How Britney Spears saved the world (well . . . at least McKinley High) – A Recap of Glee’s “Britney / Brittany”

First, let me start by saying how INSANELY happy I am that Glee has made it cool, again (at least, temporarily), to listen to Britney Spears music!  Because . . . and I’m going to come out and say it right now . . . I’m a BIG FAN!  You know, people can say whatever they want about Britney.  For example, they might comment on her poor taste in men . . .

. . . uninspired fashion choices . . .

. . . or her “Toxic” relationship with the media . . .

But, even the HATERS have to admit, her music gets toes tapping and pelvis’ gyrating, like nobody’s business! 

When I first heard that Glee was doing a Britney-themed episode, I was so excited, that I took the liberty of jotting down some song ideas for the cast.  Some of those songs actually ended up in the episode. 

Others did not. 

Here are a few that, for whatever reason, didn’t make the cut.

1) Womanizer

Premise: Now that she’s baby-free and single, Puck wants back in the Febray Pantalones, pronto.  However, Quinn’s seen the way her former beau acts around the women who’s pools he cleans . . .

. . . and she’s not quite convinced he has the “staying power” for a long-term relationship.

2) Lucky

Premise: Quinn Febray and Santana Lopez — every girl wants to be them, and every guy wants to do them.  But not even popularity can cure a lonely heart.

3) Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

Premise: Emma comes to clean to new beau, Carl Howell, about her Energizer Bunny-esque virgin status . . .

4) Circus

Premise: It’s Sue Sylvester’s world.  The rest of us just live in it . . .

5) If You Seek Amy . . .

Premise: Brittany’s hidden feelings for Coach Beiste cause her to explore the true nature of her sexuality.

6) Oops, I did it again . . .

Premise: Despite being involved in a very serious relationship with Mike Chang, Tina comes to the conclusion that she may have unwittingly been leading on her ex-beau, Artie.

7) Drive Me Crazy

Premise: See explanation above.

So, now that we’ve covered some of the Britney songs we DIDN’T hear on this week’s Glee, let’s talk about the ones we did.  When the episode opens, Mr. Schuester is leading the kids in a discussion about what he would like this week’s theme to be:  Easy Listening Music.  (Ugh!  What a lame episode THAT would be . . .).  Not quite down with his Kenny G or Michael Bolton, Kurt . . .

 . . . has a better idea.  He suggests the crew perform a Britney Spears song at the homecoming pep rally.  Will says, “Absolutely NOT!”

Will considers Britney to be a “bad influence,” just because she “shaved her head” and “tried to bash in the headlights of a car with an umbrella.”  (Seriously, lighten up, Will.  I mean, who HASN’T done that, at least once.  Right?)  Most of the Glee kids bitch and moan about Wet Blanket Will’s Anti- Britney proclamation.  However, to everyone’s surprise, Brittany agrees with his decision.

Apparently, having the name “Brittany S. Pearce” has given our girl quite the inferiority complex.  No matter how many times, she’s propositioned K-Fed for sex, shaved her head, or called Matt Lauer for an “exclusive interview,” Brittany has just never quite been able to live up to the legacy of the songstress with whom she shares her name.  I feel your pain Britney.  My name used to be Maddy O. Na . . .

Meanwhile, for reasons that didn’t quite make sense to me, Will invited Emma’s new dentist boyfriend Carl Howell (John Stamos) to talk to his Glee clubbers about the importance of dental hygiene.

An impromptu teeth investigation, reveals that SOME Glee kids have been SERIOUSLY neglecting their chompers.  The worst of these offenders, by far, is Brittany, who “never brushes her teeth” and “gargles soda after every meal because she thinks Dr. Pepper is a real doctor.”  It’s a wonder this girl has any teeth left at all!

Because Crest is for weenies . . .

Over at Dr. Howell’s office, America’s Sexiest Dentist demonstrates preferences for (1) knocking out ALL of his patients with anesthesia (even if they are just having their cavities filled, or getting a “killer” bleach job); and (2) rocking out to Britney Spears, while he works.  Under the influence of  some pretty heavy drugs, Brittany fantasizes herself right into a Britney Spears’ video . . . or should I say a “Brittany S. Pearce” video.  In the video, Brittany sings “Slave 4 u” (Who knew actress Heather Morris had such amazing pipes?  Why hasn’t she been given a solo sooner?), while rocking some of her namesake’s choicest outfits . . .

 . . . or lack thereof.

When Brittany awakens from her stupor, she has a few less cavities, and a completely altered outlook on life.  “Are you a cat?”  She asks Uncle Jesse from Full House.

“How could she possibly find out my secret?  I’ve never told ANYONE!”

Later, Brittany returns to the dentist with Santana, who, despite having perfect teeth, insists on being put under, so that she too can have a Britney Spears-themed hallucination.  Dr. Howell, who is starting to eerily resemble Michael Jackson’s Doctor Conrad Murray,  more and more, with every second of airtime (R.I.P. MJ!), reluctantly complies.  The two besties, SHARE a fantasy, in which they both perform Me Against the Music.  Santana takes on the Madonna role . . .

. . . with Brittany, of course, filling the Britney Spears part . . .

Fans who were hoping for a MTV Movie Awards-style smooch between the two young ingenues . . .

 . . . ended up being sorely disappointed here.

However, the fantasy did end with a nice cameo appearance from Britney Spears, herself, in which she told Brittany that the cheerleader was sweet, and (despite NEVER BRUSHING HER TEETH) actually had really good breath.

“Pssst, I’m only saying that to get my Dr. Pepper endorsement money.”

The next day at Glee Club, a newly confident Brittany announces that she is more talented than Britney Spears (and Rachel Berry). Therefore, she now wishes to sing ALL the club’s solos.

Kurt notes wryly, that Britney Spears music has given Brittany the confidence she needed to wake up from her dimwitted, seemingly lifelong, haze.  But Will STILL refuses to let the Glee kids perform a Spears song at Homecoming.  In his trademark diva fashion, Kurt overdramatically accuses Will of being too “friggin uptight” .  . .

As a result of his outburst, Kurt gets sent to Useless Principal Figgins’ office.

“Hey!  At least I didn’t (1) cut your funding; (2) threaten to cancel Glee club; or (3) take Sue’s side in an argument against you, this week.”

Unfortunately for Will, Dentist / Wanna Be Shrink, Dr. Carl  TOTALLY agrees with Kurt, about the whole “being too uptight” thing.

Carl can tell just how tightly wound Will is, by how much he grinds his teeth.  His “loosening up” advice to Will?  Eat lots of sugary candy, and buy a fast sports car you can’t afford.  (OK.  I’m going to say it.  This guy is officially the WORST DENTIST EVER!)

Now, given his estimated age (early 30’s?), Will should, theoretically, still be about a decade away from a proper Mid-Life Crisis.  However, that doesn’t stop our favorite teacher from purchasing the same “rad sports car” his dentist has, and using it to try to win back Emma.  Unfortunately for him, she is unimpressed . . .

To make matter’s worse, Will’s ex-wife / permanent cock block, Terri .  . .

. . . randomly stops by to warn Will that, if he keeps this up, he won’t be able to afford the weekly support payment he’s required to mail her by law.  And this BIATCH still thinks she’s getting Will back?  Man, I hope Mr. Schuester is not that massive of a MORON . . . However,  I fear he might be.

Sorry, Schue!  You know I meant that in the nicest way possible.  Don’t you?

Meanwhile, Finn is stressing over the fact that having been kicked off the football team, makes him officially “uncool.”

But Rachel, who has always been uncool, thinks this is GREAT NEWS.  “I want to be the only thing that makes you happy.  You know the two of us can only work out, if we are both losers . . . Now, I won’t have to decide what song to sing at your bedside, when you are in a coma.”

Ahhh, such romantic words!  It’s a wonder, Finn doesn’t bone her right there in the hallway!

During her turn in the dentist chair, Rachel has a vision of herself as the Sweet, but Secretly Slutty, school girl in Spears’ debut video Hit Me Baby, One More Time.  “Is this real life?”  Rachel slurs woozily, upon awakening from her anesthetized haze . . .

Apparently, in “real life,” McKinley High School has NO DRESS CODE, whatsover.  Because, the next day, Rachel decides to wear the outfit in question, FOR REAL.

The whole school ADORES Rachel’s new look.  And Finn, though obviously titillated, is also more than a bit jealous of the attention his girlfriend is receiving, as a result.  “This isn’t like that time I dressed all ‘Sad Clown’ Sandy from Grease,” insists Rachel.

Really?  Because it seemed EXACTLY like that, to me.

Rachel explains that Britany Spears has finally helped her to realize that she is beautiful, and can, therefore, dress like a whore, without repercussions.

Now that everyone thinks Rachel is a TOTAL Ho-bag, she is suddenly very popular.  Therefore, she finds it totally OK for Finn to rejoin the football team . . . if he can.

Later that day, Sue Sylvester contacts Will to warn him of the dangers posed by teens’ excessive consumption of Britney Spears.

“Oops . .  . I . . . did it again — made a weird ‘O’ face at the camera”

Sue then recounts the depraved tale of Jacob  . . .

Sorry!  Wrong one . . .

 That’s him!

. . . whose intense lust over the newly slutty Rachel, resulted in him sitting naked in the school library, fantasizing about her.

 . . . and, while it was a funny scene, the description of the “naked butt sweat stain” Jacob left on Sue’s office chair, was just a bit much . . . I think .  . .

Meanwhile, Artie’s dentist chair-fueled hallucination, which featured him as a football player, alternatingly lifting weights and glaring at Tina, while singing Britney’s iconic song “Stronger”  . . .

 . . . somehow resulted in his and Finn being invited by Coach Beiste to join (and in Finn’s case, rejoin) the football team.

I know.  It didn’t make sense to me either.  The song was fun, though!

Upon hearing the news, Rachel — who has since shifted back to wearing Grandma clothes, and fears that Finn’s refound popularity will be the death knell for their relationship — offers Finn an ultimatum.  Football or her!

I’m still waiting for the episode where Rachel tries to become a cheerleader and / or a football player.  Everyone else in the club has . . .

This time, when Kurt makes his umpteenth speech about how Britney Spears is a positive influence on the Glee clubbers, Will surprises them all by saying “Yes,” to his request that they perform a Britney song at Homecoming . . .

Did I mention that WILL will be performing the number WITH THEM?

In a performance that’s very cool, but a bit creepy, in the “Will sort of fondles his underage students” kind of way, the Glee kids (“fresh off their last place finish at sectionals”) perform Toxic, at the pep rally.

The performance drives the teenybopper crowd SO wild,  that Sue is forced to pull the fire alarm.  Her impulsive move ends up only resulting in more chaos.  Sue, gets trampled and sprains her neck.  Meanwhile, Jacob grabs some guy’s ass and gets punched in the face.  When its all over, Sue, now sporting a neckbrace, threatens to sue Will for his part in the “School Sex Riot,” using her new lawyer, the ubiquitous, Gloria Allred.

Do I smell another Very Special Guest Star?

Sue also notes, quite accurately, I think, that Will owns more vests than the cast of Blossom . . .

90’s television at its finest!

Later, Emma tells Will that he shouldn’t try to change himself, because he’s “wonderful just the way he is.”  (Yeah, she TOTALLY still wants him to cash in her V card . . .  Don’t you DARE deny it, you Unpopped Cherry, YOU!).  Inspired by Emma’s words, near the end of the episode, Schuester trades in his fancy car for the old jalopy he cried in during Season 1.  He then watches glumly, as Emma rides off into the sunset with Uncle Jesse from Full House.

In the final moments of the episode, Rachel, realizing that she has, once again, been a TOTAL ass (as she generally is EVERY episode), dedicates a beautiful interpretation of Paramore’s “Only Exception” to Finn, who she loves dearly, and is going to let stay on the football team, after all.

So, what if Rachel only came to her senses, after manipulating Quinn to seduce Finn — thereby testing the latter’s loyalty to his and Rachel’s burgeoning relationship.   We’ve all gotta start somewhere, right?

Be sure to tune in next week, when Finn becomes all “born-again,” after Jesus appears to him, in his morning toast . . .



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10 responses to “How Britney Spears saved the world (well . . . at least McKinley High) – A Recap of Glee’s “Britney / Brittany”

  1. Ok for some reason I’m not getting the UD’s on your blog (boo). I’m trying to figure out what is going on… Anyways.

    I love the episode, but I’m not Britney’s biggest fan. Like not by a long stretch. But you have a point even the “hater” love the songs, not the artist per say.

    Will/Emma/Carl thins was kind of annoying. I’m loving Uncle Jes… I mean Carl. lol Come one I was basically raised on the god-awful show. John Stamos will always be Uncle Jesse. He is the worst dentist, but he’s also the sexy dentist ever.

    I’m over Finchel (w/e I’m not their biggest fan, never have been). Rachel was being so anal to Finn and vise versa. I’m still waiting for them to have a deeper dynamical, RM. The speech… ugh. What made officially say that Finchel will never work is this… Rachel asked Finn to choose. Last season Puck was given the same choice. Finn get’s a song and Puck gets dumped. What gives. Sorry the illogicalness of a Puckleberry fan lol Please, and I’ll ask again Please feel free to like kick me out or disagree.

    OMG Heather Morris, give her another episode 😀 Oh make it Britana eppie!!!

    Good call on Creepy Will, like these are suppose to be 16 and 17 year olds. I call foul!

    Ok, so I don’t want Artina, like at all. I’m so crushing on Mike (Harry) right now, so I’m leaning toward Tike lol Last season I had a huge crush on Artie, this season Mike. Oh I so called the triangle last season!

    I love the recap 😛 Can’t wait for next week. But I’m if-y on it. I don’t like mixing religion and tv shows together. It’s like the biggest pet peeve. 7th Heaven and Secret Life are proof of that. I’m hoping that RM proves me wrong 😀

    Can you believe I still haven’t seen the season finale of TB? Fall has come and I’ve forgotten about the summer shows 😦

    • Hey M! I’m sorry to hear you aren’t getting the site updates. You are definitely still registered in my subscription list. So, it’s possible that I keep getting tucked into your spam folder? Anyway, it’s fabulous to see you on the blogosphere, my fellow TB-er, Chairfan, and, of course, Gleek!

      I can TOTALLY understand your forgetting about summer shows, now that fall is here. The Fall Television season is INSANE! I can barely find time to watch all the shows I want to see . . .

      Now, on to Glee . . . I too am loving Uncle Jesse as the new Special Guest Star. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one here, who was raised on Full House. Remember the “TGIF” television lineup, from back in the day? It was every 6-year old’s dream, but SO UNBELIEVABLY CHEESY! I loved how five minutes before every Full House episode ended, they would play that sappy music, and “Danny Tanner” would sit on one of the girls’ beds to give the “lesson of the week.” Every once in a while, I will catch it in repeats, and wonder how the heck even my little kid self could stand it?

      But no matter how lame the show became, Uncle Jesse was always pretty cool . . . So, I guess things haven’t changed all that much since then.

      Brittany is fast becoming one of my favorite characters on the show. And who knew the girl could dance so well, or had such kickass pipes! A Britana episode would be AWESOME! Maybe they could even do a Kesha number, like Brittany suggested in this week’s episode . . .

      Ooh! I am all for some more Puckleberry (best shipper name, EVER), if only so that Mark Salling can have MUCH more screentime! I was very excited to hear him rocking out to Billy Joel’s “Only the Good Die Young” in next week’s promo. Two episodes down the pipe, and almost NO PUCK to show for it! Come on Glee writers! Give us Puck fans some SUGAR! ;))

      Aside from more Mark Salling, perhaps, a Puckleberry matchup will help Rachel chill out a bit. Am I the only one who finds her REALLY grating this season? I get that her character is Type A and controlling, but at least last year, she was moderately likeable. Lea Michele is doing a fine job acting the part, so I think the fault goes to the writers on this one. Hopefully, they will clean up their act in the next few episodes, as far as Rachel is concerned.

      You TOTALLY called the Artie / Tina / Mike triangle, M! Well played! (And YES, MORE Mike Chang abs shots PLEASE!) 🙂

      I’m inclined to agree with you that Glee should tread lightly on the religious themes. Based on the promos, it seems like next week’s episode will have a lot of great covers (Billy Joel, R.E.M., Joan Osborne). And yet, I HATE being manipulated by my comedies. If they murder Burt Hummel on me, and/or give him some terminal disease, I will be MAJORLY pissed! Touching episodes are one thing. But, generally, I watch “Glee” to be “Glee-ful” not “Tearful,” if you catch my drift.

      I guess we will just have to wait, and see how it all plays out . . .

      Thanks for the commenting awesomeness, M! (BTW I’m adoring your GG-caps this season!)

  2. imaginarymen

    I am so over Finn and Rachel. They are a total SnoozeFest.

    Stamos is aging SO well ;-P

    Not enough Sue!!

    I am going to steal this comment from something I saw on FB today but I totally agree w/ it: if Glee is going to keep having these “Theme Eps” about a specific artist – they need to write the stories FIRST and make the songs fit around THEM. Not pick the songs and then go “well, what storyline would give us an excuse to do this number?”

    And speaking of that – I hope this “Theme Ep” thing is short lived. Bc they just feel like an hour long commercial telling me how awesome Madonna/Britney are. I keep waiting for Kurt or Rachel to break the third wall and say “But Mr. Schue!! Britney Spears is the spokesperson of our generation!! (turns to camera) As you can hear for yourself on this (holds up CD) Britney Spears Greatest Hits! On sale now at Target and Best Buy!! (turns back to the scene)!”

    That said, the “Glee” kids are WAY better dancers AND singers than Britney ever was. Heather Morris had her dance moves down HARD. She did a better Britney then Britney!

    Apparently Glee is covering “Mr. Brightside” so get ready for me to either be really REALLY excited, or super pissed off it its wasted on Finn and Rachel.


    • Can I be the first to nominate Puck to sing Mr. Brightside? 🙂 Of all the male voices on the show, I think his would be the one most likely to do the song justice. That . . . and . . . as I keep saying . . . WE NEED MORE PUCK!

      I’m inclined to agree with you about Heather Morris Out-Britneying Britney. I should clarify my earlier statement in this recap, to say that, when I mentioned that I LOVE Britney Spears’ songs, I meant that I love their beat and cheesy, yet insanely catchy, lyrics. In terms of the actual singing, so, many of Britney Spears songs, particularly her later ones, were VERY . . . ahem . . . auto-tuned.

      What I love about the Glee kids voices, is that they are all SO natural. These talented folks would be totally at home in a rock video AND/OR on a Broadway stage. Very few artists these days could manage both successfully. This cast definitely can.

      And you are ABSOLUTELY right about these artist-driven episodes, being more about advertisement, and less about plot. This is not to say that the performances weren’t AMAZING in all three of these episodes (Gaga, Madonna, Britney). However, the writing in these type of episodes always seems to fall a bit short. This is particularly disappointing in the case of the Madonna and Britney episodes, because SO many of their songs tell stories that would have fit quite well into a plot-driven Glee story. In the future. Glee writers: MORE musical / less music video.

      And yes, John Stamos falls into that highly enviable category, along with Scott Wolf, and a few others, of actors who NEVER age. He still looks just like the Uncle Jesse I remember from my childhood. Maybe he’s a vampire ;).

      As usual, your comments cracked me up this week, Amy! Thanks for making me smile. (On an unrelated note, I CAN’T WAIT for TVD tomorrow! Supposedly “Memory Lane” was both Nina’s and Ian’s favorite episode!)

  3. Cherie

    Awesome recap as usual!

    So, now there is further proof we share a pop culture brain – I am HUGE fan of 90s pop (and yes, I count Britney as a songstress of the 90s!), the cheesier and bouncier the better :)) I also love musicals to death. Wicked in Australia, here I come!

    There is a nightclub in my city that plays only 90s tunes on Friday nights, and almost everyone gets into dancing to these songs. They are kinda like Glee… they leave a big smile on your face!

    And Britney’s tunes are awesome! My favourite Britney song is I’m a Slave 4 U, believe it or not – gratuitous sexiness of the accompanying music video aside, I love its completely unique and experimental beat, and I can never resist dancing to the song. I was ridiculously excited that it was featured in the episode, and that Heather Morris totally rocked it!

    I know what you mean about Rachel being a little grating this season. Sending Sunshine to a crackhouse seems a little out of character – last season she could be controlling and manipulative, but she would never do anything to jeopardise someone’s safety. I may be in the minority of people who love her new bangs, though, on a completely superficial note 🙂

    Can I just say that I also want Jane Lynch’s job? She gets the best one liners, wears track suits all day, and can carry herself in an imperious way that I can only dream of!

    And awww to the Peanuts reference!

    Amy touched on something pretty interesting – Glee is almost the ultimate product placement and marketing platform. TV show, music CDs and iTunes downloads, concerts… I still can’t believe they haven’t brought out a Glee Singstar. I would buy it!

    • Ooh! A 90’s themed dance club? I would SO be there EVERY Friday night! Themed clubs like that seem to be EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately, I have yet to find ONE in the NJ / NYC area. WHY? Can’t the bar and club makers of the world see that I am in need? 😉

      You raise an interesting point about “the bangs.” Now, this is going to sound entirely hypocritcal of me, because, as Amy can attest to . . . I have them. (Aside from being mildly in fashion right now, they are, in my opinion, a FAB way to hide a larger than average forehead. ;)).

      However, on television, I am starting to notice a correlation between bangs-wearing, and increased character bitchiness. After all, wasn’t it that unfortunately “Bad Bangs” cut that initially altered Bonnie of TVD from Spunky Gal Pal to Vindictive Migraine-Giving BIATCH? Granted Bonnie has since lost the bangs . . . but it IS an odd coincidence that Rachel’s evilness / bad hehavior has escalated in accordance with HER haircut as well. Just a theory I have . . . 🙂

      And yes, a Glee Singstar would ABSOLUTELY make my birthday wish list, if it was available in stores now! (However, given my less than stellar pipes, perhaps, the fact that such a toy is not yet available is a good thing . . .)

      It’s always fun to talk Tube with you Cherie! You are absolutely right. We TOTALLY share a pop culture brain!

  4. Carol

    I’m not a big fan of Britney, but I do find some of her music actually pretty good. Overall, this was a awesome episode, yes.

    Brittany S. Pearce. Now I see why Brittany hadn’t a full name before. It all makes sense.
    She was so… weird… in a great way, I think, this week. Her scenes were fantastic. Yeah, who knew that Heather Morris could sing like that?

    “The worst of these offenders, by far, is Brittany, who “never brushes her teeth” and “gargles soda after every meal because she thinks Dr. Pepper is a real doctor.” It’s a wonder this girl has any teeth left at all!” Okay, it was funny and all. But.. Brittany kinda made out with Kurt last season, right? Well.. yuck.

    “The next day at Glee Club, a newly confident Brittany announces that she is more talented than Britney Spears (and Rachel Berry). Therefore, she now wishes to sing ALL the club’s solos.” You go, Brittany! (No, not really) Rachel bores me to death (and her face while singing is… awful)

    ““Hey! At least I didn’t (1) cut your funding; (2) threaten to cancel Glee club; or (3) take Sue’s side in an argument against you, this week.”” WIN.

    Terri is fierce. I don’t want her with Mr. Shue and she’s kinda crazy. Despite that, I like her.


    About Artie and Finn: “I know. It didn’t make sense to me either. The song was fun, though!” I agree.

    Rachel = ANNOYING AS HELL.
    Emma = Liked her this week. Don’t know why. I guess I am not so fond of her and Mr. Shue together.
    Kurt = Don’t really like him (I’m not homophobic or anything, he just pisses me off sometimes), but him wanting songs by Britney Spears and not a random boring guy won me.
    Others = meh.. not worth commenting this time.

    • It’s funny that you mentioned Brittany never having a last name before this week. I remember looking the show up on IMDB in preparation for a blog post a few weeks back, and wondering about the same thing. At first, I thought it was because she was not yet a series regular in Season 1. But, then again, Mike Chang, and that random football player dude that “transferred” this season had way less lines than Heather Morris, and both of THEIR characters had last names. Is it possible they have been planning this episode all along? Maybe.

      Good memory regarding Brittany making out with Kurt! I’m pretty sure the character made out with Finn and Santana too! Talk about yucky! Now that I think about it, in the episode where Brittany “dates” Kurt, doesn’t she mention that he is the ONLY guy in school she HASN’T yet kissed? Just imagine all the Cootie Mouths floating around McKinley High! 🙂

      “Fierce” that is definitely the best word to describe Terri. I DESPISED her with Schue, but, oddly enough, kind of enjoyed her strange friendship with Finn at the end of Season 1 . . . as long as those two don’t “go there,” of course.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who has found Rachel really grating this season. The fact that so many of us feel this way, just shows that they MUST do something to make that character less detestable and FAST — especially when so many songs and episodes revolve around her.

      I’m very curious as to how next week’s Kurt and Finn-centric “religion” fest will be . . . Great comments, as always, Carol! Talk to you soon!

  5. Best Glee ever………. *this week* sorry I haven’t been around but I’M BACK and probably can’t stay due to my procrastinating around my apartment. So I’m looking for something to watch, then Glee’s on I mean I want to watch it but listen I’m surprised I’m up at this time, anyways I was happy with the Britney stuff but my problem is Rachel and her bitchiness, she is literally that bitchy. I mean yeah we have those days but jesus is aunt flow you’re neighbor? I want to introduce to you a very close friend of mine Midol, I get to see him a every month, and he makes me less bitchier I bet you two will become close friends too. I really just wish she’d get hit by a car or the smoke monster gets her.

    I want the Virgin Mary on my waffles! I wonder how they came up with this..
    Written and Produced by: Glee writers

    Fox: Why this is so good will put it on the fridge!

    See you next week, if I’m awake.

    • Hey Person! It’s great to see you back on the blogosphere! And I am so excited that you are a fellow Gleek! Just out of curiosity, what time does Glee air in your area? We watch at 8 p.m. Tuesday nights here, and I ALWAYS forget that my blog buddies in other time zones, might be viewing it at a much less convenient time. (Not that 8 p.m. is so convenient, anyway. Personally, I like my shows to be on at 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. But that’s just me, I’m a wee bit nocturnal :)).

      Your comments never fail to crack me up. “Is Aunt Flow your neighbor?” CLASSIC! Yes, Rachel is quite the BIATCH with a capital B, and not in the fun, relatable, way that some of PLL gals are either. Rachel is bitchy in a Type A, geeky, annoying sort of way. But, hey, at least she sings and dances pretty. 🙂

      And I absolutely LOVED that you made a Lost reference in your Glee post. *sniffles* I miss my Lost! I remember when IT was on Tuesday nights too! Now, I will never get out of my head the image of Rachel going head to head with the Smoke Monster. She would probably annoy it into submission.

      Hey, that gives me a great idea — A LOST-Themed Glee episode! That would be absolutely HILARIOUS! Granted, I’m not sure what songs they would sing, or if any legal liability would ensue. But, really, the possibilites are ENDLESS.

      “Jesus on Toast” is definitely a part of every religious wingnuts “balanced breakfast” — not to mention a really snappy saying to print on a t-shirt. I can’t wait to see what those zany Glee writers come up with next!

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