The Hand that Rocked the Video Camera – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Know Your Frenemies”

Oh, lighten up, girls!  The Jersey Shore isn’t THAT BAD!

Welcome back, my Pretties!   Well .  . . it seems we are one week closer to figuring out who A, and Ali’s killer, are.  (According to the PLL writers, the mysterious “A’s” identity should be revealed next week.)  Given the events of this week, we can now be pretty sure that “A” and Ali’s killer are two different people.  Inevitably, this begs the question of what, exactly, “A’s” motives are? 

After all, this week, for the first time, we witnessed “A” doing things that ostensibly seemed to help the girls, both in their personal relationships, and in their quest to solve the mystery of their friend’s murder. 


So, what’s the deal?  Is A seeking simply to seek vengeance against the girls, for wrongs they have purportedly committed against her (or him) in the past?  Or does she (or he) have more complex motives than that?  Let’s analyze, shall we?

A Whisper in the Dark

Is it just me, or does the fact that Spencer is wearing BRAIDED PIGTAILS make this scene seem much more ominious than it would otherwise?

With her boyfriend, Alex, pissed at her, Spencer is no longer getting laid. 

I know someone who could fix that for you, Spencer . . .

As a result, she’s got A LOT of time on her hands.  And what better way to spend your spare time, than stalking your recently-married sister, and her quite possibly sociopathic boyfriend?  When the episode begins, Spencer is eavesdropping in the stairwell of the basement where newlyweds, Melissa and Sociopath Ian, have formed their temporary Love Nest.  Conveniently, she overhears them both whispering incriminating things to one another like “No one can know.”  and “We are in this together.” 

When Spencer’s monstrously large feet creek on the steps, Melissa becomes paranoid, and rushes to investigate.  In doing so, she just misses Spencer, who dashes back to her bedroom, and shuts the door, just in time to escape detection.  And wouldn’t you know it?  The minute Spencer gets back to her computer, the ALL POWERFUL, ALL KNOWING, ALMOST GODLIKE “A” has left her an e-mail . . .

Married for love or an alibi? – A

Well, THANKYOU Captain Obvious!  (“A” maybe all-powerful, and all-knowing, but her messages seem to be getting lamer and less funny, with each passing week.  What gives, PLL writers?)

The next morning, Sociopath Ian finds Spencer in the kitchen, and starts threateningly asking her questions about what she may or may not have heard the night before.  Spencer claims she didn’t even know the Happy Couple was home.  But the Deer in Headlights expression on her face says differently . . .

Sociopath Ian informs Spencer that he and Melissa will not be sticking around Rosewood, as originally thought. Instead, they plan to move to Philly (on the lam?)  “We are family now,” Sociopath Ian tells Spencer menacingly, “I hope you start thinking of me that way.”  (Hey, Ian.  You know who else was really into family?  Norman Bates from Psycho . . .)

“A boy’s best friend is his mother.”

Recalling the MYSTERIOUS GOLF TAG attached to Ian’s bags . . .

 . . . which were also attached to Alison’s bags on the night she died, Spencer asks Ian a few pointed questions about the resort and golf course.  When Ian refuses to take the bait, she decides to investigate the matter further . . .

The next day, the Oh-So-Clever Spencer contacts the resort, pretending she is Ian’s wife, who is interested in getting information about the room where he stayed.  (By doing this, Spencer hopes to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Ian HAD, in fact, gone away with Ali, the weekend before she died.)  Inexplicably, she makes the call using a Laughably Bad Southern Accent.  (Why the accent, Spencer?  Do you think they are going recognize your voice?   Not everyone who works at the Hilton Head watches Pretty Little Liars, you know?)

Of course, the good ole’ folks at Hilton Head confirm that Ian (who apparently wasn’t smart enough to use a pseudonym, when he checked into a hotel room with a girl who was OH SO OBVIOUSLY underage) had, in fact, stayed at the hotel with a “guest,” shortly before Ali was murdered.  Despite the fact that this would be a FABULOUS lead for the police to investigate, when the New Chief Detective on the case (a.k.a. NotDeputyDouchey) conveniently pops in on the girls, Spencer says nothing.

“Dammit, Spencer!  You couldn’t have said ONE SENTENCE to me about Sociopath Ian?  I was one line away from getting my SAG card!”

Back at home, while supposedly “studying,” Spencer embodies the Nosy Neighbor in every single Family Sitcom ever made, by snooping around in Ian’s moving boxes for clues.  Spencer’s search is interrupted, when her sister Melissa comes home, bearing groceries, and a Big Ole’ Pregnancy Test Ovulation Kit, that conveniently falls to the floor, so that Spencer can find it.  (Come on, Melissa!  You couldn’t have fit that in your purse?  What kind of Murder Suspect ARE YOU?)

When Spencer questions her sister about the kit (She’s just questioning EVERYBODY this week, isn’t she?), Melissa’s eyes glaze over like a Stepford Wife, as she explains how she no longer cares about having a successful career.  Instead, she would rather squeeze out lots of “Little Melissa’s and Ian’s,” and have a Big Sweet Sociopathic Family.

Spencer immediately begins searching Melissa’s ears for excess wires and computer parts.  Finding none, she becomes convinced that EVIL Ian has hypnotized her Big Sister into giving up her future.  During this enlightening conversation, a very Testosteroney (seriously, did he BULK UP since the last scene?) Sociopath Ian comes home.  Upon hearing that Melissa spilled the beans about the Happy Couple’s planned Baby Fest, Ian grunts and shoots a Roid Rage-induced sneer in his new wife’s direction . . .

This is probably what The Hulk looks like, about two seconds before his face turns green . . .  and he rips his shirt open . . . with his bear hands . . .

Though both Melissa and Spencer assure Ian that the couple’s “Baby Making Secret” (SO SCANDALOUS!) will remain under wraps until further notice, Ian doesn’t look at all convinced . . .

Emily’s and Maya’s Relationship Goes to Pot . . .

Unlike Spencer, Emily’s problems this week ostensibly had NOTHING to do with “A” or “Ali’s killer.”  Rather, her own MOM was the Big Bad Villain of her tale, this week . . .

It all started with Emily’s mom catching Emily and Maya getting a bit cuddly on Emily’s bed, while the two were studying eachother’s body parts.  Emily’s mom TOTALLY flips out, and kicks Maya out of the house.  Maya is so incredibly shocked by Emily’s mother’s rude and homophobic behavior that she leaves her bookbag in Emily’s room.  This, in hindsight, was the STUPIDEST thing Girlfriend could have done, under the circumstances.

Once Maya leaves, an Enraged Emily tells her mother that, for the first time in her life, she is ashamed to be her mother’s daughter . . .

Taking a page from Snoopy Spencer’s book, Emily’s mom creeps into Emily’s room, while the latter is at school, and rifles through Maya’s bag.  Inside the bag she finds a MIX TAPE (gasp!) and an ALTOIDS box (double gasp!).  Why Emily’s mom decided to open her daughter’s girlfriend’s Altoids Box remains a mystery to me.  (Perhaps, she has bad breath from all the SEAFOOD she has been eating lately, if you catch my drift. ;))  Whatever the reason, upon opening the ALTOIDS, Emily’s mom finds two delicately rolled joints embedded therein.


Emily’s mom speedily confronts Emily about what she found, before rushing off to rat Maya out to her parents.  The next day, we learn that, upon finding out that their daughter smokes Altoids, Maya’s parents have decided to ship their daughter off to some Religious Wackadoo Camp for BAD GIRLS!  (I’ve seen pornos that started this way . . .)

“I wanna be a BAD GIRL, because it hurts SO GOOD!”

By the way, did anyboy ELSE find it weird that Maya’s Hippy Dippy Parents, of the Permanent Marker Wedding Rings and the Getting Married AFTER having two kids, would freak out THIS MUCH over a little pot?  Riiiiiiight . . . as if those two weren’t High off their Asses, and rocking out to the Grateful Dead, when Maya was conceived!)

Emily is clearly heartbroken, when she informs her friends of the news, the next day.  But fear not, Emmaya Fans!  The Pretty Little Liars have a plan!  And when the foursome get together that night to search through more of Ian’s boxes study (No .  . . I’m serious.  This is the girls’ idea of fun) . . .

. . . they call upon Maya to surprise Emily, and give the Wounded Lover a nice final Goodbye Screw, before she leaves for Jesus Camp . . .

Remember, boys and girls, Maya eats EVERYTHING . . . but seafood.

Now, I have to admit, initially, I was skeptical of the Emmaya pairing, simply because I thought Maya was boring, and looked more like a 35-year old hooker, than a high school student.  But I must say, the farewell kiss and slow dance that Maya and Emily shared together this week was SUPER HOT!  (And this is coming from a Straight Girl.)

We’ll miss you, Emmaya!  Y’all come back now, you hear?

Note:  When Maya is leaving Spencer’s house, SOMEONE, presumably either “A” or Ali’s killer, is clearly watching the girls from outside the house.  The foursome gives that person chase, but SHE gets away, causing Hanna (I think) to remark, “That’s one fast, B*tch.”  Whichever of the two “villains” that stalker ends up being, it obviously isn’t Maya.  This is not to say, that if the stalker was “A,” Maya can’t end up being Ali’s killer, or vice versa.  It’s just some food for thought . . .

Poor Creepy Toby!

In other news, Spencer has been spying on Creepy Toby.

Seriously, is there anyone Spencer HASN’T been spying on?  I feel like she’s been making THAT FACE for the ENTIRE HOUR!

In spying, she learns that Creepy Toby, has been getting harassed at school, as a result of his being the main suspect in Ali’s murder investigation . . .

His face also, apparently, scares little kiddies . . .

This causes him to cry in dark alleyways . . .

We feel your pain, Creepy Toby!

A Strikes Back (Against Bushy Eyebrows Noel?)

Creepy Toby wasn’t the only PLL Guy having a rough episode this week.  Our favorite English Professor, Fitzy, was still dealing with the increasingly aggressive threats of Blackmailer and Professional Creepo, Bushy Eyebrows Noel, who “needed” Fitzy to change his grade on his English paper, so that he could compete in the “game” this week. 

(Note: I’m not entirely sure what sport Noel plays.  However, I imagine he’s probably not a swimmer.  Those massive eyebrows would DEFINITELY weigh him down, underwater.) 

Noel even goes so far as to hand Fitzy the same paper AGAIN to “re-evaluate.”  To show Fitzy and Aria that he means business, Noel then makes lewd and suggestive comments to Fitzy’s students about Aria being into “older guys.”  He also suggestively tells Aria’s brother that Fitzy is messing around with a “student.” 

Fitzy is clearly shaken by the threats, and considers changing Bushy Eyebrow’s grade.  However, ultimately, he decides that he cannot, in good conscience, do that. Upon coming to this important decision, Fitzy texts Aria, and invites her to his apartment.

Once she is there, Fitzy confirms his love for Aria, and tells her that he plans to resign from Rosewood High to protect his career, and save their relationship.  “How I feel about you is real,” Fitzy tells Aria.  “I will not change Noel’s grade.  And I will not let him hurt you . .  . I will not let him change this into something that feels wrong . . .  I love you.”

Lo and behold, Aria loves Fitzy too.  (AWWWWW!)

The two then share a long and sweet kiss . . .

Afterward, they head to the couch, for an extended dry hump cuddle session . . .

But just like the final rendezvous between Emily and Maya, there is an element of sadness here, as if the pair fear that, once Fitzy resigns, their relationship is doomed.

The next day, Fitzy packs up his classroom super slowly, as MAJORLY DRAMATIC MUSIC plays in the background.  (Dead Fitzy Walking.)

But, just when Fitzy is about to tender his resignation, he finds Noel in the hallway, getting busted by the principal for purportedly stealing exams . . .

The PLL’s, all of whom, except Spencer, have suspected Noel of being “A” for the past couple of weeks, are shocked by the recent development.  However, they are even more shocked to learn who was behind it.  Just seconds after Noel is publicly confronted for “stealing,” the girls all receive texts from the increasingly chatty “A.”

“A is for Alison, not Amateur.”

Now that “A,” who is clearly NOT Noel, has done Aria a solid, by saving her relationship with Fitzy from utter ruin, the future Miss Fitzy doesn’t know what to believe, anymore . . .

Hey look, Aria is wearing an “A” necklace!  Yes, I understand that her name begins with an A.  But still . . . weird . . .

Cupcake Torture

Seriously, how ADORABLE are these cupcakes?  And where can I buy myself one?

Of all the Pretty Little Liars, Hanna has probably been the one who has gotten the brunt of “A’s” torture.  I mean, the girl got RAN OVER BY A CAR!  It doesn’t get much worse than that.  This week, Hanna found herself at “A’s” mercy, as a result of the letter she found last week, instructing her that she had to follow “A’s” directions, in order to get her mom’s hard-earned  stolen money back.   In her locker at school, Hanna finds one of the many missing $100 bills . . .

The bill has a message taped to the back of it . . .

Go to 21 Main Street.  Ask for Hefty Hanna’s Order – A.

Suddenly, it’s flashback time!  We are treated to a shot of a still-skinny-but-pretending-to-be-fat Hanna, binging on an ENTIRE brownie tin . . .  In comes Ali to “rescue” Hanna, with her “helpful” tips on the Wonderful World of Bulimia.

“I can help you get rid of it [the food in your belly],” offers Flashback Ali seductively.

Back in the present day, Hanna is forced to order an entire box of Pig-Decorated Cupcakes.  She then receives another message from “A,” telling her that she must EAT THE WHOLE BOX of them!

Watching Hanna tearfully stuff her face with cupcakes, as football players “oink” at her, was a truly painful experience.  Arguably, baiting Hanna’s preexisting eating disorder is the WORST psychological torture “A” has inflicted on a member of the foursome thus far.  And when Hanna receives a text from “A,” echoing Ali’s earlier flashback words, “I know how you can get rid of it,” it starts to seem like things have been taken a bit too far . . .

Fortunately, Aria arrives to save the day.  She even blesses the oinking football players with the FUNNIEST line of the entire episode . . .  “Don’t you guys have practice?  Or have you lost your balls?”  the former Goth Girl snarks . . .

You GO, ABC Family!  There’s nothing like a good balls joke, to lift the crowd’s spirits after an uncomfortable moment . . .

While, not going as far as to tell Aria about the “unauthorized loan” her mom took out, Hanna does confide in her friend, about the nature of A’s threats, and her problems with bulimia.  Aria is supportive, without being judgmental.  And it is the support that enables Hanna to go to the bathroom, and NOT puke up those cupcakes . . .

She, does, however, wash and dry her hands, and is rewarded by “A” for doing so.  (Cleanliness is godliness, after all.)

Back at home, Hanna’s mom learns that Hanna has somehow gotten a portion of her “unauthorized loan” back.

And though she clearly realizes that Hanna probably had to do something VERY naughty to get that money, Ashley doesn’t really question it’s source.  This is because Hanna’s mom is kind of a terrible person. (But she is still way better than EMILY’S MOM!)

You know what they say about Idle Hands . . .

In the climactic last few moments of the episode, “A” sends the girls the same video the detectives had shown them last year, of Ali and her “boyfriend” on the night of Ali’s death.  The only difference now, is that this is the UNRATED and UNCUT version.  And, let me tell you, this puppy has SNUFF PORN written all over it!  First, we see Ali talking about how immature her friends are and how much she loves the person holding the video camera.  Then, she turns the camera on HIM . . .

Now, those of us who watched the show last year, already KNEW it was Ian on that tape.  What we didn’t know, was that his on-camera debut, was followed by: (1) the camera being dropped to the ground; (2) moans of pleasure from Ali;  (3) a scream of possibly pleasure, and possibly excruciating pain, on Ali’s part (though the horrified, mostly virginal, PLL’s obviously assume it’s the latter); (4) Ali’s hand grasping at dirt, and twitching; and, finally (5) and, Ali’s hand falling to the ground — completely immobile and lifeless.

Ladies and gentleman, what I just described to you was either the most sexually suggestive video EVER to appear on ABC Family, or one of the most horrifying murders-by-video-camera ever to be witnessed by a young adult audience, during prime time.  Either way, it’s some pretty intense stuff.

Honestly, there’s no telling where things are going to go from here.  And I, for one, can’t wait.  Until next week, My Pretties! 



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14 responses to “The Hand that Rocked the Video Camera – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Know Your Frenemies”

  1. Anastasia

    Maya got sent away? In the book it was Emily, she first did a ‘gay away’ program then got sent to her anti-sex/fun aunt/uncle.

    Btw did Ezra resign? And did Noel get expelled or suspended?

    • Hi, Anastasia! Yep, Maya did get sent away. Interestingly enough though, I don’t think the “camp” she was sent to was “Anti-Gay.” I think it was more of a “juvenile delinquent” camp, because she had the pot in her bag.

      Based on the way Maya appeared so shocked by Emily’s mom’s reaction to them fooling around, I just assumed that Maya’s parents were OK with her sexuality. And yet, it seemed very uncharacteristic of Maya’s parents to send her away for a little pot in her bookbag, especially considering she described them as such free spirits. (Besides, couldn’t she have just said she got it from a friend, and never used it?),

      When Fitz was packing up his office, it definitely seemed like he had already resigned. However, based on Aria’s proclamation that “A” had “saved their relationship,” perhaps Fitz had packed up his office and was ABOUT to resign, when he saw Noel getting taken out of school. Then, upon seeing that, he decided he no longer needed to do so.

      To be honest, the writers didn’t make it clear whether Noel was suspended or expelled. Expulsion would likely permanently eliminate him as a threat to Aria and Ezra, in a way suspension wouldn’t. (Unless, of course, he decided to get revenge on them from home ;)). However, the principal did tell Noel, that he can’t “believe anything [Noel] says anymore.” That line might have been a nod to viewers, that, even if Noel ratted on Ezra, no one at school would believe him, as a result of him “stealing the tests.”

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Anastasia. And for providing me with some interesting food for thought.

  2. Secret

    TALK ABOUT CREEEPPY! Its me Secret now on to the recap
    CREEPY Episode this one.. The hand thing was scary 2 me because its like this you see the hand drop and you think thats it then it twitches and grabs the dirt then thats it.. if creepy was a crime that one part in this episode would have life in prison!!! ( thnx to emily for the oh so awesome phrase in this vid that i would be using to insult people like say this : if being ugly was a crime you’d be in death row by now or sumthin btw those lines )
    Toby aww i had little tears for Toby and uhhm Hanna when she had to eat those cupcakes that looked oh so good…When that kid ran away i laughed but it was laughter of sympathy towards toby it was sad..
    Aria and Mr.fitz used to annoy me with the light switch relationship on again off again on again off again this isn’t a light bulb its a television drama BIG difference if you ask me… but that scene was soo sweet it was special and kind.
    Spencer should quit acting and be a spy it was soo good the snooping opening boxing then when you hear noise you run and completely cover it up like you were quietly reading … good job! ( although kind of creepy but for all the right reasons )
    Ian IS A DOUCHEBAD PEDOPHILE PSYHCO MURDERER and derserves life in PRISON!!! woah secret calm down just a show its just a show still it is sick if he is the killer but to tell you the truth i suspected him in episode 8 when he showed up @ Ali memorial i dont know why but something bout him said ” im a creeper i’ll date your younger sister no matter what the age im a certified pedophile and an official murderer” creeeppy
    Im nervous about the next episode but her is my prediction.. reason why they have to confront Ian is cause you remember when they ran after A well i was thinking maybe when they come back the video wont be on the computer anymore so still they will have no proof just a prediction cause by the looks of the sneak peek the didnt turn him in
    Aria ” or did you lose your balls” not my fav character ( Hanna is ) but she won some points from me to her 🙂
    Thats all greeaaattt recap like always see you next week 🙂 btw im A hhahha aint see that coming did you?

    • You are absolutely right. This was one seriously creepy episode. From Ian’s and Noel’s threats and evil stares, to the Dead Hand, to the way “A” was watching the girls’ from the window after they viewed the video. Then again, maybe the person watching the girls was not A, but Melissa. I can definitely see her distracting the girls, while Ian went in the house to remove the incriminating video from Spencer’s laptop, as you suggested.

      I actually don’t think Ian will end up being Ali’s killer. Like they did with Noel seeming like “A” last week, I feel like the writers have made Ian too obvious of a suspect. As things stand now, if Ian ended up being Ali’s killer, it would be too anticlimactic. Plus, although we are supposed to find out the identity of “A” next week, I’ve read that we won’t know who killed Ali until the Season Finale. We are simply too close to pinning the murder on Ian now for the “mystery” to last that many more episodes.

      And yet, I DO think that Ian and Melissa are hiding something relating to Ali’s death, and what they are hiding somehow resulted in their impromptu wedding, as a coverup. For this reason, I think Melissa and Ian will do whatever it takes to make sure that the police don’t see that tape.

      As for Aria and Ezra, I liked them a lot this week too. I was skeptical at first, but I do think they have great chemistry as a couple. I’ve read some places that Aria might actually end up dating Noel in the television series. However, based on what we’ve seen of Bushy Eyebrows lately, I just can’t imagine it. Maybe some new guy, but NOT Noel. (PLEASE, NO!)

      Thanks again for your hilarious and always insightful comments, Secret. I can’t wait to find out who “A” is next week, so that you and I can freak out over it together. 🙂

  3. snottlebie

    Ok so I think PLL is starting to look up. Definitely.

    Emily + Maya: Usually I’m somewhat distracted by the age of the actress who plays Maya, but for some reason, I thought Emily and Maya were very cute this episode. (Plus, I liked how the writers showed how the rest of the PLL accepted Emily; it was a nice balance with the homophobic mother.)

    Hannah- She really needs a hug. A def hates her the most.

    Aria + Fitzy: Like Emily and Maya, these two are either hit or miss with me but this episode was a hit, so…yay.

    Spencer- Haha, I couldn’t take her spy face seriously.

    So does anyone else feel that A is going to be someone completely random? I feel like it’s going to be Mona/random person, and while Ian is definitely an important part of the “Who Killed A?” puzzle, I don’t think he’s the main offender, as, like you said, it’s too obvious and it wouldn’t be a “WHOA” moment which the writers are most likely going for.

    Videotape – Haha, I couldn’t tell if they were shocked because A sent them a porn video or because they watched as their friend was murdered.

    • Hey snottlebie!

      You are right, Emily and Maya WERE really sweet together this week. The writers have been very good about not shying away from their relationship, or making them more “PG” than a couple their age (gay or straight) normally would be, just to avoid offending some. And it WAS really touching, how all three of the other PLL’s really accepted Emily’s and Maya’s relationship, and welcomed Maya into their group with open arms.

      Hanna’s storyline broke my heart this week. That Cupcake Thing was just so incredibly awful. Seeing that type of psychological torture inflicted on my favorite character, regarding an issue that was so obviously sensitive for her, was extremely disturbing for me. It also makes me think that “A” HAS to be a woman. Most guys, even if they knew Hanna was heavy before, wouldn’t understand why forcing her to eat those cupcakes would wreak such havoc on her psyche.

      In fact, I’ve noticed that, in general, A’s taunts have been WAY more psychological than physical or literal — the type of taunts you are more likely to expect from a female. So, I would be very surprised if “A” ended up being male (not to mention, a bit disappointed, as it would seem sort of unrealistic to me that a guy would choose these specific means of torture over other, more literal ones). Though both Toby and Lucas seem smart enough to pull this type of thing off, it would still seem very out of character for both them.

      That would basically leave Blind Jenna, Mona, and Melissa as the main suspects for “A.” If Mona is “A,” the fact that Hanna is getting the brunt of the torture would seem to make the most sense, since Mona has the most “meat” on her, having gotten “close” to her, during the past year. But I’m kind of hoping it isn’t Mona . . . You probably can guess why.

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who found Spencer’s Open-Mouthed, Deer-in-Headlights face HILARIOUS! 🙂 (If the writers plan to have Spencer continue to play detective, Troian Bellisario really needs to start watching Veronica Mars to perfect that “Aha! I’ve got a clue!” look she has, and make it a bit less silly.)

      The whole videotape scene was BRILLIANT, for the reasons you just described. Just like with the “Maya eats everything” comment, I suspect this was a situation where the writers were giving a nod to “more mature” viewers, by pushing the envelope a bit, in terms of sexually suggestive content. Again, the video works on two levels. For very young viewers, there is only one interpretation, Ali was kissed . . . then killed, hence the screams of pain, and the hand grasping at dirt, before going slack.

      “More mature” viewers recognize that Ali’s response could have been the result of . . . other stimuli . . . entirely 😉 Very clever, producers!

      Thanks again for stopping by, and for being awesome as usual. I suspect we are going to have A LOT to talk about, after next week’s episode! 🙂

  4. Secret

    Mona was a BITCH in the books just as she is in the show i have no idea if you know this but im gonna say it anyway *SPOILER ALERT* (even though it most likely wont be the same as the books)
    In the book -A made spencer believe um that Melissa was Ali killer so they were like oh yeah lets go turn her in.. well Mona and Spencer became new bff’s after bonding over flashing some random guy who were staring at them hmm what a great way to start a friendship… -_-
    So they made this welcome home party (spencer and mona ) for Hanna and Spencer and Mona left the party to go turn Melissa in
    Hanna remembers that Mona was A which is what she knew (thats what got her ass hit in the first place) so Emily knowing that spencer is RIGHT NEXT TO MONA IN A LOCKED CAR texts her saying MONA IS A and YU R IN DANGER so Mona sees locks the car door when spencer tried to make the slowest escape EVER ( i mean come on the door was unlock you got your evidence get out the damn car and RUN BITCH RUN! )
    So Mona takes her to some place throws her phone out the window and starts telling her how she knew what she knew… Then Mona asks Spencer to be A with her they could rule the school and control everyone
    Spencer refuses so Mona goes and chokes her they fall out the car.. They are fighting at the edge of a cliff mona is on spencer ready to throw her off but spencer did the most amazing thing and KICKED THAT BITCH and Mona flew and landed on her butt
    Spencer grabs her legs and Mona trips falls off the cliff breaks her neck and dies…
    It was a sad moment for me cause i hate to hear about people dieing evil or nice
    Just wanted to tell you how it went down in the books i described it at my best so yeah thats all

    • Hi Secret! Thanks so much for filling me in! I had read that she was “A” in the books (which was why I didn’t want her to be “A” on the show). However, I hadn’t read the books themselves. So, I wasn’t exactly sure how it all went down. That actually sounds kind of cool (and a bit unintentionally hilarious).

      I guess the TV series has already veered a bit away from the books, by having Hanna think “A” was Noel (and getting hit by the car, anyway). The PLL writers have promised that “A’s” identity, though not necessarily Ali’s killer’s identity would be changed in the series. But, honestly, now, I’m not so sure they will end up holding up that part of the bargain.

      I guess we will just have to wait and see! 😉

  5. Team Ezra Fitz

    To be EXACT, Ezra said : “What you and I have is the most real and honest thing in my life. And that’s something I want you to remember. No matter why happens tomorrow, that won’t change.”

    • Thanks, Team Ezra Fitz! It was a sweet speech, and probably one of the most romantic Aria and Ezra moments of the series. (My favorite remains the first time they made out in his car in the rain, after that movie. That was hot!)


    Good, so I am not not the only one that was thinking that Noel has bushy-eyebrows 🙂 I used to like him but now I want to go Jackie Chan on his face.
    Now I was raised as a christian in a conservative home, just like Emily and I wish her mom would drop dead. I mean, I don’t “neccesarily” feel supportive of their relationship but I try to be more understanding. And you have to admit, Emmaya are/were a cute couple (though I prefer Emily with Toby) and it sucks that Pam has to go neanderthal on those two. The PLLs’ did do Emily a solid by sneaking Maya over for a dance in the candlelight (i swear if that had been any more romantic…..even i liked it)
    Hanna (that is actually my real name and all my friends thing that Hanna Marin is like an older me almost lol) I felt really bad for in this episode. She has clawed her way up to the top bit by bit and now she has been limited to eating cupcakes in front of guys (in the words of Aria) that lost their balls (i still laugh every time i hear that joke). I am just glad that my fave PLL (Aria) was there to save the day.
    Spencer is like Veronica Mars, lol! Little miss detective. I feel bad for her, cause she has to leave in the same house as Creepy Ian. I thought I saw a whole new side of her in this episode, her sweet and sensitive side. (i know that she secretly feels bad for Toby. I mean, its a innocent kid behind dumpsters crying, come on! Who wouldn’t feel bad for the guy?)
    Now Ezra in this episode about made me want to clap and cheer (i did do that actually. NVM) I mean, he saw Aria right after being blackmailed by Bushy- Eyebrows (by the way is SO true! and i love that joke!) and realized that no matter how much Noel tortures him or threatans him, his feelings for Aria can’t be reversed. It scared the heck out of me to see him with that glass of scotch, but then i realized he wasn’t drunk and i was able to get my heart back inside my chest. I, personally, as a fan of Ezra as well as Ian Harding, thought that this episode really showed how vunerable Ezra feels around Aria which is like really cute ❤ I also enjoyed the snuggling on the couch and then how he just sort of walked passed Aria, eyes never leaving hers. Sweet sweet Ezra! I love him so dang much!
    But that creeper Ian in that video? You can definately not get that vid on NetFlix. Who knows if Ian killed Ali then? Maybe she was gripping the ground because they were getting busy? IDK but Know Your Frenemies is still one of the best episodes this season.

    • I LOVE reading you comments, CrazyLove! Not only are you a fantastic writer, but you always have really intelligent (not to mention, pretty darn funny) insights into the show. For example, when you said you wanted to go Jackie Chan on Noel’s face, I literally LOL’ed. But I agree with you, I am SO glad that guy is FINALLY gone! Now, if only we could get Dull as Dishwater Sean to go with him . . .

      It’s interesting that your favorite PLL girl is Aria, but your friends say you are most like Hanna. My favorite PLL is Hanna, but of all of them, I am probably most like Spencer. I even dress like her (Indiana Jones outfit, notwithstanding) and sort of/ kind of look like her. Perhaps, this is why I am the hardest on Spencer in my recaps. Now, I know how “A” feels about Hanna. 🙂

      I too was FURIOUS with Emily’s mom for being so AWFUL to her daughter, during what has obviously been a really difficult time in her life. I mean, not only is she dealing with all this Ali stuff, she is also coming to terms with her sexuality, and that can’t be easy, especially considering her strict upbringing. The least her mother could have done is try to be supportive of her own daughter.

      It’s interesting how the PLL’s are probably less than half Emily’s mothers age, and, yet, they were able to understand and support Emily in a way her mother couldn’t. I know that there are definitely generational differences between the way people view homosexuality. But Emily’s mom seems “young” enough that she should know better. You know?

      I agree with you. This PLL episode was probably my favorite, in what has been a universally pretty strong season, particularly since the show returned from its winter hiatus. 🙂 Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts on it with me.

      • CRAZYLOVE345

        Thank you very much for that nice compliment. Actually all my own english teachers have said that I should become a writer, which is sort of my back up career if my comic career doesn’t work out (totally kidding. on that one) But i like to share my opinion and sometimes they just come out funny. I am looking foward to blogging with you in the future 🙂


    hey if you read the novel series you will know that courtney(alis twin) pretended to be ali on the day the girls tried to steal the time capsule and it was the real ali who went to the mental hospital not courtney and when ali was back she killed courtney for what she did. Thats why ali/Courtney chose the pretty little liars as bf’s because they were the only ones she talked to. Now that courtney is killed by ali ali is stalking the pretty little liars and this time it will be more than just shoking !!!

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