Survival of the Fang-iest – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Night School”

“Do you like Scary Movies Television Episodes?  Because, you are in one, Stiles!”

You know those movies, where there’s this ragtag bunch of teenagers, who get trapped in the same building as a serial killer?  So, they scream, cry, make pop culture references, and run around a lot, while they wait for the killer to casually pick them off, one by one, in increasingly creative ways?

That’s sort of how this episode felt for me . . .  well, aside from the fact that the “serial” killer was this cheesy-looking, red-eyed, wolfy sort of thing, and none of the main characters actually died.  But, you get the idea . . .

Aside from serving as a fun-little tribute to the old-school teen slasher movies of the nineties, this week’s installment of Teen Wolf also marked a shift in the relationships between the main characters.  FINALLY, our Scooby Gang (and, I suspect, many viewers) have stopped hero-worshipping Scott.  This week, our so-called hero gladly embraced that selfish wolfy douchiness that always seemed to lurk beneath the surface of his “Gee golly, I’m just so darn sweet and naive,” persona.

Don’t worry Scott!  We still think you’re pretty . . . a pretty douchebag  . . . but pretty, nonetheless.

Also, this week kicked off the start of the Game of Couples’ Musical Chairs that always plays such a big role in every teen drama.  Because, let’s face it, monogamy is for OLD PEOPLE!

Sorry Stiles!  You STILL aren’t getting laid any time soon .  . .

And, of course, this week was the week that all of our characters’ FINALLY woke up and smelled the werewolf sweat.  Yes, boys and girls, that weird thing attacking you every week is not a mountain lion . . . not even close!

So, what are we waiting for, Werebangers?  It’s time to get SLASHED!

Stiles and Scott are in the Closet (SURPRISE!)

“Uhhh . . . Scott ?”

“Yeah, Stiles?”

“Is that your hand on my hot dog, or are you just happy I’m not the Alpha?”

When we last left our terrible twosome, they were both seen racing for shelter in the high school, after coming face-to-face with a hungry Alpha, who may or may not have made Scott’s boss disappear, and who definitely did gut Derek McSexyPants like a fish, right before their very eyes!

“Hey, Scott!  Look what I caught us for dinner!  I’ve been told by Aunt Kate  that he tastes just like chicken.”

The pair pull the heavy double doors shut behind them.  However, they know they just can’t stand there holding them closed, forever!  Eventually, Alpha is GOING to overpower them, and come inside to play.  So, Stiles gets an idea.

From the window, he sees an object, located just a few feet away, that might just hold the doors closed long enough for the teens to seek shelter inside the school.  (At first I thought it was a pair of pliers, but it could very well have been a wrapped up jump rope.)  Whatever it was, Stiles boldly manages to get outside, retrieve the object, and fasten it to the door, just moments before the Alpha has a chance to get into the school.   (PHEW!  Except . . . well . . . the Alpha gets inside, a few moments later, anyway . . . so . . . so much for that.)

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot.  Remember Stiles’ trusty car?  The one he rarely gave Scott a ride in, even though the latter spent like the first five episodes, commuting on that dorky bike of his? 

Well, apparently, the Alpha remembered too.  And it made him MAD!

“Hey Stiles!  Guess who’s taking a big Alpha-sized dump on your car?  I hope you have a good air freshener!”

The episode’s first unofficial victim is claimed, when the Alpha DESTROYS the roof of Scott’s car, and tosses its battery through the window of the school, so it lands just feet away from where Scott and Stiles are hiding.

(It looks like it might be SOMEBODY ELSE’S turn to use a bike, huh?)

Not wanting to see what other strange objects the Alpha will toss at their heads, Scott and Stiles decide to enter a locker (possibly together).  *insert porn music here* 


The only problem is that the mean night-shift janitor finds them in there.  I’m thinking this janitor must be deaf, as he has apparently not heard, the BREAKING OF GLASS AS THE CAR BATTERY CAME THROUGH THE SCHOOL WINDOW, nor has he heard all the GROWLING AND SCREAMING THAT HAS TAKEN PLACE DURING THE SHOW’S FIRST TEN MINUTES.  Rather, Mr. Janitor simply assumes that Scott and Stiles are nothing more than two crazy kids who wanted to have sex in a locker (Those darn kids!).  So, he kicks their asses out!

Best peep show ever!

He’ll pay for that!  In about five minutes, the Janitor has been attacked by the Alpha, who is now dragging the poor wage-earner’s lifeless body across the cheap linoleum floor.  Something tells me this high school is going to be VERY dirty tomorrow.

Stiles and Scott continue to be stalked by the Alpha, until they manage to trap it in a storage closet of some sort.  However, eventually the Alpha crawls up the ceiling vents and escapes, leaving the boys on the run, once again.

Hey Allison!  I’m getting stalked by an Evil Beast!  It’s SUPER FUN!  Come join me!

“Hi, you’ve reached Scott’s phone!  I’m in the closet with Stiles now, but if you leave a message, I’ll call you back as soon as we both come out.”

So, remember after Bowling Night, when Allison promised Scott that their next date would be a solo affair?  Apparently, Allison doesn’t either, because, here she is, waiting to meet up with a seriously tardy Scott, as serial double daters, Jackson and Lydia impatiently tap their feet.

LYDIA:  “Why don’t you sit in the car and wait?  It’s much warmer here on Jackson’s lap!”

JACKSON: “You know, if you and I had sex in the back of my car right now, Scott and Lydia would never have to find out.”

LYDIA: “I’m right here .  . . you know!

Jackson: ” . . . “

But then, Allison gets a text from “Scott” saying that he is at the school.  So, off they go!  (Can you say, “WHIPPED?”)  When the threesome arrive at the school, conditions look super-shady, and the front door looks broken into (Gee, I wonder why?)  And yet, Allison (who, for someone genetically predispositioned to be a hunter, has NO self-preservation instinct, WHATSOEVER), decides it would be totally safe to go in there, anyway. 

Jackson (who is looking significantly hotter this week . . . perhaps, due to the surprising lack of zombie makeup he is wearing, and/or a dearth of claws coming out of his mouth)  uses this as an opportunity to eye f*&K Allison to near-pregnancy, right in front of his girlfriend (NOT COOL!), while still pretending to be “super concerned” for her well-being. 

And yet, I notice Mr. Puny Pants never offers to go into the school with her.  (Girlfriend Stealer, FAIL!)  Nonetheless, Allison (who is sort of slutty, anyway), definitely seems receptive to Alpha Male Douchebag’s flirtations.  It must be because of that extra special “heart-to-heart” they shared in front of the lockers, last week.

Allison returns the eye f*&k to Jackson, and with her best “Come hither” stare, tells him, “I’ll be right back.”

Woah!  What’s with the clown makeup, and the fish face?  Not exactly a great look for you, honey.  Fortunately, Jackson and Scott both only seem to stare at your chest . . .

Silly Allison!  Have you NEVER seen the Scream movies (or any horror movie, for that matter).  Don’t you know that those words are the Kiss of Death?

Famous last words, and adulterous eye f*&king aside, this episode featured the most likeable version of Jackson we’ve probably seen, since the series premiered.  Gone were the cocky posturing . . . the zombie death stare . . . and the Big Bully attitude.  This week, Jackson was just a boy with a crush on a girl, who just so happened to be taken . . . oh, and a nasty wolf hickey on his neck.  But hey . . . nobody is perfect, right?

Bodily Functions and Skinny Dips

Speaking of neck hickeys, Jackson and Lydia notice that not only is Stiles car TOTALLY TOTALED, it also has weird scratch marks on its surface . . . scratch marks that are remarkably similar to the ones on the back of Jackson’s neck . . .

I’m not sure whether Stiles’ car insurance covers WOLF MAULINGS . . .

FINALLY, Jackson and Lydia decide to go in and retrieve Allison, but only because Lydia needs the bathroom.  (What a sweet, caring couple these two are!  It’s like a Hallmark card in the making.) 

Jackson grumbles at Lydia for having the gall to interrupt his hot Allison-centric fantasy with her human need to pee.  Lydia makes some remark about not being able to control her bodily functions, which sounds like an invitation to sex, if I ever heard one.  In response, Jackson notes that he is starting to have a problem with ALL of her bodily functions.  (Guess the sex is really boring between these two bloom is finally off the rose on this, let’s face it, never-particularly-hot romantic pairing.)

While Lydia is exploring her bodily functions, Jackson gets an eye-full, but not in a way he expects or hopes . . .



Meanwhile, Allison is contemplating going for a swim . . .

Personal Question:  Do (or did) you guys have Olympic-sized swimming pools at your high school?  Because I didn’t.  And, honestly, the outdoor set they use for Beacon Hills High School on this show looks too small to have one either . .  .

“Oh, HI ALPHA!  I almost didn’t notice you there!  Look at you, always SMILING!  What a Happy Little Predator you are!”

But, I digress . . .

Allison is at the pool, when she gets a call from “Stiles,” or, rather, Scott, who is using Stile’s phone.  (This, of course, got me wondering when Allison became tight enough with Stiles to get his digits.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of these two being buddies.  I just always thought Allison was too busy tonguing Scott all the time, to notice sweet little Stiles.   Perhaps, she took his number, after Scott “lost his phone?”

Reunited and it Feels So . .  . AHHHHHH!  RUNNNNNN!

Using his Big Ole Wolf Ears, Scott is actually able to hear Allison’s phone ringing by the pool, and quickly realizes that she is in the school with him!  As it turns out, SCOTT wasn’t actually the one who texted Allison about coming to the school . . . ALPHA did!

(which confuses me, because I thought Scott’s cell phone has been broken all this time, thanks to Derek SLAMMING IT INTO A WALL . . . perhaps, the Alpha works for Verizon)

Scott instructs Allison to meet him in the school lobby, ASAP.  And it is there that the entire Scooby Gang is reunited.   (YAY!  Now, they can all die together!  BONDING EXPERIENCE!)


Every man’s dream . . .

Unfortunately, the Scooby Gang’s “Happy Reunion” is short-lived.  Soon the group’s ears are bombarded with creepy scratching sounds emmanating from the ceiling of the school, presumably coming from the vents.  MAN, this Alpha gets AROUND!


Adorably, the group all grab hands and run together into a chemistry lab.  Thinking fast, or rather, not thinking much at all, they all start rushing to bar the doors from the Alpha’s inevitable entrance with anything they can get their hands on. 

Not surprisingly, it’s Stiles who kindly reminds them, “Gee, that’s great, but what about the HUGE WALL OF WINDOWS on the other side of the room that were seemingly made specifically for Alpha entrance.


There will be plenty of time to worry about Death By Window-Breaking Alpha later.  For now, the Scooby Gang wants answers from Scott as to what the heck is going on.  They want the TRUTH!

However, since Scott has decided that his buddies “can’t handle the truth,” he decides to LIE . . .

 . . .  and blame all the murders that have taken place, in addition to the school stalking, on Poor Derek McSexyPants!

Even Stiles, who has never been a particualrly big fan of Derek’s, thinks this is a TOTAL DICK MOVE! 

There isn’t much time to discuss it though.  The Scooby Gang has bigger fish to fry . . . like, for example, whether Scott and Stiles have tried calling the cops yet.  Stiles has the answer to that question!  (And it doesn’t even involve throwing a friend under the bus!  Go figure!)


Think Tank for Dummies .  . .

 Earlier, Scott was under (rightly) fire, because the rest of the Gang (most notably Allison) seemed skeptical about the whole “Derek as Cold Blooded Killer” idea.  Now, it is Stiles’ turn to face the Inquisition, as HE seems to be the one patently against calling the cops.  Why, you ask?  Because he was worried about Papa Stiles getting hurt again, that’s why!

The family that eats curly fries together . . . stays together.

Despite Stiles’ protests, Lydia pulls out her cell phone and calls the cops, herself.  And get this . . . they DON’T BELIEVE HER!  Apparently, someone *cough the Alpha cough* “warned” the police that someone might be prank calling them about a disturbance at the high school.  Now the Gang is crap out of luck.  Or are they?

Jackson suggests that Stiles call his dad, PERSONALLY.  Again, Stiles balks.  Then, Jackson starts dissing on Stiles’ dad.  BAD MOVE, JACKSON!


YEAH!  Way to GO STILES!  Look who’s got a kick ass RIGHT HOOK!

Always a sucker for a weenie, Allison of course, rushes to comfort the wimpering Jackson . .  .

Now, it’s Scott’s turn to have an idea!  (Honestly, I didn’t know he was capable of original thought.)

He’s going to go get the key to the back door of the lab off of Dead Janitor, so the Scooby Gang can escape!

This worries Allison, who, of course, doesn’t know Scott is a wolf, and therefore thinks he will be purposefully putting himself in the Alpha “Derek’s” crosshairs completely unarmed (which, lets face it, he basically will be).  More importantly, Allison can tell that Scott is TOTALLY lying about why he ended up at the school in the first place, and what exactly the group is running from. 

*sings* “Babe, I love you so . . . and I want you to know . . . that I’m . . . gonna miss your love . . . the minute you walk out that door.  PLEASE DON’T GO!”

Jackson absolutely gets off on the fact that his future girl toy, Allison, thinks her soon-to-be old boyfriend is a Big Fat Liar . . .

Currently having a wet dream about Allison . . .

However, he’s considerably less happy about THIS . . .


After Allison extracts her tongue from Scott’s mouth, she warns him not to approach the Alpha unarmed.  Scott finds a stick of some sort to use against the creature that GUTTED DEREK HALE, and apparently thinks that will suit him just fine.  (DOOFUS!)  Fortunately, Lydia has a better idea . . .

Considering the group is in a science lab, why not make a Molotov Cocktail to BLOW UP THE ALPHA!   (Well, I have to say, Lydia, I’m impressed with your Science Geekdom / Hidden Pyromaniacal Tendencies.)  Jackson wasn’t as impressed though.  He hates the fact that he has a girlfriend that might be smarter than he is.  That’s why he wants to date Allison . . . because she’s so much better at playing dumb, than Lydia. 


Speaking of playing dumb, how many of you think that Jackson INTENTIONALLY “forgot” to give Lydia one of the ingredients she asked for to make the Molotov Cocktail, so that Scott’s attempt at making the Alpha go BOOM ended up being a TOTAL BUST?

THIS GUY apparently thinks so!

Useless Molotov Cocktain in hand, Scott heads to the locker room where he last saw the Unfortunate Janitor.  Except, apparently the Janitor has pulled a Weekend at Bernies’ on Scott,  and has decided instead to wait for him on the bleachers in the gym . . .

Scott and Alpha = Love at First Hump!

Kiss me, you fool!”

Scott quickly (and oh-so-conveniently) immediately finds the right key, and “borrows” it from Dead Janitor.  Unfortunately, our so-called Hero is not alone with the Dead Guy.  He’s got company!

“Hey SCOTT!  Let’s shoot some hoops, buddy!  I’ve got a stellar jump shot!”

Alpha is apparently pretty tech-savvy, because he figures out the mechanism that gets the bleachers to close in on Scott . . .

With no where to run . . . and nowhere to hide, Scott, eventually finds him face to face with the Alpha . . . LITERALLY.  With his hot skanky Dead Janitor breath, Alpha emits a low growl, which immediately causes Scott to wolf out and GO EVIL!  Now, he’s heading back to the chemistry lab with his newfound key  . . . and a KILLER INSTINCT!

BAD SCOTT!  Stop TRYING TO EAT YOUR FRIENDS or there will be no doggy treats for you!

We’ve seen Scott like this before, so there’s no big shock here.  What is more shocking is that Jackson seems to react to the howl too.  He doesn’t wolf out, or anything.  However, he DOES double over in pain, as his Derek-provided neck hickey flares up once again.  (I’m still not sure where they are going with this whole “Jackson Thing.”  But I’m defintiely  intrigued by it.)

“Ummm . . . guys?  I think I just pooped my pants.”

Wolfman Scott is ready to attack, when he starts having an Allison Montage in his brain *gag*, and reverts back to normal . . . (PHEW!  That was close.)

And They All Lived Miserably Ever After . . .

Right on cue, the Most Useless Cops in the World (Aren’t they ALWAYS USELESS in these types of shows and movies?) arrive on the scene.  The Scooby Gang is relieved . . .

“PEEKABOO!  We see YOU!”

Once safely outside of the school, Scott and Stiles attempt to tell Papa Stiles about Dead Janitor and, possibly, Dead Derek, but Papa Stiles, of course, doesn’t believe them. 


And why should he?  The cops already inspected the inside of the school and the parking lot, and there are NO DEAD BODIES TO BE FOUND!

You know who HAS BEEN FOUND, however?  The Creepy Uber Suspicious Vet, who was “magically” able to escape the Alpha because they are obviously working together, and keeps slyly remarking on what a “hero” Scott is for “saving his life.”

Then Allison randomly decides to dump Scott, because she is bored of their nauseatingly sweet relationship and would rather bone Alpha Male Douchebag Jackson, for a change doesn’t think he’s been completely honest about the whole Homicidal Maniac / Creature of Doom Stalking Him at School Thing.  And that means, “She can’t trust him.”

“Awwww!  Come on, Allison!  Did you not see that beautiful super cheesy montage I had of you, that kept me from murdering all your friends?  Have you no taste for romance?”

To make matters even worse, Scott then decides to confide in Stiles about the Alpha’s true intention.  He (or she) wants Scott as part of his pack, but not until SCOTT kills his OLD PACK, which includes . . . wait for it . . . Stiles, Allison, Jackson (HUH?  REALLY?) and Lydia (Ummm . . . no?).

Wait . . . but that’s not even the worst part!  The WORST PART, is that AS A WOLF, Scott actually WANTED TO EAT ALL HIS FRIENDS . . . and Jackson. 🙂

Awwww!  Don’t cry, Stiles!  I’ll protect you!

So, in short, everybody finishes off this episode worse off than when they started . . . well . .  . almost everybody.


And that was Night School, in a nutshell!  (Special thanks to Andre again for the awesome screencaps!)

So, now it’s your turn, Werebangers . . .   What did you think of this episode?  How unintentionally hilarious  / cheesy is the Alpha . . .  and who the heck is it?  Why do YOU think Allison really dumped Scott?  What do you think Stiles is going to do, now that he knows that his bestie sort of / kind of wants to eat him (and not in a good way)?  And, most importantly, will Derek come back shirtless to rescue us all?

Tune in next week, to find out!  See ya then!

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23 responses to “Survival of the Fang-iest – A Recap of Teen Wolf’s “Night School”

  1. Tricus

    Well my thought son this episode:

    1) No Derek- dissapointed
    2) Stiles showed more smarts and forethought than Scott in this episode. I dont know if Stiles always does that but it was soooooo obvious in this episode.
    3) Scott really threw Derek under the bus when he said to the gang that Derek was the one who killed all those people and who was after them. They didn’t believe him BUT he royally screwed up. He even said it to the sheriff, Stiles dad. Even the sheriff didn’t believe him. LOL. Scott is NOT good under pressure. Derek will be pissed when he’s back. I don’t see him in the previews for the next epi… I hope he’s back though.
    4) The Alpha was really scary. I love the horror movie vibe of this episode.
    5) Jackson was acting weird. He enjoyed Scott (sometimes Stiles) looking and acting stupid. He always had that sneaky little smirk on his face at those times. Of course he wanted Scott to die so he gave that blond chick ( what’s her name?) the wrong item to put in the concoction. Even Stiles and the blond had their suspicion at the end.
    6) Why is Allison all of a sudden being all flirty, smiley to Jackson now and acting like he has ALWAYS been this really nice guy. Weird. I guess to set it up for trouble between Allison and Scott in this epi and next epi.
    Yeah Teen Wolf better not be a cliche and have people swtiching romantic partners in the group like there is no one else in the world. Sooo TV cliche…
    6) Seriously the more I see this TV show the more I wish Stiles or even Derek to be the main character wolf. Scott usually pisses me off and act soo dumb and uncaring except for his interests that I question his past good grades nerdiness.
    HMMM I think Jackson will eventually be a werewolf. He was affected when the Alpha did his wolfy “mating howl” or whatever it was. hahahah He just didnt’ turn but he was in pain. Scott turned though. At least Stiles ( the smart guy) noticed the marks on Jackson neck. He will eventually put two and two together.

    • Trey D.

      I completely agree with your number one. For me, this episode was less enjoyable without Derek in there. For me, it is because I want to know his story better… for the ladies, it is probably more of hoping he is going to be running shirtless in the rain… but either way, he does have a major impact on the episodes in my opinion.

      I also have to agree that while I really hate Allison and Scott being together, that her dumping him seemed kind of stupid and forced. But I would never claim to understand or know how the mind of a woman works so, maybe it did make total sense the way it happened. I dunno.

      In my opinion, Stiles is always smarter than Scott. I think when it comes to common sense and strategy sort of thing, he is probably the smartest of the Scooby Gang (LOL: Scooby Gang) as he seems to typically be the voice of reason, even when he is wrong he is still reason.

      Like even though, in my opinion, it makes sense to trust Derek with certain things, Stiles was against this and for good reason. This is an aspect I really enjoy about the show/Stiles, because it goes to show you that just because an answer makes the most sense, it doesn’t always make it the right one.

    • Hey Tricus! Thanks so much for your commentary. It was very insightful, as always. 🙂

      I agree with you guys that Derek definitely adds something to the show that seemed missing in this episode . . .SEX APPEAL 😉 . . . (Shallow, aren’t I?) OK . . . OK . . . but it’s more than that. The Derek character gives the show a bit more “gravitas.” He was BORN a wolf, which adds a nice element to the show’s mythology. He also knows the HISTORY of werewolves, which gives him a vast field of knowlege to eventually share with the audience. Scott’s only contribution to werewolfism, so far, has been whining. 🙂

      That being said, I think the writers decision to keep Derek out of one episode was a wise one, in that it challenged viewers expectations that main characters won’t die, during the show’s first season. If they brought Derek back right away after the FISH GUTTING, we, as viewers, would never ever again be “concerned’ for the fate of a character like Scott, Stiles or Derek, if they were ever seriously injured by the Alpha, Jackson, or one of the hunters. Now, we will be . . .

      Oh Stiles is definitely smarter than Scott, in pretty much every way possible. It’s actually a nice twist on the typical plotline to have the “sidekick” be so much stronger, in all ways but physical, and more likeable, than the main character. That said, like you, there’s a part of me that wonders whether the show would be smarter, and resonate, even more if Stiles was the “main wolf,” instead of Scott.

      I think the only problem MTV would have with this would be in promotions. It was a lot easier for them to PROMOTE this show around Tyler Hoechlin and Tyler Posey, since both actors are such perfect specimens of Alpha Male-dom. Dylan O’Brien, at least, initially, might have been a tougher sell to the “Jersey Shore” audience. I even notice this in the posters for the show, Stiles is the character furthest away from the front of the shot . . . almost invisible, even though he is absolutely a bigger character than Jackson or Lydia, as well as, arguably Derek.

      I did find it strange that Allison immediately went from being wary of Jackson to being obviously attracted to him, in the course of a single episode. (I mean, that little talk they had by the lockers last week wasn’t THAT good! ;)) In general, I feel like the way Allison behaved this week, was more of a function of the plot, than a function of what the writers believe her character would actually do in this situation. The same goes for her dumping of Scott. If this was, in fact, the “straw that broke the camel’s back” in terms of Scott’s dishonesty, the writers should have gradually illustrated a cracking of Allison’s happy facade, as they have done with the Jackson / Lydia relationship.

      It would be interesting if Jackson DID deliberately mess up the Molotov Cocktail ingredients to hurt Scott. Aside from the obvious, it would show that, like Lydia, Jackson knew the ingredients by heart, but pretended not to know them, meaning that BOTH members of that couple are, in effect, “playing dumb” for one another.

      Hmmm . . . I wonder if Jackson will actually become a wolf. It seems like he would have started his transformation by now, if this was the case, perhaps? Right now, I’m more of the mindset that he will develop some sort of wolf-rabies, a la TVD, and become crazy / a danger to himself and others, in a different way than Scott is, as a wolf. And yet, it was strange that he SEEMED like he had rabies last week, and was perfectly fine this week. So, perhaps, there is something to your theory . . .

  2. Tricus

    a) I still don’t know who the alpha is.
    b) Allison dumping Scott is stupid. Scott was just obviously doing much lieing and evading the truth this episode once again for Allison to want to be with him. She just needs some time to think. i hopefully think that is the way the writers will go.
    Jackson is too unpredictable and not in a good way like Damon. Jackson has major anger, self esteem and competition issues. That spells troubel for any nice girl even if she is kind of loose like Allison.
    Jackson need a bitchy girl to match him in a relationship.
    c) Stiles will get over his surprise, shock and hurt that Scott , in his wolfy state, wanted to kill them all , even his best bud. He will realize that Scott is an animal with an animal thinking when he is a wolf soooo it will be unavoidable at some point. Stiles is smart.

  3. Ali

    All right a few thoughts:

    1. Best Stiles week EVER. The spanish No, the punch, the noticing of the hickey… He´s the best in this show
    2. Way to be gentlemen gang! look at the scaping to a lot of stairs sequence… all the boys were leading and the girls were behing like at 2 inches from the Alpha´s nose.. not cool you guys!
    3. Don´t wolves have like the best sense of smell? The Alpha looks like he didn´t smell/see them at all…. Or maybe he was just being gooffy ´cause he enjoys playing hide and seek so much
    4. Jackson on Allison.. WTF dude? I mean I have liked girls while being with another girl, but that was just shameless of him.. eyef?@kng Allison all the time and calming her down and when Lydia said something he was like shhhhh woman! shut up! don´t u see I´m being a total douche right now?… it was kinda funny tho
    5. And finally, best part of the recap for me¨” when he starts having an Allison Montage in his brain *gag*”… I love u jules! haha… GAG! priceless… seriously this relationship needed a break like for real, it´s good that allison dumped scott already (even without not a very good reason, since she should know by now he lied to her like all the time), at least for a couple of week they won´t gross us out whit their cheeseness (now we have the Alpha to do that 😉 )

    • LOL! This comment was full of WIN! Thank you for making me smile.

      You are TOTALLY right about the guys on this show, for the most part, being super selfish. If I was locked in a school with a Big Bad Wolf, I wouldn’t want to be there with Jackson, because he would probably run in the opposite direction, and leave me to be lunch. I also wouldn’t want to be there with Scott, who would go off on some foolish “Hero Mission,” while I was alone and in danger, or worse, CONVERT into Wolf Head and TRY TO KILL ME TOO! I’m throwing my lot in with Stiles. At least He’s smart enough to get us out of this mess. Or Derek . . . where’s DEREK, when you need him? Now, THERE’S a guy who knows how to protect a woman . . . unless she happens to be his sister. (Too soon? ;))

      I agree with you that the Alpha probably was able to “smell” the teens the whole time. And if he (or she) actually wanted to stalk them, separate them, and kill them, he could have done so, relatively quickly, and without issue. The Alpha’s sort of “lame” behavior is actually, I think, pretty consistent with the idea that he wanted the teens TOGETHER, not separate, so that SCOTT could catch them off guard, and kill them. In essence, the whole episode, the Alpha was just cornering the “rival pack,” and leaving all the REAL dirty work for his underling. 😉

      I’m with you on Jackson being a TOTAL dick to Lydia, by flirting with Allison right under her nose. Though, in some ways, I feel like that’s sort of the nature of Jacksons’s and Lydia’s relationship. Remember how she flirted with Scott, right in front of him? It’s almost as though these two use their “luck with the opposite sex” to compete with one another, and keep eachother in line. Talk about an abusive relationship!

      And this: “gross us out whit their cheesiness (now we have the Alpha to do that ), I adore. It perfectly captures the unintentional screwball comedy aspect of our REALLY AWFUL LOOKING, but not necessarily scary, Big Bad Wolf, the Alpha.

    • Trey D.

      Is it bad that I stood up and cheered when he Stiles punched Jackson? No. Great.

      Is it bad that immediately after I stood up and cheered, I went to my neighbor’s house, knocked on the door, and then when he answered I yelled, “I’m not calling my dad!” and then punched him even though he had no idea as to what I was talking about? Yeah. that was messed up, but like I told him as I held a bag of frozen peas to his forehead… I was just so into the show.

      Stiles rocked something fierce. I want him to find somebody. What is wrong with you ladies? Why would you pass on such a great guy?

      Just because he hasn’t had a montage of him working out shirtless? He’s saving himself for the right girl (which for some reason he thinks is Lydia… not my top choice) crying out loud.

      On the wolf sense of smell thing, not sure if he couldn’t smell them so much… I actually think it was more that he did not care at the time.

      He was completely just toying with them and taking his sweet old time. I even think there was a scene where he ran to McDonald’s and grabbed 15 number 3s with cheese (I have no idea as to what that is by the way) and then came back.

      Sidenote… the werepeople tend to transform as their heart rate increases, right? Anyone else think that Scott’s heart was probably beating fast for a great deal of all that action?

  4. jmae

    The best part of this entire episode is the fact that it lets us know that Derek is okay(ie his car is no longer next to Stiles’ car at the end.
    You should see the previews for next week’s episode. Scott has a panic attack and Allison tells Aunt Kate that Scott knows Derek. Also Big Stiles believes Scott somewhat because he starts hunting Derek down.
    You forgot to mention that somehow Lydia managed to hear the police sirens before anyone else.
    Did you notice how well the Alpha knew it’s way around the school? That seems like it could mean that the Alpha could be Coach Cupcake of Mr. Harris( the chem teacher).
    In the hallway I find it funny that when Jackson was like ‘Scott’ …no answer. He decides to call Derek’s name. My first question is how did he even know Derek’s name. I know the house fire was publicized and that’s how Stiles knew who he was, but if that’s the case with Jackson why didn’t he call him Derek the first time they met?
    I have no clue why Scott decided to throw Derek under the bus. I know he thought he was dead so it wouldn’t matter if they blamed him, but still come on Scott. Besides if Derek was dead that would technically be Scott’s fault.
    One last thing though didn’t any one ever turn around when they were running from the lobby to the chem room to see that it could in no way have possibly been a human that was chasing them.

    • You bring up some excellent points, here, jmae. And I agree with you. The Alpha is definitely someone who works at or attends the school. Regarding Lydia’s hearing, I’ve noticed that, ever since I stopped suspecting the main cast as the Alpha, I’ve stopped looking for things that make them seem “suspcious.” In that sense, I kind of wish that the writers, played with us a bit more here, by NOT having all the teens locked in a room together, during this episode. At least, if everyone was separated into groups of two, it would be possible for us to still suspect someone like Jackson, Lydia, Allison, or even Stiles, as the Alpha, because we could imagine that the character in question “wolfed out” while off screen. That being said, I still think it’s possible that ONE of the teens is a secret Alpha pack member or Alpha “helper,” much like the vet . . .

      Good point about Jackson knowing Derek’s name. Like you, I think the most logical explanation, is that this is a small town, and that, since the Hale family fire was a “Big Deal,” Jackson immediately recognized Derek as the “only surviving Hale kid,” much like Stiles and Scott did. Of course, there could be more to it than that. But, as you said, Jackson didn’t refer to Derek by name, during that first locker scene. So, either he KNEW the name, but was too scared to use it at that time (thinking it painted more of a target on his back) or he did research to figure it out, later. Right now, I’m leaning toward the former explanation.

      LOL regarding your last point, In the Scooby Gang’s defense, if I knew SOMEONE or SOMETHING was chasing me down like that, I wouldn’t want to turn around to see him or it, as that would only serve to make me more terrified. Psychologically, it would be easier for me to escape, if I didn’t have to focus on my predator. That being said, given the carnage the Alpha caused, and that each of these guys is now well aware of the existence of werewolves, in their own way, I would bet that all of them knew what was chasing them wasn’t human, even if they didn’t want to actually admit it to themselves. This, above all, would explain Allison’s certainty that Scott was lying to her.

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I love talking Teen Wolf with you guys! You are all so friggin smart and insightful! 🙂

  5. Trey D.

    “…Reunited and it Feels So . . . AHHHHHH! RUNNNNNN!…”
    LOL. Geez these reviews make me laugh out loud. I need to start waiting till I get home to read these instead of from my cubicle because people at work are starting to think I am crazier than usual as of late when I burst out laughing randomly.

    As usual, I will be all over the place with my thoughts on this episode. At the end, when they showed the vet… I tried everything to look close to see if he still had wounds from when Derek went all medieval on his ass last episode. Wanted to see if he healed. Couldn’t get a good enough look.

    I am not a huge fan of Derekless episodes. I am not even sure if it was a truly Derekless episode though. I am starting to wonder if there is more than one Alpha, and I want to see that other scene again when he was messing with Scott in the parking lot (in a strictly platonic way) because his shadow looked almost full wolfy like… this could also just be my wishful thinking.

    Anyone have any theories on Jackson? I mean, what the hell is going on with him? He reacted to the howl? Why would he do that when it was Derek that scratched him and therefore technically if he was a wolf or something, he would be Derek’s? Cant say it was Derek’s howl because Scott reacted to it as well.

    I dunno. Just seemed odd that he reacted. Can’t say I like the appearance of these wolves. Then again, I typically don’t. They just don’t look wolf enough for me even though I know you’re going to be all like, “but Trey Dog, they not wolves, they man wolves.” and Imma be all like, “Well, I know, but appearance wise, I would like them to look wolfier, not just look like slightly more hairy versions of my 10th grade gym teacher.”

    And no, we did not have Olympic sized swimming pool in our school… but we did always tell the freshman that the gym’s floor opened up and there was a pool under it.

    There could be more than one alpha, but if we were going with the KISS or the the simplest explanation is usually the right answer, it is the chemistry teacher guy. He lead them into his territory, the science room, that can’t be a coincidence.

    He could have killed them at anytime, he was putting them there for a reason. Also his thorough cleaning of the body.

    I don’t think the Alpha gives two craps about Scott killing Lydia or Jackson. He or she just wanted Alison to be there, but probably didn’t expect Jackson and Lydia to come with her. Hell, the door closed behind Alison when she walked into the school.

    The Alpha, in my opinion, definitely wants Scott to kill Alison. Hands down. I think Scott misinterpreted because he just felt the urge to kill whoever was in that room. Simply “saw red” after the howl. Not sure if he needs/wants him to kill Stiles, and I doubt, he wanted him to kill Jackson or Lydia.

    Jackson was in jerkbag mode this episode, but I didn’t care. I hate Lyidia. A lot. That is a testament to her acting skills and the person who cast her into that role. She does a great job being that kind of person that Lydia is. I don’t like her, so I was happy that she was upset with Jackson showing Alison favor… inversely, did not like Alison at all this episode. I mean what the hell? All giggles and concerned, and flirty with Jackson? Your boyfriends tormentor, and you can’t trust him?

    Alisott or Scalison (eww, either one of those sound nasty (and not in the “That’s be 50 bucks for just you 150 for you and your friend” sort of way but the “That is just nauseating” sort of way)) do make me gag, but I do feel bad for Scot in regards to that situation because he genuinely seems to love Alison and may have lied due to such and that turns out to be the reason she tells him not to call her.

    I know Jackson is king of jerkholes, but him trying to deliberately get Scott killed, just to put the moves on Alison? It really looks like that is what happened and I have to say, that if that is the case, the writers would have some explaining to do. I could be wrong, but wanting to kill Scott seems like a jump for his character.

    Scott doesn’t do bad under pressure, he is totally useless and retarded under pressure. Here’s a thought… tell them PART of the truth.

    Allison: “Oh, Scott… I like you but I am also falling for douchelord Jackson because I am gullible/fickle, but who is trying to kill us!”

    Scott: “I don’t know.”

    There. Problem solved. Moving on.

    On Jackson again, maybe wolves can like partially infect people in this and maybe the Vet has a scratch on him too.

    In closing, writers of Teen Wolf, if you can hear me and actually give a damn about anything I say as if it matters… For the love, please make up for this episode by putting Derek in the next ones… a lot… and for the sake of Jewls and her female fans here, may he experience much shirtlessness and workouts in the rain… or shower, whichever one they prefer.

    I am done ranting now.

    • Ali

      haha dude you are hilarious… And I feel kinda cool reading your comments… it helps that you are a guy too and it makes me feel less weird

      • Trey D.

        Thanks for the kudos Ali. I apologize for the late response, but I think I over subscribed to this site so now it doesn’t let me know when there have been new posts here like I want it to. It’s like the site has filed a subscriber restraining order against me or something.

        It also pleases me to know that me being a guy is able to help someone else, because all it usually does for me is leave me in a constant state of confusion when it comes to “feelings” and “compromise” but I am working on them. Can’t wait till tomorrow… man I love this show.

        I’d say I am on the edge of my seat, but that was last week… now I am just sitting on the floor and probably too close to my TV. :/

    • LOL. Thanks Trey! There’s nothing like a little werewolf humor to get you through the workday, right? That’s one of the things I like about supernatural dramas. When you start off with a patently ridiculous premise, it basically gives you the freedom to go anywhere you want with a story. And if the writers don’t take themselves too seriously, so much the better. I absolutely think the Teen Wolf writers and creators don’t take themselves too seriously. Why else would they put that goofy smile on the Alpha’s face that makes him look like a deformed gorilla from the jungle ride at Disney World? 😉

      It’s funny you mentioned the “two Alpha’s” theory, because I was thinking about that same thing, as I was responding to jmae’s comment. It would remedy my complaint about all the “juicy” Alpha suspects having seemingly already been eliminated? Wouldn’t it? Because, let’s face it, the chemistry teacher as the Alpha? The vet? The gym teacher? None of these make for particularly compelling villains. (Though I LOVE your theory about the chemistry teacher Alpha leading them to the chem lab. That would be a nice touch!)

      On the other hand, if the writers were planning to do this, they really should have came up with another name for the Thing. After all, doesn’t the term “Alpha,” by definition, imply that there is only one? 😉 They should have just called him “Big Ugly Dude” or something . . .

      As for Jackson, perhaps he reacted to the howl, by doubling over in pain, because he’s been “infected” by a member of the Alpha’s rival pack, i.e.”Derek?” It would be interesting to see how he would react to Derek’s howl. Perhaps, he’d act more like Scott did? Only without Ugly Wolf Head? This would also explain Jackson’s seeming obsession with outdoing, and possibly even killing, Scott.

      I loved your suggested Salison (you are right, TERRIBLE ship name . . . sounds like animal entrails or something) conversation. LOL. Perfect! I agree with you that he definitely could have gotten away with not throwing Derek under the bus. EVERYONE in that classroom knew that the town had become a hot bed of Big Scary Wild Animal Attacks. Why couldn’t he have just said that the “mountain lion” did it? 😉

      And THIS:
      “For the love, please make up for this episode by putting Derek in the next ones… a lot… and for the sake of Jewls and her female fans here, may he experience much shirtlessness and workouts in the rain… or shower, whichever one they prefer.”

      SING IT, BROTHER! 🙂 Can I nominate you as a new staff writer for this show? YOU know what we like, way more than the current writers do, it seems.

      (Oh, and by the way, as far as “fan preference” I’m going to go with Derek doing his workouts . . . in the shower . . . with me as a “bench press bar.” Best of all worlds!)

      • Trey D.

        I fully agree on not taking things too seriously. Having that magical thing called balance is great and I think teen wolf does an excellent job of keeping viewers interested and yet at times having us bust out laughing.

        (Come to think of it, you actually do the same thing with your reviews… go figure)

        Anyhoot. This caught my attention:

        “…None of these are make for particularly compelling villains…”

        When I read this, i thought to myself, “If dogs can’t eat chocolate, does this mean that the alpha could be stopped with a Snickers bar?” then I thought about this time when I was 5 and I fell off the monkey bars, and thought that could explain a lot of things, but after that…

        I was thinking… what if the writers, don’t intend for the Alpha to be a true heartless villain or stereotypical/classic horror version of a villain.

        Then it would make sense that whoever the alpha was, they were not compelling “villains” but maybe they will compelling in their plight. (I am not even sure if my use of that word is correct). Like maybe their reason for doing what they are doing will be a compelling one.

        On the two Alpha thing, on rare occasions a pack can have two leaders… also in wolf culture (huh? wolves have cultures?) I think there are actually 3 ranks and on rare occasions 4… so who knows what is going on here.

        Or, if there are two alphas, they aren’t in the same pack but have mutual goals… like to scare everyone off the land so they can build a giant amusement park made out of road kill and steaks… and they would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those… okay, I’ll stop.

        Salison sounds like something that I should be vaccinated for, but your ideas as to what it sounds like, sound less gross so we’ll go with that.

        I like your new name for the Alpha… so I am going to call him “BUD” for short.

        That being said, I really have no idea who is the BUD or if there is more than one BUD.

        BIG LOL, at your work out suggestion. I’ll see what I can do, but I make no promises. Haha.

  6. Ozzy Booms

    1.I actually liked Allison breaking up at the end. I felt that (especially with the montage) it was getting too lovey-dubby. I would love to see a huge conflict within the group develop, to give it less of scott’s perpetual anxiety.

    2. I don’t get why stiles wanted a better look after he’d already deleted the video from lydia’s phone. Seemed risky and out of character.

    3. As for the alpha, I think by now we would definitly have seen him in human form. It isn’t any of the parents, and the vet isn’t it (too obvious). The chem teacher fits the best. I think the coach would have known and not let scott play in the game.

    4. Also, I think danny the gay friend will come into play later. Either stiles goes gay, or he’ll be working with the alpha. We haven’t had many speaking characters, and he is the only student outside the five in this episode to be given a name.

    • Hey Ozzy Booms! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      1. Ahhh . . . see optimism. 🙂 You are right, Ozzy. Most of us have spent the first few episodes complaining about how nauseating and boring Scott and Allison were together. And then, when they FINALLY breakup, we all say it was “unrealistic,” when we really should be doing the “Happy Dance.”

      2. Good point about Stiles. I was always kind of under the impression that he deleted the Alpha video from Lydia’s phone, because he thought she’d have a nervous breakdown if she saw it. But, if that was the case, you would think he would have sent it to his own phone or Scott’s BEFORE deleting it from Lydia’s, especially since the guys are seeming to be having trouble getting “the adults” to believe their story.

      3. Yep, I think the chemistry teacher is probably the most “popular” suspect, so far. Of course, I’m actually kind of hoping it ISN’T the chemistry teacher, for this exact reason. I want to be surprised, dammit!

      4. Now, if DANNY was the Alpha, THAT would be awesome. 🙂 I also kind of like your idea of Stiles being in league with the Alpha. It would be the ultimate twist. (Though I think fangirls would riot in the streets at the thought of their “baby” being the “Bad Guy.” 🙂

  7. André

    I actually liked the episode, the bad guy won in this and since we only have 5 episodes left, things are going to get hot pretty fast. By the way I think you will have good picture-material for next week’s Wolf installment of homoerotism. 😉

    I really think the title “where do we go from here”, would have fitted the episode, or your recap. This came into my mind when I saw the last episode. The episode brought us some answers but again the same and more questions.
    Will Jackson break up with Lydia, will Scott kill someone? Who is the Alpha? What will Allison do? What will the police do? Where is Derek? What connection has the vet to all of this? Will Scott approach papa Argent to get killed? Will Aunt Kate kill Derek? Etc.

    And woman, I can’t believe you haven’t commented on the nature of the first scene – and yes it was a pair of pliers – it was the same type as the one where Aunt Kate was introduced. The whole thing started classic, teenager sees something outside the door that he wants. Despite warning teenager gets out of the “safe” place to get it. The left behind teenager sees the killer and the outdoor teenager sees the left behind teenager but doesn’t get what the scared face and frantic gestures mean, just looks stupidly in the other teenagers direction without ever thinking to lock back and therefore gets killed because said teenager just stares in other teenager’s direction.
    But not here, Stiles did look behind and did see the killer, and got away, for now.
    And I expected some more snarkiness.

    And I was a bit disappointed by the Alpha’s design; it looked so weird with these thin arms.

    At first I suspected that the janitor might be the Alpha, but he was just the next victim. I wonder if we will see or hear something about that next episode. Based on the preview the school might be running instead of being closed, but this is not Mystic Falls, time actually passes here.

    Actually Lydia insisted on picking Allison up, probably because this wasn’t the first time they talked during that night. And man Lydia might get a meltdown soon. Maybe she tries to nail Scott to get back at Jackson. Possible?

    And did you notice how Jackson was more accepting of the evidence on Stiles’ truck then Lydia was? She just seemed to repress it. For someone with “leadership qualities” she works remarkably bad during stress situations and lacks composure. Unlike our Stiles who seems to work best under pressure. Seriously I hope the character isn’t labeled as a sidekick, his role is essential. I mean the windows were right there and the other idiots didn’t even seem to notice.
    But I wonder how Lydia knows how to make a Molotov cocktail. Seriously, even with her IQ, how many school-girls actually know that?

    And no I didn’t have a swimming pool at school; we didn’t even had a gym at first.
    And I don’t know whether Jackson accidently mistook the wrong bottle. But what was that thing doing there anyway?

    It wasn’t an ethical correct move to say the murderer was Derek, but I guess saying “I don’t know would be worse.” Not that it brought much since Allison blurted out that Scott was lying later on. By the way Derek doesn’t count as a fried, the way I understand it.

    By the way, Jackson smiled because Stiles did call his dad and so Jackson got what he wanted.

    I think you mistook something, Scott didn’t wolf out when the Alpha roared it was Jackson starting to be in pain. Scott wolfed out afterwards when the Alpha was suddenly gone, however both stopped at the same time. So the scratch by Derek seems to have left some sort of connection. Considered where the marks are, something in the wounds could have reached the tissue inside Jackson’s spine. But I still wonder what it could mean.

    Another interesting fact of werewolf psychology was that Scott did not turn into a mindless killer, but was still smart enough to use keys, which even some humans can’t seem to handle.

    And come on, you gotta admit that they did the “Allison montage” good, even if it was cheesy. By the way the cops aren’t the most useless in this town, the cops of Sunnydale were. 😉

    And again you mixed something up in the plot, Scott confided in Stiles before they saw the vet and Allison dumped him.

    I liked it that they reintroduced the element of Scott being a possible danger, making Papa Argents stance understandable, so far it seemed as though they made him some sort of common super-kid. So who knows maybe Scott will go to the Argents at the end of the season and asks to be killed.

    And I actually asked myself where the vet all of a sudden came from. It isn’t as though there was much cover in front of the school.

    Don’t know why Allison reacted that way, maybe we will know, maybe not.

    So yeah, pretty much every main person in this episode ended up worse than before, except for the Alpha. So maybe “Bad boys rule” could have been a title for your recap … than again, he is the fang-iest isn’t he?

    The question really is who is the Alpha and I think am lot speaks for it being someone from the school. That would be an explanation for it to have Allison’s phone number as well as assuming Jackson and Lydia belonged to Scott’s “pack”. Then he knew how to operate the bleachers, he knew where the doors were. So it makes sense that he is a teacher. After all what does staff really know about students?

    And since we are at episode 7 already, what do you think so far? A second season?

    • First, shall I start with the good news:

      Yep, we are getting a Season 2. That means more obligatory Shirtless Scott scenes, more sweaty Derek workout scenes, more adorable Stiles sarcasm (and GIFS of him doing the wave). It also means more Alpha . . .

      Personally, I hope they keep filming the show in Atlanta, because that makes it all the more possible for there to be the TVD / Teen Wolf crossover episode I’ve been praying for, since this series premiered. (Derek Hale and Tyler Lockwood – made for eachother) 😉

      Hmmm . . . I’m inclined to agree with you that the Alpha is someone we’ve already met (with the chemistry teacher topping my list . . . though I still hope it ends up being Danny ;)). And yet, it doesn’t have to be. The Alpha had Allison’s phone number, presumably because it picked up Scott’s phone, when Derek threw it away last week (which makes Derek look a bit suspicious, I must say). Allison’s number was already programmed in it.

      As for the whole pack thing . . . I don’t know. I still don’t buy Lydia and Jackson being part of Scott’s pack. These are people who became part of Scott’s social circle, very recently, just because he started dating a hot girl, thereby making him socially acceptable to “hang with.”

      I called them the Scooby Gang here, for ease of reference (and to be “cute” :)). However, the fivesome definitely didn’t give me that “Best Buds” vibe you get from Sunnydale Crew, or even the TVD Crew, for that matter. And yet, perhaps, the Alpha has a real simplified notion of what a “pack” is, simply because he seems to have none. Poor lonely bastard! 🙂

      “Every person ended up worse than before” . . . interesting point. 🙂 I’d say that’s true for Scott, Stiles and Lydia, definitely. But the verdict is still out on Jackson and Allison. Lord knows, their upcoming so-called relationship will be TOTALLY shallow, but I still think it will be loads more interesting than the Jackson/ Lydia and Allison/Scott pairings, respectively. And yet, I can see something happening in the near future, whereby Jackson’s “infection” starts to take its toll, and he lashes out at Allison, only to have her end up being rescued by Scott. So, perhaps the Jalison(?) love fest will be short-lived.

      LOL re: your statement regarding my “order of events” at the end of the hour. Sometimes, I intentionally modify the order of things in an episode to make the narrative flow a bit better. (Scott’s interactions with Allison and Stiles, were both inter – related and personal, in that they showed how Scott’s “curse” is negatively impacting his ability to relate to others. On the other hand, the realization about the vet was more of a “Alpha Clue” type scene). Other times, I just switch things up to annoy you. 😉

      Speaking of my evil plans to drive you crazy, NO, I did NOT think the Allison Montage was good. 🙂 In my opinion, the only type of montages that should exist on this show should be Derek Hale Half-Naked Workout Montages and Stiles Smirky Sarcasm Montages. I do not need to see pictures of Allison in “romantic lighting” to the tune of goopy music to know that Scott’s sexual fantasies about his now-ex girlfriend keep him human. All I needed was for Stiles to tell me that . . . once. *takes breath*

      Back to me being nice . . . 😉 I like your contrast of the way each of the characters are handling the stress of the situation of the Alpha. Lydia is definitely trying to repress SOMETHING. We’ve seen that with her drugging herself up, after the video store incident, and the way she reacted when Allison showed her the Alpha picture in the book. She did it again here . . . and yet, it could be argued that her choice of weapon for Scott (the Molotov Cocktail) seemed specifically designed to combat a non-human adversary. We all know that Lydia spends a lot of her time “playing dumb.” It would be interesting, if it ended up that she was “playing traumatized” too.

      I also see your “where do we go from here” inquiry, as a good measure of where we are in this 12-episode season. At episode 7, we are right smack dab in the middle of everything. All the characters (except Danny) have been properly introduced. All the various relationships explained. The mythology of the show has, more or less, been laid out. Main suspects from the show’s Major Mystery, have emerged from the darkness, while other early candidates have been eliminated. What happens in the second half . . . and how the writers choose to deal with the questions they’ve presented, will make or break this show.

      Then again, some cynics might argue that, since the show has already earned itself at least one more season than MOST of MTV’s “Original Non-Reality Programming,” it doesn’t matter where the writers go from here. They’ve already WON! 🙂

      But WE aren’t cynical people, are we? 🙂

      • André

        Sometimes we are. 😉

        One thing first, please contact me via E-Mail regarding the fiction I am doing for you. You could say I need a woman’s touch. 😉

        I wouldn’t be so sure about more Alpha, maybe the one will die. However, what do you think, are there any female suspects for the Alpha status left?

        Well Teen Wolf/TVD would be more possible than TVD/True Blood that is for sure, unless we introduce the concept of alternate realities. 😀

        I know it could be that the Alpha has the number from the phone, but it could also be from school files. In addition the Alpha must have been around them sufficiently to be able to guess that Allison would have Jackson and Lydia with them. Or these two were just there and in truth the Alpha just wanted to get rid of Stiles and Allison. Except maybe for Scott’s mother these two would be the most likely to keep him calm.
        This was something I forgot in my last comment. What if the thing is deeply psychological and not mystical? Especially Stiles and Allison embody Scott’s hold on his humanity. Allison due to the whole love thing and Stiles for 1) knowing about Scott and seemingly not abandoning him and 2) for the effect he had on Scott (he did what Derek didn’t manage and Stiles started at zero, albeit his ideas are not unbelievable, quite the contrary), according to the preview we will see more of his effect on Scott the next episode. So especially killing these two would be such a psychological trauma that Scott either kills himself or sees himself as a monster and as such would willingly join with the Alpha, respectively lack the necessary mental strength to further resist the Alpha’s call. And although it is presented that Allison is Scott’s strongest anchor to humanity, I wonder whether Stiles isn’t the bigger threat to the Alpha.

        Of course there is still the question why Scott and why does the Alpha go through so much trouble for him?
        And what holds him/her back from picking on the hunters one by one? Maybe he did know who Kate was, and used her to throw her against Derek. Maybe, but really only maybe.
        And of course there is still the possibility that the Alpha is fairly new to town and therefore misjudged Lydia and Jackson as part of Scott’s “pack” and has left Jackson alone because of that and the noticing of the wound was just an observation.

        Considered the nature of the show “Jalison” will probably be short-lived, if it will happen at all that is.

        Maybe you are right that Lydia tries to battle the Alpha with the cocktail. Albeit, I still ask myself why she knew how to make such a thing in the first place.

  8. East Coast Captain

    That was a dick move, Derek has helped Scott with his werewolf situation now he blames everything on him!!! His Werewolf mentor?

    • André

      No offense, yeah it was a dick move, but you can hardly call Derek a mentor, Scott had to deal with him out of necessity and Derek couldn’t even help Scott with controlling his condition.

      • jmae

        I would consider Derek to be Scott’s mentor, because even though he had his own motives in helping Scott out he tried his best. Even Derek said that he wasn’t completely sure how to train a bitten werewolf but he at least tried. Also, I think that Derek not being able to help Scott is Scott’s fault. Had Scott actually listened to Derek he would have had an easier time controlling it. This isn’t the first time Scott has thrown Derek under the bus look what happened when he wanted to play in the lacrosse game, after Derek healed from his gun shot wound, and last but not least Night school.

  9. Tricus

    Yeha I woudl consider Derk Scott werewolf mentor beacuse even though he doesn’t have ALL the answers eh is at leats willing to try to help Scott. Sure Derek has his own agenda, mostly with finding his family killer, but he is trying to help Scott too. Scott has done everything but run Derek over with a vehicle in order to not listen to Derek or heed his advice.
    Stiles and Derek is just learning stuff as they go along too so they are trying to help Scott. Stiles is helping Scott with trying to get his human and werewolf side to mesh smoothly and Derek is trying to show Scott how to be a werewolf and control his powers. Scott NEED both of them.
    People forget that Derek is only in his low 20’s. He is not a old, wise (but look young) supernatural person.

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