probably will get more shirtlessness.

    “who’s more patently un-accustomed to the Single Life than Elena Gilbert”

    You know I was thinking something similar about Elena every time I watched her scenes with her brooding about which brother to choose. Back in season 1 I said that she had the potential to become a woman and not an older girl, unlike her more famous cinema counterpart. Well I was wrong, she is a girl, she has been a girl and she will stay one. She isn’t even capable of kicking both guys to the curb. It doesn’t even seem to occur to her. She is like Satan in South Park when he was torn between Saddam Hussein and some guy named Chris. Just that unlike in South Park, no mixture between hippo and cat will come and tell her to be for herself for some time. No Elena must choose, she cannot be without a guy. Wonder what message that sends to the target group, whoever that is.

    “or is destined to die in this one”
    Well Alaric died, so… and she did wake up groggily in the hospital.

    When seeing that first flashback I just thought that it’s no wonder they didn’t show McQueen in it, after all he already can’t pass for 15 or 16, but now as a 14 year old? The other three looked bad enough, especially Roehrig.

    You know her parents actually looked a bit too smooth. I mean if they were so desperate for a child that they actually simply illegally adopted Elena they must have tried it for years. And considered Elena’s age they should be in their early fourties at least.

    Now this whole Matt thing. Expectedly I saw the whole stuff a bit different than you. Of course Matt could not be an actual love interest for Elena, since this is a romance novel on TV girls always choose the more sociopathic case. So I mentally groaned for the first or second time during this episode when Bonnie made it clear what was going on. So utterly predictable this all. And it showed how Elena really is, but of course such things are forgiven instantly since she is the main character.

    And you had a point, why where they so furious about Jeremy talking Elena to the hospital? As if she’s any safer in her home at least in the hospital any vampires would have been slowed down by witnesses.

    This show has me so desensitized that I couldn’t even appreciate this tiny bit of actual smart on Alaric’s part when he was in the hospital. Also wouldn’t you think that the Founder’s council had a little trouble about Alaric being a vampire? It’s not as though he didn’t out himself to them in the last episode. Or are we supposed to believe that they are all compelled now? Wow forgetting your daily vervain-intake seems to be an epidemic now doesn’t it? And when did the Salvatores actually provide them with Vervain the last time? And speaking of the plant, I already pointed out early in season 2 why these idiots never even bothered to have more than one supplier of Vervain instead of just the Salvatores or simply introducing it as a local pot plant?
    One of many inconsistencies and shallow backgrounds of the show. Another thing that was hard for me to endure.
    And I guess the whole concussion thing (which you are right about of course) belongs to this category.

    I am not sure whether it was necessary to let Matt come to the conclusion that Elena’s apology has more to do with her than him. After all she is nothing if not self-centered, simply masquerading here egoism with what she believes is “compassion.” Perhaps it even is compassion but compassion mixed with egoism and stupidity and if this weren’t the Elena show she would have died already. And it wasn’t just a bit insulting what she did there it was full insulting.
    If just one time someone would have pointed out that to her and it would have had consequences, then I might have had a shred of hope left for this show, but no, never. Anything coming even remotely near this in this show (like Caroline’s speech back in season 2 or Alaric’s, Jeremy’s and Carrie’s in this) is basically only there for distraction and of course the good people would never say that to our dear Elena. Well in my eyes, good people would have to be obliged to tell it right to her face.
    Seriously she could just as well be Alex Russo and everybody who saw wizards of Waverly Place knows how many times she nearly destroyed the world. You know scratch that, she is not like Alex. At least Alex was honest enough not to hide how self-centered and mean she often is.
    And I personally don’t interpret anything into Matt’s behavior. In this show he was mostly the desexualized goody-good boy next door who always helps the “heroine” and never ever suffers any actual consequences.
    The writers should take some pages from Teen Wolf and give Matt a good old Stiles-transfusion.

    Speaking of the “remotely near stuff:” Alaric’s little speech to Jeremy was one of such cases (just like Damon’s statement about what is Elena’s call). I knew instantly that Jeremy wouldn’t join him, especially since I knew the promo text for this episode. If they let it sound so dramatic the episode has to be lame. From an objective point of view Alaric is totally right, but not on this show of course, everything must fit Elena and not the other way around. I wonder whether this show actually promotes total egoism.
    Either way I didn’t buy Jeremy’s actual conversion one bit. To be honest his plan with Matt later on is totally stupid.

    ” In hindsight, all this talk about Elena’s “natural life” and her “having babies,” were like neon flashing lights over her head that just SCREAMING Soon-To-Be-Vampire”
    Yep totally, just like Tyler sudden complete lack of self-preservation was a clear sign that he would be gone soon also. But don’t worry I didn’t notice either; I guess if you are so annoyed with a show you simply don’t register everything.

    When Elijah had his “he’s my brother” statement I groaned again. I would like to beat the writers up to make them finally stop this crap. We get it “family” is important even sociopathic and dysfunctional ones, could they ever move one?
    Seriously, why should Elijah still care about the old diva? What good did ever come out of Klaus?
    And that Elena would agree to the whole deal was also clear. BOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG
    That the writers even bother to have Damon say no to the whole stuff. It lets him seem even dumber than usual.
    (And it was Matt who griped about Elena’s decision not Jeremy).
    Now Matt’s behavior was just as useless. Of course Stefan would defend every stupid decision of Elena, it is the Elena show so it must be that way. In addition he has to be the contrast to Damon now that the season is at its last episode.

    And Damon is not any better, he wants to keep her alive at all cost, not even remotely realizing (just like the writers), what “at all cost” would mean.

    I don’t understand how you can still be shocked by anything on this show. Ok so mayor and sheriff didn’t come with their kids. Big surprise. Of course not. This show focuses on romance novel characters and parents cock-block such things, so of course they will only be around when necessary.
    And in what way are they actually growing up? Because they are so self-less now? Pah, if they had let the show pass in normal time I might have believed that but this is so fast and romance novel that it’s clear the writers simply introduced it. How people can just overlook that is a mystery to me.

    You know who should come to Mystic Falls?

    At least he is dangerous and not just playing at it.

    I guess the whole open eyes thing for Klaus was just a comment on Michael doing the same back in early season 3 and why in the next episode he was still in the coffin. Not that this is a good explanation since Michael’s eyes had been closed while Klaus’ have been open the whole time.

    Bonnie’s little speech made me groan once more. She should just kill him, but no of course that can’t be because only bad guys want to rid the world of all vampires. Everybody else has to think of the resident overoptimistic blond, the suddenly saint asshole, the blood thirsty junky, the impulsive serial killer and the useless Jenna in black and of course think that they are more worth than all the people that suffer thanks to vampires.

    ” And yet, for a second, it seems like Elena might be prepping to kick Stefan to the curb. My Delena heart is beating faster. I’m excited.”
    You actually fell for that? It was so obvious that she would either chose Stefan or that her choice would be delayed once more. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s gonna have amnesia when she wakes up and while seeing Stefan and Damon in a fight will have forgotten Stefan and attack him to defend Damon. It’s not as though the writers haven’t borrowed from the book before.
    Or can anybody tell me why they had Forewood to begin with? For them to be part of the ritual stuff, as decoys or actually, they wouldn’t have to be this annoying couple.

    And why should she actually choose Damon anyway? What is so great about him that simply erases all his character flaws in your eyes? Why is his behavior the better option? Why is he still interesting in your eyes?

    ” Still, the shock of seeing Klaus, Big Bad for Two Seasons Now, erupt into flames, without a single villain monologue, or fist-shaking declaration of revenge was probably the most shocking moment of the Season.”
    Please tell me you are joking. It was clear that this would have not the consequences it claimed to have, either the vamps wouldn’t die, they haven’t been sired by Klaus’ line or Klaus wouldn’t be dead. There were no other options, I actually suspected a switch when the corpse was staked, because Stefan and Damon had to be kept alive. So please tell me you were sarcastic there.

    ” What guy puts honey in their tea, in the first place?”
    I wouldn’t be so judgmental. After all you are shipping for a guy with fashion sense.;)

    ” Which kind of love would YOU choose?”
    The safer option. Only idiots think that the whole ordeal with Damon would end well in real life.

    ” It’s angst time, on TVD. ”
    Well not in front of TVD. I knew that they wouldn’t die, not the main three, so why should I have felt anxious or anything? I knew the writers wouldn’t even make it good so there was nothing to look forward to.

    ” But this isn’t the “Tyler,” we met back in Season 1 (in more ways than one!). This Tyler isn’t immature, or selfish. He’s not going to place blame, or break down.”‘
    Yeah because in this show experiencing agonizing pain makes you better in mere seconds and you just need the right girl to get you saved. That and because the show needs to be about “romance” and because it was clear Tyler would be gone from the show soon so he needed to have his big moment of heroism.

    ” But in the moment, I genuinely felt the chemistry, the passion, the love, loss and longing of the scene. It seemed real to me.”
    I felt nothing. It was cheesy, unrealistic and shallow. Unimaginative and totally predictable. No love or anything because I knew no matter what would be happening; it wouldn’t have lasting consequences anyway. I think it’s your inner Forewooder again. Since I saw through the whole staged affair ever since season 2 I thankfully never developed one.

    For a moment I thought that Tyler wouldn’t die and then I just groaned that the writers can’t even follow a single rule. When he started “agonizing” and transforming, all the time I was just thinking “die already!” I also asked myself what it was with the transformation anyway; I mean why should that happen upon his death? If he was to die anyway, why should Caroline run?
    And in the end he was still “alive.” Of course Bonny had a spell ready just as usual but of course none that can turn a vampire back into a mortal (it’s not as though over unbreakable spells hadn’t been bend or broken before), damn she is just such a whimpy witch.
    Maybe she should consulate with this witch:

    ” The plot thickens . . .”
    No, it became more boring.

    “See? I told you he was a woman.”
    Where does this irrational dislike of Matt but like for the five main romance losers come from?

    ” Oh, come on! Un-fell . . . now that’s just bad grammar!”
    The episode was full of plotholes and inconsistencies and you notice bad grammar?

    ” I must say, this was pretty clever, as far as plot twists go”
    Actually no it wasn’t. It was just another half-cocked idea to keep the losers alive. Think about it. The similarities between Tyler and Klaus were probably just the forerunning for the current fusion. So I was right that it wasn’t a coincidence. And now we now that Klaus is still gonna be the villain, it’s simply Trevino who plays him now and not Morgan.
    Everything always resolves around Elena now and Forewood were the same as last season, there to serve the Elena story in the end, so that Stefan and Damon won’t die. Not that it makes any sense, because unless Bonnie teleported Tyler, she must have transferred Klaus’ soul in Tyler’s body and even if she used Klaus’ blood it shouldn’t be his body so the bloodline would have to collapse nonetheless. Another of the reasons why I will never watch the show again.

    ” Plus, something tells me that Mr. Hornball-My-Character-Never-Gets-Laid-on-this-show Klausityler is going to take a heck of a lot more advantage of this situation, than just kissing Caroline in the coming episodes.”
    And how would he explain Tyler’s survival?

    ” So, it’s a win for both Team Klaroline, and Team Forwood! Speaking of a win for both teams . . .”
    With all due respect but don’t you think that this is extremely shallow? That guy is now Klaus and not Tyler. So you can hardly call that a win for Forewood.

    And the other dues ex machina of the show again: compulsion. That is what I thought with the whole “Damon met her first stuff.” Well that and of course Damon had to instantly “knew” what Elena wanted. Interesting that the idiot is not capable about getting rid of enemies sooner. Another piece of evidence that this show is only about Elena and her romance. And that is simply not enough for me.

    And isn’t it convenient how Original super strength just comes and goes on the show? At first Damon had no chance against Alaric but suddenly he had the strength to actually fight back?
    Not to mention that suddenly humans can successfully track vampires. And speaking of it, seemingly we have to answer Bill Forbes question whether the Founding Council might be stupid with a clear YES.

    ” Moron! She’s a vampire! Hit her with the friggin car! It’s not like she’s actually going to die or anything!”
    Ok someone needs a time out. Your irrational Matt-hating again. First they had to be in the lake so Elena could relive the other stuff as well. And second, despite what movies show, hitting a human body deals serious damage to a car of that size with the human possibly going through the window.

    ” HOWEVER, I would argue that Vampire Stefan, totally could have saved both Elena and her father back then . . . and now . . .”
    No he couldn’t vampires also can no longer run superfast when they need it they also cannot swim fast anymore. This is TVD and not GoT or Teen Wolf. You cannot expect realistic portrayal of vampire powers from this show.

    Spontaneous idiocy time and again; also with Elena’s situation: Why did no one of them simply offer some vamp blood to Elena? I already thought that early on. And now she is a vampire of course. Seriously not surprising. It had to come up eventually. I just didn’t thought they would be that cheep and simply follow the books. Wasn’t that the way she died there as well? What’s next she’s gonna become a ghost?

    • Hey Andre! Well, I have to say, I’m bummed that you are giving up on TVD. I’ll definitely miss our weekly discussions, and your awesome screencaps. Perhaps, after taking a break from the show, your feelings will change, and your curiosity will get the better of you. 😉

      But I can certainly understand your reasons for wanting to quit the show at present. We are busy people, with limited time. And if a show makes you feel bitter, ambivalent, or bored, it’s not worth your time. I don’t feel that way about TVD. However, I’ve quit shows before, and can certainly relate to falling out of love with a series over time.

      I thought the same thing about them not including Jeremy in the flashback, because of how much he’s bulked up since Season 1. I feel like it’s easy to have 20 somethings play 15 through 18 year olds. But 14 year old boys haven’t gone through puberty yet. And it’s hard to fake that, when you look like you win cage fighting matches. 🙂

      I can’t believe you compared Elena to Satan. Now, that’s a first! 🙂

      As for Elena’s parents ages, I don’t know from personal experience :), but I think it’s probably possible to be wrinkle free in your early 40s. They do have Botox now, after all . . .

      You watch Wizards of Waverly place? I used to really like that show. Good stuff! 🙂 In other, completely unrelated Wizarding News. I entered Pottermore this weekend and got sorted. I’m a Slytherin. Go figure! It was kind of the last house I thought I’d end up in. However, I’m oddly proud of my hidden villainous roots. (Damon would probably be a Slytherin too, don’t you think?) 😉

      Since I’m talking about things not related to TVD, I loved your Stiles video. It made me even more excited for the summer season, if that’s possible. However, I was kind of bummed that three memorable Stiles moments were missing, in particular: (1) his Yoda impression; (2) the face he makes when Lydia’s head falls in his lap ;); (3) the scene where he pimps out Derek to Danny.

      Oh, and I don’t hate Matt . . . anymore. He’s just an easy target for my snarkery. 🙂 Now

      As for Elena as a vampire, you are right. While I’m happy with this turn of events, I REALLY hope they don’t continue to follow along with the books, by making her a “angel with wings,” after this. When Elena sprouts wings is when I have to quit the show . . .

      Oh, and I don’t hate Matt . . . anymore. He’s just an easy target for my snarkery. 🙂 Now, Bonnie on the other hand . . . 😉

      • Andre

        I don’t hate Bonnie. It’s not the characters fault that the writers can’t produce something better than that.

        And don’t worry about missing any weekly discussions and screencaps. The way I know you there is absolutely no way that you would ever not recap the coming Teen Wolf season. And if the shirtless trend of last season continues in this one you will have plenty of readers drooling over your recaps and downloading the screencaps.

        I personally don’t think that my opinion on TVD will change between the seasons or that curiosity would get the better of me. The writers and producers had the show the way it is now for at least 2 seasons (it’s possible that season 1 was a bit different) and obviously they had success with that so I think the chances that they will change anything significant is next to zero. Therefore I cannot understand your hope that they will fix the problems with Bonnie’s portrayal in the next season. Other problems I had with that (intense and unhealthy focus of family and forgiveness, shallow backgrounds, bubble-universe of Mystic Falls, inconsistency and disregard of rules etc.) you already know and even if they should suddenly stop playing safe (I know that they received threats because some fans didn’t get Delena but in my mind that doesn’t show the bravery of the writers and producers but rather what sort of nutjobs the show attracts) and start to follow rules and make the show believable and authentic it would simply be too late. Most shows don’t even make it to the third season so if they actually wanted it different they would have done it much sooner.

        I also do not see anything in TVD anymore. I stopped with that around mid-season 2. Back then I still thought the potential would be used but it was just wasted in favor of constant Forwood and the Elena-triangle with everybody else being reduced to either tools or mere caricatures. It was simply repetitive just like the current thing when she chooses Stefan and suddenly it’s revealed that she wants Damon. Of course since its Damon who stated that Elena wanted a consumptive love it must be right of course. This focus also is pretty misogynistic in my eyes since it states that the guy here is always right and the girl always wrong. In addition being consumed by love is not the same as being filled with love and in a realistic show Elena’s attitude would kill her but since this is TVD it will never happen.
        Sure you could say these are just stories, but stories are never just stories (if it were so people wouldn’t have started to think that Lakota wore headbands). They reflect the storytellers and reflect/influence the audience. So I see neither Stelena nor Delena as anything positive, but rather as another attempt to escape reality, but not by actually portraying functional relationships they romanticize dysfunctional ones. Damon’s actions are excused by the show and most of the Delenas as it seems because they are done out of “love.” Basically he did exactly what Elena did to Jeremy when she forced her will upon him. But in both cases this is excused by the show and in case of Damon by the fans. In my eyes there is nothing positive speaking for either choice. And I think Elena is very much like Satan of South Park in that particular episode I mentioned. It doesn’t even seem to occur to her to get rid (sorry “setting free” *sarcasm*) of both of them. No it must be one or the other and didn’t you notice that none of the teenage girls on the show stayed single for long, quite in contrast to the guys? Very telling if you ask me.
        People pointing out the “positive” things about the show often seem to be looking for excuses for its flaws in my eyes (e.g. I remember one woman/girl that actually claimed that the female dominance among the witches was something positive, totally ignorant as it seems of their deus ex machina purpose or the fact that women usually get associated with witchcraft more easily than men in our culture).

        Now, I watched Wizards of Waverly Place once but not anymore. Since it was clear that this show was rather about comedy and therefore you didn’t have to take things seriously (unlike TVD) this whole “Alex gets everything” stuff started to hit on my nerves especially when it became more and more apparent what sort of character she actually is. Americans seem to be thrilled by such characters ala rebel without a cause and consider everybody following the rules as undesirable, as though that was a dull path, but not me.
        I think you could compare Alex to Sam Uley from Twilight, or to your main vamps on TVD. Alex does something stupid and irresponsible once again, big drama and everybody forgives her in the end after she is sorry. That is pretty much the same when Sam slashed Emily, Stefan hurt Elena time and again or Damon forcing his will on her. All these characters did something bad and then they felt remorse and it is practically instantly forgiven. But that is not good enough. Since it doesn’t seem to keep them from doing again, especially in TVD. The outside forces seem, together with their “love,” as an excuse for such behavior, suggesting that they normally wouldn’t do that. But both Stefan and Damon had shown behaviors that are clear evidence to the contrary (e.g. Stefan’s ripper habits and Damon’s unnecessary murders), but especially in TVD its usually excused by their vampiric nature, despite the fact that it was never portrayed as typical vampire traits.
        With Alex there was never any sign that she really learned anything from her mistakes, in addition the whole wizard world was starting to become more and more like Whackyland from the Tiny Toons. And I needed something more substantial than that.
        And personally I think that Damon would more likely be a Griffindor with his head-first think later attitude.

        Personally I wouldn’t put it past the writers to actually give Elena wings one day. Or that the “new” villain is actually Klaus, respectively that in the end he will be dragged away by an army of ghost since they are probably not gonna have the two main vamps get killed any time soon. Albeit I doubt what they will actually do with them since even the most whacky Fangbangers will not tolerate this constant back and forth in the show for long. Well some may, don’t get why though.

        As for Stiles videos:

        Lydia’s head falls in his lap:

        He pimps out Derek to Danny:

        By the way he has a youtube channel under moviekidd826. However the newest video is 2 years old but you can see how he looked three to four years ago.

  5. Tricus

    Well I for one was like WTH to this last episode.
    At least make an episode believable or have a episode be logical and make sense. I guess I am watching the wrong show.
    I didn’t mind the Forewood stuff, the bonnie stuff, Originals etc… but the triangle stuff was a whip lash moment for me.
    It would have been more believable if Elena remain single and lived her life that way for awhile if she didn’t wasn’t sure but I guess they can’t make Elena stya single long on thsi show without a good reason. I guess whe choose Stefan “right NOW and she can’t think of always”- to quote Elena. Well sometimes you don’t have always (or ever) especially when you constantly hurt and push away someone you really love. I want THAT to be one theme of S4 for Elena in regards to Damon.
    I did not like the DE flasback. So he met her first. So she said to Damon in that phone call “If I had met you first blah, balh….”
    It doesn’t change anything because NOW in the present , vamp or no vamp Elena. Elena is still hiding behind her “safe” love for Stefan. I don’t mind that she still loves Stefan. It’s to be expected because he did help her after her parents died but to me she loves Damon more. She will always have a “type” of love for Stefan but the more adult, passionate, fulfilling,lasting,happy,stronger love is with Damon, in my opinion.
    So she lied to him on the phone just to make it easier for HER to live her life now with Stefan. She doesn’t want him to continue to think he has a chnace,flurt with her, tempt her and to keep hanging around her etc…
    So now she will try to forget Damon, vamp or human Elena, but she will not be able to. because like she said “he consumes her”. With that kind of love/feelings you can’t have any thoughts but that person in your mind. So as a vamp her stubborness will be heightened and her feelings unless she turns it off or she is miraculously a human again.
    Elena has gotten all her free passes form me with Damon. She has rejected him too many times and with this last one actually lieing to him on his supposedly last moment “alive”.
    I hope that TVD stop making Damon out to be a wimp in regards to Elena. He got rid of Kat very fast once she told him it was always Stefan and will always be Stefan.
    I hope this third time of him being told that by Elena (or her not denying it) will be it and he just ignores any Elena flirting or closeness. Let HER be the one missing/pining what she gave up. Not only the love but the friendship and bond. It will be the 4th season and there are only 2 more to go. Let HER pine for him. Now that would a change on TVD. LOL
    S4 will be Elena and Stefan most of the Season probably with Damon “prsence” causing Elena issues because she really, I think, loves the guy. It will be funny seeing Stefan deal with Vamp Elena and her heightened stubborness/whining.. LOL
    I just hope in S4 Damon has his own SL away from SE and has a semi normal relationship with someone who knows who and what he is.
    That is all I ask for S4 fans since I will not be watching it. Just probably select clips on YT of interesting moments people blog about.

    • Hey Tricus! Well it looks like much of the fandom feels your frustration with this episode, and the direction the series has taken. 🙂

      I agree with you that Elena’s “letting go” of Damon had less to do with her no longer having feelings for him, and more to do with her belatedly deciding not to “string him along.” Still, it seems a bit insensitive, considering she thought he was going to DIE and stuff. Why not leave the guy with a fond memory? Talk about self-righteous behavior.

      And yes, Human Elena was never brave enough to explore the excitement and passion of her relationship with Damon, as much as she knew deep down (as was suggested in the flasback) that this was what she really wanted. As for Vampire Elena, I think her outlook on love and live is about to undergo a drastic overhaul. The question is will Damon still be waiting with open arms for Elena, when she finally comes to her senses? Maybe not . . .

      You also bring up another interesting issue. What if STEFAN falls out of love with Elena? What if, just as Elena loved Stefan because he seemed “safe,” and wouldn’t die. Perhaps, deep down Stefan loved Elena for her humanity . . . her perceived purity . . . her mortality. Next season, all three of those qualities, at least to some extent, will be gone from Elena’s life. Will Stefan follow shortly after?

      Thanks again for being such an awesome blogging pal. I loved talking TVD with you and reading your intelligent and witty insights into the show, each week. Hopefully, we can continue our talks during the summer season of True Blood and Teen Wolf. 🙂

  6. Oh, kjewls, I could write a book–wait a minute, I already did in my OWN recap! lol I confess to having to consult urbandictionary.com to find the spelling of “zhuzh”! Your recap was a hilarious and well-needed break from all the angst of the epi and the fallout on social media that followed. We picked up on some of the same “stuff” in the epi–along with anyone remember that the only vamp-blood Dr. Meredith stole was Damon’s? If in fact Elena does turn, HE will be her sire! Take that, Stefan! lol Thanks for a GREAT season of recaps. I still wanna grow up to be you!

    • Thanks mak! Ahhh, so THAT’S how you spell zhuzh! That makes a lot more sense than the way I spelled it. At least it’s phonetically accurate. Hmmm . . . urbandictionary.com! I totally should have thought of that!

      I hadn’t really checked out the social media scene following the finale. But I’m not surprised about the fallout, particularly from Delena fans. Apart from that one flashback scene, Plec and co. didn’t quite throw us the shipper bone we were promised. Every season, it’s just been Stefan, Stefan and more Stefan . . . zzzzzz. Hopefully, Season 4 will FINALLY switch things up, now that Elena’s immortal, and everyone isn’t constantly fretting about her “safety” and such.

      And you are right, Elena’s sire is TOTALLY Damon. So suck on that, Stefan! 🙂

      Thanks for becoming my fellow Damon-loving pal, mak! I’m sure we’ll have plenty of fangy things to discuss with one another this summer. 🙂

  7. East Coast Captain

    HI Jewls sorry I´m late I was away for a week and didn´t have access to a computer. So okay great ending, though I am somewhat disheartened that Elena chose Stefan hey that´s okay but come on let´s have something new for once. Though now that she is a vampire let´s see what hell will be raised with vamp Elena.

    Where is Katherine? She´s missing all the action.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

      Not to worry, I think it’s safe to say that Katherine will be back in short order in Season 4. After all, the writers have said more than once that Katherine planned to stay out of town as long as Klaus was alive. And, as far as she’s concerned, he’s out of commission. So, she is free to go wherever she wants, whenever she wants.

      Plus, I suspect she will have some strong opinions about Elena’s new vampire status . . . none of them good. I think Katherine very much enjoyed being the only immortal doppelganger in town. Now, she has some fierce competition. 😉

      Thanks for talking TVD with me, this season! Between True Blood, and Teen Wolf returning in short order, I’m sure we will see plenty of eachother this summer.

      By the way, are you on Pottermore. I just signed on this weekend and am a bit obsessed. I’m DawnMoonstone3543 (completely random name, but that’s what they gave me). If you’re on it too, look me up. 🙂

  8. Julie

    Hey Julie!! Congrats on the recap, as usual.
    Is it just me, or did anyone else like this episode? IMO it was one of the best eps of these season (Dangerous Liaisons and “ElenakissesDamon” were also good), but I’ve been doing some reading around blogs and stuff and pretty much everyone seems to be OUTRAGED with the turning of events.
    I actually liked it, and I’m going to tell you why:
    I was on the edge all the way through the hour, literally yelling at my computer (I watch it online) , jumping up and down, throwing my fists to the air and covering my mouth so I wouldn’t be able to scream. Now, THAT’S what I like to feel.
    Tyler and Caroline were adorable, but then again, I’m a dye-hard Forewood fan, so every time they are on screen I swear I feel the chemistry flowing out of the screen.
    Bonnie wasn’t as annoying as usual, probably because she appeared 3 minutes tops; so good for her saving our leads and keeping in the down low 😉

    Matt.. well, Matt is Matt.. I can’t really say I like his character, but I totally understand the need of the human-vision sort of thing, to have a little perspective (ok, a little-tini-tiny perspective). Must say he was brilliant when he heard about Tyler, I almost cried.

    Jeremy needs to stop playing hero with those dumb plans (that’s how we know he is Elena’s cousin, apparently the lack of brilliant plans runs in the family), but he cares for her, and that can make you a bit stupid. Plus, he is hot, so he is forgiven. [yes, it’s shallow, but we’ve already established that one of TVD pleasures is having pretty people staring from the screen ;)]

    As for Elena and the infamous triangle… people need to understand something: THE SHOW IS ABOUT THE TRIANGLE, ABOUT ELENA AND HER LOVE FOR VAMPIRES, if you don’t like it, stop watching. I’m tired of reading complaints about how the writers drag this particular topic, and how they care about everything else BUT the triangle. News flash: the triangle is what makes this show.

    So, rant over, I’m glad with how the handled it. I think that HumanElena’s choice was going to be Stefan for many reasons (all previously discussed) and I can’t blame her. Sure, I’m more of a dangerous-kind-of-guy, but I do see the appeal in Stefan. Actually (and I’m very sorry to say this Julie, please don’t hate me) I was hoping she chose him. I don’t know why, but it felt right.

    I was heartbroken with Damon and Elena’s phone conversation about “who would you have picked”, his face expressions were just so moving and revealing, and the stoicism with which he accepted what she said proved him even more right as her future love interest. I seriously do hope that VampElena has a different outlook on Damon’s personality now that she’ll have all the missing pieces. And maybe, we’ll see a bit of Elena pursuing Damon for a change, he deserves it. I just hope that Stefan is not around when she does, his puppy crying face just wrecks my heart despite my Delena tendencies.

    As for Elena’s turning.. WOW I didn’t see that one coming. I know I was probably the only one, but you have to understand… TVD is not on TV here in Argentina, so I don’t come across previews or any information about the episodes. We don’t have any Julie Plec interviews nor any cast member is invited to any talk show. So, unless I look for it, it’s pretty hard to know anything about anything until I watch it. That said, I was so shocked that for a minute or so I seriously didn’t think of the possibility of her having vampire blood in her system. And then I was just ashamed because it was incredibly obvious. But hey, we all have our ups and downs 😉

    September can’t come soon enough. I’ll be SOOO bored I can’t even say how depressed I am. I guess I’ll have to go back to my usual pile of books and fan fiction pages.

    I’ll miss your recaps us much as TVD itself!!! I’ll be checking in regularly though to see any other publications, you always get the right words and make me laugh.

    Hope you have an AWESOME summer Julie! and prepare for an exciting season. I’ll be down here waiting, all wrapped around in a cozy blanket waiting for spring and my love triangle to be back 🙂

    PS. Just realized how much I’ve typed.. hope it’s readable.. it’s late at night and I’m in bed.. my spelling and grammar might be questionable 🙂

    • Hey Julie! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I didn’t necessarily dislike the episode either. I mean, there were certain things about it that bugged me, of course. (I’m sure you can imagine one of them. ;))

      But, for me, the measure of a solid finale, is one that (1) keeps your interest; (2) provides something a little extra, in terms of plot development that your run-of-the-mill episode doesn’t offer; and, most importantly, (3) gets you excited and/or curious about the upcoming season. With respect to these criteria, I think “The Departed” was successful. 🙂

      I guess my frustration with Elena’s choice (which I kind of expected, but hoped that I was wrong about) was not necessarily that it wasn’t consistent with her character, or how she’s behaved all season. After all, most of this season, Elena spent puppy dogging after Stefan, regardless of how he was treating her at the time. And with the brief exception of “Heart of Darkness,” and arguably even during that episode, Elena always seemed to be vigorously fighting against her passion for Damon, because of how much it frightened her to feel that strongly for one person.

      My annoyance with Elena’s choice has more to do with Elena herself. I found her wishy washiness, as well as her unwillingness to accept and truly explore her true feelings, frustrating to the point of being maddening. And, as a result, I found her a bit difficult to sympathize with these past couple of episodes.

      I also thought her decision to tell Damon, a DYING MAN (as far as she was concerned, at least), that she wouldn’t have chosen to tell him goodbye over his brother, regardless of the circumstances, a little heartless. Ditto for her careless insensitivity during the whole Matt conversation.

      I also found Stefan’s actions (i.e. his insistence on rolling over and playing dead to all of Elena’s whims), though not necessarily out of character with him, extremely wimpy, and wet blankety, thereby making HIM hard to root for as Elena’s “choice” suitor.

      It all sounds pretty negative, right? And yet, I still didn’t hate the episode. Flawed characters that make you want to throw things at them, are what make shows like this fun. Because, if every character was sweet, smart, fabulous, and always did the right, thing, there would be no conflict. Besides, we wouldn’t be so heated or frustrated by the things they did, if we didn’t care, right?

      Also, I loved the way the writers carefully left an opening for Vampire Elena to explore her feelings for Damon, in a way that Human Elena never did. That game changer makes me excited for next season . . . It also makes me feel like my ship might be down, but it’s not out. 🙂

      I loved your response to fans frustrated with the love triangle aspect of the show. You make an excellent point. In all it’s promotions, character interviews, commercials, sneak peeks, etc., TVD makes no bones about what kind of show it is. Does that get tiring on occasion? Sure. But I think it’s also what keeps a large portion of fans tuning in each week.

      I just wanted to thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your brilliant insights on the show with me, each week, Julie. I had a great time talking TVD with you. I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about this summer. 🙂

  9. Oh my goodness! Julie, what am I going to do now TVD is over? D: I’m going to have to get a social life or something else equally drastic. In the mean time I’ll just go on a Supernatural binge. I don’t know what I’m going to do without my weekly dose of Damon Salvatore! I’m also going to miss your recaps so much, I look forward to them every week almost as much as the actual episodes. I may have to start watching the other shows you recap, just so I can read them too and tide me over!

    This episode was not as exciting, climatic or fun as last weeks, though I did enjoy it of course…because I ALWAYS enjoy TVD. Ah, the flashback. Damon looked a bit too sad, I thought, even though he was ‘on the prowl’ (heh, heh, heh), I was really hoping for some more snarkery and badass S1!Damon. I still love him either way of course, but he’s even more sexy when he’s acting all cocky.
    So, the last half of this season has been very convoluted; I hope Elena’s transition will be explored a lot to give S4 some proper structure. I’m so relieved Matt didn’t die, my lovely Matty is too nice to cop it. It wouldn’t be fair. Thankfully Rick can also still appear as a ghost cameo! (Damon broke my heart when he said ‘But we’re friends’ to evil!Rick…awww!) Hopefully Kat will come back, she won’t be happy that there’s another vamp Doppelganger. Also, and this is the best bit, if Elena’s feelings for Damon consume her now, how is she going to cope as a vampire?! Fingers crossed that we’ll see the return of badass!Damon, and it will be Elena that has to do all the chasing. Damon’s pulled out all the stops for her, it’s high time that she was the one running after him everywhere. It would give her a taste of her own medicine. Damon’s way too puppy-dog-ish when it comes to Elena, I showed last week’s Episode to my mum and she laughed at his facial expression whenever Elena looked at him. In a nice way, might I add. I do too. It’s just like she throws him a bone or something every time she glances his way, I don’t think he needs to overact quite so much. 😉

    Two points which have already been made but I feel the need to reiterate: I’m fed up of people complaining that ‘This is just the Elena show’, or ‘They’re dragging out the love triangle so much’. For goodness sake, have these people even paid the slightest bit of attention to the show they are ACTUALLY watching?! For a year before it even aired in 2009 it was made very clear that the show would be about a ‘love triangle between a human girl and two vampire brothers’. The premise hasn’t changed! If you don’t like love triangles, surprise surprise, DON’T watch the show! D’oh!

    Also, yes I’m fed up of all the stops being pulled out for family, no matter how douchy/downright evil that family actually is. Just because he’s their brother does not mean Klaus should automatically be forgiven for everything, and that they should want to save him the whole time straight away without even bothering to get him to repent. I realise I’m just annoyed because I thought we’d finally gotten rid of the blond stubbly twit, however the man is a spoilt idiot and really needs to be taken down a peg or two by his siblings.

    Speaking of other people who need to be taken down a peg or two, and not be automatically forgiven the entire time….Stelena.

    Stefan: What the heck is this? All he has to do is act like the nice guy for what, two episodes, and Elena hands her love and forgiveness to him on a freaking platter? It’s utterly ridiculous. He has no concept of having to earn love etc, unlike Damon, who has been fighting fang and claw for Elena since day one, and is basically shot down EVERY TIME we think he’s getting ahead. Stefan is so damn self-righteous, and it’s not surprising, seeing how everyone treats him like he’s perfect! When Damon screws up, the entire cast gets pissed at him, and he has to make it up to them. And rightly so, that is life, and that is how it should be, and that is how Damon has progressed into the amazing man he now is! Yet when Stefan screws up…does he have to apologise? Does he have to work for it? Oh no! All he has to do is start acting normally again, and he expects everything to be pink and fluffy again in Stelena land! The total prick! In real life, this would never work, and people would go: I don’t think so Stefan, you were a total douche, so you’ve got to spend the next season making it up to Elena. Yet UTTERLY INEXPLICABLY… in the show…. HE DOESN’T! Everyone automatically loves him again, and it’s back to pathetic kissy times with Elena! Grrr! It’s SO UNFAIR and UNREALISTIC and it drives me to utter distraction. It is also because of this, that Stefan’s character has NOT developed in the slightest. It has gone back exactly to how it used to be, as though Klaus never even happened, ie. Back to S1!Stefan: boring as a damp dishcloth and with all the emotive powers of a tree. For goodness sake… his character is so shallow and boring! DAMON, on the other hand… 😛

    Elena: She is being so selfish at the moment. How dare she say to Matt ‘I should have figured out what I wanted’ er, no, this isn’t about YOU! This is about Matt, and his feelings which you CRUSHED! Don’t make blinking excuses: you should have DUMPED HIM. That was a pathetic apology, is she so blind that she can’t see that that would probably just make him feel worse? The world does not revolve around her. Her treatment of the people who (for some bizarre reason) spend their entire lives fawning at her alter is utterly despicable.

    And now she’s doing the exact same with Defan. ‘I don’t want to lose either of you.’ And ‘I can’t choose.’ Well then for god’s sake ACCEPT that you can’t choose, and date NEITHER OF THEM! It’s bloody simple! Stop expecting them to cater to your every wish, because Stefan may put up with it (doormat that he is) but Damon will not, and he sure as hell deserves better. Have them both as friends – no flirting – and DON’T allow them to kiss you. It’s not exactly rocket science is it. It frustrates me how no-one on the show seems to have a problem with how she behaves other than the occasional judgy comment from Bonnie or Car’s outbursts. It’s like no-one’s realised that Elena is not a saint.

    I was annoyed that Klaus wasn’t dead, I’ll be darned, I thought we’d finally dropped him! I was so relieved because I thought, phew, no more creepy Klaroline. Well didn’t that come round to bite me in the bum. Urgh, that ship makes me sick, I really, really hope Car figures out quickly that Tyler isn’t Tyler! D: That’s manipulation and it’s gross. Why did Bonnie not tell her? Because then the writers would have missed out on a brill love triangle opportunity, that’s why, but it doesn’t make me feel any better. I thought he was clearly not himself, I mean, since when has Ty been that eloquent? He has no brains to speak of. But ew, ew. *shudders*

    And as for Stefan saving Matt, he did the right thing (since he’s clearly too wussy to save both of them!) but I utterly agree: he’s a doormat where it comes to Elena, which is just something else to add to her belief that she’s always allowed to ‘make her own decisions’. That’s not free will that’s people not standing up to her, it’s better like how you said in this recap that Damon and Elena actually argue to come to a compromise – happy medium! Yet another way Damon’s grown for Elena, before, he would have ignored her decision, now, he’ll take it into account but not let himself be run over. Stefan’s the opposite but that’s not love or free will, that’s sucking up.

    So as for the Great Dumping: well I’ll be damned but I was SO PROUD of Damon. He took it like such a gentlemen! Silly Elena shouldn’t have dumped him before she thought he was going to die, that was mean. The truth is Elena is afraid of her feelings for him, that’s why she chose Stefan. Oh, sadness. Well at least all the useless reasons why SE are endgame such as ‘Stefan met her first!’ are now DEFUNCT! We have a new useless reason of our own too…. He’s her sire! Whoop whoop! Thank god for ‘Crazy nanny Carrie’ 😉 You’re right her blood stash was pathetic, not even locked up lol.

    This lady writes the most amazing articles and they always make me feel better after there has been a depressing Delena moment.


    Despite all my complaining I think our ship is stronger than ever, and I can’t wait till September. DE is so blatantly endgame I don’t see how anyone other than the squirrels can still be shipping SE. 😀

    Thanks for being hilarious and awesome! 😀


    • Julie

      Hey Maddy! I read that article you mentioned… Crystal clear. Great way of explaining it!!!
      Must say I’m just as torn as Elena… and what I think it is, in fewer words is that I like Stefan as a person, Stefan himself is such a nice guy that I feel bad every time he gets hurt…. but Damon’s relationship with Elena is just perfect, what love should be: consuming 🙂

    • Hey thewuzzy! Thanks so much for your awesome comment. Speaking of awesome, I absolutely loved this: “I don’t see how anyone other than the squirrels can still be shipping SE.”

      You know, now that you mention it, I don’t think even the squirrels would ship SE. After all, Stefan’s spent many of his “sober” years munching on them. 🙂 I’d say that gives them the right to hold a bit of a grudge, and ship DE in protest. 😉

      I definitely think you have a point about Damon not quite being “Damony” enough in his flashback. I guess some of that can be chalked up to him being caught off guard by how much Elena looked like Katherine. But still, a little hint of the old “cocky much? very much” would have been nice to see.

      Speaking of Delena, thanks so much for the awesome article. There is definitely a lot to be hopeful / excited about regarding this ship in Season 4. Between Elena coming to a greater understanding of Damon’s vampire side .. . to her passion for him being amplified by her vampiric impulses . . . to the not-so-subtle hints throughout the episode that these two are, in fact, endgame, things are looking very bright for this couple, indeed.

      As for Alaric, I was glad to see him back to his friendly neighborhood Chunky Monkey self, toward the end of the episode, even if it was in Ghost from. I guess how much more we see of Ghost Ric in the future, will depend on how well Matt Davis’ new show Cult does in the ratings. Ditto for Elijah, and Daniel Gillies’ new show.

      On one hand, I wish them both the best. On the other hand, I REALLY WANT MORE ELIJAH! (Is that selfish?) 🙂

      As manipulative of the whole love triangle thing as Klaus in Tyler’s body is, I’m actually kind of curious about the storyline, if only because I’d like to see how well Trevino can pull off the Klaus character. I also recognize that this might very well be the only way in which the writers could have Caroline believably fall for “Klaus,” in light of all he’s done to the Scooby Gang.

      Thank you again so much for all your support and fun commentary this season. I’m sure we will talk again real soon!

      • Whycat

        Your recaps are the highlight of my TVD viewing experience. Thank you for the thought and care you put into them. The GIFs are great too. I truly enjoy the show, and the engaging dialogue it inspires among its viewers. My comment pertains to the second half of this season rather than this specific episode. I agree with many viewers that compared to the first half, it was not as strong, in part b/c of slow movement toward truly compelling goals over a fair number of episodes. At times the pacing seemed dragged out, perhaps b/c of the contrast w/the show’s usual fast movement through story lines. I also sympathize with some viewers’ discontent with the handling of show’s core element, the interrelationships among the characters of Elena, Stefan and Damon. At times the writing, albeit often quite skillful, lacked finesse and undermined the actors’ more nuanced performances. It seemed as though the show runners were sometimes unable to maintain dramatic tension via interactions among all three main characters within the same episode, but rather alternated focusing on Elena’s relationship with Stefan in one episode and then hers with Damon in another. One could say that this strategy demonstrated Elena’s flip flopping between them, but I think this goal would have been accomplished more successfully by greater integration within a single episode. I am sympathetic with Elena’s indecision; many people face this situation in their romantic relationships, and teenagers especially may lack the facility to navigate them without emotional injury to themselves and others. The Salvatore brothers, despite their age as vampires, also seem relatively inexperienced with such relationships, especially Damon given his longstanding focus on Katherine. Elena is, I think, especially hampered by entrenched societal parameters of “good girl” sexuality, which many women can either empathize with and/or feel justified in judging. I also think the repeated characterization of Stefan as “pure” is unsupportable and does a serious injustice to the subtlety of Paul Wesley’s portrayal of his character’s conflicted behavior and eventual greater self-understanding. It also replicates the good/bad, spiritual/carnal characterizations of love, which may well be rendered less oppositional later on, but seems overly reductive at this point. By contrast, the character of Damon seems more sympathetic b/c of his willingness to take emotional risks, and a certain honest innocence. I’m interested in your take on this aspect of the show, whether via a “top ten” Damon and Elena moments for the second half of this season as you’ve done in the past, or more generally. It does seem as though in some episodes that major developments concerning these characters occur indirectly through their interactions with other characters rather than directly with each other. I look forward to your recaps in the fall, thanks again.

      • Hey Whycat! Thanks so much for your kind words and brilliant insights into the series. I found myself repeatedly nodding in agreement, and smiling to myself, as I was reading your comment. You’ve touched on so many elements of the series, I hadn’t yet had the opportunity to consider. I’m also honored to know that my little blog has enhanced your TVD viewing experience. Reading that truly made my day. 🙂

        You bring up a really excellent point about the main love triangle of the series, and why, perhaps, it hasn’t been portrayed in the most effective way possible. There does seem to be a tendency among the writers to alternate between “Delena-centric” episodes and “Stelena-centric” ones. The most obvious example of this would be the writers decision to follow the magnificent (yes, I’m biased :)), “Heart of Darkness,” in which Elena fully gave in to her passion for Damon for the first time, with “Do Not Go Gentle,” in which Elena spent the majority of the episode with Stefan.

        Part of the reason for this, I think, is that the writers, for better or worse, feel a strong need to appease their entire fandom at all times. They worry that Stelena fans will turn against them, if there are too many Delena moments, so they compensate by following each intense Delena moment with a (supposedly) equally intense Stelena one. The problem with this is that, by not fully committing to either relationship, the writers run the risk of alienating both fanbases, not to mention inadvertently making Elena a less sympathetic-seeming character.

        As you suggested, I think the writers would be better served, by creating episodes in which Elena engaged in strong personal interactions with both Stefan and Damon. Doing this would not only force the writers to commit more to consistent character development for all three characters, it would also highlight the differences between the two relationships, while providing evidence of what truly lies within Elena’s heart.

        I also agree with you that, plotwise, Season 3 of TVD seemed slightly less focused than previous seasons, which may account for why fans found it slower moving. In the past, the TVD season was generally broken down into three sub-chapters, each featuring it’s own villain and over-arching storyline. Season 3 had no such divisions. Klaus remained a generalized threat to the Scooby Gang throughout the season. However, since he had already succeeded in becoming a hybrid, and created his hybrid army fairly early in the season, his goals as a character became more muddled. Conversely, other threats and villains of the series, like Mikael, Esther, and even Psycho-Ric, seemed to flit in and out of the picture too often to really create lasting impact.

        I know this all sounds incredibly negative. But as you can imagine, I still adore this show. If I didn’t I wouldn’t spend so much time writing about and analyzing it. In fact, I think it’s because we all love this show so much, and know how great it can be, that we are so very hard on it. In a sense, TVD is like a beloved child, who we know has so much potential, but just seems to have lost it’s a way a bit lately.

        That said, I really do have high hopes for Season 4 of TVD. I think the new storylines presented in the season finale have a lot of potential. I also feel like the writers and producers of the show are aware of the mistakes they made this season, and are ready to fix them in the next one. 🙂

        Oh, and I absolutely plan on writing another Delena-centric post this summer :). Thanks again for talking TVD with me! 😉

  10. Another word for Elijah<3 is DEAL or LETS MAKE A DEAL! haha

    I have been told and read a lot about whats gonna happen in the 4th season! for example that Elena ends up remembering everything he says to her before he compelled her and now she choses to be with Damon<3 but Damonis resented because she had chosen Stefan first and he is a very very proud person so he might refuse her, apparently Klaus' body wasnt burned and he is gonna be back in his gorgeous poriginal body with that awesome accent<3 Bonnie goes to bad side, she loses her track and becomes mean and I suposse she is Klaus new witch! that means that we are practically F*CKED, Stefan Stefan Stefan apparently he falls in love with Caroline -.- yeah CAROLINE! -.-!! and thats all I remember by now (: (: I cant wait for the next season to comee!

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