Hey Ian! How’s it Hanging? – A Recap of the Pretty Little Liars’ Season Finale “For Whom the Bell Tolls”


When a television show ends with someone being shot, or blown up, recappers typically describe it as “ending with a bang.”  Well . . . this episode of PLL ended with a hang . . .

Ummm . . . nice scarf?

Wildly inappropriate corpse jokes aside, Pretty Little Liars’ season one finale definitely did not disappoint, this week.  In fact, the entire hour was jam-packed with twists and turns, unusual (and, sometimes,  downright icky) alliances, oodles of OMG moments, and, of course, plenty of “A.”  (Though, admittedly, all these supposedly “SCAAAAARY” text messages are getting a bit . . . how do I put this kindly . . . LAME!)


OK . . .  maybe that was putting it less than kindly.

So, what are we waiting for, my Pretties?  Let’s get that bell tolling!

Video Killed the Blind Incestuous Porn Star

Hanna:  “Wait to go, Tobster!  Look who’s rocking the ABDOMINALS!”

Spencer:  “Shut up!  He’s mine!  You already have three love interests!”

Hanna:  “Come on!  I only have TWO!  Everyone knows that Weiner head Sean doesn’t count!”

The finale episode begins precisely where we left off last week.  The PLL girls are huddled together in bed (kinky!) watching the disturbing videos captured on the flash drive that Dead Ali stored away in her Tweety Bird lunchbox, before she died.  In addition to some SUPER CREEPY images of the PLL girls, as tweens, unknowingly dancing in front of the camera in their underwear, the flash drive also includes some EVEN CREEPIER footage of a not-yet-blind Jenna seducing a not particularly willing (though not as entirely unwilling as I would have liked) Abs Toby .  . .

And YES, he was shirtless in the video . . . (Can I get a HELL YEAH!)

In the video, Jenna is heard blatantly threatening Toby that if he doesn’t let her . . . “play with his flute” . . . she will tell their parents that he “forced himself on her.” 

“Wow!  I’ve never seen such a big . . . flute.”

By the way, if you were Jenna, and you were trying to SECRETLY SCREW YOUR BROTHER, would you REALLY do it in front of a WINDOW, so that anyone who happened to be wandering by with a VIDEO CAMERA could SEE? —  Incestuous Sociopath FAIL! 

*sings*  “I once was lost, but now I’m found.  I was blind, but now I . . . nope . . . still blind.”

(Interestingly enough, the video appeared to have been taken through a window, and yet the sound quality was PERFECT.  So, I’m guessing the house was bugged?)

Disgusted by the sight of her new boyfriend macking it with his nasty ass sister, Spencer insists that the girls stop watching the videos.  In hindsight, this was probably a mistake.  After all, based on later scenes in the episode, it appears that more Rosewood Residents may have been featured in these videos, aside from the PLL girls, Ali, Toby and Jenna.  Like, this GUY, perhaps?

“Oh no!  If they watch the rest of the videos on the drive, they might find out I was in that Hillary Duff movie!”


As far as the PLL girls are concerned, Ian “I Like to Make Out with Girls Who Still Wear Training Bras” Thomas seems to be the most likely videographer of this Kiddie Porn DuJour.  And, since Blind Jenna obviously knew about the flash drive and its contents (After all, she hired Man Whore Caleb to steal it for her.), they figure that Little Miss Brother F*&ker might be willing to share information with them that will incriminate Ian in Ali’s death. 

But what if Blind Jenna is “A”?  Are the girls walking into a trap? 

Fitzy spells trouble J-A-C-K-I-E

This week, the role of Ezria Cock Block will be played by Jackie Molina . . .

Things actually seem to be going pretty well for Aria when the episode begins aside from her being stalked by a sadistic stalker psycho killer.  Admittedly, we were all a bit worried for Aria and Fitzy, when Police Boy Garrett knocked on the English teacher’s door last week, asking questions about “one of his students.”  And we became even MORE concerned, when SOMEONE stole the VERY POORLY HIDDEN hide-a-key from underneath Fitzy’s Welcome Mat, and broke into his home. 

Yet, when Fitzy meets Aria at the school, to tell her what went down, we learn that Police Boy Garrett didn’t ask any incriminating or even vaguely interesting questions at all!  (Gotta love Rosewood’s Finest, and their top notch investigating skills!) 

But WAIT!  There’s more!  Fitzy, apparently, just got a job working at the local college . . . which means that he’s NOT going to teach at Aria’s high school anymore . . . which means that Aria and Ezra can feel free to date in public, without fear of persecution (except for, you know, the whole STATUTORY RAPE thing).!

What’s more?  Aria’s dad, who also works at the local college, and REALLY wants to get into Fitzy’s pants is holding a Faculty Mixer at the Montgomery Household that evening as an excuse to get into Fitzy’s pants.  So, since Fitzy is now officially FACULTY at the local college, he gets to go to Aria’s house and .  . . visit her bedroom.


And we all KNOW what happens when boys get into girls’ bedrooms!  (Right, Abs Toby?)

But then, things go south at the Faculty Mixer, when SHE shows up there . . .

Uh Oh!

It turns out that Jackie, the long-ago ex-fiance from far, far away, is not-so “long-ago,” nor is she so “far away.”  In fact, she TEACHES at the college too! 

To make matters worse, Fitzy has been with Jackie as recently as last year, back when she was a T.A. at the same college where the pair will now both be teaching. 

(I hope you are wearing a bulletproof vest, Fitzy!  Because you are NOT exactly Aria’s favorite person right now . . .)

But, hey!  At least you got inside her bedroom!  That’s gotta count for something, right?

In other BAD news . . .

None of my Exes Live in Texas .  . .

Emily’s mom wants her and Emily to move to Texas, where Emily’s father will be stationed for a year.  Poor Emily!  What will happen to her 85,000 girlfriends in Rosewood?

And what exactly is the Gay Scene like in Texas?  Will Emily have to change her “look,” in order to fit in there?


Tune in next season when we will, of course, learn that she is not actually moving, as she is one of the four MAIN characters of the show to find out!

In other news . . .

Marry me, Lucas!


And he’s wasting no time reminding us why we fell in love with him in the first place.  When we first see Lucas, after a WAY TOO LONG HIATUS, he’s still giving Hanna the cold shoulder, as a result of her highly UNFORTUNATE rejection of him at the “I Didn’t Have to Get My Spleen Removed, Even Though I Was Ran Over by a Car” Party that Mona threw for her a few episodes back  .  . .

Yes, Lucas looks like a beaver died on his head, in this picture.  But we are going to forgive him for that, since he is SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME.

Even though Lucas was deeply hurt by Hanna, he CLEARLY is still watching out for her.  After overhearing Annoying Ass Mona lie through her teeth about the letter she was SUPPOSED to give to Hanna from Caleb, in which the Hot Man Whore professed his love for her  . . .

Do, a little dumpster diving, Hanna!  You might still be able to find it!

 . . . Lucas THEN overhears Mona using Hanna’s PHONE to talk to Caleb.  Mona actually has the GALL to tell the Poor Slutty Bastard that HANNA ripped up his love letter to her, when we all know that it was MONA who did the not particularly effective ripping.  When Lucas confronts Mona about this, she offers to help Lucas win Hanna’s heart, if he agrees to keep quiet about what he knows.

Well, THIS turn of events was kind of a head-scratcher for me.  After last week, I was under the assumption that Mona didn’t want Hanna coupled with Caleb, because she wanted Hanna to stay single, like her.  So, why, suddenly, would Mona prefer that Hanna date LUCAS, as opposed to Caleb?  After all,  just a few weeks back, Mona seemed determined that Hanna DITCH Lucas, in favor of Boring Ass Sean?


I’ve actually got three possible theories regarding the above conundrum:  (1)  Mona is a WAY better friend than us PLL fans give her credit for.  And, as a GOOD friend, Mona recognizes that Lucas will be a better boyfriend to Hanna than Caleb. (2) Self-absorbed Mona wants to be Queen Bee at Rosewood, and she figures she will have a WAY better chance of doing so, if her biggest competition ,is dating a so-called”loser” than if he is dating the schoolest Hottest Homeless Bad Boy.  And finally (3) Mona doesn’t have any intention of helping Lucas win Hanna’s heart.  She just wants to keep Lucas’ mouth shut, and will say whatever she has to say, in order to accomplish this.

“I’m glad she only came up with three possibilities.  Because I can’t count any higher than that.”

Whatever Mona’s intentions are, Lucas doesn’t give a RATS ASS about her shady offer to play matchmaker between him and Hanna.  He proves this by tracking down Caleb (in Arizona?) and bringing him back to Rosewood.

“Why are you doing this for me?”  Caleb asks incredulously, as the two men, who are both CLEARLY in love with the same woman, ride back to town with absolutely NOTHING interesting to say to one another.

“Because I am about twenty times more awesome than you will ever be.”  “Because Hanna deserves to be happy,” Lucas replies solemnly.

(*Sigh!*  Please put this recap on pause, while I retrieve my panties from the floor . . .)

OK . . . I’m back!  Little do these newfound bromantic buddies know that, at the same time they are both gearing up for a Caleb / Hanna reunion . . .

. . .  Hanna is deleting the Man Whore’s number from her cell phone.  Oops!

You know, it might be a good thing, that most of our PLL girls have (at least temporarily) left their respective love interests in the dust this week.  After all, they’ve got ENOUGH to worry about, without having to cope with Boy Drama . . .

The Flute Player Gets Played (In more ways than ONE!)

Creepy Kiddie Porn Flash Drive in hand, the PLL girls confront Jenna at school, about how the latter made her bedroom into her very own City of Brotherly Love.  The PLL girls want answers from Jenna.  They think they are  entitled to them.  They want the TRUTH!


As Little Miss Brother F*&ker shares what she knows with the PLL’s, we are treated to a Blind Jenna Flashback for the first time EVER, since the beginning of the series . . .

(Did anyone else think it was weird that Jenna was already wearing her “Blind Person Glasses,” back when she was first put in the hospital, following her Little Firecracker Accident?  Wouldn’t her eyes be bandaged?  Her face burned and bruised?  I mean, those are DESIGNER GLASSES she’s wearing!  Please, tell me what hospital gives THOSE out for free.  Because I’m getting admittted!)

So, Ali comes to visit Blind Jenna at the hospital, following her trip to “Georgia.”  She then promptly presents the Freaky Flute Player with the same video we saw  earlier, of Jenna threatening, and subsequently making monkey with, Abs Toby.  “The guy I like likes to make movies.  I thought they were just about me.  As it turns out, the Boy Next Door, likes watching ALL the Girls Next Door,”  Ali monologues unnaturally, as if she is villain in a Batman Comic Book (The Riddler, perhaps?).

 Now, of course, Jenna can’t SEE the video.  But I’m assuming, she figures out what was going on in it based on the extremely poorly written dialogue what is being said. 

“Really Jenna?  You ACTUALLY said, ‘It will be so easy to make my parents think you forced yourself on me?’   Ever hear of a little thing called subtlety?  I mean, seriously, I know comic book villains that have a better way with words than you do, and I am one of them.”

Caught between a rock and an incestuous place, Jenna is forced to make a deal with Ali.  Ali will make sure the incriminating flash drive never sees the light of day.  And, in return, Jenna will leave Rosewood FOREVER!  (Aha!  So, now we know why Jenna RETURNED to Rosewood for Ali’s funeral! Little did Ali know that their little agreement had an, easy out, Death Clause . . .)

After her confrontation with the PLL’s, Blind Jenna makes two phone calls . . .

“Can you hear me now?  GOOD!”

The first call is to Creepy Pedo Ian.  Upon hearing that the girls found the flash drive (which presumably includes videos he took), Creepy Pedo promises to “take care of it.”

“Hey, by the way, do you happen to have any 13-year old friends who are single?  I’m looking to mingle!”

But it’s Jenna’s SECOND call that’s the MOST disturbing.  Remember when I mentioned earlier that SOMEONE ELSE may have also been featured in Ian’s “home movies?”  Well, that UNSEEN porn star, arrives at Jenna’s house.  Jenna complains to him that this video is going to ruin all of their lives.  But HE promises her that he won’t let that happen.  Then HE takes off her glasses, and THIS happens . . .

Oh no, Police Boy GARRETT!  Not YOU TOO!  Man, are their ANY boys on this show who actually like girls their own age?

I stand corrected!

Nice Knowing Ya, Ian!  (But, not really . . .)

“Now that I’m dead, I wonder if I can get a better deal on a cell phone plan . . .”

So, Melissa and Ian are planning to have their yet-to-be-born baby baptized at the local church.  But Spencer is concerned that this might be a bit premature, since the baby might not be  . . . entirely human.

Awww!  He looks just like his dad!

Meanwhile, Spencer and the gang attempt to procure a confession from Ian about making the videos contained on the flash drive.  They do this, by sending Ian a text from a blocked cell phone number (They stupidly used Spencer’s phone for this.)  In the text, they instruct Creepy Pedo to bring $10,000 to a nearby park, in exchange for the flashdrive. 

Hanna:  “Hey, aren’t those the bears from the Charmin commercials? What are THEY doing here?”

Aria:  “What do you THINK?”


Taking things one step further, the girls call upon Garrett the Police Boy to help them with the sting operation.  Of course, as we know from watching him clean Blind Jenna’s teeth with his tongue, earlier in the hour, Police Boy’s intentions are not necessarily pure.  Fortunately, Hanna, who knows a thing or two about shady police officers with ulterior motives  .  . .

. . . has the foresight to lie, and tell Police Boy that her mother knows where they are.  (In other words, “don’t try any funny stuff, Officer Kid Groper!”)

Tensions are high, when a car pulls up, and a man emerges, carrying a bag filled with $10 grand in Cold Hard Cash . . .

Hey there, Sexy?  Who are YOU?  And why aren’t you a REAL cast member on this show?

Unfortunately, as you probably noticed already, that guy is NOT Ian.  He’s WAY HOTTER!  Rather, it’s some dude that Ian paid to drop off the cash, and retrieve the flash drive on his behalf. 

Woah . . . wait up . . . you’re telling me that Ian . . . a twenty-something high school hockey coach . . . has ten grand in cash, lying around his house AND has MORE money than that left over to pay hot guest stars?  Ummm . . . I don’t think so!

Then again, Ian coaches at the SAME school where a youngish English teacher can afford to rent a limosine to (1) drive him all the way to Philadelphia; and (2) WAIT around for him for an entire evening, while he makes out with his underage girlfriend . . . so . . .  yeah.  (I’m SO getting a job teaching at Rosewood!)

Meanwhile, Spencer is cuddling with Abs Toby, falling asleep in his arms, and letting him adoringly play with her hair (AWWW!) . . .

This lovefest is interrupted, when Spencer gets a text from Melissa, stating that Ian never picked her from the church, following the Baptism . . .  . interview(?). 

(Wait . . .  if Melissa walked to the church, why couldn’t she have walked HOME from there too?  Lazy pregnant biatch!)

Fortunately, for us, Spencer doesn’t leave to pick up her good-for-nothing sister, right away.  Instead, she spends some time sweetly telling Abs Toby that he is her “safe place to land.”  In return, Toby tells Spencer that he will ALWAYS be there for her, whenever she is ever in need.  (Something tells me she is going to be taking you up on that promise REAL soon, Tobster!)

Then, of course, the two makeout .  . . again . . .

Never .  . . gets . . . old.

Eventually, Spencer finally manages to pick up her bratty ass sister, who’s Pregnancy Brain made her leave her cell phone in church. 

“Wahhhh, MY PHONE!  Waaahhhh My Creepy Pedo Husband!  Wahhhhh you’re mean to me!  Wahhhh I’m one of the most unlikeable characters on a show that is FILLED with unlikeable characters!  Wahhhhhhh I miss WREN!

Spencer stops the car, to return to church, when WHAM, her car gets broadsided by another car (on purpose?).  Next thing you know, Spencer is in the hospital, without a scratch on her.   But Melissa seems pretty banged up, and is at risk of losing herbaby.  So, being the caring sister Spencer is, she decides to go back to the church and retrieve Melissa’s phone.  (Because, cell phones are way more important than stupid babies, anyway!  Yeah, way to have your priorities straight, Spencer!)

“Oh, please!  The baby is going to be EVIL, anyway!  At least the cell phone comes with cool ring tones!”

So, Spencer heads back to the church.  And there . . . SURPRISE . . . is Creepy Pedo IAN!

You know how, up to this point, it was kind of hard to figure this guy out.  Because, as creepy as Ian was, he sometimes did NICE things, like rescue Spencer from the Fun House that he may have trapped her in, in the first place?  Well, all that is GONE in this scene.  Creepy Pedo Ian is in full on EVIL mode! 

“Melissa would want me to take care of this,” Ian says menacingly.

Creepy Pedo then admits that he KNOWS his wife was in the hospital, having just been HIT BY A CAR, but chooses to accost Spencer in the church, rather than tending to the mother of his child.  (It is almost as if he KNEW they would be in an accident.  Interesting . . .)

So, I’m convinced that the reason the producers chose to show a full moon in this shot, is to imply that Creepy Pedo Ian is actually a werewolf . . . Yes . . . I DO watch too much Vampire Diaries and True Blood.

“You were planning to’ take care of this,’ like you took care of Alison,” Spencer sneers. 

Spencer then shows Ian the incriminating  flashdrive (makes some fairly lame “home movie” jokes, while she displays it). Thinking fast, the “Smartest PLL”  tosses the flash drive at Ian, before dashing up to the Church’s bell tower.

Wait . . . WHAT?  You THREW AWAY the evidence . . . AGAIN, Spencer!  I’m hoping you were smart enough to make a copy this time, Little Miss Supposed Over Achiever!


Now, Spencer may have been silly, when it came to her flash drive evidence, but she WAS smart enough to call Emily on her cell phone, as Ian chased her around the church . . .

ARIA:  “Crap!  I forgot to DVR Pretty Little Liars, tonight!”

EMILY:  “Don’t worry!  It’s playing on my iPhone RIGHT NOW!”

This enables all the PLL’s to hear all the SUPER INCRIMINATING things Ian is saying while he TRIES TO MURDER Spencer.  (I hope you recorded that, Emily!) 

Admittedly, I had to watch this chase scene twice, to figure out what Ian was saying.  And I STILL don’t think I got it all down.  Mostly, Ian was talking about how he was planning to kill Spencer in the church, and make it look like a suicide.  He planned to leave a note on Spencer’s computer, after she was dead, saying that she couldn’t deal with the pain of Ali’s death, and, therefore, offed herself . . . in a church.

There are two interesting things about Ian’s monologue: 

(1)  He inadvertently cites the WRONG cause of Ali’s death.  While Ali ACTUALLY died of strangulation, he cites, in Spencer’s fake suicide note, that she “fell to her death.”  This comment would seem to go AGAINST the commonly held notion that Ian killed Ali.  

 (2) Ian notes, once AGAIN, that he is killing Spencer, FOR Melissa.  Is it possible then that MELISSA killed Ali (or at least that Ian THINKS she did)?  Has Ian’s creepy behavior merely been a result of his trying to cover for his wife, because he feels GUILTY about cheating on her with Ali and about being a disgusting pedophile, who videotapes half-naked tweens?

It wouldn’t be the first time this actress played a psycho killer!

The answers to these questions, apparently, are not ones we will get first hand.  Because, moments later, Ian is dangling Spencer from the church bell tower.  In a strange twist of fate, she is grabbing on to her would-be killer’s arm for dear life.  Then, she pulls herself up onto the scaffolding.  What happens next is pretty shocking.  (As if all this WASN”T SHOCKING!)  A black cloaked figure comes out of the darkness, and pushes Ian off the scaffolding.  And yet, Ian doesn’t FALL to his death.   Instead, he gets tied up in the ropes and is hung. 

Of course, the rest of the PLL’s arrive, after the hooded figure (A?) has left the building.  They reach the top of the church tower, to find the disturbing image of Dead Ian swaying back and forth, like the pendulum of a grandfather clock, as Spencer watches on silently traumatized . . .

Yet, by the time the police arrive on the scene . . . IAN’S BODY IS GONE!

But, look who’s back from the PLL Lost Boy Vortex?

It’s Bushy Eyebrows Noel!

In the final moments of the episode, the girls, OF COURSE, get, yet another text message from “A” . . .

And here’s what it says: “It’s not over until I say it is.  Sleep tight, while you still can b*tches!” – A

Oh boy!  Something tells me, many of us PLL fans will be having some trouble sleeping, between now and when the show returns in June for it’s second season!  Fortunately, that gives us plenty of time to piece together all the clues we’ve gathered so far during Season 1.  So, I now turn things over to you, My Pretties!  Start sleuthing!

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20 responses to “Hey Ian! How’s it Hanging? – A Recap of the Pretty Little Liars’ Season Finale “For Whom the Bell Tolls”

  1. Joey

    Wow. How lucky are we to get this post so early today!
    Fantastic recap. Poor Spencer, this episode yet again reminded me that she really has it the worst when it comes to “A” ‘s manipulations and scheming. I’m hoping that next season has more Ali & Spencer flashbacks because I think we’ve barely scratched the surface of what happened in their friendship and why Spencer is now being tortured. I love Lucas, and still hold out hope that he’ll get the girl, but I think it’ll take a couple of seasons to get there. It was great though having him back. Looking forward to when Aria takes Ezra down after all the nonsense with his ex-fiance. I think it is safe to say that there will be trouble in paradise between those too during the next season (I always think when a guy keeps super quiet about the HOT fiance that was broken up with only a few months ago, there’s smoke and where there’s smoke……). Had a big laugh with the whole ” Tune in next season when we will, of course, learn that she is not actually moving, as she is one of the four MAIN characters of the show to find out!” It’s frustrating when shows leave with a cliffhanger that can’t possibly be a cliffhanger because it involves a main character leaving (i.e. the Meredith dying plot in Greys Anatomy, yeah like that would happen). In fact the only show that has enough “balls” to kill off main characters is TVD, but I digress. Spencer and Toby were super cute this episode (more shirtless Abs Toby gifs please – I know I’m shameless)

    P.S. Very concerned about your potential softening towards Creepy Pedo Ian for “helping” Spencer out of the fun house 😉

    • Hey Joey! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

      Ooh, I would LOVE to see more flashbacks between Spencer and Ali. Of all the PLL girls, I feel like these two definitely would have butt heads the most. Like Ali, Spencer is a very take-charge kind of person. (Hanna is a take charge person too. But she wasn’t in those flashbacks we saw of her from back when Ali was alive.) While the other PLL girls might have accepted some of the nastier things Ali did, without argument, Spencer never would.

      In terms of their friendship, though I suspect they fought a lot throughout, I think the biggest breaking point between Ali and Spencer was the whole “Ian Thing.” Ali could bear the thought of stealing Ian from Melissa, but NOT of Spencer stealing Ian from her, which, at least in the moment of that kiss, was what happened.

      As for Lucas and Hanna, I don’t know. If this was another show, I’d be inclined to agree with you about them not coupling for a few more seasons. But relationships happen INSANELY fast on this show. And, while I suspect Lucas’s and Hanna’s relationship will be more like a slow and steady Toby / Spencer courtship, than a whirlwind Ezra and Aria romance, I do think it will happen at some point, toward the end of next season. Of course, at first something will have to go wrong again, in her relationship with Caleb. Because we all know those two are going to get back together.

      LOL about Ian. It’s not that I’m softening on him. 🙂 I just honestly don’t think he’s really Ali’s killer. It would be TOO obvious, since he’s been pretty much the number one suspect, since the fourth or fifth episode.

      Is Ian a Creepy Pedo who gets off on videotaping young girls in compromising situations? Absolutely! Did he try to kill Spencer and get away with it? Definitely!

      But I think Ali’s killer is still out there. And that killer (or A) was probably the one who locked Spencer in the funhouse. So, when Ian “rescued” her, he may only have been doing it just to look good in front of his new wife, and mother-in-law, but he still technically rescued her. So, he gets a teensy weensy bit of credit for that in my book.

      R.I.P. Ian Thomas, you Crazy Kiddie Porn Making Sociopath, you!

      Then again, I could be entirely wrong. 🙂

  2. Secret

    Omg this episode had me screaming i seriously cried laughed jumped for joy and shouted angrily at my televison ! i still read every recap just havent commented So Team Lucas once again i love that boy he should marry me Also Jenna ugh she upsets me sooo much almost as much as Mona ( no one can upset me as much as Mona ) so Ian killed Ali right ? i think he admitted it yea if i heard correctly but correct me if im wrong. Emily texas ? i dont think so spencer toby love it! well thats all see you in June…

    • Hey Secret! It’s great to see you on the blogosphere! Gosh, it wasn’t until I started writing this recap, that I realized how many CRAZY things happened during this episode! It really was one of the most plot-thick, insane-o, season finales I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen some doozies! 🙂

      Yeah, Jenna is AWFUL. Her disgusting scene with Toby made Annoying Mona look like a puppy dog, by comparison. I honestly don’t understand what Garrett the Police Boy sees in her. (Unless, of course, he’s psychotic too!)

      And, seriously, they’ve really got to stop with all the May-December romances on this show: Ezra and Aria, Spencer and Wren, Ian and Ali, Ian and Spencer, Aria’s dad and his T.A., Garrett and Jenna. What is going on with these MEN? There must be something in the water in Rosewood . . . 🙂

      Ahhh, Ian. So, here’s the thing . . . As I mentioned in my comment to Joey, I’m still not entirely sure Ian was the one who killed Ali. The speech he made, while he was chasing Spencer in the church (though, admittedly, it was hard to understand, because he was talking in this high pitched girly voice, when he said it) was not really a confession speech for killing Ali. Rather, this was a speech in which he described how he planned to kill SPENCER.

      When Ian is talking about Ali’s death, he’s talking about it under the guise of a suicide note he’s going to put on Spencer’s computer, after he throws her off the church bell tower. He plans to write, “I couldn’t live with the mistakes I made. I pushed her and she fell.”

      Then Spencer, while she’s battling Ian, actually CORRECTS him, on the way that Ali died, “Ali died of strangulation,” she remarks. (I guess this information was released in the papers?)

      If Ian knew how Ali died, SURELY he would have included that in Spencer’s fake suicide note, assuming he wanted to properly frame her for the death. But Ian seems to truly believe that Ali died by falling. So, MY THEORY, currently, is that MELISSA killed Ali (unless, of course, they decide to go with the BOOK killer, which, honestly, would be pretty awesome), because Ali spent the weekend in Georgia screwing Ian.

      Melissa then came to Ian with this information (lying that Ali’s death was an accident, instead of on purpose). And Ian, who, having all that Creepy Pedo information against him, had just as much to lose from people finding out about what really happened, as Melissa did, offered to help her cover it up. (It would explain that fake abortion story they used to hide the fact that Ian spent the weekend with Ali, before she died). That’s why Ian kept telling Spencer that he was “taking care of this for Melissa.”

      Then again, it’s also possible that Melissa only THOUGHT she killed Ali by pushing her. And, after she ran away, the REAL killer finished the job, by strangling Ali. So, on the night of her murder, Ali would have (1) fought with Spencer, (2) hung out with Toby and took his jacket, (3) boinked Ian on video, (4) fought with Melissa, was pushed down a great distance by her, and left unconscious, and then (5) was strangled by ANOTHER person (possibly Ali’s killer in the books.) That’s ONE busy night!

  3. Cheryl

    I’ve said Melissa killed Ali since episode 20, and I’m sticking by that!

    Mona kissing Hanna on the cheek practically made me puke in my mouth.

    Okay, so I hear rumors about Ali’s secret crazy twin sister was the girl who was really killed. I tend to maybe agree with that since Ali may have visited Hanna in the hospital. I read that you could see long blond hair from under the hoodie. I couldn’t tell (I watched on my computer this morning), but what if it was really Alison? But then Toby had made that cryptic “If you need anything tonight I’ll be there for you.” I wanted it to be Toby who saved her.

    Also, I don’t know much about hanging, but is it possible that Ian survived? I mean, if the actor who plays Ian survived maybe Ian did too??? lol

    This show is so messed up, and I’m totally addicted… Like every season of Heroes after season 1… totally messed up, but I was already hooked!

    Poor Emily, not as many lesbians in Texas (I’m from there), but a lot of repressed gay men for some reason. hmm.

    I want to see Aria punch Jackie… just for fun. But seriously, Ezria are not a hot couple anymore. They’ve been about as steamy as Ella and Byron, come on!!

    Toby and Spencer are my favorite couple… there was not remotely enough of them. 😥

    Yay, Lucas, you are my hero!
    The only face they didn’t bring back that I really… REALLY wanted to see was Wren. waaaaah!

    • Hey Cheryl! It’s great to hear from you! I’ve heard those same rumors about Ali and her twin. (It was the plot point I was not-so-subtly referring to, in response to Secret’s comment. ;)) I actually think that would be a pretty shocking twist . . . It’s just too bad so many fans already know about it. 😦

      The whole disappearance of Ian’s body baffles me. For starters, you’d have to be pretty darn strong (not to mention SUPER fast) to crawl onto scaffolding, untie a fairly LARGE body from those ropes, and drag it out of a church, without being seen by the ENTIRE town, who was camped outside. For this reason, I don’t think Ali, or any of the females on the show, for that matter, could do it successfully. (I certainly couldn’t do it!)

      This doesn’t mean that Ali isn’t “Other Ali’s” killer, or that she (or another girl) isn’t “A.” It just means that she probably has some strongish guy working for her. Of course, I too would love it if Toby was the one who rescued Spencer.

      If it WAS Toby, I hope he’s not involved in this Ali’s killer / A mess, and was just acting out of love. I recall, before this episode aired, one of the PLL writers described each of the main character’s feelings at the end of the show. She described Toby as being “in love.” So, that makes me think that, if Toby acted in violence during the finale, his intentions were pure in doing so.

      Hmmm, you know, when Ian’s body first went missing, his having escaped was my first guess. But man, he would have to be Houdini to get out of those ropes! And that guy sure did LOOK dead, hanging like he was. (For what it’s worth, I think the producers probably used a mannequin for the scene where the body swayed back and forth. And shot some stills of Ian in blue facepaint, with the noose around his neck, to supplement the scene with those eerie close ups.)

      I think, in real life, for someone to fall into ropes like that, from such a high distance, and be choked by them, that would pretty much be instant death. The only possible scenario I could think of, in which Ian could EVADE death in this scene, would be if the whole thing was orchestrated by him and the black cloaked figure, to make it LOOK like he had died. That’s a possibility too. Anything is a possibility on this show!

      LOL about your Texas remark. It’s funny, I was thinking about making the same comment in my recap, about how I didn’t think there were all that many lesbians in Texas (or, at least, ones who were open about it). But I thought there might have been a possibility that someone from Texas was reading, and didn’t want to risk offending them. Then, a REAL, honest to goodness, Texan comes along and makes the joke for me. Go figure! 🙂 I guess great minds really do think alike!

      SQUEEE! I want Wren back too! Where the heck is that boy? Of course, my newfound love of Toby and Spencer prevents me from wanting Wren to break those two up up. But can’t we get a NEW PLL girl just for Wren? Heck, he can date Ella! I bet those two would have WAY more chemistry than Ella does with Byron. Besides, it would be nice to see a YOUNGER GUY date an OLDER WOMAN on this show, for a change! 😉

      Oh, Lucas! How much sweeter can this boy be! He really does give Seth Cohen from The O.C. a run for his money!

      Thanks so much for your kickass comment, Cheryl! This has been fun (for me, anyway!)

      • Cheryl

        If all of us keep coming up with scenarios we’re bound to figure out all the secrets eventually! This has definitely been fun for me too, kjewls!

        Ian is having secret correspondence with the Ali (because he’s a nasty creep), and she has some psychotic crush on him. But Ali finds the videos, so he plans on killing her. She gets in his car the night she disappears wearing Toby’s sweater. After she is killed Ian gives the sweater to Jenna (don’t know how they know each other yet), and they plant it back in Toby’s room, because she’s been spurned by her blackmailed lover/step-brother and she’s… pms-ing (ha).

        But later, Jenna hooks up with Garret. She feels bad about framing Toby, so Garret messes up the blood evidence, so that the DA can’t go to trial with it (She definitely manipulated him to do it for her)! Jenna’s incestuous semi-rape on tape of Toby would draw suspicion to the fact that she planted the sweater, and the FBI might uncover the truth if they investigating her. If they linked her to Garret and the evidence being corrupted then maybe that is why the video would “ruin everything”.

        Oh man, the cogs are really turning here! We could do this all spring until Season 2 starts (or until I get a life, lol).

        I just can’t figure how and when Jenna and Ian met, or how Melissa could have killed Ali or Ali’s twin or whatever! But then again I haven’t seen all the episodes, aaaand I’m getting tired (Maybe tomorrow!). I started watching in late January, and have depended on recaps (mostly yours), random blogs, and youtube clips to catch me up! I got hooked after two episodes on hulu; it’s crazy!

        Ooh, I’ll have to read Crazylove’s fan fiction too! w00t!

      • Hmmm, I’m liking your thinking about Jenna using Garrett to “Free Toby” just as she had screwed him over in earlier episodes. I guess those two could have met and hooked up, during the time that Toby was the chief suspect in Ali’s murder investigation. The police definitely would have questioned Jenna about her “brother,” back when that was going on. And, if Jenna played the victim card, when Garrett was around, I can sort of see him falling for her. (He seems like the “I want a woman I can protect and care for” type.)

        Then again, Garrett IS one of the neighbors. And you get the impression that he is not THAT much older than the PLLs. (He may even be fresh out of high school. I’m pretty sure some towns let you take the Police Exam, without having a college degree.) So, he could have met her even earlier than that. Perhaps, BEFORE Jenna was blind, even . . .

        I remember reading someone else’s recap, in which they tried to put together ALL the things Ali had to DO on the day of her death in order to make the story consistent. From vacationing with Ian, to partying with the girls, to fighting with Spencer, to taking Toby’s coat, to sex taping it up with Ian in the woods, to DYING at some point. A busy, busy girl, that ALI! 🙂


    You know how last week I was hoping for an Ezria propsal scene? Ezra will be lucky enough not to get STABBED by Aria, let alone get her to marry him. I am just going to leave that thought there because I have happier thoughts to blab on about.
    This recap was probaly YOUR BEST I HAVE READ ALL SEASON! I mean it. I first start reading it in the library and I got really weird stares when I started to laughing as hard as I did. The librairan actually had to ask me if I was okay. LOL it was pretty awkward.
    I thought that my hate for Alision (or my loving to hate her as you put it last week :)) would soften a little bit after the finale. As always, I was wrong. I was actually screaming at the TV, “Who wouldn’t want to kill her?”
    Now I said last week that I wanted to be kidnapped by Garrett the Police Boy, but if I have to share the backseat with Jenna….no. Driver, please drop me off at Ezra’s apartment please, so then I can PUSH HIM OFF A CLIFF! (more on that later)
    To answer your question the beginning of the episode, HELL YEAH! Shirtless Abs Toby! BTW, was it just me or did he resmble a vampire in this episode? Maybe it was just me, but I was waiting for him to go out into the sunlight and start to sparkle (Curse my Twilight brain!)
    Lucas has finally come back! I was so happy! Even with the roadkill that was on his head, I was thrilled (Next time we send Bushy to the barbershop, we’ll send Lucas with him for a little trim, except we actually want Lucas to come back :)) I feel in love with Lucas all over again. Besides the fact that brought back Caleb (Seriously! Lucas had been in the vortex for all but three episodes and Caleb wasn’t even it for a full episode! Unfair in my book), he is just trying to make the girl that he loves happy, which is too sweet (I was actually thinking that this reminded me of Team Jacob 🙂 Sorry, I was a Twihard for about two years and before Ian Harding came along, I was mentally married to Taylor Lautner and his beautiful six pack). Luanna fans were not disapointed in the finale.
    I agree with you. That new guy, Logan, had my heart racing. Soon as I saw him, I said, “If the Ezria ship sinks, Aria should be with Logan. I already made up their couple name, Arogan.”
    I was so nervous for the finale, I really was. Like I said last week, I am extremely protective of Ezra (I have to remind myself that he is, in fact, a fictional character, sometimes). And I have never really been incredibly mad at him. I can’t really say that anymore because by the end of the finale, I wanted to literally smack him (BTW how funny was it when Aria punched Ezra in the beginning of the episode? I think I kept on saying, “Man, I wish Aria would punch him again” by the end of the finale.) If he thinks he can escape my hands reaching out to strangle him, he can think again. Let’s just say if Aria doesn’t kill him before I do, he may need to watch his back.
    Now, I personally think that Ian hit Melissa and Spencer but that’s just me.
    I was literally dying when Ian was attacking Spencer, but when the other girls heard it on the phone, I couldn’t help but laugh, because from their end, it just sounded so wrong! Anyways, seeing Ian dead was probably the best part of the episode, though seeing Ryan Merriman being hung by the neck scared me and I had nightmares, lol.
    Now from one writer to another, I forgot to include this (because sometimes I get really distracted) but I have been working on some fanfiction that you may want to check out.
    No pressure of course!
    I am so glad I found this blog, because my Tuesdays are so awful and it’s nice to be able to log on my computer and read your snarky comments! It has been great blogging with you this PLL season!

    • Hey, CrazyLove! Awww, you are so sweet! I am so glad you enjoyed the recap (and am sorry you got in trouble in the library). 😦 (For what it’s worth, I bet your librarian is a Closet PLL fan! So when she asked you if you were OK, she was really just expressing concern over how you were coping with the recent Ezria smackdown.) 😉

      You have no idea how excited I am to read your fanfiction! Believe it or not, I have never read PLL fanfiction before (hides head in shame). And, now, with this long hiatus in front of us (June has never seemed so far away), this is the PERFECT time to indulge in some much needed PLL Shipper Fantasy.

      The Police Boy and Jenna . . . now THAT was a truly vomit-worthy moment! As evil as Ali is, you can sort of understand why guys were attracted to her. She was really pretty, and popular, and . . . let’s face it . . . kind of slutty. But why ANYBODY, in their right minds, would be attracted to JENNA is beyond me.

      Now, now don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissing on Tammin Sursok, the actress who plays her. But the character is just SOOOOO CREEPY AND BIZARRE! Heck, she’s not even a particularly nice person. (What she did to Toby was just, UGHHH!) I can’t imagine any self-respecting guy risking a statutory rape charge for HER!

      Awww, thanks for the Hell Yeah, on Shirtless Toby! I love the Twilight analogy you used in your comment. You are absolutely right. Keegan Allen’s uncommonly pale, yet exceptionally toned, physique is VERY Robert Pattinson . . . as are his “intense stares,” “bookish nature,” and the quietly protective way manner he has with Spencer. No wonder other recappers call him Toby Van Cullen!

      I knew Lucas was returning based on the previews, but, for some reason, I thought the writers would go and make him shady, like they have a way of doing with so many other boys on this show. So, when Lucas came back, his sweet, selfless, and lovestruck self, I squealed with joy. Who would have thought that when Lucas told Hanna that he thought she deserved a better boyfriend, that he wasn’t necessarily referring to himself. (Though, of course, everyone knows he would be a PERFECT BOYFRIEND!)

      The fact that Lucas was willing to go SO FAR out of his way (both literally and metaphorically) to ensure Hanna’s happiness, at his own expense, when he could have just as easily let Caleb disappear from Hanna’s life for good, just shows the massive extent of his love for her. (Man, I’m sappy, today! What is this boy doing to me? :))

      I’d read somewhere that next season Caleb and Lucas are about to develop a sort of unlikely bromance with one another, which is odd considering they are in love with the same woman. Either way, I’m kind of excited for this development. PLL NEEDS a good bromance! And no, I’m not counting the lame friendship between Bushy Eyebrows Noel and Boring Sean. Plus, I can predict a time in the future, when Caleb returns Lucas’s favor from this week. And he humbly backs away from a relationship with Hanna, so that she can be happy with the guy she’s clearly meant to be with: Lucas.

      Wow , you really must be super mad at Ezra, if you are contemplating pairing New (SUPER SEXY) Guy Logan with ARIA! 🙂 But hey, if it makes Ezra jealous, and brings the two of them back together in the long run (after he redeems himself BIG TIME, of course) then why not? All, I know is I DEFINITELY DON’T want Aria back with Bushy Eyebrows Noel! In the words of Mercedes from Glee, “Hell to the NO!”

      Hmmm . . . you know, I think there is more to this Ezra / Jackie story. And I expect we will learn a lot more about their relationship next season. I suspect that some aspects of what actually went down between these two aren’t as bad as Aria thinks, but some are WAY worse. It will definitely be interesting to see the “darker” side to Ezra, as he’s been SO squeaky clean up to this point.

      Who knows, a little extra turmoil, might add some additional fire to this relationship, in the long run? Makeup sex, anyone?
      Ohhh, Ian COULD have hit Spencer and Melissa with his car! It would definitely explain how he KNEW exactly where Spencer would be, and exactly WHEN she would be there. (Is Ian evil enough to kill his own wife and child, just to protect his own selfish interests? Possibly!)

      Garrett the Police Boy could be another possibility, as the “hitter.” Come to mention it, Lucas and Caleb were in the car at the time too. But, if they HIT Spencer, it would definitely have been an accident. And this didn’t seem like an accident to me, especially when you consider that HANNA was hit by a car in the mid-season finale. I smell a pattern!

      When the PLL writers said the finale would be DARKER than your typical PLL episode, they weren’t kidding. From the creepiness of seeing Jenna and Toby together, to the harrowing chase scene between Ian and Spencer, to the disturbing image of Ian hanging from those ropes. I have friends who can’t watch PLL alone, because they find it too terrifying. After this week, I can’t say I blame them.

      I’m super glad you found these recaps too, Crazy Love! Analyzing these episodes with you each week has truly been AWESOME! I can’t wait to do it again in June!

    • Hey again! I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I ADORED the fanfiction you sent me. I had so much fun reading it! You are extremely talented. (And I’m a bit jealous of you right now. :))

      There is so much I love about the way you wrote this story. You have such a handle on these characters and their relationship: the way they talk to eachother, they way they look at one another, their mutual quirkiness, and the inside jokes they share. These two definitely seem true to the Aria and Ezra we’ve grown to love on the show. Plus, I love the way you’ve effortlessly created a history for them, illustrating what these two have been up to since we’ve “last seen” them. I can truly believe that this is what Aria and Ezra would be like with one another, after two years of dating.

      You’ve also adeptly captured the dialogue of some of the other characters in this world: Hanna’s coolness, Spencer’s snarkiness, Ella’s teen in a grown-up’s body charm. And wow, the opportunity to meet Fitzy’s family and his BROTHER (Wow . . . just wow!).

      If you don’t mind (and if you do, just tell me and I will totally take it down, now hard feelings at all), I added a link to your story to my blogroll. I suspect some people who come across my PLL recaps will be looking for something to tide them over during the long hiatus. And I think your writing might be it.

      Thanks again, so much for sharing this with me. I am honored.

    • Cheryl

      I paused throughout reading your fan fiction to make little comments, so my comments may seem very spastic and scattered, but it was fun to read (and commentate) your story! Great job, CrazyLove!

      I have to say first off that “Ezra had just gotten out of the shower” was THE BEST chapter starter. 😉

      Awww, I can totally picture “the Hello there” kiss!

      Yay, Hanna is dating Lucas! I heart you!

      Oh, “Aria wakes up in Ezra’s bed the next morning” is also a very good paragraph beginner. 🙂

      *Squeals* He proposed! Oh, very well done, CrazyLove, Very well done!

      “Ezra takes a deep breath and looks at him straight in the face, “I am in love with your daughter.”” *SCREAMS!!!!* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

      moony-eyed. LOL.

      Ouch, Mike bringing up Meredith! OUCH!

      The supportive younger brother dialogue is a bit much for me. I suppose my little brother wanted me to be happy too, but he expressed it in a very sarcastic, cynical way.

      Wow, when Ezra meets the girls at the grille Hanna’s dialogue is SPOT ON! I can hear Ashley Benson in my head while I read it.

      Oh, I definitely paused for the “Awwwwwwwww” moment! in chapter 10

      “she sees Ezra leap off the couch and yell, “Woooo!”” tee-hee!

      Nice touch making all the names biblical!

      Writing during US History, you rebel!! :-p

      “You were in that parked car for ten minutes.” *laughs* that is SO Spencer. I can picture her pursed lips too. hehe.

      *Jumps for joy* Toby’s made an entrance!

      Whoa, I love how you described the brother. Great work! There were a few grammatical errors (easily fixable), but the content itself was wonderful! Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to read more!

      • CRAZYLOVE345

        I am literally giggling and blushing when reading this comments and I am so glad that you two checked out the story.
        I got tired of all the drama going on between Ezra and Aria going on in the show and being an optimist (the glass is always half-full with me lol), I want them to be happy! Eventually, I just pieced together my imagination and started to write it down ideas that would make a good story.
        @Cheryl I love your comments on how I Like to begin the chapters. Like I said earlier, I am an optimist and I love shining on the postive. Like how I wish that there would be a scene where Ezra was in the shower. I don’t think I’d ever stop pausing that video, lol! Your welcome for making Luanna happen in my story. My third fave couple on the show. And You’ll be seeing a whole lot more of Toby and Lucas in the upcoming chapters.
        @KJEWLS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PUTTING MY STORY ON YOUR BLOGROLL. That means a lot to me. And I am working on getting a link to your blog for all the other PLL fans who need a good laugh every once and a while for the next 12 weeks.

      • Oh, it was my pleasure CrazyLove! I figure, this way, when you become a famous television or screenplay writer, I can tell everyone, “Hey! She was on MY blogroll! Beat that, suckas!” 😉

  5. I actually think Mona was trying to be a good friend to Hanna. Aside from their brief falling out, Mona has always struck me as a cruel to be kind person when it comes to Hanna. They have an understanding the other girls, who have never been less than gorgeous in canon, can never truly relate to. I don’t think this is a popular opinion, but I find Mona’s insane bitchiness hilarious and kind of refreshing on a show where backstabbing and secrecy are such major themes. For instance, the scene where Mona applies makeup to Hanna’s face when she is in the hospital spoke volumes to me about their friendship. Looking good isn’t just a shallow pastime for these girls; it has been integral to their new identity at the top of the social ladder. So, for me, Mona knew the best way to cheer Hanna up. Although Lucas kisses help, I’m sure, despite Hanna’s denials to the contrary!

    I truly will be shocked if Mona ends up being A. Though sometimes it is easier to hide in plain view – maybe her openness is to cover up a hidden life? Who the hell knows with this show 😉

    Also, having Lucas back made me insanely happy! I love charismatic geeks who worship the ground you walk on, and he definitely fits the bill. Imagine the witty verbal sparring you’d be able to do with him. Caleb will never be able to compete with him in this respect. Lucas FTW!

    • I love your take on Mona. As much as I am not particularly a fan of the character, I do think she is very realistically written. I think most of us know at least one, if not, a few “Monas” in our worlds. Or, at least, have known them in the past.

      And I’m intrigued by your idea of the shorthand between Mona and Hanna. They both possess this shared sense of: “Thank the Lord we are both popular now. Let’s do whatever it takes to help eachother to stay on top.”

      I guess the problem now, is that, with everything that’s going on in Hanna’s life, “being popular” is no longer a top priority in her life. And Mona feels left out, and left behind, because of that. It doesn’t help that all of Hanna’s best friends pretty much treat Mona like dirt, not that it’s entirely undeserved. That scene in the lunchroom from this episode, where Mona sat down at the lunch table, and all the PLL’s hastily departed WAS pretty harsh. It probably made Mona feel like the “loser” she used to be.

      I think the reason so many people think Mona is A, and despise the character so much, is the way the character was written in the books. Just like Hanna and Mona have a “shorthand” for their relationship, I think PLL fans, who are also fans of the book series, create a “shorthand” for characters that don’t get much screentime, by filling in their “blanks” with what they learned about them from the books.

      A perfect non-PLL example of this phenomenon is Tyler and Caroline from TVD. In the books, both of these characters are pretty AWFUL! In fact, if I recall, Caroline is LITERALLY possessed by an evil demon for most of the latter half of the series. So, when the series first began, and Tyler and Caroline didn’t get much screentime, fans ASSUMED they were the same characters they read about in the books, and, as a result, didn’t like them very much. Then, once the TVD television series writers gave Tyler and Caroline the opportunity to become their OWN characters, apart from the books, fans welcomed them with open arms.

      Another good example of this is (and how it can change) is Toby from PLL. From what I’ve read, he wasn’t exactly a PRIZE in the books series. In fact, Creepy Toby was a fairly appropriate moniker for him, throughout his “book life.” And most fans, myself included, were kind of disturbed by him, in the early episodes, as a result. (I haven’t read the PLL series yet, but I’ve read a lot about it on wikipedia and other such sites. So, I’m fairly conversant . . . I think.)

      Then, came the redemption of his character, through the blossoming of his relationship with Spencer. And, just this week, the writers slightly tweaked what happened between Toby and Blind Jenna, to make him seem even more sympathetic, and erase from the viewers minds the horrible images they had of this character from the books. Suddenly, Toby is a fan fave.

      Will Mona experience a similar redemption on the show? It’s entirely possible. But, until she gets more screentime, there will always be fans of the book who despise her (and assume she’s A).

  6. VodkaNCaviar

    hey so i agree with everything that has been written on this post.
    there are so many things that could possibly happen and i never actually considered Melissa to be the killer of Allison, but would she really kill Alison for hooking up with Ian? Didn’t they break up at that time.. not really sure, I havent been keeping track of the timeline in this show

    but did anyone catch what Ian said moments before he fell off the scaffolding?
    “A” came to rescue Spencer and Ian said something like “what are you doing here”. Im not sure but did he see the face of that hoodie guy. cuz it seemed like he knew “A” almost as if they were partners in crime or at least they knew eachothers secrets or were close acquaintances or something but i just cant get over that moment because it seems like it is someone that Ian knows.. and if that is the case then I dont think A is toby… or at least i dont think so. Plus toby is on the girl’s side and he has been pitted as the killer of Alison once so I really dont think he was the hooded guy.

    Jenna… uhh. when she was confronted by the girls I started to believe that she was just misunderstood because she was just as threatened by A as the other girls. But then when she called Ian that totally threw me off. What side is she on? Does she still have a thing against the girls or was she just worried about the videos coming out and didnt trust them to be leaked out? if so shes in trouble cuz we can assume that when “A” went off with Ian’s body he also took the videos.. and I do also wish Spencer made backups for that.. or maybe that was an identical fake memory key?

    and OMG i totally forgot about that scene in the hospital a couple episodes back when Hannah was recovering from being hit. When she saw Alison was she really seeing “A” or Alison or do you think she was hallucinating. Because if she wasnt hallucinating then the whole Alison twin theory may be plausible.

    but OMG i really want to find out who the hell A is because clearly this person has NO life. the fact that he/she sends those txts at the perfect timing must mean that A follows them everywhere. And A goes through a lot of effort to hurt these girls (hitting hanna with a car…) and framing them. And can we assume that A must be a strong person. Because A was the one who removed Ian’s body from the ropes in enough time before the cops came.

    • Excellent analysis, VodkaNCaviar! Super impressive! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      I DEFINITELY didn’t catch Ian saying “What are you doing here?” to A. But that seems like a solid hint to A’s identity . . . or, at least, the person who pushed Ian. As you suggested, it would have to be someone he knows fairly well.

      The aforementioned clue would also seem to go against the theory that Ian faked his own death, thereby making the whole “being pushed onto the ropes” thing part of a big setup. Because, if the whole thing was planned, Ian wouldn’t be surprised to see A on the bell tower . . . unless he was “pretending” to be surprised.

      I agree with you that, assuming Ian didn’t fake his own death, and escape the ropes on his own, the person who pushed him would likely have to be a fairly strong male. That is, of course, UNLESS, A HIRED someone to do his or her dirty work.

      Additionally, in a recent interview, one of the PLL writers confirmed that Caleb and Lucas were still pretty far out of town in their car, when the events of the final moments of the episode went down. This would mean that neither of these two pushed Ian. It also means they are both PROBABLY not A. (Notice I said “probably.”) 😉

      And I agree. If the Twin Theory is in play in the television series it is very possible that Hanna was ACTUALLY visited by Ali (or her twin) in the hospital. And it was NOT just a dream / hallucination on her part.

      LOL. You are so right. A is either some sort of supernatural being with the ability to be about 20 places at once, or she is the CREEPIEST STALKER EVER! Interestingly enough, A’s outsider status (i.e. the fact that she or he has “no life”) might actually be another clue to his or her identity.

      Ugh, my head is spinning now! Is it June yet? 🙂

  7. Kasey

    LOL! I laughed through some of the comments you made! Prettay funny! Also, thanks for posting a pic of Dead Ian. I was trying to find a pic of him hanging there all purple so i can freak out my little brother.

    • Haha, thanks Kasey! Hey, what good are screencaps from Pretty Little Liars, if they can’t be used to scare the stuffing out of our siblings, right? Seriously though, the makeup department did a nice job on Corpse Ian. Obviously, I’ve never been “hung” before. But, if I ever was, I suspect I’d look something like that . . .

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