“A” is for Awkward! – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Touched By an A-ngel”

“So, THAT is who was pinching my ass!  I THOUGHT those fingers felt familiar!”

Welcome back, My Pretties!  This week, on PLL, the girls began to wonder whether “A” was, not just an EXTREMELY busy individual . . . but, rather, a crack team of Expert Stalkers / Threatening Text Message Writers.  And, really, if you think about it, this seems like the ONLY logical explanation.  I mean, how else could anyone possibly explain this seemingly supernatural character, who’s nefarious hands are simultaneously up every single PLL girl’s butt, AT ALL TIMES?

“Well, THAT sounds painful!”

Oh, and before I begin this recap, I’d like to thank the writers of Pretty Little Liars for adding “eating cereal” and “getting a massage” to the ever-growing list of Things I Am Now Afraid to Do, Because of This Show.  (At this rate, by the time the series finale airs, I won’t be able to leave the house!)

Leave My Alpha Bits ALONE!

See?  This is why Froot Loops are my cereal of choice.  You can’t leave creepy messages in Froot Loops!  On an unrelated note, Poor Spencer!  It looks like “A” went into her closet, in the middle of the night, and shredded all her button-down shirts.  Wait . . . you mean, it’s SUPPOSED to look like that?  Wow, I will just never understand fashion . . .

This week, the girls, once again, give their Pretty Little Episode recap in the cafeteria.  Aria admits to swapping blood saliva with Facelift Vampire Jason . . .

“I was thirsty.  OK?” 

And Spencer and Emily admit to breaking into Facelift Vampire Jason’s lair, and finding scary close-up shots of Aria sleeping (or drugged?), inside of it.  Having imparted that old news important information, Spencer and Aria exit, Stage Left, leaving poor Emily, and her Alpha Bits all by their lonesome.

“What the hell?  Aren’t I supposed to get another new girlfriend, this week?  Because I could really use one right about now.” 

So, Emily opens up her Alpha Bits, and is shocked to find that SOMEONE has given her only letter “A’s,” (which pretty much defeats the purpose of having Alpha Bits, if you ask me.)

Now, they just look like Lucky Charms, without the marshmallows . . . 

OK, now this is where I cry foul  Are we honestly supposed to believe that “A” somehow: (1) anticipated that Emily was going to eat Alpha Bits that morning; (2) bought like TEN boxes of Alpha Bits, in order to find enough “A’s” to fill an individual box; (3) opened a box of Alpha Bits, and exchanged its multi-letter contents for just “A’s;” (4) RE-SEALED the box, so it looked like it had never been opened; and (5) somehow made sure that of all the available cereal boxes, THAT was the one Emily chose?

Not only is Emily’s cereal box filled with A’s, it also, apparently, contains a personal note . . .



Meanwhile, over at the Marin Household . . .

Compassion is for Morning People . . .

Still in mourning over being ditched by Caleb, in favor of his Deadbeat Mom, Hanna has decided to express her depression, by maintaining the same hairstyle she wore on the night of the fateful breakup (which, I really like, actually) . . . 

“This is my Sad Hair . . .”

While Emily is off at school, eating pre-fondled cereal, Hanna is still loafing around the house, when she runs into Mama Marin, who’s VERY worried about Poor Emily, and her “stress.”  (Riiiight, because her own daughter doesn’t appear stressed out at all!)  When Hanna complains that Emily has taken to the annoying habit of grinding her teeth in her sleep (Wow, you’ve gotta be pretty close by to notice something like that!  Are these two sleeping in the same bed? ;)), her mother scolds her to have a little more compassion for her friend.


I agree, Hanna.  The only person I’m compassionate toward, before 10 a.m., is MYSELF.  And that’s only because I pity myself for having to be up before 10 a.m.

But Mama Marin will not give up on the surrogate daughter she clearly likes better than her own.  She hands Hanna a gift certificate for a massage, instructing Hanna to give it to Emily, if and when she ever decides to drag her butt to school . . .

“Emily Fields is like the daughter I never had .  . . no offense, Hanna.”

“So . . . about that whole ‘You’re a Psycho Stalker’ thing . . .” 

“Sleep now, so that I can take more . . . ahem . . . ‘artistic’ photos of you . . . er . . . I mean so that Ali can take more photos of you sleeping . . . even though she’s dead.”

I think most of us sort of expected that Jason would have SOME sort of explanation for those disturbing photographs of Aria, we saw in his shed, last week.  And, I guess, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s telling the truth about not taking them, himself, until I hear otherwise.  But still, you have to admit, that whole family is pretty cracked!

I mean, I know Ali’s like dead and all.  But that’s really no excuse for having been a perv, while alive, now is it?  Am I the only one who’s just as creeped out knowing that Ali took these pictures, as I was when I thought Jason took them?  Why the double standard?  Just because she’s a GIRL?

Anywhoo . . . in a show that revolves quite a bit around LYING, I give Aria a lot of credit, for being surprisingly mature, and IMMEDIATELY coming to Jason with the accusation Spencer and Emily had lodged against him.  Typically, in shows like this, the protagonist will simply start AVOIDING the accused person, without telling him or her why she is doing so, until the truth eventually comes out .  .. thereby making the protagonist look like a TOTAL ASSHAT.  So, yay to Aria, for not being an ASSHAT, I guess.

“Was that supposed to be a compliment?” 

According to Facelift Vampire Jason, he had been randomly sifting through Ali’s old things, when he came upon a roll of undeveloped film.  When he figured out what it was, he developed the pictures, and planned to have them framed for Aria as a gift.  Riiiiiight .  . . because everyone likes to hang weird creepy close-up pictures of themselves sleeping on their bedroom wall.  Seriously, Facelift Jason, how vain exactly do you think Aria is?

But, hey, I guess it’s not the gift, but the dirty thought that counts, right?

Meanwhile, back inside the school . . .

The Return of El Shrinko

“OK .  . . so let me get this straight, your daughter believes that the ghost of her dead friend has been sending her text messages?  And your son steals ugly pottery from blind girls?  What a lovely, sane, family you’ve raised!”

Even though it’s College Fair Day, and she has absolutely no logical reason to be there, that Random Shrink from a Few Episodes Back is conveniently wandering around Rosewood Prep.  Mama Montgomery sees her, and asks her to meet with her Crazy Klepto, Possibly Suicidal, Son . . .


“That’s ME!” 

Though, it would be a conflict of interest for Aria’s therapist to also see her brother,  Random Shrink From a Few Episodes Back agrees to recommend a colleague of hers for Crazy Mike.

Speaking of Crazy, Random Shrink runs into a clearly at her wits end, Emily, who REALLY needs to talk to someone about all the awful stuff going on in her life right now.

Don’t worry, Emily.  In a couple weeks, “A” will go back to ignoring you, and it will be Aria’s turn to experience her wrath . . . 

Random Shrink, who, honestly, seemed like a cold b*tch in earlier episodes, is surprisingly sweet to Emily probably because she knows she’s going to make A LOT of money off of her crazy ass and gently suggests that the two meet after school to talk.  Emily agrees.

“I’ll be billing you for this conversation too . . . just so you know.” 

Speaking of people who have no business being at Rosewood Prep, but are there, because the plot requires them to be . . .

Hollis College:  Where The Faculty is VERY Hands-On Your Boobs

At the college fair, Aria is THRILLED to see Fitzy working the Hollis College booth (especially since these sort of things are usually run by RECRUITERS, and not NEW PROFESSORS who should be . . . I don’t know .  . . busy professing).  However, she is less than thrilled to learn that Fitzy’s ex-fiance Jackie is working the booth as well.  And she is hanging all over Fitzy, like she’s one of his sweater vests . . .

“I’m going to use this Hollis College Lanyard to tie you up, and throw you in the trunk of my car.  I hope you don’t mind.” 

When Fitzy sees Aria, he immediately bounds over to her, clearly horny as hell from being around all these high school students.  He even makes some sexually suggestive comments about the generalized gropiness (Is that even a word?) of the Hollis College faculty.  But Aria isn’t exactly in the mood for Fitzy Flirtation.  So, she stomps out of the gym, forcing him to run after her, like the loyal puppy dog boyfriend he has become.


Continuing this weeks trend of  uncharacteristic “Honest and Mature” behavior, Aria directly confronts Fitzy with her fear that, because they are still hiding their relationship, “external factors” *cough Jackie and Jason* are getting in the way of their happiness.  Fitzy, typical clueless boy that he is, is, apparently completely oblivious to the fact that Jackie-O still wants his bod . . .

I’m just reminding you what it looks like . . . 

During this conversation, Aria also confesses to kissing Jason .  . . er . . . I mean, LETTING Jason kiss her.  This is where the conversation, understandably, gets a bit uncomfortable.  And like any good pitbull, Jackie-O immediately smells the fear, and rushes over to hump Fitzy’s leg.  Once Fitzy leaves, she moves on to Aria, baring her fangs, and peppering her with thinly veiled insults about her age and lack of maturity.

 “Fitzy’s MINE!  And I would know, I peed on his leg to mark my territory, yesterday . . .”

Annoying Mona .  . . Horse Whisperer

“You better not make me wear a fugly dress like that, when I’m a bridesmaid at your wedding.” 

Hanna and Mona ditch the College Fair (She chooses colleges, like she chooses clothes, anyway . . . from the catalogue!), so that Hanna can get fitted for the hideous bridesmaid dress her future stepmonster picked out for her wedding to Hanna’s Douchey Daddy.  The pair rank a bit on the awfulness of the dress, and how hillbilly the person who selected it must be, until that person’s daughter appears on the scene, looking very different from the last time we saw her . . .

First we had Facelift Jason, now we have Facelift Kate . . . 

“What the hell did they do to my face?”

Annoying Mona quickly figures out that Hanna’s future stepsister is a wealthy snob.  And,  since that’s exactly what Mona aspires to be someday (Well, she’s already a snob . . . but I guess the wealthy part, is something she needs to work on), the professional star f*&ker arranges for her and Hanna to accompany Kate and her friends on a little horseback riding excursion . . .

“This storyline is lame.  Why the f*&k are we here?”

Though Annoying Mona claims to be a “horse whisperer”  (I don’t think Mona is even capable of whispering to HUMANS, let alone horses.), neither of the girls actually have any riding experience.  And both Mona and Hanna end up losing their horsing, and having to walk the rest of the trail.  Back at the Polo Lodge, Hanna “accidentally’ leaves her hat on the control panel, which ends up turning on the intercom system.  So, of course, she starts griping about Stepmonsters Kate and Isabel.  And, of course, Kate overhears all of it.

“I’m really angry now, but you can’t tell, because of all the collagen I had injected into my New Face . . .” 

Hanna immediately becomes worried that Facelift Kate will rat her out to her family for all the nasty things she said.  But she doesn’t.  Instead, she calls her on the phone, threatening to break her spirit, and beat her into subservience, like an unruly horse.  (WOW, Facelift Kate is into animal cruelty?  Now, I DEFINITELY don’t like her.)  Here’s hoping “A” breaks Kate’s new face, before she gets a chance to break Hanna’s . . .

Speaking of familiar (and not so familiar faces) . . .

What the hell is an N.A.T. club?

“How dare Creepy Pedo Ian join a club I’m not a member of!  If he wasn’t already dead, I’d kill him!” 

Spencer and Abs Toby are sorting through Dead Creepy Pedo Ian’s stuff, when they come across his old yearbook.  Flipping through it, they come to realize that Creepy Pedo Ian, Facelift Vampire Jason, and Police Boy Garrett, were all in the same three-person club . . .


Wait a second!  Since when are these three guys all the SAME age?  Whatever happened to the writers saying that Facelift Vampire Jason is more “age-appropriate” for Aria than Fitzy.  Isn’t Creepy Pedo Ian virtually the same age as Aria’s current boyfriend (give or take a year or two)?  Just curious . . . 


(You have to admit, Toby kind of had a point, when he called Spencer, “a nice word for obsessive.”)


After doing a little internet research, Spencer figures out that N.A.T. stands for Nos Animadverto Totus, which translates into English as “We See All.”

Now, Spencer is convinced that these guys were ALL taking creepy videos of Rosewood residents, and that Facelift Vampire Jason killed his sister to drink her blood to prevent her from going forward with the tapes.  Knowing that Aria will not listen to her anymore, when it comes to her “advice” about Jason, Spencer decides to tell the person most likely to get through to Aria .  . . Fitzy . . .

“I wish I was wearing my My Little Pony Sweater . . . I miss that little guy.” 

Spencer finds Fitzy in his car outside the school . . .


Never one to mince words, within about 30 seconds, Spencer has already told Fitzy that (1) she knows about him and Aria’s relationship; and (2) Aria is in DANGER of getting turned into a vampire.  And we all know how persuasive Spencer can be, when she really puts her mind to it . . .

Unfortunately, for Spencer and Fitzy, they are not alone.  SOMEONE is watching them . . .


And now for the most disturbing part of the episode . . .


Oh Emily . . . you won’t be smiling for long.

As was commanded by the Marin’s Emily heads to the massage parlor, and is instructed by the masseuse to lay down and get comfy, while she prepares for the appointment.  A few moments later, Emily’s massage begins.  You can just see the tension rolling off Emily’s shoulders.  She feels happy and relaxed, and looks like she might drop off to sleep at any moment.  Then the masseuse comes back, ready to start the massage . . . wait . . . WHAT?
Yeah, so apparently, that WHOLE time Emily was being fondled by “A” instead of the actual masseuse.  What are the odds?  (Actually, on THIS show, the odds are very high.)

Adding insult to grossness, the minute Emily leaves the massage parlor (looking NOT AT ALL relaxed, by the way), “A” has to go and send her a super threatening text message.  (SURPRISE!)

OK.  So, I know who Dr. Sullivan is.  But who are Eric and Denise J.?  I never see any of the PLL’s hanging out with anyone except for their significant others, and eachother . . . and sometimes Annoying Mona. 

Tata for now, Facelift Jason!  Ezria is “Official”

“I’m really going to miss you, Aria.  Can I keep one of these pictures of you that I TOTALLY didn’t take myself *wink, wink* as a souvenir of our three-episode love affair.” 

At some random coffee shop, Facelift Vampire Jason gives Aria those Framed Creepy Pictures of her Sleepy Face.  I’m actually really curious to see whether Aria will actually hang these up on her wall.  (Imagine staring at pictures of yourself sleeping, while you are trying to go to sleep . . . weird.)  Facelift notes that he found the film in a box that Aria kept underneath the floorboards.  Aria expresses interest in the box, so Jason offers to get it for her.  She follows him back to his house, but is still hesitant enough of his motives, to not want to follow him inside alone to retrieve the darn thing.

While Aria is waiting for Facelift, Fitzy arrives . . .

Fitzy reiterates to a shocked Aria, how dangerous he thinks Facelift Vampire Jason is, after hearing all about the guy’s “photography talents” from Spencer.  He then tells her that he wants to save their relationship.  And if that means going public, starting with Aria’s parents, then, so be it.  Aria mentally reminds herself to thank Spencer for helping her to FINALLY get laid, as she moves in for a big fat Fitzy Smooch . . .

*insert sucking and slurping noises here*

Of course, this is precisely the moment at which Jason emerges from his house with Dead Ali’s Box O’ Memories . . . because he’s probably been watching from his window the whole time.

Yeah, because this isn’t awkward at all.

The Facelift Vampire gives Aria the box, while Fitzy waits for her in his car, clearly, not taking ANY chances . . .



But before you start checking your mailbox for Ezria wedding invitations, you should hear what Aria’s snoopy, kind of judgmental MOM had to say to Aria, when she got home . . .

“I’m totally judging you Spencer, right now.”

Apparently, Mama Montgomery’s little eavesdropping session somehow led her to believe that SPENCER and Fitzy were doing the deed, and that the rumors going around school that Fitzy was porking one of the students at Rosewood Prep were about HER.  Aria, of course, denies this, but wonders allowed what difference it would make if the two of them WERE dating, considering their age difference is minimal.  Mama Montgomery who’s probably still stewing over her OWN husband cheating on her with a student  feels that this situation is STILL immoral, because it implies that Fitzy used his position as a teacher at the school to his sexual advantage.  She also admits to a horrified Aria that, if she found out that Fitzy and Spencer were boning she would feel incredibly jealous betrayed, since Mama Montgomery always had a HUGE crush on Fitzy she considered Fitzy a friend.

Uh Oh!  I guess these three won’t be going to the movies together anytime soon . . . 

Elsewhere in Rosewood . . .

Blind Jenna and Police Boy Garrett Strike Again 

Blind Jenna barges into Spencer’s house and accuses her of being a hungry terrier for using Toby to help her search through the wench’s private belongings.

That’s funny, I always thought of Spencer more as a pug . . .

B.J. warns Spencer that her continued snooping is dangerous for her and Abs Toby.  But Spencer is not the type of girl who’s going to be intimidated by a few idle threats.  In fact, as B.J. is leaving, Spencer sends her off with a pretty awesome parting shot.  “Tell, Garrett I said, Hi,” she coos.

In what is becoming almost as common an occurrence on PLL episodes, as the PLL Girl weekly recap, Jenna hops into the sniveling Police Boy Garrett’s car to warn him that “they [the PLL girls] know about us.”

“Would this be a bad time to ask you for car sex?” 

However, it is what B.J. says next that is the most intriguing.  Blind Jenna notes that Spencer has been “looking through yearbooks,” something Spencer clearly never mentioned in her earlier conversation.  This means that either (1) Toby told Blind Jenna what he and Spencer found; or (2) Blind Jenna is NO LONGER BLIND JENNA (having had her eye surgery already), and saw the yearbooks in Spencer’s living room.  Honestly,   I’m not quite sure about that second option, since you would think that type of eye surgery would require a signficant amount of recovery time.   Needless to say, however, SOMETHING is up . . .

“I’ve got my eye on you Blow Job , Blind Jenna!”

Blind Jenna and Police Boy end their conversation by jointly making the decision that it is time to talk to Facelift Jason, so that the threesome can get their respective stories straight.  In one of the final scenes of the episode, Police Boy visits Facelift, and reminds him how important it is that the two of them keep their mouths shut about what happened between them.  After all, Police Boy has a job to keep, a reputation to protect, and an underage blind girlfriend to continue screwing.  Stakes are high, indeed . . .

PLL Girl Reunion and Gloved Hand Reprise


Having been enmeshed in their own separate storylines for most of the episode, it was nice to see the PLL girls all reunite at (Emily’s?) house, for one final bonding moment.  In what may have been my favorite scene in the entire episode, Aria tells Spencer that she isn’t mad at her for going to Fitzy about Facelift Jason.  After all, as I mentioned earlier, Spencer’s little trick is DEFINITELY going to help Aria get laid. 🙂  Spencer, of course, apologized anyway, for butting in, explaining that she just worries about Aria, because she’s so petite and fragile looking, and Spencer cares about her so darn much.

Both Lucy Hale and Troian Bellisario played off the scene beautifully.  And you could really feel the love between these two girls.  All together now . . . AWWWWWW!

The final scene features “A” coming to visit Random Therapist lady . . .

Uh oh!  Something tells me this isn’t going to end well . . .

You can check out the promo for Episode 11 of Pretty Little Liars, here:

See you next week, My Pretties!

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8 responses to ““A” is for Awkward! – A Recap of Pretty Little Liars’ “Touched By an A-ngel”

  1. sassyfran

    Excellent as always and I sooo agree about the Alpha Bits LOL that was the lamest Use of A I have seen yet. LOL the creepest one was the massage……ewwww and they were both in the same episode no less. I really liked this one. I am glad that Ezra is not taking Jackie obvious advances to heart it does show he is more mature than we sometimes give him credit for 🙂 I had forgotten that Ella had been betrayed by her husband cheating with a student, OUCH, no wonder she is bitter. It makes sense now, I thought she was just a judgmental old biddy LOL. it looks like Kate is another person I don’t recall from season 1 😦 there is not much likeness except blonde hair from the old Kate. The knew one looks snootier though I guess that works for the part. Mona was her annoying self and she grated on my nerves, too bad Hanna didn’t have a better storyline this week but so glad the dress fitting is out of the way despite the wicked stepsister. So what exactly is up with Toby’s parents? No Mike or Wren this week but they did pack quite a bit in the episode still, with Jason with the pictures, Aria/Ezra/Jackie drama, Spencer/Toby’s discovery, Hanna and Mona’s horse adventures and Emily’s being traumatized it was a lot.

    Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    • Hey there, sassy! Thanks so much for your excellent insights!

      You are right about Kate. As much as I hate when PLL recasts characters in the middle of the series *cough Jason cough*, I think this recast made sense, in terms of this particular character. In the books, I’d heard she ends up being a fairly substantial enemy in Hanna’s life. And the first Kate just seemed a bit too “sweet” to fulfill the role. Interestingly enough, though, from what I remember about Season 1 Kate, the Old Kate actually fit better in THAT role, since, during the family dinner scene (in which Hanna met her father’s future wife and stepdaughter for the first time) HANNA was supposed to be the bitchy one, while her step family came off as nice, and unassuming. Now, the tables have been turned . . . 😉

      Speaking of casting, I think they did a great job casting Jackie, since I DESPISE HER, just as much as I suspect I’m supposed to . . . 🙂 She’s AWFUL, and sort of reminds me of a Poor Man’s Megan Fox (which, let’s face it, isn’t saying much, considering that Megan Fox is sort of a VERY VERY Poor Man’s Angelina Jolie. ;)). You just can’t help but wonder what Fitzy saw in her, in the first place. Who would have thought that Fitzy’s high school age girlfriend, would end up being ten times more mature than the one that’s his age? 🙂 Jackie just looked so desperate and cloying in those college fair scenes. It really was quite pathetic.

      You are right about this being a pretty jam packed episode. I knew there was a reason why the Season ending episodes of PLL have always been my favorites. That being said, they really DO need to bring my Wren back, though . . . 😉

  2. Just some random thoughts about recent PLL episodes…

    I love that most friendship groups have a matchmakers, whereas A is a matchbreaker, doing his/her/their best to torpedo hook-ups like Alex/Spencer, Samara/Emily etc. A is almost going the girls a favour though. For example, Alex/Spencer was doomed from the start, with wildly different levels of ambition. So, A is like that friend who forces you to face the cold, heart facts about your relationship, and almost kind in a cruel way in this respect (though I doubt that would be their intention ;))
    The possibility of Mona being A would be fabulous IMO and equal to the awesomeness of Fitzy being A, since you know that, aside from the PLLs themselves, Mona is my favourite character. She’s like a Cordelia type who hides her intelligence to maintain her social status. The geek shall inherit the earth, nerds get revenge, and Mona as a reformed geek, at least in her mind, fits the bill. Her intelligence was really brought home by references like her calling wheelchair-bound, car injured Hanna Baby Jane – not so clever that she is MENSA bound necessarily, but clearly there is more substance there below the stylish cover.

    Her psychological torture of Hanna over food, which has seemed more malicious in its intent than the treatment the other PLLs have gotten from A also fits – she is working her weight issues and fear of getting fat again out on Hanna. Her closeness with Hanna (though obviously it has its ups and downs) means that she can get the inside scoop while remaining a piece of scenery. Also, she might feel like an outsider of the Fab Four, and this is her form of revenge.

    I so hope that Fitzy and Mona are tag teaming it as A, plus having a clandestine affair to boot. 😉

    Also, it would be awesome if there were four As sum total, like bizarre alter egos of our girls. Like, Hanna and Spencer are more hard on themselves, hence their As are harder on them too, whereas Aria, whose head is in the clouds a lot of the time, has been left relatively alone by A so far.

    • Hey Cherie! It would explain a heck of a lot, if each of the girls had their OWN PERSONAL “A,” since I think it would be a whole lot easier to successfully stalk ONE person, than four simultaneously. (Plus, that would make this show a sort of weird metaphor. As in, deep down, we are all our own worst enemies . . . our own “A’s,” if you will. Maybe Aria’s “A” is just lazy . . .

      It’s actually interesting that you mentioned the different degrees of nastiness in A’s torture of the girls, since Spencer recently mentioned this on the show. In early episodes, Hanna suffered the most psychological torture by “A,” since she had the most insecurities of all the girls, whereas with Spencer, “A” always seemed to be isolating her, and framing her for things, in an attempt to override her new post Ali “Alpha Dog” status within the clique. In these past few episodes, however, “A’s” attentions have turned to the overstressed and extremely vulnerable Emily. Breaking up her relationship with Samara was one thing, but the doping of Emily’s pain creme, and the whole “body massage” thing, are arguably the WORST things “A” has done, since running over Hanna with her car!

      About two episodes back, Spencer mentioned, “Aria’s next.” And, truth be told, she’s probably right, considering that Aria now remains the ONLY PLL not to be brutally tortured by “A.”

      You know, I’m starting to wonder whether “Smart Girls Who Fake Dumb to Stay Popular” is becoming somewhat of a TV Trope, as the character Lydia from Teen Wolf also fits this description . . .

  3. Hey Eeyore! Thursday is now one of my favorite days of the week because I love your recaps and blog so dang much. My family wants to put me in a crazy home because they are worried about my constant hysteric personality when I am reading your recaps for PLL, Glee, TVD and recently, Teen Wolf. Truth is, I had a childhood crush on Tyler Hoechlin who plays Derek and when I saw him shirtless on one of your recaps, I was like, “Tyler is on this show? Okay. I seriously need to watch it.” Seeing Tyler again brought back some awesome memories.

    This episode was one that actually had me smile for real for the first time since Ken the Barbie Doll started eye f*&king Aria. I also was first pumping a whole lot. But before we get to my celebration (http://ianhardingfanatic.tumblr.com/post/9039441067/my-2×10-celebration-rant), I’d like to say that “A” finally holds my interest. He or she has stepped it up a notch these past few episodes. Before all I cared about whether or not Ezra stayed on the show. Now I think after I got past the crying and screaming and anger that I’d go through if Ezra did ever leave I could still watch the show.
    Spencer and Toby get drama soon! I am so happy! They have had it easy the entire season so far when Ezria has had two love triangles and hiding from Aria’s parents. But this episode, I enjoyed Toby becoming Spencer’s assistant and helping her figure out the situation with the new life size version of Ken the Barbie Doll (Just a little comparison for you: http://ianhardingfanatic.tumblr.com/post/9084592859/ken-the-barbie-doll-is-now-my-new-nickname-for) , Policeboy Garrett, and Dead Pedo Ian being a club.
    The one and only episode that Emily doesn’t have her hound of girlfriends following her everywhere, she gets traumatized by “A”. For once, I pity her. If someone who has been trying to kill me for two and a half seasons, I’d be pretty paranoid, but then that someone had the chance to strangle me when I was trying to relax by getting a massage after that same someone gave me an ulcer by jacking my blood with steroids, then I’d probably end up in a padded room, in an electric chair, duct taped to a wall and only allowed liquids for my meals.
    Facelift Kate seriously got on my nerves and that final conversation that she had with Hanna on the phone, I could have sworn that she was “A”. I am too lazy to quote the entire phone call but wow. Kate needs sensitivity training and anger management.
    Unlike you, my dear friend, I don’t believe that Ken the Barbie Doll/The Devil With 80’s Hair/Facelift Vampire Jason was telling the truth when he said that Ali took those pictures. Maybe it’s because every time that he opens his mouth, I feel like I am going to bang head against the wall. This time I actually listened to half of what he said and I didn’t believe any of it. *Sighs* He had a chance to redeem himself and he completely ruined that once in a life time chance. Oh well. He won’t be getting another one.
    Re: And like any good pitbull, Jackie-O immediately smells the fear, and rushes over to hump Fitzy’s leg. I cannot tell you how long I laughed at this line. I seriously thought I was going to die. I was on the ground and I am not kidding that it took me about seven minutes to catch my breath. Good analogy though. If Spencer is a pug and Jackie is a pitbull, I think Ezra would be a golden retriever. I have a golden myself and she is a sweetheart. She follows you everywhere and is the most loyal dog you could ever meet. Thus, Dr. McSexyInASweater would be a golden. Speaking of Ezra being a loyal puppy boyfriend, his face when Aria stupidly blurted out that “a Barbie kissed her” and he got that confused, broken hearted look on his face, I seriously thought I was going to cry. Never mind on that. I did cry. I burst into tears. Then Pitbull Woman came over and made my main man leave. I almost hate her as much as I hate Ken the Barbie Doll, which says a lot, considering I want to tie a cinder block to his ankle and send him to the Pacific Ocean to bond with some sharks. This show has seriously made me murderous.
    I have been riding horses pretty much my entire life, so Hanna not being able to even get on the horse, was pretty hysterical. Then Mona pretending like she knew how to run a horse. How stupid can Mona be? Horses are not big dogs. Dogs find their way home usually (Homeward Bound is a perfect example) but horses know their territory like the back of their hoof. And Mona has never seen a horse bite before? She seriously needs to get to know the true nature of a horse. I bet she doesn’t even know that cats use kitty litter in a litter box.
    Spencer hopping into the car with Ezra was probably a dream come true for me. Now Ezra knows that Aria’s friends know about their relationship and speaking of which, he didn’t seem so angry about that. Just surprised when Spencer hopped into his car and revealed that. Ella thinking that those two were a couple was an interesting twist but now we know that when Aria comes out with her relationship, her mother won’t be as accepting as she thought she would be. I am actually kind of scared now. I don’t want Aria’s parents thinking that Ezra is a pedophile like Dead Pedo Ian (I made a whole Tumblr post about the issue!: http://ianhardingfanatic.tumblr.com/post/8842922764/okay-i-feel-like-if-i-dont-say-this-my-head-will) (When I go back to school, my whole summer can be described by these things: Tumblr, Twitter, mission trip, blogging, and creating Ian collages: http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lq37n5Ntm31qk2q26o1_1280.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ6IHWSU3BX3X7X3Q&Expires=1313774981&Signature=vggDGzhy74ldyr8gasIFjLHhupg%3D. I seriously need to get a life off of my computer…..)
    Ezra needs to be my boyfriend, like right now. I know there is a bigger age gap between us than him and Aria, but how more sweet can he be? I know I have said this before, but I want him. NOW. Especially since he has the power to make me laugh and cry all at the same time. (I obviously need a life, because here are two more Tumblr posts that I made: http://ianhardingfanatic.tumblr.com/post/9080859298/normal-people-watching-pll-vs-me-being-an-ezria-shipper and http://ianhardingfanatic.tumblr.com/post/9050020042) I must say that I am incredibly happy that the Ezra-Aria-Jason love triangle is finally over. I have had to endure it for six episodes now and I heard that we Ezria shippers finally get a break from the drama in the second half of the season. Too bad the hiatus is five months long and I will be forced to endure Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years without my sweet little Ian on my TV once a week. I guess it’s a good thing I follow him on Twitter.
    Well, it was a fun episode to comment on and an even funnier recap to read. I will see you next week, my good friend!

    • Hey Tigger! I am SO THRILLED to hear you’ve decided to give Teen Wolf a try! The first season just finished, but I suspect they will probably start replaying the episodes on Monday nights now. If not though, last I checked you could watch all the episodes in full at MTV.com. As for Tyler Hoechlin, oh heck yeah! I remember thinking he was yummy during Seventh Heaven too. But BOY, he has gotten better than age (like a fine wine . . . or a muscular sexy wine, rather ;))! Of course, Derek Hale is not quite the squeaky clean version of Tyler you might remember. He’s more like a moodier, grumpier, wolfier, version of Damon Salvatore ;). He even has the dicey family issues, and broken heart to prove it!

      And I think you will adore Stiles! He has the goofiness of PLL’s Lucas, and the hilarious sense of humor of Seth Cohen, combined with a surprising amount of bravery, and bromantic loyalty . . . the type of guy any girl would want for their friend . . . or more. 😉

      But back to PLL . . . 🙂 This episode really was an Ezria fan’s dream come true, wasn’t it? I was SUPER happy for you, when Fitzy finally threw down the gauntlet and decided to fight for Aria. He really is stronger and tougher than many of us give him credit for. I also cheered for Aria, for being so up front with Fitzy about Jason, and the reasons why she had been pulling away from him, these past few episodes. That was SUPER mature of her . . . way more mature than that wench Jackie, which goes to show you that age, does not necessarily equal maturity or grace.

      From the writers’ perspective, I was also proud of Marlene King for not going the typical route of having Aria silently pull away from Fitzy, without telling him why . . . all of which would inevitably culminate in HIM seeing her kiss Jason, and breaking up with her, without waiting for an explanation. I’ve seen that on so many shows, and regardless of who you ship, it’s lazy writing, and very frustrating to watch. So, kudos to PLL for taking the path less traveled, and having both members of this couple behave admirably in a difficult situation.

      Heck, even Facelift Jason handled the rejection pretty well! (Come on! Admit it! He did! :)) What’s nice about this show, is that, with a few exceptions (Ian, Blind Jenna, Jackie, Bushy Eyebrows Noel . . . OK . . . maybe there are a lot of exceptions), no one is an out-and-out monster on PLL. None of the characters are black and white. Most fall into shades of grey, behaving admirably in some situations, and miserably in others . . . the same even goes for the four main protagonists. It lends a slice of realism to a show where, lets face it, “A’s” antics become increasingly ridiculous and unbelievable. (Alpha Bits, anyone? ;))

      And you never have to feel embarrassed about being a hardcore lover of a TV Boyfriend, simply because he’s a bit older than you. Heck, I’m in love with Damon Salvatore, and he’s 170, and not human! Talk about a difference in age and background. 🙂 As my super blogging pal Amy always says, fangirls are not obsessed, we are just REALLY, REALLY FOCUSED. 😉

      As for how to survive an Ian-less hiatus, I suspect you’ve purchased THIS already, right? 😉


      Just a suggestion! Have a great weekend Tigger! I am sure we will have plenty more to talk about on the blogosphere, next week! 😉

  4. :)

    Heyy KJ Fantastic job! You really did well, and most of the stuff i planned on typing here was already answered by you! Great minds think alike 😉

    — A few things, is that when Kate first arrived her voice sounded very peculiar, almost British in a sense….i don’t know…. that bothered me
    — Well the original Jason was so preppy and “Ivy-League” educated, but the new Jason does not even fit any thing close to it.
    — The massage was the most awkward scene known to date (my opinion). It just made me completely sick that -A was all up on her body. Eww
    — Out of of all the possible excuses out there for the pictures, i have to say this was pretty lame…..My dead sister did it! It is like saying ChewBaka (not spelled correctly) ate your homework…its lame

    I didn’t want to fill your blog space so i made it short! Thanks KJ….ohhh btw MAYA IS RETURNING! Lol so excited 8)


    • Hey :)! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for your kind words. Of course, you and I both think alike. We are both brilliant ;). What other reason could there be? (Not to mention, very humble! LOL!)

      You are absolutely right about Facelift Kate! She did sound British! Perhaps, the actress assumed having an accent of some sort would make her seem snootier and more proper, or something. I don’t recall Isabel having a British accent. But, knowing PLL, they will probably change the actress who plays the mother to a British actress . . . one who looks and sounds nothing like the first Isabel. So, who knows? 😉

      Speaking of Facelift characters, I noticed the same thing about Jason! It’s funny how, in Season 1, we were told that the character was Ivy League educated. But then, when you looked at his yearbook page, his only extracurricular was the fake N.A.T. club. Whereas, the seemingly dimwitted Garrett and Sociopathic Ian had TONS of extracurriculars under both their names. (Heck, Creepy Pedo Ian was even in the National Honor Society . . . I guess now we know where he met Melissa!)

      Even if Facelift Jason was some kind of genius, unfortunately, in this day and age, there are few Ivy League schools that will take a guy who has NO outside interests aside from going to school and getting high. Then again, knowing Ali’s family, they probably bought Harvard a library or something to get him accepted there . . . 😉

      I was super disturbed by the massage scene too. I can’t even imagine how awful Emily felt, getting all relaxed and comfortable, while some psychopath groped her all over the place. Five showers wouldn’t have been enough for me either!

      I do wonder about Facelift Jason’s excuse, regarding the pictures. And, as I mentioned in the recap, I was surprised by how easily Aria accepted the explanation, and how well she took it. I mean, if Ali DID take the pictures, wouldn’t that make her just as creepy as we thought Facelift Jason was? I mean, sure, I like my friends too. ut that doesn’t mean I sneak into their rooms at night, and take 50 pictures of them, while their asleep, and blow them up to life size, so that I can stare at them, before I go to bed at night. That’s just weird . . .

      You know, I forgot Maya was coming back next week. That’s awesome! I think I’m as excited for you about Maya’s return, as I was excited for me about Dr. Wren’s! 😉 I guess we all have our favorite characters and “pet” ships. That’s part of what makes watching this show so much fun! 🙂

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