Scarred for Life – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Furor”


STILES: “You know, Derek.  I sure am going to miss spending all these magical moments with you, when this show goes on hiatus.”

DEREK: “I think your wallet is digging into my thigh.”

STILES: “My . . . wallet?”  *whistles uncomfortably*

Greetings Werebangers!  This week on Teen Wolf, we finally learned how the kanaima got his master, the wide world of Clueless Parents in Supernatural Teen Shows decreased by one, Allison went rogue (sort of), and the series’ most popular couple finally got up-close-and-personal with one another.  (Hint: I am NOT talking about Allison and Scott.)

“Don’t play coy with me, you sly little Recapper, you!

So slip on your favorite black hoodie, strap on your completely-obsolete-against-supernaturals bow and arrow set, and head on down to your local Police Department, because it’s time for another Hunter v. Kanaima v. Werewolf v. Stiles and his dad Grudge Match Beat-down (a.k.a as a Teen Wolf recap) . . .

[As always, special thanks to my blogging pal, Andre, for his weekly dose of screencapping awesomesauce.]

In which we finally figure out who’s been creeping around Jackson’s bedroom . . .

So, you guys all remember Jackson’s early season bid for the Unsexiest Sex Tape, Since that One Made by Screech from Saved by the Bell, right?

“Wow, this sex tape is looking pretty hot.”

“AHHHHH!  Worst . . . sex . . .  tape . .  . EVER!”

One of season 2’s first, and longest-running, mysteries, has always been the question of who edited that tape, and, perhaps, more importantly, how and why.  Within the first few minutes of “Furor,” we finally got some answers.  And, wouldn’t you know it?  For once on this show, the theory of Occam’s Razor, actually applies!  In short, the Creepy Camera Guy is guilty of doing the Creepy Camera Thing . . .


This, of course, makes the most sense, out of all possible solutions, which is probably why the answer to this mystery alluded us fans for so long.  Matt and his Technologically Savvy Night Stalking skills were literally right under our nose (and Jackson’s bed) the entire time!

“Seriously, though . . . you should vaccuum under your bed.  Soooo many dust bunnies.”

The episode begins with a flashback to that fateful night when Creepy Camera Guy Matt first stood on Jackson’s porch, and taught him how to take nudey pictures of himself, using nothing but the night vision settings on a portable camera, and a dream of wolfy glory.  So romantic!

After the encounter, we follow Matt back to his car, where he hacks into the soon-to-be-not-so-much-sleeping Jackson’s camera, because he SO obviously wants to ride that pony all the way to the finish line for completely “innocent” reasons, and unwittingly stumbles across the controversial footage that will forever be known amongst Teen Wolf Circles as Lizard-Gate.


Cue the epiphany . . . the flashbacks . . . the longing looks of love, and through-the-window-pane-hand (and claw) holding . . . It’s the stuff romantic comedies starring emo psychopaths, and gross scary lizards are made of!

*cue the theme song from Titanic*

Meanwhile, over at the Hale House of Horrors and a Complete Lack of Internal Plumbing . . .

In which The Vet insults Derek’s prowess as an Alpha, and reminds us that, despite all evidence to the contrary, he is NOT a witch, no sir . . .

VET: “Wake up, Sleeping Beauty.  It’s time to smoulder and brood again.”

DEREK:  “I always considered myself more Beast from Beauty and the Beast.  Or maybe Aladdin.  He was kind of cool.”

Teen Wolf Fans Who Love to See an Undressed Tyler Hoechlin Derek Hale is having a dream that looks nothing like any dream I’ve ever had.  First of all, most people don’t see themselves in their dreams, because . . . well, they ARE themselves in their dreams.  (Does that make sense?)  I’ve also never had a dream where people called my name, while I stood, half-naked, looking sexy, in a field of white mist.  Then again, I don’t look like Tyler Hoechlin . . .

Perhaps, if I did, I’d objectify myself in my dreams all the time!  In fact, I’m quite certain, I would.


What I’m trying to say is, thank you Teen Wolf writers, from the bottom of my heart, for this completely irrelevant, and yet, utterly satisfying dream sequence featuring Derek Hale.  It truly shows me, as a fan, how much you care . . . about my libido . . .

The Vet (who’s real name is “Deaton,” but who I will continue to call “The Vet” for all eternity, just like I will never call “Matt” anything but “Creepy Camera Guy”) awakens Derek from his sexy slumber  FAN COCKBLOCKER! to inform him that, yes, it’s true, the hot red-head chick actually did knock your extremely well-toned ass out, by blowing some blue glitter in your face, dragged you all the way to your decrepit house, and made you hold hands with your corpse, uncle, so that he could come back to life.  Oh, and P.S., “You suck as an Alpha.”

Talk about a rude awakening!  Next he’s going to tell him that he has to spend the rest of the episode paralyzed from the neck down, with Stiles laying on top of him, and that he’s about to find out that Scott betrayed him . . .errr . . . well, I guess we have to save some “surprises” for later, right?

Anyway, the good news is that contrary to popular fan belief, after last week’s episode, Derek is still, in fact, an Alpha . . .

The bad news is that Peter Hale is going to use every mentally manipulative trick in the book to take that title away from him . . .

But worry not, Derek, the Vet has some advice for you about how to keep your title.  You know, because he’s your witch doctor “wolf advisor,” and giving advice about the state of your Alpha-ness is what the Vet does best . .  .


(Honestly, I’m not really sure what qualifies the Vet as an “Alpha Advisor,” given the fact that he is neither Alpha, nor wolf.  I mean, what do we know about this guy, really, aside from the fact that he gives good back rubs, and makes a mean Supernatural Repellant Powder?  Then again, the best consiglieries in Mob movies are rarely Italian.  So, I’m going to let all that slide, for now.  Just know that I’ve got my eye on you, VET!)

So, I bet, right about now, you’re wondering what brilliant pearls of wisdom our grand exalted advisor had for our favorite Alpha.  Here it comes: “Find Scott the guy who’s been betraying you at the police station, where he is currently being held at gunpoint by a lunatic, stalked by a lizard, and surrounded by a family of armed, and REALLY PISSED OFF ARGENTS instructed to KILL YOU FIRST.”

Yeah, because that’s a great idea!

Some advisor This Guy turned out to be . . .

In which 3 people not employed by the Beacon Hills PD, do its job for them . . . and pay the price . . .

Question:  How do you convince a rational adult that the reason you think one of your classmates is a serial killer is because, while hallucinating at a party, you happened to see him standing next to a life-sized lizard?

Answer: You don’t.  But it sure is fun to try!

Granted, Stiles’ proffered motive for Creepy Camera Guy murdering a sizable chunk of the 2006 high school swim team (“The swim team sucks!”) ended up not being much better than the killer’s actual motive.

“If you look really closely in my mouth, you can see the swim team . . . sucking.”

But still, the ex-Sheriff wasn’t quite buying it, and needed real tangible proof.  This entailed a road trip to the police office, where Sheriff Stilinski no longer works, but miraculously is still allowed to go and watch classified hospital surveillance videos.


(Why is everyone trusting Scott in this episode?  NO ONE should trust Scott.  Scott is like the Beacon Hills swim team.  See analysis above)

The result?  A break in the case!  Thank goodness for Mama McCall and her vehement hatred for DIRTY SNEAKERS.  Otherwise, our fab crime fighting threesome would have never place Creepy Camera Guy, not only at the hospital at the time Used-to-be-Preggers lady bit it, but also, at nearly EVERY OTHER SINGLE MURDER SCENE,  where his big muddy footprints were found just inches away from the chalked outlines of dead bodies.

Dude!  That’s what welcome mats are for!

Silly Creepy Camera Guy!  Isn’t the whole point of having a Big Ugly Lizard to do all your dirty work, NOT having to be sloshing your muddy feet all over the crime scene?

Just sayin . . .

Clever killer or not, the secret’s out now . . . says the cop corpse at front desk, who’s just been murdered by . . . you  guessed it . . . Creepy Camera Guy is IN the building.

“If my death rattle is loud enough, you think I could still get my SAG card?”

And he’s not too thrilled without our Three Wolfketeers .  . .

“And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for Those Meddling Kids . . . and my dirty feet.”

Meanwhile, over in Argentland . . .

In which Allison engages in some much-needed room redecoration, and sort of / kind of becomes a completely different person . . .


Poor Allison!  As if losing her mother to a Suicide-by-Werewolf wasn’t bad enough, now she’s got to sit and listen to her doddering grandpa just yap, yap, yapping away, about how he was never close to his mother, but if he was close to her, and she wrote him a letter then BLAH, BLAH, BLAH  . . .

You see, that’s the thing,  Mama Argent may have written a fake suicide note for the world, but, according to Gerard, she wrote a REAL one to Allison, one seemingly explicitly designed to make her go all Rambo on the town werewolves.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t put it past a seriously scary lady like Mama Argent to convert a “Sweet Final Goodbye Letter” into a Roaring Battle Cry.  It’s just that I don’t think that was Mama Argent’s priority, in her final moments .  . .

In fact, I seem to specifically remember Mama Argent begging HER HUSBAND to tell Allison why she died, because she couldn’t bear to do it on her own.  My theory?  Eeeevvvil Gerard, who, from the looks of it, couldn’t give two wolf poops about Mama Argent,  wrote this letter to convince new family Matriarch, Allison to OK the systematic extermination of Derek and his entire wolf pack.  And, based on what we saw this episode, at least, his plan seemed to be remarkably successful . . .

ALLISON: “That’s weird.  Mom never dotted her eyes with hearts, or signed her name with a happy face.”

GERARD: *whistles uncomfortably*

What follows is this awesome sequence, in which a seriously pissed off Allison burns the telltale letter, and goes full-on demolition derby on her bedroom.


Then she puts on the infamous Black Hoodie we saw in her hallucination last week, shoulders her now-trademark bow and arrow, and heads downstairs for an Argent Family Kill meeting.  And, just like that, Dark!Allison is born .  . . for real, this time.

At the kitchen table Gerard, has this total sh*t-eating grin that just makes you want to punch him in the face.  He waxes poetic about Allison knowing the difference between revenge and retribution (which, some would say, are actually synonyms, Mr. Shakespeare!)  He asks her whether or not the Argents should sentence Derek to death, as if the murder would be some sort of “War Strategy,” and not an emotional response to the part he played in Allison’s mother’s demise.


Wait . . . that angry expression . . . those buggy eyes . . . I know that face from somewhere . . . I just can’t put my finger on . . .

AHHH!  It’s ALIVE . . . again!

Message sent and received.  Allison sentences Derek to death, with about as much emotion and concern as one would put into reciting a grocery list.  Even Papa Argent seems a bit appalled at his daughter’s new-found callousness.  He tries to tap into his daughter’s heartstrings, that reminding her that Lover Boy Scott, also played an unwitting role in her mother’s demise.

But Allison is not swayed.  She replies that Derek’s death is her “priority.”  In fact, it’s such a “priority” that she would willingly kill any of Derek pack members who got in the way of her mission . . . impliedly, this includes Scott . . .

*sniffle, sniffle*

Allison then receives a text message from Scott’s phone, and reveals the wolf pack’s location to her Nutbar family.

“Hey, check out this sext Scott sent me, Grandpa!”

It seems Peter Hale isn’t the only Big Bad from Season 1, who’s returning to the show.  Apparently, Kate Argent 2.0 is making an appearance as well . . .

“It’s like looking in a mirror.”

Speaking of becoming a completely different person . . .

Ahh Creepy Camera Guy Matt.    It wasn’t too long ago that this guy was just a mild-mannered, slightly un-interesting side character, who used to get off on taking Allison’s picture.  (And we’re still not 100% sure, why.)  That was before boyfriend decided to let his CRAZY out to play!  Now, he’s a gun toting, screaming, occasionally blubbering, hostage taker one who’s “Greatest Hits,” include murdering four innocent cops . . . just because, having Stiles’ dad chained to the wall, shooting the incredible skin regenerating Scott, in front of Mama Argent, and, perhaps most importantly, bringing two unrequited lovebirds together at last . .  .

“See?  I’m not all bad!”

In which Derek and Stiles take that nap together that they promised us . . .

A few weeks back, Tyler Hoechlin and Dylan O’Brien sat on a “ship,” their legs entwined, and promised us all that they would take “more naps” together.

Something tells me THIS is what they meant . . .

You know considering, the kanaima is supposed to ONLY murder killers, as part of some massive revenge plot, Jackson’s been getting a bit trigger happy, in the whole vengeance department.  Don’t you think?  I mean sure, he started out kind of clever,  avoiding killing a pregnant mother, because her child was an  innocent.  But now, he’s just offing cops, willy nilly, and paralyzing every cast member, in which he comes in contact.

More on this, in just a bit . . .

What’s important here is that Creepy Camera Guy Matt gives Kanaima Jackson the brilliant idea to paralyze Derek, and then paralyze Stiles, RIGHT ON TOP OF HIM!  Derek pretends to be annoyed, but we know he secretly loves it.  So, does Creepy Camera Guy Matt, who remarks on what a great match these two make . . . in other words, he’s a TOTAL Sterek shipper . . .

And so he creates the image that launches 1,000 fan fictions .  . .


DEREK: “I think you just bit my nipple.”

STILES: “Did you like it?”

DEREK: “A little bit . . . yeah.”

But then he flips Stiles over and puts his foot in his neck, and the little regard I had for Creepy Camera Guy Matt is completely lost.

However, as it turns out, there’s a method to Creepy Camera Guy’s madness.  He wants a copy of the bestiary.  You all remember the bestiary, right?

It turns out, Creepy Camera Guy Matt has been suffering some “skin issues,” and hopes that the bestiary will explain them.  Later, during an office pillow talk session,  Derek muses that Matt is turning into the kanaima himself, as a result of being such a b*tch ass Master to Jackson, and repeatedly making him kill and maim, non-killers.  That’s pretty clever, Derek!

DEREK: “Dude seriously needs to moisturize.”

STILES: “Should I lend him some of our personal lotion stash.”

DEREK: “F*%k no!  He tried to cut off your head, with his foot.  He can get his own.”

You know what else is clever?  Your idea to stab yourself in the leg with your long fingernails to trigger your wolfy healing process, and, as a result, get that kanaima toxin out of your system more quickly than usual . . . gross . . .

.  . . but clever . . .

In which we finally find out Creepy Camera Guy’s Origin Story . . .

It’s around this point in the episode,  when we finally learn Creepy Camera Guy Matt’s whole “deal” with the 2006 swim team.  I think most of us fans correctly assumed that he drowned.  What we didn’t know, is that he Didn’t Actually Die, which means none of these people were actually killers.  It kind of undermines the whole “kanaima” motto, no?

Personal issues with Matt’s backstory aside, I kind of liked the twist that what put Matt at the Lahey’s house on that fateful night (when he was still rather young) was his friendship with Isaac of all people.  There’s something kind of circular in that, right?

“You mean to tell me, I’m actually friends with this Creepy Camera Douche?  WTF!”

I also find it interesting that, of all the people involved in Matt’s drowning, it was the two Lahey’s who were most culpable .  . . Isaac’s dad, for inviting these underage kids to his house to drink in the first place, and for silencing Matt about what had happened to him, and Camden, for actually throwing him in the pool.  Of course, Matt never actually got to kill Camden, because he had already died in combat.  Bummer!

But hey, at least he still got to kill Dawson Leery’s dad!

The rest of the kids seemed no more culpable than drunk obnoxious bystanders at a bar fight . . .

Given all that, on the surface, I found it pretty difficult to sympathize with Creepy Camera Guy Matt, and his  weak murder motives.  But Stephen Lunsford, actually managed to make this story work to his character’s advantage.  His portrayal of an innocent child, who raged silently for half of his life, and then, suddenly was giving an outlet for his anger, that eventually unhinged and completely consumed him .  . . turning him into a monster far worse than his torturers, and worse, even, than Kanaima Jackson . . . kind of worked for me, even though his story didn’t.

They say, “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely.”  Think about all the times, in a fit of anger, you’ve wished in your mind for terrible things to happen to people.  Now, imagine if you learned that the mere act of thinking those things made them come true . . .

Pretty frightening, right?

Meanwhile, outside the police station . . .

In which Gerard quotes Shakespeare (again), and Allison reenacts scenes from the movie Kill Bill . . .

Silly Gerard!  Trying to rally your illiterate troops with obscure Shakespeare quotes about love and the mist of sighs . . . . ZZZZZZ . . .


Next time, stick with something they can understand like, “Let’s go shoot some sh*t.”

Anywhoo, the lights are out in the police station, and it’s all misty.  Allison runs into Scott, who immediately notices her black hoodie and game face, and undoubtedly thinks to himself.  “Woah . . . b*tch is pissed.”


Allison coldly tells Scott to get out of her way, which makes Scott cry man tears.  (We’ve been getting a lot of those this season.)

Then,  Allison and her dad have a fierce encounter with the kanaima.  It attacks her father first, and Allison fights back, by shooting an arrow in it’s eye.

“Why do I suddenly have a really bad headache?”

Unfortunately, Kanaima just swats at the arrow, like it’s an annoying fly in its face, and out it goes.  Then, she does this kind of cool Matrix-y move, where she goes flying toward the lizard thing, knife in hand.


“WEEEEEEEEE!  I’m flyinnnggggg!

But that moves lands her on the floor, experiencing the paralysis that pretty much every major cast member has suffered at the hands of the kanaima, this year.  Then, Matt pops by to rub it in Allison’s face, how she rejected him, and he got her on her back, anyway.  Now, that’s just cold!

Hey, Matt.  Take a hint . . .

In which Scott shows his “werewolf” to his mother . . . (He is SO grounded!)

I kind of loved the nerdy, blink and you’ll miss it scene, during which not-Sheriff Stilinski managed to break free from his handcuffs, and Mama McCall, who had been locked by Matt in a nearby cell, starting jumping up and down, and clapping like a giddy school girl.

She wasn’t clapping quite as much though, when Alpha Derek, and Kanaima Jackson started beating the crap out of one another in their respective supernatural forms.  The good news about that, is that Scott was there, to save the day . . .

The bad news, is that this means Mama McCall got a glimpse of his sideburns, and weird pointy wolf snout.  Talk about a face only a mother could love . . .


“You must get most of your genes from your dad’s side of the family.”

It only took almost two seasons, but Mama McCall is finally slightly less clueless than she was before . . .

In which someone experiences an EXTREMELY ironic death, and someone else gets a new pet . . .

Speaking of Mama McCall, one of the big twists of the episode (and a nice bit of continuity on the writers part) was the reveal that Scott had been secretly working with Gerard, and feeding him information about Derek’s pack, ever since the old man threatened Scott with his mother’s life.


Of course, Derek is around to hear this exchange, and he is NOT amused . . .


*single manly tear*

There’s a lot of focus, in this scene on Gerard and those pills he’s always taking.  Needless to say, this isn’t the kind of guy,  who’s body could withstand a supernatural transformation.  And I’m going to go into why I think that’s important, in just a bit  .  . .

In the chilling, final scenes of the episode, we watched Gerard, drag Creepy Camera Guy Matt toward the water, and . . . you guessed it . . . drown him, WITH HIS BARE HANDS.  In the words of Alanis Morissette, “Isn’t it ironic?  Don’t ya think?”

“I’ll never take a creepy picture again! *sob, gurgle, gurgle, glug*”

The drowning scene was uncomfortably long.  And part of me was waiting for, (a) Creepy Camera Guy Matt to FINALLY turn kanaima, as it had been teased that he would earlier in the episode, and fight back; or (b) Kanaima Jackson to rescue his Master.

Neither of these things actually happened.  What did happen was that Gerard ended up being the one to play paddy cake with Jackson Kanaima, thereby making the Old Shakespeare Quoting, Pill-Popping, Asshat the lizard’s new Master.

Hand porn

My theory on this?  Gerard and his “Kill all werewolves” mentality will ultimately end up abusing the kanaima curse far worse than Matt ever did.  This will ultimately cause Gerard to turn into a kanaima, one who will either (a) die during transformation; or (b) end up being controlled himself by none other than Corpse Man, Peter Hale . . .

Oh, did I mention that Undead Man has been watching this entire thing from up on high?  Because he HAS been.  And he’s been looking good doing it.  Peter Hale, I say his in all honesty: “Death really does become you.”



Next week, on Teen Wolf . . .

See ya then, Werebangers!

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28 responses to “Scarred for Life – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Furor”

  1. Johan

    Ha, I was right. Matt have been showing before that he have no problems intruding on others privacy.

    I did feel a bit bad for how Matt died. And felt very bad for Derek poor guy, cant trust anybody. Scott is very good at choosing the bad choices. He should have told Derek the truth. How can he throw Derek under the bus AGAIN. And his pack too.

    I felt bad for Melissa too. I hope she doesnt do what Joice Summers did.

    I fear that Melissa or Stiles father will die at the end of the season. If Melissa dies we will meet Scotts horrible father in season three and finally find out what he did that. OFcourse if Stiles dad dies then the town will have no police at all, they will be completly in the hands of the Argents as the town cant afford hiring new police.

    • Hey Johan. Oh, I REALLY hope they don’t kill Stiles’ dad. For one thing, I love the relationship between Stiles and his father. It’s probably one of my favorite family relationships on the show. For another, I think it would be difficult for the writers to continue writing Stiles as the generally upbeat, wise cracking guy he is, after wrenching BOTH his parents from him in an untimely way. Teen Wolf can be a pretty dark show. But it always maintains it’s solid comedic edge. I think throwing a massively depressed Stiles into the mix would cause the series to lose that edge.

      I do agree with you about Scott’s dad, though. This would be a good excuse to bring him in to the show. On the other hand, perhaps we could bring in Scott’s dad, without killing off his mom. What if Scott’s dad’s a werewolf from the rival pack that might be coming on the show in Season 3. It would definitely explain his absence from Scott’s life, for all this time. (He would have been trying to protect his family.) It also would connect that much more to next season’s big bad.

      Definitely, Gerard is going to be one of the big deaths on the show. (Dude is totally asking for it, with his kanaima abuse.) As for another death though, I think the death of one of Derek’s pack could be quite poignant.

      • Johan

        I hope both Scotts and Stiles parents stay alive. I like Melissa and Xsheriff stiles. Regarding who in Dereks pack will die, they have said that Issac will stay for season three so it is either the only black werewolf or the only female werewolf. Lucky Danny isnt a werewolf or the only gay werewolf would be in danger too.

      • Andre

        Wow, if one of them dies this will reek of either sexism or racism to many. And let’s be honest, the only one of the main cast that might be considered Non-white is Posey and he still looks like European (simply not like the stereotypical version that is promoted in the US, you know that we are all as pale as I am unless we tan), no matter what his ancestry might be. When casting all-American guys or everyday people, normally much paler people are cast.

        As a matter of fact Davis already responded to allegations of racism and I think the criticism is valid:
        Seriously, why did Erica get a background but not Boyd? That is odd, since she doesn’t have much more screentime and her current background isn’t adding much to the series either.

        He also stated that he wants to create a world without sexism, racism, homophobia and the like in the show and that supernatural characters should stand in as replacements for that. I hope he gets down from that cloud real quickly, because let’s face it that particular building of his already collapsed in the first season and even if not it did this season first and foremost with the portrayal of Erica as a vixen.

      • Andre

        I actually found more:
        First Colton Haynes once dressed in a Halloween costume that is… well, it was clear that allegations of blackface would surface:

        Also Haynes is considered “non-white” because he is “half-Cherokee”…
        Correctly if I am mistaken, but is that even possible? Either you are Cherokee or you are not, it’s not a racial term after all. In addition since Cherokee adopted much more customs of the British than other nations I doubt that someone like Haynes actually is distinct from an Anglo-American in any way.
        Also if someone like Haynes is considered “non-white” what is white and how should that absolve any show of allegations of racism? Seriously does he have any feature not associated with stereotypical Europeans? Is his “non-white” status another example of the one-drop rule, simply associated with Native Americans this time? I hope not because dealing with all those white “blacks” is already nerve-racking enough. also featured an entry on the issue, and I think this really cannot be denied:

        “Yes, this is a show about lacrosse-playing werewolves in an otherwise “pretty ordinary middle class suburb” in California. No one is asking for A Very Special Episode About Racism (Ft. Magical Beings), but we could still see fleshed out, acknowledged PoC characters that act as more than props, scenery, and spiritual guides. Believe it or not, there’s no trick to writing these characters, no experience that you missed out on as a child that wouldn’t allow you to expand on the characters of a teenage boy or a grown man. Plot lines for Black characters (or any PoC character) do not have to center around the color of their skin. When you exist in a world where getting bitten by a werewolf is a more pressing concern than discrimination that rule should only increase ten-fold.”

        Not to mention that Erica is portrayed as an object of desire for many students, as apparent by the scene in the cafeteria and the class room, and she is also blond. So what if, wittingly or unwittingly, she is another example of the white blond female being the pinnacle of beauty.

        Sad as it is, I think there is a real possibility that Davis might mean well but that he actually cannot see past his own notions and … well white privilige.

  2. East Coast Captain

    Interesting episode though I wouldn´t say Scott deliberately betrayed his pack. He did for his mom because that old man threatened her, an innocent human. Though I agree Gerard will abuse the Kanima worse than Matt and that will be his downfall. Like Witch Doctor said, nothing comes without a price.

    There is a theory going around that Scott´s father is a werewolf though the werewolf curse did not afflict Scott skipped a generation if you will. I think when he was bitten, the curse must have or will awaken those werewolf genes in him.

    Oh Allison becoming Kate 2.0. I hope she regains reason or she´ll end up just like Kate. I wonder what killing Derek accomplish, it won´t bring her mother back it only serve to further that void and when you revenge on the mind, it will only further pain.

    • Hey East Coast Captain. I definitely think Scott betrayed Derek to protect his mother. But the way he did it was kind of underhanded. Had Scott simply revealed the situation to Derek, I’m sure Derek would have understood, and went a long with it. (Then again, that wouldn’t create as much drama for the series.)

      I think, given the way Scott handled this situation, it’s going to be hard for Derek not to take it personally. He’ll feel like Scott used Derek’s trust in and big brother feelings for the younger wolf to deliberately manipulate him into giving up information that could easily have cost him his own life, and the life of his pack.

      Knowing Derek, I’m also not sure whether he will confront Scott directly with his betrayal. He might try to deliberately give him misinformation, or set a trap for the latter to fall into with Gerard. And then nobody wins.

  3. Amazing as always. 🙂 Your recap seriously made my day. Thank you!!!

  4. Andre

    One thing I have to say first:
    The episode name is “Fury” not “Furor”. 😉

    You know, since you brought the editing question up:
    Is it possible to simply edit a video that fast? Ok, it is of course, but where did Matt get the equipment so fast?

    When I saw Matt looking at Jackson through the camera I just thought:
    “Wait didn’t that happen after Isaac’s dad got killed?”
    So apparently Matt doesn’t seem to be responsible for everything the Kanaima did. And the vision it showed Matt apparently was evidence for this. So I think the Kanaima might not be as much of a tool as we were thought to believe in that regard.
    It seems that I was partly right with one of my earlier theories on the Kanaima, it didn’t react to the desire for vengeance.

    And yeah, the trick with hiding Matt in plain sight was really well done, I mean who would have thought that the answer would be so fitting, especially after Peter in last season. They apparently tricked us again. Makes me wonder whether they will use Harrison as a deterrent in the next season as well.

    Now as for him being curious… well its Jackson Whitemore and seriously, what rich guy doesn’t have the aura of being weird in America? At least that is what American media suggests and I think thereby Matt might be a pretty normal case.

    I was so right in that you would simply unable to resist shirtless Tyler Hoechlin. I bet for this scene he did some extra pushups beforehand.
    You know considered that this is to be an action show they target the Teen Girl demographic quite heavily don’t you think? Then again, I doubt that shirtlessness is what keeps the female viewers watching. After all if they want crappy romance they can watch TVD. No, I am sure they are here for the action as well.

    What the vet said to Derek about his competence regarding being Alpha reminded me of what a wolf researchers whose stuff I read said: “Even Alphas can be idiots.”
    Seriously someone just had to tell him.
    However what made me more curious is the Vet’s talk about Gerard. Because it begs the question, how old he actually is. By the demeanor and looks in his early to mid-thirties but his statements makes me wonder what there is to him. Or perhaps he spent a lot of time (10 years is a lot) somewhat close to Gerard or perhaps gathering intelligence about him. After all Scott was only 16 at the start of the show so he could not have worked in the clinic for more than 2 years maximum and Derek didn’t really knew of the Vet except for vague stuff his sister told him, so perhaps he came to Deacon Hills also quite recently, because the Argent’s didn’t seem to know much about him either and they clearly lived in town before the fire as well.

    Now if Derek is still an Alpha, why did he loose the red eyes? Or had that nothing to do with his Alpha status? I mean the different looks of Derek, Peter and Laura were mentioned time and again.
    So is there more to that?
    It can’t be packsize and thereby gathering power since Peter had no pack when he was in man-beast form. And actually Derek doesn’t seem that much stronger.

    Could be that the Vet doesn’t know about Scott and Gerard, or that he knows it and sees things from a different strategic point? And let’s face it, none of the werewolves so far proved very smart, at least not while still alive.

    Now as for trusting Scott:
    You can trust him because he is on average not smart enough to fool someone. Seriously the mastermind behind his current infiltration of Derek’s pack is Gerard. Would Derek not be such an idiot he might have noticed it.

    And how many police guys does this town have?

    You know this whole scene with Gerard and Allison was kind of a double-edged sword to me. His manipulation of her was brilliant of course, but it all made me doubt how much there is to this whole matriarchy thing among the Argents? Like I wrote in the comment to your last recap I have my doubts about this whole thing.
    But I also wonder whether it isn’t my own bias that is at work here? I mean if this were the other way around and Gerard would be a Gerardine who is manipulating young male Alex we would applaud her, but because it is not I jump to the conclusion that the matriarchy thing I lip service. But perhaps it’s not and Gerard is working effectively in the given system and uses his strengths.

    Speaking of bias:
    You know another possible explanation for Erica’s portrayal in the last episode came to my mind:
    She is the most monstrous. Female werewolves seem especially horrific because what makes a werewolf a werewolf is basically the antithesis of what defines appropriate femininity. So that she was able to pull that weird thing from her head might not be a sign of her strength as a woman but of her danger as a werewolf. I mean even if she can endure more pain, why should that thing be necessary to keep her contained? Wouldn’t strong chains do the same?

    Now Allison: You had the same impression I had. Mrs Argent is apparently dead. Now I don’t thing Allison is much like Kate, except for the more martial style, but very much like her mother since I am sure Reed modeled her performance after that of the actress playing Mrs. Argent.

    And yes Jackson is really murdering a bit too much for a simple tool of retribution and the whole “you turn into the Kanaima” thing is not really an explanation in my eyes.

    Now perhaps it is a bit premature to say that the people in the pool aren’t killers. But before I come to that:
    Sad as it is but I think what happened is quIte realistic, based on what was stated the coach pretty much made sure that these people think of themselves as better in some way, they probably never even realized what they did there and considered that I saw people completely sober just laughing their heads of about an absolutely serious situations this could be happening. And people like that are practically designated to be even less perceptive when drunk.
    Sorry but Mel Gibson was wrong in that regard.
    Now back to the actual thing. It is quite possible that Matt had been clinically dead for at least a short time and had to be reanimated, therefore triggering the Kanaima’s actions.
    Now considered how Mr. Lahey reacted we can be sure that guy had been an asshole for quite some time. Obviously he only cared about his prestige and would not step up to face the consequences of his actions. Makes me wonder how much of that the writers had used to create Isaac. After all he already showed similarities in behavior.
    Of course his dad is also a good case of cowardice: he blames Matt albeit Matt is the last person to blame in the whole pool incidence.
    Now considered the behavior of those assholes and that it was apparently so insignificant to them that the mechanic didn’t even remember him speaks a lot about what sort of people they were.
    That Matt got on rampage due to them simply getting away doesn’t make it right, or effective, what he did but you have to ask yourself how many other possible ways there would have been for him now.
    Personally making it public would have been better but in this case the only sober person would never tell and if Isaac saw anything he definitely never told either.
    So I have to disagree on your take on those people. They could see what was happening, there was no direct risk for themselves involved and they did nothing anyway.

    Now I know how “Ödipus” is pronounced in English and damn, does it sound weird.
    And I wonder how many people it will take for Scott for finally getting how ignorant he is.
    Seriously, he doesn’t know who Oedipus is?
    However Matt’s speech made me think:
    Perhaps that is why Jackson is a reptile (referred to as a snake) rather than a jaguar as in the bestiary and what Stiles had found. Perhaps his look was a reference to the snakes of the Furies.
    That is a possibility I think.

    I will hold back my judgment about Mama McCall for now. Let’s just hope they give us something better than what TVD and Buffy gave us in such situations.

    And here I was asking myself halfway through the episode when the whole thing between Scott and Gerard would come up and whether Gerard would still try to use Jackson.
    And could a man of Gerard’s age simply strangle a guy like Matt? This guy gets more and more mysterious.

    Now Peter’s face at the scene when Gerard and the Kanaima bounded was priceless.

    Maybe you are right about Gerard’s fate or maybe not. However I do wonder what will happen if he does die. I mean 3 members of a family die in such short time? That is bound to have consequences in both real life and this show.
    Now this reminds me that Mama Argent stated at the end of season 1 that Kate wasn’t responsible for the Hale fire or at least “didn’t do it”. Whether this will ever be explained….

    • Johan

      When did Victoria claim that Kate didnt start the fire? I thought it was made clear that Kate was the guilty one?

      • Andre

        No idea, it was simply stated by her in the last minutes of season 1. Whether that was a hint to something more going or simply her refusal to believe it, I don’t know.

      • Johan

        Having rewatched the episode, she say the line after throwing the newspaper away. The newspaper blame the deaths caused by Peter Hale on Kate, so I guess that she was pissed of that murders caused by a werewolf is blamed on a hunter.

    • Hey Andre! Hmm, actually I saw the episode title posted as both “Furor” and “Fury.” I’m not sure why I chose “Furor” though. Perhaps, I thought it sounded angrier. 🙂

      Having done a little video editing myself, in the past, I can confirm that what Matt did wouldn’t have taken that long to accomplish. In fact, he probably could have done it right in his car, using a video editing app from his iPhone. A skilled video editor could have definitely looped the footage in less than the two hours it took Jackson do go on his killing spree, as the kanaima, and return safely to his bed as Jackson.

      I kind of love your idea of having a running joke on the show be that, no matter who the big bad is, the town always suspects Mr. Harris, and he always ends up being innocent. 🙂 Then, in the final season of the series, around the second-to-last episode we will learn that Mr. Harris has been this Dr. Evil-type character, who’s been behind everything all along. 🙂

      Oh, I totally started watching Teen Wolf for the camp factor, and obligatory shirtlessness. 🙂 But I think I stayed for the fun plots, and surprisingly intelligent character development . . . and the shirtlessness, of course. As for action, to be honest, extended action sequences usually bore me, both in movies and on TV. (If that makes me a total “girl,” so be it.) But Teen Wolf manages to keep them both short and well-choreographed enough to hold my interest.

      Regarding Erica, you bring up an interesting question: What does a werewolf’s pain threshold have to do with their ability to break through the chains? Shouldn’t it just be an issue of strength? Here’s my theory. All werewolves are actually strong enough to break through the chains (we’ve certainly seen enough of them do it). However, what keeps them from doing so, immediately, is that the burst of strength required to break through metal and steel is incredibly painful. And werewolves, like most animals, avoid experiencing pain, on instinct. Except . . . well . . . I can think of a few situations in which women endure voluntary bodily pain to reach a certain desired result. 😉 Derek applies pressure to Erica’s head, instead of her body, because THAT would be a type of pain she wasn’t used to experiencing, and, as a result, perhaps might be more likely to instinctively avoid? Just a thought . . .

      As for the Vet, Seth Gilliam is actually 43, according to Wikipedia. (Looks good for his age, doesn’t he? :)) Assuming he’s playing a character around the same age that he is, this puts him right around the same age as most of the parents on Teen Wolf. It would also give him a solid amount of time (about 20 years, at least) working as a . . . advisor, or whatever. And while he might have been a bit younger than Derek’s parents, since he had been raised into a family of . . . “advisors,” they probably trusted him enough to rely on him for whatever information and healing salves they needed. As for the Vet’s knowledge of Gerard, I suspect he learned a good deal of that from his parents and grandparents, in addition to his own personal experience.

      I actually have a little theory as to why Derek never fully embraces his true Alpha Gorilla-looking self, that I’m toying with now in a fanfiction I’m writing :). But I’d like to think that the writers will address this, by the end of the season. After all, the gorilla suit made Peter SEEM like a much stronger Alpha physically than Derek has ever shown himself to be. And if Derek DOES have that kind of power at his disposal, now would certainly be a good time to use it. Don’t you think? 😉

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed the weird eye thing Allison did, in that scene where she pretty much sentenced Derek’s entire pack, Scott included, to death. I think you are right about Reed modeling that performance on the actress who played her mother. On the other hand, I think the Black Hoodie-Wearing Allison from her hallucination was very much modeled after Kate. I guess that makes sense, since Mama Argent had always been more of a pack decision maker, while Kate was more of a rouge enforcer. So, when Allison embodies each role, she envisions herself as the female she watched do it, before her.

      I’m still not sold on Matt’s “murder.” After hearing his story, Kanaima Jackson’s “they killed me,” statement seemed more than a bit dramatic. Then again, when I think back to “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” which I think this storyline was partly modeled after anyway (the movie was actually just on television again this weekend), SPOILER ALERT, they didn’t actually kill that fisherman guy, either. 🙂

      But still, I feel like in “I know what you did,” each of the teens, with the exception of, perhaps, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character, played a much more active role in the fisherman’s almost demise, than the swim team kids did here. (i.e. They hit him with a car. They took their pulse to make sure he was dead. They dragged his body into a lake, and tossed him in. And fought with him underwater, attempting to drown him, when he turned out to be not so much dead.)

      Now, you know I’m never one to defend Scott’s intelligence. But I think he did actually KNOW about Oedipus. He just mixed him up with Oestes, which, having read up briefly on the two, is actually a fairly understandable mistake. (They even both have psychological complexes named after them that pretty much mean the exact same thing.) I know for me, personally, I’ve read Oedipus, and learned about the furies, in school. But none of my teachers ever actually covered Oestes. I guess it depends on how heavily your particular high school or college chooses to focus on Greek mythology. 🙂

      I definitely think Gerard will suffer a painful death at his own hand, when he turns into the kanaima, after having abused it’s power, and his weak pill-popping body rejects the change. That whole “Matt turning into the kanaima,” plotline was just too tantalizing to mention, and unceremoniously drop like that, for it not to be important. And the shows cast and writers have teased a lot of black blood in the season finale, signifying that somebody’s body is rejecting some sort of transformation. This particular rejection just seems the most poetic to me . . . a Big Bad, who ends up literally destroying himself, with his own rage and hubris. Good stuff. 🙂

      • Andre

        Well, I hope you read my other comments. I just couldn’t resist throwing that topic in.

        Personally “furor” sounds like some sort of fat lion that is a king of the jungle wannabe. Perhaps there was a typo and that’s why it was called Furor once, or is that an actual word?

        I hope Mr. Harris won’t be used again, because a joke like that can get old pretty fast. Kind of like in TVD when they announce the next big bad or next solution to the big bad only to have both fail again, which pretty much everybody here suspected time and again in the last season.
        And Harris as Dr. Evil… naa, I don’t think that would give the show points.

        And no, extended action seens bore me after a while too, so you can stay one of the boys. 😉

        Your explanation for Erica’s breaking free might be considered an explanation, but I doubt that this is the actual reason. I think her agression and blood-thirst is the more likely one. Even if it is probably not intended. Or Davis tried to break the weak-female stereotype, however I think he is not really doing a good job in breaking stereotypes, not on a big scale.
        As for women experiencing pain deliberately… if you are referring to body waxing and the like, forget it, that is no longer an all-women club. 😉

        And yep, Seth Gillian does look very good for his age, the only other people I know who do equally are B.D. Wong and Dustin Nguyen. Or perhaps the show has good make-up. I mean when you see Posey off stage you instantly see that he is not a teenager in any way. 😀
        But in the show they somehow manage to hide his frame and shadow.
        And yes if he is of the same age than it would fit, I just hope he gets more background with time so that the show won’t face the allegations I mentioned in the other comments anymore. Would be a waste if you ask me.

        I am excited to see what you wrote in your fanfic.

        Maybe the difference between Derek and Peter will be explained. Or maybe not. I don’t think the show has plotholes, it simply stays realistic and as such not everything will be explained.

        We will see about Gerard.

        So that was one of my, I think four posts today. I just hope I didn’t forget anything. Oh well, the next Teen Wolf episode is tomorrow so.

        By the way, don’t forget to keep in mind what an historic date tomorrow is.

      • Andre

        Damn, I did forget something:
        If Davis really wants to create a world without racism and the like, then why does he use white statists so often? Seriously, if it is a fantasy world anyway, why not ahve more diversity and give hithertho less known actors good roles?
        Many non-white actors struggle to find good roles that are not typecast for stereotypes.

        And one thing also. Someone did notice the portrayal of Bonnie in “The Vampire Diaries and called it racist:
        You will love this because it mentions so many thinks and points out so many. You will love it. 😉
        And there is so much more:

        I practically inhaled the articles

  5. Hey, great recap as ever. 🙂

    Egads, the way Matt pronounced Oedipus made my skin crawl. Maybe it’s an american pronunciation but I can guarantee you that otherwise it is EE-doh-pus not Adapus or whatever it was he said. 😛

    If Papa Stiles or Mama McCall cop it there will be blood. I can’t WAIT to see what Melissa does in terms of knowing about Scott now. I think eventually she’ll stand by him, she seems a good, loving mother. Maybe she’ll even team up with Deacon! (PS. Deacon rhymes with Beacon [Hills]…coincidence? This is totally far fetched but maybe the vet is the benign spirit of the town, helping out its wolfy inhabitants… that French teacher/counseller definitely seems a little witchy to me, and from what we’ve seen it seems she’s in cohorts with Deacon, if not related.)

    Jackson seems to be killing way too many people, what did those cops do? I have a theory that the Kaniama will out grow its master and then do whatever IT wants… hopefully turning on Gerard and giving him a slow and painful death. But is the kaniama Jackson, or a possessing thing? That’s the question – though Jackson is a butthead I can’t imagine the murdering randomly is down to his personality, he’s evil, but not EVIL if you know what I mean.

    The Argents behaved like morons, if you want good ‘strategic’ leadership you do NOT give the reigns to the teenager whose mum has just died! Yeah ‘Kill them all’ that’s really an unemotional response right there! Clearly Gerard let her take control because he knew he could manipulate Allison in this state to be all bloodthirsty, but her dad should have known better – a lot better, veteran, moral hunter that he is.

    I hope Jackson doesn’t die! He’s a very interesting character.
    Speaking of interesting I’m excited to see what Reed does with Allison now, this new side to her is very fascinating, I just hope she doesn’t go evil like Kate.

    Didn’t see Matt coming. Honestly had Harris pinned on that one! Sad that Matt died, I quite liked him and he was an interesting baddie. And I have to agree with Andre – his motive was believable. Imagine being that powerless, and those idiots on the swim team were clearly really sick, the way they behaved. I can understand how that’d twist someone like that. But what does this mean for Isaac, we haven’t seen him supposedly being friends with Matt at all! Or, maybe, after that incident, they drifted apart – that’d make more sense.

    I’m actually glad to see Peter back because I can’t wait to see him pwn that evil Gerard’s arse. God I hate the man. Scott should have stolen the pills when he picked them up, wouldn’t we all like to see what would happen to him without them!

    Poor Scott, he was doing ‘the right thing’ by helping Gerard but I wonder how long it’ll take Derek to figure that out. I think some time in the future Derek and Scott are going to fight it out and Scott will come out on top as supreme alpha and lead the pack.

    In the meantime this episode was such a corker, even better than last week if possible, how on EARTH are they going to improve on it for the finale?! 😀

    The little Derek and Stiles moment – WIN. God I love those two. I love that Derek acts all exasperated with Stiles the whole time. I just really wish there was a chance of Sterek becoming canon… I can’t see it on this show. Ridiculously in-your-face as Teen Wolf is about its support for homosexuality, what with the token gays, gay bars, men kissing, gay references almost EVERY EPISODE ( I’m not complaining, I love a bit of man on man, it’s just that you don’t get all this fuss about it in the UK because no-one cares anyway 😛 ) somehow I can’t imagine that Sterek is something within the character spheres of Derek and Stiles that the writers would ever be aiming for. Ah well, a girl can dream. Who knows, the show is still almost in its ‘infancy’…

    Are there any main stream US shows out there with a leading gay couple? Theres Barney on HIMYM but he’s the only one I can think of. I don’t know, would it be a big deal in America if the main, MAIN characters (because srsly who cares about Scott) were openly gay? I can’t think that it would hurt the ratings; surely MORE people would tune in to see those hot pieces of ass getting off with eachother – or would there be an outcry? I know nothing about general opinions. All I know about gay couple fanon in the US is that Destiel have NO chance of ever getting on air on Supernatural *sob* but I don’t know whether that reflects the general TV mood. 🙂

    Oh I watched the video about the competition winner – damn she is one awesome lady. Genuinly would love to meet her. Her little role was brilliant too, she actually showed some real talent there. More talent than is possessed by a certain Mr Posey, I believe. (Have you heard him sing with his band? Don’t bother.) Maybe I’m just being mean but… until Scott’s character becomes more interesting than just a stupid reflection of his DEEP LOVE for ALLISON then Posey doesn’t have a lot to work with. But who cares, it’s all girls watching the show anyway and since he looks good, it’s all cool in Beacon Hills. 😉

    Maddy 😛

    • Oh before I forget, there’s so much gay love on this show, so where on earth are the lesbiasns? Homosexuality works for both genders! 😉

      • Andre

        Lesbians don’t have quite the same “market appeal” than gays do, meaning they don’t attract that much controversy. With gays that is mostly because they are stereotypically regarded as less masculine than heterosexuals (bisexuals are frequently ignored) and such a thing seems, in this case, more dangerous to patriarchy than “masculine” females.
        So far I remember only one reference to lesbianism:
        In the episode where Lydia and Jackson got the Kanaima test one of the students that immediately raised their hands to be partnered with Erica was a girl. You can see her sitting to the right (from the viewers perspective) of Erica. She has a slight tan and long black hair and her hand is raised only head high and her eyes are on Erica.
        By the way Erica’s portrayal drove me to publish a more progressive she-wolf on Deviantart:

        Oh and one thing I just realized today. It seems like if you play a werewolf hunter once, you do it again 😀

        Well I think this next one will be more obvious, even if it is just as brief:

      • Johan

        In Venomous when Mr Harris ask who should work with the new sexy Erica, almost every guy stand up and one girl.

      • Andre

        As far as I remember he stated that he wasn’t asking for volunteers and that the people should keep their hormons under control

    • Andre

      Personally I don’t get what there is about Sterek. Derek clearly can barely stand Stiles (I would rather guess it’s his own form of racism) and I doubt he would make a good match to anyone.
      And let’s face it, it is still a US-show and there is truth behind the statement that when in such cases non-straight characters appear they are usually reduced to their sexual orientation. So perhaps it’s better that Stiles stays straight so we can have Stiles. I fear that a bisexual Stiles would be reduced to simply a bisexual.
      As for the high frequency of gay males, well see below.
      Albeit I do wish that they would have featured some faux queens instead of the run-of-the-mill drag queen.
      I mean if a non-heterosexual person does something “genderuntypical” this is practically expected. It has a bigger effect if a heterosexual does something like that.

      • Andre

        Sorry, still not getting it. Being attracted to someone shows itself in other ways. :/

      • Where’s your sense of romance? Ever hear of unrequited love? 😉 I’ happen to be an expert on the subject . . .

        Besides, I’m not sure how the Parent Teacher Council would cope with an entire episode of Teen Wolf dedicated to boners. 🙂

      • Andre

        Well I doubt that they would like an episode with that topic. Either way, I think someone like Stiles would be bored with someone like Derek pretty fast. Also neither Derek nor Stiles were shown with any affection towards one another in my eyes. And I am afraid that if they would ship, that both would just become the gay ones and we would loose the Stiles that we have and love. :/

    • Hey Maddy. 🙂 Hmm, I always pronounced it Ed-i-puhs. (Silent “O,” soft “i,” soft “u”). I’m not sure if it’s an American pronunciation, but it always made sense to me. 😉

      I too think Scott’s mom will ultimately embrace her son’s werewolfism. I know Scott took his mother’s reaction as a personal rejection. But I saw her tearful, “Oh no,” as more of a “how awful for you, that you have to experience life this way, and I can’t protect you from it.”

      Other’s have suggested that her reaction was one that came from a point of personal knowledge, as she already experienced werewolfism, first hand, with Scott’s father, and was trying to protect her son from it. I think that’s a possibility too. Either way, I can’t see Scott’s mom ever willingly rejecting her son. Right now, they are truly all each other have, in terms of family. (Of course, Scott does have Stiles too. :))

      I know Neil Patrick Harris is gay in real life, but I thought Barney was a straight womanizer on HIMYM. (I’ve actually only watched the show, once or twice. So, I’m not entirely sure. As for leading gay couples on mainstream shows . . . hmmm . . . Will and Grace featured two gay leads, both of whom had romantic relationships that were featured prominently on the show. Jack from Dawson’s Creek also had a relationship, that was never the main storyline, but always a side one. Grey’s Anatomy features Callie and Arizona, as a gay couple, both of whom are series regulars. Currently, on Pretty Little Liars, Emily Fields is gay, and has had three or four romantic relationships featured primarily in the series. There were also a number of gay couplings on all three series’ of the UK show Skins . . . but, I guess that’s not a US show, so . . . 🙂

      You know, I don’t think Jeff Davis ever set out to make Derek or Stiles gay. But it’s entirely possible that the strong fan response toward the ship might change his mind. From a storyline perspective, it would definitely be workable. Derek has a sexual past with Kate. But that relationship seemed more predatory than romantic. And though clearly SEXY, Derek comes across as almost asexual on the show, up to this point, having not been romantically linked, or shown any interest so far, in any of the female characters on the show. (I mean, sure, he SEDUCED Erica, charmed the lady cop, and flirted briefly with Allison in the pilot. But those acts seemed more strategic, than romantic.)

      As for Stiles, because his crush on Lydia, up to this point has been unrealized, and largely fantasy (unfortunately, for me, because I’m a shipper), I think it would be possible to go the gay or bisexual route with Stiles. The writers could ret-con the whole Lydia infatuation, as Stiles’ unconscious desire to BE straight, or as simply a safe crush to tell people he has, since he knows he never has to follow through with it. (You know, kind of like the nerdy teens in US TV shows, who are always pretending to have an imaginary girlfriend in “Canada,” to hide the fact that they never get laid. 🙂

  6. Ali

    Hey jules…been a while

    2 things: i think the episode´s name is fury… but i´m not sure (as those mythical creatures creepy camera guy was talking about when Scott was completely lost and having no clue of anything he was listening to)

    My favorite part of the recap was the gif of allison crying . Its name is Heir of slytherin…PRICELESS!!!!!

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