The Secret (and Scandalous) Lives of Gleeks – A Recap of Glee’s “Rumours”

Of all the secrets revealed in this week’s episode of Glee, this one, about Lord Tubbington, was probably the most shocking . . .

I’ve got a secret.  (Shhh!  Don’t tell anyone.) 

Before seeing this episode of Glee, I knew next to nothing about Fleetwood Mac.  I didn’t know who they were, or what songs they sang, or why their band name sounds like something you’d see on the menu at McDonalds. 

“I’ll have a Fleetwood Mac with Cheese, please.”

Come to think of it, saying I knew “next to nothing” about Fleetwood Mac was probably a bit generous, on my part.  Right?


And since this week’s Glee installment was based entirely on ONE Fleetwood Mac album (entitled, appropriately enough “Rumors”) I’m at a bit of a disadvantage, in terms of writing this recap. 

But one thing I DO know a lot about is GOSSIP.  After all, EVERYBODY gossips.  GOSSIP IS FUN . . . at least, when it’s not about YOU.  Fortunately, all of the gossip in this week’s episode is about the GLEE KIDS (and Will).  So, we can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the train wrecks that are OTHER people’s lives, for a change! 

Sorry Mr. Schue!

So, what are we waiting for?  Let’s start spreading those NASTY rumors, we all secretly love so much!

Santana “bats for the Pink Team,” Mike Chang has a big . . . eggroll, and Brittany’s cat EATS CHEESE!

“So, let me get this straight . . . it’s a show . . . within a show . . . within a recap .  . . about the show.  How META!”

 Geez!  For a television character who doesn’t know how to sign her own name, only writes in crayon, and was once quoted as saying that she “[doesn’t] know how to turn on a computer,” Brittany S. Pearce sure is tech savvy! 

“I don’t even know what either of those words mean.”

I mean, it’s not easy to create your own online webshow, complete with expert camera handling (Who exactly was supposed to be filming that bit, anyway?), a VERY catchy opening theme song, and snazzy on-screen graphics!  And yet, somehow, Brittany hosts Fondue for Two, which I’m pretty sure is the best web program ON THE PLANET! 

(I’m serious!  More of THIS, please!)

Perhaps, one of the coolest things about Fondue for Two (aside from it teaching us that Mike Chang’s abs aren’t the only part of his body that’s “firm and strong”) . . .

“My boyfriend’s Hot Dog is THIS BIG!”

I find that offensive.”

 . . . was that it finally introduced us to BRITTANY’S CAT, LORD TUBBINGTON!

Now THOSE are some hot abs . . .

Though Lord Tubbington (or as I like to refer to him Tubbie Bear) had never appeared on Glee before, his reputation certainly proceeds him.  After all, he and Brittany have what you would call a “love-hate relationship.”  Remember when Brittany worried that her cat was reading her diary? 

A younger (and slightly thinner) Lord Tubbington caught in the act . . .

How, about the time when Brittany became convinced that her dentist, Dr. Carl, was actually her cat in disguise?

“Mind if I lick your face?”

And, this week, Brittany let Lord Tubbington eat cheese right out of her fondue pot (He’s on the Atkins Diet), and get interviewed on her web show, even though she “knows he started smoking again.”


LORD TUBBINGTON THINKS:  “Dammit, she must have found my secret stash in the litter box.  I thought I buried it really deep too!”

Personally, I’m hoping Tubbie Bear becomes a series regular on the show, complete with his own solo number and love interest . . .

“What’s new, Pussy Cat?”

Sue’s Evil Plan to Ruin # 5,672 (and 5,673)

Breaking News:  Sue Sylvester just signed on to play an Extra in Avatar 2 – Electric Boogaloo

Back in Evil Villain Land, Sue inexplicably dresses up as a scary aging rockstar, and an even scarier Republican . . .

This image gave me nightmares.

Apparently, some one in the writers room thought this was really funny / a good idea.  That makes one of us . . .

Anywhoo . . . this week Sue tries to bring down the Glee Club, by starting a newspaper, who’s sole purpose is to spread rumors, through fake blind items about Glee Club members . . .

Terri’s idea to ruin the Glee club is a bit more practical.  She calls upon April Rhodes . . .

SURPRISE, Glee Fan!  You’ve just won Another Recycled Guest Star!

 . . .  and convinces her to invite Will to star with her in her own Broadway production about her life (Such a humble character, that April!).  After all, Terri knows that Will has always wanted to take his shot at succeeding on the Great White Way . . .

Sing it, Schuester!

And if April can convince him to move to New York with her, not only will Sue get Will out of the Glee club, Terri will get Will out of his apartment, so SHE can move back in.  (Pretty clever, right?)

And today’s lesson is . . .

OMG!  What is with these bizarre facial expressions?  Step aside, Jim Carrey!  Hollywood has a Brand New Rubberface (who probably charges a whole lot less than you do . . .)

Just as planned, Sue’s blind items tear the Glee club to shreds!  First Santana calls Brittany out for OUTING her as LEBANESE in public.  (As it turns out, when she said Santana was “batting for the other team,” she was actually only referring to extracurricular activities.)  Meanwhile, Finn thinks Quinn is cheating on him with Sam; Quinn thinks Finn is cheating on HER with Rachel; and Artie thinks Brittany is cheating on HIM with Santana (which, of course, she TOTALLY is).  It’s just a WHOLE BIG MESS.

But fear not, Gleeks!  Because in our darkest hour, there is only one thing on which we can count: Will Schuester and his Lucky Episode Sponsor Lesson of the Week . . .  That’s right boys and girls!  To teach his little kiddies the importance of being able to rise above the hurtful power of rumors, Will has chosen to force his class to sing songs who’s lyrics revolve around the hurtful power of rumors.  an album that actually has little to do with secrets or gossip, but just so happens to be called “Rumours.”  HOORAY!

Will’s idea is that since, singing these particular songs, helped keep Fleetwood Mac from breaking up, covering them will keep New Directions from falling apart.  IT’S GENIUS!  (Well . . . not really . . . but we can pretend, right?)

Will’s Dreams . . . are Dead . . . (Or Are They?)

To kick things off, Will introduces Three-Time Guest Star April Rhodes (One more appearance, and she wins a free dinner at The Olive Garden Breadsticks) to the class AGAIN.  April then proceeds to bump, grind, and inappropriately seduce the underage males in the class (and Will) with her rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.”

Like I said, the relationship this particular song has to “rumors” is pretty tenuous.  But April does a nice job with it, and the kids seem to enjoy it enough.  April continues her plot to seduce Will over to the Dark Side of the Great White Way, through (1) a homecooked meal of Flirtation and Eye F*ckery . . .

Was anybody else watching this scene worried that either April or Will would end up setting their matching butt chins on fire?  Come to think of it . . . that would have been really funny.

. . . and (2) a RIDICULOUSLY BAD original song duet  .  . .

Not surprisingly, by the time April pops the “Come to Broadway with Me” question, Will is already well-primed toward saying “yes.”  Further complicating matters, is a surprisingly supportive, New and Improved / Washes Fruit Significantly Less, Emma . . .

Look guys!  Emma ate this grape off the FLOOR, after only soaking in water it for ONE-HALF HOUR!


Talk about better living through chemistry!

Anyway, New and Improved Emma thinks Will is “really talented” and should “follow his dreams.”  Hearing this admission causes the Schue to cry.

But, fortunately, having undoubtedly been told by show producers his friends that his Ugly Cry Face would frighten the Boogeyman himself, Will tones it down a notch with the Facial Squinchiness . . .


Less Ugly Cry Face, More Eye F*&kery and Mutual Fruit Fondling

As it turns out, Will feels genuinely torn between pursuing his dream of fame and fortune, and . . . hanging out with the Glee kids / f*&king washing fruits with Emma . . .  Such a dilemma!

To make matters worse, Sue sends out Brittany to pepper Schue with questions about his Broadway Aspirations (and, of course, what type of underwear he wears . . . inquiring minds want to know).

It looks like the answer is “boxer briefs (with stuffed chickens coming out of the crotch).”

“Will’s Hot Dog is this big . . .”  (Sorry Schue!  It looks like Mike Chang has you beat, this time!)

When THAT doesn’t work, Sue publishes an article in her paper stating that Will has ALREADY decided to leave McKinley for Broadway.  Met with an upset bunch of Glee kids, Will quickly puts rumors of his departure from the cast McKinley to rest.  Nevertheless, based on the pouty, mopey, I just poopied in my boxer brief look on his face, at the end of the episode . . .

. . . coupled with New Directions upcoming trip to Broadway’s NYC for the Glee Club National Competition, I can’t help but think that, for better or worse, this particular storyline is FAR from over . . .

Brittany gets screwed over by EVERYONE (except the chain-smoking, but still very loveable, Lord Tubbington, of course!)

Now, THAT’S an Attractive Cry Face!

Poor Brittany!  She just couldn’t win this week!  First a TRUE rumor gets published in the school newspaper that she’s been cheating on Artie with Santana.  When Artie confronts her about it, Brittany informs him that SANTANA told HER that having sex with a GIRL does not equal cheating on your BOYfriend.  Artie accuses Santana of manipulating Brittany into engaging in Horizontal Lebanese Dancing with her. 

And when Brittany comes to Santana’s defense, calling her lover a “good person,” Artie REALLY loses it.  “Why are you SO stupid?”  He asks.



“You were the only person who never called me that,” exclaims Brittany, before dashing off, right into SANTANA’S ARMS!


After EFFING UP ROYALLY, Artie tried to insert his foot in his mouth.  Unfortunately . . . well . . . you know . . . he can’t do that .  . . So, instead, he sang a Fleetwood Mac song, while the entire male student body magically appeared behind him to accompany him on their guitars . . .

“Where the heck did all these people come from?”

The song is called “Never Going Back Again,” and it pretty much symbolizes the end of the “Bartie” relationship, as we know it.  The song goes a little something like this . . . (Click the internal link to view.)

Meanwhile, Santana shares HER true feelings with Brittany (who’s breakup with Artie has her feeling like a “Sad Panda”) . . .

Sad Pandas are AWESOME!

 . . .by serenading her with (SURPRISE!) another Fleetwood Mac song.  This one is called “Songbird.”  And it’s lyrics are about as lovey-dovey / mushy gushy as they come . . .

But sexy lesbian serenades are not enough for Brittany.  She wants Santana out of the closet, and she wants her out NOW, dammit!  Of course, Santana is worried that coming out as a lesbian will cause the kids at school to treat her differently. 

So, Brittany offers to come out, HERSELF first, on Fondue for Two, by asking Santana to prom.  Then, Santana can follow suit.  Sounds like a good idea, right? 

WRONG!  Poor Britt gets STOOD UP on webshow night. (She is forced to interview Tubbie Bear on the show, instead.  Maybe she should ask HIM to prom!)  She is then further insulted, upon hearing Santana purposefully starting rumors about her and Karofsky hooking up, sending the Lebanese Dancer even further back into the closet.  “Vote Santofsky for Prom King and Queen,” Santana exclaims, in an interview with McKinley High’s resident Nerd Ball Jacob Ben Israel . . .

Unfortunately, it like our Poor Sad Panda isn’t going to be a Happy Bamboo Chewing One (See, what I did there?) for at least another week . . .

Thank goodness she has such an Attractive Cry Face, or she’d be TOTALLY screwed!

Stakeouts are fun! (But not nearly as fun as Car Sex!)

RACHEL:  “When people go to hotel rooms to have affairs, don’t they usually CLOSE the curtains?  I mean, we can see those people doing it!”

FINN: (distracted) “You know, I’ve never seen that ‘position’ done before.  It looks rather painful.”

RACHEL:  “I think you are right.  Let’s test it out . . . for scientific purposes, I mean.”

Brittana and Bartie-land isn’t the only place where Love Triangle Angst is brewing!  When a blind item in the school paper suggests that Quinn has been seen spending late nights at a Seedy Motel called, conveniently enough, “The American Family Hotel” (haha!) with Sam, Rachel (out of the “goodness of her heart”) offers to accompany Finn on his “stakeout” of the place.  What they find there is THIS . . .

Rachel (who, at the beginning of the episode, asked Sam to prom and was DENIED) is partially relieved, by this recent turn of events.  Now, she can rest assured that Sam is only not interested in her because he is already taken, not because she is unbearably annoying, as was previously thought.  This also gives Rachel the PERFECT opportunity to get into those Finn Hudson Pantalones!  (HOORAY!)

Silly CAMERA angle!  You cut out the best part!

Of course, when Quinn is confronted about this so-called affair, she denies it.  Furthermore, she accuses FINN of cheating on HER with Rachel.  Then again, these three individuals are ALL such chronic cheaters / bed hoppers, you really can’t blame any of them for not trusting one another . . .

Nevertheless, Rachel attempts to prove that SHE is the right woman for the Satisfy Finn Sexually job through . . . you guessed it . . . yet another Fleetwood Mac song . . .

This one is called, “Go Your Own Way” . . .

The plot thickens when, the NEXT NIGHT, Rachel and Finn car f*ck stake out the Seedy Motel again, only to come upon THIS . . .

I smell a Motel Orgy!

So, NOW, of course, Rachel and Finn are convinced that KURT is cheating on Blaine with SAM . . .

“Take my man from me, and I will SWALLOW YOU WHOLE, Trouty Mouth!”

To add further fuel to the fire, Rachel notices that Sam has started  . . . um . . . wearing Kurt’s CLOTHES . . .

 .  . . (but fortunately nothing from his Ugly Hat Collection).

But Quinn insists that Sam is NOT GAY.  So, eventually, Rachel and Finn see no choice but to comfront  Sam directly at Glee practice . . . in front of EVERYBODY.

“They think I’m a TOTAL male whore .  . . AWESOME!”

Sam then proceeds to make Finn and Rachel feel like Absolute and Complete Sh*t, by informing them that, the reason half the cast has been visiting him at the Sleazebag Motel is that he’s been . . . wait for it . . . LIVING THERE!

Say it ain’t so, Trouty Mouth!

As it turns out, Sam’s dad lost his job, which caused Sam’s family to lose their house, which caused Sam to sell ALL HIS CLOTHES, and move in with his ENTIRE family (including two younger siblings) into this fleabag motel. 

As for Quinn and Kurt, they had both learned about this beforehand (Quinn through her Church Group, and Kurt through Sam delivering pizzas at night to Dalton Academy where Kurt and Blaine regularly grabbed midnight snacks, after rousing rounds of Hard Core Sex), and were simply trying to be supportive to their friend, by lending him clothing, and a shoulder to cry on. 

In a rousing finale, the Glee Club bands together to repurchase Sam’s sold guitar back for him.  Together, the group celebrates Sam’s Newfound Poverty with . . . do I even have to say it . . . a FLEETWOOD MAC song.  This one I actually recognized.  It’s called “Don’t Stop” (which should not be confused with that OTHER “Don’t Stop” song the Glee kids sing.  That song’s title, unlike this one, ends with the word, “Believing”)

And that was “Rumours,” in a nutshell.  As you can probably tell from this recap, it wasn’t exactly my favorite episode.  Yet, “Rumours” did feature some incredible acting on the parts of Chord Overstreet (Who knew Trouty Mouth had it in him?), Naya Rivera, and Heather Morris.  And, of course, there was the adorable Lord Tubbington.

I said it once before, but it bears repeating.

Next week’s prom-themed episode, on the other hand, promises to be SUPER exciting, complete with girlfights, romance, weird wardrobe choices, the return of old villains, and, hopefully, NO MORE FLEETWOOD MAC songs!  You can check out the surprisingly intense trailer for the episiode here:

See, ya next time, Gleeks!



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8 responses to “The Secret (and Scandalous) Lives of Gleeks – A Recap of Glee’s “Rumours”

  1. Jesse St. James is back! Can I get a WOO and a HOO? Aside from Puck, I’ve always thought that Rachel’s best chemistry was with him. The prom episode has me more excited about this show than I have been in a long time!

    Less Ugly Cry Face, More Eye F*&kery and Mutual Fruit Fondling. If only I could fit this line on a car bumper sticker or something! Truly hilarious! Although the thought of Schue playing with Emma’s melons is more than I can handle without straight caffeine.

    I found Brittany’s reaction to Artie’s “Why are you SO stupid?” line heartbreaking. It reminds me of Forrest Gump’s line, “I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is.” Similarly, Brittany may not be an intellectual heavyweight, but she is self-aware enough to have lines like that really sting.

    It would have served Finn right if Quinn HAD been cheating on him, since he cheated WITH HER to get together while she was with Sam. I’m sorry, but his little half-smile doesn’t cut it for me anyone more with his random douchiness episodes.

    • I too was VERY intrigued by Jesse St. James reappearance in the trailer for the Prom Queen episode. Though I am officially Team Puckleberry, all the way (Too bad, Puck is currently taken now by . . . um . . . HER *grumble* *eyeroll*), I do think that Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele had a real nice chemistry with one another, and played off eachother VERY WELL on screen.

      But TALK about character assassination! I mean, I love dark, morally ambiguous characters like no other, but CRACKING AN EGG ON YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S HEAD in front of twenty other people? That’s too much even for me to forgive!

      You bring up an excellent point about Brittany being naive and academically SLOW, while, at the same time, highly emotionally and socially intelligent. She IS very self-aware. And it’s very interesting to see a dim bulb like Brittany, shatter more traditionally clever characters like Artie and Santana, with her honest analysis of their true feelings and desires. Heather Morris broke my heart twice this episode, once in her exchange with Artie, and again, while she was being comforted and serenaded by Santana. The fact that Morris started her career as a dancer, and had NO acting training before appearing on this show, absolutely floors me.

      I’m with you about Finn. The whole Finn-Quinn-Rachel love triangle is growing very tired, very fast. It’s becoming clear to me that these three individuals will inevitably bring out the worst in one another. It’s time for a Couple Reshuffle! 🙂

      That being said, I can’t wait to see what Rachel does to Quinn to merit that harsh bathroom response. It all looks super intense!

  2. Kristina

    I thought this episode was okay, but i think Brittany is getting wayyy too stupid for her own good and honestly i don’t care that Artie called her stupid because guess what she was CHEATING on him! Honestly! Nobody would have made it that far in life believing in Santa Claus and thinking that just because you cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend with a member of the opposite sex it’s obviously still cheating! Okay rant over lol.
    The whole thing with Quinn is, God forbide Finn so much as sings with Rachael but it’s perfectly fine that she had a BABY with Puck and made Finn to believe that it was his! She’s a total hypocrite in the cheating department considering her record at actually staying faithful to a boyfriend is like ZERO (I could be wrong on that one but honestly it seems that way). And then she goes and sings with Sam in the finale solidifying her status as a giant HYPOCRITE. I could be a little biased though considering i kinda still want to see Finn and Rachael back together. although i wouldn’t mind her with Puck or Puck with anybody but Lauren.
    Great review though. I love all your reviews and actually used to read the Vampire Diaries ones even though i didn’t watch the show. I just started to watch it and read all the books and my friend is letting borrow the first season 🙂 Oh and I’m a strong team Damon lol.

    • Hey Kristina! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I am seriously so thrilled to hear that you are getting into The Vampire Diaries too (and that you are Team Damon, of course!). This is actually the PERFECT time to get invested in the show. Because now that you’ve watched the First Season (and Season Two, ends next week), you will have the entire summer to catch up on the second! See? You and TVD were meant to be!

      OK . . . I’ll get off my TVD soapbox now. *blushes* Let’s talk GLEE!

      You bring up a very good point about Brittany. Of course, Heather Morris is great in the role. And this, I suspect, is what makes the character more likeable than she would be otherwise.

      But, they definitely overdo it sometimes when portraying the character’s blatant stupidity. I mean, if she REALLY couldn’t read, write, turn on a computer, or remember her middle name, how did she graduate middle school (or even elementary school, for that matter)? And the fact that Brittany wouldn’t consider hooking up with Santana to be cheating on Artie, just because Santana is a girl (who she just so happens to be sexually attracted to), well that may be a symptom of her stupidity, or it may be just a convenient naivety, on her part. You’re answer will probably depend on which Glee writer happens to be penning the week’s episode. 🙂

      I with you about Quinn as well. I get that she’s very pretty. But sometimes that girl has the personality of a bottle of vinegar. And beauty can only get you so far in life, So, what is her appeal with all these guys, exactly? Is she THAT good in bed? 😉

      Then again, Finn has his own issues with infidelity and occasional douchebagginess.

      Oh, and this comment: “Puck with anybody but Lauren.” – PURE WIN! 😉

      All that being said, the prom episode looks EPIC. I can’t wait to see where all these “SHIPS” lead us! 🙂

  3. Ali

    Hey kjewls

    one thing to say: Recaps from Fondue for two are a must
    Less Ugly Cry Face, More Eye F*&kery and Mutual Fruit Fondling
    I´m with Spidey Sense on that one…

    I liked this episode because my people got storylines (though they brought April and almost stole the thunder of our gleeks, three of them really had a great week. They are of course Sam, Brittany and Santana.
    And also because after a Night of Neglect (or as it should be called “that episode which must not be named”) any episode is gonna be likeable

    • Hey Ali! Thanks so much for stopping by! I’d recap Fondue for Two, any day! 🙂 For me, that was the best part of this episode! 🙂 It was also probably the longest portion of my recap . . . which is weird . . . considering the clip was only about two minutes long. *blushes* (Who knows? Maybe I just have a thing for Fat Cats named Lord Tubbington. ;))

      And it WAS nice to see Brittany, Santana AND Sam all get to flex their acting chops in the same episode! I was particularly impressed with Chord Overstreet’s performance. Honestly, I didn’t know the guy had it in him! It kind of makes me wish they gave him a bit more to do during the rest of the season.

      Oh, and you are right. This may not have been my favorite episode, but ANYTHING is better than “Night of Neglect.” 😉

  4. Eli


    Great recap! You know what? The more episodes i watch, the more I’m growing tired of the douschefinn……… COME ON!!!!! Stop being an arse!!!

    And the Quinn-Rachel “I love you- I hate you- I’m gonna steal your “man”-He chose me, not you” debacle is tiring…. I wish they both could be friends and understand that Finn is just a guy and not the love of their lives…… They are 16…….. Come on….. what do they know about love?

    I do find entertaining and fascinating this kind of episodes when they make sort of a tribute to a band/singer singing their songs and how they can relate it to the storyline.

    Anyway…. Regarding Brittany: i don’t think she’s completely stupid, the thing is that she’s too innocent, so she’ll trust in anybody. When Artie called her ‘stupid’ i cried out loud and said “no!” hahahahahhahaha and seeing Brit crying broke my heart…… God… I love her.

    I didn’t like the fact that Santana didn’t go to “fondue for two”… (I mean, I’d love to be a guest star there! LOL) But, again, they are too young on the show and It’s really difficult at that age to accept yourself. I’d know, I’m gay as well so I understand how the gay/lesbian characters feel. I feel sorry for brit, though.

    I hate Finn. (sorry i can’t stand not saying it every now and then).

    I hadn’t heard of Fleetwood mac either and it was hilarious your comparison to Macdonalds combo hahahahahahahaha. Also Blaine’s threat to ‘trouty mouth’, can you imagine a clash between those mouths??? (I can LOL) They’d swallow the whole school!!

    It was nice to have a little bit of drama on the show, it put some ‘realism’ to the show. And hey! chord didn’t have to take off his shirt after all to show he can be on the screen!! ♥

    See ya!

    • Hey Eli! I get frustrated with the whole DoucheFinn Love Triangle too! It’s been the same storyline for two years! And it seems to insult the intelligence of all the characters involved.

      Personally, I like your idea of both women figuring out that they are better than this storyline, and singing a sultry duet, in which they DUMP FINN’S ASS simultaneously. I was trying to think of a triumphant song they could sing to represent this watershed moment. Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name,” comes immediately to mind, though it’s a bit “old school.” 😉 Carrie Underwood’s “Cowboy Cassanova,” would be fun too.

      I like your take on Brittany, and your argument that she is more childlike, and naive than “stupid.” Much like a child, when someone Brittany trusts tells her something, she believes it, without question. Santana took advantage of that innocence, when she told Brittany that what the two of them were doing together didn’t constitute cheating on Artie.

      In Artie’s defense, though it was clearly the wrong choice of words (He could have said, you are so “naive.” Then again, Brittany probably wouldn’t have understood what he meant. ;)), I think his statement to Brittany was made more out of pity, than out of genuine anger. He seemed more mad at Santana for taking advantage of Brittany, than at Brittany for cheating. But he was also frustrated that, Brittany, a woman who could be SO emotionally intelligent in some ways, was so emotionally stunted in others.

      And yet, all Brittany took out of the situation was that the one person who she thought loved her unconditionally, now thinks she’s “stupid.” And, regardless of whether or not that’s true ;), it was a pretty heartbreaking moment, nonetheless. Both Heather Morris and Kevin McHale handled the difficult scene beautifully, I think.

      Yeah, Santana should have TOTALLY showed up for “Fondue for Two!” She would have been a rocking guest star! I can understand that she wasn’t ready to come out of the closet on YouTube. But she STILL could have appeared on the SHOW! Mercedes and Tina did! 🙂

      LOL regarding your comment about Chord Overstreet. As you said, this did mark the first time I showed any interest in the Sam Evans character, that didn’t involve my ogling his hot abs! 😉

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