You just got SCHOOLED! – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

DAMON:  “You know, it really baffles me, how you continue to resist my amorous fondles.  I’m stroking your boobs.  I’m blowing on the back of your neck.  I’m doing the Eye Thing.  It’s Textbook Seduction.  How are we not jumping eachother’s bones, by now?”

ELENA:  “It’s simple, really.  The producers have put a padlock on my underwear.  Not to be opened until episode 12.”

DAMON: “Figures . . . we have vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts, Originals, and hybrids, when all we really need is a good locksmith.”

Greetings, Fangbangers!  It’s back to school time, at Mystic Falls.  Remember school?  That place our characters typically go to attend vampire-infested theme dances, and then seemingly don’t return, for months?

Well, apparently, Mystic Falls High has just enacted a much stricter attendance policy.  Because THIS is the second episode IN A ROW that featured the elusive high school, as a backdrop.

“What is this place?  How did we get here?  Is this another one of Bonnie’s spells?”

In many ways, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” was a warped, alternate universe, version of the first few of episodes of TVD.  There was cheerleading practice, and a bonfire.  Vicki was hanging out in the stoner den.  Tyler was being douche (and wearing a dorky dew rag).

It soaks up my man sweat!”

Elena sat next to Stefan in Alaric’s Saltzman’s history class.  (I’m still not sure if Mystic Fall High has any other history teachers.)  SOMEONE was wearing an ugly scarf to hide an uglier vampire bite.

“Is that a doiley around your neck, or are you just happy to see me?”

With a town so rich in history (and REALLY OLD PEOPLE), it makes sense that Mystic Falls is a place where history seems doomed to repeat itself for all eternity, with some very important “adjustments” to the original tale.

Let’s analyze, shall we?

(Special thanks, as always to my Brilliant Screencapper Andre for most of the pictures you see here.)

Elena the Vampire Layer Slayer


“I’m done playing The Victim . . . at least, until next week.”

It’s 5:15 a.m.  Elena’s alarm clock has just gone off.  She’s clearly not happy about it.  Yet, our heroine still manages to emerge from her bed, without ONCE hitting the Snooze Alarm, which is more than I can say for myself, most mornings . . . and I’ve never ONCE been eaten by an ex-boyfriend

(Well .  . . there was that one time . . . nevermind.)

“I have to say, as far as hickeys go .  . . this one is actually kind of cute.  I think I’ll keep it.” 

After donning her most stylish workout gear, Elena tromps off into the woods with Alaric, for her first lesson in Vampire Slaying 101.  The problem of course, is that, though he has all the coolest vampire slaying toys, Alaric’s track record for ACTUALLY killing vampires sort of leveled off around mid season 1.

Hmm . . . I wonder why that would be?

(You know the saying, “Those who can . . . DO, and those who can’t TEACH?”  Well, apparently, this applies to Alaric in most aspects of his life . . .

He’s still an expert at using his Chunky Monkey, though . . .

Alaric shows Elena a little pillow dummy, and instructs her to stab it.  However, she can’t “penetrate” because the blade is too dull  the dummy is too hard she is too scrawny.  Alaric then caustically tells Elena that she could stand to GAIN a few pounds . . .  a line that may not have won Alaric many points with his student, but will most certainly earn actor Matt Davis plenty of points with TVD’s female fanbase. (Needless to say, I suspect the Chunky Monkey will be getting A LOT more action, this week.)

“I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow that vampire pillow down!”

Always quick to jump down the throat of ANY male on this show, Elena immediately begins to lecture Alaric on his chauvenistic lack of faith in her vampire slaying abilities.  (Of course, Elena.  He doubts you, because YOU ARE GIRL.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you make terrible vampire slaying plans in every episode, which fail about 100% of the time.)

The truth hurts, doesn’t it? 

Of course, since Alaric secretly wants to bone Elena (at least, he SEEMS like he does), he doesn’t insult her, the way I just did.

“I know you tend to prefer undead men, Elena.  But, rest assured, there are some unique benefits to dating real life humans . . . I just haven’t figured out what they are yet.”

Instead, Alaric tells Elena how strong she is, just for getting out of bed in the morning (talk about LOW EXPECTATIONS), and somehow equates this TREMENDOUS feat with having vampire slaying abilities.

Hmm . . . getting one’s lazy ass out of bed . . . overpowering, and murdering an immortal bloodsucking monster .  . . yeah . . . I don’t really see the relationship either. 😉  But hey, why burst Elena’s bubble, so early in the morning?

New Year, New Life, New . .  . Scarf?

CAROLINE:  “Seriously, who compelled her to dress like that?”

BONNIE: “I know, right?  She is SO not sitting at our lunch table, this year.”

ELENA: “Umm . . . guys? Stefan bit me on the NECK, not the EAR.  I can still HEAR YOU!” 

An hour or so later, besties Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, and Bonnie Bennett are walking into school, seemingly in complete denial as to how truly f*&ked up their lives have become.  Caroline, in particular, seems determined to put her past year of being tortured in about every other episode, behind her, so that she can have an AWESOME senior year.

 There is nothing at all strange about this.  This happens to everybody.  Doesn’t it?

Then, Ugly Scarf Elena has to TOTALLY ruin the mood, by whining about how it’s her and Stefan’s anniversary . . . and, now he’s Klaus’ evil b*tch . . . and how she wasn’t able to get the stake to stick in the vampire pillow doll, this morning and WAAAAAAAH!

ELENA: “My scarf is making me depressed.”

CAROLINE: “Your scarf is making EVERYONE depressed.”

Talk about a serious Debbie Downer!  I’m officially convinced that Ugly Scarf Elena is the polar opposite an nemesis, of the adorably sassy, Ponytail Elena, who, fortunately, for us, is poised to make an appearance in this episode, in just a few moments .  . .

Right arm red, left foot blue, right hand DOUCHE

Ripper Stefan is so LAZY!  Pilot Episode Damon would have absolutely been on the floor playing Twister WITH his breakfast mates.

Damon is VERY flexible.

Meanwhile, back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Stefan is enjoying breakfast.  . .  and by “breakfast,” I mean a bunch of bimbos, who just LOVE to play Twister, and / or have their arms chewed off by a so-called “True Ripper.”

Looks like a BLAST!

(Now, of course, I understand why he wanted to eat them.  But why bother with the board games?  It just seems like an awful waste of time to me.  Hasn’t anyone ever taught this guy not to play with his food?)

“Is this what Klaus had in mind, when he compelled you to protect Elena?” Damon wonders.

Good point, Damon.  Throughout the episode, I found myself wondering just what exactly Klaus meant by compelling Stefan to turn off his emotions.  After all, you would think a non-emotional guy would be kind of robotic, stiff .  . . etc.

But Ripper Stefan, actually seems MORE “humanly” at ease with himself than Old Stefan.  He SMILES.  He LAUGHS.  He FLIRTS.  He takes joy in other people’s suffering.  He cares about Elena, in a sort of weird, and oddly detached way.

In fact, I’m starting to think that maybe, instead of compelling Stefan to turn off his emotions, Klaus accidentally compelled Stefan to believe he was Pilot Episode Damon.  This would actually make a lot more sense, under the circumstances.  Don’t you think?

Then again, we HAVE seen Stefan at least partially resist compulsion before.  So, perhaps, Stefan’s tiny little tiptoes into humanity are meant to represent examples of THAT . . .

Whatever it is, Damon’s and Stefan’s discussion of it, is interrupted by the arrival of a very special guest . . .

Barbie Klaus Gets a New Dream House

“Hello, I was going door-to-door, and was wondering if you had any interest in purchasing a Bible?”

Don’t get me wrong, I love that Damon refers to Rebekah as Barbie Klaus or Klaus Barbie.  (Buy her at a store near you.  Fangs, coffin, and Naptime Stomach Dagger, each sold separately . . .)

I even love that she’s staying at La Casa de Rich and Awesome (provided she NEVER . . . EVER cockblocks my Delena, of course).

Still, I can’t help but wonder how she managed to ENTER the house to begin with, considering that it currently belongs to Elena, who has yet to actually invite her inside.

Remember, back last season, when Elena de-staked Elijah, and he was practically BLOWN outside of the house, due to his never having been invited in?  NO?  Well, don’t worry too much about it.  Because, apparently, the writers don’t either . . .

Dead Girls Do It Better

The students at Mystic Falls High will inevitably begin to wonder whether there is a schizophrenia epidemic in town, especially considering that BOTH Jeremy and Matt seem to have developed a habit of talking to themselves in embarrassingly public places.  Well . . . Matt talks to Vicki in public places.  Jeremy talks to Anna in the Men’s Room, which is wrong on so many levels, I can’t even begin to describe them . . .

“So, THIS is what a men’s room looks like.  Centuries old, and I’ve never seen the inside of one before.  GO figure!”

Matt and Vicki drive together to school.  And then proceed to reminisce in the parking lot about, how much fun school was, last year, back when, you know, Vicki was still alive, and not a vampire, but rather, an incredibly slutty drug addict, with crushingly low self-esteem, and a horrible case of crabs.

But hey!  At least you were a really good dancer!

Good times!  Things are significantly chillier INSIDE the school, where Bonnie is nagging Jeremy, about spending more time with Ghost Anna, than he spends with HER.


You know, Bonnie, when your boyfriend would rather have conversations with the AIR in public bathrooms, rather than hang out with you, that’s a REALLY good sign that  . . .

. . . oh yeah, and that he’s a TOTAL WACKADOODLE . . .

As Jeremy leaves Bonnie to undoubtedly head back to the urinals, so that he can hit on his mistress in a more romantic setting, a very pissy (See what I did there?) Bonnie undoubtedly begins to ponder whether she has the power to give a ghost one of her Trademark Headaches.

“You’ll pay for this, Casper the Friendly Slut!”

Speaking of Trademark Witch Moves, I’m sure I’m not the only one that notices that Bonnie’s nose hasn’t bled ALL SEASON.  I wonder what changed?  She finally kicked the coke habit.

Meanwhile, inside a creepy little tomb located conveniently nearby . . .

Why some Coffins Come Equipped with Snooze Alarms . . .

Come on Baby!  Open your mouth . . .  here comes the choo choo train.”

Last week, when Katherine and Jeremy lifted up the lid on Big Bad Vampire Hunter Michael’s coffin, we all ASSUMED he’d stay awake.  But apparently, Grouchy Mike just rolled over, and went back to bed.  A frustrated Katherine tried everything to get Michael to chow down.  She brought him men, women, animals, and rodents.

But the dude just kept GOING BACK TO SLEEP!  The nerve!  No wonder Katherine had no time for her ex-boyfriend’s phone calls!


Can you blame her?  (Because I can!)

Finally, Katherine drips fresh blood from a human male directly into Michael’s open mouth.  This seems to do the trick.  As it turns out, all baby wanted was to be FORCE FED, after all.  Or was it?

Back at school . . .

AP History Never Looked So Good

It just occurred to me, that a good portion of the past two episodes, has taken place in the bathroom . . . symbolism?

When an oddly giddy Tyler shows up at school with blood on his shirt, Caroline pulls him into the bathroom to frustratedly lecture him to keep a low profile, given the whole Hybrid Thing.  (Part of me hoped that Caroline would rip Tyler’s shirt right off of him, so that she could, at least, put some stain stick on the blood mark, but no such luck.)

“I’m way too cool to care about little insignificant things like blood stains.”

Caroline is furious with Tyler, when she finds out he’s been accepting blood bag gifts from the Evil Rebekah. What’s worse, he actually seems PROUD of receiving the distinction of being Klaus’ First B*tch.

I Heart the Original Werevamp.”

Poor Tyler!  Clearly, he hasn’t read the memos that require him to be Self Loathing, and think of his magical powers as a BURDENSOME CURSE, even though they are TOTALLY AWESOME.  That’s what happens when you join the Scooby Gang a year late, I guess . . .

“You wouldn’t happen to be wearing that sexy red underwear I found in your drawers, last week, are you?  Because when I went to look through your underwear drawer this morning . . . umm  . . . to do laundry . . . it wasn’t there.”

The phone rings.  It’s Damon, for Elena.  He’s decided to warn her that Rebekah a.k.a. Klaus Barbie is now currently staying in the house that SHE owns, without paying rent .  . . oops.  Elena immediately asks after Stefan, causing Damon the Issue Avoider to hang up on Elena in the most clever way he knows how.  “Ring, RING . . . Oooh . . . is that the bell.  You don’t want to be late!”

“Damn you, Damon!  I am so not letting you eye f*&k me, or invade my personal space tonight.  You’ll be sorry!”

Yeah . . . Damon REALLY needs to work on his sound effects.  His school bell left much to be desired .  . .

As for Stefan, Damon really shouldn’t have avoided Elena’s question.  If he hadn’t Elena might not have been as shocked by Stefan’s sudden reappearance in the halls of Mystic Falls High, as she was initially.

“Now, you are cheating on Klaus with Alaric, Stefan? When did you become such a slut?”

Yep . . . apparently, the inimitable Pilot Episode Damon Ripper Stefan has apparently decided to re-enroll in school, so that he could “keep Elena safe.”  (Dammit!  Why can’t I have my own sexy, Secret Service Vampire Detail?)

Look on the bright side, Elena.  Ripper Stefan is an excellent person to cheat off of, when you have your inevitable Civil War Exam.

Ripper Stefan roughs up former pal acquaintence Alaric a bit, just to show that he means business.  Then he joins Elena, Caroline, and Tyler in Alaric’s AP History class.  (Wait . .  . Tyler, Caroline, and Elena are ALL in Advanced Placement History?  I guess Elena’s appearance there makes some sense, but I never particularly considered Tyler to be much of intellectual power house.

Oops . . . Sorry Tyler.  I’m sure you’re very intelligent.  (Please don’t eat me.)

Did you?  Oh, did I mention that Rebekah is taking this class too?

The future Mrs. Saltzman?

I didn’t?  Well . . . consider it mentioned.

Vampire Barbie versus Barbie Klaus

It’s odd how, even though Rebekah is back in Mystic Falls on Klaus’ orders, she seems to have somehow developed her own agenda.  And that agenda has a name: Tyler Lockwood.  Apparently, Rebekah wants to obtain Tyler by Single White Femal-ing Caroline, all around school.

“The easiest way to become head cheerleader is to eat the rest of the squad . . . It would make getting into pyramid formation difficult, though.”

Rebekah didn’t look at all out of place as part of the cheerleading squad.  And I couldn’t help but wonder, how she managed to master all those complex gymnastics.   I didn’t know girls DID gymnastics, back in the 20’s, did you?  Perhaps, it’s a vampire thing . . .

Anywhoo, Tyler’s obvious sexual appreciation of Rebekah’s BODY of WORK . . .

 “I wasn’t aware one’s legs can wrap themselves around their head, in that way . . . imagine the possibilities.”

. . . along with his unethical (but awesome) decision to compel his coach to end football practice early, only serve to get Caroline to nag at him even harder than before.

“You also REALLY like my dew rag, and want to get one just like it for yourself.”

Better watch your step Caroline, because where I come from NAGGING boys is the fastest way to scare them away . . .

But NOTHING will scare Stefan away.  He creepily falls inline along side Elena, as she heads for a leisurely run around the track.  (I guess she’s not a cheerleader, anymore?)  Then, just to show what a chivalrous guy he is, Stefan BEATS THE CRAP OUT OF SOME DUDE WHO HAS THE NERVE TO RUN NEAR ELENA.

 (Now, that’s love!) 

Well . . . maybe . . . Stefan does inform Elena that she is the Human Blood Bag Klaus needs him to protect.  Human Blood Bag . . . not exactly a “term of endearment” among the ladies . . .

Guess which one is Elena?

Note to Stefan:  Stay away from nicknames.  You will never be as good at coming up with them as your brother is.   Sawyer from Lost, you are most certainly not . . .

Some Lessons Come from the Heart (Others Come from Just Under Your Boob)

While I LOVE that Damon took the opportunity to get to the “heart” of the matter, by fondling Elena’s breasts, how much more AWESOME would this scene have been, if Damon told Elena that the way to a vampire’s heart was between his legs? 😉 

After her literal, run-in with Stefan, a pouty Elena calls Damon again, and begs him to come to school, and stop by the gym.  When he arrives, Damon’s just oozing charm over, thrilled that the object of his affection has asked for his help.  Damon . . . now HERE’S a guy who’s great with nicnknames!  While jokingly adding a little extra pressure to the barbell Elena is bench pressing, he calls her Buffy.


Then again, when she admits to wanting to lock Stefan up, he refers to her as Warrior Princess.  Classy!

At first, Damon is a bit skeptical of the idea of locking up Stefan.  After all, he’s not just supposedly emotion free, he’s also high on human blood, which means he’s not going to come back to himself any time soon.  But then Elena trains her puppy dog eyes on Damon, and all bets are officially off. “Do it for me,” she pleads.  “Because every time I see him, I feel like I’m going to break, and I don’t want to give him the satisfaction.”

And THIS is when DAMON (who has killed PLENTY a vampire in his day) decides to give Elena HIS first lesson in Seduction of Elena Vampire Slaying 101.  First, Damon puts Elena’s hand on his warm chest, showing her that his sternum is solid, and that no heartbeat can be found there.


“Squeeze my nipple.  Do it.  I dare you!”

 As if THAT wasn’t erotic enough, Damon shows Elena the TRUE route to a vampire’s heart, by pulling her back against his chest, and running his hand along the length of the side of her skin.  The spinal column . . .  that is apparently where a vampire’s “heart” is.  Who knew?



Damon’s touch has an immediate effect on Elena, and she shivers with arousal, while, at the same time, instinctively leaning back towards Damon, so that she can experience this more deeply.


Damon obliges by casually blowing on her neck, and bringing her face toward his, so that she is forced to look deeply into his eyes.  “Do whatever it is you need to do,” he says, in a husky turned on voice, that is almost a whisper.  “Because no one is going to hurt you, least of all my brother.”



OK . . . so, I may have made a few (a lot) of inappropriate noises during this scene.  Can you blame me?  These two are absolutely ON FIRE!

It’s a shame they have to ruin the beauty of this moment, with their lousy Stefan-napping plans.  (Though, in their defense, this one goes a bit better than most . . .)

Oh No, Not Another AWFUL PLAN!

Why don’t we skip to the part, where Elena almost dies, and has to be rescued by a Salvatore . . .”

After Elena’s cooled off from her workout, the Scooby Gang meets in Alaric’s classroom, to run through their dastardly plan.   Here’s how it goes, Elena lures Stefan into a vulnerable position, while Alaric darts him with vervain.  Then, together, Alaric and Elena drag Stefan to the dungeon, where Papa Forbes once held Caroline.  Meanwhile, Damon hits on Rebekah to keep her from getting suspicious, while Tyler confirms the crew’s vervain supply.

But wait . . . Tyler doesn’t want to help, because this wouldn’t be what KLAUS wants.  All the sudden, Tyler has this big fat juicy crush on Klaus, and it’s making him act like his little minion.

Nothing you can say, can tear me away from MY VAMP!”

So, Damon knocks him out, explaining that Tyler’s got “sire’s disease,” also known as a built-in loyalty to the person that turned him into a vampire.    The loyalty relationship between progeny and maker, is something we heard a lot about in shows like True Blood.  But this is the first we are hearing of the concept, here.

Nonetheless, if “sire’s disease” is a unique characteristic of hybrids,  Klaus is just going to apeshit with happiness, when he learns about it, since an obedient hybrid army, has always been his lifelong dream.

You know, it does make sense that werewolves would be more likely than your average human turned vampire to exhibit this disease, particularly given the fact that werewolves are that much more prone to comraderie and pack mentality, than the average human being.

“I can’t give up all this great sex, just because my boyfriend is now Satan’s puppy!  That would be so shallow of me!”

A worried Caroline wonders how to “cure” her formerly broody beau’s new devastating man crush, but Damon fears there is no cure.  “Get yourself another boyfriend,” he instructs.  (I guess we can cross Damon off  of our Team Forwood Christmas List, then.)

With everyone in on the plan, it’s time to go to the Back to School Bonfire, and put it into action . . .

Oh, look!  The Dead Chick’s Got Plans Too!

“I think I liked you better when you were dead.”

But Elena isn’t the only one with a plan, Vicki has one too.  And it involves Matt (or “Matty” as she annoyingly refers to him) cutting his hand, and talking to candles, so that Ghost Vicki can lead a more-active haunting lifestyle.  Basically, Vicki has a powerful dead witch (the Original Witch) on her side to instruct her just how this should be done.  Matt stupidly complies with this request, though I’m honestly not sure, where he got all the candles.

Sure enough, the plan works, and Vicki is able to touch her brother, and be touched by him.  Now, that just sounds GROSS!  You know what else is GROSS?  The rest of Vicki’s plan.

Awww crap!”

Apparently, Matt signed on the dotted line, before reading the “fine print.”  That fine print is what Vicki has to do, at least according to the Original Witch, to STAY alive in Mystic Falls.  As it turns out, she is going to have to . . . wait for it . . . KILL ELENA, a.k.a. Hybrid Bloodbag.

Ruh RHO!

Jealous Elena + Drunk Elena + Flying Elena = FUN ELENA!

“Raise your glass, if you could possibly get killed tonight.”

This year’s bonfire is WAY more fun than last years, during which we spent most of it watching Elena and Stefan babble on about their FEELINGS.  This time around, we get to watch Damon flirt shamelessly with Rebekah, and feed her smores, as Elena looks on, pouting, clearly jealous.

“Mmmmm . . . white and creamy . . . kind of reminds me of something else.”


We haven’t seen Elena show signs of jealousy, since Andie (R.I.P.) hit on Damon, back in “Daddy Issues.”

And the fact that Damon doesn’t USE Elena’s obvious jealousy to manipulate her more, simply because he CAN, illustrates just how far he has come, since the pilot episode (more on that later).  Even Stefan picks up on Elena’s jealousy, and obvious attraction to Stefan, with a mixture of wry amusement, and friendly teasing.

I hope that marshmallow she’s eating goes straight to her hips.”

“What’s that look?”  Stefan snarks.  “Sure . . . be jealous . . . I’m sure my brother will love it.”

Needless to say, I suspect the NON-RIPPER Stefan wouldn’t be quite so understanding of Elena’s attraction to his brother.  Jealousy aside, Elena continues to play her part, drinking like a fish, and, at least partially faking inebriation to an increasingly watchful Stefan, who genuinely seems to be enjoying himself here.

Ripper Stefan would TOTALLY hit that!

Is it weird that I REALLY like this incarnation of Stefan?  Now, granted, maybe it’s because he reminds me so much of Damon, but he’s pretty hot!)

We reach our climax (in more ways than one), when Elena pretends to get SO drunk, that she falls from the high rise bleachers, outside the school, forcing Stefan to catch her, and keep her alive, as he’s been compelled to do.


“I knew you’d catch me,” Elena says breathily, as Stefan eyes her closely, a bit surprised by the intensity of feeling he’s having for a woman he supposedly could care less about.

It’s written all over his face.  And it’s VERY sexy, though admittedly, not as sexy as Damon’s boob fondle from earlier in the episode . . . 😉

*sniffs*  “Ooh . . . someone had garlic for dinner.”

Alaric then vervain darts Stefan . . .

 He shoots, he SCORES!

. . . and approaches Elena, so the pair can drag his unconscious body into Alaric’s car.  “Are you OK?  You look . . . uh . . . not sober,” remarks Alaric, to a clearly shaken Elena.

That’s OK . . . Alaric didn’t really like that car anyway!

Umm . . . Nationwide is on your side?

But Elena’s going to wish she was drunker, in just a few minutes.   Because after the pair put Stefan in the back of the car, and Elena gets in, Vicki makes her move, by SETTING ALARIC’S CAR ON FIRE, and locking the doors, so that Alaric can’t get in to rescue her.

Serves you right for dumping my brother, b*tch!”

A frantic Elena, turn to STEFAN, of all people, to help her, and he helps to kick out the back door, but promptly passes out again, before he can go any further . . .

“Sorry, about the whole vervain dart thing.  Could I make it up to you, by letting you rescue me for the 85,000th time?”

Not to worry, witchy Bonnie is on her way.  She has just finished having a WHINY conversation with her soon-to-be ex boyfriend Jeremy, and HIS soon-to-be new ghost girlfrien Anna, when Matt calls, telling Bonnie that, once again, he has done something VERY STUPID.

“Please Lord, don’t let my nose start bleeding again.”

Cue the candles, and more hand cutting, and more hand holding.  Together, Bonnie and Matt manage to beam Vicki away from Elena.  Then a tearful Matt has to go and send his own mildly evil sister back to the great beyond.  Sucks to be him!  Meanwhile, Elena drags an unconscious Stefan out of the car and dashes to safety with Alaric, just seconds before the car COMPLETELY EXPLODES.

Oops!  I do hope he has good insurance. . .


Klaus has great taste in pets.

In other, completely unrelated, news, Tyler tells Caroline that he doesn’t want Klaus to turn him back into his Season 1 Douchey self.  After all, everything he likes about himself aside from the massive size of his weiner, of course comes from Caroline.  (All together now . . . AWW!)

As “mad” as Caroline was at Tyler just a few moments earlier, within mere minutes, the pair is half naked, and happily humping one another’s legs (among other things).  I love how, no matter what is happening in a given episode, you can always count on at least one Forwood Soft Core Porn scene.  (Damon and Elena, TAKE NOTE!)

Unfortunately, Caroline and Tyler don’t have sex, in this episode, because she wants to teach him a lesson, regarding the whole “Gay for Klaus” thing.

I suspect Caroline will eventually come to regret leaving Tyler alone, half naked, with a sexy blanket around his crotch, for a number of reasons.  The most prominent of these is that Rebekah arrives soon thereafter, with a human for Tyler to drink . . . his very first taste of human blood, straight from the source.

Bon-Appetite, Fido . . . er, I mean, Tyler!”

It’s like Tyler is the biblical Adam, Rebekah is the serpent, and this soon-to-be dead girl is the forbidden fruit.

My what big teeth you have, Tyler!

The pair gnaw on the poor woman together, in a scene that’s oddly reminiscent of the one, during which Stefan and Rebekah first met, back in the 20’s.  Rebekah gets Tyler to do this, by preying on his “Gay for Klaus-ness,” “Klaus wants you to indulge in all the best that life has to offer,” she tells him . . .

So generous . . . that Klaus.

Yes, Tyler, drinking blood bags is SO last season, cannibalism, is obviously where it is at, right now . . .


Taking S& M a bit too far . . .

Speaking of cannibalism, Big Bad Vampire Hunter Michael is not at ALL happy that Katherine woke him, by forcing him to drink human blood.  As it turns out, like Season 1 Stefan, Michael hasn’t feasted on human blood in years.  But he doesn’t seem to drink bunnies, like Stefan used to, either . . . Weird.

No matter .  . . Michael is up now, and he’s ready to comply with Katherine’s request, by killing Klaus.  But first, Michael needs to eat HIS choice of food . . . VAMPIRE KATHERINE.

Kat Food.

That’s right, boys and girls, a vampire hunter that EATS OTHER VAMPIRES . . . It doesn’t get that much more self-loathing than that.

500 + is too young to die!”

So, is Katherine dead?  Man, I hope not!  I’d like to think that Michael, who’s been out of commission for  a while now, still needs Katherine alive to lead him to Klaus.  Either way, it looks Elena isn’t the only member of the Petrova Doppelganger family who’s destined to be a Breathing Blood Bag . . .

Back at the Gilbert household . . .

Handgasm . . . the Sequel

Please, let’s see this AGAIN!

Jeremy is on the phone with Bonnie, fighting about Anna, and yet Anna is still around.  (Haha!  Sorry Bonnie!  You’ve been REPLACED!  AGAIN!)  Jeremy assumes that this is because he is WAY more attracted to sweet, hot Anna than judgy, whiny, nose bleedy Bonnie he is incapable of NOT thinking about Anna.

But, as it turns out, it may be something more “supernatural” than that.  Because when Anna reaches out to touch Jeremy, just as she did the first time she appeared, not only can he feel HER.  Now, SHE can feel him  . . .

In short, boys and girls, IT’S ALIVE!!!

Elena Gilbert, you are my hero!  (And I NEVER THOUGHT I’D SAY THAT.)

Over at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, an unusually chivalrous Damon, helps put cover-up on Elena’s zits anesthetize the burn wound on Elena’s face.  Still jealous, Elena notes, much less subtly, than I’m sure she intended,  just how cozy Damon was looking with Rebekah, during the bonfire.  “You played your part well,” she says poutily.

This concealer will really minimize your pores.”

This causes Damon to remark on Elena’s so-called drunkenness.  “I thought you were too drunk to notice, he says, wryly.”

“I was faking most of it,” she explains.

Now, while OLD DAMON would have most certainly rejoiced in the opportunity to rub his non-relationship with Rebekah in Elena’s face, NEW DAMON simply puts his face close to Elena’s, so that their lips are almost touching, and whispers seductively, “So was I.”

Oh, lord, someone get me a fan!  I think they are going to kiss . . . I really think they are going to do it this time . . .

So, of course, count on Professor Alaric Cockblock to come in and spoil the moment . . . AGAIN.

*sigh*  Better luck next time, Delena fans.  Apparently, they are going to drag this relationship out to EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL LENGTHS, before giving us any sort of release.   We’re getting pretty darn close though, you must admit . . .

True . . . but it kind of sucks for you too.

Alaric then has a conversation with Ripper Stefan, that reminds me a heck of a lot, of the one Damon and Stefan had with one another, during “The Last Dance.”  Not surprisingly, though, given Stefan’s recent incarnation as Pilot Episode Damon, Stefan reads DAMON’S lines, while Alaric plays the role of OLD Stefan.  Here, Stefan notes that as much as he’s become a Cocky Ripper Douche, he’s still highly adept at keeping Elena safe, and has been compelled to do that, at all costs.

Therefore, Alaric should think twice about eliminating Elena’s bodyguard from the picture.  Alaric says nothing, in response.  But it is obvious, based on his facial expression, that he reluctantly agrees with this sentiment.  Cue Elena’s entrance.  A thoughtful Stefan wonders out loud, why Elena saved his life, when this seemed a perfect opportunity to let him die.

“Do you REALLY want to hear me make the speech again?”

So, Elena starts speechifying again, about how much she loves him, and still has hope that he’s going to become Old Stefan again, and, blah, blah, blah.  But just when you think Stefan is going to appear touched by Elena’s sentiment, he utters THIS REMARK: “Elena, do you have any idea how pathetic this makes you?’


Oooh .  . . OUCH!  Pilot Episode Damon Ripper Stefan sure knows how to make the crippling zingers stick.

But her’s something new, Elena STAKES STEFAN, using her trusty wrist vervain darts, to which we were introduced at the beginning of the episode.  “No, Stefan, it makes me strong,” she says triumphantly, as she stalks out.

That turned me on a little bit, Elena.  Hey. . . wanna play Twister with me?”

I think my favorite part of the scene, was the content and impressed look on Alaric’s face, as he watched Elena do this.  It ALMOST made me forgive him, for being so pissy and judgmental with Damon, lately.   Almost . . .

Speaking of Team Bad Ass, Elena tries to convince Alaric and Damon to kiss and make up, after the whole, “Damon KILLED Alaric” thing!  Another reason why Elena is my hero.

My only qualm with the scene was that DAMON, himself, wasn’t there to witness it.  Something tells me, he would be SUPER proud of his girl Elena, if he saw that.  Not to mention, EXTREMELY turned on . . .

Speaking of Damon . . .

Anybody got the number for Ghostbusters?

In the final scene of the episode, we find him randomly rolling up some old fusty rug, when a vase shatters near his head.  As he goes to pick up the pieces, some force flips him on his back.  It’s . . .  wait for it .  . . Ghost Mason.  And he looks positively evil (not to mention, super hot), when he grins at Damon, and tells him, “This is going to be fun.”

Payback’s a b*tch, or should I say . . . a wolf.

Well .  . fun for HIM, anyway . . .   Apparently, Vicki and Anna weren’t the only ghosts to have crossed over during Bonnie’s Send Vicki Back to Purgatory Spell.  Nice going, Bon-Bon!

And that was “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” in a nutshell.  Be sure to tune in next week, when Lady Gaga’s Boyfriend Uncle Werewolf practices some more S&M on poor Damon, and fan favorite Lexie tries her own brand of aversion training on Ripper Stefan.  You can check out the American trailer for the episiode here:

And the Canadian one here:

So, now it’s your turn, Fangbangers!  What did you think of “Smells Like Teen Spirit?”  Is Katherine really dead?  How long until Damon and Elena FINALLY get it on?  Are you grudgingly enjoying the renewed sexual tension between “Bad” Stefan and Elena, as much as I am?

“I’m slowly winning you over, one evil deed at a time.”

Do you wish Elena would either get drunk, or wear her hair in a ponytail more often?  Will Tyler and Caroline continue their “winning” streak of humping during each episode, even though Tyler is now Gay for Klaus?   And finally, which Ghosts of TVD’s past would you most like to see on YOUR TV screens next week?

Until next time .  . .

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33 responses to “You just got SCHOOLED! – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Great episode all though was Damon fondling Elena? I wasn´t too sure when he was giving her a Vampire anatomy course.

    But anyways I believe KW said because Elena died that broke the invitation thing over the house and when she came to life it didn´t automatically put the whole thing back in effect.

    It was nice seeing Elena actually stop being the victim much like Tara and Allison from TW after being victimized too long but temporarily at least since I believe this is another ELENA MUST BE PROTECTED storyline. I hate those.

    Alaric is right, element of surprise is the only way to take out a vampire if you´re not a witch or supernaturally powerful. Although I do agree with Alaric, Damon should not have killed him that was childish, the only reason Alaric called him out that time was because he was his friend, friends call you out on your BS. Alaric is about the only friend he has beside Elena the rest don´t like him too much but I do hope they can friends again. But interesting apparently a blood bond does exist its just very rare among vampires although quite common among hybrids.

    Interesting, vampire that feeds on other vampires that´s a new one on TVD. Vampires are dead creatures so vampire blood has nutritional value to him? I don´t think he´s a normal vampire or an Original probably a different type of vampire. But I don´t think Katherine is dead that would be bad of the writers´ part, he needs her to find Klaus but if she is…I just shrugged thinking: Meh, She´ll be back. They are played by the same actress and if you need her again in the future.

    Lexi is back hopefully she can cure Stefan of his Ripperdom or at least give him control over the bloodlust so he can awesome while having control.

    This whole Forwood thing might not end well. Its the whole Romeo and Juliet thing.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! LOL. Yes, Damon’s fondling of Elena was technically for the purpose of giving her a Vampire Anatomy lesson. (And his tips, in conjunction with Alaric’s, helped Elena to stake Stefan, at the end of the episode). But fondling is fondling! 🙂

      Put it this way . . imagine having a girl you are in love with, leaning up against you, all hot, sweaty, and wearing minimal clothing. Her back is up against your stomach. Her face is inches from yours. You can feel her heart beat in your chest, and smell the kind of shampoo she is using. You put her hand on your chest, feeling the warm sensation of her fingers on your skin. Then you start whispering in her ear, and running your hand across her body, from right under her bustline, down her hips, toward her ass.

      Tell me you wouldn’t be aroused by that? 🙂 Because I can tell you for sure that SHE would be. See? It’s all about perspective. 😉

      (By the way, if you’re interested, the Vampire Academy book series has a few really great erotic “training” scenes, like this one. You never know. It could inspire something in your fanfiction writing. ;))

      I agree with you. It is nice to finally see Elena developing some backbone, and learning to fight for herself. The problem of course, is that creatures way stronger than Damon and Stefan are currently out to kill her. Stefan wasn’t, which was one of the reasons, she was able to temporarily overpower him. But nifty swordplay techniques aren’t going to help Elena defeat the Original Witch, or the ghosts in next week’s episode, or Mikael (though, I guess he’s morally opposed to killing humans?). For that, she is going to need Damon . . . and I guess Ripper Stefan . . . maybe even Klaus, Rebekah (and sire Tyler), who now seem intent on keeping Elena ALIVE.

      You know what, now that I think about it, Elena’s probably safer NOW, than she’s been since the beginning of the series . . . weird.

      Team Badass, FOR THE WIN! Alaric knew going into this friendship, that Damon’s moral code was a bit on the loose side. But, if he was able to forgive him for, screwing / turning his wife, and killing him two other times, surely he can forgive him now. 😉

      I can see how feeding on other vampires would make Mikael strong, since vampires themselves are so much stronger than humans. I kind of got the impression that Mikael was against eating humans, in the way that Ripper Stefan was initially against eating them as well. Talk about unique moral codes! On one hand, Mikael is eating HIS OWN KIND . . . like a cannibal. On the other hand, assuming he is doing so, not because he NEEDS to, or even PREFERS to, but rather, out of some moral obligation he feels toward humans . . . well, that’s kind of .. . nice of him. Creepy, but nice. 🙂

      Either way, I got the impression that Mikael’s blood preference was more personal choice, than nutritional requirement. Even though drinking Katherine’s corpse offering revived Mikael, he seemed horrified by the idea that he had just imbibed human blood, even though the human was already dead, by the time the blood reached his mouth.

      It will be interesting to see how Tyler reacts once Klaus returns. It’s easy for him to say NOW, that he’ll put Caroline’s needs before Klaus’. But once Klaus gives him a task, I suspect it will be difficult for him to resist, even without compulsion. It’s odd, I always considered Tyler and Caroline to be the Romeo and Juliet of the show, back when Tyler was a werewolf, Caroline was a vampire, and their parents hated one another. But now that they both are at least partially the same species, and their parents are protecting their relationship, I actually liken their relationship more to Darth Vader and Queen Amidala. The potentially destructive barrier to the Forwood relationship is no longer disapproving or warring parents . . . now it’s Tyler himself, and whether he can fight the ever-present pull he has toward the dark side.

      Oh, and I hope they don’t kill Kat either. She’s too much fun to die! 🙂

  2. Brittany-Marie

    This is pretty similar to the American one you posted, though it’s just a tiny bit different with a few scenes that aren’t in the one you posted. (:

    Also, without getting into the whole episode and analyzing it right now
    (I’ll save that for later) .

    One of the many things I enjoyed this episode, was drunk Elena. She seemed very Katherine-esque to me. What about you?

    Another thing I adored was the scene between Stefan and Elena near the bleachers. I’m glad someone else noticed that look shared between the two of them – Almost as if something sparked just a little humanity in that moment.

    There’s much more than that of course, but I feel like rewatching a fifth or sixth time, before I actually sit down for an analysis . (:

    • Ooh, that trailer was fun, Brittany Marie! Thanks so much for posting it. I guess what happens is, immediately after the episode airs, The CW posts a shortened American trailer. And then, the next day, they post an EXTENDED trailer, which is the one you generously provided here. ( Hmmm . . . I wonder if Canada does an extended promo as well?)

      So, now we pretty much know that either Bonnie’s actions or Matt’s and Vicki’s prior to that, provided some sort of inroads for ghosts to enter into our natural world, without being tied to a particular human. They can touch, and be touched, torture, and be tortured. Interesting . . .

      Though Mason looked a little psycho, during some of the scenes in this trailer, and he was definitely sun torturing Damon (which, is getting a little old, by the way . . . be more creative, vampire torturers!), I actually suspect, that he, like Anna, might actually be out to HELP Elena, and prevent the other ghosts, and Original Witch, from killing her. So, even though Mason HATES Damon, for killing him, and seems to hate vampires in general, perhaps he sees that the only way to help Elena is through Damon.

      Now, why would Mason care about Elena? Perhaps, it has something to do with Tyler’s new hybrid status. Because Mason would definitely want to help TYLER in any way that he could . . .

      I too thought Drunk Elena was a lot of fun. And she did illustrate a bit of the snark, sarcasm, and confidence of Katherine. At first, I thought Elena’s drunkenness was ALL a ruse to get Stefan to save her. But, judging by Alaric’s assessment of Elena, after the fall happened, at least some of it was real. Perhaps, Elena needed to be a little drunk to have the courage to take that dive, the way that she did.

      It was mentioned a few times on TVD, most memorably, during a conversation between Rose and Damon last season, that older vampires CAN’T fully turn off their emotions. Humanity has a way of creeping in, when you least expect it. So, while Stefan has been compelled to consciously turn off his emotions, there were definitely moments during the episode, where I saw small glimpses of humanity in Stefan. The first was during the bleachers scene. Stefan seemed amused by Drunk Elena, and slightly, aroused, intrigued, and surprised by the surge of emotion / memory he had, while catching her.

      I also saw a bit of humanity in Stefan during his final conversation with Elena. He was slightly touched by her decision to save him. I also think his calling her pathetic, was more a calculated attempt to hurt her, and get her to give up pining after him, than it was an actual belief on his part. I kind of liken it to the scene in “The End of the Affair” where he dumped her, because that was an act too. When Elena staked Stefan at the end, he actually smiled and nodded, like he knew he deserved it, and was impressed with Elena for having the guts to do it.

      I also like that Ripper Stefan seems to actually be on Team Delena . . . cluing Elena in to her jealous of Damon’s flirtation with Beks, and telling the pair of them to “carry on,” during their romantic conversation, in last weeks episode. 🙂 Who knew Ripper Stefan would end up being such a good wingman for Damon, in the latter’s pursuit of the girl of his dreams? 😉

  3. I so miss commenting on your recaps. You are my hero! Since I got asked to recap for another site, I have to do mine before I read yours…I wanna be you when I grow up. This weeks was SO great! You hit all the hot (HAWT!) spots…my television actually leaked a little during the anatomy of a vampire lesson! Bwahaaa! I just had to note the first-aid scene. Been re-visiting the TVD books, and recently re-read Shadow Souls…can I say this would have been MUCH more effective (orgasmic) as a Tongue Bath! kjewels you rock!

    • Hey mak! I’m so psyched to hear you’re recapping TVD too. I can’t wait to compare notes with you! What site are you recapping for?

      LOL. I love the dirty image I have of your television “leaking” during the vampire anatomy lesson. 😉 You better get a condom on that thing! Otherwise, by the time Damon and Elena do the deed, 10 p.m. will roll around, and you’ll have all these little baby televisions on your floor. And what will you FEED them? 🙂

      Hmm . . . so Damon’s tongue can cure Elena’s wounds . . . *Reminds self to go re-read Shadowsouls, ASAP* It kind of make me wish the fire burned Elena somplace other than on her face, if you catch my drift. 😉

      (By the way, speaking of books, two things. One, I FINALLY read The Secret Circle series, and adored it, just as you said I would. I particularly liked Book Nick, which makes me even more annoyed with the “direction” they decided to take his character in, on the show. Speaking of bad decisions, I’m considering NOT reading the new TVD trilogy, Shadowhunters, based on L.J. Smith’s VERY public complaints about the new author, and her anti-Delena stance? Since you’re a fan of the books, I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts on this issue.)

  4. Anju

    Loved the episode except for the cocky ripper douche. Stefan needs to stop trying to be damon. Srsly there was no sexual tension between stelena. Loved the delena parts now THATS a Lot of sexual tension. They way damon puts his hand on elenas small back mmhm Yum

    • You are absolutely right, Anju. Of all the steamy couples on this show, Damon and Elena, are by far the MOST erotic, which is all the more impressive, when you consider that this is the ONLY couple on the show that hasn’t had sex yet. Damon’s chemistry with Elena is so incredibly explosive that they can make subtle things, like doing the dishes, vampire anatomy lessons, road trips, and simple arguments, seem undeniably sexy. I love that Elena is finally recognizing her feelings for Damon, and am confident that she won’t be able to fight them off much longer. If Damon and Elena are this sexy, doing NORMAL things, can you imagine how AWESOME they are going to be during an ACTUAL sex scene?

      You may have to mop me off the floor when that happens. 😉

  5. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos

    I don’t watch the show, but your recaps entertain the shit out of me. They are so fun to read!!

    • Hey Jillian! Thanks so much! I’ve been having so much fun reading your blog lately. And I’m so honored that you read my recaps, and enjoy them, especially since you don’t watch TVD! (I was certain you did, considering what an avid Ian Somerhalder fan you are. You “met him” as Boone from Lost, I presume? ;))

      Coincidentally, I read somewhere that TVD Seasons 1 and 2 are now available for online streaming on Netflix. So, if you ever have some free time, and feel like taking the show for a test drive, you can check them out there. The first three episodes in Season 1, are, admittedly, a bit rough. But the series gets amazing, really fast, around episode 6, and never lets up from there.

      No pressure, of course. Just a suggestion! 😉 Thanks again for your super-sweet comment!

  6. What renewed sexual tension??? Couldn’t feel the first time around can;t feel it now…

    • Hey Joanna! 🙂 Oh no! Please don’t take what I said in this recap, about Ripper Stefan, as evidence that I have abandoned our SHIP! If you’ve read this blog before, you know that I am a HUGE DELENA fan, Damon fan, and Ian Somerhalder fan. They are my TRUE OTP! And, in addition to my weekly recaps, I’ve written many an article on this blog dedicated to Damon’s and Elena’s epic relationship.

      I was merely noting that I find Ripper Stefan’s interactions with Elena more interesting than Good Stefan’s, possibly because Ripper Stefan reminds me a bit of Old School Damon. (Though, of course, there is no true comparison between the two.) From a plot-writing perspective, I know that many view Stefan’s Compelled Ripper Status to be a bit of a cop out (something akin to Soap Operas giving a character amnesia, to temporarily erase certain aspects of their personality). On the other hand, since this Stefan is almost a completely different character than Old Stefan, I can see how the writers used this plot point as a way to take an old relationship, and breathe new life into it. In some ways, Ripper Stefan is to Good Stefan, as Katherine is to Elena. Two DIFFERENT characters, though played by the same actor, can have different relationships with other characters than their alter egos.

      That being said, at this point, Elena is Damon’s to win. And the fact of their relationship moving to the next level this season is inevitable. These steamy last two episodes have made that very apparent. I don’t really see Ripper Stefan as an obstacle between them. If anything, Ripper Stefan is moving the Delena relationship along, by helping Elena come to terms with her love for Damon.

      So, yeah . . . . Team Delena, for the win . . . NO QUESTION. And if Katherine doesn’t die (which I don’t think she will), perhaps Ripper Stefan can make another go at it with her. 😉

  7. It was an okay episode in terms of storyline, but character development was GREAT! OMG DELENA!!!!!!! That’s all I really have to say, lol. They had sx without taking their clothes off, Elena got jealous from afar (much to mine and Stefan’s delight!) AND (this is super important) she let Damon know that she was jealous! And like ever the hopeless romantic that he is, Damon lets her know that he was “faking it”. She seemed so happy after that little confession, I think she was ready to f-it-all and just kiss him then and there (of course, Alaric the grinch had to come and cock-block.)

    That scene with Stefan at the end (whose badness I thoroughly enjoyed this episode!), I was like “NOOOOO, Elena, don’t slip away from your awesomeness! Don’t regress back into the needing, whiny, but iloveustefan! girlfriend! Just dont!”

    And then he called her pathetic (like we all have for the last… I don’t know 1.5 years?) and that did it for her, apparently, cuz girlfriend staked him in the stomach and didn’t even look back.

    And thus continues the tradition of Stefan getting sucker-staked by ex-gfs everytime he gets in their face.

    I think it’s Katherine’s turn again!

    • Ooh, I love your comparison between Elena’s staking of Stefan this week, and Katherine’s and Rebekah’s, in previous episodes, londonmiami. Stefan REALLY should think twice, before harshly rejecting his armed exes. 😉

      You bring a great point about the TRUE progress we have seen in the Delena relationship of late. Though the pair always had sexual tension, now they are truly being HONEST with one another. The game playing, manipulation, judginess, and fear of rejection is gone from both sides. Damon and Elena ACT like a couple now. They spend time together, help eachother out, and lean on one another for support. The fact that Elena tried to get Alaric to make up with Damon because “he misses [him]” was such a good girlfriend thing to do, wasn’t it?

      Damon’s been honest about his feelings for Elena, for a while now, at least since the end of Season 2. But the fact that he admitted to not having any feelings for Rebekah, despite the fact, that he KNEW, if he milked that faux relationship a bit longer, he could have made some in-roads to Elena through jealousy, shows some AMAZING character growth on his part.

      And ELENA! We’ve seen Elena make some great strides toward her relationship with Damon. This season, we’ve seen her react passionately, and flirtatiously toward his advances. We’ve seen her admit that she needs him, and doesn’t want him to leave her. And this week, she whole-heartedly and easily admitted to being jealous of him with another woman, even though SHE was the one who’s idea it was, that he flirt with her in the first place. No wonder, Damon was thrilled by the admission (as evidenced, by his half-pouty, “I thought you were too drunk to notice,” which ended in a trademark smirk). This was a HUGE DEAL in Delena world! 😉

      Here’s hoping Alaric can get on board with Team Delena, so that he can finally stop cockblocking them. Because, once that happens, it’s ON! 😉

  8. As for the sexual tension between Stelena — I’m sorry, but I STILL don’t feel it. I feel like that last staking scene was supposed to ooze sexual tension, but it DIDN’T. Especially when put right after the Delena scene – I mean, Paul kinda fell flat there, and Elena regressed into whiny-teen after an episode of GREAT character development (and this is yet anothe reason why I ship Delena – I just don’t see Elena being a grown-up with Stefan. She will forever be the teenage, angsty, I believe in first love is forever girl. She just can’t be a woman around him, and I don’t know whether it’s his fault or hers, but it’s there….)

    The scene that I enjoyed the most between Stelena were the bonfire scenes – her egging him on, him calling her out on her jealousy over Damon/Rebekah, and of course, the bleachers were hilarious. I feel like after seeing this episode, I can very clearly see Stefan and Elena as frenemies and best friends. They have a much better friend vibe than lovers vibe.


    • Oooh, I love your idea of Elena and Stefan as frenemies, who’ve dated in the past, but have both since moved on with others, and can now give one another real and genuine advice, as well as help one another out, when need be. I do think this relationship can work in that way, provided Stefan STAYS a Ripper, because I’m not sure Good Stefan would be capable of pulling this off.

      I also adore what you said about the Delena relationship being a comparatively mature one to the Stelena relationship, in that its a coupling that stems out of smoking sexual chemistry, and mutual love and respect, as opposed to the puppy love / hero worship that characterized the early Stelena relationship. The fact that Damon was willing to teach Elena to fight vampires, as opposed to shooing her into a corner so HE could protect her, all by himself, shows that Damon respects Elena as an equal. He sees her as strong, and smart, respects that about her, and wants to nurture that aspect of her. The best kind of relationships are the ones that bring out the best in both parties. Damon and Elena clearly bring out the best in eachother. 😉

  9. Tricus

    First off I like this Ripper Stefan better but I wouldn’t say that Elena and Stefan has sexual tension now. They have a “hmmmmm you are a very interesting person now who is very entertaining/unpredictable. Would like to know more” vibe.
    I don’t get “sexual” in their scenes. Or maybe I am comparing them to DE scenes. hahahahaha

    Yes this epi was much better than last one to me.
    I like when the gang have scenes at the school. Make it so much more fun and interesting though Damon can’t be there too.

    Elena learning to protect herself, coming up with a plan, talking back to Stefan and staking Stefan was full of win.
    SE snarky banter cannot compare to DE S1 banter though.

    Yeah I LOVE how Damon didn’t tell Elena about all those girls that Stefan had over,was snacking on and whatever else he did during the night with them. At least Damon doesn’t try to make his brother look bad just because he loves Elena and wants to get with her.

    Elena died at the end of S2 so Rebecca can come into the Salvatore house now. That’s a strange combo – Stefan, Damon and Rebecca in the same house. LOL

    Kat and Mikael- I hope that she is allright but then I also hope that she is gone too. I don’t know what other storyline she can support at this stage in the game. I am wishy washy with Kat
    That was a really smart thing that the TVD writers did by making Mikael consider dead things ( Vamps) as his food source. Great switch up. LOVED IT.

    The Jeremy/Anna and Matt/Vicky storyline I am still blah on. Vicky I never liked so I always thought her trying to communicate with Jeremy/Matt was not good and she was up to something.
    Only time will tell what will happen with Anna. I understand Bonnie upset but Bonnie and Jeremy still don’t do it for me. No chemistry.

    Tyler/Caro will have some major problems ahead. Tyler is high on power and having his ego stroked.Plus feeling “connected” to Klaus is not helping.

    The Damon/Elena training scene and first aid scene was HOT In the training scene Elena was breathing all hard like she was doing something strenuous.
    Those two gives of steam just by being close. It was SERIOUSLY the hottest thing I have seen on TVD in a long while and that includes all of SE “romantic/sex scenes, Damon and other girls and Tyler/Caro scenes.
    Nothing compares.
    Alaric needs ot get over himself very quickly. Yeah be angry at Damon but he should be “talkig” to Damon about the problem instead of ignoring it. He should know who Damon is by now but I guess guys don’t really like to talk about problems, especially with other guys.
    Sorry dude but your “weapons” will not save you from supernatural beings all the time. You have to be lucky, catch them by surprise, or tag team with another superntaural like Damon. HMMMM which would give you better luck in surviving? That is a Question for Alaric.

    Even though Rebecca turned down Damon at he bonfire I have a feeling she will make a play for him in the future. Like she told Stefan , she has needs and if Stefan will not “play” with her I don’t see anyone else who is even close to her type. Tyler is a boy to her and she is just watching him for Klaus. Plus she like to mess with Caro and that is the only reason I see Rebecca “flirting” or hanging around Tyler. Don’t see any sexual interest on Rebecca’s side for Tyler.

    I loved Stefan and Elena convo at the end when he told her she was pathetic to hold out hope for him or want to save him. I sometimes ( actually allways feels) that Ripper Stefan is actually thinking these things but he wouldn’t say them if he had his humanity back. Like he doesn’t have any filtering NOW so he says what is REALLY on his mind. It’s like a child who says whatever without thought because that is REALLY what the child thinks. Then you grow up and learn you can’t say everything that is on yoru mind. LOL Stefan is not Mr super nice guy anymore. Just like Damon in S1. I look at it as Stefan ( the true Stefan) really thinking Elena allways trying to “save” him as pathetic.
    Truly I clapped at his statement. Stefan doesn’t really need any saving per se of any emotional/psych/emotional issues, he just needs to control his blood addiction.
    Damon is the one who has all these deep emotional/pschological scars for a long time.
    Can’t wait fror next episode when Damon has more scenes. Is it wrong that I want him gone with Mason for like 1-2 episodes where no one knows where he is and everyone is VERY worried, like Elena.Alaric and even Stefan (kind of Ripper concerned?

    P.S Loved jealous Elena

    • Hey Tricus! You bring up an excellent point about Stefan. Though I suspect he’s sexually attracted to Elena, and impressed by her new-found strength and spunk, having severed the part of himself that experiences true love and affection, Stefan really isn’t in the position to BE in a romantic relationship with anyone, much less a highly sensitive person, like Elena. Plus, when it comes to sexual tension, romance, emotional connectivity, and eroticism, Delena is simply unbeatable. 😉

      Though Damon and Elena have had many sexually tense scenes before, I think this is the most PHYSICAL the two have been with one another, since that fight they had, where he held her up against the wall during “The Sacrifice.” If I recall, Elena was breathing pretty heavily then too . . . interesting. 😉

      I too prefer episodes where the entire cast gets to interact with one another, rather than being broken off into smaller groups. This is part of what makes Big Event episodes, like the bonfire in this one, and the Masquerade ball, last season, so much fun. And hey, perhaps, Damon could get a job at Mystic Falls High, as the cheerleading coach. 😉 (Can you imagine? How funny would that be?)

      For what it’s worth, I think Alaric has already forgiven Damon. He’s just still too proud to admit it. 😉

      You bring up a good point about Rebekah. I don’t think she views Tyler, as anything more than an opportunity to satisfy herself sexually, while pissing off fellow Vampire Barbie Caroline. I also think she might somehow believe that hooking up with Damon will make Stefan jealous. Unfortunately, for Rebekah, Damon is well past having empty sexual flings with pretty, but manipulative and shallow, women like Rebekah and Katherine. He truly only has eyes for Elena now. And he wasn’t afraid to admit that to Elena, during this episode.

      That said, I DO like Katherine, and hope she survives her surprise draining by Mikael. Though she can no longer be used in the plot as a “big baddie,” and isn’t all that much of a threat to the core characters anymore. I think she can be a solid ally for the Scooby Gang. Plus, I always assumed Katherine would end up with Stefan. If nothing else, it would be a great way of keeping him away from our Delena. Additionally, Rebekah and Kat are so much alike, I would love to see the two of them either butt heads and cat fight, or work together toward a common goal.

  10. serendipity

    Hi Jules! Great recap for a great episode!

    There were really a lot of parallels to the first episode, huh? Going back to school, Elena bumping into Stefan in the hallway (only it wasn’t such a nice surprise this time around…), Jeremy getting lectured in the bathroom, a party in the woods, history class (the only class they ever seem to take, but hey, it’s important to know your history, especially when it’s still walking around in town, no?), Elena falling for a Salvatore…

    I guess someone else already mentioned that of course Rebecca can get in the house, since Elena technically died, and we never did see them renew the whole paper trail (or maybe it wouldn’t even work anymore if you’ve already died once?). Katherine could enter so why not Rebecca?

    Ah, yes, the Delena vampire slaying 101… That was hot! It got me to miss the conversation the first time around, and then I had to pause and replay that again, because I was like, huh? Damon’s not good at anatomy, if he thinks THAT is where Elena’s spinal column is… But that’s not what he says. What he actually says, is: “Feel that? Right below your ribcage, there’s a spot. That’s the way to a vampire’s heart.” Indeed, you can’t get to someone’s heart through their ribcage or sternum: it’s too hard, or your knife (or stake) will most likely glance off their ribs. You have to slip it in below the ribs and aim up… (no, don’t know that from personal experience, just too many movies LOL) And I guess that’s a bit what Elena tries to do with Stefan at the end, and why she succeeds to drive her stake into Stefan (without actually hitting deep enough to get to Stefan’s heart, but of course she didn’t want to kill him) … So, thanks, teacher LOL

    And Elena being jealous? Too cute. Especially when it’s Stefan who calls her on it 😀 “My brother gets his flirt on and you’re jealous.” Priceless! Just like the ‘carry on’ he used last episode. I must say that I love ripper Stefan, honestly. So much more interesting, don’t you think? Now what I was wondering… Stefan in his ripper self apparently has NO feelings, for anybody. See how he acts towards Rebecca when she comes knocking at the boarding house, looking for bed and breakfast? I’m just wondering how that fits with 1920’s Stefan… Wasn’t he a ripper then? And he did manage to feel attracted to Rebecca, and if I interpreted it right, even fall in love with her to some extent? To the extent that Klaus felt like he should warn him at least… So how does that fit together? This Stefan doesn’t care about Elena; he doesn’t care about Rebecca (at least, he’s not jealous of Damon ‘getting his flirt on’)… I’m curious to know whether he would care about something happening to Damon… I still think that for Stefan, his brother is the most important thing there is (if you see what he’s given up to save him), so I’m wondering how Damon being in danger would play out …

    And of course Damon playing nurse to Elena’s little burn… I agree with whoever said it here earlier, that it’s a pity they didn’t go the ‘vampires can heal wounds’ road that the books do. Imagine Damon healing her little burn by licking it… Way to kiss and make it better 😉

    Well, a lot of ‘almost’ moments in this episode. I wonder how long they are going to keep this up… Just a little kiss would be welcome. Not the full sex thing yet, because that would still feel very much like Forwood to me (too much too quickly), but a kiss… Now that would be very much appreciated…

    And so all the ghosts are suddenly much stronger… That will undoubtedly make some people happy – Jeremy, take this chance and jump Anna’s bones; you know you want to! – and some people not so much – love Damon’s words: If I kill someone, they should stay dead! Katherine too should have been more careful about waking the dead… See, waking up Mikael is going to come and bite them in the ass… Told you so! Because if Mikael is on a diet of vampire blood, the whole cast (apart from Alaric, Jeremy and Elena, that is), is going to have to watch their step… How the hunters become the hunted…

    Curious for next week! Great screencaps too!

    • Hey Serendipity . . . history repeating, indeed. So much was the same, and yet so much changed. Most importantly, it’s Damon that Elena is falling for now . . . well, of course, she FELL for him months ago, but is just now allowing herself to recognize it, and embrace it. I do predict a Delena GENUINE kiss, in the coming episodes. After all, they are SO close, aren’t they? Part of me thinks they WOULD have kissed this week, if Alaric hadn’t gone and screwed everything up. SILLY ALARIC!

      Yeah . . . I’m sure KW made that excuse about Elena technically dying, to explain the distinction to prying fans, back when Katherine began coming and going from the house whenever she pleased. I’m still kind of not buying it though. It just seems a little too tidy, considering that Elena was “dead” for about ten minutes tops (with vampire blood in her system, no less, and Uncle / Father John having already sacrificed himself to keep her alive) . . . just long enough for Damon to carry her home, and lovingly rub her face. 🙂 The house is still in her name. (Had she actually died, it would have passed to Jeremy in her “estate,” as her only living blood relative, since both John and Jeremy’s dad were Gilberts.)

      Then again, that’s just me being nitpicky for the sake of my sarcastic recaps. 🙂 I don’t really mind that the writers effed up, and, then tried to cover it up, with some random technicality. 😉

      I too was wondering why Damon was referring to the spinal column, or even the area under her ribcage, while fondling her hips, which are no where near either. But your scientific explanation makes a lot of sense. As a frequent staker, who’s also been staked many times, Damon would know this better than anyone. And it was cool, how Elena took her anatomy lesson from Damon, and combined it with her weaponry lesson from Alaric, to make her final “kill” on Stefan, when he least expected it. Of course, I wouldn’t blame Damon, if he was a little lax about locating the spinal column on Elena’s body, just so he could cop a feel. 😉

      You also bring up an interesting aspect of Ripper Stefan. While I think Paul Wesley is doing an amazing job with what is essentially a NEW character role, I do fault the writers a little bit, on not quite seeming to know exactly WHO or WHAT Ripper Stefan is. In the flashbacks from “Blood Brothers,” as well as during Miss Mystic Falls. Stefan was a crazed bloodaholic, overwhelmed by his thirst for blood, and physically unable to control his animal instincts. In the “The Dinner Party” flashbacks, Stefan was also bloodthirsty, but he also seemed a bit psychopathic, like he ENJOYED killing, and loved to toy with his prey, whether it was by compelling them to WANT to be killed, or by stalking them, so that he could see the fear in their eyes, as he drained their life away.

      1920’s Stefan was more sociopath, than psychopath. Here he was in a room filled with humans, and he only actually ATE one or two. This Stefan seemed like he had more fun, playing with Klaus and Rebekah, and meanly teasing that human couple, than he had actually draining humans. He may have lacked humanity, but he didn’t lack emotion. 1920’s Stefan felt a friendship bond with Klaus, and DID seem to love Rebekah, at least as much as he was capable of loving anyone.

      Then we had the Stefan from episodes 1 through 4, who ACTED like a bloodthirsty ripper sometimes, but was in control other times. He also still loved Elena, and his brother, and though he tried to hurt them, and push them away, he also wanted to protect them.

      This NEW incarnation of Ripper Stefan is a big fat question mark. He clearly has no romantic feelings for Rebekah, anymore, though he didn’t exactly seem to have them BEFORE his so-called emotional turn off in Episode 5, either. He eats a lot of women, but seems in control of his urges enough to go to SCHOOL, and not kill everybody there. He’s mean to Elena, and ACTS like he’s only protecting her out of loyalty to / compulsion by Klaus. And yet, there is a part of him that still seems to care for Elena, in a detached sort of way, either out of MEMORY of past feelings, or a lingering attraction to her. So, while Stefan has been ordered to turn off his emotions, I don’t think hes capable of doing that completely . .. at least not as effectively as he did back in 1864.

      I sort of like THIS Ripper Stefan, better than any of the other ones we’ve met in the past. But I would like the writers to make up their mind about him. 🙂

      And you were right about Mikael. His being around is going to put EVERYBODY at risk . . . not just Klaus, Rebekah (and Katherine). The ghosts are putting everyone at risk as well. But I’d forgive them that, if they gave me a Jer-Anna sex scene, followed by a Delena one, of course. 😉

      Julie Plec tweeted earlier that SOMETHING about writing “Ghost World,” made her cry. I do hope we don’t experience a major, non-ghost loss in this episode. Though, it’s possible the tear-jerking scene involves Jeremy and Anna saying one final goodbye to eachother?

  11. Kangababy

    Hi Julie,
    Life has been hectic, so I sadly didn’t get to comment on your previous post. I think though that you have outdone yourself on this one. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while. I especially love the shout out to Sawyer’s nicknames in Lost (sigh…. what a show!!)
    So, to sum up thoughts on this episode:

    Tyler: I had a bad feeling that Tyler would display pre-werewolf tendencies and potentially side with Klaus after last week’s episode. Sadly, it does appear to be going that way. Ultimately Caroline is his link to humanity and with Rebekah around, I am now officially concerned about Forwood, and the residents of Mystic Falls in general. Tyler is not is a good place right now.

    Caroline: Watching Tyler as a new vampire/hybrid really brought it home for me what an amazing vampire Caroline is. If you had asked me what kind of vampire she would be during season 1, I would have thought something along the lines of a Vicky, just without the substance abuse problems 😉 Amazingly enough, she is a fantastic vampire, with unbelievable self control and wisdom beyond her years, recognising that just because she has an impulsive nature which is heightened by her vampirism, doesn’t mean she can use that as an excuse and act on it. That is pretty deep realisation for a teenage girl. I just love her….

    Bonnie and Matt: I like this friendship. I hope it says platonic because for me, not everyone needs to date each other on this show. They are two slightly lost souls finding comfort in each other and I like it. It also makes Matt much more likeable than how he acted when dating Caroline.

    Stefan and Elena: I completely agree with you that bad Stefan is a lot more fun to watch. However, I still feel like he is missing some of the likeability factor that Damon had in season 1, but hey anything is better than broody Stefan. I did feel that it was a cope out by the writers to have Stefan’s humanity compelled away, but I’ll go with it. You are right that Stefan and Elena definitiely had more chemistry and tension in this episode (I can’t believe that I am saying this as a Delena supporter). However, I think this tension is driven by their current circumstances, in that Elena is trying to bring back his humanity. Once Stefan is cured again (and I really believe that will happen, it’ll just take time and some spell or trick we don’t know about yet) that chemistry will fall away as I never felt their chemistry when they were together previously. Lastly, I still don’t think Elena understands the extent of what Stefan has done and who he is. She views this person as a separate person entirely from her Stefan, even before the compulsion. It frustrates me, as she will need to eventually figure out that her Stefan has done questionable things in the past and could do so in the future.

    Damon and Elena: Yeah….. There’s not much I can say about their scenes tonight other than: Swoon, sigh, drool and then repeat. I seriously love his nicknames for her, Buffy and Warrior Princess. Both of these names relate to Damon viewing Elena with some degree of strength (even if done in a teasing manner) which I think contrasts nicely with Stefan who kept bring up his opinion of Elena’s weaknesses and apparent lack of strength. Another thing that really got to me was the scene with Stefan calling Elena’s hope that he will find his humanity pathetic. It is really interesting that the one trait which makes Elena so special, her ability to see past the monster and have hope and faith for the humanity underneath, is seen so differently by the brothers. To Damon (who I would view as having switched off his humanity for the majority of season 1), it was the first thing that made him fall for her. To Stefan, without his humanity, he views it as pathetic and a weakness.

    Thanks again for a great recap.

    • Hey Kangababy! Thanks so much for your always awesome commentary. Tyler and Caroline are in for some rough waters, I suspect. On one hand, Tyler truly DOES love Caroline, and really WANTS to be a better person, for her, the kind of person who deserves a strong, sensitive, highly self-controlled vampire female, like Caroline. But Tyler was just finally coming to terms with being a werewolf, and now he’s got all the animal instincts, dark tendencies, strange loyalties, and blood lust of a vampire hybrid to deal with, on top of all of that. It would be a lot for any guy to handle. But for someone like Tyler, it might just prove to be too much.

      Caroline had Stefan on her side, to teach her how to be a “good vampire” and control her instincts. Tyler now has Caroline to do that for him. But he’s also got the manipulative and maniacal Rebekah, on his other ear, stroking his ego, and willing him to “indulge in all the best life has to offer.” I actually think Tyler is strong enough to resist Rebekah. But is he strong enough to resist his urges? Is he strong enough to resist Klaus? And will he even WANT to do so, by the time Klaus is done with him? It remains be seen. We’ve already seen what Klaus did to Stefan, and Stefan isn’t even his sire.

      I do agree that Matt is more likeable, apart from Caroline, than he was as her boyfriend. Those two had no chemistry with one another, and seemed to bring out eachother’s worst. And while, Matt’s decision to help Vicki was a pretty stupid, one, you can certainly understand WHY he did it, given how lonely he is, and how inexperienced he is in the ways of the supernatural. Matt went from not knowing supernaturals existed, to thinking they were all evil, to working with them to try and rescue Elena, in the matter of a few episodes. And now his trust in other living creatures has been dealt a major blow again, having been betrayed by his own sister. I suspect that Matt feels more lonely than ever. And while I’m not quite sure I’d be “into” a Matt / Bonnie pairing, at least it would be better than seeing them with Caroline and Jeremy.

      But I agree, not everyone needs to be coupled on this show . . .

      I love what you said about Damon falling in love with Elena’s ability to always see the good in every living being, human, werewolf or vampire, while Stefan (in his Ripper incarnation, but likely in his human incarnation as well), views it as a weakness. After all, Stefan ALWAYS saw himself as a monster, even when his emotions were turned on. Conversely, Elena IS Damon’s humanity. It is Elena that keeps Damon striving to be the hero, he never thought he could be. She’s the one that holds him accountable for his actions, while giving him the confidence to believe that he CAN be someone worthy of being her lover. Damon also views Elena as strong and capable, someone who can rescue herself, just as easily as she can be rescued. And that’s what makes Damon and Elena so perfect for one another.

      All that said, I don’t think we have to HATE Stefan to be a True Delena fan. And with a few personality tweaks, I think Ripper Stefan is an interesting and complex character, who I can grow to love . . . as long as he doesn’t cockblock my SHIP. 😉

  12. André

    Actually I can’t say much about this episode. So my comment is much shorter than usual.

    You know, you have a point with your remark regarding the characters attendance of school. Isn’t this supposed to be a teenie show? And isn’t highschool a typical part of the life of an American teenager? But it rarely features in this show.

    I can’t really say anything to Elena’s training session. It paid off in the end of the episode as it seems but that’s all of my opinion towards that.

    Stefan’s behavior was really weird. For a guy turning off his emotions (supposedly according to the show albeit they switched between calling it “turning of humanity” and “turning of emotions”) he is weirdly emotional throughout the whole episode. And yes he is extremely similar to early season 1 Damon. Whether Stefan does resist compulsion we don’t know, yet. Maybe we will in the next episode when Lexi returns.

    Now for Rebekka, I think the writers simply forgot that they had given the house to Elena and that’s why Rebekka could just walk in.
    And was Rebekka not in the house later or why didn’t she hear Damon talking to Katherine?

    I asked myself the same whether other students will think that Matt and Jeremy are crazy. Sure Jeremy talked to Anna in the toilet but Matt talked to Vicky out in the open.
    Bonnie’s reaction might be a bit annoying but there is some truth to it. So far Jeremy didn’t break up with his two ex-girlfriends, so now that they are back and Anna spends so much time with Jeremy Bonnie is designated to be at least a bit jealous.

    Did you notice how much bigger the blood-stain on the shirt was in the toilette scene, when compared to the one in the hall?
    And it is a bit weird that Tyler is in AP History. Probably another thing not thought through. Now I hope Rebekka’s viking question isn’t intended as some hint that the Originals were in North America at the time to somehow “explain” how they could have known about the Aztecs in 1492.
    And I guess her gymnastics would be considered a vampire thing.

    Now Caroline couldn’t believe that Tyler said this and behaves like that? Seriously, in real live, douchebags don’t just disappear overnight, not after being one for so long. And, well, his pre-werewolf persona was alive and kicking not even 6 months ago. Someone like that would be practically guaranteed to abuse the power of compulsion.
    But here it’s the whole sire-thing (another concept we never heard of before, not in this show at least) as it seems. Although that would only account for his desire to please Klaus. Before I forget, a friend of mine once said that Klaus was supposed to be able to control wolves. Maybe this sire-thing is the basis for this rumor. Or is based on it?
    I wouldn’t take it for granted that werewolves are more prone to comraderie and pack-mentality. This seemed rather a cultural trait so far, not something innate. I wouldn’t worry about it much though. Judged by the nature of the show so far, Tyler will become stronger than the sire thing. Personally I would prefer if he does not.
    And his personality is heightened now that Tyler is a “vampire”? Wasn’t that already supposed to be feature of him while being a werewolf?
    Although I am not surprised that he bit that girl at first opportunity, the guy they introduced had in no way enough willpower to resist something like that.
    Your comparison of the situation with the biblical Eden scene is partly right. The snake never tempted Adam in the text, at least not the versions I know off. Instead Eve just took the fruit, ate a piece and then handed it to Adam without any hesitation of Adam’s part. And this behavior of Adam is very similar to that of Tyler in this scene.

    Now Damon’s talk was a bit weird, I mean didn’t Elijah rip out vampire hearts exactly at the same spot a human heart would be?

    All alone? Didn’t Vicky said that she is in contact with someone else, the witch. How can she be actually alone then? And I wondered the whole time whether other people could see her now. I mean touching things was already possible for her before. So what is the difference?

    Actually I think that Tyler and Caroline did have sex in this episode. Caroline simply didn’t want to spent the night with him, since he hadn’t earned it so far. And looks like Trevino has been in the gym since the near sex scene a few episodes before; did you see how much more defined his abs are?

    A vampire feeding on other vampires. I wondered when that concept would be coming up. Maybe that is the reason Klaus and Rebekka fear him. And maybe drinking vampire blood is something different than human blood. According to the show a vampire feeding on human blood is stronger than one feeding of animals. Now what would happen if a vampire feeds on other vampires?
    Maybe Katherine is dead

    Why are Jeremy and Anna suddenly so surprised that they can touch each other, weren’t they already able to do that? And has it something to do with Mason’s sudden reappearance? First I that whether he was resurrected or something? Because simple surgery probably wouldn’t have done the job. But since Lexi returns too and walks in broad daylight we can be sure that they are both ghosts. Albeit it is weird that Mason is still so strong? Is that a general ghost thing or just one of werewolves?
    Maybe Matt and Jeremy are not exactly the same since Jeremy was already able to touch Anna, but according to this episode Matt didn’t seem to be able to at first.

    • Hey Andre! Hmmm . . . lukewarm feelings about this episode, I see. 🙂 We’ve all been there. Not to worry. I suspect that next week’s ghost and mythology episode will be more to your liking. 😉

      As for the school setting on TVD, it’s interesting, because the first half of the first season, actually featured school scenes quite a bit. Whereas, by season 2, the cast NEVER EVER seemed to attend Mystic Falls High. On one hand, it seemed odd that high school WASN’T a bigger part of these teenager’s lives. On the other, part of the emphasis on non-school storylines, might have been intentional on the part of the writers, to help the show appeal to a larger, older, demographic. After all, it’s easy to forget these twenty-somethings are actually PLAYING high schoolers, when they are never in school. Now, however, it looks like the writers are making an effort to make the show more school-centric, with characters like Rebekah and Stefan re-enrolling as students. So, we will have to see whether that ends up being a good thing or a bad one for the series. . .

      LOL re: your ambivalent remark toward the training session. Since East Coast Captain had the same response, I could only assume that the nature of the eroticism in this scene, appealed more to a female audience than a male one. Sometimes the promise of sex, through foreplay . . . hands exploring bare skin, labored breathing, quickened heart rate, lips nearly grazing the neck, bodies pressed against one another . . . can be more erotic to watch than the act of sex itself, at least to women. But hey, if someone you were really hot for, was rubbing their body parts all over you, I suspect you would be just as aroused as Damon and Elena were in that scene. Just sayin. 😉

      You and I do seem to be on the same page about Stefan, though . . . Is he resisting compulsion, at this point? Probably not. He genuinely seems to be enjoying himself, and his natural Ripper tendencies, right now. But I think turning off your emotions completely is actually a fiction in TVD world, otherwise, Stefan would be more robot than Ripper. And its his memories, and inner self that are giving us the glimpses into hi humanity that we saw at certain points, during this episode. Either way, judging by recent interviews Paul Wesley has given, I’m not sure he OR the writers, know exactly what or who Ripper Stefan is supposed to be yet.

      We’re also on the same page about Rebekah’s ability to enter La Casa de Rich and Awesome. 🙂 Writer flub, alert! 😉 As for her not hearing Damon talking to Katherine on the phone, perhaps she was at school, at that point?

      I do agree that Tyler’s natural tendency to enjoy and give in to his vampiric impulses is consistent with the alpha male, aspect of Tyler’s personality. Besides, which of us WOULDN’T be tempted to try a little compulsion out in our lives, if given the opportunity? So, I can’t exactly fault Tyler for that. 😉 As for Tyler’s eating that chick at Rebekah’s behest, it was oddly reminiscent of Stefan’s enticing Damon to take his first taste of human blood . . . though Damon seemed a bit more horrified by it than Tyler, who just went right in for the kill.

      Interesting point about the Adam and Eve analogy. I guess, in that sense, KLAUS would be more like the serpent, controlling things from behind the scenes, whereas Rebekah is a stand-in for the seductive Eve. It will be interesting to see how far exactly the writers plan to take the “sire” concept, between Klaus and Tyler. Will this be just another form of compulsion, or is there something deeper in the sire / maker relationship than that . . . something more akin to love, either romantic or paternal . . . Didn’t you write a fanfiction about this concept, not too long ago, Andre? 😉

      You are right. Tyler DID mention that his emotions were heightened as a werewolf. So, on the surface, Caroline’s lecture about Tyler’s emotions being heightened as a VAMPIRE would seem a bit redundant. On the other hand, I think as a werewolf, the only “emotions” that were heightened in Tyler were his alpha male rage and sexuality. I think Caroline’s speech was more in reference to Tyler’s PERSONALITY traits being heightened, as a vampire, than his emotions. Back when Caroline first turned, Stefan told her that, as a vampire, her natural type-A, perky, control-freak personality would be heightened as a vampire, if she didn’t consciously tone it down a bit.

      Likewise, Tyler’s natural personality tendency is toward alpha male douchiness. He’s obviously worked to temper that a bit lately, out of love for Caroline. But now that he’s a vampire, with a supernatural bond to Klaus, he’s going to have to work that much harder to keep himself from going completely over to the “Darkside” so to speak . . .

      As for Jeremy and Anna, I think the difference between the first touching scene and the second, was that, in the first one, Jeremy could feel ANNA, since he had a connection to the other side, and she was his foothold into the real world. Now, with this portal between the human world, and the ghost world opened, Anna can FEEL Jeremy too. She can also remain in the human world, even when Jeremy isn’t thinking about her. It allows her to be more human. We saw this with Matt and Vicki as well, when they were able to hug, right after he brought her back.

      The opening of this portal — whether Matt did it, when he resurrected Vicki, or whether Bonnie did it, accidentally, during her spell — is the reason all these ghosts are appearing in Mystic Falls now. It would also explain why Mason and Lexi both seem nearly as strong as they were, when they were alive. The question of course, is whether they are all working for the Original Witch, like Vicki was, or will merely use their new presence in the real world to right wrongs of their past, and help their friends who are still living . . .

      • André

        If they help them that is. Currently we don’t know what is going on and the promo’s don’t reveal much.
        However Vicky’s behavior so far doesn’t fit the promised “with a vengeance” if you ask me.

        As for the viewers reminding that the characters are teenagers…
        I don’t know whether that element really comes into play.

        That the writers and Wesley don’t know what Ripper Stefan is, fits the portrayal of him.

        Now to the Eve metaphor. Actually you did the same mistake most people do about the story. You assume that Eve seduced Adam or was seductive. But there is no evidence in the bible for this. It is like a wrote she handed him the fruit and he just took it and ate it, without any reservations. So Rebekka is not really Eve or the snake in that regard. Neither is Klaus, he is too dump for that. But Tyler is definitely Adam.
        As for him tending towards Alpha male…
        Not really, bully yes, but not alpha. Albeit it would fit if you define Alpha as someone with the urge to mke others submit, which basically is part of a bully persona. However that would mean that Tyler is basically a coward and a control freak and nothing more.

        Now whether Tyler will join the darkside, hard to tell. But maybe, only maybe, the writers will remember the unwanted homoerotism with Jeremy and let the two have hot man-sex (you cannot call it boy on boy, not with these two).

        And do you man the fanfiction concept I sent you?

        And East Coast Captain is a guy too? Thank God I thought I was the only one.

  13. East Coast Captain

    But you have to agree that even if they did kill off Kat, she´ll be back like always?

    They have to explain why Mikael drinks vampire blood, I don´t understand how Klaus could be afraid of Mikael even after becoming a hybrid, Mikael cannot be a regular vampire or an Original.

  14. Alaric is back! I hope he didn’t like that car too much. I guess he should go check in with Floe the Progressive Girl, I suppose! I hope he and Damon rekindle their bromance soon. They are so sweet in their love-hate relationship. I mean, how long can Alaric be mad at Damon for killing him?
    Elena reminds me a lot of Bella Swan from Twilight: Always the damzil in distress, always needing to be rescued, always being annoyingly non intelligent. In “Smells like Teen Spirit”, even in her plan of trapping Ripper Stefan 3.0, she had to be rescued.
    I love Rebekah. She is funny, smart, and witty. No wonder I am Team Semily when it comes to Emily’s never ending list of relationships on PLL. Claire Holt is a supurb actress and I have enjoyed seeing her playing Barbie Klaus so far.
    Delena is killing me! Damon is the non whiny version of Stefan that Elena never had. He treats her any woman would want to be treated by a two hundred old vampire. He teases her, makes life hard for her, and is a real pain in the neck when you come to think about it, but its so obvious that he loves her and real love is what I listed above. Delena for life!
    Have a wonderful week! It’s been fun reading your AH-MAZING recaps for shows besides PLL and I’ll thank you yet again for getting me to watch TVD as well as for getting me to watch Glee and Teen Wolf. Cause I would never even thought that I’d be into a vampire show, considering I am team Jacob when it comes to Twilight. Anyways, see you next week!

    • YIPPEE! I’m so psyched to have played a teeny tiny part in your becoming a true TVD-er, and a Delena fan, no less, CrazyLove.

      By the way, your comment as to why Damon is PERFECT for Elena, was simply full of WIN. 🙂 You are absolutely right. The people who love us the most are meant to challenge us, annoy us, and piss us off royally, sometimes. But they only do it, because they care about us in a way that nobody else does. Elena is lucky to have Damon around to push her buttons when they need to be pushed. Plus, we know he would do ANYTHING for her.

      Awww, poor Alaric. It wasn’t bad enough that the two main loves of his life are dead, he was once possessed by an Evil Original, and he has to DIE in just about every other episode. Now he’s CAR-LESS TOO! 🙂 Somebody REALLY needs a hug. Forgive Damon, Alaric! He will hug you, and then take you out, and get you so drunk that you’ll forget how sucky your life has been, lately.

      Elena CAN be VERY Bella Swan, sometimes, can’t she? Particularly with the whole, “I’ll put myself into dangerous situations, so Stefan can rescue me, and remember how much he LOOOOOOOOOVEEESS me.” *gag*

      At least, she’s finally bucking up, and learning how to fight for herself. That’s another cool thing about the Delena relationship. Damon was absolutely willing to train Elena, and help her toughen up, so she could, one day, defend herself. I suspect Old Stefan would tell scold her for trying to fight off vampires on her own, claiming she couldn’t do it. 🙂

      But, of course, I AM a little biased (well . . . VERY biased) . . . So, I could be wrong. 🙂

  15. Linn

    Oh. my. God. This episode was PURE WIN! I loved everything about it I loved Buffy-Elena, drunk-Elena, douchebag Stefan (he’s so hot right now, and he has amazing hair) and even douchbag Tyler (allthough I hope Caroline can fix him). Damon was more charming than he has been in a long time, I was totally swooning over both the gym flirting and the cheesy marsmallow flirting, which would absolutely have worked on me. And it wasn’t just the characters, the action was fast paced and great, and I’m liking where all this is going 🙂 I’m sure Katherine will be fine, but I was sad to see Vicki go. I always really liked her, and she was the character who got me through those lame first few episodes. I was hoping that it was really Anna who was the evil one :/

    I also love them being back at school, firsly because I’m a sucker for the whole highschool setting, and secondly because it seems like they all need it. As a Scandinavian, and a viking decendant, I was huffing over Alaric’s claim that there was no proof they ever came to America… You call yourself a history teacher?? 😉

    Anyways, I hope it continues with more cocky arsehole Stefan, empowered drunken warrior Elena, and super smooth stud Damon. I like it!

    • Hey Linn! I adored these last two episodes too! After not really loving episodes 3 and 4 as much as I thought I would, I am thrilled to see TVD returning to its usual awesome self. 🙂

      Yes, Elena should be a drunken vampire slayer WAY more often! Sassy, tough, flirty Elena, beats whiny, pouty judgmental Elena, any day. (And twice on Sunday.) I especially love that THIS incarnation of Elena, seems VERY eager to get into Damon’s pants (even when she’s NOT wearing her Power Ponytail!). In conclusion = Drunken Vampire Slayer Elena = Hot and Sexy Delena = Happy TV Recapper. 🙂

      I also do prefer Douchey Ripper Stefan. Like you said, he DOES have better hair. And he just seems to enjoy life WAY more than his Old Broody Self. (I actually think Stefan smiled more in THIS episode, than I’ve seen him smile in the entire three seasons of the show.)

      You bring up a great point about Vicki being the selling point, of TVD’s weak, first few episodes, during Season 1. The way Damon attacked and manipulated her on the roof of the school around episode 3 was SHOCKING. And the Damon / Vicki dance sequence / neck breaking from The Lost Girls was absolutely the scene that converted me from a casual fan of the show to a DIE HARD FANGIRL EXTRAORDINAIRE.

      It would have been an interesting twist, if Anna actually ended up being the evil one in this story line. Then again, she still might end up being up to no good . . . The trailer for next week’s episode was fairly ambiguous, in that regard.

      (That being said, I DO love me some JerAnna Handgasms . . . So, whether Anna ends up being good or evil, I’d LOVE to see more of THAT, next week.)

      I liked Tyler this week too. You know what’s funny? Everyone’s talking about what a douche Tyler was this week. Now, maybe this is because I’m so USED to bad boys on TV, but I don’t think he was that awful (though, I’m sure he’ll get worse.)

      I mean, think about it. Tyler’s sticking up for Klaus, and subsequently getting knocked out by Damon, was more humorous and pathetic, than it was scary. And, I’m pretty sure, if I had just been turned into a vampire, and I was tired, I would have compelled that coach to end practice early too. 🙂 Compulsion is just too much fun of a magical power to pass up.

      The “sire” thing though . . . that’s going to be VERY BAD NEWS, when Klaus returns. I worry for Forwood, in that sense. But, for now, Tyler’s just your typical Alpha Male Ass . . . who just so happens to look great naked. So, I’m going to try and hold off judging him, until he does something WAY worse than bite a human, which is something we’ve seen every vampire on this show do at least once.

      SQUEE. I’m so excited to talk TVD with you, this season, Linn. 🙂 We always seem to agree on the important aspects of this show . . . i.e. THE HOT BOYS! 😉

      • Hahaha, that is indeed the most important thing to agree on! And while we can disagree on minor plot points, it is nice to know we swoon in unison 😉 (coincidently, where do you stand on Hugh Jackman? I’m having the biggest crush on him these days, sometimes I forget to breathe). But I digress. I was watching the episode with my sister and during the scenes on the sports field we agreed that there is a ridiculous high percentage of hot boys at Mystic Falls High. Sadly far, far from the reality of my high school days. And NO ONE had bodies even resembeling Tyler or Stefan, which might of course just be a sign that there was a distinct lack of supernatural beeings around…

        I agree that Tyler didn’t actually DO anything particularly nasty this episode, he was just generally dumber than I usually like my hero boys. I would also totally have compelled my PE teacher if I had the ability, but then obviously felt bad for skipping a workout I really should do. Do you think vampires can compell themselves, maybe in the mirror? If so, and if I was one, I would compell myself to love going to the gym, and hate eating junk food. Being fit and skinny would be a breeze!

        Not long until the next episode, I hope they keep the good stuff coming!

  16. I like that Elena was kind of funny and badass this episode. For the first five episodes, her main action is “be traumatized.” I actually kind of like the fact that she’s been out of it – but they didn’t actually deal with her pain, the story just sort of pushed her to the background. The throwbacks to the first episode were great, too. We thought there was a problem then? There are a bajillion supernatural students now. Then there were, what, two? And Bonnie was just a fledgling supernatural.

    I didn’t notice that Tyler was in AP history, thanks for pointing that out, haha. It’s possible that his parents drilled into him the importance of Mystic Falls history and their fancy, old money lineage. I’m not a huge fan of the ghost storyline, but I liked that Vicki actually had a purpose, and I was super surprised by Mason Lockwood’s appearance. I find it amusing that Stefan just acts like a garden variety frat boy most of the time. Also, thanks to Andre’s photos, I see now Rebecca’s victim standing right next to her in cheerleading practice!

    I don’t have particularly high hopes for the next episode – it’s called “Ghost World” – but I do look forward to seeing what (and who) they bring. Loving your recaps, as always.

    • Hey Noelle! 🙂

      Wow, I TOTALLY didn’t catch that shot of the victim, next to Rebekah, in the cheerleading photo! You have a good eye. That means that Tyler actually ATE a cheerleader that wasn’t Caroline, ouch! The fact that he killed one of his fellow high school students . . . a girl he probably knew personally . . . without batting an eyelash, makes this so much worse, for some reason.

      You gotta love TVD and its affection for continuity though. Did you also catch, that in that scene, everybody was looking for Not Now Dana. Someone must have scraped her body off the gym floor before school started. How kind of them! 😉

      Haha, I love your description of Elena in the past few episodes. “Look traumatized,” indeed. 🙂 I’m definitely with you on Elena being a lot more fun in her flirty, jealous, drunken warrior mode, this past week. Hey, maybe she can develop a drinking problem, like Damon and Alaric, so we can see this side of her more often! (All fingers crossed. ;))

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