You are What You Bury – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Surface Tension”

“I think we can work this out, kids!  YOU don’t tell the police about the murder weapon buried in our backyard.  And I won’t tell Mom that everytime you two SAY you are ‘playing Scrabble’ in Spencer’s bedroom, you are really having loud, raucous sex.”

Hello, my Pretties!  If we’ve learned one thing on Pretty Little Liars it’s that episodes featuring shirtless guys will inevitably be better than episodes without them nothing stays buried forever.  In fact, in Rosewood, it seems that the deeper you bury your darkest secret, the more likely it is to rise to the surface, and bite you in the bum.  So, hold on to your hockey sticks, folks; and put your pimped out, illegal cell phones on vibrate, because it’s time to start the recap . . .

Would you like “A” candy?

(I’m guessing the little pig stuffed animal was intended for Poor Hanna.  Any guesses as to what the other animal is, and what it has to do with Emily?)

The episode begins with the girls gathered in Hanna’s household.  And guess what they are doing?  SURPRISE!  They are recapping the last episode for you!   How annoying . . . I mean, seriously, isn’t this what the “Previously On Pretty Little Liars” segment of the show is supposed to do? helpful and considerate of them.

The foursome gossips about A’s recent dastardly derailment of A’s fashion show tribute.  They also continue to conjecture that “A” might be torturing them, not just for the fun of it, but because he or she killed Ali, and wants to ensure the girls’ silence, if and when the killer’s identity is revealed.  I don’t know.  If I killed someone, and didn’t want certain people to find out about it, I probably wouldn’t be SENDING THEM MESSAGES EVERYDAY!  But, hey, that’s just me . . .

Also, this week, we learn that Emily and Hanna are not only sharing the same HOUSE, until school lets out for the summer, they are also apparently sharing the same BEDROOM.


When asked about this, the girls slough it off with lame (not to mention, highly convenient) excuses about “burst pipes,” but we all know the REAL reason they are sleeping together, don’t we?  *hint, hint, wink, wink* Let the onslaught of Hanna / Emily slash fanfiction begin!

Unfortunately, this Pretty Little Lovefest is interrupted by a knock on the door.  Hanna answers.  And lo and behold!  It’s a Special Delivery from “A” SHOCKER!  Here’s what the note on the card says . . .

Sometimes, I feel like “A” needs to get a life of her (his?) own, and stop stalking the girls like it’s his or her job.  But, hey, if she (or he) did that, we probably wouldn’t have a show, now would we?

Study Buddies and Shady Dealings

EMILY:  “Umm . . . Hanna, I don’t think we should be watching your parents having sex.”

HANNA:  “Why not?  This will give me so much more to talk about, during therapy!”

As two only children, Hanna and Emily aren’t exactly people who are used to sharing a space.  So, of course, it doesn’t take long at all for the new roomies to start getting on one another’s nerves.  First Brown Noser Emily has to go and make Hanna look like a sucky daughter / lazy person, by cooking the family a fancy schmancy omelette breakfast, and not-so-casually remarking that she did it after heading out for her “morning run.”

“I’m so glad you enjoyed the omelette, Ms. Marin.  You can find the recipe for it at I’mBetterThanHanna.Com”

As someone who is not at all a morning person, myself, I can certainly relate to Hanna’s jealousy / frustration.  Oh, you should also know that Emily is clutching her back, and rubbing her neck throughout most of this episode.  Under normal circumstances we would say this is simply because she probably slept funny the night before.  However, on PLL, this is what we call “foreshadowing” . . .

While walking into school, Hanna overhears her new boyfriend on the phone with some dude who didn’t pay Caleb for “pimping out his phone.”  To be honest, I’m not exactly sure what that means.  Did he make it so that the perv could call 1-900 sex number, for free?  Did he get the guy tons of free iPhone apps, you’d normally have to pay for?  Did he bedazzle it with lots of red glitter and heart stickers?  Well, whatever he did, DUDE didn’t pay.  And Caleb is PISSED!

“I’m PISSED!” 

The problem, of course, is that you can’t really sue someone for not paying you to help them break the law.  So, Caleb will probably have to resort to other means of collecting payment . . . like putting a horse’s head in the deadbeat’s bed, or putting hair removal bleach in his shampoo, or forcing him to listen to Blind Jenna play the flute, for hours on end . . .

I get the chills just thinking about it . . .

Hanna is a bit concerned about Caleb’s “underground business,” because it makes her feel like in, 15 years, Caleb will be in jail, and she will be a reality star on Mob Wives: Rosewood Edition.  However, she wants to make sure she’s still seen as “the cool girlfriend,” so she doesn’t say much.  Besides, it could be worse!  He could be getting paid by someone to steal her virginity in a tent.  Oh, wait . . . he already did that . . .

Did I mention some dude is stalking Caleb with his car, outside the school?  Note to Caleb:  Next time you “pimp out” a phone, you might want to make it double as a gun.  Because, something tells me you’re going to need it . . .

Back at home, Emily is trying to study, and rubbing her neck some more (See? FORESHADOWING!).  However, she’s finding it incredibly difficult to concentrate, with Hanna SINGING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS . . .

(Note:  This is actually the second time in two weeks, that Hanna’s been shown bopping out to a song on her iPod, and it sounded so much fun that I wanted to download it onto MY iPod, immediately after watching.  This song was called “Smash It” by Zowie.  YAY, for product placement!)

So, she does THIS . . .


(WARNING:  Flying Mr. Bear is a trained professional in the art of Guerilla Warfare on Hanna Singing.  DO NOT try this at home . . .)

Having completely given up on doing her homework, Emily decides to go all Dr. Phil on Hanna, by asking her how dating a crook “makes her feel.”  In response, Hanna does the teenage equivalent of putting her fingers in her ear an going “Na-na, na-na, na-nah!  I can’t HEAR YOU!”  In other words, he puts her iPod headphones back on . . .

The next night, Emily decides to go to the library to study, which Hanna thinks is ridiculous, because . . . you know . . . libraries . . . EW!  Hanna prefers to study in the mall, and buy “study,” I mean “shoplift.”


“No, it’s a Brain Thing.”

These were probably my favorite two lines of dialogue in the entire episode.   And the FACE Hanna makes when she asks about the “Gay Thing” is priceless!

For about two seconds, Hanna seems hurt by Emily’s decision to leave her for those smelly old books.  But then Caleb stops by, and it’s like, “Emily who?”


Is that a bedazzled cell phone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

Caleb REALLY DOES seem to want Hanna to be the Carmella Soprano to his Tony.  So, once again, he starts making phone calls for his illegal enterprise in Hanna’s room, when he should be doing something more productive with his time, like, oh .  . . I don’t know . . . having wild and crazy sex homework?  Hanna, who is already practicing to be the perfect housewife in training, plays the classic Wifey Trick on her new boyfriend.  “I’m not judging you for what you do, I’m just. . .  concerned,” Hanna says, in a way that makes it SO OBVIOUS that she is TOTALLY judging him.

I REALLY, REALLY want to talk about it.  PLEASE, PLEASE ASK ME I don’t want to talk about it.” 

An annoyed Caleb claims he “doesn’t want to talk about it,” which is obviously Total B.S., since he INSISTS on flaunting his “phone business” in front of Hanna, pretty much any chance he gets.  So, she subtly threatens Caleb, that if he DOESN’T talk about his crimes, she will be forced to extol for him the many virtues of HAIR WEAVES . .  .

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the most ‘unbe-weave-able’ one of all?”

Like a Prisoner of War faced with having his private parts placed in a vice grip, Caleb starts telling Hanna ALL ABOUT the Car Stealing Gang he used to run with.  Eventually, these guys became too intense for him, and he bailed.  So, in other words, Hanna should be happy that his only crime now is helping teens get free porn on their iPods, because it could be SO much worse.  Hanna reluctantly agrees, because, as she tells Emily later.  She’s just SOOOO happy, he came back for her, after the whole “Male Prostitute Fiasco.”

“That Caleb . . . he’s such a stand-up guy . . . someone who was willing to give up the opportunity to have PAID sex with me, in order to have FREE sex with me.  *sigh*  My hero!”

Of course, the problem is that the dude watching Caleb and Hanna chatting outside the school is SO OBVIOUSLY part of the gang Caleb abandoned.  My advice to Hanna:  Enjoy Caleb’s flawless face while it lasts, because if I know anything about gangs, someone’s about to break that pretty mug into about a million pieces . .  .

Oh, did I mention that Hanna and Emily got to watch Hanna’s drunk parents fondle one another on the staircase?  Well . . . now I have!

 Remember when Mama Marin did this to Deputy Douchey in the Pilot Episode?  Sounds like Girlfriend needs to learn a little lesson in “impulse control.”  They call it “GET A ROOM” for a reason, Ashley!”

Meanwhile, in Arialand . . .

Two is Company, Three is Sexy, Four is a STEAL . . .

Poor Aria!  It must be so hard to have two insanely gorgeous men in your living room, hitting on you, at the EXACT SAME TIME!

Good NEWS!  Aria’s Parents are having a “Aren’t You Glad We’re Still Together, Even Though Byron was Caught Screwing his Student not too Long Ago” Get Together at the house!  And guess who’s invited?  THIS GUY!

But that’s not all!  Aria’s parents are also inviting THIS GUY . . .

Unfortunately, it’s not a “Clothing Optional” kind of party . . .

By the way, I love how, aside from Aria’s two boyfriends, and the one random couple with the baby, Mama and Papa Montgomery seemingly didn’t have any other people to invite to their little clambake.  I mean, that’s strange right? Mama Montgomery invited Facelift Jason, because she felt bad about what happened to his Mom at his fashion show, but, apparently, not bad enough to ACTUALLY invite his Mom.

“Hey, don’t look at me. I’m just as high confused as you are.”

Papa Montgomery invited Fitzy, because he felt like Fitzy didn’t have any other teacher friends at Hollis.  And yet, apparently, Papa Montgomery doesn’t have any “teacher friends” at Hollis either except for the former student he banged, because Fitzy is the only faculty member he ended up inviting.  Heck, the Montgomery’s couldn’t even get their OWN son to come to their party . . .

Hey!  Look!  Mike stole that off of somebody’s car!  Maybe he’s part of Caleb’s old Gang!

You know, if you think about it, half the people at the Montgomery were only there for a chance to enter Aria’s panties .  . . To say otherwise, would be like saying that people watch PORN for the cinemotography . . .  I’ll admit, I laughed quite a bit, when Mama Montgomery noted that Aria should “get used to calling Fitzy, Ezra.”  Ha!  At this point in their relationship, “Ezra” is probably the TAMEST of the nicknames she has for him.

So, remember a few weeks back, when Aria got super pissed at Fitzy for not wanting to give her hug in front of her parents at Ian’s funeral.  Well, it seems that this week the tables have turned.  When an incredibly nervous Aria begs Fitzy not to show up at her family dinner party, Fitzy surprises her, by INSISTING that he genuinely wants to attend.

Fitzy’s argument in favor of his own attendance?  Aria wants the two of them to “come out” as a couple.  This seems like the most expedient, and least painful, way to begin doing that . . .

Intially, Aria remains skeptical.  But then Fitzy plants a Big Fat Wet One on her . . .

And she loses the capacity to remember her OWN name, let alone disagree with anything Fitzy has said!

Ezra arrives at the Montgomery house first, bearing gifts of flowers and top shelf Scotch, which he pretends to enjoy for alchy Papa’s benefit, even though he once told Aria, the stuff tastes like diet cola and iodine.  (Really, Fitzy?  You’ve tasted IODINE before?  Why?  Did you think it would give you superpowers?)

“Great Bottle, Fitzy!  I just wish it wasn’t so small, so I’d have enough liquor leftover for breakfast tomorrow too!” 

Aria is just SO PROUD of her boyfriend’s mad “Kiss the Parents’ Asses,” moves.  In fact, she’s just about to take Fity into her bedroom, and have her way with him when THIS GUY appears on her doorstep . . .

“Well, hello Aria’s panties . . . er . .  . I mean Aria.  It’s great to see you again!”

“Who the f*&k is this douche (and how does he get his hair to be so fluffy)?”

As you might expect Fitzy and Facelift Jason enter into a bit of a classic pissing contest to determine who’s “more manly” for Aria to date.  Bike riding stats are exchanged . . .

 Go, Speedracer, GO! 

But, of course, my favorite part of the whole evening, came when Facelift Jason asked if Fitzy HAD Aria .  . .

 .  . . in his CLASS . . . had her IN HIS CLASS . . .

Yeah .  . . I didn’t think that was what he meant, either . . .

Unfortunately, a Cop (not Deputy Douchey) has to come by and interrupt the Facelift Jason and Fitzy comedy hour, to inform Ma and Pa Montgomery that Mike’s been stealing stuff from people again . .  . while they are still HOME!  (WHAT A MORON!)

“Bad Boys, Bad Boys.  Whatcha Gonna Do?  Whatcha Gonna Do when they come for YOU!”

Ma and Pa Montgomery rush off to spring their son from the POKEY, leaving Aria to “entertain” her two gentleman callers.  I SMELL A THREESOME!

 YEAH!  A Threesome!  Facelift Jason LIKE!

“Thanks, but no thanks!  I’d much rather go pout in the corner, and write poetry about my feelings.”

Meanwhile, Mama Montgomery is FINALLY realizing how badly she and Byron are sucking as parents, considering that one of their kids has become a total klepto, and the other one is probably being stalked by a serial killer, and neither of those two had ANY clue about it . . .

“Ohhh . . . so THAT’S what our son looks like!  We FORGOT!”

In an earlier conversation between Mama Montgomery and Mama Marin, we learn that these two are actually pretty close though not close enough for her to be invited to the DINNER PARTY, and that Emily’s Mom is a part of their social circle.  But Papa Hastings TOTALLY has cooties!

In this scene, we learn that PAPA Hastings was the guy behind all the girls seeing a therapist, as well as the RIDICULOUSLY BAD (not to mention, ineffective) decision to separate the PLL girls.  (I love how all the moms’ on this show seem pretty cool, but all the dad’s .  . . with the exception of Emily’s . . . seem TOTALLY evil.)

Fitzy earns some major points for offering to help Aria clean up after the party . . .

There is nothing sexier, than a man who knows his way around a dishwasher . . .

But then, he sort of loses some points, by jealously interrogating Aria about Facelift Jason .  . .

Speaking of Facelift Jason, he has the advantage of knowing what’s going on with Klepto Mike.   So, he uses it to his advantage, by playing the “Sensitive Guy,” and comforting Aria about the sudden emergence of her brother’s DARK SIDE . . .

“You seem tense, Aria!  Take off your clothes, and I will give you a massage.”

Facelift Jason suggests that Aria find out how serious Mike’s stealing problem IS, so that she can better assess her next move.  Within minutes, Aria has  found Mike’s MASSIVE THIEF STASH RIGHT IN HIS ROOM.  Geez!  His parents really had to be blind to miss this!  Speaking of blind . . .

 Aria is PISSED AS HELL that Klepto Mike would have the gall to steal from a Brother F*&king BLIND CHICK!

Look familiar?

She then abruptly, and unceremoniously, throws her two male suitors out of her household, so that she can rip Klepto Mike a new butthole, when he comes home.

“Was it something I said?” 

Upon being confronted by Aria, Klepto Mike insists that he didn’t steal that ugly piece of crap bowl from Blind Jenna’s house.  Rather, he took it from Policeboy Garrett’s HOUSE!  (By the way, did I hear Klepto Mike correctly, is Garrett’s name really, “Officer McFriendly?”  Talk about a wimpy, non-intimidating, name for a cop.  They might as well call the guy Mr. Happy Pants!)

Realizing that Policeboy is in the bed cahoots with Blind Jenna, Aria rushes to text Spencer that he can’t be trusted.

But is it already TOO LATE?

Don’t Be Such a Stick in the Mud, Spencer’s Dad!

 “DAD!  You’re not holding it right!  Geez!  Does ANYBODY know how to play field hockey on this show besides me (and Dead Creepy Pedo Ian, of course)?

For someone who was once a suspected killer, Abs Toby is quickly becoming the most POPULAR carpenter / landscape architect in town . . .

 “Hey, Abs Toby!  Why so many clothes?   Don’t you like us anymore?”

Just a few weeks back, he was hired by Jason to help him build his fence to hide dead bodies . . . a project that Papa Hastings paid to have discontinued because, in his words, “the DiLaurentis’ are always crossing the line . . .”

 . . . into his PANTS! 

Then, Papa Hastings hired Abs Toby to finish work on his barn, as sort of an “I’m sorry for thinking you were a killer and forbidding you to date my daughter,” thing.  In addition to being a super carpenter, excellent Scrabble player, solid mystery solver, awesome landscaper, fabulous ABS-haver, and remarkable kisser, Toby is apparently also a GREAT ARCHITECT.  And the plans he drew up for Papa Hastings’ barn  filled Daddy-o with hope that at LEAST one of his children could potentially marry someone who will be rich AND not a psychopath.  It’s win / win!

But all that good feeling and mutual respect is put in jeopardy, when Toby digs up Crazy Nanny Carrie Melissa’s old hockey stick in the Hastings’ yard.

And Papa Hastings snatches it away so fast you would think it was a text message from Anthony Weiner . . .

“Stop fondling my stick, Abs Toby!”

When Toby tells Spencer about what happened (I love how honest these two are with one another.  It’s refreshing . . . almost as refreshing as watching their crazy hot makeout sessions, on a weekly basis.), she immediately recalls that (1) Ali had taken Spencer’s hockey stick to practice using it as a sex toy with Ian;

“Ian’s stick is much smaller than this one . . .” 

 . . . and (2) Mr. “I Have No Memory of the Night of Ali’s Death” Facelift Jason once almost hit her with it . . .

“Doesn’t this stick match my shirt perfectly?  I think I’ll carry it around, and use it as a cane.” 

Now, I know this scene was supposed to be all SCARY.  But honestly, it looked like your typical brother / sister rivalry to me.  I’m sure Facelift Jason is going to end up being the Number One suspect in Ali’s murder, because that’s clearly what the writers are building toward.  However, I honestly, don’t think he did it.  Nobody that the PLL’s actually suspect ever ends up being the actual killer.  That’s just how this show works . . .

“So, Abs Toby.  What exactly is your workout regimen?  Because I would love a set of pects like yours!” 

Papa Hastings creepily confronts poor Tobs, once again, in the middle of the night, this time to tell him not to tell Spencer about the hockey stick.  Abs Toby admits that he already HAS told Spencer, but at least has the foresight to lie and say she didn’t seem to care.  Then Papa tells the Tobmeister not to tell Spencer about THIS conversation, which, of course, Abs Toby rushes to do, right away!  (That’s right Toby!  At least SOMEONE knows where his bread is buttered, if you catch my drift.)

“See?  I was a good boy, wasn’t I!  You are going to REWARD me, aren’t you?”

The first time Spencer meets with Garrett the Policeboy its to inquire about that messenger guy who Policeboy paid off at Blind Jenna’s request up and left town, after trying to collect the blackmail money for Ian’s sex tapes.  The girls would like to question him more about the person who sent him, because it sure as heck wasn’t Ian.  It was BLIND JENNA!

Hey, Spencer!  You know that when guys do that THING with their belts, it means that they’re aroused, right?  Just warning you!

Of course, that Lying Creepster of a Policeboy is not only patronizing, but TOTALLY unhelpful, telling Spencer that there is basically no chance in heck that Messenger Boy is returning to town, so she might as well move on with her life.  (Obviously, Policeboy is covering for Blind Jenna.  I don’t think SHE killed Ali either.   But Policeboy might THINK that she did . . .)

Then Spencer arrives home to find her Dad TOSSING THE HOCKEY STICK INTO THE FIRE, thereby destroying the only evidence the girls may have as to Ali’s real killer . . .

Now Papa Hastings may be your typical rich assh*le, who’d rather throw money at his kids than actually engage in conversation with them.  He’s also obstructing justice by destroying criminal evidence here.  All that being said, I really believe that he is doing this to try to protect his daughters.  Papa recognizes that Spencer was ALREADY once suspected of murdering Ali, when the police found that bloody trophy on the premises.   Surely, they would suspect her or Melissa again, if this stick ever turned up.

Still, Spencer is devastated by the notion that her father continues to think the worst of her, despite her being the perfect daughter, not to mention SO MUCH better than her miserable excuse for a human being, sister.  Fortunately, she has Toby (and his Abs) to comfort her, during this difficult time  . . .

He promises to help Spencer try to find out the truth about what really happened to Alison, so that she can finally be at peace, and prove to her family, once and for all, what a bunch of a$$holes they are . . .  It’s actually Toby who indirectly gives Spencer the idea to talk to Policeboy Garrett about what was in Ali’s coroner’s report, as that would undoubtedly illustrate the specific manner in which Ali was killed, and possibly even pin down whether the hockey stick was the weapon that killed her.  (SOMEONE’S BEEN WATCHING CSI!)

Honestly, how these girls could have gone on trusting this CREEPER for as long as they have is beyond me?  How many times have they asked for his help?  And how many times has he given them NOTHING AT ALL but more questions, skeevy leers, and admonitions that they musn’t go to any other cops, aside from him.  I’m just glad Spencer got Aria’s text, before she had the chance to spill the beans to Policeboy, as to who she thinks killed Ian.

Now, if only SOMEONE would kill the Policeboy (and, Blind Jenna, while they are at it).

Any volunteers?

“Paging Dr. Gloved Hand . . .”

 I guess we can now add Mad Scientist to “A’s” already ridiculously long resume of Super Villain Skills . . .

The final scene of the episode, features the elusive Gloved Hand injecting a drug called BD7 (Belledium?  Belledonna?  Bad Donuts?) into a syringe, as the song “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” plays in the background.  (Get it?  “Under My Skin” . . . because it’s a syringe?   Har de har har).

Based on some of the hints we were given in this episode, in conjunction with the Episode 8 promo, I’d say the person being poisoned is our girl, Emily.

Lay off the sauce, Girlfriend!  This is NO JOKE! 

You can checkout the MuchMusic promo for next week’s installment of PLL, HERE . . .

Until then . . . au revoir, My Pretties! 🙂

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  1. Paul Gina

    Oh I LOVE your recaps! But “I’d much rather go pout in the corner, and write poetry about my feelings.”, have you been getting inspiration from somewhere? 😉

    • Hey Paul Gina! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. You know, I’m not much of a poetry girl myself, but I do sometimes pout in the corner, and write blog posts making fun of OTHER people’s feelings. Does that count? 🙂

      When I read your comment, I got a bit worried that I had inadvertently stolen someone’s PLL recap joke. But, when I googled the line, I only found myself. 🙂 (It is a line I’ve probably heard from TV or movies at some point, admittedly. There’s no telling what’s going to come out of my brain, when I’m typing these up at 2 a.m. *blushes*)

      But in terms of Fitzy, and his sweater-vest wearing, poetry reading, emo-ness, I guess I could say, I was inspired by THIS . . .

      (I know Ezria fans LOVE this poem. I still think it’s AWFUL. Sorry. :))

      • Paul Gina

        Hey ! Nah, you didn’t “stole” someone else’s joke, it’s just that I read another recapper who often mocks Ezra and his need to over-analyse his feelings, and I wondered if you read her as well… But it’s just a common thought amongst PLL viewers that Ezra loves to write poetry about his feelings, I think! 😉

        And… I’m realizing just now that I stopped by and commented when I had something to say that could have been interpreted the bad way… Instead of commenting moons ago, to only say “Oh I LOVE your recaps”… Bad me, bad me! So here: I LOVE your recaps! Been reading them since last season, and they’re a huge part of why I enjoy the show! Thanks, and keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. sassyfran

    Wow, gurlfriend, you rocked it as usual. I warn you I did mention your recaps in my recap LOL cause I do love yours soooo much Your Welcome 🙂 So I just spent like seven hours on mine but i still am so glad that you see things I don’t see as you watch that is so cool. The thing with Garrett not ever giving them real answers I never considered I just figure he is a sleaze. Why didn’t the Montgomery’s invite other people like Ashley or other people around town? The thing about Peter wanting to protect his daughters because he thinks maybe one of them did kill Allison was an interesting thought. Oh and the ending with Spencer in the car I was thinking that Aria knows where she is so maybe that she will send Toby or maybe Toby is around watching them. I hope so, that’s all I can think of for now my mind is spinning. 🙂

    • Hey there, sassy! Thanks so much for the kind words. I loved your recap too. I have so much fun comparing notes with you after the show. You always allow me to see the drama from a fresh perspective!

      I don’t actually think Garrett would do anything to harm Spencer, while he’s on duty. Too many people would ask questions. But if she’s not subtle about getting out of that car fast, or if Garrett sees the text from Aria, he might take more drastic measures to ensure that the girls keep quiet.

      Basically, I feel like Blind Jenna has Garrett under her thumb. He does whatever she says . . . which is strange, considering that he’s at least a few years older than she is. Sometimes I think that, when Jenna takes off those big ugly bug glasses of hers, her eyes will shoot out death rays, or mind control powers or something. Oh. . . . wait . . . that’s another show! 🙂

      Speaking of supernatural creepiness, did you check out the Much Music promo? What’s the deal with the body rising from the coroner’s table? SO FREAKY! I can’t wait! Talk to you then! 🙂

  3. :)

    Kjewls i got in soooo much trouble last week….sorry that i have not commented 😦 Now that i have….AWESOME!

    Okayy so when i heard that Hanna and Emily rooming i literally started to question Emily and her types. For example, she was in love with Allison (blonde hair blue eyed) and Hanna made herself into her Ali’s image…ohh snappp! I see some a love pentagon polygon dingy?!?! JK, but it was kinda funny.

    Hanna: “……sleepover that never ends” **hmm i wonder if i look toooo excited that Emily is sleeping over**
    Emily: **Bitchezzz love me**……”Yeahh the pipes broke”

    ooooohh that mysterious lamb looking thing that was in the basket looks like the same rag doll that Emily’s or Spencer’s mom was taking about. IDK which family but yeah i remember that prop doll 🙂 yes i am a PLL stalker.

    In other events, i feel like i was the only one who was upset that Hanna and Caleb were in the same bedroom and did not do the dirty “deed”…again 8) complete shocker. For lil’ mike mike, i still hate him but i am sure glad that he finally busted Officer Pawlo…the one from that lizzie movie (not gonna lie but it is a fav) i mean mike was the only one to actually see through the cops bull poopy.
    That dinner party was the best yet..Jason whew blew me away! Not gonna lie i enjoyed Ezra’s jealousy. And Jenna Marshall or Lucas is -A neither has been suspected

    • MCRmyMember

      I agree with everything you just said. I also think that I could see Emily staring to like Hanna, but that would be beyond awkward.
      And you are soooo not the only one who wanted Hanna and Caleb to do that in her room…..but imagine if Emily walked in on it. 😉
      I’m also happy that Mike busted Garett for the lying, corrupt cop that he is. I just hope that I never have to lay eyes on Garett and Jenna about to make monkey like I did in episode 8.
      That dinner was hysterical. It was fun to see Fitzy look like a dog in heat over weither or not Jason has a thing for Aria. it was highly enjoyable. 8)

      • Hey MCRmyMember! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

        Ooh, I can definitely see this being a potential future storyline. Both Hanna and Emily are in relationships now. However, ever since Emily moved in with Hanna, they’ve kept their love lives, for the most part, out of the bedroom, at least while their “roommate” is home. But what will happen when Emily inevitably walks in on Hanna and Caleb hooking up? Or, how about Hanna seeing Emily and Samara doing “stuff” in the room together? I wonder how each would react to the other’s choice of “extracurricular activities?” 😉

        Good point about Garrett. It’s HIGH TIME the girls found him out for the MAJOR CREEPER he is. At least that twerpy Mike is good for SOMETHING! Right? And yes, I’m with you, if I NEVER see Police Boy Garrett and Blind Jenna hooking up again, it will be WAY too soon. *gags*

        Regarding the Fitzy-Aria-Facelift Jason Triangle, am I the only one who wants to see those two guys physically duke it out for Aria’s “love,” preferably shirtless? 😉

    • Hey there :)! I always love reading your comments. They never fail to crack me up. 🙂

      Hmmm . . . Hanna WOULD be Emily’s type, wouldn’t she? She DOES bare a striking resemblance to Ali and Samara, at least in terms of hair and eye color. (I’m not sure how I would explain Maya and Little Orphan Bitchy, though. ;))

      Great call on the lamb! I bet it was Emily’s! It would make sense, that one of the stuffed animals in the basket represented Hanna (the pig), and the other one represented Emily (the innocent lamb) . . . it kind of fits with A’s whole “Gift Bag of Destruction” theme.

      As for Hanna and Caleb not hooking up in the bedroom, perhaps, they only like having sex in “INTERESTING” places . . . like the tent . . . and the shower . . . and Spencer’s random abandoned bungalow. 😉

      I do like the idea of Fitzy and Jason competing for Aria’s affections. In real life, jealousy is an annoying quality on a guy. But on television, it’s SUPER fun to watch, and, sometimes, even SEXY. 😉

      As for “A,” I would be shocked if it ended up being Lucas or Wren, since those two are my FAVE PLL boys. As for Jenna . . . eh .. . I don’t know. You know, she was actually the first suspect to be presented on the show. Remember the second episode, when Spencer saw her typing up weird messages on her computer to be sent out as texts? 🙂

      Thanks again for talking PLL with me. You rock!

  4. Told you I’d try and get over here and comment FINALLY. South Carolina was really fun but one of the things I missed most on Thursday morning when I was painting a porch railing was your blog and your amazing recaps. I was always mentally watching episodes in my head, singing songs I heard on the show. I guess that’s why the rest of the crew was inside and away from my crazy self. Not really  I wait all winter for summer, so I didn’t want to be inside. Living in the Midwest where the snow gets up to your knees does that to a person with Southern blood.
    I see your point on the fact that these girls always feel the need to recap the previous episode for us. Like, seriously, you give us the entire “Previously on Pretty Little Liars” segment before the new episode each and every week. If they want to recap for us, just show some scenes of incredibly hot shirtless Ezra Fitz and we can call it a recap 😉 Or just let Wren tell it to us? I could deal with him recapping for us with that adorable British accent.
    If my boyfriend hacked cell phones and broke the law for a living, I’d probably get peeved off too. Hanna is just trying to protect her man from himself. The way he came out to her about what happened in Allentown was really honest and a real vulnerable moment for him, I could tell it took some guts.
    Speaking of Hanna, I guess I should say that I don’t really like the sleepover thing. Maybe it’s all the Hamily fanfics I keep on seeing on FanFiction. I feel like the writers are just mashing these two together to keep Emily satisfied with one girl instead her never-ending list of impending girlfriends.
    Spencer and Toby are starting to remind me of a happy and content old married couple. Not that’s a bad thing either. I just wish that they would get some more drama put into their relationship. Gosh knows Ezra and Aria have had enough drama in their relationship. And if Spoby doesn’t get a wrench thrown in soon, I feel like they won’t last very long. They’ll fizzle away like the Ghosts of Emily’s Girlfriend’s Past.
    How come that Ezra never fails to make me smile? He is always so considerate and sweet of his girlfriend’s feelings, even when she doesn’t deserve it. Plus, I have noticed that his wavy curls are coming back into the picture and KJewls, my friend, we both know that those curls are like my personal drug when it comes to my future husband, Ian Harding. They aren’t kidding when they say that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is they aren’t kidding, because Ezra is the only guy I could ever describe to be angelic.
    Facelift Jason, now tagged Ken the Barbie Doll and The Devil With 80’s Hair, needs find Jackie Molina, hit it off with her and head out of Rosewood. Every time his face comes up on my TV or he talks, I feel like punching something. I could approve him on the show if he met Ezra’s ex and had his attention directed. As of right now, though, I am surprised Aria’s eyes aren’t pregnant yet as much Jason has been having sex with them lately.
    At the dinner scene I was hoping for Ezra to hit Jason, preferably in the face (who knows? Maybe the surgery was a waste of money and he will turn back into Jason 1.0 again), but since my hopes were all too high for a PLL fight scene, I was let down. Ezra’s Death Glares had my approval though. (Nice throwing in that old low blow about Ezra’s poetry too. I guess I can forgive you for that. We can’t always agree on everything, now can we? I’d say something mean about Wren but then I’d never get over the guilt of making fun of that British piece of hotness.)
    It sucked that I had to miss this episode when it first aired, since it wasn’t that bad. Ezra has redeemed himself, Emily and Hanna have come to odds about the living situation, Spencer and Toby finding a piece of a possible murder weapon that I’d like to hit Ken the Barbie Doll with and Caleb has become tied for my third favorite guy on the show. The other two fighting for that top three spot are Lucas and Wren. The Devil With 80’s Hair makes my People I’d Ship With A Cinder Block On The Bottom of A Deep River but nothing else.
    So, my promise has been fulfilled and my guilt has been relinquished. Awesome recap as always! See you next week!

    • Oooh! I love, love, LOVE your idea of Wren doing the Previously On recaps! Man, I could listen to that guy read the TELEPHONE BOOK for hours, and not get bored. (And if he just so happened to do it, wearing nothing but a towel, so much the better. 🙂

      I do see what you mean about Caleb. Not that I would ever condone shoplifting, but I could see how, while what Hanna was doing was MORALLY wrong, what Caleb was doing was DANGEROUS, because it involved getting entangled with some pretty shady people. If Hanna gets caught shoplifting, she could get arrested (unless her mom decides to sleep with the entire police department to avoid this), if Caleb gets caught doing what HE did in Allentown, or pisses off the people he did it with, he could get shot. In hindsight though, I think having Caleb leave the way he did was a TOTAL copout, because the “Caleb’s in a Gang” storyline had some real potential . . . not in the “Hanna’s dating a criminal” way, but in a, “Mafioso in Rosewood” kind of way. And I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Mob movies, so . . .

      Haha, I really don’t think the writers would ever put Hanna and Emily together in a romantic context. (Of course, having made the joke myself, I can certainly understand where those fanfictions are coming from.) For starters, I think it would send the wrong message, in terms of what being gay actually means. With Emily, though she tried having a boyfriend, early in the season, deep down, she always knew she was gay. For Hanna to “turn gay” just from being roommates with Emily, would imply that one’s sexual preference is a choice, which . . . well . . . You see where I’m going with this. Also, I’m pretty sure Hanna’s the straightest girl on the show. 🙂

      As for Spoby, fear not, Marlene King has teased that “A” is going to start messing with THAT couple, just as she’s done with all the other ones. So, there is definitely trouble comign Spoby’s way. (Hmmm . . . I wonder if “A” is going to try to make Toby think Spencer is cheating with Dr. Wren. Interesting . . .

      LOL about the poetry remark. 🙂 I had actually kept it pretty subtle at first. But when elaboration was required, I knew I had to throw that link in again. 🙂 Come on, you just know that, somewhere in that apartment of his, Fitzy keeps a diary FILLED with poems about his feelings. And this most recent entry probably looked something like this:

      Dinner today, girlfriend’s house.
      Brought bourbon. Hate Bourbon
      Floppy haired man
      making moves on my girl.
      Could stuff him in the trunk of my car
      and drive him into the lake
      Think anybody would notice? 🙂

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