The Graveyard Shift – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Omega” and “Shape Shifted”

[I didn’t forget about you, my Pretties!  A recap for Pretty Little Liars’ “It Happened That Night” should be up within the next 24-hours.  I promise to try and make it extra special snarky, and screencappy, so that (hopefully) it will be worth the wait.]


Welcome back, Werebangers!  With a brand new, more than a bit porn-y, opening sequence . . .

. . .  and a slew of new characters on both sides of the werewolf / hunter divide, Teen Wolf’s actors and writers have promised that this season will be sexier, darker, gorier, and more frightening than the last. So, of course, this begs the question:  Did the first two episodes deliver?

Let’s review, shall we?

(As always, I’d like to offer a hearty were-banging thank you to my good pal Andre, for the awesome screencaps you see here . . . particularly the shirtless ones. ;))


Slippery When Wet

Jackson waits, while a school of female fish shove dollar bills in his underpants.

One thing can be said for the writers of Teen Wolf . . . they sure do know their audience.  Opening the episode with a wet, ripped-shirted Jackson, emerging from a river, in all his rippling pectoral glory, was an absolutely ingenious move.

 “Here’s the bite that I knew was there all along, but I’m going to pretend to be surprised about, so that you can look at my arm muscles, while I flex.”

In fact, I bet 98% of viewers were so aroused by the sight, they completely failed to realize that it had no significance to the plot, whatsoever.  Then again, lizards / shapeshifters enjoy the water . . . Like I said . . . brilliant.


You know what was slightly less brilliant?  This . .  .


Scott Receives an Ultimatum / Gets the Runs

Poor Scott!  Only you (and some REALLY bad CGI graphics) can make the sight of a wolf-in-heat, rushing to hump his prime mate,  look like a constipated crab on acid.


On one hand, I truly appreciated the effort the producers put into this scene.  It would have been much easier for them to go with the tried and true “Superman Effect,” in attempting to illustrate that Scott . . . um . . . runs fast, now that he’s lupine.  But we’ve all seen that before.  I can guarantee that you’ve never seen this.  So, it was something new . . . new and unintentionally hilarious.  But new, nonetheless.

We interuppt this Constipated Crab Moment to bring you a flashback  . .  one that presumably takes place in the not-too-distant past, but definitely after the events of the season finale.  Scott and Alli are hard at work sucking face in Alli’s car.  (At least, I think it’s Alli’s.  Scott still doesn’t have his own wheels, right?)

ALLISON” “Uh, Scott?  I don’t know how to tell you this, but you kind of have dog breath.”

SCOTT:  “Sorry.  I ate a squirrel on the way over here.”

All of the suddden, Papa Arent rips Scott out of the car by his shirt, and pins him violently against the hood of the car, pressing the barrel of a gun right into his skin.


My first instinct was to think that this was a really dumb move on Daddy’s part.  After all, threatening a horny werewolf like that is the surest way of getting your cajones chewed off.  Then, I remembered that getting Scott to lash out is precisely Papa Argent’s modus operandi, just as it was with Derek, last season . . .

“Make . . . my . . . day . . . White Fang!”

One show of fang from Scott, would be all it took to permit Daddy to blow the former’s brain’s out under his so called “Argent Family Code of Honor.”  But, Code or no Code, having a gun in your face, or in the face of your boyfriend .  .  . well .  . . it kind of sucks.  And I suspect it’s that generalized suckiness that prompts Allison to tearfully cut a deal with her father, while remind the latter that this not-so big, not-all-that-bad, wolf had actually saved both father and daughter’s life, in the not-so-distant past.

“I’ll never see [Scott] again,” promises the girl who goes to school with Scott, has a locker fairly close to his, and even, if I recall correctly, shares a couple of classes with him.

Papa Argent relucantly agrees to this compromise.  (Papa Argent is kind of a moron . . . but hot, in that scruffy, middle-aged, Poor Man’s George Clooney-kind-of-way.)  Once Daddy-o is safely out of the picture, Scott andd Allison share an angsty hug on the roof of the car, as Allison tries to politely ignore the fact that Scott recently peed himself . . .

Back in Present Day, Scott and his goofy crab legs sneak into Allison’s bedroom windo wfor an impromptu sex session.  (Well,  that didn’t take long .  . . and I mean that in more ways than one.)

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m all for watching attractive people hump one another on my television screen.  Who isn’t?

On the other hand, I feel like we get scenes like this, between Scott and Allison just about every other episode.  Not to mention the fact that THEY ALWAYS LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME!  The same location . . . (Allison’s room / bed) . . .  the same fumbling awkwardness to the tune of blaring pop music . . . the same . . .  choreography.  In fact, you could probably cut and paste any Sallison sex scene from any episode, into another episode, without anyone being any the wiser.

From Season 1 

Now, I get that, as far as teen sex goes, monotony and awkwardness, is actually rather realistic.  I just kind of wish that these two would change things up every once in a while . . . you know .  . . for the fans!  For example, have sex in Scott’s house sometimes (His mom DOES work the night shift at the hospital,  after all.), try out a couple of different sexual positions (doggy style?), some rap music (Snoop Dog), a little role playing (Little Red Riding Hood), maybe even some fun costumes (dog collar).

In the couple’s defense, they do happen to be kind of pressed for time.  Not two minutes into the pop song, Mama Argent comes back for where ever the heck she was prior to this moment, and barges into Allison’s room.

SCOTT:  “Do you think we should . . .  I don’t know . . . like invite her to join in?”

ALLISON: “Scott, that’s my MOM!”

SCOTT: “I know.  But I don’t want to be rude!”

To say Mommy Dearest is suspicious of her daughter’s recent behavior is the understatement of the century.

That Mama Argent . . . she sure is one scary b*tch.  From her severe, woman-discharged-from-the-Marines-for-beating-up-her-comrades haircut, to her monotone voice, to those big alien eyes, to the way she not-so-subtly thrashes about Allison’s room opening closets, peeking under beds, and just barely failing to locate the naked Scott, now-hiding on the rooftop . . .

Best Christmas Decoration EVER! 

 . . . I’m pretty sure this was the most frightening scene in the entire episode.  And if you recall, this was an episode where SOME GUY GOT CHOPPED IN HALF!

Nevertheless, Scott somehow manages to escape from the Argent household undetected by the parental units.   He always does!

Meanwhile, over in the hospital . . .

It could have been worse.  She could have opted for a bath . . .

It’s safe to say that less than a week has passed since the events of last season’s finale . . . otherwise, Stiles REALLY needs a shower.  According to Scott’s mom, my loveable little Yoda man has spent every waking minute (and more than a few sleeping ones) holding vigil at Lydia’s hospital bedside, as she recovers from the unfortunate “Alpha Mauling” she suffered, during her prom.

We find our hero, dozing on an uncomfortable chair, and engaging in a rather naughty conversation with some dream girl . . . or maybe boy.

“Oh Derek! You look so good wearing my t-shirt.  Now take it off.” 

“You’re SO dirty,” a sleeping Stiles muses, as a smile creeps across his lips.  “You first.  No, me first?  Well . . .”


Needless to say, I would PAY to get inside that dream sequence.  As a groggy Stiles awakens to hit the vending machine, we turn our attention to Lydia, who rudely (but wisely . . . we all know what 75% of the parents are like on this show) rejects her father’s offer to help her into the shower.  As our heroine lathers herself,  we notice that the water beneath her feet is becoming increasingly tinged with black goo.  Not cool at all!

Rather than stepping out of the dirty shower and calling an attendant, like most normal people would do in this situation, “self-sufficient” Lydia decides to play plumber, digging into the disgusting drain with her bare hands.  Now, the black water is almost up to her knees.  She brings her hands upward to find piles and piles of  . . . HAIR.  Lydia cries in disgust, but she still doesn’t get out of the tub until SOME DEAD GUYS HAND GRABS AT HER FROM THE DRAIN . . .

Need a hand? 

Cue the screaming . . .

I find it interesting that everyone on the show, including Stiles and Scott (who at this point is miles away) recognizes Lydia’s trademark screams.  Stiles promptly abandons his happy reunion with the Reeses Pieces he freed from that stubborn vending machine, and rushes to his lady love’s side.  But when he and the doctor’s arrive . .  . wait for it . . . she’s gone!  Oh, and the water is sparkling clean and hair free.  Go figure!

Oh, P.S., in her haste to escape the Evil Man Hand, Lydia forgot something very important . . . her clothes.   Way to go, Lady Godiva!

Always the smartest kid in the room, Stiles cleverly snags Lydia’s hospital gown, so that his doggy friend can track down her scent.  Yoda then promptly reunites with Allison the Werewolf Slayer and Teen Wolf,  in hopes of finding Lydia before the Argents do.  The image of  Scott riding with his head out the window like a Golden Retriever, sniffing the wind, will likely stay etched in my memory forever.  In fact, I think it’s some of the best acting we’ve seen Tyler Posey do, since this show started.  No joke.

“It’s hard to smell Lydia in the middle of all this gasoline and roadkill.” 

Meanwhile, over at Kate Argent’s grave . . .

Pet Cemetery

Some teenager is operating a crane to dig the hole in the ground that will eventually include the body of Kate Argent.  We know this teenager is important, because he’s attractive.  And no attractive faces go to waste on this show.  (By the way, what kind of cemetery hires a 16-year old to operate heavy machinery like that in the middle of the night?  That’s just bad for business.)

“Child labor laws are for wimps.  My little brother delivers newspapers in his diapers.” 

Random Teen Who We Don’t Know Yet, hears a gross munching sound, and finds a werewolf munching on the liver of one of the deceased.

The werewolf notices the teen, and easily upends the crane.  Now, Random Teen We Don’t Know Yet is stuck under a crane in the grave he just dug for Kate Argent, just waiting to be eaten.  But worry not, Random Teen!  Derek is here to rescue you!

This almost makes getting buried alive worth it . . . 

Just hanging out . . .

Elsewhere, Scott’s cute little doggy nose has led his search party to the area outside Derek’s house, sight of . . . well . . . pretty much every bad thing that’s ever happened on this show ever . . . Then again, it’s also where we first got to see this . . .

Stiles finds something he thinks might be a clue.   “Hey!  Is this a trip wire?”  He exclaims excitedly.

And Stiles is supposed to be the Smart One . . . 

Whoops!  Next thing you know, Scott’s hanging from a tree.  Thus, proving that even Yoda makes mistakes.  The Argent hunters arrive shortly thereafter, and some threatening words are exchanged between Scott and Papa Argent.  The latter intimates that he suspects Lydia of being a newly turned werewolf, and if he finds her, he’ll chop her body in half.  What a swell guy!

 I actually think Lydia’s not a wolf, but, rather, a Banshee Death Alarm.  But hey, what do I know?

Jackson’s “Time of the Month”

The following morning, the cops are on the lookout for Lydia and the graverobber who attacked Random Teen and ate some corpse’s liver at a cemetery.  (Could the two be one in the same?)  Stiles dad the Sheriff (Remember him?)  questions Random Teen along with his father, a.k.a. The Guy who played Mitch Leery on Dawson’s Creek.  I swear, Dawson’s dad hasn’t aged a day.  He must be a vampire.

Or the Flash . . . same difference. 

Derek approaches Jackson for help finding Lydia, since (1) the three of them are presumably all part of the same were pack now; and (2) well, Jackson DID date the girl, after all.  But Jackson has no interest in becoming part of any pack OR helping his ex girlfriend not be chopped in half.  Jackson is clearly a total sociopath . . . one who’s mean to homeless hippy werewolves.


He’s also bleeding profusely out of his nose and ears . . . black blood . . . kind of like the stuff Lydia found in her shower.

Ease up on the coke . . . man.

Some might say that getting a female period in your nose is the price you pay for being an asshat.  But Derek clearly has a bigger heart than I do.  He looks legitimately worried for Jackson, when he tells the latter that the excessive bleeding is a sign that his body is rejecting the werewolf bite.

Your face may be all f*&ked up.  But you’re ass is clearly open for business.”

This, of course, begs two questions: (1) Why is Jackson’s body rejecting the bite, when Scott’s didn’t?  (Is it simply because there’s still wolfsbane in his system, or is there a more interesting reason, like, for example something in Jackson’s lineage?), and (2) What are the repercussions of this for Jackson?  (Will he die?  Will he eventually turn into the so-called “Abomination” hinted at in the trailers for this season?  Will he need to constantly have tampons hanging out of his nose?)

Four Maulings and a Funeral

Back at school, we are reunited with some old characters . . . like that Creepy Chemistry Teacher everyone used to think was the Alpha, who REALLY has it in for Stiles, after the latter’s father tried to peg him for murder  . . .

No reason for this picture.  I just wanted to share with you the awesomeness that is Stiles’ t-shirt . . . and this is coming from someone who doesn’t ever want to have kids . . . 

. . . and everyone’s favorite Crackpot Lacrosse Coach .  . .

Separated at birth? 

We are also introduced to some new characters, like the weird (but, of course, still attractive) guy with the camera, who seems to have a real hard-on for Allison.  (Doesn’t everybody on this show?)

“I fulfill the show’s emo quotient.  I also might be a shapeshifter who takes pictures of people and thinks so I can assume their forms at a later time.

There’s also a sweet scene in which Scott comforts a distraught Allison, as she prepares to attend her aunt’s funeral . . . you know . . . if you are into that sort of thing . . .

. .  . sweet scenes, I mean, not funerals  . . . though, of course, you might be into those too.

At Kate’s funeral, the press and that creepy camera guy are all hounding the Argents.  Then this old  guy comes and breaks creepy camera guy’s film cartridge, after the former snaps some pictures of Allison.

“Dammit.  I knew I should have used my iPhone instead.” 

Turns out, this is her grandpa, and he’s one scary dude.  In fact, Grandpa Argent and his Crazy Eyes make Papa Argent look like Big Bird by comparison (Not Mama Argent though . . .  she’s still the scariest.)

Stiles and Scott watch these events unfold before them, as the pair hide behind and old gravestone.  Always trying to keep things positive,  Stiles suggests that possibly Gramps and the rest of the Argents are just here for the funeral.  But Scott knows better.  “They are reinforcements,” he says glumly.

“You know, Stiles’ dad is kinda buff.  Maybe’ HE’S the lizard.” 

Then Stiles’ dad finds the scheming pair, and drags them back to a squad car.  They aren’t there long though.  A call comes in about someone attack an ambulance and eating it’s already dead passenger.  Stiles and Scott, of course, immediately assume it’s Lydia doing the eating.  How rude!

As soon as the two can get away, they form their own search party in the woods.  “Just find her,” pleads Stiles, in regard to his lady love.  (Sigh!)


Shortly thereafter, Scott smells wolf and takes off in the direction of the stench.  Turns out, it’s not Lydia at all.   It’s that dirty hippie wolf who’s been eating all the dead people.  Go figure!  The two tussle, but Scott eventually loses sight of the guy, until that is, the latter gets tripped up by, you guessed it, another trip wire.

Worst . . . gig . . . ever .  . . 

Enter the Argent Family . . .

He didn’t really need those pesky legs anyway . . .

Grandpa Argent has a big f*&king sword . . . I’m talking Medieval, Game of Thrones sh*t here.  As he waves around his surrogate weiner, Gramps waxes poetic about Omega wolves, who, for whatever reason, lack pack affiliation, and therefore are weak, and easily killed.  Dirty Hippie Wolf tries in vain to defend himself.  He was just looking for the Alpha, he swears!  He didn’t hurt anyone living . . . and therefore never ran afoul of the Argent’s precious Code.

Too bad for Wolfie, that Gramps doesn’t need no stinking Codes.  He slices through Dirty Hippie Wolf’s bottom half like it’s butter.  There’s this creepy moment where the wolf looks down at his now half-body with fascination, before bleeding to death.

“This is SO COOL!  Oh wait . . . no it’s not.  They cut off my balls too.” 

Scott, who’s watching from a distance is understandably horrified.

“Derek, this is really not the time to get handsy.”

Fortunately, Alpha Derek has arrived to comfort him . . . and give him a big ole man hug . . . which probably would have been a lot more appreciated, if he had actually lifted a finger to save Dirty Hippie Wolf.  He didn’t.  But hey.  You can’t blame a guy for wanting to literally save his own balls from being dismembered from the rest of his body.

Never one to give up a good teaching moment, Alpha Derek chooses this inopportune moment to remind Scott why it’s a REALLY good idea to be part of pack, if you don’t want to lose your legs.  “Look at them.   This is what they do,” Derek says fiercely, forcing Scott to look at the bloody corpse.  “This is a declaration of war.”

Apparently Gramps thinks so too, as he tells an admittedly freaked out Papa Argent, in no uncertain terms that the “Code” ceased to exist the minute Kate Argent croaked.  Weak wolves, new wolves, pansy wolves, naked chicks running around in the forest, Gramps wants to cut them all in half, just because he can.

“We’ll find them, and we’ll kill them.  We’ll kill them all,” Gramps declares ominously.

Elsewhere, a naked Lydia emerges from the forest looking for a coat.


Stiles has never been so jealous of a coat in his life . . .


Nice knowing ya, Dawson’s Creek Dad (except . . . not really)

Now we’re at Random Teen’s house.  (I told you this guy was important.)  Apparently, his name is Issac and he’s getting a D in chemistry.  That’s all we know about the character at this point.  Oh yeah, and did I mention his dad’s a psychopath?

 As far as depictions of domestic abuse go, this one is pretty top notch.  You can feel the tension in Isaac’s body as he carefully evades his father’s seemingly harmless questions about his grades, like a soldier navigating his way through a field covered with landmines.  And man, is Dawson Leery’s dad terrifying . . . Sure, he’s saying all the right things . . . encouraging his son to be honest, and telling him it’s OK that his grades aren’t up to par.  But just below the surface there’s an undercurrent of viciousness, a killer’s instinct.  When Bad Dad starts tossing plates at his son, we know immediately that this is far from the first time.

“Dawson would never put up with this sh*t.” 

Then again, it IS probably the first time that Isaac has been able to HEAL himself from his father’s abuses.   That’s right boys and girls.  We have a new werewolf!

Upon realizing what has just occurred, Isaac escapes on his bike, with Bad Dad in hot pursuit.  Part of me was waiting for the character to get into a car accident, because he dropped his ice cream cone on the front seat of the car, and bent down, like a total moron to pick it up . . . which, some of you might recall is precisely how Bad Dad’s Alter Ego, Mitch Leery bit it on Dawson’s Creek.

But Bad Dad’s fate is much worse.  When he emerges from the car, he learns that something is watching him . . . and that something is definitely not a werewolf.

He kind of looks like This Guy . . .

 Does the fact that I cheered just a little bit when that Lizardy Thing mauled Bad Dad in his car make me a bad person?  That’s what you get for abusing hot twenty-somethings posing as teens . . . and, of course, spawning that turd, Dawson Leery . . .

New wolf Isaac rushes to his Alpha Derek for help, swearing up and down that he didn’t kill his father . . . though clearly, he can’t be too overwrought that the douchebag is dead.

Well, that’s one way to get a job, during the recession . . .

Elsewhere, Scott and Allison are making out again.  Snore . . .

Oddly enough, I’m much more interested in what Allison’s parental units are doing on their so-called date night.  Here’s a hint, it involves kidnapping Allison’s principal and sticking massively large guns in his face, until he promises to resign from his post.

“Coincidentally, this is also the size of my secret weiner.” 

Watch out Beacon Hills High!  Principal Gramps is coming to get you!

But she lost NINE POUNDS!

Poor Lydia.  Being known as “That Naked Chick” who ran around in the woods for a weekend isn’t exactly garnering her the popularity she thinks she deserves .  . . even though she did lose nine pounds!  (Banshee diet, I guess.)


Her ex-boyfriend Jackson isn’t exactly offering her comfort either.  The asshat basically tells her that if he had it to do over again, he wouldn’t save her life.

Oh, and P.S., she should watch out for the Full Moon.  It’s not exactly a scene out of Lydia’s favorite movie, The Notebook.

Scratch and Sniff Lacrosse

Speaking of Full Moon preparations, Stiles knows exactly how to handle Scott’s “time of month” this time around . . .

Fifty Shades of Stiles?

Too bad it makes him look like an S&M fetishist in front of his coach . . .

In the locker room, Scott smells something aside from the usual B.O., dirt, and aftershave.  There’s another wolf on the premises.  The question is who?  Scott has a plan to figure it out,  one that involves playing goalie turning team practice, and rushing out of the goal to tackle and SNIFF all his teammates, until he finds the one that smells like dog.

Needless to say this is probably my favorite scene in the entire episode.

Coach Crackpot quickly asked Stiles what was wrong with his friend .  . .


Weird Camera Guy passed the Scratch and Sniff test with flying colors.  As did Danny, who got bonus points for smelling awesome.  “It’s Armani . . . my cologne,” Danny exclaims proudly, as Scott fights off the urge to make love to him right there on the Lacrosse field.  (It’s the one time during this episode that I wished MTV had smellovision.)

Jackson noteably escaped from practice, before Scott could smell him, probably because he worried about what the latter might find in his scent . . .  wolf?   death?  Or something much worse?

Eventually, it’s Isaac’s turn to square off with Scott.  Cue the matching colored contacts.  It’s like love at first were-bite.  “Please don’t tell anyone,” Isaac pleads.

Unfortunately, this conversation is cut short by the cops, who take Isaac in for questioning about his dead dad.  Scott knows full well that the idea of a brand new wolf locked in a not particularly well-secured holding cell during a full moon isn’t good for anyone.  “You know how I said I no longer have the urge to kill?”  Scott muses to Stiles.  “He does,” Scott said of Isaac.

It was an interesting moment, one that intrigued me quite a bit about Isaac’s character, and what type of wolf he will become.  Clearly, this is someone who’s been abused and beaten down, emotionally and physically all his life.  That kind of persistent torture makes you feel weak and powerless.  It makes you vie for an escape, some avenue of control in your life.  Derek likely saw this in Isaac, and knew that, as a result, he would be amenable to undergoing the transformation.

Yet, Derek’s decision to turn Isaac might not have been completely altruistic  After all, he’s a packmaster at war, now.  And to fight a war, you need good soldiers.  I suspect that Derek also saw in Isaac exactly what Scott is seeing now . . . an untenable rage, bubbling just beneath the surface.  That rage could make Isaac an excellent warrior.  But it also makes him a potential loose cannon.

Nevertheless, Scott clearly feels a kinship with Isaac, that goes beyond mere pack membership.  He sees him as a man who’s been wrongly accused.  And he wants to help him, by breaking him out of the pokey . . . which, of course, means Stiles has to help him too.

Teen Wolf and Yoda to the Rescue

Back at school Stiles’ Sheriff dad is questioning Jackson, who also happens to be Isaac’s next-door neighbor.  Jackson callously admits that he knew Isaac was a victim of abuse, but that this was “not his problem.”

Ugh!  Jackson, you suck!  I don’t care how good you look in a wet t-shirt.  I hope your nose and ear bleed travels to your ass . . .

Back in chemistry class, Scott and Stiles are desperate to know what Jackson is telling the police about Isaac.  And the best way to figure that out is an impromptu trip to the principal’s office  . . .

Of course, Scott and Stiles haven’t yet been informed about the new principal at their school, but they are about to find out . . .

Principal Gramps clearly has done his homework on these too, especially Scott, who he notes is Allison’s “ex-boyfriend.”  It seems pretty obvious that Gramps knows Scott’s a wolf.  And yet, he doesn’t immediately chop him in half, like he did the Hippie Wolf.  The question is why.  I’m thinking it’s because he has bigger plans for Scott . . . plans that might just involve using him to locate the rest of his pack.

Ever the loyal friend, Stiles opts to take one for the team, by stewing in detention, while Scott dashes off to rescue Isaac, who has just been carted off to jail, just as he predicted.  Of course, Derek magically appears at this moment, to help with the “war effort.”  With his leather jacket, and dark glasses, Derek kind of looks like The Terminator . . . only hot  . . . and without the Austrian accent.


Derek has something to show Scott . . . something that could seriously hurt Isaac’s murder defense, if the cops find it . . .

Elsewhere . . .

The Most Boring Sex Tape Ever

Jackson gets Weird Camera guy to lend him a video camera for 100 bucks so that he can make a solo sex tape.  Just kidding.  He wants to videotape his werewolf transformation.  He flexes for the camera a few times, before heading to sleep.  And that’s all that the camera catches . . . eight hours of Jackson . . . alone . . . in bed.

Needless to say, this tape won’t get as many hits on YouTube as the one Kim Kardashian made.

So, it appears Jackson is still 100% Grade A douchebag human . . . or is he?

The House of Hor-weres

The minute Derek alluded to Isaac having a worse motive to kill his father than run-of-the-mill battery, I thought the kid might have been sexually abused.  The writers don’t necessarily go that far with the character.  However, we do get to see Isaac’s dad’s unique idea of punishment, which, apparently, involved locking his son, in an icebox for extended period’s of time.  Oddly enough, this gives Scott an idea . . .

Back at the Argent’s, Gramps and Papa are also discussing Isaac’s case, and whether or not they have enough proof to chop him in half.  Allison tries to listen in, but they shut the door in her face, in a very Godfather-esque way.  Allison does learn part of her family’s plan however.  It involves a sheriff taking wolfsbane into Isaac’s cell, enough of which will kill him.

You know, I like you a lot better, when your tongue isn’t permanently attached to my best friend’s face.”

Allison calls Stiles (Nice to see these two teaming up for a change.), and together they devise a plan . . .

Those Meddling kids

You remember last season how solid Alli was with a crossbow, right?  Well,  this week she uses those skills to put a flat tire in the wolfsbane carrying cop’s car, and to shoot him in the leg.  I’ve never really been an Allison fan.  But even I’ve got to admit that’s pretty bad ass.

Gives new meaning to the term “woody.”

Allison then heads to Isaac’s house (Isn’t that a crime scene?  How are all these people just entering and leaving it, willy nilly?), while Stiles bounds off to jail to somehow save Isaac,  who’s undergoing his first wolf transformation, as we speak.

In the basement of Isaac’s house, Derek again pitches his “Be All That You Can Be In My Pack” speech to Scott, who lectures his new packmaster on his seeming need to turn every lost soul in Beacon Hills into a werewolf, without properly informing them of the risks.  “I can make you a better werewolf.  I can teach you to use ALL your senses . . . not just your nose,” Derek teases his new pal, before heading off to the jail, himself.

Enter Allison.  She and Scott share some kisses and more angst, before Scott finally convinces her to lock him in the icebox during his transformation.  She hesitates, but ultimately obeys.  Moments later, that THING arrives.  It’s the same one that killed Not-Mitch Leery.  It sidles toward Allison, and she screams, grabbing her teeny tiny knife for protection.  (Where’s her crossbow?)

Scott hears her terror, and breaks out of his icebox, half-wolfed out, just in time to see the THING sprout lizard legs,  crawl on the ceiling and exit stage left.

“What the heck is that?” We wonder.  My pal Andre has an idea.

Of course, the more pressing question, for purposes of the show, anyway, is WHO is that?  My early money is on Creepy Camera Guy, (1) because he already seems kind of obsessed with Allison; (2) because he’s on the same lacrosse team as Isaac, and probably knew about his home situation; and (3) because his appearance thus far in the series has been totally random and seemingly useless.  (I mean, honestly, couldn’t Jackson have bought his own camera?)

Anyway, that’s my theory.  What’s yours?

My Hero!

Meanwhile, at the jail, Derek and Stiles are shamelessly flirting with one another.  Derek brags that he can easily distract the female guard with his hotness, while Stiles rescues Isaac.   Stiles watches Derek charm the pants off of the lady cop, clearly jealous . . . though it is uncertain whether it’s Derek or the cop that are earning most of his jealousy.

“That boy is such a tease.  I’m not letting him borrow my shirts anymore.   That’s for sure.  Fool me once, big guy!”

By the time Stiles gets to Isaac’s cell, two important things have happened (1) Wolf Isaac broke out of his cage; (2) Limpy, the wolfsbane carrying cop, who Allison shot, has returned to the jail.  Isaac promptly attacks and disarms him, before turning his attention on a now-scared sh*tless Stiles.  Worry not though, it’s Derek and his ruby eyes to the rescue.

All he has to do is show his teeth to Wolf Isaac, and the latter starts cowering in the corner.   “How did you do that?” Stiles asks, breathlessly, passion in his eyes.  (Yes, I know I’m laying it on thick. ;))

“I’m the Alpha,” Derek says confidentally,  before exiting stage left.

I’m not sure if it’s that simple though . . . One could argue that Isaac submitted to Derek’s will, not because Derek is the Alpha, but because Isaac instinctively fears abuse from his parental figures.  Would Scott have yielded in this situation?  Or Jackson?  Or Lydia?  Only time will tell . . .

Stiles’ dad enters the jail, just in time to find Stiles standing awkwardly in a room filled with one unconscious werewolf, and one unconscious sheriff.  “He did it,” Stiles exclaims adorably, pointing at Isaac.

It’s a brilliantly understated ending to a well-written pair of premiere episodes.  Don’t you think?

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20 responses to “The Graveyard Shift – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Omega” and “Shape Shifted”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Welcome back to you as well Jewls. This season is shaping up nicely with our two favorite werewolves having their own little storylines that will soon intercede with each other.

    Grandpa Argent well we now where Katey got her craziness from. She operated without the code and look where she is now, six feet under killed by a vengeful werewolf whose family she killed. It is obvious grandpa Argent will bite the dust eventually this season either by werewolf hand or that shapeshifter creature who is stronger, faster and far more scary than werewolves according to Scott. I think hunters have no idea about this creature since they only hunt werewolves and likely know nothing about that creature who will likely killed many many hunters WHEN they eventually battle.

    According to Jeff Davis the creator and writer, a werewolf form is based on the person´s personality and Isaac looked scary meaning he won´t follow Scott´s righteous path. I think Derek will regret turning Isaac when he becomes a liability for the pack, I think next time Derek will review his turning policy.

    Chris seems like a moderate hunter following the code its likely the reason he hasn´t been killed well into his middle age. Though that was stupid of him doing that too Scott who happens to be very strong and a werewolf, though it is a wonder he is still alive guns can only protect you for so long.

    According to the late Alpha Peter, not everything survives the bite a lot die so this could be the bite slowly killing Jackson.

    Now for this shapeshifter creature according to Jeff while no vampires, witches, demons or other things. Different variations of werewolves, werecreatures, skinwalkers and lesser known supernaturals will appear.

    I agree with Derek the hunters have declared war, Scott would be wise to join the pack it will make him more powerful than he already is and it always like that in supernatural genre, the human antagonists tend to be far more monstrous than the monsters with fangs and claws that go bump in the night.

    Mama Argent is scary very scary in a preview she buries a knife in Derek´s back that will not end well…for her.

    • Well said, East Coast Captain. 🙂 It’s interesting how in many of these supernatural shows, the so-called monsters are the loveable protagonists, while the humans are the misguided “bad guys.” Interesting point about Isaac, though I’m not sure I’d necessarily describe his wolf form as scary. I do think Isaac will have issues reigning in his anger, in the future. It will be difficult for him not to see his father in the face of anyone who threatens him, or does him harm. That female Derek turned seemed like a bit of a loose cannon too, now that you mention it.

      And of course, Derek’s bite is the cause of whatever is happening to Jackson. As a new Alpha, Derek is definitely going to have to learn that turning people can have serious repercussions. Unlike his Uncle, I think Derek has a good heart, deep down. And yet, I still predict he’ll have a lot of blood on his hands by the end of the season, not to mention a lot of guilt.

      You bring up a good point about Chris Argent. As detestable and “silly” as the Code seems to many werewolf hunters, it’s existence has saved the lives of, not only many werewolves, but many Argents as well. There are many werewolf families out there, but only one Argent family. The Argents, therefore, owe it to future generations to stay alive, so that their descendants can protect their children from the “bad supernatural element” (like Peter) that will always exist. Grandpa Argent’s plan to kill ALL the werewolves will inevitably fail. And if he’s not careful, he might end up killing all the Argents, in the process.

  2. Thanks for this recap! I was truly in lala land thinking “Did I miss something” after the second epi was over. Apparently I missed nothing, it just seemed that way! Idle wondering if we’re gonna go through the entire Greek alphabet in naming all our leaders and followers in this pack (*cough* doms and subs), I mean really, who would wanna be the Pi Wolf? And was I the only one that had visions of that creepy wall-climbing guy in the X-Men series when the grizzly gecko showed up? Glad they opted for something new–seems like every ‘supe’ show lately has werewolves, vampires, witches, hunters, yadayadayada. Let’s see some nice, refreshing reptiles! (Oh, and it did non go unnoticed that MTV prequeled Hunger Games with the whole crossbow/Katniss heroine.) Still not understanding the hair-and-hand in the drain Lydia vision…SMH. Guess all will be revealed. It’s a naked screeching omen! Thank God for new TV!

    • LOL Mak! It is odd that werewolf classes go from Alpha and Beta, all the way to Omega. What happened to the Gamma Wolf? Did they eat him?

      I was thinking about the guy from X men, as well, when I saw the Reptilian. And, apparently, that’s what the “new” (Well, I guess you can’t say new, when it comes to Comic Book stories) Spiderman villain is one of these as well, though likely without the shapeshifting qualities. Personally, I’d love the idea of the villain being a full-on shapeshifter, like the skinwalkers in True Blood. Just imagine the possibilities, as the Bad Guy morphs into say . . . Allison, Derek, or Stiles. Lots of potential comedy there. 😉

      Hmmm . . . Teen Wolf, Hunger Games style . . . Jackson would die in the first five minutes. Allison would do OK, with her bow and arrow, for a little while. But she’s no Katniss Everdeen. 😉 I’d put my early money on Stiles for the win. Brains over braun. Plus, all his one-liners would be too rich for any Hunger Games creator to pass up, so they’d be guaranteed to keep him around until the end, even if he lacks the killer instinct of his opponents. Then again, Danny could surprise everyone, and sneak under the radar, until the very end. 😉

      As for the hair in the tub, my current theory is that Lydia was foreseeing a death, possibly the death of the Omega wolf, who was rather hairy. 🙂 (Granted, his hair was lighter. But all hair looks darker in the water. ;))

  3. Nina Lisa Tomlinson

    I think that Lydia is the lizardy shape shifter. I base this on nothing more than it looks like the shapeshifter has boobs, and the opening sequence around her name show a woman getting covered in mud.
    I think Jackson’s going to die. I almost hoped not, because he’s pretty hot, but he was *such* a douche these epis, especially about Isaac, that I’ve kinda written him off.

    • Hey Nina. You are right, the opening sequence definitely seems to suggest the Lizard is female. And the shots of it, seem to be interspliced around the parts of the sequence dedicated to Lydia’s character. I’m just wondering if the writers will go that route, since Lydia seems to be the current top lizard suspect, kind of like the vet and the chemistry teacher were top Alpha suspects, last season. In season 1, the writers did a really good job of making the identity of the Alpha genuinely shocking. I don’t think anyone pinned it on the supposedly catatonic Peter. 🙂 I’m hoping for a similar surprise this year.

      You might be right about Jackson dying. The producers of the show had hinted at a big death this year; and that would certainly fit the bill. Plus, as you mentioned, considering how Jackson’s been behaving this season, death might be the only way to redeem the character . . . well, that and a whole lot of shirtness. 😉

  4. BamBam

    I think Lydia is a psychic. If you notice the hand looked burned, so I bet you have an angry peter coming back. This COULD also square with the skin walker because the Navajo believe you’d have to kill a family member. He killed the sister, so…

    Also, love Allison so far. Seeing her be more than just a love interest, and actual start to get a personality is awesome.

    I think Allison’s mom will be one of the next hunters to go. She’ll be attacked by the lizard, which Allison won’t mention. Cue Angst. Papa Argent will survive (he’s actually not done anything evil), possibly even a love interest for Scott’s Mom. Love triangle between those two and stile’s dad? Could be interesting, especially if Scott were forced to choose between Stiles and Allison.

    • Hey Bam Bam. Ooh, interesting. The return of Peter. I never thought of that.

      It’s funny that you mentioned the skinwalker. Since the True Blood version of a skinwalker, was the first thing that crossed my mind when I learned that this year’s big bad would be a shapeshifter of some sort.

      You also bring up a good point about Allison. A lot of her storyline these past two seasons has been about deciding what kind of hunter she wants to be. I think her family always assumed she’d use her hunting gifts to kill werewolves. But this week, she used them to HELP Isaac, and the rest of his pack. Allison’s in-depth knowledge of the pack’s main enemies will make her a major ally to Derek, especially, this season. And you know me, as ambivalent as I’ve always been about Allison, I think her and Derek would make for a really interesting match . . .

      Speaking of couples, you know, I never even thought about a genuine love interest for Scott’s mom. We do know she’s hitting the dating scene quite hard, as she was even willing to go out with Peter last season. I’d kind of love a Papa Stilinki / Mama McCall match up. I think they’d be adorable together.

  5. jmae

    I have no clue what that thing on the ceiling, but it really reminds me of a Skalengek or a Lausenschlange from Grimm.
    I think it could be the camera kid because he was across the street at Jackson’s when Scott and Derek were walking around Isaac’s house and saw the beam from their flashlights. I think that whoever it is could possibly have a past with Stiles because in one of the previews for this season Stiles said I think it knew me. So I’m guessing that since it probably wasn’t Lydia he was talking about it was the lizard thing.
    Jackson has too much balls. Last season he threatened Scott, this season he’s telling Derek that he isn’t part of his pack, didn’t he realize that being part of Derek’s pack is a package deal with the bite. I think his body is rejecting the bite as a result of the Acconite poisoning he had last season. I think he’s jealous because I have a feeling that Jackson figured out what Scott was doing and didn’t want to get sniffed out, but then Scott sniffed out Isaac and Jackson put two and two together. I have a feeling that Jackson just spilled to Stiles’ dad out of jealousy. And I think that Derek knew that Jackson wasn’t going to even remotely shift because he didn’t even worry about him during the full moon, Jackson was completely forgotten about. I don’t think Scott or Stiles realize that Jackson has been bitten yet.
    With Isaac I have to say it’s weird seeing Daniel Sharman play him because I keep thinking of him as Aries from Immortals and in this role he’s almost the complete oposite. I still find his acting as the scared and abused kid is pretty good though.
    Also, I think that at somepoint in time Lydia will shirt into what I don’t know. I’m pretty sure she won’t be the female werewolf, but she’s not completely human, and being that last season the alpha said that there were only two options for someone that was bitten Lydia’s case is probably something that is rarely seen. In the bathtub scene the hand looked like the burnt hand of Uncle Alpha so maybe it has something to do with him. Plus there is no way that a normal human could survive naked in the woods for two days in the winter time, true it’s California, but still not going to happen.
    I don’t think that Papa Argent has told Grandpa that Scott is a werewolf yet. When Scott was upside down he said he could only deal with Allison having one werewolf friend and being that Allison has already been questioned about Lydia I think that Papa Argent is giving Scott a free pass since he did help save his life.
    I loved the Stiles Derek team-up that we got this week, I’m hoping that there will be more of that this season. Plus I’m hoping that Danny gets bit by Derek so we can have all three of them together like in “Wolfsbane”. I was laughing at Derek flirting with the female cop, I can honestly say I didn’t know he had it in him. Before his whole family died in that fire he must have really been a lady killer.
    I’m surprised you didn’t comment on the coach talking about losing a testicle from running around naked. Or the fact that Allison is becoming more like Kate with how she called to the lizard thing when she was at Isaac’s.
    Based on the first two eps I’m starting to think that both Allison and Scott will grow up this season because she’s already had to shoot a human in the leg and see what Stiles goes through when he has to chain Scott up.

    • Hey Jmae. Awesome insights. You are right, Derek never seemed concerned about Jackson’s whereabouts during the full moon, whereas he showed at least some concern for Isaac’s and Lydia’s. That said, I thought Derek looked genuinely sympathetic, when he saw Jackson bleeding the way he was. Jackson might not be Derek’s top choice for a pack mate, but I don’t think he’d go so far as to want him dead.

      As for Scott and Stiles, I thought they might have known about Jackson’s bite, when they came to talk to him about finding Lydia, early on in the episode. Then, when Jackson, opted out of lacrosse practice, I assumed he did it because he didn’t want Scott to notice he smelled like a DYING WOLF, as opposed to just your run-of-the mill werewolf. (I remember last season, Scott described Jackson’s smell as “something dying,” when the later was suffering from acconite poisoning.) But, now that you mention it, when Scott sniffed out Isaac at practice, the thought that he might simply be sniffing Jackson, never crossed his mind. And if he knew about Jackson’s bite, that would probably be his first thought.

      That said, I’m looking forward to Derek teaching Scott how to use his other wolfy senses, because the whole scratch and sniff thing is getting more than a bit awkward. 🙂

      You bring up a good point about Grandpa Argent. Perhaps, he truly doesn’t know when a wolf is right under his nose, and secretly dating his granddaughter. (Both Papa Argent and Kate caught on to that fairly quickly . . . or at least suspected it.) It goes to show that Pops might not be as deft of a werewolf hunter as he thinks he is. He’s pretty good at cutting open bodies though . . . that can’t be easy to do. 😉

      It will be interesting to see how the relationships between the main characters shape up this season. I loved seeing Stiles interacting with Allison and Derek, without Scott around. I’m hoping we see more unlikely pairings as the season progresses. Also, and I know this is girly and shallow of me. But I’d love for Derek and Stiles (or at least one of them) to get a genuine love interest this season. Maybe Stiles will finally get his shot with Lydia, after all . . . even if she does end up being an “abomination.” 😉

  6. CK

    I must say I was quite impressed by the opening of season 2…

    Howdy, Christian K. here, geologist from Up North and Teen Wolfer of the first hour. Loved all of your recaps (and screen caps!) from season 1 and thought it might be worthwhile chipping in to the discussion from time to time. Let’s see what my attention-challenged brain can come up with:

    Firstly, opening with Colton L. Haynes emerging from a pool sopping wet with a ripped shirt and sprayed-on jeans, not to mention his perfect hair? Freakin’ fantastic. I wonder what path Jackson is headed down now, but I can’t imagine he’ll make it to the end of this show. Whenever that may be, I hope that it’s several shirtless scenes away. Colton H. does a spiffing job at portraying this arrogant little sonuvagun, especially his frustration when he’s not getting what he wants. And those abs, of course.

    (Jump in topic *DING*)

    Why is it that so often, the main character/the actor portraying him is being out-acted by the rest of the ensemble? While Tyler G. Posey has been getting much better, he’s still ACTING too much. And yeah, the constant Scallison (or is it Alliott?) scenes of teenage drama/passion (or lack thereof) do get a little tiresome. Still, I’m interested to see when the next confrontation with the Argent Family will take place… Between Kate, Allison’s mom and her grandfreak, Sargent Argent comes across as almost reasonable.


    Happy to see Danny getting more lines in two episodes than the entire first season put together. You gotta love Coach telling him to put a shirt on…these little winks in our direction are AWESOME, as one Stiles St. would put it. That reminds me…


    Stiles/Dylan O’B. continues to be the best thing on this show. He elevates almost every scene he’s in and he plays off fantastically well with both friend and foe alike (*cough* Creepy Emo Chemistry Teacher *cough*). And he even showed a wee little bit of skin, although I have a feeling that was simply conincid…cinco…conici…coincidinky…a word like that. And he still gets the best lines! His sincere concern for Lydia is also well portrayed.

    [CK wanders off to an alternate reality where he and Stiles live happily together there ever after] Huh, what?


    Coach Finstock. Just plain epic, whether it’s the chain scene or the lacrosse practice. The little broment between Scott and Danny was met with an appreciating head nod by me.

    Sheriff Stilinsky. Linden Ashby plays him beautifully, always torn between puzzlement, annoyment (word?) and wonderment at what is happening around him. Or at where he runs into his son. I doubt it’ll be long before that wonderment will really get him thinking about what’s afoot in Beacon Hills.


    Speaking of Beacon Hills, I really hope they don’t turn it into the Mystic Falls of Werewolves and other Supernatural (and generally slimy) Creatures.


    Thought that Isaac makes for a pretty interesting addition to the show; his back story is very disturbing and should bode well for future development. The scene where he’s cowering from his Alpha’s awesome roar…


    Ah, Derek Hale. Now that he’s all red-eyed, did he suddenly develop a sense of humour? Only the second episode in, and he’s already turning on that blazing smile? As always, his scenes with Stiles are gold. Favourite bit, though, must be the few seconds in the opening sequence where he’s all powdery and cut and stuff!

    (*DI……bell breaks*)

    Huh, I need to wrap up?! What is this, the Oscars and a stupid 45-second time limit?! Oh, very well…
    Loved Lydia’s return to high school. Even with her nose held up high, Holland Roden is one supremely beautiful young woman. Her storyline will also be of the highest interest…I hope it involves kneeing Jackson in the balls somewhere down the line (just like Sheriff St. did in a very subtle but oh-so-appropriate way).

    Anyways, there’s much thought drifting around in my mind (generally in German, so if you find any typos or grammatical mistakes, you’re free to keep ‘em!), but I’ll keep that for the future episodes. The rather sudden and dramatic change to a much darker ambience is something that I find quite intriguing, but I do hope that the writers have come up with some scenes that retain some of the light and humorous atmosphere of season 1.

    That, and plenty of shirtless scenes for Jackson. And Derek. And Scott. And Danny. And Isaac. Just not Stiles. He’s perfect as he is.

    Best wishes and a nice weekend to all,

    PS: Lizards?! What is this, The Amazing Spider-Man?!

    • Hey Christian! Thanks so much for stopping by! I loved reading your comment. I love reading all these comments. You guys are just brilliant. Best fandom EVER! 😉

      I love the idea of the Alpha Card granting the holder a sense of humor, in addition to red color contacts, and a roar straight out of Mufasa’s mouth from The Lion King. 🙂 If I recall, former Alpha Peter had a few funny one-liners as well. It’s nice to see Derek smile for a change, since all of last season only included ONE smile from him, and it was a super creepy one at that. (And this is coming from someone who loves Derek dearly.)

      I think Tyler Hoechlin has a great propensity for comedy (especially when he’s paired with Dylan O’Brien). That tight t-shirt scene from last season remains one of my absolute favorite moments in the series (second to Derek doing pull-ups, of course). So, I hope the writers decide to take advantage of that this season.

      And you are 100% right about Stiles. There are a lot of solid actors in this series, but Dylan O’Brien probably has the most natural talent. This guy is going places, that’s for sure. It kind of makes me wonder how different the show would be if HE played the lead. Already, I see a shift in the series from “Scott and his pals” to a more ensemble-type show. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, a couple seasons down the line, Stiles takes on more of a lead role in the series. Fans just adore him, and with very good reason.

      I am eager to see more of Lydia’s backstory, now that she’s part of the supernatural mystery part of the episode. I think she has the potential to be a much more complex character than how she was painted in Season 1. And I also want her to hook up with Stiles, just because that would make him happy. And I ship Stiles and Happiness above all else. (That said, I still think a Stiles / Derek relationship would be the best couple ever! I just don’t think it’s in the cards. We’ll probably have to rely on fanfiction for that one.)

      Speaking of Stiles, I know people don’t think of him as the typical “Alpha Male” (see what I did there?), but he just might surprise you. Have you ever seen those pictures floating around of him in a tight wet t-shirt. Boyfriends got some serious ab muscles hiding under those big baggy t-shirts. 😉

      • CK

        I guess we’ll have to share that particular boyfriend… 😉 I do remember the photos from the Troix Magazine shoot from July 2011…so much promise, so little delivery (yet).

        Maybe the reason why I relate so well to Stiles/Dylan is that our personalities seem to be equally off-kilter, with just a dash of sarcasm. And our movements are equally “spasmic”.

        I’ve re-watched both episodes half a dozen times each, and they remain very enjoyable, cast and crew haven’t lost their steam, it seems. Sometimes, just sometimes, the timing is a little bit off, as if there’s a beat too much here while one’s missing over there. And that laughter that was tracked in when Harris was hit by the paper ball felt completely unnatural.

        Coach remains as awesome as ever (“You’ll be doing suicide runs till you die!”), I need to write Orny Adams a postcard or something.

        Do you think that at some point we’ll get some kind of flashback scenes before the Hale House fire and whatever backstory there is to the Argents? Would be a convenient way to get Peter and Kate back…

        What else? I still think that Jackson will bite the dust (har har!) by this season’s end…that kinda sucks, but just kinda, seeing how douchier he’s become (which I though nearly inconceivable). I guess we’ll know if Colton tweets that he’s back for shooting season 3 later this year!

        BTW – if you haven’t listened to the cast/crew commentary on the season 1 DVDs, they’re an absolute hoot. Russell Mulcahy payed Dylan O’B. a lovely compliment by recalling his reaction to Dylan’s audition: “What the hell was that?!” 😀

        And finally, the “Derek and Stiles Show” that included the too-tight t-shirts was about the most hilarious and RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR thing I’ve seen in a long time. Even a year later, it still manages to crack me up.

        More after the next episode! Thanks for replying to, uhm, my reply. 🙂


  7. Thanks so much, Ikainica. Sorry about the late recap. I just really wanted to recap the first two episodes together, especially since so much of the action came in the second episode. 🙂

    Last season, Alpha Peter was pretty much 100% bad news. So, I kind of like the idea of this years reptilian villain residing more in the shades of gray. Perhaps he (or she) envisions themself as a vigilante of some sort, only killing folks who GENUINELY deserve it. After all, I don’t think anyone would fault it too much for offing Bad Dad Abuser. Dude had it coming. And though, it did seem to “leer at” Allison, it never made a move to really attack her. So, there’s something to be said for that. It will be interesting to see who the Reptilian chooses as it’s victims, as the season progresses. I think that will provide a lot of insight into its true nature and motives.

  8. Andre

    Well, be prepared for a comment Teen-Wolf style. 😀

    I did wonder why they suddenly had openings and what it meant. I guess Derek’s and Scott’s shirtlessness is due to the same reasons as last season, “European style nudity” as they claimed it. Well I guess for Americans “European” mores on that seem pretty good.

    One thing we can pretty much exclude now:
    Jackson being the Lizard, albeit Lizards can’t really do the wallcrawling so perhaps Gecko is more fitting.
    Unless they have something/one put a false tape of Jackson in the camera or Jackson having hallucinations he hadn’t transformed or left the room.
    Of course they could come up with him leaving his body behind and going out (as some people claim shapeshifting to be) as the Lizard, but I have trouble believing that they would go that esoteric.

    Before I forget it: Can we really be sure that the Lizard is the mentioned Abomination? Would they actually reveal it so soon?

    Now Scott’s running seemed downright odd to me. I know it was probably meant to signify his greater acceptance of his condition but let’s face it; human bodies are simply not suited for this sort of running. When the legs are digitigrades as in the case of Peter’s Alpha form it might work but not with a full human form.
    All in all it looked rather like hopping than running.

    Your mentioning of the flashback makes me wonder how long after the end of season 1 this actually is. They obviously didn’t let much time pass (which I personally don’t agree with) since Lydia was still in the hospital and the wounds still looked pretty new. Did she even got stitches?

    I do wonder why you made Papa Argent say “White Fang” was that a reference to the movies in the 90s or the book by Jack London?

    As for your comment on Alison’s “I’ll never see him again speech:”
    Well he is a dad in his forties. He’ll probably won’t getting it so fast when his little girl lies to him. I mean some dads with daughters of Alison’s age might not even have noticed that their girls have secondary female characteristics 😀

    You know that dead hand; did you notice that it looked burned? Could it be Peter’s hand?

    Your joke regarding Scott’s sniffing has merit I think. Would it even be possible to smell someone like that?

    Mentioning Kate’s grave: If I remember correctly it said 1983 to 2011, which means that Kate was either 27 or 28 at the time of her death, and probably Derek is of the same age. However that would still make her much younger than her brother. That is a big gap between two kids. Makes me wonder whether she was an accident.

    Are you sure it was a werewolf who stole the corpse’s liver?

    I wouldn’t be so sure whether Derek is actually worried about Jackson, since he simply retreated into the shadows when Jackson started bleeding.

    It makes sense that some people might be rejecting the bite. As Peter said, the bite could kill you and it is basically an infection, so perhaps some people have antibodies of some sort. And considered that the werewolf is basically European, you could argue that some sort of adaptation in that regard had happened. And let’s face it, if everybody bitten would turn the world would have been overrun in the show by now.

    The chemistry teacher and the coach are both creepy in my eyes. But they are nonetheless a refreshing addition of realism to the show.

    Would the camera guy really be another shapeshifter? Wouldn’t that be too obvious?

    And why are there so many people of the press? This is America, it’s not as though people aren’t killed left and right the whole time. And least that is what your press is suggesting.

    If that dirty guy is an omega, I still wonder why Derek’s sister’s corpse looked like a wolf in season 1. The guy fits the stereotype of the Omega. And speaking of the sword, according to Papa Argent you need a lot of strength to cut someone in half, even with a sharp sword. So how strong is Grandma Argent?

    Lydia’s coat comment was gold. So funny.:D

    Isaac’s dad’s attitude is probably even scarier because he probably really doesn’t notice that what he is doing is crazy. Nothing new, a friend of mine told me yesterday that all Chinese look alike to him and two others considered the boy at the start of the video (which everybody outside germany should be able to watch) as black despite his looks.

    When I told one that this sort of talk (he saw nothing wrong with it and thought that it was correct) caused that boy years of bullying in school (interestingly is “black” brother [creole or mulatto more likely] did not) he simply flipped me off. The other one, a guy from Oregon, said that I talk nonsense. All three probably never considered what that makes of them and actually think that this is the right respectively rational way. I had similar reactions with bulldog breeders when I told them that breeding them is animal abuse so I think that it’s realistic to assume that Isaac’s das actually thinks he is doing the right thing and that the shard in the face was Isaac’s fault. Grandpa Argent might be along the same line, that sort of reasoning has a long tradition.

    Speaking of crazy stuff, it’s quite possible that Isaac does miss his father, also nothing new, but we will see about that.

    I guessed you would take that screencap of Mama Argent, she just looks so crazy. And the way how coldly she talks about torture makes me wonder where she comes from and how often she did it.
    But I don’t know why you didn’t use that cap with all the people looking at Lydia after she enters school.
    But on another note. We could see that the actress playing her actually has meat on her bones. A while since I saw that in a US-show. Or does it occur often?

    And the scene in the locker room was another fresh wave of realism. Let’s face it, when you are the odd kids people assume all sorts of things about you and especially the coach seems designated for that sort of behavior. I mean seriously, what kind of idiot says a kid with anger management issues to go and play. This never helps.

    It was also nice how they incorporated Posey’s looks into the sniffing scene since that is how he looks. 😀

    I guessed that the scene with Danny and Scott would be thrilling to you. You probably fantasized about them doing this:

    Or maybe even you would want to see stuff like that happening on the show:

    Now Scott smelling Isaac was pretty much unnecessary, I am sure both Stiles and Scott already noticed his wolfiness simply based on his stance and breathing.
    Looks like we had the same thinking regarding the boy. I mean did you notice how much more demonic his wolf-face looked when compared to Scott’s? Thye even gave it no eyebrows and the actor’s movements and stance in the prison cell only enhanced that.
    It might be likely that he will become a loose cannon of sorts, at least everytime things might not go as planned for him.

    I guess you want him to come and eat Jackson now:

    But you had to admit, the sheriff’s comment on beaten up kids was brilliant and damn Jackson proved how dumb and self-absorbed he is. It was hinted at in season 1 with Lydia’s “sucking” speech but this proved it.

    By the way, I did found this:

    I think the reason Scott wasn’t killed immediately is rather because he either wasn’t told yet, after all Papa Argent is no monster and thereby might not have told his father and the other reason is that they are in school. Hard to get rid of two body halves there and Stiles would be a witness.
    After all he probably knows how to locate Derek, so why should Scott be needed.

    Now as for Stiles and the detention: first can a teacher actually hold someone in detention that long and the fact that Stiles had to sacrifice himself for Scott clearly will have repercussions. This is Teen Wolf and not TVD after all.

    As for Jackson and his video:
    Man he is dumb, he actually said Lydia not to go out that night but he risked the life of his parents? As for his “my history” comments: CREEEPPPPPYYYYY!!!!!!

    Now did you notice that Stiles shows a lot more leadership skills than Stiles so far? And also a much better teacher. Concerning the whole lycanthropy thing Derek only seems to have an edge because he was brought up in that environment, every time he tries to be a teacher he seems to be like some pseudo-wise guru reading fortune cookies and this episode was no different.

    You know, like I said in my mail, the similarities between that lizard-monster and the reptilians of conspiracy theory and the design of the Lizard in the next Spiderman Movie is probably no coincidence. By the way I would have thought that you would also use the close up of the face I did.

    The camera guy on the other hand might just be a rival for Scott, possibly a beard for Allison.

    I will simply never get why people see homoeroticism between Stiles and Derek. The car scene only proved to me that Derek can be lucky Stiles didn’t get turned because than he would no longer be able to intimidate him with his strength.
    And Derek’s “flirting” with the officer (you did recognize the actress right?) was just creepy. That smile was so fake.

    You know considered that Stiles seems to know the combo would suggest that he read many police files and who knows how much he would know about the chemistry teacher and other people. Would Stiles ever become a bad guy he would be one hell of an evil mastermind don’t you think?

    So far Derek’s behavior in the cell suggests that the werewolves in this case are structured rather like chimps than wolves since it seems that an Alpha’s will and word is law.

    By the way Isaac was not unconscious and no longer in the room.
    However I do wonder what will happen now, will Stiles at least get grounded?

    Ps. Will it always be my fate to have the longest comments? ^^
    PPs. Did you notice the lack of annoyance when compared to TVD?

    • Andre

      PPPs: Enjoy:

    • Hey Andre! It’s funny. I was thinking the same thing about the video camera sequence. What if the camera guy, or SOMEONE edited the footage of Jackson during the night, so that the first few “pre-turning moments,” simply replayed themselves over and over again on loop, making it LOOK like Jackson had done nothing all not, when, in fact, that wasn’t the case. This week’s scene with the car, made me think this was definitely a possibility.

      Regarding Kate’s and Derek’s age, I was always under the impression that Derek was a few years younger than Kate, i.e. somewhere in his early 20’s. Based on their scenes together, I always got the feeling that, when Kate seduced Derek, he was still in high school, and she was already an adult, thereby rendering him a lot more susceptible to her manipulations. That said, I do think there is probably at least a 10 to 12 year difference between Kate and Allison’s father. She could have been a “change of life” baby. I’m also wondering, after this week’s episode if there’s pressure amongst wolf-hunting families to give birth to girls, just as there is pressure in other cultures to birth boys. After all, the female werewolf hunters are the leaders of the family unit. And no female children, makes for a leaderless generation. The Argents would have likely preferre to birth their own female than to allow their son to give that kind of power away through marriage.

      I actually kind of love the idea of Stiles Stilinski: pack leader or Stiles Stilinski: evil villain. He’s always been the unlikely hero of this story, and I think, eventually, he will wind up with some kind of supernatural ability. Let’s face it, the guy would have made a really great Peter Parker in Spiderman.

      As for Stiles and Derek, I think you can be intimidated by someone, and still secretly turned on by them. In fact, for some, the intimidation factor, in and of itself, is a bit of a turn-on.

      It’s funny, you mention Isaac as the prospective loose cannon wolf. You know one of them is going to cause Derek problems right? Given Isaac’s backstory, and obvious psychological damage, he seems like most likely. On the other hand, Isaac seems rather content to adhere to pack mentality, whereas, new wolf Boyd is already illustrating an independent streak of which Derek might not approve.

      LOL about Derek’s creepyish, fake smile. I suspect that was supposed to be intentional. I kind of like how they make Derek socially awkward in his own way. It would simply be too easy to have the big hot uber wolf, also be a charming scoundrel. As viewers, we have to be able to understand why a gorgeous, athletic dude like Derek isn’t crawling with friends and girlfriends. I mean, sure, he’s been burned by Kate, the Argents and even his own family. But beyond that, beneath the sexy exterior, which causes many to give him the benefit of the doubt, he just sucks at being with people. I love that.

      And you were totally right about Lydia repeatedly envisioning Peter. What kind of lame superpower is that? Right? 🙂

      • Andre

        Well I doubt that Lydia’s ghost whispering will just be that. I am sure that there is a reason why she is seeing Peter.

        Perhaps your argument regarding the tape is correct, but I hope it’s not because that would be pretty cliché if you ask me and not cliché in the good way like the gas station scene in the last episode.

        There could be a pressure in the wolf-hunting families, but my thoughts on how progressive they actually are will be in the comment to your next recap.

        No matter what you said, there is nothing between Derek and Stiles, if it were either of them would have shown physical signs by now and there simply were none. So sorry but I think you interpreting stuff that simply isn’t there.

        That Derek had this creepy smile makes me wonder what sort of person that cop was to fall for that. I guess she must be pretty shallow.

  9. woo it seems like it’s been forever since the season 1 finale – glad I still had that DVR’ed at home because this episode picked up right where the last one left off with just a very minimal recap of where we were…also totally loved the new intro credit sequence, that totally reminded me of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” the only thing it was missing was that great rendition of “Immigrant Song” by Trent Reznor…

    Speaking of tunes though, I was super happy to hear Sally Seltmann’s “Dream About Changing” play in the background when Allison gets Scott’s message, hope to hear more of her in the future on this show (alongside some NIN or Trent Reznor to give a nice balance of pleasant and scary music)

  10. Maddy

    Hey wazzup 😛

    I laughed so hard at Jackson’s solo porn attempt, I hate Jackson’s guts as a person but he makes a brilliant character to watch (and no, I’m not just talking about his abs here).

    Frankly the new opening sequence is a little on the ‘R rated’ side of things, don’t cha think? First time I watched it I thought heeyyy! This is NOT suitable for the younger audience – there have got to be 12 year old girls watching this show. Oh well. :L Not that I’m complaining. Especially the bit with Derek randomly topless in the water. NOooooo waay.

    Stiles actually pointed to ‘Limpy’ at the end, I think Isaac had legged it with Derek. Damnit Isaac, stealing Stiles’ boyfriend! 😛

    Don’t you think it’s more than a little bit kinky that to turn Jackson into a fail-wolf Derek tore up his shirt and bit him, like, on his hip? Please, please let Derek be secretly gay. Then he can marry STILES. Oh my god. That would be so hot. In fact Derek with anyone is hot. I really, really, REALLY want him to start seducing all the other wolves to get them into his pack. That would be AMAZING TO WATCH god I’m getting all flustered just thinking about it. 😉 And then he realises his dream man was Stiles all along and they could adopt a baby wolf and… okay I’ll shut up now.

    Allison’s mum is a bloke in drag. I’m not even kidding, she looks like a marine. Man that lady scares the hell out of me. Poor principal! One line, and then dead. He sounded british as well. OH and yes I cheered when douche bag daddy died as well. 😛

    I BET everyone thinks Stiles and Scott are gay, they have such an intense bromance. This episode was more homoerotic than usual (and that’s fairly difficult) because Danny was TOTALLY coming on to Scott when he was sniffing (LOL) him. Man that dude was enjoying it. I see you enjoyed it too even though it was lacrosse again. ;D Heck I love Danny I really want him to get with Stiles. What is my obsession with homosexuality? I have this terrible thing for hot men, being together, with other hot men. I must be ill.

    Speaking of hot men, I loved that full on analysis thing you did last season on Derek’s feelings while the poor man got licked. You really got into it there, clearly you enjoyed that scene as much as I did. 😉

    I’m really glad they’ve got these new characters who seem a hell of a lot more interesting/sympathetic than Whiny Scott and Boring Allison. You know how boring she is? I spent ten minutes trying to remember what her name was. I was convinced it was Meredith. She’s badass which is cool, but I can’t like her because whenever they start playing indie music you just KNOW there’s gonna be a soppy scene of soppingness and snogging, and then I really want to do one of those ‘suicide laps’ the coach was on about.

    WHY is she friends with Lydia? It’s so frustrating! She’s so ‘nice’ and yet she hangs out with the queen bee from hell! I love Lydia because she’s so secretly smart but she ain’t nice that’s for sure, and not really the sort of friend you’d want unless you were desperate to be popular – since I don’t think Allison is why does she put up with her? Does she see something in her deep down? Or does she just LIKE being surrounded by dumbasses? That, at least, would explain her dating Scott.

    DEREK SMILED he smiled at the woman I was like WOW his teeth are huge! He looked so cute. And hot, as usual.

    Am I a total freak to think the creepy chemistry teacher is sort of hot? Yup, thought so. I’ll shut up now. Hormones are clearly going into overdrive. Oh, MTV, you’re really not good for me.

    I really LOVE that the writers totally acknowledge how stupid their show is up front, and are like, So what? Let’s ROLL with it! Because it really works like that, how it takes the piss of itself. For example them totally putting their hands up and saying ‘Yeah, Scott’s a total moron, he’s so stupid let’s just put it in the script’. How many shows are brave enough to do that with their main character? These writers are having a whale of a time, and so am I. I really hope they carry on like that too. 😛

    See ya! Recap was hilarious as usual 🙂

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