I Dream of Dead People (and DELENA KISSES!) – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The New Deal”

Welcome back, my fellow Fangbangers!  I missed you!  Heck, I missed this show!  Now, I know how Stefan feels, when he’s going through blood withdrawal . . .

All those sad, lonely, desperate Thursday nights without my TVD  . . .  it’s a wonder I didn’t completely lose my head or have Stefan chew it, or Jeremy chop it off with a meat cleaver . . . .

So, of course, this brings up the inevitable question .  . .  Was “The New Deal” worth the interminable wait . . . the sleepless nights . . . the hours spent watching Delena fanvideos on YouTube, while sitting entirely too close to my computer screen?  Survey says . . .

Well, I’ll take that as a yes! 🙂

But wait . . . before I get started on the recap . . . I think I’m forgetting something.  What could I possibly be forgetting?


Oh . . . yes . . . THAT.  Well, we will definitely be talking about THAT, soon enough.  But first, let’s get all that “other stuff” out of the way.  Shall we? 😉

“If you unbury it, he will come . . .”

We open the episode with a nice close-up shot on Bonnie, who’s dressed like she’s ready to head out for a night of clubbing.

This, of course, caused me to ponder how far away the nearest dance club is from Mystic Falls.  It’s too bad Vicki’s gone.  She would have known the answer to that question, for sure . . .

But enough about Vicki.  We’re with Bonnie, now.  Mmm-kay?  And Bonnie’s hearing The Whispers.  You know The Whispers, right?  These guys are WAY famous.  If they had an IMDB page, it would probably be longer than Robert De Niro’s.

The Whispers are always popping up in horror movies, and scary TV shows, and telling the protagonist to do BAD THINGS:  “steal that precious object,” “cheat on your wife,” “kill That Guy,” “eat more Chicken McNuggets.”

Unfortunately, here, The Whispers just want Bonnie to go into Lame Emily’s Ugly House of Dead Witchcraft and Mildew.  Bonnie obeys.  (Far be it for her to disobey The Whispers!)  She goes into the basement of the Ugly House.  There are four coffins there.  (Gee golly!  I wonder what it all means?)

It’s a nice day for a vamp funeral  . . . or four . . . 

The Whispers tell Bonnie to open one of the coffins.  (They sure can be bossy . . . those Whispers.)  And when she does .  . . well . . . you’ll never guess who’s in there!  It’s KLAUS!  And he just looks like the happiest Dead Guy ever! 

Oh, hey Bonnie!  Do you know where the bathroom is in this place?  I’ve gotta piss like a racehorse.”

He’s also wearing some seriously tacky Man Bling on his finger and neck.

“Real Men” apparently wear insanely ugly jewelry . . . 

Hey, maybe Bonnie has decided to go clubbing, after all!  She notices that Klaus’ Man Bling would look TOTALLY AWESOME with her shiny gold-plated  halter top, and black leather jacket.  Should she take them?  The Whispers say go for it!  Klaus won’t need jewelry where he’s going.

“My Preciousssss!” 

Bonnie reaches down to take the jewelry.  Bad girl!  Someone grabs her from behind.  Now, she’s really going to get it!  No one has ever stolen Man Bling from the Original Hybrid, and lived to tell the tale.  At home on the couch, TVD fans hold their breaths, awaiting her witchy demise . . .

Or not . . .

You see, Bonnie was just dreaming . .  .  But you probably already knew that, didn’t you?  You sly little fangbanger, you!

“Great, now I have to pee like a racehorse . . .” 

“Hey, Hot Soon-to-be-Headless Hybrid!  Wanna Race?”

While Bonnie’s still in Dreamland, our girl Elena is out kicking ass, and taking names.

Actually, she’s jogging.  And yet, given Elena’s track record with vampires, werewolves, hybrids and other assorted demons, I kind of think learning how to run away is a much better use of her time, don’t you think?  Of course, there’s only one problem: HUMANS CAN’T RUN AWAY FROM SUPERNATURAL CREATURES . . .


Speaking of the aforementioned OBVIOUS premise, I think it’s kind of funny that, after finishing her 5K race, or, however, long it is that our girl jogs, Elena looks at her stop watch, and gives herself a mental pat on the back for her improved speed.

You can almost hear her saying in her head.  “I finished in 25 minutes.  That’s 30 seconds faster than last time!  That means I should now be able to run a full 30 seconds, before whatever vampire is chasing me that week chews my legs off . . . or whatever . .  .

Elena’s self-congratulatory mood is short-lived however, because someone is jogging behind her.  He’s kind of hot .  . . but not Damon hot,  or Tyler hot . . . just normal run-of-the-mill hot.  He is also wearing the Blue Hoodie of Death, and has Senseless Kill of the Week written all over him.

“Hey . . . is that guy looking at my ass?  He better not be looking at my ass.”

Elena knows that none of these things are good signs.  She starts to panic.  But maybe she’s just being paranoid?   He could just be a Random Running Guy, right?  Elena breathes a sigh of relief.

Then, she remembers what television show she’s on, and starts running like hell . . .

At home, we’re counting the seconds before This Guy goes into warp speed and chews off Elena’s legs.  But he just keeps following her at regular speed . . . no . . . scratch that . . . slow speed  . . . Elena’s kicking his ass.  This guy’s a chump!

And then . . . like that . . . he’s gone.

So, you can imagine Elena’s surprise when he comes back again IN THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE DIRECTION from where we last saw him.  He bumps into Elena on purpose, while mumbling apologies about how he should really watch where he’s going.

“Has anybody ever told you that you have a great ass?” 

At this point, Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” starts playing in my head, “All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run, run, run, out-run my hybrid . . .”

That’s how the song goes, isn’t it?

Three Cheers for the Klaus-ageddon!

Later, at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, Bonnie and Elena are swapping stories about their CRAZZZY mornings.


I just keep wondering where Caroline is during all this?  Don’t they realize that Caroline’s boyfriend just became Gay for Klaus, and she’s in an Extremely Vulnerable State, right now?  They couldn’t have asked her to come along for their little breakfast session?  HOW RUUUUUDE!

“Don’t mess with me.   I eat girls like you for breakfast.  No . . . seriously . . . for breakfast this morning, I ate a girl that looked just like you.” 

Speaking of rude, Bonnie, who has NO TACT, WHATSOEVER, decides that this is the perfect time to bring up He Who Shall No Longer Be Named, a.k.a. Stefan.  “He betrayed us.  The Stefan we know is gone,” replies Elena, in a voice that says, “Keep on this subject, and I’ll start asking you about Luka.  Remember him, Bon-Bon?”

By the way, did you all notice how Elena said “us”  . .  . as in “Damon and I are an “us” now.  Get used to it?”  Because, I certainly did. 😉

Speaking of Damon, I think it’s adorable (in a highly dysfunctional way) that my TV Boyfriend is such a raging alcoholic that the bartender basically puts an entire shelf full of liquor in front of him, so that he can mix his own drinks at his leisure, despite the fact that it’s probably about 11 a.m. in TVD-land .  . .

Damon’s kind of bummed though, because Boy Toy Alaric is being a TOTAL kill joy, and not drinking with him.   LAME!  So, Damon tries to entice him . . . first with his baking skills (“I’ve got a screw driver, and a bloody mary.  It’s brunch in a bottle”), and then with his sexual wiles (“Let’s get naked.”)

Come on, Chunky Monkey!  Don’t be such a stick-in-the-mud.  Get naked with your bromantic buddy.  It’s not like we all haven’t seen it before . . .

But alas, Alaric is in no mood for sex games with Damon.  He’s seriously bummed out, because he had to fail Jeremy on a plagiarized history paper.  Damn!  That’s cold.  I thought the whole point of having a history teacher as your pseudo dad is so you can get straight A’s?

Apparently, Alaric is skulking at the bar, in order to perform his first of many interventions on his errant not-so-son (seriously, the Scooby Gang must have spent at least ten minutes during this hour Waiting for Jeremy), as soon as the latter arrives at work.  Not so fast, No Longer Alchy-ric!  Sexy Female Bartender says Jer Bear got canned from The Only Bar / Social Establishment weeks ago.

Ruh-roh!  I guess this means Matt Donovan is going to have to go back to being the Only Waiter at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls again . .  .There goes your social life, Matty Boy!

But don’t worry.  You still have your sister and your mom to hang out with . . . oh . . . wait . . . never mind . . .

“Let’s get drunk and shoot some stuff . . .”

Speaking of Naughty!Jeremy, he’s out in the woods with Tyler, boning drinking cheap beer, and shooting stuff with crossbows.  (How very hillbilly of them!)

“Hey Ty, after this, are you up for some cow-tipping?”

Much like the rest of us, Jeremy wonders out loud, why Tyler is suddenly so interested in hanging out with him, considering that the two of them have had virtually nothing to do with one another, since that time back in Season 2, where Tyler’s dad just died, and Jer Bear and Ty-Ty discovered that they both liked to draw supernatural creatures, drink booze, and screw slutty soon-to-be-dead girls . . .

Tyler responds that “Since you are leaving the show for a while,  the writers thought it might be nice to throw those much-neglected Team Jyler fans a mildly homoerotic bone, while they still could.  “I’m pissed at Caroline, and Bonnie dumped your ass . . . the point is to get drunk and shoot stuff.”

Oh Tyler!  How you slay me with your eloquent wordsmith-ery!  It almost makes me forget that you are about to RUIN THIS POOR BOY’S LIFE, FOREVER . . . almost.

Now, don’t even try looking at me with those puppy dog eyes of yours. Because it’s just not going to work . . . 

Jeremy instructs Tyler to get out of the way, since he’s drunk and is about to “shoot stuff,” just like Tyler said.  But Tyler’s all, “Heyyyy . . .  I’m a hybrid.  Why not shoot me?  Come on!  I know you wanna!”

Is it just me, or is Tyler particularly screencappable today?  It’s almost as if becoming a hybrid has provided him with an entirely new range of facial expressions to try out . . . 

In the first of many Helpful Hybrid Tips Tyler reveals throughout the episode, Vampy Teen Wolf explains that the only way to really kill a hybrid is to chop off it’s head, while it’s unconscious.  Good to know . . .

Jeremy then shoots Tyler with the crossbow, and Tyler catches it.  Bo-ring!  I thought he was going to deflect it with his Massive Muscular Man Chest.  Maybe next time . . .

Elena ponders the Epic Question that has plagued fangirl bloggers for years:  What is Damon Salvatore’s Most Attractive Look?

“Oops . . . I cockblocked again.” 

Back at the Only Bar / Social Establishment in Mystic Falls, a slightly slurry but still maddenly gorgeous Damon has told Elena about Jeremy’s little Work Mishap, in between his fifth shot of scotch, and his second round of darts.  (Fortunately, the drinks haven’t negatively impacted his aim or, as we will see soon enough, his pick-up lines.)

“If I’m this good at hitting a bullseye with a dart, just imagine how good I might be at locating other sensitive areas.”

Mama Elena, of course, is “very, very disappointed in Jer Bear,” and has been leaving increasingly frantic phone messages on his cell phone, as a result.  Damon, however, seems completely unfazed.  He tries to calm Elena down, by reminding her that Jeremy is a teenager . . . and that being sullen and sometimes irresponsible is simply what teens do.

“Elena, you seem so tense.  I hereby renew the request I made earlier to Alaric, that we all get naked.  I’ll go first.” 

(I always find it interesting how much the rest of the Scooby Gang is constantly noting how young and impressionable Jeremy is, when he’s really only two years younger than Elena.  After all, 16-years old, isn’t exactly a toddler, especially when you consider that Elena, herself, was just a year older than that, when the series started.  The issue of Jeremy’s “youth” will come into play again, later on in the episode.   So, stay tuned . . .)

Funny . . . he doesn’t look like he needs a diaper change . . .

Even when Damon seems carefree and tipsy, he’s always looking out for Elena, and trying to make her feel better about the admittedly horrible situations in which she seems to find herself on a nearly daily basis.  He does this by lifting her spirits with flirty humor, and comforting words, disguised as nonchalant banter.  It’s only when Elena’s truly distraught, that he allows himself to get serious with her, and let his true feelings show, as we will see later in the episode  . . .

Elena is always looking out for Damon too . . . She just does it in a more obvious way.   I like how Elena sees Damon joking around, and looking seemingly drunk and happy, but instinctively knows that he is smarting from his brother’s betrayal, while still missing him terribly, and hiding all this pain behind glibness and false bravado.  “Are you OK?”  She asks him, her brows furrowed, and her eyes filled with obvious concern (among other things) for this beautiful vampire.

Are you OK because I don’t want you to be too drunk to ravish me in your bedroom, after we make out, later tonight?”

But Damon is no fool.  He has no desire to rehash the Stefan Salvatore Saga with the woman he loves.  And he’s much too selfless, at least when it comes to her, to bring her down, by recounting his own personal woes.  Instead, he uses this as an opportunity for flirtation.

Damon confidently strolls into Elena’s personal space, and inquires which of his many looks she finds the most attractive, since she admitted that his Drunken Frat Vampire visage isn’t her “favorite.”  Flustered, Elena quickly counters that she doesn’t necessarily find any of his looks attractive.   However, the way she’s staring at his lips, and pawing at his chest, when she says it, makes me think that, even as she denies it, Elena is mentally perusing a catalogue of her favorite Damon Looks, in order to choose the most erotic one.

“Pick ME, Elena . . . pick ME!”

Now, I’m no mind reader, of course.  But my guess is that THIS is the look she ultimately chose . . .

As with most sexy Delena moments, this one gets cockblocked by Klaus, who seems to be enjoying the Delena Show just as much as the rest of us.  “Don’t mind me,” he says with a smirk, as he approaches the Dartboard of Looooooove . . .


“Damon, my brother . . . you better hit that, soon.  Because if you don’t, I will . . .”

Klaus hasn’t shown up alone, though.  He’s got his good pal The Soon-to-be-Headless Hybrid with him . . .  Soon-to-be-Headless has a name, apparently.  It’s “Tony.”  I’m just choosing not to remember it.  (I mean, why bother, right?)  Damon’s left nipple has had more screen time than this guy will ever have on TVD . . .  He did have a cute head, though . . .

“Coincidentally, Damon’s left nipple also happens to be named ‘Tony.'”

As always, Klaus has a special request for his favorite couple.  He wants them to help him find his  sister, and Grave Robbing Stefan.  If they do that, he’ll be a good little Mystic Falls neighbor, and leave them alone . . . well . . . at least until he needs Elena’s blood again to make more hybrid minions.  Something tells me he’ll have at least one less of those by the end of the episode . . .


As for Elena, she has absolutely no interest in getting in the middle of the b*tch fight between her ex-boyfriend, and his new boyfriend . . .

That sounds to me like a Klaus and Stefan Problem,” Elena says smartly.  (Damon’s right.  She does get feisty, when she’s angry.)

Klaus, however, considers himself way too important to get himself sassed by a mere human.  He moves closer to her, in order to show her who’s boss.  But then THIS happens . . .

That’s right, boys and girls, Damon shoulders his way between Klaus and Elena, and gives Klaus THE STARE.  Watch out Bad Ass Damon . . . your chivalry is showing!

One of my favorite Klaus moments in the episode was when he giggled at Damon’s obvious show of affection for Elena.  I know that part of him sees this as a weakness of Damon’s that he can exploit.  But I strongly suspect that another part of him just sees it as really hot . . .

“This is me broadening the scope,” responds Klaus to Elena’s retort, before exiting stage left.

Well played you adorable, curly-haired, villain, you!

Somebody call an interior decorator (or an exorcist) . . .

Elsewhere, Bonnie return to Lame Emily’s Ugly House of Witchcraft and Mildew .  . . a.k.a. home of The Whispers.  Honestly, you would think that a house inhabited by a bunch of ghostly witches would be more aesthetically pleasing.  The resale value must be next to nada.  HGTV would most definitely not approve.

Behold . . . a house that only a dead person could love. 

Bonnie is only mildly surprised to learn that Stefan (who’s still looking all cold and Ripper-y, despite his recent de-compulsion by Klaus) has been living here.  Quite a step down from La Casa de Rich and Awesome, I’d say!  Not to mention the fact that he used to share a mansion with one person.  Now he’s sharing a two-bedroom colonial with four staked Originals, and a bunch of dead witches, who are perpetually on the rag . . .

“Damon, let me move back in and I promise I will never make fun of your massive bath soap collection again.” 

Stefan wants Bonnie to  use a spell to help keep the coffins hidden from Klaus.  Bonnie is uncertain she has enough nosebleeds left in her to do this . . .

It’s Time for Hybrids 101, with your Trusty Professor, Tyler Hotpants . . .

Back at the Gilbert house, Alaric and Elena are waiting in the kitchen to attempt their second Jer Bear intervention.  But when Jeremy finally arrives home, he’s all “Not without My Tyler.”  Suddenly, Mr. Gay for Klaus, himself, has been invited inside the Gilbert home.  And guess who’s sticking around for dinner?

“Hey, do you mind if I use your neck for a few seconds?  I haven’t fed all day.” 

Clearly speaking for the TVD fandom, Alaric wonders out loud what exactly the difference is between being Klaus’ “sire” and doing everything he says, and being compelled to do whatever Klaus says . . .

“Yes Master, I will absolutely color coordinate with you, the next time we go out to pick up chicks.” 

At first, Tyler is actually pretty convincing in his support of siring.  Tyler explains that he “obeys” Klaus, because he feels indebted to him for saving him from a life of painful monthly transformations, and, of course, mortality.  He also assures the Gilbert clan that he’s still his own man, and can disobey Klaus whenever he feels like it.  It’s kind of like a crack junkie, who says, “I can stop whenever I want. I just choose not to do so.”

But as convincing as Tyler’s initial arguments might have been, he shoots himself in the foot by admitting that he would rip his heart out of his chest, if Klaus asked him nicely to do it . . .

So, let me get this straight, Ty-Ty. You are forever indebted to Klaus for saving your life .  . . so indebted, in fact, that if he asked you to KILL YOURSELF, you would do it?  I don’t know . . .  that sounds a heck of a lot like compulsion to me . . .

Oh, and Tyler?  Elena and Alaric are TOTALLY judging you, now . . .

Damon finds a new drinking buddy . . .

Back at La Casa de Rich and Awesome, Klaus has just let himself in, completely uninvited.  By now, the whole notion that this house is owned by Elena, and therefore, no one can be invited in, unless she says so, has been completely forgotten in TVD land.  Damon might as well open a Bed-in-Breakfast, considering all the supernatural creatures, who come and go as they please.  They don’t call it the Salvatore Boarding House, for nothing . . .

Klaus has come to drink with Damon, flirt with him shamelessly, b*tch about Stefan, and,  of course, re-issue his offer to stop cock blocking Damon and Elena, and killing off their friends, provided the couple help him locate his pretty little coffins.  Unfortunately for Klaus, Damon would probably respond much better to compulsion than flirtation, as he seems to be the only male character on this show who’s completely immune to the Original Hybrid’s unique charms.

But Klaus can’t compel Damon, because Damon’s been drinking vervain.  So, instead the Big Bad Vamp metaphorically waves his weiner at his younger nemesis, by making a Mysterious Phone Call, in which he instructs SOMEONE to do SOMETHING he told them to do earlier . . .


Always look both ways before crossing the street (or responding to a hypnotic phone call) . . .

In a scene that is extremely reminiscent of the one from Plan B, in which Katherine compelled Useless Aunt Jenna by phone to stab herself in the chest, after dinner, we see Jeremy in the corner, engaged in a clandestine conversation.  After he hangs up the phone, Jeremy sits back at the kitchen table, as if nothing happened.

But moments later, when Mama Elena and Papa Alaric stupidly turn their back on Jeremy to wash dishes, and make fun of Tyler, and his silly Sire-y Ways, Jer Bear takes off his Ugly Ass Ring of Immortality and walks out into the street, looking like the Hottest Zombie Ever!

He then dazedly stands in the middle of the road and waits for a car to come and run him over into oblivion.  Now, last I checked, Elena lives in a suburban development, where the speed limit in front of her house is probably a whopping 25 mph.  You would think, at that slow speed, someone might notice a teenage boy standing in the middle of the road, like a moron.

Death Car for Cutie 

A-ha!  But Klaus took care of that too!  Because, sure enough Busy Bee, Soon-to-be Headless Hybrid is cruising on the street at about 90 mph.  (Annnnd . . . now we know why Jeremy had to take off his ring.  If a HUMAN drove the car into him, the ring wouldn’t save him.  But because Soon-to-be Headless did it, it’s considered a Supernatural Death.  Well, technically, the compulsion is supernatural too and . . . nevermind.)


Fortunately, Alaric, who, as we all know, has been holding on to the Ugly Ass Ring of Immortality that Uncle / Father John gave Elena, back in “The Hybrid,” jumps in front of the car just in time to push Jeremy out of the way.  The good news is that he saves Jeremy’s life . . .

The bad news is that Alaric is dead .  . . for now .  . .


In a rather unnecessary “I told you so,” moment, Elena informs a very shaken-up Jeremy that (1) he’s been compelled by Klaus to kill himself; and (2) his so-called good buddy Tyler has only been hanging out with him, so that he could compel him off vervain.  Way to rub salt in the wound, Elena . . .

Like the compelled suicide attempt itself, this aspect of Klaus’ plan is also similar to Katherine’s from “Plan B.”  If you recall, Katherine posed as Elena,  in order to get Jenna to stop taking vervain . . .


So, while Klaus gets an “A” for deviousness.  He gets a “C” for originality.  Sorry, Original Hybrid!

Elsewhere, Klaus is busy building his future Mystic Falls home, (which, honestly, I thought would be much bigger), when Tyler arrives MORALLY OUTRAGED by what Klaus almost succeeded in doing to Jeremy, and the part he played in it.  (Seriously, Tyler, you made the dude stop taking vervain, in the service of someone who HATES his family.  What exactly did you think was going to happen?)

Klaus calmly tells Tyler, more or less, to man-up.  (hybrid-up?)  “You need to get over your conscience.  Human life is a means to an end,” Papa Bear explains patronizingly to Baby Bear.

I love how Klaus refers to a “conscience” as something you can simply “get over,” like a head cold, or a bad stomach flu . . .

Meanwhile, back at the Gilbert house, Damon has, once again, come to Elena’s aid.  “How’s [Alaric]?”  He asks, with obvious concern for his bromantic drinking buddy.

“He’s still dead,” replies Elena conversationally.

If you recall, the first few times Alaric died, wearing his ring, he came back to life, within mere minutes.  But, back in “Disturbing Behavior,” when Damon killed him, it seemed to take at least an hour.  This time, Alaric is dead for multiple hours, and experiences additional complications that I will address in just a bit.  No word yet, on why Alaric’s ring seems to be offering it’s wearing increasingly diminishing returns.  Perhaps, even when it comes to Magical Rings, there’s a limit to how many “Get Out of Death Free” cards, a person is entitled to use . . .

 ‘This is depressing . . . I need another drink.”

Leaving Alaric to . . . um . . .  rest in peace, Damon and Elena discuss their respective plans to finally rid Klaus from their lives for good.  Elena wants to return Rebekah to Klaus, so that he can undagger her.  But Damon won’t hear of it.  He hates the idea of Rebekah seeking vengeance against Elena, considering that Elena is the one who staked her, in the first place.  As for Damon’s plan, he wants to give Klaus back his precious coffins, if only he knew where they were . .  .

Remembering Bonnie’s dream, Elena thinks she knows exactly where to look, and calls Bonnie to confirm . . .

But before Elena and Damon can head off on their Next Big Kill Klaus Plan, Little Bro Jer has some haunting parting words for them both: “None of us are going to make it out of here alive,” he warns.

(By the end of the episode, of course, we know that for certain, that Jeremy’s words aren’t entirely true, considering that ONE person gets out of Mystic Falls, very much alive.  But could this possibly be a foreshadowing of Elena eventually being turned into a vampire?  Stay tuned .  . .)

Over the River and Through the Woods . . .

So, remember last season, when Damon tried to enter Lame Emily’s Ugly House of Witchcraft and Mildew, for the first time?

Well, apparently, female witches are quite good at holding grudges, because they are still up to their same shenanigans, when Damon tries to enter the house, this time.  My only question is, why are they still so Pro Stefan, especially considering what a major douche he’s become, of late . . .

At first, Damon waits outside, while Elena tries to talk some sense into Stefan.  “Bonnie sucks at keeping secrets,” Stefan pouts, when Elena admits to knowing exactly why Stefan is there and what he’s doing.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit shocked when Elena tells Stefan that Klaus will KILL Jeremy, if he doesn’t put an end to this vendetta, and Stefan barely bats an eyelash.  “That’s not my problem,” he says callously.

WOW!  Even Compelled Zombie Ripper Stefan wasn’t this cold!  Considering that Stefan claims to be doing all this to save his own brother, you would think he would be more sympathetic to Elena’s desire to do the exact same thing.  I’m glad when she finally slaps him.  He’s had that one coming to him for quite awhile, now . . .


Having heard everything that went on inside Ugly House, Damon grabs hold of Elena’s hand to comfort her over what she’s just endured.  “You deal with your brother, and I’ll deal with mine,” Damon assures Elena, sweetly, offering her that sad half smile, he seems to reserve exclusively for her . . .


“Cutthroat and Devious.”

Fighting the torturous sunburn he’s getting, Damon rushes into the house to talk to Stefan . . . and, of course, by “talk” I mean “beat up.”  I kind of feel like Damon and Stefan fight with one another the way other brothers hug, or give eachother Manly Back Pats.  And when they stake one another, it’s like their own super secret handshake . . .

During the fighting, grunting, staking, and de-staking, Damon cleverly manages to throw his brother out of the Ugly Witch House, before he starts to look like a cast member on the Jersey Shore.  But before they can discuss anything else, Damon has one question he’s been dying to ask his brother since before the hiatus, namely: “Why didn’t you just let Mikael kill Klaus, Ya MORON?”

“I did it to save YOU,” Stefan admits in a way that is surprisingly sheepish, and heartfelt, especially considering the icy way he dealt with Elena earlier.


Elena is absolutely right.  Damon truly is the key to Stefan’s humanity.  Right now, he’s the only one to whom the latter is willing to show that he still has it.  Honestly, the whole fight scene was kind of hilarious (yet oddly sexy), as was Damon’s occasional bratty remarks,  like “No wayyyyyy,” and “STOP SAVING ME!”

Once they are done trying to temporarily kill one another, Damon and Stefan eventually come to a truce.  “In order to defeat Klaus, you need to be cutthroat and devious,” Damon explains to his little brother.  “I am so much better at that than you.”

Stefan does not necessarily disagree.  The brothers ultimately agree that they  will work together (along with Bonnie) to keep the coffins from Klaus, provided Elena has no part in their plan.

*insert girly growling noises here* 

It’s nice to know that Stefan still has some concern for Elena’s well being.  And it’s interesting to see how, now, the shoe is on the other foot.  Back in “Rose,” Damon compelled Elena to forget his love declaration for her, because he thought that Stefan was “better for her.”

Now, it’s Stefan who’s keeping his distance from Elena, and continuously pushing her away, at least partly, because he knows that Damon will love and protect her, no matter what . . .

As for the coffins, they’ve been hiding in the Ugly Witch House the entire time, only becoming visible when the witches want them to be seen.  (Well, at least there’s ONE person those vengeful witches seem to hate more than Damon .  . . Klaus).  Toward the end of the episode, Bonnie notes that if The Whispers are right, one, in particular, will be the key to Klaus’ undoing.  It’s the fourth coffin, the only one that DOESN’T contain an Original Family Member within it.  Could this coffin be the one that houses the First Petrova?

Everything Comes to a Head . . . Literally

They say that the definition of “stupidity” is doing the same thing multiple times, and continuing to expect different results.  That was exactly what I thought about, when I saw Jeremy once again trying to shoot Tyler with a crossbow, and Tyler once again, catching it.  I don’t know.  Perhaps, this was just Jeremy’s unique way of “breaking up” with Tyler.  No more sex in the champagne room for these two!

Nonetheless, Tyler still obviously has enough of a soul, and independent spirit to want Jeremy stay alive.  And for that reason, Tyler warned him that he should stay in his house, because Klaus wasn’t finished with him yet . . .

Back at the Gilbert House, Alaric is FINALLY coming back to life .  .  . That’s the “good news.”  The bad news is that he’s coughing up blood, and somehow still near death’s door.  Apparently, while the Ugly Ass Ring of Immortality has kept his heart beating, it hasn’t bothered to cure his injuries, thereby making it the Lazy Ass Ring of Immortality.

At this rate, a friggin crossbow would be more effective at protecting Alaric than his ring . . . 

A frantic Elena calls the ambulence.  But by the time they arrive, someone else is there compelling them to leave.   Surprise!  It’s Soon-to-be-Headless Hybrid!  Seriously, Klaus?  Again?  This is like on that show Punk’d, when all the pranks starred that same Dax guy for about five seasons, and Ashton Kutcher wondered why suddenly none of the celebrities were being fooled anymore.  If Klaus supposedly has all these fabulous sired hybrids, why the heck does he keep using this same one?

“Howdy . . .” 

Anywhoo . . . Soon-to-be-Headless tells Elena that, now that the ambulence is gone, Alaric’s only shot at survival is to invite the hybrid inside, and let Alaric drink his blood.  I guess this would make Alaric a plain-old vampire, since only Klaus, himself, could make hybrids, and Alaric was never a werewolf.  Elena seems torn, having been in a not-entirely-different situation to Alaric herself,  not long ago.

Fortunately, however, she doesn’t have to make that choice for Alaric, because Soon-To-Be-Headless was just crossbowed.  That’s right. Jeremy is BACK, baby!  But wait, he hasn’t finished with the hybrid yet.  Striding into the house, like it’s no big THANG, Jeremy reemerges on the porch with a meat cleaver and hacks off Now-Actually-Headless’s skull, as easily as if he’s cutting through butter.

Now, admittedly, this is not the most realistic rendition of a decapitation.  In real life, Jeremy would probably have to spend an hour methodically chipping at this guy’s neck, to get through the skin alone.  But that’s OK.  Because, while this may have been the fakest Head Chop EVER, it was also the sexiest.  I mean, can you imagine getting turned on by decapitation?  I can . . . now!  Heck, even the blood splatters on Jeremy’s face, upon finishing the job are hot!

They look kind of like freckles . . .

Elena doesn’t necessarily think so, though.  She’s choking back tears . . . not necessarily because she gives two sh*ts about Now-Actually-Headless Hybrid.  Nope, she’s merely mourning the loss of Jeremy’s innocence.  Oh honey, you forget that Jeremy once dated Vicki Donovan.  I hate to break it to you, Big Gilbert, but that Innocence Ship sailed away a LOOOOONG time ago . . .

Paging, Dr. Fell . . .

At the hospital, Alaric’s doctor is Crazy Nanny Carrie from One Tree Hill.  No, I’m sorry, I mean, Psychotic B*tch Sister Melissa from Pretty Little Liars.  OMG, how am I supposed to trust this woman, when every single solitary role she takes, her character ends up being a totally evil wackadoo.  (She’s also Paul Wesley’s real-life wife.  Go figure!)

Anywhoo, Doctor Not-Crazy-Nanny-Carrie and Not-Psychotic-B*tch-Sister-Melissa is super flirty with Alaric.  She’s also super intrigued by his miraculous healing abilities and wants to study him in a lab.  (Not the worst pickup line I’ve ever heard . . . but I’ve certainly heard better.)

Dr. Fell’s “game” improves a bit, when she asks Alaric if he has a guardian angel, or he “sold his soul to the devil.”  Alaric’s clever reply, “a little bit of both,” actually describes Damon Salvatore to a tee, don’t you think?

But more important than her flirting abilities, perhaps, is the “good” doctor’s name.  Dr. Fell wants Alaric to call her by her first name: Meredith.  Intrepid TVD book fans will recall that “Meredith” was Book Elena’s smart, sardonic, dark-haired, and olive-complexioned “other best friend,” aside from Bonnie.  They will also recall that “Meredith” dated the vampire hunter / history teacher, Alaric Saltzman throughout most of the series.

So, is this the TVD writers way of FINALLY introducing this character — who by the way, was a real fan favorite — into the television series?  Well, that remains to be seen.  Torrey Devitto definitely “looks” the way Meredith was described in the books (though she’s about ten years older).  But I just don’t trust her . . . and if she’s a character I can’t trust, she’s NOT Book Meredith.  Sorry Crazy Nanny Carrie . . .

A “fair trade” . . .

In a scene and plotline that was surprisingly reminiscent of Elena’s decision to go against both Salvatore’s wishes, and un-dagger Elijah, so that he could help her kill Klaus, Elena decides to invite Klaus into her home . . .

. . .  and offer him the not-particularly-dead Staked Rebekah, in exchange for a promise of Jeremy’s continued safety.  Before Klaus can accept the bargain, Elena lets him know two important pieces of information: (1) Elena, as we know was the one who staked Rebekah.  So, if Klaus still needs Elena, for her blood, or just for leverage, Klaus will have to keep Rebekah from killing the Petrova Doppelganger.  (2) Rebekah knows that Klaus killed their mother.

Klaus ultimately accepts the terms of Elena’s deal, but still wants Elena to help him find Stefan.  Elena hasn’t turned her back on her former beau quite enough yet to reveal his whereabouts to Klaus.  She does let the Original Hybrid, however, that there is no longer any love lost between the pair.  “Stefan doesn’t care about me, anymore,” she explains resolutely.  “You turned him into a monster, and now he’s your problem.”

Recognizing that Stefan is no longer a sufficient bargaining chip to auction in exchange for Elena’s loyalty,  and that Jeremy is now off the table, Klaus reminds Elena that he can still kill other people she loves, like Caroline, Bonnie, or . . . . wait for it . . . DAMON!


Needless to say, Klaus threat was  a highly effective one . . .

Someone’s in the kitchen with Elena . . .

Speaking of Damon, back at the Gilbert house, he chivalrously agrees to dispose of Now-Actually-Headless Hybrid’s body, while Elena frantically scrubs at her bloody hands.  (Why are you’re hands so bloody, Elena?  And don’t say it’s from “cleaning the porch,” because I don’t buy it.  Did you soak them in the Poor Guy’s disembodied skull?)

Back in “Homecoming” Elena took a very angry, betrayed, drunk, and frightened, Damon’s face in both of her hands, and told him him that they would survive whatever Klaus through their way . . . together.  Now, in “The New Deal,” Damon is returning the favor.  His “are you all right?”  absolutely echoes Elena’s own words to him, earlier in the episode.


 And the way Damon pulls Elena’s shaking body and tear-stricken face toward his own and promises her that he will fix things for her, and her increasingly dysfunctional family says so much about what these two individuals mean to one another, and the way each lifts the other up, when they are feeling particularly weak and vulnerable . . .

(Sidenote: I noticed that, while Elena immediately admitted to giving up Rebekah to Klaus, Damon, though clearly torn about it, kept his alliance with Stefan from Elena.  Presumably, Elena still thinks Damon agrees with her about giving up the coffin.  I just hope this little white lie doesn’t come back to bite Damon in the butt later, especially considering the AMAZING place these two finally have reached in their relationship . . .)

For your own good . . .

How interesting that both Klaus and Elena “give up” their younger siblings, purportedly for their own good, and to “keep them safe,” but possibly for selfish reasons as well.  Klaus shows some surprisingly vulnerability when he de-stakes Rebekah in the house he has built in order to reunite with his family.  He watches her hand twitch back to life with excitement and anticipation.

But then he remembers Elena’s words.  I think Klaus re-stakes Rebekah, because he doesn’t want to face the way she will look at him, now that she knows he has killed their mother.  He fears her disappointment . . . her accusations . .  . and her judgments.  So, while, I’m sure a part of him keeps Rebekah daggered to “protect” her from those who would use her against him, a larger part of him does it to protect himself . . .

Back at the Gilbert house, Damon finds Jeremy in Elena’s bedroom and tells him that his sister thinks it’s time the two of them had another one of their talks.  He’s surprisingly paternal about it, just as he was the first time Damon compelled Jeremy, in order to make him forget the circumstances surrounding Vicki’s death.  Damon’s compulsion here has the same effect, more or less.  It takes away Jeremy’s pain, and leads him to Denver for a new life . . . one that is free from supernatural threats . . . one that will most likely not require him to chop off some hybrid’s head to save his family.


But Damon also takes away Jeremy’s natural concern for the well-being of his sister, and that troubled me a bit.  Aside from my not wanting to see the character go, I’m just not sure how long compulsion like that could stick.  How many times will Jeremy brush off inquiries about his family back home, before he starts to wonder himself, whether something is missing from his life?  Perhaps, this was done on purpose to allow Steven R. McQueen to return to the show at a later date . . .

I hope so, because I feel like this story is not over.  By having Damon compel Jeremy, she kept him safe, but she also removed his free will, and treated him like a child.  She did the exact same thing she criticized Damon for doing to her, when he force fed her his own blood, back in “The Last Day.”  Of course, she did it out of love . . . but I think she also did it to help herself feel a sense of control in the crazy world in which she was living, and to free herself from guilt . .  .

And it’s this familial “guilt” that plays a big role in this episode’s epic finale . . .

These lips were made for Ambush Kissing . . .

Back at the end of Season 1, there was a kiss that took place on the Gilbert Porch.  It preceded a speech, in which Damon thanked a person he “thought” was Elena, for making him into a better person, and for seeing him as someone who was worth saving.  And though that person actually ended up being “Katherine,” staunch Delena fans adopted the scene was one of their own, hoping upon hope that it would be revisited, one day . . . and that, this time, it would be REAL . . .

Two years later, we got our wish, but with some crucial differences.  This time, it’s Elena who’s thanking Damon for being there for her . . . for seeing her as someone who is worth saving . . . for making her feel like a better person, even when she’s making morally ambiguous decisions.


Elena, who wasn’t actually on the porch that last time, doesn’t see the parallel between this scene, and the last one.  But Damon does.  And it’s Elena’s thankfulness that Damon is alive, that reminds him of how Elena was the person who kept him alive on Founder’s Day, but Stefan kept him alive during “Homecoming,”  This makes Damon feel guilty enough to admit to Elena that Stefan hasn’t totally turned off his emotions, and that his continued vitality is at least somewhat responsible for the danger in which all of them are currently enmeshed.


This expression of guilt causes Elena to wonder, once again, whether Stefan is really lost forever.  However, it causes Damon to feel guilt about something else, entirely, his love for Elena.  But this time, Damon isn’t going to relive the unrequited heartache of “Rose.”  He’s not going to be “selfless” by compelling Elena to forget his kiss . . . his love for her.  Rather, he’s going to own up to the strong feelings he’s felt for this woman for two years now . . . feelings he’s finally starting to see, might be returned.


Damon’s kiss in “Founder’s Day,” was sweet and tentative.  His kiss here is intense, decisive, passionate, and filled with two years worth of pent-up emotion.  More importantly, Elena kisses him back!   Watch as she grabs the hand he has cupped on her cheek, in order to pull Damon closer, and prolong this beautiful and delicious moment between them . . .

Now, while I would have loved for Elena to have been the one to pull Damon into a kiss, the first time he walked off that porch, in some ways, this was more meaningful, given Damon’s history of always giving up Elena for the greater good.  His manning up to his love for her, will hopefully give her the swift kick in the ass she needs to make the next move.

The song that’s playing during this scene is called “Holding on and Letting Go,” by Ross Cooperman.  While Damon and Elena are kissing the lyrics talk about one door swinging closed, and another door swinging open.  Now, of course, this could refer to any number of things that happened throughout the episode: Alaric’s growing mortality, Tyler’s realization of Klaus’ hold on him, Klaus’ re-staking of Rebekah, Jeremy’s departure, Damon’s and Stefan’s truce . . . but personally, I’m hoping it refers to the state of Elena’s heart . .  .

On that note, check out the extended promo for next week’s episode entitled “Our Town” . . .  (bad segway, I know) . . .

As for our friends in Canada, I’m actually a bit less impressed with the Canadian promo, this time around.   Aside from that “car scene,” which the CW had already released, there isn’t much here, that we didn’t see in the promo above.  Nevertheless, here you go . . .

Now, it’s your turn.  Let me know what you thought about Jeremy’s departure, the Delena kiss, Tyler’s betrayal, Crazy Nanny Carrie’s arrival, Ripper Stefan 8.0, and anything else related to this fabulous show that I feel so lucky to have gracing my television screen, each week.  Until next time, Fangbangers . . .

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34 responses to “I Dream of Dead People (and DELENA KISSES!) – A Recap of The Vampire Diaries’ “The New Deal”

  1. East Coast Captain

    Why are the witches so Pro Stefan? Well Stefan hasn´t done anything to piss them off but Damon on the other hand has been a douche in the past and they haven´t forgotten that so he hasn´t got any fans in the witch department. But he´s still awesome.

    This episode really good. Stefan is rising through the ranks not that brooding loner anymore.

    Holy mama, its Mrs. Paul Wesley I hope she has scenes with Stefan maybe becomes his midnight snack but that might be out of the questions since Stefan is now half Ripper. She might end up being a bad guy so let´s see if Stefan doesn´t feast on her later on.

    Delena kiss awesome, many Delena fans are screaming and crying and screaming and did I mention crying? ;D

    But my biggest fear is that the writers might have to pull an Alan Ball. For Delena to thrive, they have to paint Stefan as very unlikable like they did to Eric but it had the opposite effect so I´m not worried that much because this Stefan has actually gained many fans. So all is right in the world.

    • Hey East Coast Captain! Interesting point about the witches and Stefan. The witches have always wanted Klaus dead, since they feel as though his mere existence upsets the “balance of power” they have fought so dearly to keep. Even the Original Witch, Klaus’ own mother, seems to desperately want Klaus dead (more on that in my reply to another comment).

      That’s why the witches gave up all their powers to Bonnie, back in Season 2, in the first place. Though, now, of course, they’ve taken them back . . . They did this because Bonnie actually upset the balance of power, and abused her magic, by forcing the witches to restore Jeremy to life.

      If I recall correctly, the witches turned on Damon for a similar reason. Though Bonnie and her grandmother were the ones who actually performed the spell, Damon really orchestrated the release of the tomb vampires, in order to free Katherine, who he thought was with them. The witches hated the idea of having all these new-old vampires in Mystic Falls, since they felt it . . . wait for it . . . upset the balance of power there. The witches have taken it out on Damon ever since, despite the fact that the tomb vampires were destroyed back at the end of Season 1.

      Here’s the thing though. Stefan’s plan to kill Klaus seems to have the potential to upset the balance of power in Mystic Falls, a bit more than letting Klaus go about his merry way would. For one thing, it’s probably going to eventually involve de-staking Klaus’ Original relatives, thereby introducing at least 3 insanely powerful vampires . . . more powerful than any pre-existing creature in Mystic Falls . . . to life. And the motives of those Original siblings are as of yet uncertain. They could end up being just as power hungry as Klaus. (One can even end up being the next BIG BAD.)

      Additionally, Stefan’s incredible anger at Klaus, for all he’s done to him, coupled with the fact that he hasn’t completely turned his emotions back on yet, make Stefan just as much, if not more, of a wildcard than Damon was, back in Season 1. The amount of collateral damage he’s willing to endure to get rid of Klaus (Jeremy’s death, Alaric’s death, Bonnie and Caroline’s death, his own death . . . pretty much anyone’s death except for his brother’s and Elena’s) seems a bit excessive, in my opinion. As long as Klaus is in Mystic Falls and sans coffins, EVERYONE in town is in danger. And you would think that the witches would sense that, as well as the recent change in Stefan, and not want their old town to be terrorized in that way.

      Just a thought . . .

      As for a possible character assassination of Stefan, in return for the rise of Delena as a couple, I don’t think the writers will do that. This show has always been about a girl in love with two brother vampires. And I think a part of Elena will always love Stefan, even though she doesn’t particularly like him, right now. On the contrary, I actually think the writers are trying to win MORE fans for the Stefan character, by making him more interesting, morally ambiguous, and complex than he was back in Season 2. I just wish they’d give him back his Rippery- sense of humor! I’m OK with Stefan being a douchebag ,sometimes, provided that he’s a funny douchebag. 🙂 And he wasn’t very funny this week . ..

      Personally, I think the writers are still trying to figure out exactly who Stefan is, as a Ripper. So, it hasn’t been very consistent. But they are getting there . . .

  2. Just wondering if you picked up on the parallel between this kiss and Pacey and Joey’s mid-season 3 kiss on DC. If the relationship continues follow the Pacey/Joey trajectory that it always has, the second half of season 3 will be extremely satisfying for Delena fans. 🙂

    • Hey Christina! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. You are absolutely right! I’v always felt that Damon’s and Elena’s relationship would follow the Pacey / Joey projectory, which is one of the reasons I was so very excited for Season 3! It’s interesting that there are still so many parallels between Pacey and Joey and Damon and Elena, especially considering that Dawson’s Creek scribe and producer, Kevin Williamson has taken a bit of a step back in his involvement with the show, now that he’s juggling the Secret Circle as well.

      In a way, Damon’s and Elena’s first REAL consensual (non-death bed) kiss is a bit of a mixture between Pacey’s and Joey’s first kiss at the end of Cinderella Story, and their second kiss, at the end of Stolen kisses. Here’s the Cinderella Story kiss:

      Just like in the Cinderella Story, this kiss comes on the heels of Elena having a very bad day, and Damon trying to comfort her. It also comes on the heels of Elena’s admission that lately, it has been Damon who has been there for her throughout everything she’s endured in Season 3, and that he’s the one she finds that she turns to in times of strife. We also get the repetition of the line “What does that mean?” in both scenes. And finally, there’s the similarity of the ambush kiss. Just like with Joey and Pacey, it’s ultimately Elena’s admission of how much she needs Damon, and, implicitly, how much he understands her, that gives Damon the courage to take the risk of ambush kissing her, knowing in his heart that she won’t fight him off, when he does.

      And yet, in some ways, Damon and Elena are even farther along in their relationship than Pacey and Joey were at the end of a Cinderella story. Elena’s encounter with Damon on the porch was less like the sexually-tense frustrated arguments we are used to with them, and more quiet and sweet. They were two people, taking time out from an intense family moment, to assess these feelings that they were both having . . . particularly in light of the fact that Stefan, like Dawson, is still a real factor in their relationship, for better or worse.

      Plus Damon’s kiss didn’t come quite as out of left field as Pacey’s did in a Cinderella Story. He preceded it with that now infamous line, “If I’m going to feel guilty about something, I’m going to feel guilty about this.” In fact, as soon as Damon returned to the porch, we all knew what he was going to do, and, in a way, so did Elena. In that way, it was kind of like this:

      Here’s hoping that, in line with the Pacey / Joey trajectory, Damon’s and Elena’s next kiss is Elena-initiated. 🙂

      • Yep, exactly – I wouldn’t liken this yet to the Stolen Kisses kiss yet though. 🙂 I think that one will be coming around episode 16ish of this season ;).

        This was definitely the Cinderella Story kiss all the way though! As you said, the setup was the same – Joey had just had a bad day, Pacey had come to her rescue and she was thanking him for it. It’s that confesion that finally makes Pacey say, “Ok screw this, I’m just kissing you!” and Damon reacted the same way. Joey and Elena both kissed back (although Joey put up quite a fight afterwards, haha). But the results were still the same, the ball was firmly left in Joey/Elena’s court to make the next move, which will then be the Stolen Kisses kiss. 🙂

        I’m telling you, you’ve gotta write a part 2 to that comparison article of yours. 🙂

      • Sorry, when I said the Stolen Kisses kiss, I meant the Joey/Elena initiated one. 🙂

  3. Amelia

    Hey Julie!!!!
    I’m pretty sure I died last night and went to Delena heaven. It still feels like a dream, I was NOT expecting a kiss in this episode omg!!! I was fangirling so hard on Tumblr and via texts and I’m still not over it. Wow. I love how the Delena SL just makes so much sense, they went from being “enemies”, to having an understanding, to being friends, then not friends, then friends again, and now soon to be lovers! Then there are so many parallels and call backs to important kitchen scenes, porch scenes, Mystic Grill scenes, Back to the kiss.. it wasn’t rushed or cliche at all AND SHE KISSED HIM BACK ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD PRAISE THE LORD, be still my heart. So excited for what’s to come.

    Honestly, everything else in the episode paled in comparison with the last 10 or so minutes starting from when Nannie Carrie came on our screen, I’ll never forgive her for messing with Naley/Psycho! Melissa who is always hurting my girl Spencer, so why should we trust this Meredith as you said? I didn’t read the books,so Idk anything about her character.

    I’m so over Klaus, he can die any day now. I just can’t sympathize with him or his fucked up view of what a family represents, just no. Bring back Elijah!

    I miss Caroline, if giving Bonnie more screen time means less Caroline,then yeah, not cool. Also, I know it makes me a bad Forwood fan, but I’m so tired of this sired SL, it’s so stupid and it’s making me resent Tyler as the episodes go by. I multiship Caroline with pretty much everyone though, so it’s not too heartbreaking. I miss TC’s S2 dymanic though, I’m not even going to lie.

    Anyway, talk to you soon!! Why isn’t it next Thursday already?!!

    • Hey Amelia! SQUEEEEE! What a glorious night for Delena fans! We’ve all waited so patiently, for so long, and though I suspected that this would be the night it was going to happen, that didn’t stop me from going absolutely CRAZY with happiness, when it did.

      I’m not sure if you’ve read this interview, but Julie Plec had some really excellent things to say about the kiss, why it happened when it did, and what Elena’s response will be. (Can you believe these two were actually supposed to kiss, back at the end of “Homecoming?” OMG!)


      I particularly love what she said about how breathless, and swept off her feet, Damon’s kiss left Elena. 😉

      I’m inclined to agree with you about Crazy Nanny Carrie. (No matter how many roles she plays, she will always be Crazy Nanny Carrie to me. Sorry, Mrs. Paul Wesley. 🙂 ) I do think the writers called the character “Meredith” and, at least temporarily, set her up as a love interest for Alaric, as a nod to fans of the books who enjoyed the character of Meredith Sulez. But, ultimately, I think she is someone who is not to be trusted. A

      fter all, the reason, I think, that the writers never included the real-Meredith in their story, from the beginning, is that most of her chief characteristics have been made part of the Bonnie-character. Like Meredith, Bonnie is serious, skeptical, cynical, and a little bit “scary,” as Damon often described her. In fact Damon’s relationship with Bonnie is very similar to Damon’s relationship with Meredith in the books.

      Conversely, Caroline is a lot more like Book Bonnie. At the beginning of the series, she showed a lot of similarties with Book Caroline (who ends up being pretty much a villain): popular, jealous, a bit shallow, and a Queen Bee type. However, as the series has progressed, Caroline has shown herself to be a lot more like Book Bonnie: perky, positive, sweet, optimistic, caring, and always trying to see the best in people, despite their bad behaviors. Because both of Elena’s best book friends, seem to already be represented in the characters of Bonnie and Caroline, the writers likely felt that they didn’t need Meredith.

      And this is why I think TV Meredith will ultimately end up being a bit of a fraud . . . who knows? She may even end up being in league with Klaus. I hear he’s supposed to be getting his own love interest sometime soon . . .

      Speaking of Caroline and Bonnie, while Caroline didn’t appear in this episode, I think this deletion was only temporary. From what I hear, next week’s episode, which arrives on the day of Caroline’s first un-birthday (considering she’s a vampire and technically doesn’t age anymore), will be a very big one for our favorite Vampire Barbie. 🙂

  4. melanie

    This episode was just OMG. I honestly freaked out when Delena kissed!!! I was holding my breath the whole time 😀 And I find the parallel between the Elena/Katherine kiss and this one most satisfying. I love it when the writers make connections to past scenes!

    Idk about most people but I am seriously over Tyler and his douchebagery, just the way he TALKS has me grinting my teeth ug. I wish he didn’t get sired and could be with Caroline 😦

    Awesome recap as always!

    • Hey Melanie! 🙂 That kiss was amazing, wasn’t it? And the parallel to that first faux-kiss on the porch, back at the end of Season 1, made it even more so. Ever since that kiss happened, a part of me had always hoped that Elena’s and Damon’s first real kiss would take place on a porch as well. I’d actually hoped it would happen in the Season 2 finale. However, since Damon was dying at the time, I can certainly understand why their kiss in that episode took place on the bed, instead. 🙂

      You bring up a great point about the parallels, they do seem to add an extra layer of meaning and beauty to the scenes, whenever they occur. And, if the interviews with Julie Plec and the writers are any indication, these parallels are absolutely intentional. I see them as sort of gift that the writers give to loyal fans of the show, which I really appreciate. And the fact that so many of us, can find these parallels, just shows how smart and insightful the TVD fanbase actually is. It’s a fanbase of which I’m really proud to be a part. 😉

  5. Elena died in 2×21 but she was brought to life thanks to John’s sacrifice and Bonnie’s spell but still she was dead for a short time. Maybe that influences why can Klaus come into the Salavatore’s house now.

    • Hey ivana! Thanks so much for stopping by. You know, I’ve heard that before, and I guess you are probably right. From the writers perspective though, I just feel like it’s kind of a flimsy excuse. After all, the house is still in Elena’s name, and only one or two people actually realize that she died for those five minutes, or so. 🙂 Oh well . . . it’s a vampire show, after all, so I guess we have to suspend reality a little bit.

  6. Camila

    Great review!
    Phew… 3×10 was an awesome episode. I think I’m pretty satisfied with it (J/K I’m TOTALLY satisfied with it…the delena moments. The delena KISS …WOW)
    IDK why , but I kinda get Tyler. I think that everything that’s happening to him is stronger than him right now. Just like it was for Stefan and Damon back in 1864, when they couldn’t (can’t) control their craving for blood.
    I can’t get mad at him because of that. He’s a hybrid, no one else gets what’s that like so everyone judges him without knowing whether he can control himself or not.

    I also don’t know why but the Klaus/damon interaction was pretty nice! Ian and Joseph have some chemistry. I’d love to see a “friendship” there (or something like it)

    Now about delena…this episode was just so…
    Damon and Elena were acting like a couple already.
    Bonnie just asked her about him. The way Elena asked him if he was okay and he didn’t have to answer her. And the “most attractive look” scene was so full of chemistry (and it was plain hilarious)

    We got another kitchen scene and I can honestly tell you that the way they talked. They reminded me of my parents.
    Seriously. I watched it twice so I could be sure.
    The way Elena said “there’s something I need to tell you” as if she had to fill him in, as if it’s commonplace that they need to be on the same page even if one of them did something the other wouldn’t agree.
    The way she said it putting her hand on her forehead. The way she slowly explained knowing Damon wouldn’t like it.
    The way Damon dissagreed as an equal (not as a parent).
    They were a couple there. 100% couple XD.

    I was also worried about him not telling her about his plans with Stefan but then we got another porch scene…
    I can’t explain how happy I was that Damon told her Stefan saved him; because, deep inside, that was the whole problem for Damon. That means they haven’t lost Stefan. That means Stefan is still a good guy.
    For Damon it probably means she’ll go back to his brother one day.
    That was why he felt guilt (and that’s-I hope- what damon really didn’t want to tell her during the kitchen scene
    and…during the 3×11 promo he says something about Stefan acting too crazy, I think people will know they’re working together
    Also, maybe he didn’t tell her so she’d stay out of it, as promised.)
    Anyway, back to the epic scene.
    I absolutely love the 1×22 parallel! How it was Elena thanking him this time. Heck, even the previous Jeremy/Damon conversation! He was again trying to help the boy, but this time Elena knew about it.

    I also love that Damon felt this guilt. It’s a proof he’s becoming human (even his voice was a bit different during this episode…much more like old damon)
    It’s a proof he’s not the kind of guy who’d take his brother girl and be okay with it.

    But he loves her. And he knows she feels something too (also love, if anyone would ask me…) so he kisses her, because maybe this is a swan song for them…and at least they’ll have a kiss to remember; he’ll feel guilty anyway.

    Of course we’ll have to see 3×11 to know how everything will really turn out, if Damon won’t say or try anything else. I think he won’t and I hope he doesn’t because this whole scenario can build something wonderful.
    [I really want Elena to choose Damon but she has to finish her story with Stefan before that. And things have to happen the right way; meaning, Damon can’t be a jerk(check), elena can’t be a cheating girlfriend(check), they both have to figure things out with Stefan (needs to be done) and elena needs to realize she really loves Damon, even when Stefan is around (needs to be done) ]

    And, since you’re the one who’ve written about Pjo/DE similarities (making me a PJO shipper and DC fan :D) this episode had so many parallels too:
    Stefan’s gone, he’s letting Damon take care of Elena ever since 2×22
    Just like Dawson was gone and Pacey had to pick up Joey’s pieces.
    Just like PjO, Delena was working as a unit, as (best) friends, something that wouldn’t happen before.
    But Pacey, just like Damon, loved this girl; this girl that “belonged” to one of the most important persons of his life. But this person, seem to constantly hurt and don’t care about her, even though it is obvious he will at certain point, it doesn’t stop Pacey or Damon from kissing her. Not because they think they can, but simply because they really need to.
    So we have TVD 3×10 and DC 3×17
    When our heroes (♥honestly♥) decide they can’t take it anymore and kiss the girl.
    Now Elena and Joey had been on this situation before during tvd’s 2×01 and DC’s 1×10 when they were kissed by those two guys for the very first time.
    Back then, they immediately pushed them away. Even though there were feelings there, both girls still loved Stefan and Dawson blindlessly and the thought of kissing another guy (even if they had something with that other guy) was wrong for them (Especially for Elena. I really can’t tell how Joey felt about Pacey back then or how deep her feelings were).
    But “now”, things are completely different. They realized their loved ones are far from perfect. They were abandoned by them, even if for the right reasons. They might still believe that they somehow belong to Dawson and Stefan, but that idea keeps getting weaker and weaker.
    They’ve spent months and weeks side by side with this guy that cares about them, that is incredible, that clearly has his flaws but never hides them (like the exes did). This guy that they’re both attracted to, that they both care about deeply, that has somehow become a best friend.
    So when they kiss again (on 3×10 and 3×17) they can’t shove them. They simply can’t, because their feelings are much clearer now.
    They don’t kiss back with the passion they have, they just simply hold them (Elena held Damon’s hand, Joey held Pacey’s arm) but it is clear that they kissed back and that they’re feeling something; something strong enough to make them forget the first guy.
    But they’re still swimming in denial, and they still pretend they didn’t do anything. Soon enough, though, they’ll have to face that they kissed back for a reason.
    Joey soon threw herself on Pacey’s arms after that. But she had to talk to Dawson somehow, and Pacey talked to him too.
    Now we gotta see what will happen to Elena, I guess.

    • Hey Camila! What an awesome, eloquent and insightful comment! I had so much fun reading it. Thank you for taking the time to craft it, and share it with me. 🙂 Like I said, TVD’s (and Delena fans, in particular) insight, and brilliance never ceases to amaze me.

      I’m inclined to agree with you about Tyler. He really doesn’t understand yet what it means to be a sire, and probably doesn’t realize how much his personality has changed, in addition to his physical characteristics. He doesn’t see himself, the way his friends see him. I also think, having not really ever been a part of Elena’s tight-knit social circle, aside from being Caroline’s boyfriend for a relatively short time, Tyler doesn’t yet understand, firsthand, the how destructive Klaus can be. He’s heard it many times, but doesn’t yet believe it . . . not from a guy who’s “saved his life.” And, of course, Klaus can be very charming and persuasive when he wants to be.

      The real test of Tyler’s character, I think, will be what he does, when he fully understands the mental hold that Klaus has on him. Will he realize that what he is doing is hurting his friends, and try to fight it? Or will he continue to blindly follow his master’s lead, no matter who gets hurt in the process? That still remains to be seen . . .

      I also liked the interaction between Damon and Klaus. They are both wary of one another, but still recognize the similarities they have between them. Klaus, in particular, seemed pretty amused by Damon, in that drinking scene at La Casa de Rich and Awesome. He was smirking at Damon’s obvious love for Elena, and laughing at all the jokes Damon was making at Stefan’s expense.

      Like Damon, Klaus is, above all, a family man (though he doesn’t always show it in the right way). He understands the unique bond Damon has with his brother, and the lengths Damon will go to protect him, even while the two are beating the crap out of one another. And Klaus, I think, also loved Stefan, in his own way, and feels the same betrayal that Damon felt, when Stefan first saved Klaus’ life over Mikael’s. I also think Klaus and Damon are two surprisingly emotional vampires. And while Stefan’s bloodlust, and constant separation from his emotions are two of HIS chief weaknesses, I feel like it’s being OVERLY emotional, and blinded by love, that prevent Klaus and Damon from reaching their goals.

      I think you bring up an excellent point in noting that Damon’s feeling guilt over loving and kissing Stefan’s ex, illustrates a major progression in his character’s humanity. The REAL first time Damon kissed Elena, back in “The Return,” Damon did so, without thinking about Stefan at all . . . and Stefan and Elena were very much, a couple back then. Damon’s kissing Elena in “The Return,” was entirely selfish. It’s not that he didn’t love Elena, back then. he absolutely did. But the kiss itself, was more about desire, and about coping with Katherine’s rejection of him for Stefan, than it was about real selfless love.

      The Damon we see at the end of 3 x 10 is very much, as you so cleverly noted, like the Pacey we see near the end of Season 3 of Dawson’s Creek. He loves Elena deeply, knows her intimately, and, above all, wants her to be safe and happy. He feels this way, in spite of the fact, that he might mistakenly believe that this love will never be returned, at least not to the extent of his own feelings. But also like Pacey, Damon cares deeply about his brother, who has sacrificed so much for him, and who he still believes (despite some recent displays to the contrary), is a better “vampire” than he is. So, he feels guilty about betraying his brother in this way.

      And you are right, this gentle, romantic, and surprisingly level-headed incarnation of Damon, reminds me very much of 1864 Damon, specifically the one we met in the flashbacks from “The Dinner Party.” He was the Damon who felt protective over his brother, when he saw him going off the deep end. And he wanted to save him, and help him, even if it meant increased misery for himself.

      Like you, I also enjoyed how very coupley Damon and Elena behaved with one another throughout the episode, particularly in the kitchen scene. They understand instinctively what one another need, respect one another as equals, and are so much more honest with eachother than they used to be, back in Seasons 1 and 2. As for Damon’s neglecting to tell Elena about the coffins, this wouldn’t be the first time he kept something from her, in order to try and keep her safe. That said, I’m hoping he tells her soon. Because the longer she goes without knowing, the more betrayed she will feel, and the more in danger, she will be . . .

      But hey, why dwell on the negative, let’s just focus for a little while longer on that spectacular kiss! 🙂

  7. Brittany-Marie

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed or if potentially it was just me, But Klaus’ man-jewelry looked A LOT like Elena’s-Original-Witch-Vervain-Stefan’s-Love-Necklace. I had many other thoughts on this episode, but I want to watch it again before formulating them into a comment,

    • Necklace in Klaus’s hands is Elena’s necklace, you can compare them, they are exactly the same.

      • I think you are right, Ivana. And I suspect that Elena’s necklace, which is also Rebekah’s necklace, and, by extension the Original Witch’s necklace, will end up playing a major role in the Scooby Gang’s ultimate plans to defeat Klaus. Good thinking! 😉

    • Hmmm . . . you are probably right about that, Brittany-Marie. Perhaps, the witches were trying to remind Bonnie that Elena’s necklace, which originally belonged to Rebekah, and contains within it the spirit of, Klaus’ and Rebekah’s mother, the Original Witch, is the key to killing Klaus. In fact, since, as a hybrid, he’s impervious to those white oak daggers, it might very well be the only thing that kills him.

      The last time we saw the necklace, if I recall, was when Bonnie used it to close the portal. Even though she tried to destroy it in the fire, it wasn’t actually destroyed. It might still be in the Witch House . . .

      Another theory based on the dream is that the fourth coffin . . . the one that is supposedly the key to Klaus’ demise, does not actually contain the Original Petrova, as originally suggested, but might actually contain Klaus’ MOTHER. Though Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah seemed to bury the Original Witch, in Mystic Falls, in the flashback from “Ordinary People,” I certainly wouldn’t put it past Klaus to dig her back up, and cart her around with him, without Elijah and Rebekah knowing about it . . .

      Hmmm . . . very interesting. 🙂

  8. It figures that as soon as the writers make Jeremy interesting, he goes off and skips town. First of all, the Gilberts have family friends in Denver?? Where are these family friends??? Well, I guess it’s cool that they’re not in Mystic Falls, seeing as how they would probably be murdered before they even left the airport. When Jeremy cut that annoying ass hybrid’s head off, he instantly became one of my favorites. I’m not too surprised that it was Jeremy that was leaving Mystic Falls. I’ve read spoilers and they’ve all indicated that it was him who was going to be leaving. I’m a little annoyed at Elena for taking his memories away again, but I’m not mad at her. Klaus has been targeting him and he’s the only family she has left. I can understand why she did, but I just don’t understand why she felt like she had to compel him, especially since Jeremy was the one who thought of getting out of town in the first place.

    People can whine and bitch and moan all they want, but I am really enjoying Klaus. He’s so hot. I can never bring myself to hate him, no matter what he does and I appreciate him (and Joseph Morgan) for bringing so much to the show, because without him and the Originals, it would just be another boring crappy love triangle soap opera.

    Rebekah won’t stay daggered for much longer. She’s going to come back and she’s basically going to be pissed at EVERYONE. I can’t wait til she comes back. I like Rebekah.

    Those damn coffins . . . I originally thought that the Original Petrova was in the fourth coffin, but I really have no idea now. I think it would be cool if she was in the fourth coffin but then maybe it might also be Esther? No idea. I’m still counting on it to be the Original Petrova though!

    Meredith Fell, like Meredith Meredith from the books Meredith?? Wasn’t she a teenager though? I’m glad they brought her on and I’m glad that she’s an adult. I have the first two books but I only have them just so that I can brag that I have them, but I guess I have to actually read them now? I hope she stays on and I really hope she doesn’t get murdered. I really want to see what she’s all about.

    Tyler is annoying to me now. He’s so bland and basic. And people prefer him over Matt? Please.

    I like Jerk Stefan and I regret nothing. I do admit that he was cold to Elena, but every time he comes up with a plan his humanity gets in the way. I like this cold, calculated, focused Stefan. And I liked how he didn’t drop his plans just because Elena asked him to. I didn’t like the fight between Damon and Stefan, mostly because Damon was a little ungrateful brat. “Stop saving me!” Get over yourself and get a haircut.

    I guess Damon and Elena sort of kissed last night. I do not care. I couldn’t care less. I am surprised that it actually happened, but I basically don’t care. It’s not like the kiss was passionate or anything. The kiss he had with Katherine back in the first season was way hotter. Elena just stood there. But good for them. And here’s to another three seasons before Damon and Elena finally have sex.

    What’s hilarious is how mad Stelena fans are. It’s so funny. They’re calling Elena selfish and stupid, which I admit, she can be. First of all, this show was slated as a love triangle from the beginning. A girl torn between to vampires. We all knew this was going to happen eventually. And it’s not like Elena hasn’t been looking for Stefan FOREVER!! She’s spent the entire summer looking for him, she’s tracked him down to the Smokey Mountains and she followed him to Chicago where she BEGGED him to come back home with her. Also, she’s EIGHTEEN! She can’t be tied down to the same guy for the rest of her life (unless she became a vampire, maybe). I’m not making excuses for her, because I don’t care about that kiss or this love triangle, but rabid Stelena fans need to take a chill pill or something. It’s not like she’ll ever get over Stefan anyway. She’ll forgive him just like she forgave Damon for murdering her brother, and raping/feeding on her best friend. Remember that?

    • Hey Lauren! Hmmm . . . good point about the writers making a point to say that Jeremy was going to be in Denver, as opposed to anywhere else. Maybe they are planning some sort of non-supernatural TVD spinoff starring Steven R. McQueen that will take place there. 🙂

      That said, if Julie Plec’s most recent interview is any indication, I don’t really think Jeremy will be gone all that long. After all, in this most recent episode, the writers made it a point to remind us that things didn’t go so well, the last time Damon compelled Jeremy. I’m thinking that Jeremy’s absence might only be for a few episodes, like they’ve done in the past with Tyler (werewolf camp), Bonnie (stayed with her relatives for a while), and Katherine (always popping in and out of Mystic Falls). Hopefully, they will have whipped him up a new storyline by then. 🙂

      I never bitch about Klaus. 🙂 TVD always needs a villain for the Scooby Gang to battle, and the Originals bring more complexity, and heart, to the job than most . . . they are certainly better than those lame tomb vampires from Season 1, or those lame werewolves from early Season 2. 😉 And I agree that Joseph Morgan, Claire Holt, and Daniel Gillies are all excellent actors, and are fun additions to the cast.

      Like you, I always assumed the Original Petrova was in the coffin. But after learning that Klaus was wearing the Original Witch necklace in the dream, I’m now thinking it’s Esther. Plus, I think it will be extremely hard, and probably a bit unintentionally comical to have Nina Dobrev tackling three roles at once. To make it work, they would have to find a personality for “Charlotte” that’s completely different from both Elena’s and Katherine’s. And I’m thinking that won’t be so easy to do . . . I’d love to see them try though . . .

      In the books, Meredith “Sulez” (though I like that they made her a Founding Family Fell, in this story) dates Alaric Saltzman. She is 17, and he’s 21 or 22. Considering that TV Alaric is probably supposed to be about 30, it makes a lot more sense to have Meredith be older, in order to make her a suitable love interest for Alaric. I still think THIS Meredith is going to end up being bad news though . . . I also think that, like Rose and Andie before her, she will kick the bucket after 6 or 7 episodes, as is common for most of these so-called “love interests.” But hey, at least it will give Alaric something (and someone) to do for a while!

      Hmmm . . . I still prefer Tyler over Matt. Sorry! 🙂 I find Matt to be more bland and basic than Tyler, and also more judgmental. But without Jeremy to kick around, aside from Alaric, Matt’s the only real human left on this show. So, I suspect Matt will be sticking around for awhile. And we will have to agree to disagree on this point . . .

      On one hand, I do think that “Dark” Stefan is more interesting than Broody Mopey Stefan. (I just wish he had more of the sense of humor he had, back when he was Ripper Stefan from the flashbacks, or even Klaus’ Bitch Stefan from “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”) He was just so cold and humorless in this episode, that it was hard to really relate to him. I don’t think the guy cracked a smile once. At least when Damon and Klaus are behaving badly, they get to say some solid one-liners, while they are doing it. Let’s make “Dark” Stefan funny again!

      Also, as I mentioned in my reply to East Coast Captain, as funny as it was to see Klaus as pissed off as he was, I think Stefan’s “hiding the coffin” thing is a reckless and monumentally bad idea . . . one that he hasn’t seemed to have thought out all that much. I liken it to Damon’s “open the tomb” idea from Season 1. Just as Damon didn’t give two craps who got killed in Mystic Falls, provided he got Katherine back, Stefan doesn’t seem to care which humans get murdered, as long as it pisses off Klaus . . .

      Awww, I think the Delena kiss was passionate. 🙂 And I think Elena kissed him back too. 😉 That said, I suspect the next time they kiss to be even more passionate, since it will be initiated by Elena, hopefully in the heat of some intense firey argument of some sort.

      But I agree with you about the whole Stelena / Delena fangirl war thing. I don’t understand where all the anger from Stelena fans is coming from. You are right. This show was always advertised as a love triangle show. It was inevitable that the tide would eventually turn toward Damon and Elena. And, I certainly can’t speak for all Delena fans. But I think, for the most part, we’ve been very patient and respectful of the Stelena relationship, while waiting for our turn.

      For the Stelena fans to get all worked up over a kiss seems a bit sour grapes to me. Lord knows what they will do when Delena has sex. 😉

  9. Tricus


    (Sorry I wrongly posted this in another one of your blogs-the top ten DE moments).
    I loved this episode. I was not watching or believing any of the spoilers or spec people were talking about during the hiatus but actually most of it was true.
    It was still a surprise to me though.
    From beginning to end everything seem to move fast. They packed a lot of info and action into the episode.
    I loved to see Elena STILL training.
    Damon and Elena having a flirt fest in the bar. Bonnie weird dream that kind of partly came true.
    Tyler still being naive about Klaus. I guess he has woken up now after betraying Jeremy/Elena and Klaus spelling it out to him.
    Jeremy was at first irritating before he found out about Tyler and then he was all badass. I loved the arrow in that Hybrid back and then the beheading.
    Alaric was taking his parenting duties seriously. Love it.
    Stefan still being irritating, trying to act badass and uncaring but not quite pulling it off. Saw some emotion when Elena slapped him.
    Like Damon said he is the one that can pull off all of that revenge/vindictiveness and HE invented deflecting. LOL
    Their fight was so brotherly. Fighting and talking it out at the same time. I actually like the Damon/Stefan brotherly bond.
    Klaus is growing on me. I actually found him sexy in this episode. I didn’t before.
    OOOH I forgot Damon was soo protective of Elena in the bar when Klaus came in. He always step in front of Elena when anyone is threatening Elena.
    Sad that they had to send Jeremy away. I hope he comes back soon and start training to be a, what do you call it, vampire watcher?
    And to the juicy part at the end. Damon and Elena. When they were in the house and Elena was cleaning up all the blood , upset , I was thinking ” hug her Damon”. He cupped her face THEN.
    Then the porch scene. Damon is right. He has NOT done anything before to be guilty about but just flirted with Elena so he might as well do a little something to warrant it. I mean many people have been in love with someone they can’t have or shouldn’t want, so it’s no different.
    I don’t get some fans, lets be real , the SE fans, who are saying “It’s not right that Damon kissed Elena after finding out that Stefan did all this FOR Damon”.
    My thinking:
    1) Stefan and Damon have been saving each other forever.
    2) Stefan kind of already told Elena to get on with her life and broke up with her in Chicago.
    3) Stefan is not interested in the SE romance right now. He could care less.
    Do they really want Elena to sit,wait and pine for Stefan while he is doing his not caring, revenge stuff? I don’t even expect Damon to not have any girlfriends/hookups while he is in love with Elena and not dating her. Unrealistic.
    4) Everyone knows Damon loves Elena. Stefan and the whole gang knows. Even Klaus. LOL. It does not matter when it happened. Elena and Damon would get their romantic moment.
    Either while Stefan is gone doing his own stuff or when he is back with Elena. To may way of thinking, if I was those SE fans, I would think it is WAY worse if DE kiss when SE is together

    • Hey Tricus! I had no doubt you would love this episode as much as I did, and couldn’t wait to hear your thoughts. I was one of those people who strongly suspected that Damon and Elena would kiss at some point, during this episode. But it was still super exciting and rewarding to actually see it unfold on my television screen.

      And as for Bonnie’s dream, I suspect, like you do, that it was more of a premonition than anything else. My new theory is that the Original Witch is in the fourth coffin, and her and her necklace will ultimately be the key to Klaus’ demise at the end of the season. However, I’m thinking that the necklace will have the same effect on Klaus that the daggers have on the rest of his family. And this leaves open the possibility of his returning at later time in the series . . .

      Elena IS still training, isn’t she? 🙂 In fact, in a clip I saw from next week’s episode, she mentioned that she is still working with Alaric to advance her fighting skills and weapons knowledge. And yet, it ended up being Tyler’s introduction to the crossbow, and JEREMY’s newfound knowledge of hybrids that ultimately saved the day, this week. Go figure!

      As much as I think Stefan’s plan is, more or less, a lousy one, I’m glad he’s agreed to let Damon in on it. Not only is Damon better at manipulation and deception than his brother, he’s also, surprisingly enough, a bit more level-headed than Stefan, at the current time. Right now, Stefan is so set on revenge, he’s failing to see the risks inherent in what he is doing. Damon saw those risks first hand, when he witnessed what happened to Jeremy and Alaric. But we know that Damon will protect Elena (and, I think Alaric too :)) at all costs. And, in turn, Elena and Alaric will do what they can to keep everyone else they love safe . . .

      Of course, I adored the bar scene, which while sexually tense, also had some surprising humor and sweetness to it. Damon always takes care of Elena. But it was nice to see Elena caring for, and looking out for Damon for a chance. And that little moment where Damon moved to stand in front of Elena, when Klaus approached her was both subtle and epic at the same time. Even more than the fact that Damon did it, I loved the smirk Klaus got on his face, when he realized just how much things have progressed between these two, since his “capture” of Stefan at the end of Season 2. I also love that Klaus threatened Elena with hurting Damon . . . not because I want Damon to hurt Klaus, of course, but because it showed that KLAUS knows that the love between these two is now mutual . . .

      And I absolutely agree that, though he understandably feels guilty about what he did, Damon had every right to kiss Elena, Thursday night. If anything, Stefan, himself, has been pushing them together, ever since he left town. Stefan can’t take care of Elena right now . . . He’s not emotionally capable of doing it, having turned off his emotions, in order to be able to do what he needs to do to defeat Klaus. Earlier in the series, Damon sacrificed his own happiness, because he felt that Stefan was better equipped to care for Elena and make her happy than he was. This is no longer the case. And if Stefan could step outside of himself, and see what was happening right now, I’m sure he would agree.

      Besides, us Delena fans have waited patiently for 2.5 seasons for a mutual liplock for our SHIP. We’ve earned it. And it’s our turn, dammit! 🙂

  10. anyone can enter the Salvatore house because in 2×21 Elena died and that allowed anyone to come in.

    • Good point, Melanie. Thank you for setting me straight. I don’t remember them mentioning that on the show, but I’m sure they have . . . or, perhaps, the writers clarified the discrepancy in an interview of some sort? It just seems like a bit of a convenient loophole, from my perspective. But hey, what do I know? 🙂

  11. Kangababy


    You have outdone yourself with this review (loving the Lost reference!). What an episode to come back to. I hardly know where to begin with what I loved about the episode (well other than the kiss ha ha….)

    Seeing Alaric as part of the Gilbert family is really fantastic. I love his character so much, and I feel that his looking after Elena and Jeremy gives him a sense of purpose that is more than just Alaric – Vampire Slayer. I reserve judgement on the relationship with Meredith aka Crazy Nannie Carrie 🙂 until we get more of a sense of her character in the upcoming episodes.

    What is it about Jeremy Gilbert that makes me sob everytime? I have a huge soft spot for his character (maybe because I have a younger brother whom I would do anything for). Looking back at Jeremy’s progression, it was definitely the right time for him to leave. The writers were not doing anything new for his character with Jeremy continuously regressing back to bad old habits whenever things got really bad, not that I blame him because when a 16 year old has to resort to chopping heads off to protect his family you know things have gotten unmanageable. However, I would ultimately love to see him return to Mystic Falls down the line, more mature and taking his rightful place as the Gilbert Vampire Slayer (has a bit of a Star Wars destiny feel to it) but to do it in a way that his ancestors never achieved which is to understand that there are good vampires or supernatural beings that are worth saving.

    I missed Caroline this week, but think it is good that Tyler and her had time apart, especially now that Tyler has caught onto the fact that being sired by Klaus may not be the best thing.

    What a turnaround to see that Stefan no longer cares about Elena’s family etc. Personally I think his humanity is there and he still cares about her, but he is choosing not to let his emotions and humanity get in the way of achieving his goals. Clever, given how all the previous plans panned out when emotions overruled everything,… yeah definitely…. cutthroat and ruthless… undoubtably. It will be interesting to see where this takes him.

    Klaus continues to be an enigma. I think that it ultimately really gets to him that his two closest siblings, Rebekkah and Elijah are no longer on his side. Being a psychopathic killer has never been as lonely as it is for him now. I did enjoy his giggle whenever Damon would step in front of Elena (love that Damon is so protective that it is second nature of him to always put himself between Klaus and Elena)

    Finally onto the Delena! Damon had another faultless episode. Exactly as you pointed out, he knows when to joke around with Elena and when to be serious. And Elena is the same with him. It is incredible watching how in sync they have become, how they comfort each other (Damon is much better at it than Stefan, he makes jokes and DOESN’T brood about the problems). They just get each other.

    I definitely took the scene where Damon says to Stefan to stop saving him, not only as confirmation that Damon feels guilt over his feelings for Elena but that he would have gladly died to put an end to Klaus so that Elena could start living a normal life. I get nervous though because I think ultimately, Stefan will listen and not save him (maybe the last episode of the series). How great is it that Damon feels guilt in the first place. Our boy has come such a long way….

    My favourite part of the kissing scene was actually just before the kiss, when Damon admits his guilt over wanting what he wants. The look on Elena’s face is perfect. I actually didn’t want Elena to kiss him first. It is absolutely clear on her expression when he says he wants her that she is longing for him, she wants to kiss him, but she just can’t do it, because taking that step in her mind puts her into Katherine territory (I don’t agree with her on this one because it is clear that her and Stefan are over… for now). Her biggest fear is that she becomes Katherine and tears the two brothers apart. Her fear paralyzes her, you can even see her stand completely still trying to breathe when Damon is walking away and it stops her from acting on her feelings. He needed to kiss her, because it was finally time for her to stop avoiding her feelings. After the initial shock wore off, she leaned into him and reciprocated. (To the haters who talk about body language etc…. saying that she wasn’t into the kiss, she could’ve pushed him away, could have moved his hands, could have told him off afterwards but she didn’t) At the end of the kiss Damon searches her eyes looking for signs of regret and sees nothing but more longing and someone who just had her world turned upside down after the kiss, smirks a little and says goodbye. It was perfect. I don’t know how the writers do it, but they always give me exactly what I want out of a Delena romatic scene before I even know it’s what I wanted.

    Ok, enough of my long winded babble. Can’t wait to see what everyone has to say. Joey

    • hey Joey! I absolutely agree with you about Alaric. I remember, back when they first killed off Jenna, I was worried that the writers wouldn’t be able to find a suitable use for this character. But, if anything, Alaric is more enmeshed in the Scooby Gang now, than he was when Jenna was alive. Between his bromance with Damon, his parenting of Jeremy, his training of Elena, and even his possession by Klaus, there are very few TVD characters for whom Alaric hasn’t become an integral part of their lives. And given his recent problems with his ring, his new position on the council, and his possibly bad news new girlfriend, Alaric’s story only promises to get more interesting, as the season progresses . . .

      I also like your idea of Jeremy ultimately returning to town as a benevolent Buffy-esque Vampire Slayer. Through the kindnesses shown to him by Stefan, Damon and Caroline, at different points in his life, Jeremy does see, in a way that perhaps, Uncle / Father John wasn’t able to, until it was too late, that not all vampires lack humanity. Furthermore, “good vampires” and “good witches and werewolves,” when utilized correctly, can actually be very helpful in ensuring a town’s safety.

      Do I smell a possible spinoff? 🙂

      As for Caroline, I do think we will see her a lot next week, since next week’s episode takes place on her first vampire un-birthday. It’s funny. None of the characters, aside from Stefan, seemed to celebrate birthdays, these past two seasons. And now, all of them are! Hmmm . . . I wonder when Damon’s birthday is . . . and, more importantly, what Elena will give him as a gift. 😉

      I like your theory on Stefan. It’s obvious he still cares about Damon. And his agreement with Damon that Elena stay out of their plans to kill Klaus this time, seems to suggest that he still cares about Elena as well. It’s possible that he’s purposefully pushing her away now, so that he can do what he needs to do to kill Klaus. And, if that’s the case, he’s certainly doing a good job of it.

      Still, the notion that a Stefan with ANY humanity at all would be willing to sacrifice Elena’s brother, and countless other innocent humans, in the nature of revenge, seems so very UN-Stefan. I still feel like the writers haven’t decided who exactly Ripper Stefan IS. He’s like a completely different character every week! 🙂 I’d just like a little consistency is all . . .

      I absolutely agree with you about Klaus’ loneliness. Part of reason Klaus carts around his dead siblings, is that he takes some sort of strange comfort from them being there, I think. It’s like a security blanket for him, having his family around him at all times. I also think that part of him knows that, once he un-stakes his relatives, they will all desert him. We saw that a bit, this week. Up to this point, as far as Klaus is concerned, Rebekah has always been on his side. But he knew that when he un-staked her this time, there was a good chance that she would never look at him the same way again. And it was all just too much for him to bear.

      That’s part of why Klaus wants all these hybrids, I think. These are individuals who will be loyal to him, no matter what, since it is ingrained in their psyche to be this way. There’s a line in the trailers from next week, in which Klaus says to Damon, “stop killing my friends,” regarding the hybrids. It’s a line that’s mainly played for laughs, I think. But there’s also a bit of truth to it. As old as Klaus is, he’s still a bit of a petulant child, one who wants friendship and camraderie, but never really came to understand the give and take that comes with true friendship, and true love.

      I wonder who will actually be the one to de-stake Rebekah? I doubt it would be Elena or Damon. Perhaps, it will be Stefan, or Tyler . . . maybe even one of Klaus’ other siblings, who we are expected to meet this season.

      I always love the passion and eloquence with which you describe Damon and Elena. You are right, they are perfectly in sync in this episode, knowing, without words, exactly what eachother needs to get them through these difficult times . . . just as Elena knew exactly what Damon needed to hear at the end of “Homecoming.” And the fact that Klaus sees them together once, and instinctively understands that something major has changed between them, says a lot. For all his faults, he can be very perceptive. . . that Klaus.

      And I think you are right on the money about the Delena kiss. Julie Plec herself admitted that this is the first time in the series, where Elena would not fight off a kiss from Damon, rather she would reciprocate, and not regret doing it, afterward. I think your interpretation of that strangely still posture Elena takes, when Damon first starts to leave the porch, before the big kiss, is right on the money. She wants so badly to pull him back toward her, as Joey does, at the end of “Stolen Kisses.” But she doesn’t have the courage to do it . . . yet. So, she stands their, conflicted, and filled with regret, for NOT kissing him.

      And Elena absolutely does reciprocate the kiss. The writers choreographed every move of this scene for a reason. And I think they had Elena grab hold of Damon’s hand on her cheek, and had her pull him toward her, thereby prolonging the moment, for the express purpose of showing this kiss to be one that was reciprocated.

      Plus, as I mentioned earlier, I suspect that the next Delena kiss will be one that is Elena-initiated, and contains within it all the passion on her end, that skeptics have been looking for. The feelings Elena experienced during this kiss may have caught her off guard, but they also woke her up to how strong her feelings for Damon actually are. And next time, I suspect it will be Damon, who is left breathless by the encounter . . .

  12. honeytvd

    Ahh!!! I’m squealing and squealing and squealing!!!!!
    They. Finally. Kissed!!!
    I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long now..
    Yippeee 😀
    Damon’s voice when he was compelling Jeremy was so nice and kind..
    I really think he wants jeremy to have a better life.. awww ❤
    And all the other delena scenes was just a blast!

    • Hey honeytvd! You and me both, It’s been over twenty four hours since that kiss happened, and I’m still feeling all tingly, as a result. You would think it was ME who just kissed. 🙂

      I’m also glad you brought up how tender, and almost fatherly Damon was with Jeremy. He really believes that Elena is doing the best thing for him. And I think, ever since their unfortunate encounter back in “The Return,” Damon has come to feel a real kinship toward Jeremy . . . the brother of the woman he loves unconditionally. Whether or not I think compelling Jeremy to leave town was the right thing to do, I think Damon, Elena and Alaric had nothing but good intentions, when they did it. And that was certainly evident in Damon’s heartfelt compulsion speech.

      We haven’t seen Damon this filled with emotion over an instance of compulsion since he told Elena he loved her, and made her forget it, back in “Rose.” (I’m still waiting for her to remember that one . . .)

  13. André

    Something funny first 😉

    Then, regarding the Promo for 3×11:

    Man, there are suddenly many hybrids in Mystic Falls aren’t they? I mean weren’t werewolves supposedly close to extinction? And how much blood did Klaus actually take from Elena? In the fifth episode it was only one package. Did each of them only get one drop of blood?

    And have you seen this already?

    So its “family friends” all of a sudden? Weird that none of them was around once Jenna died. I mean aren’t friends at least checking in once in a while when friends die so close together?

    And the Canadian Promo was super cheesy.

    Third the short stuff:

    lena will probably find out about the plan in about 3-4 episodes I guess, at most. Think about it episode 14 is approaching and I think we all know what that means.

    When I say the guy with the hoody I knew he was a Klausling, albeit I was fooled for a short time.

    O great another couple from the book, yippie. We already had that with Forwood and that turned out to be as lame as Elena.
    Hm, do I have a masochistic side or why am I doing this?

    Anyway, how big do you think Meredith’s survival chances are?

    Yepp, apparently anyone can enter the Salvatore mansion, seriously how can anybody still have respect for those writers?

    And I would wish to know how much time has passed between this episode and the previous one. Again no hint at all, although it’s clearly fall. Albeit that apparently didn’t bother them the last two seasons.

    As for the speed limit. It’s TVD, we can bitch-slap them about not being realistic but we cannot possibly still expect that. This is Mystic Falls remember? Where one year has eight seasons instead of just four (check the last two seasons again and you will see what I mean ;))

    Now the main part:

    Personally I cannot say that this episode was worth waiting, possibly to a great deal due to the fact that I don’t care one bit about Delena or Stelena or any other -lena. I knew it would be happening and so there was no suspense or pathos or anything for me. I am totally immune to this.
    I kind of think that the main problem with Elena and the rest is that they are just thinking inside of their little bubble. It doesn’t even seem to occur to them to at least spread the news or even search for help. Why not seek out living witches? No matter for what reason there should be plenty who would want to exterminate Klaus and his brood. But nooooooo.
    I guess that is the price you have to pay when you keep things centered on three characters and want… whatever it is that somebody could want from these three nutjobs that could be interesting in any way.

    By the way, that awesome interview… Not so awesome for me, due to the same reasons. But it did gave me hope that the whole Compulsion thing will bite Elena in the ass albeit probably not as bad as I wish it would. Seriously, as though anybody things that this plan will work. N
    And maybe, just maybe, Forwood might be interesting.

    And Damon and Elena’s flirting: BBBBOOOOOORRRRRRRIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!
    This is not suspense or drama or anything. That it would come to this has been clear since season 1 so why so many people (you included) are thrilled by it I cannot conceive.

    You know I didn’t think of that during the episode (probably got dumbed down by Delena) but that Elena seriously thinks that Klaus would ever leave them be or even keep his word is the biggest testament to her stupidity. Klaus might not care about the rest but he needs Elena.
    Klaus would do everything in his mind to keep Elena alive and human since he needs her, so all in all Elena is the safest person when it comes to sudden deaths, at least regarding Klaus and his minions. And why is Klaus letting Elena run around anyway if she is crucial for his hybrids? Interestingly that plan seems to have been forgotten. Wasn’t that whole ordeal for him about not being alone? But now that Daddy is gone he wants his family back? Didn’t a drunken Klaus in the 1920s bitch about how they despised him?
    Hm, kinda makes me wonder what would happen later. I mean Elena will die one way or the other and then? No more new hybrids? Looks like the new master race is doomed to die out since they are only theoretically immortal. Of course should that ever be a problem we can surely trust the writers to ignore their earlier stories and simply introduce that hybrids can create new hybrids.

    You know I start to think that Klaus is like Superman. Why wouldn’t simple beheading kill an Original, or him in particular? Wasn’t there that statement by Plec herself that vampire bodies function like all else’s bodies? So sever the head from the spine and at least the rest of the body will no longer move.
    He clearly hasn’t the actual brain to be a survivor, not with that schizophrenic portrayal. He is only able to survive due to his superpowers and there only his strength and compulsion are worth anything. Not to mention that for some inexplicable reason everything is centered around him even if there is no reason to do so. Furthermore he shares with Superman the unreliability of his senses. In this episode he could smell the vervain in Damon, but he was neither able to smell Elena in Stefan’s room, nor that Katherine was it that was held hostage by Michael. And since we are at it, if he can smell the vervain in Damon’s body, should he not at least once have been able to simply sniff out his dad while both where in Mystic Falls?
    Oh and one thing he also has in common with Superman:
    He has got every right to be on the screen time and again. There are so many reasons I don’t even know where to start.

    And the “Whispers” as well as Bonnie’s seemingly incapability to resist them strikes me as another example that witches are deus ex machina, I said it time and again and will continue to do so. They can do all that stuff but they never managed to get rid of the Originals and vampires in general? And seriously the episode let it look as though it was so energy consuming to hide 4 Originals from view (they needed lots of dead witches), but a single witch was enough to bind Michael in a tomb?
    And if they possibly knew all the time how to get rid of Klaus, why not do it before? There must be other witches around, why not contact them?
    At the Grill scene with the girls I just asked myself, why a witch who had special dreams before doesn’t state so right away? Is it some sort of repressive mechanism? Because this behavior is really dumb.
    And wasn’t the BLING not actually the Talisman of the Original Witch? Or was I mistaken?
    I just hope it isn’t the Original witch in the coffin or something that belonged to her, since … I mean what sort of coffin from that time would have preserved a human body? And supposedly you cannot be both vampire and witch, as opposed to vampire and werewolf as it seems, but then again, Elijah once said that sunlight cannot kill Originals, but their origin story suggests otherwise so maybe this is another “lie”.
    And since we’re at it, why the heck is there a big mansion on the soil were supposedly a hundred dead witches were burned? (I also still wonder how that was ever possible.)

    And I guess everybody should have known something was up, when it was suddenly McQueen’s voice saying “Previously on the Vampire Diaries”.
    And when the whole Compulsion thing was going on I just asked myself: “Why am I not surprised?” Seriously the episode McQueen could show some more acting talent was the one they came up with that. Lets hope we get something halfway decent from this, meaning his possible absence will be more than just the symptoms of the writers not knowing what to do with him. You could say that its kinda like him “doing the Matt” know. On a normal show that could be used for influx from outside but this is TVD so I doubt it.

    You have a point considering Jeremy’s age. Only Alaric and the vamps (minus Caroline) are actually significantly older than him, the rest is only about two years older and Tyler blatantly showed how immature he is, Elena that she cannot think past her own needs, seriously this is not about keeping someone safe and Matt… maybe that is why Matt is not there often, they cannot use teenagers with actual reasons for their issues and a mentality that doesn’t simply accept all the shit in life. Could be.
    I guess Jeremy’s age is simply pointed out so much to make Elena more “adult” no matter how juvenile her actions are. Seriously, why should any of the older people even listen to her stupid plans and schemes? Not to mention that it seemed pretty out of character that Jeremy was still off the vervain considered what else happened in this episode. Wasn’t this the guy who figured the Supernatural out by himself instead of having it thrown into his face?

    “How many times will Jeremy brush off inquires about his family back home, before he starts to wonder himself, whether something is missing from his life?”
    And you have a point about that! This is not about Jeremy, well of course not since it’s the “everyone wants Elena show”, but about Elena’s shortsightedness and her egoistic side. So for me Elena’s tears were just crocodile tears (if Americans have that phrase). She probably had the illusion of keeping Jeremy “innocent”, basically that means she was keeping him from growing up (as you already pointed out). And that is probably the actual reason for her decision to have him compelled again not a selfless decision to “see him safe”. Not to mention that this would be just another symptom of their “bubble-thinking”, actually believing Jeremy would be safe in Denver. As though the Supernatural only operates in Mystic Falls. This is merely because Klaus is such a whiner baby who cannot leave the cradle.
    I also don’t think Damon is selfless, none of the Salvatores are and neither is Elena. It seems sometimes this way but I think that they all want to keep what they have no matter the cost.
    The whole Stefan and Damon story reminds me of that of Ginger Snaps III and Supernatural. Many admire the siblings’ loyalty but for me it comes down to the fact that they willingly unleashed a plaque upon the earth that they could have stopped if they hadn’t been so selfish.
    This whole “saving family stuff” actually seems to be causing more problems than it solves. I mean, how many people had to die so far just so one brother could save the other?

    And when I saw the forest scene with Jyler all I could think was that this would be new wood for the fire of the Jyler fans. Well that and isn’t it still astounding how well these two get along when there is no girl around to remind them that they are enemies or to fight over her? Remember how fast they seemed to like each other once Vicky was out of the way? Then again, Jeremy approached him in Season 2 because he wanted something and I guess it’s just revenge time now, right?
    And maybe Tyler’s sudden range of facial expression means that he might be out of the show soon, just like it seems to be for Jeremy. I mean isn’t that what it’s heading for when supporting cast gets to do some actual good acting?

    Actually I think, Jeremy shooting an arrow at Tyler a second time was his own way of breaking up. Think about it, wasn’t it weird that Tyler calls Jeremy “Jer”? Usually that is reserved for people close to him. Sadly I doubt that such details will ever explored further since it is not part of the stupid Stelena-Delena pseudodrama.

    And no, a hybrid can also be killed by ripping out his heart, not just beheading 😉
    Anyway, so suddenly hybrids have to be invited? Seriously what significant merit has it to be a hybrid over being a common vampire? Especially when the killing of hybrids in the next episode is considered. Oh yeah, the non-existent sun allergy.
    Seriously is it the old balance stuff again (like with the creation of the vampires)? Shouldn’t in that case some new weaknesses appear and not just the old ones?
    Maybe Smosh should descend on TVD, with all its glory and awesomeness.

    Your equalizing of siring and compelled actually hits the mark if you ask me. Really where is the actual difference? That it cannot be fought like Daddy-Forbes did? Don’t think that this is the case, not in the TVD verse. So really what was the point of it anyway? I mean it is not as though hybrids cannot be compelled.
    Andt his “Klaus wouldn’t do that” reminds me of those teenagers who are totally loyal to some people and would do whatever they say.
    Hey, maybe Klaus is Bart Simpson and Tyler is now his Milhouse. Tyler had something going on with his sister after all.

    I think over at Spidey’s place I once said that Tyler is basically a tool. Well, looks like I was right. And damn is he stupid. And yes he is a douche and unlike Plec in her interview I would not spill that on the whole sire thing. If vampirism really brings the strongest trait of a person to the front, than all Tyler fans must face the facts, that Tyler is basically a douche. Damon is totally impulsive and very irrational and Stefan is a drama queen and a junky.
    But you know, one thing there is that Stefani Meyer could learn from TVD, apart from being pale is not pretty, that having no free will is not something funny. Seriously if any of the girls with imprinted guys in the books/films would ever abuse their power all hell would break loose.
    In many ways the sire thing reminds me of the Imperius curse from Harry Potter albeit I think the concept is not new in vampire fiction.

    • Hey Andre!

      Thanks so much for the webclip. It’s cool that they put this one out nice and early. After all, last week, there was no webclip at all! Though it’s not a particularly “sexy” clip, it does give you an idea of what we can expect this coming week, at least in terms of Caroline’s, Bonnie’s, and Jeremy’s storylines.

      Regarding why the “ Denver family friends” weren’t at Jenna’s or Uncle John’s “funerals,” I suspect that this was because the Scooby Gang kept their deaths a secret, due to the supernatural circumstances surrounding both demises . . . not even the townspeople were informed. There was a throwaway line in Episode 21 last season about Damon compelling grave diggers to dig the graves, and forget doing so, instantly, afterward. This is how the writers managed to explain away the fact that, at the time of Jenna’s and John’s mutual demise, both Elena and Jeremy were still minors. However, neither was shipped off to foster care.

      That said, it is a bit weird that nobody noticed or mentioned their absences. Jenna was a student at the local university. So, you would think her teachers and classmates would have noticed her not showing up for class . . . ever. And, as for John, well . . . he was “kind of a big deal” in the Anti-Vampire council. Surely, people would wonder where he went off to. It just seems like a lot of behind the scenes compulsion would have had to have been done to keep up the ruse of Jenna’s and John’s continued vitality.

      But, hey, now that Elena’s 18, Alaric’s a pseudo parent, and Jeremy’s at-least temporarily leaving, I guess it sort of doesn’t matter anymore, does it? 🙂

      Hmm . . . I’m trying to remember whether Bonnie ever had a “witch dream” before. I’m thinking probably not. I sort of felt that the “dream” was something perpetrated by the dead witches themselves, as a way of communicating with Bonnie, and giving her a hint as to how to kill Klaus. Because, you are right . . . Klaus was wearing the Original witch’s necklace, and possibly her ring as well, in the dream sequence. I suspect that together these will ultimately be used to “kill” Klaus, at least temporarily.

      I really enjoyed your analysis of the “bubble thinking” each of the characters seems to exhibit at various points in the story. I guess we are all guilty of that sometimes, aren’t we? With Elena, this sort of thinking is particularly understandable, because everything DOES seem to be about her, on this show: every vampire loves her (or someone who looks like her), every villain wants her dead, every cast member is willing to give up his or her life to protect her. Given that, it’s hard to blame her for not thinking through the whole “Jeremy Compulsion” thing. I do think her intentions were good, however.

      LOL, good point about Tyler offering up yet another way in which hybrids can be killed . . . de-hearting. I almost forgot about Damon doing that in “Homecoming.” And I can’t help but wonder whether Alaric’s “if Klaus told you to rip your heart out” scenario, will end up being prophetic for Tyler, once he starts to really disobey him. Hopefully, he can break free from the Cult of Klaus, before that happens.

      As for “Tony” and the other hybrids we saw in this episode, I’m pretty sure that they were the same ones we saw in “Homecoming.” (I recognized the chick with the punky hair, in the scene featuring Klaus’ new house.) As most of us suspected, Katherine hadn’t killed them when she threw the wolfsbane grenade in their direction. She merely incapacitated them.

      I think Klaus “made” these hybrids, when he left town after “The Reckoning.” He likely created them using the blood he took from Elena at the end of that episode. Since, as we saw with Tyler, only a shot glass full of her blood was required to complete the transformation, he probably still has some left on reserve. However, if the Scooby Gang continues to “kill Klaus’ friends,” he’ll probably force Elena to make another donation. 🙂

      In that sense, you are right. Elena can never really be free of Klaus, as long as he’s alive. Because anytime he wants to make a new hybrid, he will always require her blood to do so. On the other hand, it does make her the safest girl in Mystic Falls. 🙂

      Also, I suspect that arrogant Klaus truly believes that no one, aside from the Scooby Gang, would ever dare kill his sort-of immortal minions. So, there might be a part of him that truly believes that he will eventually come to the point, where he’s content with the size of his hybrid army, and doesn’t need to make anymore. Of course, we know the Scooby Gang, and they will never stop killing hybrids. We also know Klaus, and he will never be satisfied with the number of “friends” he has. Therefore, for Klaus to think there will ever come a time when he will no longer need Elena would make him delusional.

      I also adore the parallel you made between siring and imprinting. Stephenie Meyer described imprinting as this wonderful, beautiful thing . . . She did this despite the fact that it seemed to have a habit of making grown men fall in love with toddlers, and breaking up relationships, like the one Leah had with Sam. Truthfully, the whole imprinting thing seemed a bit bleak to me. Poor Renesme is stuck with Jacob FOREVER, and she’s not even a year old! And as for Jacob? We’re supposed to expect him to refrain completely from sex until his Lady Baby comes of age? ICK!

      The TVD writers have shown siring and imprinting for what they really are, enemies of free will that engender cult logic. In some ways, these types of bonds are even more invasive and destructive than simple compulsion. After all, compulsion is only temporary. It doesn’t affect your personality. Once you’ve accomplished the task at hand, your life goes back to normal. But with siring and imprinting, you are a victim to a generalized form of mind control, throughout your entire existence. Your entire sense of individuality is lost. Your “master” doesn’t even have to ASK you to something, in order for you to blindly WANT to do it, in order to please him or her.

      Now, that’s scary! It also makes Tyler’s storyline potentially very interesting, as we continue to explore his relationship with Klaus, and his inevitable attempts to break free of the hold the Original Hybrid has on him . . .

      • André

        Tyler’s storyline definitely has potential as well as other aspects of the show. Like I said, the fact that Tyler called Jeremy “Jer” in the last episode links to a certain closeness between them or a certain exposed self of Tyler in that scene. But I think we both know how it is with this show. Such potential is laid to waste when it doesn’t serve the main three. And with them…
        Be honest, were you really surprised by anything they had done? I don’t think that any of them have actually changed since the start, there was no real progression and development. Seriously Damon would do anything for Elena as it seems and wasn’t that the same he did for Katherine originally?
        Back to the potential: considered how werewolves actually come to be in this show would make it unlikely that they all came to be by accident. At least some of them must be killers, especially an “entire bloodline”. Not that this makes sense of course since in this show werewolfism is hereditary and not acquired so it is always a bloodline of werewolves. If it means that all of the line were werewolves, this means that all of them must be killers of humans as well as some werewolves. Not to mention the nature of vampirism, but although characters even state what it does to ones self, they don’t live like it. They only say but don’t do. Caroline said herself to Tyler what it means but so far she hasn’t been able to calculate one plus one. And that could be potential to be explored.

        Elena’s intentions might be good, at least partially, but it’s not only her. All main characters only think inside the “Mystic Falls bubble”, even Klaus.
        Didn’t Stefan and Damon run into a view witches over the years? And wasn’t there this one Bennet-relative? None of them ever checking in? And no living witch keeping track of Klaus? I mean if his status as a hybrid was known to some random werewolves, why not vampires and witches? And, like I said before, shouldn’t more be happening? Like the FBI or CIA appearing because of all the deaths?
        This is what I preferred with Teen Wolf; although it played in one spot it was clear that there was a bigger world out there affecting the characters. Not so on this show. Or at least not currently or anymore.
        And so far he isn’t actually that powerful and neither are the hybrids.

        I guess you have a point regarding the non-mentioning of Jenna’s and John’s absence from Mystic Falls. Of course in John’s case, he was gone for a while before but Jenna’s disappearance should already have caused some questions no matter how good the cover-up via compulsion.

        And Bonnie had at least one witch dream before. Remember her dream back in season 1, when Emilie contacted her? So there was at least one. Although Emilie was far less cryptic than the current witches.
        And I hope that Klaus dies permanently, I hate it when villains come back time and again.

        And for Tyler ripping his heart out: maybe. Albeit ripping one’s own heart out might be a bit difficult but considered Klaus’ attitude this might be done by himself in some of his Diva-Frenzies. Seriously, why that one is still alive will forever be a mystery to me.
        Or he lets another hybrid do it and order Tyler to simply let it happen.
        Speaking of the other hybrids: I was rather referring to the ones in the Promo for next week. You gotta admit that these were a few more. And sure Klaus gave Tyler only this small vial but even if he had given each of them not more than that, the tiny little back from episode 5 surely did not provide enough blood for all of them.

        As for Meyer: the imprinting is not necessarily falling in love. So no, Quil is not in love with Claire, but he will be once she is old enough, which is nonetheless weird. Would he leave for 20 years and then return it might be ok, but like this, no-go. Basically imprinting in TW is basically enslavement and the werewolf in question gets molded into every shape the imprintee needs, so yes Jacob basically died in book 4 and was replaced by somebody else. Meyer herself stated in her guide that the imprinted werewolves have no free will anymore. Now the sired hybrids in TVD might still have some sort of free will but they cannot ignore a comment by Klaus. So a hybrid might still be able to use some loopholes in TVD while a werewolf in TW could probably not.

  14. So good to be back here again. 😀 I thought you’d be thrilled with this episode, oh, you know, for no reason. This recap had me laughing as always, from your discussion of The Whispers to the description of pretty attractive hybrid guy chasing Elena. I never thought of what a toll on Matt Jeremy’s firing will be.

    I am worried for Alaric. They’ve done a good job of gradually developing concern about his ring over a series of episodes. I have to say I think what Elena did for Jeremy was almost entirely unselfish; he’s the last family member she has. I saw Klaus stabbing Rebekah as completely selfish – he just didn’t want her to be a liability.

    Regarding Jeremy, apparently he is in the next episode. I won’t be able to stand that; I cried in the compelling scene, how am I supposed to make it through an entire episode of goodbyes? As for the end: I am not jumping ships, I am GAINING ships. I was silently screaming through the whole kissing scene. Basically, I accept whatever ships this show throws at me. That is a testament to TVD, because I am not always that romantic.


    • Hey Noelle! 🙂 I think Alaric is one of those characters, whose mortality we are always going to worry about. I remember thinking he was toast, back when Klaus possessed him in episode 17, last season, and again around the time of the Sacrifice, and yet again back in “Disturbing Behavior” this season, when he temporarily turned on Damon. Alaric will always be a bit more expendable than his castmates, simply because he’s an adult character, and a human.

      What’s nice now, is that Alaric actually has a storyline of his own, which we haven’t seen in a while. From the shady love interest, to his new position on the council, to his ring malfunction issues, I feel like these next few episodes are really going to give Alaric a chance to shine. (I hear Torrey Devitto is signed on for something like 7 episodes, which should keep Alaric safe until around episode 18.)

      I’m probably going to start worrying about Alaric’s safety a lot, as we near the season finale. But for the next few episodes at least, I think he’s safer than he’s been in a while, which is nice . . .

      I too was genuinely surprised that Jeremy would be back for “Our Town.” After the compulsion scene, I really thought they were going to have the character’s departure occur off camera. Aside from being pretty sad, I actually think it’s going to be a bit uncomfortable actually seeing Jeremy respond to Damon’s compulsion. After all, as Bonnie said, Jeremy would never willingly leave Elena to handle Klaus on her own. (Though admittedly he did suggest doing just that, earlier in the episode.) That said, how will Jeremy justify “his decision” to leave. Will he behave differently toward Elena . . . Bonnie . . . Damon? Will he act like the Jeremy we know, or like Zombie Jeremy?

      How Jeremy behaves about his departure should be a big clue as to exactly how long his departure will last? If something seems particularly wrong or unnatural about Jeremy’s state, upon his departure, that will be a good sign that this compulsion, like the last one, will come back to bite Elena in the ass.

      Speaking of Elena, while I do think she had much more pure intentions than Klaus did, in “sending away” her sibling, I still think her actions were a bit selfish. Well, maybe they weren’t so much selfish, as they were, “not well thought out.”

      For someone who is so intent on her own choices and free will (we saw how she reacted to Damon’s force feeding of her, last season, and how quickly she turned down Damon’s offer to compel HER to forget what happened in “The Reckoning”), she was really quick to take that choice away from her baby brother. Mystic Falls has always been Jeremy’s home. It’s where he grew up, and where his friends and family are. Elena took that from him, under the guise of keeping him safe. I just would have felt better about what she did, if she had a real genuine discussion with him about it, first.

      OK . . . off my soapbox now. 🙂 I can’t wait to talk TVD with you again, next week. Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your awesome comment!

  15. Brittany-Marie

    Just wanted to post this interview from Julie Plec (:


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