You Can’t Win ‘Em All! – A Recap of Glee’s ” A Night of Neglect”

Hey, Mike Chang .  . . wanna become be a LESS neglected Glee club member?  Here’s a hint: WEAR LESS CLOTHING!

Welcome back, Gleeks!  Has this most recent Glee hiatus left you feeling neglected . . . unappreciated . . . used up and tossed out, like a snotty old tissue? 

Well, then, you are in luck!  Because this week’s installment of Glee is all about that oh-so-familiar feeling of being left out, passed over, chewed up, and spit out.  Talk about a  “Feel Good Episode!”

So, ball up those tissues.  Break out the comfort food.  And crank up the volume on that SUPER depressing song on your iPOD.  Because it’s time for “A Night of Neglect.”

Brother, can you spare a dime?

“Goodbye, money!  It was nice knowing you!”

So, remember the Super Bowl Episode, when the Cheerios, upon losing their national competition, also lost their ENTIRE extracurricular activity budget, in favor of the Glee club?  And then remember how, for about 3 episodes or so, the normally cash-strapped Glee kids suddenly had enough money, not only to travel to Regionals, but also to purchase massively expensive rotating sectional sofas to use as props for their in-school performances about the dangers of alcohol abuse?

Blame it on the alcohol . . . and a REALLY dumb plotline.

Ummm . .  . yeah, well, apparently, the idea of the Glee club actually having enough CASH to attend Nationals was “inconvenient,” for purposes of this plot.  Therefore, the writers had to find some way to make the Glee kids poor again, thereby forcing them to hold the “fundraiser” around which this episode revolved.  So, the writers decided to have Sue steal the money, and reroute it into an “off-shore bank account.”  SURPRISE!

“Just call me Sue ‘The Scapegoat’ Sylvester . . . everybody else does!”

And yet, assuming Sue HAS all this money (and can use a portion of it on her “precious Cheerios”) why is she even bothering sabotaging the Glee kids (AGAIN), in the first place? 

Of course, to even try and answer this question, would require attributing something to this show that it clearly DOESN’T have . . . continuity.  So, we will just move on from here, OK?

Anywhoo . . . so not only do the Glee kids need cash, but the McKinley High Smarty Pants, an Academic Decathalon Team, which, surprisingly, is made up ENTIRELY of Gleeks (Aren’t ALL after-school activities, on this show?) needs money too!  This gives Will and his temporary guest star new girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow Holly Holiday the idea to raise money for BOTH after-school activities by (1) selling saltwater taffy; and (2) putting on a benefit concert with, a theme that is very near and dear to both club’s hearts: LOSERS . .  . er . . . I mean . . . “neglected artists.”

*sings*  “Soy un perdedor!  I’m a neglected artist, baby!  So, why don’t you KILL ME?”

Volunteering to perform at the event is Vocal Adrenaline Star, Sunshine Corazon, who has “600 twitter followers,” but still claims that she knows how it feels to be “neglected,” because she is “so very short” and “a much better singer than everybody else.” 

Despite having been burned before, by a member of Vocal Adrenaline, who also supposedly possessed a burning desire to “help out the Enemy” . . .

. . . the Glee kids ultimately let Sunshine audition for the benefit.  After all, they are Ridiculously Stupid, very much in need of the audience members Sunshine promises to bring with her to the venue.


In what was BY FAR the most riveting performance of the evening, Sunshine sings Celine Dion’s extremely-over played, but STILL fabulous, “All By Myself.”  During her rendition, Sunshine captures the heart of a Very Special Gleek . . .

“Nice knowing, ya, Zizes!  It’s going to be a bright SUNSHINE-y day, without you!”

“Dump me for the Munchkin, and I will LITERALLY eat you for breakfast, PUCKERMAN!”

Check out Sunshine’s spectacular performance (not to mention Puck’s SUPER mushy response to it) here; and you will see EXACTLY what I mean  . . .

Welcome to the Legion of Doom!

 While the Glee kids are hard at work preparing for their Night of Neglect, Sue Sylvester is just as hard at work, making sure it fails miserably.  Except, this time, Sue is not alone in her Nefarious Plotting of this Week’s Evil Deeds.

(Seriously?  Can Sue BE any more of a cartoon villain?  Next thing you know, she will be petting a bald cat, perfecting her Evil Laugh, and blabbering on about World Domination.)

Helping Sue to destroy Glee club, this week, are former New Directions’ advisor, Sandy Ryerson . . .

Nice CAPE, Asshat!

 . . . Vocal Adrenaline Coach, Dustin Goolsby . . .

News Flash:  You are INDOORS!  Take off the sunglasses, Vampire LeDouchebag!

 . . . and Will’s ex-wife, and FAKE Baby Mama, Terri . . .

She’s baaaaaaaack!

For such an “impressive” group of Super Villains, the Leagion of Dooms’ schemes to foil the Night of Neglect actually end up being disappointingly LAME.  These plans include having Charise and her “600 Twitter Followers” ditch the benefit, at the last minute . . .

“That’s what you get for sending me to ‘audition’ at a Crack House, B*TCHES!”

 . . . trying (and FAILING) to break up Will’s relationship with Holly . . .


(Of course, she ended up leaving, ANYWAY . . .)

 . . . and hiring a team of “Hecklers” to make fun of Tina’s performance of Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers.”

Most Random . . . Team . . . of . . . Hecklers .  . . EVER!

(And yet, they still managed to make Poor Tina CRY . . . THOSE BASTARDS!)

Which reminds me, is anybody else curious as to why Poor Tina’s musical performances always seem to end with her bawling her eyes out?  (“My Funny Valentine,” anyone?)

As for Tina’s real life “Funny Valentine,” he danced at the benefit to Jack Johnson’s “Bubble Toes,” which made me smile . . . both because I love Jack Johnson . . . and because “Bubble Toes” are just adorably SILLY!

This would have been a whole lot more appropriate, if Mr. Bubble Toes danced barefoot . . . and shirtless.

Granted, it was a bit disappointing that no one actually SANG  the Jack Johnson song, as I think that might have been a nice addition to the performance.  (After all, unlike, most of the other artists featured in this episode, Jack Johnson actually IS a neglected artist, one who is often vastly underappreciated for his unique talents . . . at least, in my humble opinion.) 

I’d say Tina could have sang the “little ditty.”  But she was still crying at the time, and, therefore, would have inevitably converted the song from “Bubble Toes” to Blubbering ones  . . .

Speaking of blubbering . . .

Like a Virgin, Touched (with a Glove) for the Very FIRST Time!

No Glove . . . No LOVE, BABY!

After having experienced so much progress in recent months, it was disheartening to see Poor Emma having fallen completely off the OCD-wagon again, this week.  Recognizing that OCD sufferers tend to see their symptoms worsen in times of extreme stress (AWWW!  He’s been doing RESEARCH on her condition!  He SO Luuuuuves HER!), Will gently asks Emma what happened. 

“Carl’s gone.  He asked for an annulment, which, I guess, he’s entitled to, since we never actually consummated our marriage,” Emma explains dejectedly.

(Oh, the judge must have LAUGHED HIS ASS OFF, when he heard that one!)

“Have MER-CY!”

“How old do you have to be, to look back on your life, with nothing but regret?  Is 32-too young?”  Emma asks sadly.

Knowing an “opening” (See what I did there?), when he sees one, Will sweetly vows to help Emma through this “rough patch” in her life.  To “seal the deal,” he even goes as far as to put on a condom a pair of sterilized gloves . . .  Yep, he’s a slick one, that Schuester! 

Holly takes another Holiday (and this one may be permanent) 

Watching the aforementioned exchange from a nearby window, Holly Holiday already knows she’s been replaced.  But, to her credit, rather than stomping off in a Rachel Berry-like fury, the “adult” Holly sticks around to teach the kids an “important lesson” on the dangers of online (and in-person) heckling. 

(Awww, that was great, Holly!  Without your preachy and super annoying inspired speech I would have NEVER known that it was mean and hurtful to . . . be MEAN and HURTFUL to people.  Thank you, for showing me the light!)

Other examples of the not-at-all obvious teachings of Holly Holiday . . .

Holly also performs Adele’s Turning Tables” at the Night of Neglect Benefit . . .

Riiiiiiight . . . because the young chart-topping female / international music sensation is PRECISELY who I think of, when I hear the words “neglected artist.”

At the end of the episode, Holly sadly admits the following:  (1) She has taken a substitute teacher position in Cleveland, and is therefore, leaving town and the showASAP;

(2) she knows Will and Emma are in love with one another, which makes it kind of inconvenient for her to continue being Will’s F*&k Buddy girlfriend; and

(3) she promises to return the next time she has a film project to promote sometime soon.

“You go and POP that Cherry WILL!  Pop it ONCE AND FOR ALL!  Do it for ME!  Do it for America!”

Speaking of people who are about to DO IT . . .

I’m always chasing Klaine-bows (and so is Karofsky, apparently)


My favorite non-musical moment from the episode, BY FAR, was Kurt’s and Blaine’s visit to McKinley High to support their friends’ benefit.  Upon hearing Kurt reminisce about the school, Blaine realizes immediately that Kurt misses public school, and all the friends he’s made there.  Unfortunately, this sappy sweet moment is interrupted by the magical “surprise” appearance of Karofsky, who was pining over Kurt, dancing to “Bubble Toes”, rocking out to Adele “lifting weights,” when he overheard the new out-and-PROUD couple strolling the halls of McKinley.

In a swoon-worthy move, Blaine, who knows full well about Karofsky’s homophobic self-hatred, and how it ultimately resulted in Kurt having to switch schools, stands up to the much larger Football Player . . . even going as far as to give him a REALLY HARD PUSH!


But, then, just when it seems as though a fight is about to break out in the halls of McKinley High, Santana, of all people, steps in to SAVE THE DAY!


Recalling a time, in the not-so-distant past, when Karofsky had the GALL to SLUSHEE SANTANA, of all people . . .



 . . . Santana positions herself squarely in front of Karofsky, and begins to tell him, once and for all, how things are going to be, from now on. 

 “See, here’s whats gonna go down. Two choices, you stay here, and I crack one of your nuts, right or left, that’s your choice. Or you walk away, and live to be a douchebag, another day. And, also, I have razorblades in my hair. Mmm-hmmm.  Tons, all up in there,” monologues Santana, in a moment that is positively FILLED with Awesome!

“If I wasn’t gay and secretly in love with Kurt, I’d be SO attracted to you, right now!”

What’s better, after hearing Santana’s not necessarily idle threats, Karofsky ACTUALLY walks away! 


(Little do these two individuals know just how much in common they actually have with one another!)

Symbolism and foreshadowing aside, it was really nice to see Santana come to Kurt’s aid, the way she did this week.  It shows fans just how far her character has come from the one-note villainess she once was, back in early Season 1 . . .

Speaking of characters who have come far . . .

Rachel teaches Mercedes the TRUE meaning of DIVA . . .

Of all the members of New Directions, perhaps, no character has been more outspoken about feeling neglected than Mercedes.  And yet, as Lauren Zizes perceptively points out, though she may gripe and complain EXTREMELY OFTEN, Mercedes will ALWAYS inevitably cede the spotlight to Rachel.  So, Lauren comes up with this ridiculous plan for Mercedes to ask for all these STUPID DIVA REQUESTS (A puppy to wipe her face on?  Being carried out on stage in a Lady Gaga-inspired egg?), so that her Glee club mates know that she’s important.

Oddly enough, for a little while, anyway, this dumb ass plan seems to work, with Rachel Finn and Quinn rushing around like crazy to fulfill all of Mercedes whimsical desires . . .

But when Mercedes refuses to perform at the Benefit, it is Rachel who follows her into the parking lot in the rain and stabs her to death sets her straight . . .

“Diva demands don’t make you famous,” explains Rachel (and she would KNOW!).  “Having talent does!”

“So, why are you a bigger star than ME!”  Mercedes whines.

“Because the writers always give ME all the big solos and romantic storylines.  “Because I care more about being famous, than about being liked.  Everyone LIKES you,” Rachel explains, “Except for NOW, because NOW you are being a TOTAL ASSHOLE!” 

Ultimately, Rachel concedes the closing number at the benefit to Mercedes, who sings her idol Aretha Franklin’s “Ain’t No Way,” to an adoring crowd.  (OK, so have we just TOTALLY dispatched with the theme of “neglected artists” now?  First ADELE, and now, ARETHA?  Who’s next, U2?  The Beatles?)

Of all people, Glee club nemesis, Sandy Ryerson, is SO touched by Mercedes performance, that he conveniently decides to defect from the Legion of Doom, and give all the money from his illegal drug sales to the Glee club and the Academic Decathaletes!

The random guest star has been REDEEMED!  HOORAY!  (It’s just too bad no one can redeem that outfit he’s wearing.  Because that thing is HIDEOUS!)

Now, with Dustin and Sandy having totally FAILED at breaking up the Glee club, it’s up to Sue and Terri to finish what they started.    *Sigh*  Here we go again . . .

Oh, and did I mention that the “McKinley Smarty Pants,” led by Brittany (and her bizarrely Rainman-esque knowledge of cat diseases) went on to win the Academic Decathalon, thanks to the MOST RANDOM GAMESHOW CATEGORY EVER? 

Oh, Holly Holiday . . . you and your WEIRD costumes . . . and your bizarre weekly historical tidbits . . . about women with Man-Hands who Loved Hitler!  Now that you are really gone, I may actually end up missing you, after all!



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15 responses to “You Can’t Win ‘Em All! – A Recap of Glee’s ” A Night of Neglect”

  1. Lisa

    Gorgeous Recap 🙂
    But although Santana saved this epsisode, I think it was pretty lame. After a whole month waiting and longing for Glee all they gave us were 2 minutes of Klaine (with only one sweet look, but neither holding hands nor even kissing…and in fact, I´m no teenager, but still…) and a funny Santana-moment. Yeah, Mike´s dance was just nice, just as Brittany´s special knowledge, but after all I was sitting there – thinking WTF?! (And by the way, I got up REALLY early to watch, ´cause in Europe it was like 4am. So…)
    After “Original Songs” this one was boring, also a little bit awkward and meaningless. Wouldn´t have needed this episode, to be honest. Just hope that Mr Murphy has somethig up his sleeve for next week…

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      I’m really sorry you had to wake up so early to watch this admittedly lackluster episode. This one definitely had the feel of “filler” for me: random choice of episode theme, random song choices, little in the way of plot development, and a genuine lack of character development (with Santana’s KICKASS moment being quite possibly the only exception to this blanket statement). It almost seems as though the writers were just biding their time, and saving up all their “good stuff” for next week’s 90-minute (Sweeps Week) “Born this Way” extravaganza. And yet, I do wonder whether it would have made sense for the writers to just skip this episode entirely, and come back strong next week, with “Born this Way,” as a full 2-hour affair.

      Like, I said, “you can’t win ‘em all!” But, of course, I’ll keep my fingers crossed, right along with you, that NEXT WEEK’S episode will be Glee’s REAL post-hiatus comeback! 🙂


    I unfortunately missed it last night *cries* but I came to your blog right away to see whats going on in Gleekland. And I feel like I watched the show. Seriously! I don’t think I am even going to go and watch it! This blog has truly changed some TV for me and Glee is one of them.
    Now on a different note, I have a friend who has been trying get me to watch Vampire Diaries for over a year now and has been unsuccessful. But now I seem to WANT to watch it. One reason and one reason only: Ian Somerhander. He is like 32, right? He don’t look 32. He is one smoking dude.
    On an Ian subject, on an escapade of twitter (now addicted, thank you very much!), I found this wonderful picture of my future boyfriend. I went ahead and added my own little comments.
    I look at this picture when I need something for me to focus at school….not the best strategy to go.
    Awesome recap as always!

    • Hey, there, CrazyLove! I’m so happy I was able to summarize this episode for you. And I think you are absolutely right, in your choice to skip “A Night of Neglect” in favor of next week’s “Born this Way.” “Night of Neglect” was definitely a filler episode. But I suspect “Born this Way” will be FABULOUS. 🙂 So, when you think about it, what you are doing is really just “more efficient TV watching.” 🙂

      Ooooh, I would DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY recommend your giving The Vampire Diaries a try! As a fan of the mysteries, plot twists, romance, scheming and the sexy shirtless men of Pretty Little Liars, I definitely DO NOT think you will be disappointed! 🙂 TVD has all of those things to offer you, and THEN SOME! 🙂

      And let’s not forget the always AWESOME Ian Somerhalder. Yep, he’s 32 years old, but he still has the baby face of a guy in his early 20’s, TOPS. And as for his body? Well, I’ll let you judge for yourself . . .

      You know, interestingly enough, now that I have that AWESOME shirtless boxer-wearing GIF of YOUR future boyfriend, I can see some DEFINITE similarities (in terms of coloring and physique) between Ian Harding and Ian Somerhalder (i.e. MY future boyfriend ;)). So, consider watching TVD part of our television double date! 🙂

      Thanks again for all your kind words, and for watching all this quality TV with me. 🙂 It’s a good thing we both have such awesome taste in both shows and shirtless men, right? 🙂

  3. Kristina

    So I’ve decided to accept the fact that Glee with never be as good as it was the first season and I’ve generally just let the show be. That being said though, I had two problem with this episode. Mercedes bothered the crap out of me. The whole time I was practically begging for somebody to just tell her not to sing because they don’t want to hear her freaking voice anyways! So what, she’s a little under-appreciated but that has absolutely NOTHING to do with drying your hands on puppies! Just ask for the last song and get over yourself.
    The other thing is, what kind of school would let the club take money from DRUG sales. Honestly what were the Glee writers thinking? The Glee club can’t make enough money selling candy but oh! get it from illegal drug sales and that’s perfect…NOT. It’s practically promoting selling drugs, saying that you can get plenty of money that way!
    Okay, rant over. Other than that, I think the next episode will be good and I can’t wait to read your blog about it. 🙂

    • Excellent points, Kristina! One of the most frustrating things about the Glee writers, is that every time they allow a character to “grow” into a “better person,” two episodes later, that same character is guaranteed to be more immature and self-absorbed than ever before . . . and all to advance some random plotline that will probably never be mentioned again, in the context of the Glee Universe.

      This week, our Candidate for Character Assassination was Mercedes Jones. Way to GO, Mercedes! (Now, go dry your hands on a puppy!) 🙂

      I also agree that sometimes Glee doesn’t seem to know whether it wants to be a “preachy” show (which promotes “good values” like “don’t get wasted at school,” and, “love thy gay neighbor,” and “don’t heckle people online”), or a straight-out comedy (which sees absolutely nothing wrong with promoting as its unlikely episode hero a self-described Predatory Teacher, who gets fired for inappropriately fondling students, and then funds those same students’ extracurricular activities with illegal drug money).

      And yet, even with all that ridiculousness, I’m still confident that Glee can offer up a “Hail Mary,” and salvage this mixed bag of a second season, with a few tour-de-force Sweeps Week episodes, and a kick ass finale that we’ll be talking about all summer. All fingers crossed! 🙂

  4. Ali

    Loved the recap..

    I downloaded the episode and watched it like at dawn or something HOPING it would be a kickass come back… that´s what I call dissapointing…. And by the way I have to download it from whatever source is available because where I Iive (Venezuela) FOX is still airing the Valentines´episode… Go figure! They aired a Vey Glee Christmas two weeks ago…. I know… LOL

    Anyway…. Totally on board with everything you said…. Specially the part where you perfectly expressed that Glee has NO continuity what so ever…. I remember we discussed the last time about why Vocal Adrenaline was not at Regionals and you told me something about they were in a different district or whatever…. Now when I accept that they bring back these 2 characters from ten thousand episodes ago and do this incredible lame plotline

    Seriously… Could have not watched this episode at all…. Next time I will wait for the recap and see if its worth it LOL

    And other thing I totally agree with you…Doný we have already 12 characters we would like to see evolve and develope ? Why do we need other stunts to fill the space..

    Ad finally, everything that Kristina said: perfection. Could not agree more

    Again, a pleasure to read you kjewls

    • Thanks so much, Ali for your kind words. You are the sweetest! 🙂

      Wow, I don’t think there has ever been another Glee episode that has been as universally panned, as this most recent one. And I do think it’s sad, not only that this was the first episode back from hiatus, but that so many loyal fans of the show like you woke up early, and made the extra effort to download and watch it, only to be so brutally disappointed.

      And you’ve really hit the nail on the head, about some of the weaknesses that THIS episode, and other episodes of Glee, have exhibited of late. The sea of characters is getting WAY TOO CROWDED to focus continually on any one character’s consistent character growth, throughout the season. And the Very Special Guest Star stunts each week are overshadowing good storylines, and solid performances, aspects for which Glee has been so well known in the recent past.

      And yet, some of the recent episodes of this show have been EXCELLENT. For example, I LOVED the Valentine’s Day episosde, and thought the Alcohol Episode was a TON of fun! I also really enjoyed some of the character development we got to see in the Original Songs episode, particularly in terms of Kurt’s and Blaine’s characters. (Their kiss was AMAZING! :))

      So, while the season has definitely had its weak points, I remain optimistic that the last few episodes of Glee’s season 2 will finish strong. I really hope so, because I would hate to see everyone around the world waking up so early, to download another shoddy episode like “Night of Neglect.”

      Thanks again for reading and for sharing your insightful comments with me. I really do appreciate it! 🙂

  5. Ali

    You tell them Kjewls!!! Im not waking up early for another crappy episode again..

    An also… let´s make a blog called “let Tina sing a whole song! ” 😀

    XOXO… I´m about to watch the Valentine´s day episode… coz they´re airing it tonight on my Local FOX… and that one I liked

  6. Eli

    LOL I just read “let Tina sing a whole song!” hahahahahhahahahahaha omglee… I heard the whole song of Tina (I follow rivers) and well… I think it was better this way having it being interrupted.

    I loved your recap (as always). I agree about the continuity problems in this program… I mean the other day I was watching season 1 and Karofsky gave a slushie to Finn and by then he was member of the Hockey club (¡?)… WTF… I didn’t remember that…

    Well besides that… Rachel didn’t sing!!!!!! Not even a note! Isn’t that new? I think she hasn’t sung in 2 episodes tops. I literally hated Mercedes on this ep. I mean, come on… puppies????

    Taking money from drugs… Well… MAYBE the writers don’t consider marihuana to be a drug? @_@

    The hiatus was SO long that I don’t even mind this episode was “lame”. Let’s hope that Born this Way is a better episode… BTW I so DO like more S2 than S1 🙂


    • LOL re: your comment about Tina’s singing abilities, Eli! Touche! 🙂 I don’t know about I Follow Rivers. But I do remember the character singing the song “True Colors” at some point, during Season 1. And that was pretty decent.

      I just wonder how the actress (Jenna Ushkowitz) feels when she reads her scripts, each week. Perhaps, her thought process goes something like this:

      “YAY . . . I get a solo, yippeee . . . What? I only get to sing HALF . . . because I’m CRYING . . . AGAIN? WHYYYYYYY!” 🙂

      I totally FORGOT Karofsky was in the Hockey Club, before he was on the Football Team! Good memory, Eli! I’m starting to think that the same 5 kids are on EVERY CLUB this school has!

      Hmm . . . you are right. It is definitely rare to have an episode where Rachel doesn’t sing at all. I think there were probably 2 or 3 other episodes where Rachel was silent for an entire episode, but that’s it. Though I love Rachel’s voice, I actually find it kind of refreshing when she takes the night off, for a change.

      And this week’s episode seemed to show a lot of growth for the Rachel character. (Who knows if the writers will decide to have that “growth” last longer than a single episode? :)) Even though Mercedes was being a TOTAL asshat throughout the hour, Rachel was still willing to give up the spotlight, and let her friend shine at the benefit. Now, that’s progress! 🙂

      I know this was one my less positive recaps. But, like you, I am SUPER excited about “Born this Way.” In fact, I’m going to consider it Glee’s TRUE Hiatus Comeback. We can forget “Night of Neglect” ever happened . . . and chalk it up to a Drunken Bender . . . or something. 🙂

      (Speaking of Drunken Benders, I love your take on the Glee writers as closet potheads . . . It would actually explain away A LOT of the more random aspects of this show! ;))

      • Eli

        I had never considered the option not to think this was an episode at all!!!! That’s GREAT!!! ♥

        Rachel showed improvement on “original song” when she accepted the prize for VIP, and also here…. oh jeez…. TWO EPISODES IN A ROW!! I suppose that next week or the other one she should become a (talented) bit*h again or it’d not be Glee at all. But it was nice for her character to accept that “though she’s talented nobody likes her” and I think that was a message to all Glee fans that hate her. Like, “I AM the star and I don’t look for your acceptance”.

        Well, we shall see what happens next tuesday, can’t wait!!

  7. Hey fellow, Gleeks! Just in case anyone was curious, my “Born this Way” recap is in the works, and should be up some time later tonight. I just got a bit overzealous in collecting screencaps and gifs, and completely lost track of time. A girl’s gotta sleep eventually, you know?

    Sorry for the delay! 😦 (Please don’t hate me!)

    Great episode though, right? For me, “Born this way” ended up being everything “Night of Neglect” was not, and THEN SOME! I’m so glad OUR Glee is back! 🙂

  8. totally random & in no way related to this post apart from the fact it contains glee characters, But how completely adorable is mini-puck i plan to adopt him! & when he picks him up its just double AWWWW!

    • You gotta love the mini-Mohawk, right? 🙂 The Mini-Me Scene was the best part of the entire episode. How much better would the hour have been, if they just had the Mini Me’s run around for an hour, playing the Maxi-Me’s parts. I smell a spinoff! 🙂

      Thanks so much for the video!

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