Come on, Damon, Light My Fire! – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The House Guest”

DAMON:  “Do you smell something burning?”

KATHERINE:  “There’s a fire . . . in my pants.  I’m burning up for your love, Damon.”

DAMON: “Katherine, it’s the 21st Century.  They have creams for that now .  . .”

Whew!  Well, THIS was a doozy of a TVD episode, wasn’t it?  Let’s see . . .

(1) We got to see Damon become more smokin’ HOT than ever before . . .

“Poke her, with that POKER, Damon!”

(2) Lots of sh*t caught fire (including the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls) .   . .

(3) We were treated to a very Gleeky musical review, brought to you by the Vampire Barbie, herself.   . .


(4) Ding, Dong TWO witches are dead (for the price of JUST ONE!).

OOPS!  Won’t be using THAT screencap anymore!

(5) And the two MOST CLUELESS folks in Mystic Falls, FINALLY got a CLUE .  . . well  . . . sort of . . .

But, I think, if I had to choose my absolute FAVORITE part of “The House Guest” . .  . it would be all the highly sexualized Kat / Damon moments included therein.  After all, THESE moments added quite a few very sexy screencaps to my ever-growing collection.   And, of course, immediately upon concluding this recap, I plan to insert said screencaps into my”Damon & ELENA Forever” scrapbook.  (Yes, I said, Damon and ELENA!  What the rest of the world doesn’t know, won’t hurt them?  Right?)

But enough about my FAVE Soon-To-Be Couple, we’ve got a show to recap!


“Come on, Stefan!  If we don’t leave now, we’ll be late for school.  Remember school?  It’s that thing we keep forgetting to GO to?” Elena sing-songs, as she grabs seductively onto Stefan Salvatore’s shirt collar, in one of the at least six bedrooms of La Casa de Rich and Awesome.

That’s right!  Contrary to popular belief (and the fact that we haven’t actually seen her attend class since around the middle of Season 1), Elena IS, in fact, still a high school student.  And the clever, self-deprecating, writers of this show aren’t afraid to point out that, due to plot logistics, “attendance” doesn’t exactly appear to be Elena’s strong suit.  But let’s face it.  It’s not all Elena’s fault.  The fact that Stefan’s a little Horn Dog, who attended high school for literally centuries, and STILL doesn’t seem to own a diploma, certainly doesn’t help . . .  (Baby Salvatore is kind of like a Vampire Van Wilder, in that way!)

“Welcome to Home School!  Our first class of the day is Sex Education.”

But Elena’s got WAY more pressing problems than an overly amorous boyfriend, who will quite possibly make her late for class for the 35th time this year.  She’s got a case of mistaken identity on her hands .  . .

You know, last week, when Katherine popped out of Damon’s shower, asking for a robe, and a place to “sleep,” I just assumed that the rest of the Scooby Gang would get filled in on the identity of the newest Salvatore House Guest OFF SCREEN.  So, color me surprised, when Damon forcefully pushed Elena up against a wall, merely for wishing him “Good Morning” (So HOT, by the way!).  Interestingly enough, Elena had no CLUE why Damon would possibly mistake her for her doppelganger, when said doppelganger was supposedly still locked away in a Deep Dark Tomb!

Color me even more surprised, when, upon hearing of Katherine’s Great Tomb Escape, Stefan, not only doesn’t “rescue” his girlfriend from Damon’s clutches, he PUSHES HER AGAINST THE WALL, TOO?

“Really?  The WALL . . . AGAIN?  Why does everybody have to get pushed up against the WALL on this show?  That flimsy piece of plaster has probably seen more action in a single SEASON than Katherine has seen in her ENTIRE LIFE . . . and she’s Super Slutty.”

Fortunately, for Elena (or, unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), the REAL Katherine materializes in the doorway, and shows both Salvatore Brothers they are Wall Raping the Wrong Gal . . .

“If that were ME on the Wall, smothered by Salvatores, I’d have my clothes off, before you could say, ‘Katherine Pierce.’  That Elena is such a PRUDE!”

Needless to say, Elena is NOT pleased about the idea of having to share her precious Salvatores with another girl, who, coincidentally, also used to bone them both.   “Get her out of here!”  Elena yelps.

“Do you think our boyfriends will FINALLY be able to tell us apart, when you have a pretty stake sticking out of your heart?”

But Elena is not going to be able to get rid of the Kat so easily.  After all, having been Santa Klaus’ Honey Bunny back in the day, Katherine alone possesses the unique knowledge the Scooby Gang needs to kill the Big Bad Vamp We Still Have Never Seen.  And so, Katherine stays behind, while a grumbling Elena exits Stage Left, still trying in vain to remember what the heck her high school actually looks like . . .

“So, that’s high school, huh?   OK.  We’ve seen it.  Now, let’s LEAVE!”

On the way into school, Stefan offers to sleepover at Elena’s house, for a change, so the pair can keep their distance from a certain pesky doppelganger.  (Ahhh . . . another night at the Gilberts.  Hey, remember that episode, where Useless Aunt Jenna started randomly making lewd comments to Stefan about how LOUD he and Elena were during sex?  GOOD TIMES!) 

Unfortunately, for Stefan, Having Loud Sex While Jenna Listens is not on the agenda for tonight, not when Elena has already planned a “Girl’s Night,” with her besties, Caroline and Bonnie.  “Maybe KATHERINE could join us,” Elena snarks.

EXCELLENT IDEA, Elena!  I mean, seriously, how AWESOME would it be to have Vampire Katherine at YOUR Slumber Party?

“Hey girls!  What do you say, we play Truth or Dare and I compel you all to pick DARE each time?”

Speaking of Elena’s besties, Bonnie has been trying to maintain a secret relationship with Jeremy, ever since the Hot Energy Channeling / Saliva Swapping Party they had together, last week.

BONNIE:  “We can’t stand together like this all day.  Someone will notice.”

JEREMY:  “Just tell them I’m a very Close Talker.”

As for Caroline, she’s still trying to rekindle her relationship with Matt . . . but having limited success.

At school, Vampire Barbie and Still Clueless Ken continue to dance around their many issues.   Both parties are given an excellent opportunity to be honest with one another about their recent interactions with the recently departed Tyler.  But Caroline refuses to tell Matt about the connection she shared (and STILL shares) with Teen Wolf . . .

Meanwhile, Matt refuses to admit that his final conversation with Tyler included (1) Tyler admitting that he had fallen for Caroline; (2) Matt agreeing to “take care of Caroline” at Tyler’s request . . .


Despite BOTH parties being to blame for the standstill at which their relationship currently rests, Matt announces to Caroline that she knows how he feels, and that it is “Her Move.”  Fortunately for Caroline (or UNFORTUNATELY, if you are a Forwood Fan like me), she sees a poster on the School Bulletin Board that gives her a good idea of what her next “Move” will be . . .

Back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Damon is blowing Elijah .  . .

. . . with a Blow Torch, that is.

Kudos to Damon for being just as clever as most of us fans are.  After all, the Elder Salvatore came up with precisely the same solution many of us suggested for the “Keep the Dagger, Lose the Body” Elijah Conundrum. 

The problem with this plan, of course (as Kat smugly notes, when she comes upon Damon still “carrying a torch” for her), is that, as an Original Vampire, Elijah’s body is COMPLETELY INDESTRUCTIBLE.  (See?  Even as a DEAD and UNCONSCIOUS guy, Elijah is one of the Coolest Characters on this Show!)

Unable to have the Baked Elijah dessert he was so hoping to enjoy, Damon turns his massively large and VERY phallic torch on Kat . . .

And just by the look on Kat’s face, when she sees that big STICK of Damon’s just inches away from her nether regions, we can tell that, unlike Elijah, Katherine is, indeed, VERY destructible.  “We want the same thing [Klaus dead].”  Katherine pleads with Damon, who is training his trademark Crazy Eyes on her, as we speak.  “And I always get what I want.”


Talk about a Mood Killer!  Damon chooses this moment to bring up that time in the Not-So-Distant past, when Katherine reverse psychologied Damon into trying to stake Elijah with the Original’s Killing Dagger, knowing FULL WELL, that the mere act of doing so would KILL HIM.  “Yes, I knew you would die, Damon,” Katherine admits remorselessly, before leaving the basement.

It’s the End of Luka, As We Know Him  . . . (A.K.A. Why Jonas SUCKS as both a father and a HUMAN BEING!)

You know what, Stefan?  You have REALLY got to give up this whole “Trusting Other Supernatural Creatures” thing you’ve got going on!  Let’s see . . . in just the past few episodes . . . you trusted Isobel, and she tried to get Damon killed.  You trusted Tyler, and he let Brady and Jules kidnap and torture Caroline.  Now, your trusting Jonas and Luka.  And we all know THAT isn’t going to end well, either . . .

The Truth Hurts, doesn’t it, Mr. Vamp-tastic?

Allow me to give you some free advice, Little Salvatore.  Remember that  “I Used to Be a Monster Until Lexi Saved Me” confession you made to Elena last week?  Well, next time, let’s all just try to assume that every other Supernatural Creature on this show, who ISN’T part of your Scooby Gang, was NEVER saved by Lexi, and, therefore, is still very much a MONSTER.  Mmmm Kay?

Anyway, Stefan gets this brilliant idea that he and Bonnie can broker a deal with Jonas and Luka (also, apparently, known as “The Martins,” who knew?).  Under this “agreement” the Scooby Gang and “The Martins” can all kill Klaus together, like One Big Happy Family of Monsters.  So, Stefan arranges a meeting with the father/son team at .  . .  where else(?) the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls.  At that meeting, Stefan offers the family “his word” that they will not come to any harm, under his watch. (Haha!  Good one, Stefan!)

To his credit, Luka . . .

. . . (who, in all honesty, seems like he wouldn’t be such a bad guy, if he didn’t have such an ASSHAT for a dad), wants to take Stefan up on his offer.  But, alas, Evil Jonas Brother from Another Mother thinks the Scooby Gang is not to be trusted.  Furthermore, he believes that ELIJAH, not Stefan, is the key to defeating Klaus, and rescuing his daughter.  And so, Papa and Luka plan some Weird Mystic Seance Ritual, with the ultimate goal of “waking up” Elijah from his dagger-induced slumber . . .

Ever notice how every witch ritual on this show seems to involve Dark Rooms, Romantic Scented Candles, and lots of Hand Holding?  If I didn’t know any better, I’d say all this Witch / Warlock Mumbo jumbo is just one GIANT excuse to Cop a Feel . . .

So, here’s the plan.  Jonas and Luka hold hands and chant Ring Around the Rosie, or some crap like that.  This allows them to combine their powers, and project an Invisible Jonas into La Casa de Rich and Awesome, where he should be able to remove the Originals’ Killing Dagger from Elijah’s belly undetected. 

(Now I’m not a PARENT, so I can’t speak from actual experience.  But wouldn’t a GOOD DAD, who needed entry into a house of Bloodthirsty Vampires, go there HIMSELF, as opposed to sending his own flesh and blood into the Lion’s Den, FOR HIM?  Just sayin.’)

Parenting FAIL!

So, we see Luka’s “double” project himself inside the basement of La Casa de Rich and Awesome.  He finds Elijah on the ground, and begins to pull the dagger from his stomach.  Fortuntely, for our Scooby Gang, Katherine is also in the basement, picking up a Blood Snack.  Being the astute old vamp she is, Katherine promptly notices that the dagger in Elijah’s tummy is seemingly moving outward, on its own.  

Using her vampire strength and vast sexual experience, Katherine immediately begins the arduous task of sticking the large phallic object back inside the male form, lying prone in front of her.”

This sh*t’s HARD!  I really need to start working out more.  All that time in the tomb has made me flabby.  Hmmm  . . . I wonder what kind of Home Gym the Salvatores have . . .”

Back in the “Martin” house, Jonas instructs Luka to stake Katherine.  And he does . . . Though, honestly, I’m not sure what weapon he uses, considering the only one readily available is currently stuck inside Elijah. 

Then, Damon magically appears . . .

Yes, he was dressed (and dry) at the time.  But I decided to use this picture to illustrate him, anyway.  And you’re complaining because . . . ?

Damon prompty un-stakes Katherine.  Then, out comes that trusty BLOW TORCH AGAIN!  (You KNEW that was coming!)  Now Luka is on fire, both in La Casa de Rich and Awesome, and inside his home.  But because no one on this show ever goes to school, the poor guy doesn’t realize he’s supposed to “Stop, Drop, and Roll.”

“I wonder if my homeowner’s insurance will cover this .  . .”

And then THIS happens . . .

Nice knowing ya, Luka!

As for Jonas (who’s 100% at fault for his son’s premature demise, by the way), he immediately starts making all these weird growling noises, like he’s auditioning for yet another remake of The Hulk.  And, inappropriate as it may be, it’s kind of hard not to laugh at the guy, when he’s yelping like Chewbacca from Star Wars.  But I bite my lower lip, and manage to keep quiet.  After all, “Dead Luka” was kind of adorable when he played “Little Richie” on Family Matters  (See above).  So, for that reason, he deserves my respect .  . .

“Arrrrahhhhhhh grrrrooooooooooooo eeeeee!”

Speaking of Dead Witches . . .

In much lighter news, Damon and Katherine READ TOGETHER.  Alert the media . . .

Those of you astute fans, who guessed that Elijah was yammering on about Witch Massacres in History, last week, for a REASON, can mentally pat yourself on the back for a job well done . . .

As it turns out, ELIJAH didn’t own an Orignal’s Killing Dagger (Gee, I wonder why? ;))  However, HE did figure out that, when a witch dies, it leaves some of it’s power at it’s final resting place.  Elijah therefore reasoned that the spot in Mystic Falls, where a whole bunch of witches were killed, would be the IDEAL place for a “Witchily Re-energized” Elijah to kill Klaus. 

Still not willing to trust Katherine (Note to Stefan:  Distrust = a good thing!), when Damon finds the location of the Witch Massacre, as it is described in Jonathan’s books, he quickly passes this information along to his brother.  However, Damon purposely keeps the information from Katherine, despite the fact that she’s been helping him “research” all this time. 

(Knowing our writers, this will probably end up biting our Favorite Brooding Bad Boy Vamp in the ass, later.  And yet, I would have done exactly the same thing, if I was him . . .)

But before all that “learning” happens, we are treated to a few insanely hot moments of Damon and Kat, play fighting / dry humping one another all over the Salvatore Study . .  .

Mommy like!

But don’t you worry, Delena fans!  Damon still hasn’t quite forgiven Katherine yet for the whole, “I’ll Send Him Off to DIE” thing.  And, to add insult to injury, a suddenly SUPER honest Katherine chooses her Sexy Times with Damon to admit that she had initially bargained with Isobel and John (who wanted BOTH Salvatores dead) to save Stefan’s life over Damon’s.

(Note to Katherine:  The next time you try to get someone KILLED, but still want to have sex with them, when they ask you questions about it.  LIE!  LIE LIKE THE WIND!)


Meanwhile, back at the Gilbert house . . .

Girl-Bonding, Confessions, and Eternal Flames

Tired of listening to Self-Absorbed, Party Pooping, Useless Aunt Jenna whine about how Alaric isn’t being honest with her  (“He’s only lying to protect you!” Caroline explains . . . and SHE would know!), the girls, at Caroline’s suggestion, decide to head out to .  . . you guessed it . . . the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls . . .

(Little do the girls know that Evil Jonas Brother from Another Mother has TRACKED Elena there, by fondling her Cheerleading Picture and Hairbrush.  Be afraid, Elena.  BE VERY AFRAID!)

At the Bar, Useless Aunt Jenna proceeds to get herself completely wasted, while giving Alaric the Cold Shoulder for his failure to explain TWO SEASONS of The Vampire Diaries to her in under five minutes . . .

Way to multitask, Girlfriend!

Speaking of cold shoulders, Caroline is still getting one from Matt.  And this prompts her to do something VERY BOLD!

After compelling the local musical talent to help her, “live out her rockstar fantasies, onstage” (LOVE HER!) Caroline expresses her feelings for Matt, by breaking into a surprisingly AWESOME rendition of the classic 80’s tune “Eternal Flame,” by the Bangles.

(Of course, the song’s title ends up being entirely prophetic, both in terms of Caroline’s “eternal” vampire status, and the fact that the whole place is about to, literally, go up in flames .  . . But, for now, we can just enjoy the “moment.”) 

When Caroline finishes singing, Matt hops up on stage, and plants a kiss on her lips, which is WAY more impressive than the lame one he gave her, a few episodes back though, not nearly as impressive as Tyler’s Ambush Kiss!.

While, Caroline and Matt head into the kitchen to make out some more, Bonnie decides to lay a little truth on Elena.  “Would it freak you out if I started dating your brother?”  Bonnie inquires, seemingly out of the blue.

“Well, it’s about damn time!”

Elena’s response is truly heartfelt, eloquent, and beautiful.  And, even though I don’t necessarily agree with it’s sentiment, I adore our heroine, for having the wherewithal to say exactly what her best friend needed to hear.  “My brother has been through a lot, lately,” begins Elena.  (Well THAT’S the understatement of the CENTURY!)

“He deserves to be with someone as amazing as you,” Elena concludes.  (Ummmmm . . . OK .. . if you say so!)

Unfortunately, the girls’ happiness doesn’t last long.  Hulked Out Chewbacca-Sounding Jonas starts burning the walls of the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, in search of Elena.  Fortunately, Damon, Stefan, and  . . . get this . . . Katherine . . . have gotten wind of what Jonas is trying to do, and have headed to the burning bar to save her.  Bonnie, for her part, tries to reason with Jonas . . .

But Jonas is WAY beyond reason (and speaking English, for that matter)!  He simply puts his hand on Bonnie’s head, gives her a massive headache, and walks away.   Eventually, Jeremy finds Bonnie, and the two leave the bar together.  Thankfully,Stefan is also able to locate Elena, and get her out of the club, before Crazed Firestarter Jonas can get to her . . .

Oh!  Bloody HELL!

Caroline and Matt, however, are not so lucky.  (Ahhhh, the dangers of Making Out in Kitchens During a Massive Bar Fire!)  Ever the kickass heroine, upon seeing Evil Jonas, the plucky Caroline vamps out and pounces on the witch.  As a result of her heroism, Caroline is rewarded with (SURPRISE!) yet another Witchy Migraine.  (Way to be not-at-all creative in your torture tactics, Jonas.  To make matters worse, the now-crying Caroline is then tossed aside, like a stale piece of meat. 

To his credit, the typically Bland Matt rushes to Caroline’s rescue, only to BE STAKED IN THE NECK with a VERY sharp object.

I hate to break this to you Matt.  But red . . . is totally NOT your color.

Watching her boyfriend bleed to death, right before her eyes, Caroline has no choice but to eat him do THIS . . .

A little while later, when Matt regains consciousness . . .

“Weirdest .  . . dream . . . ever.”

 . . . Caroline makes the controversial decision NOT to compel Clueless Ken to forget what happened.  Instead, she decides to come clean to him about exactly WHAT she is . . .  a vampire.  To say that Matt doesn’t take the news well is an understatement . . .


Look familiar?


See what I MEAN . .. about the repeated throwing . . . of the people . . . against the WALLS?

Now Tyler, was TOTALLY cool with Caroline being a vampire . . . at least, initially.  He freaked out on Caroline for being dishonest with him about OTHER vampires.  On the other hand, Matt immediately assumes that, JUST BECAUSE Caroline is a vampire, she, MUST have killed his sister, Vicki.

(In the words of Brittany S. Pierce, “That is SO RACIST!”)


Meanwhile, back at the Gilbert House  . . .

Nah-Nah, Nah-Nah, Nah-Nah, Nah-Nah, Hey, Hey, Hey, GOODBYE!


Jeremy and Bonnie are rejoicing over Jonas’ surprising RE-GIFTING of Bonnie’s powers, and her newfound plans to conquer Klaus, herself (Yeah . . . because THAT’s going to work out well!). This Happy-Happy, Joy-Joy time with “Jonnie” is interrupted, when Stefan, and a surprisingly prickly “Elena” barge into the house. 

“It’s not over yet,” says “Elena” brusquely, as she rushes upstairs toward the bathroom, leaving Stefan to explain to the rest of the Scooby Crew what the heck is going on . . .

We then see “Elena” look in the bathroom mirror.  Within seconds, Jonas materializes behind her.  Then, THIS happens . . .



So now . . . Jonas is dead.  And, of course,  judgy Bonnie, is whining about how she “didn’t have to kill him.”   (Ummm . . . Bonnie . . . actually . . .  SHE REALLY DID!)

Meanwhile, in my mind, Elena and Damon are ALONE in La Casa de Rich and Awesome having REALLY HOT SEX . . .

(A girl can DREAM, can’t she?)

When Kat and Stefan return, Elena is not all that happy to see her doppelganger, despite the fact that Kat has “graciously” returned the vervain necklace to her lookalike . . .  (Now, why does this scene strike me as familiar?)

*sings* Memories .  . . like the corners of my mind . . . Misty water-colored MEMORIES!

Kat promises Elena that she is not a threat to her.  After all, Kat presumably needs Elena alive, in order to kill Klaus.  The question is, can we really trust THE KAT. 

Well, I can’t speak for Stefan or Elena, but, after watching these next two scenes, I know what DAMON would say . . .

Kat Gets DE-NIED!

In the study of La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Kat decides to decompress, by reading a little more about the Exciting Life of Jonathan Gilbert (Zzzzzz!).  Fortunately, Kat doesn’t have to be bored for long.  Damon is there waiting for her, with a VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE!


“That’s for trying to get me killed.  Next time, it goes in your head,” Damon growls.

Apparently, Kat finds this whole “Staking Thing” a HUGE turn on, because she winds up in Damon’s MASSIVELY LARGE bed, just a few hours later.

Suddenly, Kat is being all coquettish and seductive.  Before we know it, she’s straddling Damon, and kissing him ALL OVER!

Damon’s response to this seduction:  “There are at least six other bedrooms in this house, why don’t you go find one of them?”

Translation:  Umm . . . Kat . .  .

Alternate Translation:  “I LOVE YOU, ELENA!”

See these?

They belong to KAT, now! 

Girlfriend, I feel your pain.  I’ve been there . . . well . . . sort of.  Might I suggest a VERY COLD SHOWER?

In other news . . . Alaric told Jenna he loves her . . . zzzzzzzzzzzz .  . . He’s also still wearing WAY too much guyliner . . .

As for Jenna, well, in the last few seconds of the episode, she gets a Very Special Visitor . . .



Jenna . . . you remember ISOBEL, right?  You know, Alaric’s supposedly DEAD wife?  The one who also, at least according to her, is Elena’s BIO MOM?

Oh, Alaric . . . you’ve got some ‘SPLAINING to do!

And, there you have it, the LAST Vampire Diaries episode until  . . . APRIL 7th!

Don’t worry, Fangbangers!  We’ll get through this together . . .

[] [Fangirls Forever]


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31 responses to “Come on, Damon, Light My Fire! – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The House Guest”

  1. Sophie

    Oh, I’m first! Ok, let me start by saying that, although the episode was awesome, I was sooo disappointed with the writers: Damon and Elena said ONE sentence to each other, way to go, really. I so hope that there are some really great scenes coming and they just want us to get insanely excited and thirsty before that. If that’s the case I might forgive them….
    That being said, the Katherine/Damon scenes were really hot and I was so proud of him for rejecting her (and so awesomely) in the end, yay
    And the way I understood the first scene, it really was Katherine who wished Damon a good morning, at least she’s wearing the same scarf and jacket like later in the scene. That means that actually only Stefan wall-raped the wrong girl, tee hee
    I agree with you on Jonas lacking parental skills, therefor it’s probably best that they’re both dead, the guilt would have eaten him alive anyway.
    One thing I’ve been wondering for a while now is how on earth Isobel got the dagger. I mean that must literally be the most wanted artifact in vampire town, right? They better have a good cover story for this unlikeliness…
    March is going to suck this year, sigh
    But thanks for naked Damon!

    • Hi Sophie! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting so quickly! 🙂 You found me even before I did my final edits on the recap. Hopefully, my typos weren’t too embarrassing. *blushes*

      I’m with you on the Delena disappointment. That’s part of why I took so many Kamon screencaps. Part of me is hoping that, at some point during the hiatus, I’ll forget that the girl in the photo stills is actually Katherine, and squeal, at the juicy faux-Delena sexuality of it all! 🙂

      It’s funny, how, genuinely misleading the promos for this episode were, in terms of Delena. So many of us speculated that the episode would feature plenty of Doppelganger Hijinks, with Katherine purposefully posing as Elena and seducing Damon — leaving Elena, herself, to “pick up the pieces.” In actuality (with the exception of tricking Jonas and Luka) the ONLY time Kat MAY have pretended to be Elena was in that first scene. (You may be right about that one, by the way. Good eye!)

      On the other hand, as a Delena fan, I took a lot of comfort in the ease with which Damon was able to reject Kat, at the end of the episode. No matter how angry he has always been at her, Katherine has generally had a serious mental and emotional hold on Damon, since the series has begun. I truly believe that Damon’s love for Elena, and his realization that Katherine REALLY WOULD let him die, to get what she wants, have FINALLY and PERMANENTLY broken Katherine’s hold on Damon. And the breaking of that hold is a VERY positive step for us Delena fans. After all, no girl wants a guy with BAGGAGE, right? 😉

      You also raise a good point about how strange it is that Isobel was able to obtain the dagger, whereas Elijah could not do so. The only possible explanation for this is that Isobel, being the historian she was in her earlier life, came across the dagger, through her research and investigation of Mystic Falls vampires. Regardless, I agree that the writers will have to have quite a well-put-together story to make this seem plausible.

      Speaking of Isobel, is it just me, or does she seem to be WAY MORE POWERFUL a vampire than she should be, given her “young” age? I mean, Alaric is supposed to be HOW OLD exactly — late 20’s, early 30’s? Given that, Isobel who was already married to Alaric when she turned, can’t have been a vampire for more than a few years. So, how does she have all this power and these connections. It doesn’t seem to make sense!

      I guess we will have to wait until March to get the answers to these very intriguing questions. *sniffle sniffle* 😦

      Well . . . until then, we will always have YouTube! 🙂

  2. luvspuff13

    i love that your fave parts were the sexually hot kat/damon scenes. well me too!! anything to do with damon and.. well i wanna say elena but it was kat but i wanna think that it was elena so yeah… haha! yeah i did think this episode was gonna have many kat impersonating elena tricking damon stuff and all but it was only at the beginning *boo*. but im still ok especially with damon and kat scenes. love your whole ‘phallic sticks’ damon’s been using in this epi. (flamethrower and stake.hihi) and all kat’s flirtacious advances to Damon but im so proud of Damon making it clear that he does not want kat anymore! (*Delena fan squee*). quite sad that kat had to say it again to damon’s face that she still picked stefan over him.he kinda teared up when she told him that 😦 but yeah quite disappointed too that Delena barely had any tension at all in this epi. damn. well here’s hoping next epi will have more delena since they’re letting us wait for a month.nooo! hope they give us many webclips til then.. hehe! love ur recaps! keep it up! :))

    • Hi, luvspuff13! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I’m so glad we agree on the best parts of this episode. I always knew you had fantastic taste ;).

      While this was a disappointing episode for Delena fans, in terms of a general lack of quality scenes for our ship (BOO!), it was (as you perceptively pointed out) a SOLID episode for Iannina fans. Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev got to interact with one another consistently, through out the entire episode. (YAY!) Even though Katherine is such a different character than Elena, and the Delena relationship is much more genuine and interesting to me than the Kamon one, the chemistry between these two actors is simply not to be denied, regardless of what characters they happen to be playing at the time. Whether they are fighting playfully (or sexually), playing mind games with one another, scheming, or breaking one another’s hearts, Ian and Nina are just so much fun to watch on screen together!

      That being said I definitely think we DESERVE some real Delena scenes next season, after the woeful lack of them these past few episodes. Writers, the fans have SPOKEN! Delena is one of the most popular couples on television right now. (Just ask EONLINE! 🙂 And I want to see them get a chance to really strut their stuff on my screen. I’m not concerned though. In Season 1, many of my FAVORITE Delena scenes were featured in the final few episodes. So, of course, I am eagerly awaiting the same thing to happen in Season 2 🙂

      I also agree with you about Kat’s confession to Damon. There’s really such a thing as TOO MUCH honesty. And Katherine definitely crossed the line into that territory, when she made the comment about bargaining for Stefan’s life over Damon’s. My heart truly broke for Damon AGAIN, when this happened. As if our Brooding Bad Boy Vamp hasn’t had his heart stomped on enough ALREADY this Season! Sheesh!

      On the other hand, perhaps, in some way, Kat did this intentionally, in order to free Damon from the emotional hold she had on him. If that was, in fact, her plan . . . well, I think it WORKED! If Damon’s freedom from Katherine’s emotional control over him, paves the way for a Delena relationship, well then, of course, I am ALL FOR IT! 🙂

      Gosh, this is going to be a long TVD-less month! I don’t even know what I’m going to do with myself! Thanks again for sharing this fun little episode with me. 🙂

  3. Seriously, you and I need to talk to Jules and Katherine about catching VD, and the many creams out there that can help them 😉 Also, I TOTALLY want a Mean Girls type girl’s night with Kat, as you know!

    Given my Luka hatred previously, you’d think that Char-Grilled Luka would be finger-lickin’ good for me. But… I feel like the manwitches were driven by desperate measures to protect their loved one in the way they thought was best, just as the Salvatores are doing with Elena. So even though Jonas spurned Stefan’s peacekeeping treaty, the manwitches’ deaths didn’t go down easily for me. Kinda like a bad burger.

    I’m also sad to see the only cool witch/warlock on the show (Jonas) to be killed. I mean, he was able to drop a pack of wolves with his brain (still F**k Yeah-ing about that one ;))! I find it hard to believe that a warlock of his power could have been taken down in the way he was this episode. Ah well.

    I’m calling it now – Bonnie will be the key character death at the end of this season. What with the build up of her witchy powers having nosebleed side effects and now the transference of the kill Klaus mission to her from Jonas, I bet that she dies saving her friends through a really powerful piece of magic. It would be nice not having magic as a deus ex machina on the show; the writers would be forced to be more creative about getting their heroes into and out of danger. Though, if anyone else vamped out, they wouldn’t be able to create those handy sunscreen rings so easily without B…

    I have to disagree with you on one point, like the little Tyler obsessive you know I am 😉 “You trusted Tyler, and he let Brady and Jules kidnap and torture Caroline.” Actually, Tyler himself said “I had no idea they’d come for you” to Caroline about the wolf pack. Stefan talked to Tyler for Care’s sake, but I would actually argue that Stefan’s deep anti-wolf bias was evident in these scenes and that Stefan has NEVER trusted Tyler. Tyler may have yelped at Jules through his cell for help while with Stefan, but he didn’t actually know what this action would trigger. But just like Tyler’s speech was enough to leave you with happy memories of Forwood, as you mentioned in another recap, your inclusion of the Forwood kiss GIF AND a GIF of the Bad Touch from Matt to Tyler is MORE than enough to pacify me 😉

    Matt, you are freaked out that your girlfriend is a vampire? Just wait until you find out your best friend is a werewolf!

    Zach Roerig killed it in that final scene. I love the continuity of Matt immediately connecting Caroline’s confession with Vicki’s vampire reference in the pilot. Hated though that he took a massive jump, and there conclusions were, about Caroline’s potential involvement. Both Tyler and Matt have/had a right to be angry with her, but knowing what type of person she is, I think she deserves at least the benefit of the doubt and the chance to explain herself, which they didn’t give her. It was a defining moment for me in the triangle that Matt thought Care was capable of killing Vicki, in contrast to Tyler saying to Jules would never hurt Mason.

    Do you think Matt possibly died with Care’s blood in his system, and he is going to turn? His gasp just made me think so much of Vicki waking up from her neck snap after Damon!Dancing, more so than her “I’m alllllllllllllliiiiiiiiive!” recuperation in the pilot staying human. I hope not! I want Matt and Tyler to start a little wolf pack twosome of cuteness!

    Hey, Katherine, you know when you go to Damon and annoy, annoy like the wind, tiny brunette one? I kinda love you! And Katherine, aww, look at you being all helpful all of a sudden!

    I feel like the Dagger keeping Elijah dormant deserves a name like Mr Pointy. Alas, my brain is fried and I can’t think of anything clever just yet.

    Hilarious recap! Don’t think we miss your brilliant subtle touches, like the Delena reference in Kat DE-NIED.

    • First off, I LOVE that you call Jonas and Luka, Manwitches! For some reason, that just redeems them to me, so much more than calling them Warlocks. RIP, you little Manwitches, you! See, it’s cute! I’m missing them more all ready! 🙂

      You know, I DID feel bad for Luka this week. When you really think about his character arc, all of the bad things he did to Bonnie, and, by extension, the Salvatores, he really did, at the behest of his father. You could tell that Luka really looked up to his father (maybe even idolized him a bit). And he definitely sought his approval.

      In fact, I think it was Luka’s need for approval that drew him to volunteer to “go” to La Casa de Rich and Awesome to “wake up, Elijah” (Or, as you said, remove Mr. Happy from his belly! :)), despite his obvious misgivings about the plan. Maybe it’s idealistic of me, but I also think that part of Luka’s attraction for Bonnie was genuine, which would explain why he continued to seek her out, no matter how many times she used him as a Whipping Boy for her spells.

      I have less sympathy for Jonas, who seemed to continually manipulate his son, and put him in danger, knowing full well that Luka wasn’t really a strong enough Manwitch to take on the Salvatores, or even, for that matter, Bonnie. I know that a lot of what Jonas did, he considered to be a “means to an end” to save his daughter from Klaus. However, to risk one child’s life to save another is pretty unforgivable to me. And there was really NO reason at all, why Jonas couldn’t have used the spell he did with Luka to retrieve Mr. Happy from Elijah’s belly himself. For some reason, I feel like if Jonas had gone in Luka’s place, he would have been able to use spells to somehow counteract Damon’s firepower, and would have survived.

      Oh, and that crazy Papa Bear rampage Jonas went on in the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls? SO uncool! Countless innocent lives were put at risk for his Anger Issues and weird Chewbacca noises!

      Initially, I did view Jonas’ return of Bonnie’s powers to her (along with some additional Klaus-related knowledge), as a genuine sign that he felt mildly paternal to her. Just as I interpreted his stripping her of her powers, last week, as his way of protecting her from Klaus, in a way that he could not protect his own daughter. Yet, the episode did take care to mention that seemingly important intel about how, when a witch dies, they leave a bit of their energy behind. Jonas died in the Gilbert Household. And the way Bonnie was acting after she got her powers back, let me to believe (well, actually, a friend of mine suggested this to me, this morning, and I liked the idea) that Jonas might be “influencing” Bonnie ,from the “Great Beyond” to do his bidding, just as Emily had done to her, during the first Season.

      If THAT’S the case, well it basically strips Jonas of ALL of his redeeming qualities in my book. (Because, while the Mass Were Destruction he performed during Daddy Issues WAS pretty awesome, that was the Already-AWESOME Elijah’s idea, not Jonas’ right? :))

      I do agree with you that Bonnie is going to end up playing a huge part in the Sacrifice now (as will Jonas’ daughter, whoever she might be, and quite possibly Kat’s former witchy pal, Lucy). But OMG, it would be AWFUL if Bonnie died at the end of this season. Could you imagine how messed up Jeremy would become after losing THREE girlfriends in a row, shortly after they started dating him? If Bonnie is meant to take her swan song sometime soon, I genuinely hope it’s LONG after her and Jeremy are dunzo. Mini Gilbert can’t take any more heartache!

      As for Tyler . . . lol . . . the statement I made was actually more of a referendum on Stefan, and his idealistic manner of dealing with “grouchy” supernatural creatures, than on Tyler. I was mainly talking in jest. However, I do kind of feel like Stefan’s “let’s hug it out approach” to antagonistic matters on this show has proven unsuccessful, in most cases. The conversation Stefan had with Jonas and Luka this episode, seemed an echo of his earlier talks with Mason, Tyler, Jules and Brady, and, I suspect, Isobel and John. For all the efforts Stefan makes to try to “broker peace,” and give other powerful supernatural beings his word, he always ends up betrayed. And sometimes, people Stefan cares about are hurt, as a result of that betrayal. Tyler’s act of secretly calling Jules, even though he didn’t know of all the awful things it would have led to, was definitely a betrayal of Stefan, if not necessarily one of Caroline.

      And I can’t help but wonder if Stefan had a bit more of Damon’s healthy distrust of his adversaries, whether some of these betrayals could have been avoided. For example, assuming Damon didn’t immediately KILL Tyler (which he definitely might have – and NO ONE wanted that!), I think he would have at least been skeptical enough of Tyler’s loyalties to have taken his cell phone, before having any words with him. THAT might have saved Caroline a lot of pain and anguish. It also might have saved Forwood from at least a portion of the rough patch their relationship is in now.

      Poor Caroline! She seems to have become the Vampire Spokesperson in Mystic Falls. Caroline is always the first vampire the “uninitiated” meet in town. And, therefore, she seems to take the blame for everyone’s bad doings. The parallel you drew between how Tyler reacted, and how Matt reacted, when both were faced with the possibility that Caroline might have hurt their loved ones, IS very telling, in terms of the manner in which these two individuals see her. I feel like Tyler definitely got to know Caroline on a much more personal level, than Matt did, before Jules confronted him. And that had a bit to do with his immediate assertion that Caroline could never hurt Mason. Tyler is also more apt to see supernatural beings NOT as pure monsters, but as real individuals with thoughts, feelings and a conscience, because Tyler IS a supernatural being himself.

      That being said, Matt’s initial and immediate conclusion that Caroline killed Vicki was genuinely disconcerting. It definitely shows how little he knows Caroline, and, in particular, the mature caring, sensitive adult Caroline has become post vampire transformation. Ironically, Caroline actually had MORE to do with the murder of Mason, in which she was at least somewhat complicit, than in the murder of Vicki, which occurred, back when she was still HUMAN and had just started dating Matt. In fact, Caroline was arguably nearly as traumatized by Vicki’s death, as Matt was, because SHE literally FELL on the vamp’s corpse. Then again, maybe Caroline’s finding of Vicki’s body serves to incriminate her even more in Matt’s confused mind.

      Lol re: “annoy like the wind” – Yay for Veronica Mars references! They are always appropriate in my book. 🙂 That last scene, featuring Katherine in Damon’s bed, all tarted up, and ready to get down, was HYSTERICAL. Nina and Ian portrayed the scene brilliantly, with just the right mixture of sex appeal, humor, and genuine feeling. From Katherine’s coquettish seduction of Damon, to the huffy little pout and hairflip she did after being DENIED; to Damon’s knowing smirk, and the obvious sense of pride he felt, when it was all over, for finally being able to regain some modicum of control in their relationship, all of it was PURE awesomeness! 🙂

  4. Louie

    Hi Kjwels!

    I’m still about to watch the episode but I’m not behind at all since I have your fantastic recap (as always! awesome! you’re the best!) to read upon that covered every single thing that happened- specially when it comes to my favorite TV couple IAN and NINA (I don’t really care if it’s KAMON or DELENA just as long as they are together on screen).
    My day is already COMPLETE.


    • Hi Louie! Thanks so much for your kind words! That’s so sweet of you to say. I’m always honored to give you your Vampire Diaries fix a few days earlier than you might get it ,otherwise.

      As an Ian and Nina fan, I really think you are going to LOVE “The House Guest.” I’d say the two of them are in about 1/3 of the episode together. And the sexual tension between them, as always, is absolutely AMAZING!

      Enjoy the show! 🙂

      • serendipity

        I agree with most of your comments, being DELENA fan of course. I just wanted to say that I think Jonas sent Luka because only Jonas was strong enough to “anchor” Luka when he went bodiless to La Casa de Rich and Awesome… Luka could not do the same for Jonas, so that was why Luka had to go… I think.

      • Hi Serendipity! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I always love meeting fellow Delena fans on this blog. We have the best taste! 😉

        You raise a really good point. It is definitely possible that only Jonas could anchor Luka, during the “teleporting” spell that the duo performed this week. That would at least partially explain why Jonas sent Luka to the Salvatore house, instead of going himself. On the other hand, I still feel like Papa Warlock was constantly putting his son — who was a young, and not particularly strong, warlock — in unnecessary danger, by having him do the Dirty Work, with respect to Bonnie and the Salvatores. That definitely soured me on Jonas as a character, particularly in this episode.

        However, your analysis has made me feel a bit better about the Manwitches (May they both rest in peace.) So, thank you for that. 🙂

  5. Sandra

    So D/K –Can you say hot???? I’m of the opinion that Nina and Ian are very well acquainted with each other in real life ( a.k.a bed mates- come on you know these two can’t help themselves! I know I wouldn’t help myself. lol) and this chemistry finds its way on to the screen when they are together. But hey, that’s just what I think. lol . And Damon of all the characters seems to really have a fetish for walls. He doesn’t even bother to take it up to his GINORMOUS bed (one I would love to be invited into). I mean why would he? (Can you tell that I’m projecting my future hopes for a hot -freaky-delena sex- against- a- wall moment on DK? preferably one where Stefan walks in- just like in this episode?)

    I loved that Damon knew that it was Katherine when she said “Good morning” to him. He only faltered when Stefan came looking all confused and mystified and…jealous?

    Um Stefan…sweetie…You just went on a getaway with your girlfriend–not to mention you have been with her for a good 8 or so mths– if you can’t tell the difference between her and your ex-girlfriend by now…do us all a favour and go kill yourself! PLEASE! For the love of GOD please just do it so Klaus can save some energy for people who are an ACTUAL threat to him (namely, Damon). You are HOPELESS! Your brother knew which of the two was Katherine and YOU couldn’t tell the difference? (mind you, he just had ‘5 minute sex’ with Elena–and those are Stefan’s words not mine!!!) Not that I’m counting but this is the second time he’s mistaken the two women. Damon’s only done it once during a very emotional porch scene? You know the one where it was SUPPOSED to be ELENA???
    Damon 1 Stefan 0
    But really, I’m not counting.

    Katherine is such a bitch! Like no…seriously. Not even a bitch in a good way, I mean it just in the GTFOH way. I get that is the year of doom and gloom for our Damieee poo but um…what are the writers trying to do, turn him into the poster child for Viagra? I mean..what a turn off it must be to have the women you had once loved tell you that she choose to have you die to save your brother. Not only is it a reminder of how many years he wasted give a flying f***k about her, it’s a reminder that Elena ALSO choose Stefan (Have these women thought about seeing an ophthalmologist about that obvious eye problem? The disease may be Petrova family thing lol; Isobel is the exception here. She saw the opportunity and rode it (Damon) through. A woman after my own heart. )

    Anyway, I loved the last scene when she was REJECTED. When have you ever in your LIFE seen Damon turned down sex with anyone –or anything? lol It was a beautiful thing. Almost brought tears to my eyes because we know how rare of a moment this. I will cherish it all my life! (no I’m serious lol). It’s so crystal glass clear whom he loves now. If anyone ever comes to me with that Damon still love love Kat talk I might have to back hand them right in the mouth (I’m not an advocate for violence by the way kids! Please talk about your problems! lmao)

    Just a random thought… Katherine is one freaky vamp, and a crazy one too. She finds being staked in he gut a form of foreplay. Which brings me to my question, what in the HELL did Stefan do to make this sociopath fall in love with him? I mean am I the only one who froze for a second when she was telling Damon how horny she was and how badly she wanted to christen that huge bed, shower, and bath AFTER he had staked her and told her next time he was going STRAIGHT for her heart? (paraphrasing here lol) What kind of things was Stefan doing BEFORE he turned for her to choose him OVER DAMON?!?!? (*side eye*)

    Caroline and Matt– Umm…

    Bonnie and Jeremy…Okay…

    Jenna and Alaric… *blink* um…Next…

    Oh another thing about Damon and co. Did you notice how Stefan and Katherine were standing on one side and Damon and Elena were standing on the other in that last scene?


    I think so.


    • Oh, Ian and Nina are absolutely dating! 🙂 They can try to hide it all they want, but the Tweets don’t lie, and neither does two people spending Valentine’s Day together. 😉 Considering how much chemistry these two had, from the get go (even in the pilot episode, where Damon was written pretty much as 100% sociopath), it was inevitable that this would happen.

      So, Damon has a Wall Fetish. And Katherine is a closet masochist who gets REALLY turned on by the prospect of being staked. (If you recall, she seemed equally thrilled back in the “Masquerade” episode, when Damon almost staked her again . . . you guessed it . . . A WALL!)

      I, for one, would be all for Delena’s first time together being Wall Sex . . . which would eventually migrate to the BIG BED, of course. 🙂 Heck, the way I see it, the pair was all of about 5 seconds away from wall sexing in “The Sacrifice” episode. So, we just need one more big passionate fight, between these two, and it’s ON! 😉

      I DID notice the way the foursome was aligned in that final scene, where Katherine returned Elena’s necklace. You know what else? Presumably, while Katherine and Stefan were at the Gilberts coping with Jonas, DELENA was home alone at La Casa de Rich and Awesome. AND Elena had NO VERVAIN NECKLACE ON at the time, because Katherine was wearing it! 😉 I feel like this occurrence was a subtle hint from the writers about how much Elena has come to completely trust Damon, throughout these past couple of episodes. Can you imagine her doing this, right after “The Return”? NO WAY!

      Our Delena day WILL come, it’s only a matter of time. And it may come sooner than even we expected!

      As for why Kat and Elena both chose Stefan, I feel like ELENA hero worshipped Baby Salvatore, when she first met him. And that carried over into her current relationship with him. For Kat, it was a bit different. (As a vampire to his then- human form, Katherine certaintly didn’t need Stefan as a hero.)

      I can only guess that Stefan was “harder to get” than Damon, back in 1864. And Katherine really seems to love a challenge. All the evidence we’ve had of the 1864 Human Salvatores seems to suggest that Human Damon wore his heart on his sleeve, while Human Stefan played things much closer to the vest. Katherine’s pretty much eternally destined to be one of those girls who ALWAYS wants what she can’t have. (WATCH OUT DAMON! ;))

      Oh . . . and yeah, I think the Petrova Doppelgangers might also be a tad blind :). What a pity! 😉

  6. Gen

    I love your recaps. Just love. They always make me crack up like a lunatic and get weird looks from the people around me. I’m still kinda reeling from the episode.

    Not even going to try and pretend that I wasn’t hoping with all my fangirl shipper heart that Tyler would show up. I knew he wouldn’t, but I couldn’t help myself. My heart was breaking all over the place when M/C had their moment. My love for Zach Roerig makes me adore Matt, but it doesn’t exempt him from reproach. The same goes for Tyler. I love Tyler with all my heart, but I was mad at him for a moment there when he hesitated. I had to remember that the poor guy is new and he didn’t have enough time to feel confused and conflicted before being thrown into his first supernatural battle. Still, Caroline was his friend and the dude should have done something.

    I was never a big M/C fan in season one. I felt like Matt was settling for Caroline. H was rebounding from Elena and made Caroline feel insecure. Then he broke up with her so fast when she got too jealous. I understand that’s what Caroline wanted, but he gave up too easily and quickly on them. It was only after she was no longer paying him any attention that he wanted her back.

    I’m glad that he now knows the truth and I wasn’t surprised by his reaction to it. I was a taken back that Matt instantly accused Caroline for being responsible for Vickie’s death. Tyler never doubted that Caroline had anything to do with Mason’s death, he simply confronted her about knowing about it. Tyler never expect Caroline to change and accepted her for who she was. Where Matt was forever making her second guess herself.

    Caroline went from being a strong and confident person, that didn’t change around Tyler, but maybe even made her stronger, to the babbling insecure girl she was in season one when around Matt. I don’t like it.

    When confessing that she was a vampire her, “It’s going to be okay because we are together and in love,” schpiel seemed like it was more of her trying to convince herself than Matt. Caroline no longer fits in Matt’s world. She holds onto him because he anchors to the human side of her existence, where Tyler was a constant reminder that she’s not human anymore. Which is why I think she fights her feelings for Tyler. She wants to be a normal teenage girl and she needs to come to terms that she’s no longer a normal teenager. She doesn’t fit in Matt’s normal human world anymore, but Tyler fit’s perfectly in her’s. She became Tyler’s world as soon she pulled him into that hug in “Rose.” I just hope she can realize that there is not going back to a normal existence. She and Tyler are both capable of losing control and falling into darkness. I believe with all my heart that they can keep each other from falling. Supporting one another to fight and keep the other from hurting not only someone innocent but also themselves and each other. Tyler and Caroline are endgame. I refuse to believe anything else.

    I’m too invested in T/C to care about anything else lol. I love that Katherine is back. Felt bad for the manwitches. Not a pleasant way to go out if you ask me. I’m gagging on Jeremy and Bonnie. I’m not even going there. Isobel is back. Give me her, Katherine and John in the same room together and I will be a happy fangirl.

    • Gen, thank you so much for your comment! I LOVE the way you’ve succinctly and eloquently summed up the entirety of the Tyler-Caroline-Matt triangle. There was always something about the Caroline and Matt coupling that never appealed to me. And now you’ve gone and given it a name and a face. 🙂

      I feel like BOTH Caroline and Matt got together, and tried to stay together because they felt like they were “supposed” to do so in the Cosmic Scheme of High School Social Politics. Caroline was the prom queen, the head cheerleader, and head of student council. Matt was Mr. Golden Boy on the football team. They were literally the Ken and Barbie of Mystic Falls.

      As we all have seen, Caroline is simply no longer that girl anymore. Rather, she is someone who’s mature, caring, sensitive and complex. Oh yeah, and she kicks SERIOUS ass!

      And yet, as you mentioned, there’s a part of Caroline that WANTS to be Barbie Girl again . . . not Vampire Barbie, just plain Barbie. So, perhaps, she feels like being with Matt will give her back some of that Barbie-ness that she fears she has lost forever.

      For Matt too, I feel like a big part of him knows that Caroline has changed since they have broken up. She has grown up, and left him behind to some extent. They are no longer compatible anymore. And yet, Matt also wants to feel like the “Ken” he used to be.

      It’s also interesting that, in this episode, Matt couldn’t bring himself to go on stage and kiss Caroline, until ELENA gave him the nod. Strange right? Maybe you are right, and there is a part of him that’s still hung up on her.

      As for the “grand romantic gestures” these two seem to be regularly performing for one another. There’s always a part of them that seem fake to me — like something Caroline watched in her favorite movie, “The Notebook.” Or Matt watched in . . . Varsity Blues, or whatever the heck kind of movie he likes.

      The way Matt grabbed Caroline and kissed her in the parking lot, the way Caroline told Matt she loved him (with a BIG question mark at the end of her voice, no less) RIGHT after sharing an extremely intense few episodes with Tyler, even the whole serenade thing she did this week — they all seemed like grand gestures for grand gestures sake, as opposed to true declarations of LOVE. Now, don’t get me wrong, Candice Accola has a GORGEOUS voice. And I love that Caroline was bold enough to make this REALLY GUTSY move to obtain what she thought she wanted. And yet, really, what does “Eternal Flame” have to do with Caroline and Matt’s relationship? Absolutely nothing.

      If anything, the concept of an Eternal Flame, more closely resembles the volatile and star-crossed relationship that Caroline currently has with Tyler. All evidence around them, tells them it’s completely wrong. And yet, in both their hearts, whether or not they are willing to admit it, they know that it is SO VERY RIGHT!

      That being said, I have high hopes for our Forwood. Matt and Caroline may get over this whole “vampiric” hurdle, and enter into a rehashing of their tepid relationship from Season 1. But then the day of The Sacrifice will come. I can imagine Tyler returning, and somehow rescuing Caroline from this ritual, just as he COULDN’T rescue her, during Daddy Issues. And this will be a GENUINE grand gesture — one not made for it’s symbolism, or because it “looks good in a photograph on iPad — but because it comes from the heart.

      Thanks again for enlightening me. I really do appreciate it. Now, when people ask me why I’m Team Forwood, instead of Team Caratt, I’ll have something more eloquent to say then “Michael Trevino is SOOOOO HOT!” 🙂

  7. Tricus

    This episode had some interesting moments.
    Note to TVD writers: We Delena fans was not fooled. WE STILL WANT DELENA MOMENTS.
    Okay back to my favorite moments from this episode.
    1) When Damon was the one to recognize it was Kat trying to fool him at the beginning of the episode. Stefan was still fooled by Kat. You would think after Stefan has been all up in Elena’s stuff ( sex and spending ALL that time with her) he would know the difference by now.
    Damon has spent less time with Elena with no sex and HE could tell the difference. What does that say about which brother REALLY knows Elena?
    2) I loved the snarky barbs Kat and Damon was throwing back and forth with each other. I also loved ( even though it was Kat) when Damon threw her down on the table and was laying on top of her. I just fool myself in my mind that it was Elena. LOL
    3) I hated how Damon found out once again that Kat would choose Stefan over Damon. Even in who should die. Even though he is not in love with her anymore that still hurt him a little because of his many rejections by Kat and Elena etc..
    There wouldn’t even be a choice in Elena mind. Both brothers would be saved and she would find a way, even if it killed her, to save both.
    4) My MOST favorite part of this episode was when Damon threw Katherine out of his bed after she put the moves on him.Seriously I thought he would cave and give in since he had looked hurt when she told him she picked Stefan to live and Damon to die. But NO. Damon stuck it out, rejected her and actually turned down free sex. LOL
    Major progress in his development and his total love for Elena. I think in his mind and mines too , Elena would be “okay” right now with Damon being with other superficial girls but not with Kat. Damon and Kat has a loong history and he was obsessively in love with her. Elena would be pissed to put it lightly and it would probably harm her relationship/ Delena progress with Damon ( whatever that is right now) if Damon and Kat had sex right now, even once.
    5) Caro singing to Matt was cute but cheesy. Jeremy /Bonnie is a kind of awkward relationship.
    6) Additional note: Damon is such a bookworm in this episode. He was all up in those books researching and looking studious. Looked soo cute.

    • Brilliant comments as always, Tricus! Thanks for cracking me up :).

      The question now is WHO is Kat going to get to sleep with her, now that both Salvatores only want to bed her doppelganger, Elena. She can’t sleep with JEREMY, because THAT would be gross. My money WOULD be on Creepy Uncle / Father John, except for the fact that then HE would be sleeping with a girl who LOOKED exactly like his own daughter. And that would be taking things a bit far, even for him.

      I think the funniest result (though it would never happen) would be to have Kat sleep with Alaric, and have Useless Aunt Jenna walk in on it, and think she was Elena. Why? Because torturing Useless Aunt Jenna is fun!

      I actually do think that Damon’s DE-NIAL of Katherine at the end of this episode is FANTASTIC news for Delena fans. I see it as the writers’ way of tying up lose ends, in preparation for the new relationship. NOW, WHEN Delena get together, haters will NOT be able to say that Damon is only with Elena because she looks like Katherine, or that Elena is his Katherine Substitute. Nope. The curse is broken. Katherine is OUT. Elena is IN, all the way. 🙂

      LOL about Stefan and his Clown Car. All that money he’s collected from being a vamp across the centuries, and you would THINK he would want to invest in a hot convertible, like his brother. Silly Stefan! Clowns are for kids! 🙂

  8. Tricus

    I just have to add this comment.
    WHAT is up with Stefan little red clown car that he drove Elena to school in? Was I the only one who wanted to laugh at it when they actually had to kind of contort to even get out of the car. What the heck is THAT?
    Damon has this blue muscle car and Stefan has this little, artsy-fartsy cheesy, red clown car. Soo HILARIOUS.

  9. Pingback: Got Forwood – Tyler & Caroline Recap – The House Guest – Vampire Diaries « myspideysenseistingling

  10. I haven’t even read it yet and I already know I’m gonna love it–I mean, the double entendre of a Jim Morrison song as the title in a week when @iansomerhalder tweets about doing stunts in leather pants? Price.Less.

    • I READ THAT TWEET! Am I the only one hoping those pants “accidentally” rip, thereby revealing the Cutest Ass Ever to Accidentally / On Purpose reveal itself on prime time television? Step aside Janet Jackson! It’s time for a REAL VAMP to have a Wardrobe Malfunction!

      Who knows, maybe Kat will be hiding behind Damon with a pocket knife during his “stunts,” and we will get our wish! 🙂

  11. After reading through your recap with the speed of a cheap dime novel (aka Gilbert Journal)–heehee–I can now make my random comments! (n no particular order)

    When Damon kicked Kathi out of the bed my brain totes went Picture-in-Picture and I actually SAW those blueballs you always post on my TV! I was =)) ROFL! Now personally, even though it’s the SleepNumberBedOfNoReturnSize, I always thought there would be more room on the floor, myself! But Kathi has been such a bitch to him she completely deserved that “Not tonight, dear, you ARE a headache!” And he was in NO MOOD for A Cold One (not a Twilight reference, a beer reference–lol).

    Apparently with the demise of DaddyWarlocks we are now gonna get SuperBon on Steroids. But who’s gonna teach her how to use all that new witchymojo? Could we possibly see the return of ILoveLucy (my affectionate pet name for the sashay-in -and-out of scenes like RuPaul semi-related Bennett witch)? And WTF is witchsister Brenna (Brenda? Both the Martins were having speech-impediment issues this ep) doing with Klaus in the first place? Is she even more powerful than DaddyWarlocks?

    Witch SuperPower transfer Place of Death–do I smell a “ley lines” plot from the books? Or was that just Elijah’s no-burn hair? I suspect it’s the same place that JuniorBonnie drew the pentagram in the dirt and threw the pendant from Season One in the air before Damon tried to eat her? And also the same place where SantaKlaus needs to hold “The Sacrifice” ceremony…I am connecting the dot-dot-dots.

    The more Elena grows a set, the easier it is for Katherine to impersonate her–as that happens, Elena is less interested in sexytime, and Katherine is more interested….hmmm.

    Damon wields the phallic torch flamethrower MUCHO hotter 😉 than Stefan does…but I’m prejudiced (accept no substitutes).

    Where, pray tell, are all the citizens (read: alcoholics) in Mystic Falls gonna hang out now that the only social establishment in town has been de-Mysticfied? Where is Matty gonna come up with rent money? How is he ever gonna finish watching Season 1 DVDs so he’s completely clued in?

    Speaking of Matty–it’s now a race to see who gets clued in first, he or Jenna. Because that undead wife at the front door is gonna cause a whole new set of questions in the Clueless Jenna Journal of Jackassery. I’m afraid Matty may have to get compelled, at least in the short run, due to the fact that he’s jumped to the conclusion that Caroline ate Vicki. Little does he know that practically everybody in town had something to do with her demise–Jer and Ty were drug party buds, Damon turned her, Stef staked her, and then-human Car found the body. We shall see!

    Even though we don’t REALLY want it to be Katherine with Damon, during that bedroom scene was anybody else yelling at their TV, “SHIRT, SHIRT, SHIRT!”?

    No flashbacks this ep, but I have a random question: Why is there never any mention of MRS. Guiseppe Salvatore? Were the boys hatched? Adopted? Why no mention of Mom (since confused familial ties seem to be a running theme on The Real Vampwives of Mystic Falls)?

    Nuff for today. I always know, when everybody else’s recaps go on and on ad infinitum about Elijah this and Caroline that and Katherine sideways–I can COUNT ON YOU for All Damon All The Time!

    p.s. I saw your response about the wardrobe malfunction while I was typing this…can we bribe a costumer? I’ll pitch in… Actually, the thought of those leather pants got me through the entire day………I hope they fit well…..

    • You caught me. Thursday nights / and Friday mornings in my brain are basically The Damon Salvatore Channel. Everything else is just commercials. 🙂

      Ahhh . . . the Gilbert Journals. Those books have been getting more play than that Slutty Minx Katherine, this season. That reminds me. Remember the first or second season on Lost, when started posting journals from some random “Other” online, and fans poured over them relentlessly, in search of “clues?” Hey TVD, I smell a cross-marketing opportunity! 😉

      Yay for you picturing My Blue Balls! (OK . . . that didn’t come out right.) I guess great minds (and Damon-obsessed minds) think alike, after all.

      I’m not really looking forward to a Super Charged Bonnie. Having extra powers and being INSANE, certainly did nothing for Jonas’ sex appeal. I see a lot of mumbling, headaches, and random fires in our future. La de da. Oh, and I still think Jonas may be possessing Bonnie from the dead. So, what out, Salvatores!

      Speaking of which, good call about the tieback to the “Bonnie Possession” episode, and its illustration of the future location of The Sacrifice. I think you are right. After all, Emily was supposedly one of the witches sacrificed in that “Massacre.”

      I liked ILOVE LUCY the minute I met her during “Masquerade,” so I do hope she returns. I hear they are already casting an African American female in her twenties, who’s “sassy, cool and edgy,” to play The Last Martin. Please lord, don’t let it be Raven Simone! I’m already having “That’s So Raven” nightmares, as a result of reading about this casting call.

      As for her relationship to Klaus, how much do you want to bet that she’s his replacement Sex Toy, now that Katherine’s gone rogue? Jonas seemed intent on rescuing his daughter. But what if she doesn’t want to be saved? I feel like the person described in the “Brinna(?)” character description would be smart enough to get away from Klaus, if she had actually been captured. Who knows? Maybe she just digs pale old white guys, with British accents, and pointy teeth?

      Good point about how Elena’s becoming stronger and sassier, actually makes it easier for Katherine to impersonate her, and not the other way around. Remember back in “Masquerade” when Katherine said she HATED impersonating Elena, because she was “dull as dishwater?” Not so, anymore! (For the record though, I think Elena does REALLY like sex. She just hasn’t found the right partner yet . . . *cough* Damon *cough*)

      Was The Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls actually burned down, or just lightly charred? Either way, those alchy REALLY need to get a new place to party, STAT! Personally, I think Mystic Falls needs a seedy strip joint, a la The Bada Bing Club in the Sopranos. Katherine could work there as a dancer. . . .

      Whoever Stefan’s and Damon’s mom was, she had to be REALLY FRIGGIN HOT! Because, lord knows, those two didn’t get their looks from their FATHER. 😉

      It’s always a blast talking TVD with you, mak! Thanks so much for visiting! 🙂

  12. serendipity

    Kjewls, I just wanted to thank you for the very very nice recap filled with Damony-goodness: it made me crack up laughing too (an added bonus)!

    I just want to say a few things too!

    First off, I was very pleased that Damon immediately picked up on the personality switch Katherine pulled in the beginning (even if he was a little fooled later on). His younger (and therefore not so quick on the uptake maybe?) brother however immediately jumped to his own (very wrong) conclusions, and plastered his very own girlfriend to the wall… What I do not get, however, is how Kat can play these tricks on them, seeing as they are all of them vampires: aren’t they supposed to have these nifty senses like superhearing, supersmell, etc? If they can hear a mouse a mile away, you would think they would be able to hear Elena’s human heartbeat or the lack thereof in Kat, no? Especially if they get up close and personal (while plastering someone to the wall)?
    This bothered me a little from the beginning (see porch scene with Kiss between Damon and Kat that he thinks is Elena), even if I’m willing (of course!) to overlook that in Damons case because at that time he did not have an inkling that Kat was there, so he just accepted what he thought to see (Elena returning with clothesbags from parade)…

    Something else I wanted to remark on, is that IMO it seems strange that Kat professes her undying (ha!) devotion for Stef at every turn, but she doesn’t seem to want to do anything about it (alas), rather the opposite! She shows up in Damons shower (after the dinner party), she calls for his help when staked by an invisible witch, and she tries to get into his bed AND his pants ! Not that you can blame her for the getting in the pants part, but at the same time she confesses (twice) that she knew he could (would) have ended up as collateral damage of the Elijah-staking! BTW I absolutely loved his shoving her off the bed telling her to find another bedroom (that house is really awesome, and not lacking in bedrooms obviously, but who cleans the place, I wonder?): he was so very cool, and he is sooo obviously over her! I don’t know if babybro would have done the same as he seems patently unable to distinguish between his current and his previous lover… My only regret for this scene was the fact that D was on his bed wearing all his clothes, more’s the pity!

    Finally, I’m also wondering what happened to Andie-sexy-
    reporter-girl? I’m hoping she’s not just gonna go AWOL without an explanation, because I see some jealousy issues for our human döppelganger here (you’re quite right, Ciara, with “Elena and the green eyed monster”). I don’t think Elena is completely up to date on Damon’s extra curricular activities (seeing as she was “relaxing by the lake” for 2 episodes and completely missed out on Damon-Andie cosiness): as far as she is concerned, he gave Andie the cold shoulder at the only meeting place in town (and that she noticed really well I might add)… I was sorry this episode did not follow up on this, because it might make for some Elena-possessiveness of the Salvatore brother who is SO NOT her boyfriend…?

    • Hi again Serendipity! Interesting point about Katherine being able to fool the Salvatores on a couple of occasions. Here’s my theory as to how that can happen: I think that in TVD land, vampires can actually breathe, and do have a beating heart. Though technically “dead,” TVD vampires, move about the world, just like living humans do. The only difference is that they are “animated” by vampire blood, and supernatural forces, as opposed to human blood and regular forces . . .

      I do recall that Damon, Stefan, and Caroline have all demonstrated superhuman HEARING on more than one occasion. But I don’t recall them necessarily demonstrating superhuman smell. Trained WEREWOLVES can smell vampires, but I’m not sure if the same “stinky” trait applies to vampires in TVD land. Although we have seen evidence of the TVD vampires seeming to be able to smell human blood fairly easily, that could be attributed more to the fact that it’s what they crave, than anything else. It’s kind of like, when you are in a room, where your favorite food is cooking. You might be able to smell that food, and distinguish it from other food, because you enjoy it so much. Whereas, the smell of a food you have never tasted before, or don’t particularly care for, might not pique the interest of your nose quite as much.

      Just a theory . . . 🙂

      It IS interesting that Katherine is constantly seducing Damon, when she supposedly is so very in love with Stefan. The only explanation I could think of for this, is that, up until this point, Katherine considered Damon an “easier” lay, since she knew how into her he was for all those years. (Oh, how WRONG she ended up being!) And Katherine, to put it bluntly, is a bit of a slut. 🙂 She’s also clearly physically attracted to Damon — as she has mentioned on many occasions — even if that attraction doesn’t amount to “love” in the traditional sense of the term.

      Katherine seems to consider Stefan this super-righteous individual, who she assumes will remain loyal to Elena, for as long as the two remain a couple. Therefore, Katherine can only screw STEFAN in THEIR DREAMS. In light of Damon’s rejection of her, however, she’ll have to be dreaming of both of them NOW! 😉

      I definitely think Andie Starr will be back on TVD. The actress has signed on for a recurring role. Also, during interviews, she has noted that she will appear in more episodes. And I definitely agree that Elena’s jealousy of Damon’s relationship with that reporter will be a delicious thing to explore in future episodes. It’s about damn time, that shoe was placed on the other foot! 🙂

      • serendipity

        Just a (very late – sorry) follow up on this!
        To tide me over until April 7th, I am just now reading Stefan’s Diaries, vol. 1, that are based mainly on the TVD verse from the television series (and not the books by LJSmith, because those are completely different of course). At the end, after Stefan has drunk human blood thereby completing the transitioning process into a vampire, he hears “the sound of Damon’s and my heartbeats” (p.255). This seems to definitely mean that you were so right, and that vampires have indeed a beating heart in TVD! I must have gotten al my vampire lore from all those other books and films and TVseries mixed up! *smiles*
        Also, since we are now suffering the hiatus, I have started again on TVD season 1, and I started to pay notice to some things that are being said and that I had overlooked the first time around. I still think that TVD vampires have all their senses enhanced, even if we did not see any evidence anything but the superhearing (yet?): e.g. in ep 1.06 Stefan says to Elena (about Vicky who has just been turned) that “she has every sense operating on superspeed”. I also watched (for the very first time, shame on me) the bonus features for season 1 on the DVD: there’s a feature called TVD Vampires 101, where Ian mentions “5 senses multiplied times a thousand”. Of course, whatever Ian says must be believed… LOL!

      • Hi serendipity! Thanks so much for taking the time to “research” this. Now, I know who to call, if I have vampire questions. 🙂

        I wonder if, in addition to looking like Elena, Katherine can make herself smell like her as well, at least, to some extent. After all, she is wearing Elena’s clothing, and using the same soap and shampoo she uses (assuming Elena often showers at the Salvatore house). She could also easily purchase the same perfume. Additionally, as doppelgangers, Elena and Katherine presumably share much of the same DNA. So, even though one is technically “living” and the other is “dead,” perhaps, their body chemistry is similar.

        That being said, one thing Katherine cannot fake is the smell of Elena’s blood. And Stefan, of all people, should really know what that smells like. Boyfriend FAIL! 🙂

        I didn’t know that the Stefan’s Diaries books were already out! That’s so exciting! I read that Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec had a hand in writing them. So, they can pretty much be considered “canon,” at least as far as the television series is concerned. I would love to hear your thoughts on the books, and whether you think they are worth reading! 🙂

        Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Nasha233

    Thank you as always for the entertaining recap. It always made my day.

    I agree with one of your posters that Damon got Katherine but Stefan slammed Elena to the wall. When Kat claimed it is getting easier to be Elena she was wearing the same outfit when Damon accused her of impersonating Elena. For some reason I felt Damon did tell Stefan Katherine got out. I didnt think Stefan acted that surprised but was more surprised Kat stuck around and was angry at the idea that he was with Katherine instead of Elena.

    And Elena being pissed at Kat’s presence is just scratching the surface. She may be upset because she thinks Kat is interested in Stefan but when she sees Damon with Andie then with Kat, I think the green eye monster will rear it’s ugly head.

    My theory is Kat loves the Stefan that was and as we see in flashback, he is more like Damon. After 150 years these brothers have reverse their roles. As someone succinctly wrote, Kat hung out mostly with Damon. When he was trying to blow torch Elijah’s body (again Damon is voice of reason, he does what we viewers wonder should happen), Kat stuck her nose in there. Okay Stefan was in school but when they were in library reading, Stefan was around because he came to talk to Damon with a book he was just reading. Yet Kat hung out with Damon and bothered Damon. And yes when she got stake, she called for Damon. Why not Stefan, who was in the house too. We know she has always been attracted to Damon but I think as she gets to know both brothers, I think she will realize after 150 years the brother she yearned for isn’t the brother she wants.

    Matt and Caroline, Candice has a good voice and although I thought it was very cliche the way Matt came onto the stage and kissed her, never the less after all their ups and down maybe they needed that. It was sweet. And now that he knows and great writing on the continuity with Vicki. I am not sure if Matt will get over this without thinking of what happened to Vicki. He knows the vampires are at fault so regardless of whether Caroline did it, she is apart of them and will protect her vampire friends. The fallout of this will impact how Tyler fits into this scenario. I think Matt maybe okay with it at first but if Tyler is going to return, matt will have issues with this.

    As for Alaric and Jenna, I think this relationship will make it. I thought Elena should have allowed Alaric to tell Jenna the truth. So many peopl know already, and she is the guardian and keeping her in the dark helps no one. I do think Isobel showing up may push the truth faster. I am intrigued how Isobel plays into Alaric’s life given that he was very much in love with Isobel till he realized she is a vampire and isn’t the same person he loved.

    As for how Isobel knows so much even though she is such a new vampire. I think Isobel has been researching and had an interest in vampires long before she turned. And she has a talent for sniffing out information.

    Bonnie and Jeremy, like you Jules, judge make judgment isn’t my favorite person so I don’t get into what she is doing. I like Jeremy enough but I agree he has a much better chemistry with Anna. Really Anna should return as a twin or something.

    As for Jonas, someone ask why did he send Luka into the Salvatore’s house but it was mentioned since Jonas was stronger he had the power to send someone but Luka couldn’t. Unfortunately when you go against Damon you loose. Again smart thinking on Damon’s part to use the torch. Oh our hero Damon. Don’t we just adore him. And he went all wacko and angry was not a pretty sight. It was HIS fault for going opposite Damon. His obsession with Elijah is u derstanding, that hair alone is worth worshipping but let it go Jonas! So he gave Bonnie her power back and how to kill Klaus. I can’t wait to see how this unfold. As for how he died, maybe I thought with all this powers it would be epic but that belong all to Elijah. And Bonnie, “you didn’t have to kill him,” was so condescending and judgmental that I honestly wanted to slap her. Really Bonnie, what are you waiting for, that he kills Elena first?

    Now back to my favorite duo. I am very disappointed with the
    lack of Delena. I hope the next 6 episodes will make up for it. Fortunately we have Damon and Katherine. Okay not the same but one of the reason that I ship Delena is due to Ian and Nina’s chemistry. I realized that no matter who Nina plays, her best chemistry is with Ian. Sorry Paul, but he is nowhere rival to what these two have. And it made it easy to enjoy their scenes together. From the moment they were in the library together and he hand slapped her and she fought back to them lying on the bench with him on top of her. HOT! Even earlier when she told him that it didn’t matter who got hurt as long as she got out. Damon’s hurt expression. Even as much as he hates her for what she did to him, loving someone for the last 150 years and having to hear that person don’t care, still hurts. Btw, Damon in the long sleeves tight back shirt, wowzaa! Ian has been working out, and you can see his shoulders have broaden and is sexy!

    And later when in the library again when Luka entered, and again Kat was disturbing Damon, these two their body languages, fantastic. They are so in tune to each other’s presence, it just translate so well. I love it when Damon finally put a stake in Kat, it was about time and so deserving. And when his face came so close to hers and he touched her chin. Love it! Sure she stake him again when she told him again she chose to safe Stefan yet again. Poor Damon, can’t catch a break. I feel in the end she will fall hard for Damon.

    You know, I love the warm camraderie between the two brothers,
    Paul and Ian also play off each other so well but nothing can compare to the chemistry that is NIAN (Nina and Ian moniker), I really believe right now on TV these two have the hottest chemistry. Any scene they are in, it sparks, crackles and pop.

    And the final scene in Damon’s bedroom. Kat, in her sexy lingerie, Nina has a hot bod! Love their casual conversation. Then later it goes to,
    Kat: You hurt me today
    Damon: Tit for tat
    Kat: You were mean, and very rough, and monstrous.
    Damon: You deserved it
    Kat: I like this Damon
    Damon: Katherine (okay the way Ian said it, it was sexy as hell, it was almost purring like) Katherine…( then he cupped his hands to her face, HOT!) there six other bedrooms in this house, (their faces came so close to kissing with both of them with their mouths open, it was such a turn on, and sloop sexy and he ended with) go find one! (and proceeded to push her off him and cooly when back to his book)

    That scene to me was so perfect, the angst,the sexuality even the rejection given their character. It was great. I really do give lots of credit to Nina and Ian, I think they make whatever scenes they are in together, watchable. Even if it was a Delena moment. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a Delena believer but I enjoyed thoroughly Kat and Damon because Nina and Ian bring it every time. And hence that is why I believe when they write Delena together it will be epic. These two can deliver it.

    Like you, I enjoyed this episode very much. Not as much as shocker as last episode but a still good one. And I think they gave enough cliffhangers for us to anticipate next episode. Love the writers.

    • Hi Nasha! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, and for your kind words! I am definitely going to miss our fun weekly TVD discussions, during this LOOOOOOOONG hiatus. I love your unique take on the show. You always have so many interesting little tidbits about the characters to share with me.

      I think it would be great to have Kat, Andie, AND Elena all secretly / or not so secretly pining for Damon, for a change. It would be quite the change, considering, we’ve always had all the female cast members so very hung up on Stefan. It’s high time those tables were turned! I agree with you, that Damon is a much stronger, darker man than he was back in 1864 – definitely, the sort of unattainable guy Kat would find appealing.

      Plus, I suspect Elena will come to feel very differently about Damon, when she starts to see him genuinely moving on to other women. I, for one, can’t wait to witness Elena’s jealousy. I’m both predicting, and hoping, that it will, ultimately, have a VERY positive affect on the burgeoning Delena relationship. 😉

      If you watched Dawson’s Creek, you might recall that a similar jealousy developed on Joey’s part when Pacey started a purely sexual relationship with Jen. I can definitely see Damon’s dating Andie, and, at the same time, being pursued by Kat, being similar catalysst for the Delena relationship, as Pacey’s rendezvous with Jen was for the “Poey” relationship.

      You are so, right! The way Damon toyed with Kat this week, was super sexy. And much of that had to do with both Ian Somerhalder’s inherent sex appeal, and his intense chemistry with Nina Dobrev. (You call them Nian! I love it. I always used Iannina, but Nian works just as well!)

      Of course, I’m hoping for plenty of juicy Delena scenes in the upcoming episodes. I am confident we will get them. But the opportunity to see Damon interact with BOTH Kat and Elena, within a single hour, is just, double the pleasure, double the fun, as far as I am concerned! 🙂

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  15. This has to be short but just wanted to say that it’s good to be back here again, that wall does indeed see a lot of action, and I laughed aloud at the dearly departed Jonas when he made sounds that Chewbacca would make. Cheers!

    • It’s great to see you again, Noelle! Oh, we are going to be needing your recap refresher more than EVER now, to remind us of what went down all those months ago in Mystic Falls, and to prepare us for Know Thy Enemy! In fact, I’m going to save your ‘cap, until right before the new episode airs. I CAN’T WAIT! 🙂

      Just a few more hours . . .

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