The Vampire Diaries’ Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert: The Top Ten WINNING Season 1 Moments for OUR Team!


It’s a choice that heroines in teen dramas have had to grapple with for ages: the brooding and sensitive good boy versus the unrepentant and dangerous bad one. 

And nowhere on television is that eternal question more fully explored than on the CW’s The Vampire Diaries, where good can be bad . . .

 . . . and bad can be deliciously GOOD!

Unlike in other shows, where the “good guy” is so bland and boring as to make the heroine’s choice completely obvious, writers Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec actually make a startlingly good case for both the “straight-laced” Stefan Salvatore, and his “fun loving killer” brother Damon.  Nonetheless, a choice HAS to be made . . .

Threesomes are fun, but they can’t last forever . . .

 . . . and I’ve made mine.  In Stefan’s defense, 9 times out of ten, when this sort of question is raised, I will throw MY lot in with the Bad Boy, without a second thought.  But there is something about Damon’s and Elena’s relationship that makes it special.

Unlike most heroines in these type of dramas, Elena is NOT drawn to Damon out of any sort of need for rebellion against authority.  After all, Elena’s parents are dead, and Useless Aunt Jenna certainly isn’t going to be “reigning her in” any time soon.  As for Damon, well, sure, his attraction to Elena may have started because (1) he wanted to stick it to his baby brother; and (2) she looked SO MUCH like his ex .  . .

 . . . but that changed almost immediately after he met her. 

Damon and Elena understand one another in a way no one else around them can.  They know eachothers’ vulnerabilities and weaknesses, as well as their respective strengths.  This allows them to be at ease with one another, and let their guards down in conversation. 

When Damon and Elena are in the same room together, the sexual tension between them crackles and pops like a sparkler on Independence Day.  And even when they aren’t saying anything, the pair can carry on entire conversations through eye contact and body language.

This is why what I am about to do here is so difficult.  When EVERY interaction between two individuals is electrically charged with sexuality, emotion, and meaning, how can one POSSIBLY boil down their entire complex relationship into JUST 10 scenes?   Nonetheless, I figured it was worth a try.  What follows are ten Damon / Elena scenes from Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries.  These scenes, in my opinion, really encapsulate the pair’s relationship, and comprise the best of what this couple has to offer.

[Note: For whatever reason, The CW has always been a bit finicky about what videos it allows us fans to embed in our blog posts.  Therefore, most of the below videos will require you to click on an internal link, that will redirect you to YouTube, before you can watch.  That being said, when I tell you the slight inconvenience you must endure to see the videos will be entirely worth it, I promise, I am not lying . . .]

10) Damon and Elena get flirty in Elena’s bedroom . . .

Nothing says “manly” like a boy in a pink bed, cuddling with a Teddy Bear.

Episode: “Under Control” – 1 X 18

Setting the scene: Elena invites Damon over for an emergency meeting to discuss Stefan, who has been acting strangely ever since he ingested Elena’s blood, during the prior episode . . .

Potent quotables:

DAMON:  “You ask, I come.  I’m easy like that.”

DAMON: (Calls out to a suspicious Jeremy, who is eating cereal in the next room) “No, Elena, I will NOT got to your bedroom with you!”

Why it made the list:  I love how Damon challenges Elena’s growing attraction to him here, by invading her personal space.  Watch the glee Damon takes in laying on Elena’s bed, hugging her teddy bear, fingering her photographs, and fondling her bras and delicates.  Then, at the end of the scene, Damon invades Elena’s person, as he moves in close, trapping her up against the vanity table.  In that moment, without saying so, Damon is forcing Elena to confront her feelings for him, and how they differ from her feelings for Stefan.

9) Damon gives Elena a rose

Episode: “Under Control” –  1 X 18

Setting the scene:  Damon and Elena are at a Founder’s Day pre-party, where Stefan is drinking heavily, in an attempt to dull his hunger for human blood.  Elena expresses her concerns to Damon as the two sit next to one another at the bar.  But Damon is more concerned about Elena’s brother, Jeremy, who has been asking questions about Vicki Donovan’s death. 

 (Background: After Damon made Vicki into a vampire, she violently turned on Elena and Jeremy.  Stefan killed Vicki to save them.  Then, at Elena’s request, Damon buried Vicki’s body, and compelled Jeremy to forget what had happened.)

Potent quotables:

DAMON: (Mimicking Jeremy) “Oh, but sheriff, someone buried her.  Who would do that?”  (raises hand)  “I know, I know!  ME!”

And later . . .

DAMON: (Upon agreeing not to use any more compulsion on Jeremy) “OK.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Why it made the list: For me, this scene really illustrates the snap, crackle, and pop of Damon’s and Elena’s witty banter.  These two are clearly at ease with one another.  Check out the pair’s body language, as they angle their chairs toward eachother, and repeatedly brush limbs.  I also love the old-fashioned way Damon “courts” Elena, by selecting a rose from a nearby bouquet, sniffing it to make sure it is of top quality, and delicately placing it in her hand. 

So often, we forget that Damon “grew up” in the mid 1800’s.  This scene gently reminds us of that.  When Elena receives the rose, she can’t help but be flattered and intrigued by Damon’s gesture, even though she knows she shouldn’t be.

8 ) Things “heat up,” while Damon and Elena are in the kitchen together. . .

Episode: “Children of the Damned”  – 1 X 13

Setting the scene: Damon has dropped by the Gilbert home for dinner, unannounced.  After the meal, Damon and Elena wash dishes together.  Things quickly evolve from fun and flirty, to serious and intense, when Damon inquires as to Stefan’s true motives, in agreeing to help Damon free his long lost love, Vampire Katherine, from a nearby tomb.  Elena initially shrugs off the question, but Damon confronts her directly, imploring her to be honest with him.  She isn’t . . .

Potent quotables:

ELENA:  “Don’t do that”

DAMON:  “Do what?”

ELENA:  “That move was deliberate.”

DAMON:  “Yeah, I was deliberately trying to get to the sink.”

And later . . .

ELENA: “I’m wearing vervain, Damon.  It’s not going to work.”

DAMON:  “I’m not trying to compel you.   I just want you to answer me . . . honestly”

Why it made the list: So many of Damon’s and Elena’s interactions revolve around the issue of trust.  Can these two individuals trust one another?  Well . . . that really depends on the episode. 

For me, this scene can really be broken down into two parts.  The first part of the scene is lighthearted and flirtatious.  Notice Damon’s highly sexualized “Ohhh . . . mmmm” when he “accidentally” bumps into Elena on the way to the sink.  While Elena pretends to be annoyed by the grope, the sly grin on her face says otherwise.

The second scene is more intense.  Damon can sense that Stefan and Elena are lying to him, but instinctively trusts Elena, and refuses to believe she could do anything so dishonest.  When Elena accuses Damon of trying to compel her to tell him the truth, he appears to be truly offended that she would think he would do that to her, after all they had been through.  When Damon asks Elena if he can trust Stefan, he is revealing to her a vulnerable side of him that she hasn’t seen before.  She feels guilty about lying to Damon, as evidenced by the way her eyes drift downward, refusing to meet his, at 1:18.  Then again, she may just be mesmerized by those gorgeous lips of his . . .

7) Damon and Elena get wet (in the rain)

Episode: “Let the Right One in” – 1 X 17

Setting the scene: Stefan is being held captive by the Hidey Hole Vamps (a random plotline developed, and promptly discarded mid season).  The Hidey Hole Vamps came from the tomb Damon opened during “Fool Me Once” (Episode 14).  You know, the one that was SUPPOSED to contain Vampire Katherine, but didn’t?  So, understandably, Damon feels a bit responsible for his brother’s kidnapping.  Elena of course, is beside herself, and wants part in the rescue.  But Damon fears that if Elena comes along, the responsibility will become too much for him.  And he will lose both Stefan AND Elena, in the process.

Potent quotables:

DAMON:  (Lovingly cupping Elena’s wet face in his hands).  “Elena, I know.  But I don’t know how to get him out.”

Why it made the list:  This short scene is intensely emotional for both Damon and Elena.  Both characters have completely let their guard down.  Elena, who is intensely strong willed, and usually highly adept at keeping her emotions in check, is near tears, at the thought of Stefan being killed by the Hidey Hole Vamps.  She feels helpless, and has stored all her hopes in Damon. 

As I mentioned earlier, Damon feels responsible for this whole situation.  He desperately wants to protect Elena and Stefan, and fears he is about to let them both down.  Damon, who has always been supernaturally strong, and can usually mask his feelings with bravado and snark, is completely stripped down and vulnerable here.  And he hates it .  . .

6) Damon watches Elena sleep

Episode: “Friday Night Bites”  – 1 X 3

Setting the scene:  Ummm, I think you all are smart enough to figure this one out on your own . . .

Potent quotables: 

STEFAN: (in voiceover) “I felt there was hope.  That somewhere deep inside, something inside Damon was human, normal.”

Why it made the list:  This scene, from the third Episode of The Vampire Diaries, is important, because it is truly the first time we see anything resembling humanity in Damon.  Up until this point, all we have seen him do is kill and manipulate people.  Every word spoken by him had an ulterior motive.  Every gesture was made in malice.  Here, we know, Damon’s actions are completely uncalculated, BECAUSE no one else can see them.  Not even Elena, herself, who is unconscious the entire time. 

It’s a short scene, only a few moments long, and (aside from the voiceover) dialogue free.  But those few seconds speak volumes about Damon’s complexity as a character, and his early feelings for Elena — feelings that would only grow stronger, as the series progressed . . .

5) Elena falls victim to Damon’s “Eye Thing”

Episode: “Founder’s Day” 1 X 22 (The Season 1 Finale)

Setting the scene: Elena has just changed out of her 1800’s attire, following the Founder’s Day parade, and a ride on the Miss Mystic Falls float.  Ever since Elena’s biological mother told Elena that Damon “loved her” (“Isobel” – Episode 1 X 21) things have gotten a bit awkward among our favorite Vampire Threesome.  And Elena desperately wants to clear the air. 

Speaking of clearing the air, things of become unusually chilly between Elena and her little brother, Jeremy, following Jeremy’s discovery that Elena has been keeping information aboutVicki’s vampiric demise from him.  She also played a major part in having Jeremy’s memory of the event wiped from his consciousness.

Potent quotables:

DAMON:  “I like you better like this.  The period look, it didn’t suit you.”

ELENA:  “Is that an insult?”

DAMON:   “Actually, Elena.  It is a compliment, of the highest order.”

And later . . .

ELENA:  “So, I think you should stop with the flirty little comments, and that . . . Eye Thing . . . that you do.”

DAMON:  “What eye thing?”  (Does Eye Thing . . .)

ELENA: “Don’t make me regret being your friend.”

Why it made the list: In this scene, we can truly see how far Damon has come, from seeing Elena as a conquest, and a doppelganger of his long lost love, to being a sexy, intelligent, and caring woman, in her own right.  The fact that Damon prefers Elena wearing modern clothes, to Elena wearing Katherine’s clothes, speaks volumes about how much his feelings for her have grown.  Further evidence of that is found later in the scene, when Elena tells Damon not to make her regret being his friend.

Initially, of course, Damon’s face, which has been playful and seductive, since the opening of the scene, falls.  Here’s a sexy popular playboy, one who has NEVER had any trouble with the ladies.  And he has just been placed in the Friend Zone. 

But what makes things really interesting, is what Damon does next.  We watch as he takes a beat to ponder his relationship with Elena.  Instantly, he comes to the conclusion that a friendship with Elena would be far better than no relationship at all.  He nods sadly, but with a deep understanding and respect for Elena’s strength, as she goes to talk to Jeremy.  And don’t even get me started on that “Eye Thing.”

4) Damon tries to compel Elena to kiss him / gets slapped in the face

Episode: “Friday Night Bites:  – 1 x 3

Setting the scene: Damon has basically been compelling Elena’s friend Caroline to be his blood whore throughout the entire episode.  But Caroline has started to bore and annoy Damon, so he sets his sights on greener pastures, Elena’s.  Never one to go about things the “hard way,” Damon corners Elena, alone in the parking lot, during a high school football game.  He plans to compel her to be his love slave, just as he has done with Caroline.  Little does he know that Stefan has armed her with a vervain necklace, rendering her impervious to all mind control . . .

Potent quotables:

DAMON:  “You’re right, I do have other intentions.  But so do you . . . I see them.  You want me . . . I get to you.  You find yourself drawn to me.  You think about me, even when you don’t want to think about me.  I bet you’ve even dreamed about me .  . . (Damon’s eyes glow green, with the power of compulsion behind them).  And right now, you want to kiss me.”

And later . . .

ELENA:  “I am NOT Katherine!”

Why it made the list: The acting in this scene between Ian Somerhalder (Damon) and Nina Dobrev (Elena) was positively brilliant.  For starters, the sexual tension between these two is undeniable  — even though, at this point, Elena is trying desperately to deny it, and Damon is trying to force it, for his own personal gain.  When Damon first makes his speech about how “hot for him” Elena is, we, as viewers, know that a lot of what he is saying true.  Elena DOES feel drawn to Damon.  She DOES think about him, even when she doesn’t want to.   And she HAS dreamed about him.

But what’s really interesting is to watch the scene from Elena’s perspective.  That dreamy, faraway, look in her eye.  The way she keeps leaning closer and closer to him, as he speaks, unable to break eye contact.  The first time I saw the scene, I wondered, for a moment, whether Damon had SUCCEEDED in compelling Elena to want to kiss him, in spite of the fact that she was wearing vervain. 

Then I wondered whether Elena knew what Damon was trying to do.  Based on that theory, she was  just pretending to fall under his spell, only to catch him off guard, when she went in for the slap later.  But here’s the thing:  at this point, Elena doesn’t KNOW that Stefan and Damon are vampires.  (Notice how Elena didn’t catch on to Damon’s ironic intimation, that he was MUCH older than Caroline.)  So, she has no idea, they are capable of mind control.  So, Elena’s seemingly lovestruck initial reaction to Damon’s words?  It was REAL!

3) Damon and Elena do the “Mating Dance”

Episode: “Miss Mystic Falls” – 1 X 19

Setting the Scene: Elena has unwillingly agreed to take part in the Miss Mystic Falls pageant.  Stefan has agreed to be her escort.  But on the day of the pageant, Stefan mysteriously disappears.  (Turns out he’s gone all blood lusty, and has set out to eliminate Elena’s competition, by eating it.)  Unbeknownst to Elena, Damon has stepped in to fill Stefan’s shoes, and, subsequently, save the day.

Potent quotables:

USELESS AUNT JENNA:   “What is she doing with Damon?”

ALARIC:  “I have NO IDEA!”

Why it made the list:  Like the earlier referenced scene, where Damon watched Elena sleep, this scene is nearly silent, save for the music to which the contestants dance.  I love the first part of the scene, where Elena has her “Oh so Teen Cliched” Staircase Moment, and we see Damon’s eyes light up with love and sexual desire, as he sees her in that blue dress for the first time.

You can see the changes that take place in the couple, as the dance progresses.  When it first starts, the two are wary of one another, stiff and business like.  But then the music starts to take over.  Smiles form on their faces.  They are actually enjoying THIS! 

Damon’s a surprisingly good dancer (much better than his younger brother).  The first part of the dance, during which the partners can’t touch, is a mating ritual in every sense of the world.  Damon and Elena circle one another like predator and prey.

But things really heat up when they are finally able to grab hold of one another.  He grasps her body firmly, in a manner that is strong and protective.  They both get a bit lost in the moment, wanting to move in closer, but unable to do so, based on the regimented nature of the dance.  When the music stops, and the pair are forced to break from one another, they both seem a bit jarred by the intense emotions this experience has brought to the surface.

2) Damon kisses Elena Katherine

Episode: “Founder’s Day” – 1 x 22 (Season 1 Finale)

Setting the scene: At the Founder’s Day Carnival, Bonnie, at Elena’s behest, used her magic to rescue Damon from death by fire.  Filled with gratitude, Damon goes to Elena’s house to set things right with Elena’s brother, Jeremy, by explaining to him, what truly happened with Vampire Vicki.  As he leaves the house, he runs into who he THINKS is Elena.  (It isn’t . . .)

Potent quotables:

DAMON:  “I’m not a hero, Elena.  I don’t do good.  It’s not in my nature.”

KATHERINE (as Elena):  “Maybe it is.”

And later . . .

DAMON:  “She did it for you [saved me], which means that, somewhere along the way, you decided that I was worth saving.  And I wanted to thank you for that.”

KATHERINE (as Elena):  “You’re welcome.”

Why it made the list: At first blush, it may seem like sacrilege to put a scene that didn’t even INCLUDE Elena, in a list of the “Top Ten Best Damon and Elena” scenes.  But the fact remains, that, from Damon’s perspective, this WAS Elena, to whom he had bared his soul, and with whom, after an entire season of trying and failing, he had finally shared a kiss.  All this time, us fans always assumed that Damon did “bad things” simply because he wanted to.  Now, we realize, that he did them, because he thought himself to be completely incapable of goodness.  He is confused by, and uncomfortable with, his growing humanity, but at the same time, excited by it.

And Damon is excited by Elena, who for the first time, seems truly open to his advances.  He kisses her tentatively at first.  And then, when she doesn’t pull away, really lets himself get carried away in the moment.  His hands cup her face, his fingers run through her hair.  All thoughts of this awful day, escape from his head, and all that is left is love and passion.

In hindsight, we can see that “Elena” was different — that she seemed colder and more aloof, then she had in previous scenes.  A few cocked eyebrows and vague responses here and there, betray Katherine’s lack of knowledge, as to what has been going on in Mystic Falls this season.  She notices the change in Damon immediately, and is bit intrigued by it, especially since, all this time, she thought SHE was the only woman who held any power over him.  And when they finally kiss, Katherine shows none of the extreme guilt the ever-faithful Elena would experience had she just made the decision to cheat on her vampire boyfriend.

And it’s this complexity, that makes the scene so compulsively watchable . . .

And finally . . . (drumroll please)

1) Damon returns Elena’s necklace

Episode: “Fool Me Once” – 1X14

Setting the scene: Having recently learned that Stefan and Elena have stolen the spellbook that he needs to free his love Katherine from the tomb, Damon feels hurt and betrayed.  After all, the couple had promised to help him get Katherine back, and Elena had given Damon his word that their intentions were genuine.  Later, Elena comes to visit an uncharacteristically broody Damon at his home, waving the metaphorical “white flag” and carrying the proverbial “olive branch.”

Potent quotables:

ELENA:  “I was protecting the people I love, Damon.  But so were you, in your own twisted way.  As hard as it is to figure, we are all on the same side, after the same thing.”

DAMON:  “Fool me once, shame on you.”

And later . . .

ELENA:  “You and I, we have something.  An understanding.  And I know my betrayal hurt you — different than it was with Stefan.  But I promise you, I will help you get Katherine back.

And still later . . .

DAMON:  I didn’t compel you in Atlanta, because we were having fun.  I wanted it to be real.  I’m trusting you.   Don’t make me regret it.

Why it TOPPED the list: This scene contains everything we LOVE about Damon and Elena, all rolled up into one beautiful and sexy package:  the witty banter, the silent looks filled with meaning, the complex innuendos, the invasion of personal space, gentle caresses, and an admission, on both Damon’s and Elena’s parts, that their relationship is special.  It travels far beyond the expected boundaries of friendship.  The episode, begins with a betrayal of trust, and concludes with the ultimate exchange of trust.  Elena, who has always secretly worried that Damon has been trying to compel her (how else could she explain her strong romantic feelings for him), really puts herself out there for Damon.

By taking off the vervain necklace that protects her from mind control, Elena is exposing herself completely to Damon.  She might as well be standing naked before him.  And Damon, who wonders whether he will ever be able to trust Elena again, has the perfect opportunity to exert ultimate power over her.  And just like in Atlanta, he refuses to take that opportunity.  He will not take advantage of Elena in that way.  When Damon closes in on Elena, and reaches behind her to take the necklace, she is frightened and a bit aroused.  All of this is evident, when, to her surprise, Damon gently clasps the necklace back around her neck.  

A gentle brush of Damon’s fingers across Elena’s throat is enough to send her eyes rolling back in her head in pure ecstacy.  But this scene isn’t just about sex or power.  It is about love, friendship, understanding, and a willingness to let someone see you at your most vulnerable.  And THAT is why this scene made Number One on my list . . .

Season 2 of the Vampire Diaries premieres Thursday, September 9th at 8 p.m. on The CW, and we all know what THAT means — more juicy Damon and Elena scenes to gush over and explore.  I for one, CAN’T WAIT!  Can YOU?

Neither can HE! 😉




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  1. Carol

    I agree with everything in this list. My fav is the “Mating Dance” scene. Before that one, I was shipping them already, but after that I become obssesed with this couple.

    ps: I see the images of Ian were appreciated ;P

    • Hey Carol!

      Of COURSE, those images were appreciated! 🙂 And I suspect this won’t be the last time you see them on here, either . . . 😉

      Thanks so much for commenting, and for suffering through what was admittedly an over-long post. (What can I say? I’m obsessed with these two!) 🙂

      And as a gif-t for your AWESOME Ian pics, and kind words, please accept the following GIF . . .

      (Right click, to download it to your computer.)


      • Carol

        Thanks for the GIF-t!

        Actually, I was looking for a .gif of this scene oO’

        I can’t wait for September 9th. Is it wrong that I’m more eager to season 2 to begin than I’m eager to my birthday?

  2. Mariah

    I LOVED this whole entry..I agree completely with everything you said!
    Thanks for summing up everything so beautifully and also adding videos regarding the scenes!


    I LOVE it and I LOVE Damon/Elena!

    • Hey Mariah! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Your kind words are much appreciated. (Love your Damon and Elena avatar, BTW – SO AWESOME!)

      Aren’t Damon and Elena amazing together? I could analyze and gush over their TVD scenes for HOURS. In fact, part of the reason I wrote this post, was so that I could have someplace to return, whenever I wanted to rewatch my favorite scenes! 🙂

      September 9th is just around the corner. I can’t wait! As far as I’m concerned, The Vampire Diaries can’t return fast enough! 😉

  3. Cherie

    Best Damon/Elena list ever!

    I was teetering between Stelena and Delena, with a tiny tiny tiny preference for the latter, but this has definitely made me a full fledged shipper!

    I guess what I like about this ship is that we have seen their relationship grow organically, whereas Stefan and Elena where poof! in! love! one episode after first meeting… so you feel more invested in the relationship.

    But damn if Paul Wesley portrayal of Stefan doesn’t make him seem like an equally worthy contender for Elena’s heart!

    • Awww, thanks so much, Cherie! I’m honored to have swayed a TVD fan as eloquent, insightful, and awesome as you over to our SHIP. Welcome aboard!

      I had WAY TOO much fun writing this one. I also had a much harder time than you would think narrowing down to only ten Damon and Elena scenes to analyze. (Not being able to include the D/E scene where the pair got drunk together at the bar in Georgia pained me, in particular. Talk about a fun scene!)

      I am in 100% agreement with you about the way in which Damon’s and Elena’s relationship feels more “natural” (or, at least, as “natural” as a relationship between a fictional human and a fictional vampire can be) than Stefan’s and Elena’s, which, to me, always had a bit of an Edward / Bella feel to it (even though The Vampire Diaries was technically written first).

      You know, that whole “I’m inexplicably drawn to you, and don’t know why, but we will live happily ever after, anyway” feel? Personally, I tend to prefer a “slow boil” of sexual tension (with a little dash of initially unrequited love) in my television relationships, as opposed to a wham, bam, thank you, madam, insta-coupling.

      And yet, particularly in the latter half of the season, the beautiful and talented Paul Wesley has done plenty to prove that Stefan is more than just “the good vampire.” He’s certainly a worthy contender for Elena’s heart. And if it weren’t for Ian / Damon’s brilliance on the show, both in terms of acting and fantastic writing / directing, I may even be on his SHIP. But, as you can see, I’m a total Team Damon girl 🙂

      Here’s hoping there are enough brilliant D/E scenes in Season 2, for me to write another one of THESE! I am confident there will be, of course! 🙂

      • Cherie

        There is just something about obligatory psychotic jackasses that is total catnip to us good girls 🙂

        The common denominator of all my boyfriends and crushes has been that they are good sparring partners, and that is why the Damon-y characters are so incredibly sexy no matter how cruel and acidic they can be. With members of the opposite sex who can truly push your buttons there is that “slow boil” (great term!) of tension that can easily spill over into something else. That is why I think lots of the moments you chose were perfect in encapsulating the Damon/Elena ship. Outward hatred, anger and annoyance, not just love, are passionate emotions that can hint at underlying feelings, so the scenes where the pair are niggling at each other are just as important IMO as the more romantic ones. Hey, if bashing in car headlights was foreplay for my all time fave TV LoVers, you would have to invent another word entirely for the fire created by the crazy shenanigans Damon and Elena have shared 🙂

        All romance aside, what I love most about bad boys (and bad girls!) is being able to be vicariously uber-snarky through them. Characters like Damon pretty much say what everyone is thinking but never vocalise because of social codes and mores. That is why I am looking forward to the Year of the Kat so much. Katherine gets to be one of the most batshit crazy bitchy villains to ever grace screens AND have insane chemistry (however twisted!) with two incredibly hot guys… I’d be lying if I can’t see at least some of the allure of her lifestyle!!

        I can’t wait for the inevitable consummation of the Damon/Elena coupling, followed by the rollercoaster of the fallout – with all your fab recaps tracking every step along the way, of course! It’ll be interesting to see the differences in the dynamics between the Elena’s relationships with boys vs Katherine’s and how these change over the course of the season.

        In an interview Julie Plec gave, she said that the long term arc of the series is to show how history is repeating itself in Mystic Falls. Elena with the brothers is almost like Katherine’s personal history repeating itself, or maybe coming full circle in some way, if you know what I mean? It’ll be interesting to see some of the similarities, as well as differences, in the dynamics Katherine and Elena share with the two brothers.

        Ahh September 9, come quickly!

      • I love your analysis here! It was so well-written and insightful! I think you’ve really hit the nail on the head, in terms of why we are all so addicted, intrigued, and, let’s face it, turned on, by fictional (and not-so-fictional) Bad Asses.

        (And don’t think I didn’t pick up on your Logan Echolls / VM reference there, either. Those are always very much appreciated around here! :))

        Perhaps, as you said, “good girls” and “good boys” are even more drawn to Bad Asses than most, because, unlike our more morally ambiguous pals, WE try especially hard to repress our darksides. And that repression leads to passion, when we see others doing things and saying things that we would never do or say. Watching Damon and Katherine becomes vicarious living for us, and a little bit of wish fulfillment.

        I definitely see what you mean about the allure verbal sparring (and in the case of The Vampire Diaries characters’ sometimes outright PHYSICAL sparring). Intense emotions of all kinds — hatred, anger, love, passion – they all cause our heart to race, and our adrenaline to skyrocket. And racing hearts, and skyrocketing adrenaline can only be tempered for so long, until they lead to . . . other, sometimes X-rated, things. 😉

        We saw a bit of that in the scenes between Damon and Isobel, last season. And, if that AWESOME new Season 2 trailer is any indication, we will definitely see A WHOLE LOT more of it between both our favorite hot male vampires and Katherine!

        Here’s another thing I’ve come to realize about sparring. In order to spar effectively with someone, certain things are necessary. And those things just so happen to be the SAME things that signify a good partner, and a passionate, never dull (if not necessarily always healthy) relationship.

        A good sparring partner is smart, and quick tongued (YUM!). He (or she) also must have a good sense of humor.

        And it can’t be all one-sided either. For a couple to fight effectively with one another, there MUST be chemistry, and mutual understanding. Good sparrers understand what makes their partner tick, and know what pushes eachothers’ buttons. All these aforementioned things are essential to a good emotional (and sexual) relationship

        Elena and Damon are ideal in this respect. Because, despite the surface differences between them, they are actually a lot alike. They are both smart, snarky, a bit jaded, yet highly passionate human beings.

        Damon is Elena’s “id,” the bad girl she WOULD be if she could. Conversely, Elena is Damon’s conscience, his soft side, his “sensitivity chip” – all the parts of him he hides from the outside world, because he BELIEVES they represent weakness – at least in a guy.

        And I am willing to bet that we will soon learn that Katherine and Stefan share a similar relationship with eachother to Elena and Damon, in this respect. Interestingly enough, the scenes between Katherine and Stefan in the trailer were, in some ways, hotter than the scenes between Katherine and Damon.

        I think this is because Stefan is so primed against Kat. Unlike Damon, Stefan wants his lingering feelings for Katherine to simply disappear. Katherine sees this about him, and views it as a personal challenge. The intensity between this pair just jumps off the screen. I can’t wait to see them in action.

        I will always be Team Delena. But I think I may also be Team Kefan. Does that make sense?

        I do think, as the season progresses, we will see Katherine drive a wedge between Elena and Stefan. And this will serve to bring her closer to Damon. I also think that Katherine will draw out Stefan’s dark side a bit, while Elena will soften Damon somewhat, as will Katherine’s brutal rejection of him. Adding this new player into the mix will make the dynamic on the show so much more interesting than it already is. I can’t wait!

        Thanks again for taking the time to share your awesome insights with me. You’ve really made me think. I didn’t think it was possible for me to be any more excited about this show than I already was. However, thanks to last night’s trailer release, and our discussion today, I definitely am!

  4. Cherie

    I bow down to the analysis queen! It is amazing how you are able to take my idle thoughts and add a whole new layer and depth to them!!

    I come from a journalism/communications studies background, so love references to stuff like “id”. And the concept is so true! I agree with you about being on Team Kefan; it will be an interesting if not, as you mentioned, entirely healthy relationship.

    And your comment about wish fulfillment made me think that this may be the key behind the whole vampire craze in general, with the BAMF vampires being particularly adored. Notice how everyone stomached Bill and Stefan better when they let their dark sides loose?

    I’m so looking forward to all the recaps/live blogging of the episodes!

    • Aww, thanks so much, Cherie! I guess I just spend way too much time thinking about things like this. 🙂

      I was a JOURNALISM MAJOR too (with a concentration in broadcast, and minors in law and psych – hence all the Freudian hoohaa that often leaks into my posts). I thought I recognized a fellow COMM MAJOR in you! 🙂 At least we come by our compulsive media analysis honestly . . .

      And you are right, BAMF vampires are THE BEST! Hands down! The eviler, the sexier, as far, as I’m concerned! 😉

      It’s been great chatting! I can’t wait to over-analyze Season 2 with you!

  5. Summaiya

    This was such a pleasure to read! I was smiling and nodding with agreement the whole time!
    I’m obsessed with D/E too! Thank you so much for taking your time to write this….it’s fantastic!

    Can’t wait to read more from you, I’ll keep an eye out for Season 2 best D/E moments..

    • Hi Summaiya! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, and for your kind words. I really appreciate it. I could spend literally days watching, adoring and analyzing The Vampire Diaries. It’s such a fabulous show, isn’t it?

      A show that is smart, well-acted (by gorgeous actors and actresses), and ingeniously plotted – what more could a fan want? 😉

      I’m always thrilled to hear from insightful and intelligent fans of TVD, like you, on this blog (particularly D/E fans- because WE’RE THE BEST!). It makes the time I spend writing these posts all the more worth while.

      So, thanks again for stopping by, and brightening my day! 🙂

  6. Summaiya

    @kjewls Your welcome! You deserve great feedback!

    @Mariah..we both have the same gravatar…(Nina/Ian)!

  7. I would agree with your number one and two choices. but for your number 1 for a different reason. i think that this is the only time that elena has really opened up to damon. Damon has multiple times to elena but this shows that elena trusts HIM. not the other way around. im glad that damon gets a few moments of happiness at the end of the season. its the least he deserves, and we’ve never gotten to see damon TRULY happy, until now. damn katherine!

    • Hi Elaine! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      You bring up a really good point. The necklace scene WAS the first time Elena openly admitted to having some connection to Damon. Before that, even though there have been many scenes where the two have let their guards down with one another, ELENA had never SAID anything to illustrate her potential attraction to Damon, as more than a friend. (Although her body language has always been VERY telling . . . ;)).

      In terms of happiness, I know, lately, we have seen Damon as the “pining character” and somewhat of a tortured soul. However, I wouldn’t necessarily say he hasn’t had the chance to be happy all season.

      I mean, he’s less lucky in love than Stefan, certainly. But I’d also argue that he enjoys life more — though not in a particularly moral way ;). Check out the scene where Damon dances with Vicki, or where he and Elena got drunk in Georgia, heck, even the one where Damon toyed with Caroline in her bedroom. Now THAT was a guy having FUN!

      (Then again, maybe I just like the character so much, that I want to SEE him as happy. :))

      Thanks again for the insightful comment. I really do appreciate it.

  8. Aisha

    WELL SAID!!! The breakdown of those DELENA scenes were just BRILLIANT….(l0l)..I loved it….those two have surely come a LONG way & so the JOURNEY continues (season 2)…I anxiously await part 2 of DELENA moments….

    • Hi Aisha! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

      You are absolutely right! Damon and Elena have come a VERY long way, since their first encounter back in Season 1. Alhough they have experienced a few setbacks (and some attempted murders) lately, I have no doubt that our favorite TVD couple will eventually find their way into eachothers’ arms, where they belong.

      And, based on what we’ve seen of Season 2 so far, I have no doubt that there will be PLENTY more sexy D & E moments where these came from . . . 😉

      Thanks again for stopping by and commenting! Is it Thursday night, yet? 🙂

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    I LOVE the vampire diaries !! Damon is the best Character , he’s so funny . Can’t wait for next tues on itv2 at 9pm .

    Who else is freaking ou t????

    • Yay! Another fellow TVD and Damon Salvatore fan! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Where I live, TVD is on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. So, I am more than a bit jealous that you get to see Damon earlier in the week than I do. Be sure to give him a kiss for me! 😉

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  12. Alessandra

    I am completely for delena,
    i think this list is amazing, but personally, i think that the dance scene was the best. it was perfect, down to the background music.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, Alessandra! I love meeting fellow TVD and Delena fans! I’m a smidgeon partial to the necklace scene, of course, but I LOVE the dance scene as well. And I know that many Delena fans would agree with you that it was the couple’s best . . .

      I can’t wait to see what scenes make our list for Season 2!

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  17. Nasha233

    Thank you thank you so much for this list. I agree with everything you said. I myself thought the dance was probably the best sexual tension without speaking a word between them but your number 1 pick given how Elena trusted Damon was a big step up change in their relationship.

    I feel many times the sexual tension and urge, chemistry what you call it have a lot to do with Ian and Nina, and the writing helps escalates it further. Makes them the most watchable couple without really being one. I really credit the actors. Not to say Paul have no chemistry with Nina, he does but the chemistry with Ian and Nina, I find is at a different level which makes everytime you watch them you want him to just grab hold of her and kiss her.

    I also like the dynamic between the Salvatore brothers. The pull and push. The can he do true right thing, should I trust him yet I don’t thinkit is always Damon’s wrong doing but sometimes Stefan self righteous attitude too.

    I am just loving the show and your analysis. Currently Damon is the best character on television, the complexities and layered that needs to be peeled. Hooray for IS and he is delivering!

    • Thanks Nasha! That’s so sweet of you to say! I’m so glad you enjoyed the list. I had a TON of fun creating it. 🙂

      And you bring up a really great point in your comment. So, much of the sexual tension and chemistry Damon and Elena have together, comes from Ian’s and Nina’s natural affinity toward one another. They just match eachother so well, with their line delivery, body language, and intense stares. It makes lines that could be interpreted as simply platonic, or even antagonistic, seem layered with meaning, flirtation and intrigue.

      If you had a chance to watch The Descent this week, I would say that Damon and Elena’s scene together toward the end of the episode (the one with the Delena Hug ;)) is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of this. With two lesser actors, the scene would merely be an example of one friend comforting another, who isn’t quite ready to admit he needs comforting. But with Ian and Nina, you could practically feel the heat coming off your television screen.

      And I agree. SOO many times during this series, I’ve found myself SCREAMING at the TV, JUST KISS HER, DAMON! Because, I’ll be darned if those two don’t look like they want to make out 99% of the time they are on screen together. 🙂

      Ian Somerhalder is truly one of the most underappreciated actors on television today, in my opinion. I mean, sure, WE appreciate him ;). But I’m talking about on a larger scale, in terms of Emmy’s and Golden Globe nods. I really do believe that Ian’s multi-layered, complex, fascinating, and oddly relatable (especially given some of the Very Bad things he does) portrayal of Damon Salvatore is worthy of that level of praise. And if Damon Salvatore was a character on an ABC, NBC, or CBS show, as opposed to a CW one, he’d probably get it too.

      Here’s hoping that TVD, Ian, Nina and the rest of the cast, soon get the national (and international) recognition they deserve. But even if they don’t, they will still always have us diehard fans. And that has to count for something, right? 😉

  18. Nasha233

    I hope so too. The problem is that I think many viewers think that show is meant for younger viewers. I first noticed Ian on lost. On those blue eyes got me lost. He was far younger and with a very talented cast but I think from that to now, Ian has grown so much as an actor. And I remember reading somewhere that he always coveted The role of Sawyer, played brilliantly by Josh Holloway. He did have the best lines. But I think Damon far surpassed Sawyer or any character Ian imagined and boy is he delivering and with his good looks it was a match perfect. When I found out he was starring in TVD, I didnt immediately check it out, it took me sometime because to be honest I never got into twilight so the premise of the show sounded the same. It took me sometime but an ad or a glimpse of the show where I caught a scene of Damon and Elena, that scene you have on no. 10., that just got me curious and I started watching and began looking for the show from start.

    Once I got hook I wanted to share and I told my friends they need to check it out but unfortunately, without revealing my age, (I have teenage kids) my friends told me they were under the impression it was a show more for younger audience. I told them that no it appeals to any age and they should check it out. I think two did but the rest are still not convinced because their teenage kids said they are to old to watch.

    I wondered if that have an effect on not getting nominated. And sometimes when you are so pretty people can’t see beyond that to appreciate the talent. I hope he does get the recognition, Nina too even Paul.

    • That’s really interesting. I didn’t know Ian was interested in the role of Sawyer, back when he was first auditioning for Lost. (Did you know he also auditioned for the role of Jason Stackhouse on True Blood? Imagine how different would THAT character be, if Ian was playing him!)

      Sawyer was probably my favorite character on Lost. And I think that if Lost was beginning to air now, as opposed to back in 2004, Ian would make a spectacular Sawyer. (Though admittedly, it’s hard imagining anyone other than Josh Holloway in the role.)

      Don’t get me wrong, Ian was BRILLIANT as Boone. But I think these past few years have really seen Ian grow from an excellent actor, to one of the best on television. And playing a meaty, multi-layered role like Damon Salvatore, has truly given him the opportunity to come into his own.

      I can definitely see what you mean about how many potential fans might mistake TVD for a teen show, because it is on the CW, and features high school students. And that might explain why the show doesn’t receive the award recognition it deserves. But I think, generally, the public discounts teen dramas to its detriment. After all, isn’t high school the perfect metaphor for the “Real World?” And aren’t most of the actors on teen dramas in their 20’s anyway?

      But, hey what do I know. I’m just a blogger. I can’t give awards. But if I could, Ian would definitely get one from me. 🙂

  19. Nasha233

    I don’t know if Ian auditioned for Sawyer in lost but I think watching Josh played that role with his best lines, that is a role Ian wished he play one day and I think he got that in Damon and so some. I think Damon in a dream role made for Ian. The role is in my opinion even better than Sawyer and with ian’s good looks and blue eyes, it seemed tailored made for Ian. And boy does he deliver. This role is sexy, funny, scary, dangerous, sweet with all e best lines. I feel that Damon is the most interesting character on television right now.

    While the role Jason Stackhouse in a good role, I am glad Ian didn’t get it. Maybe Ian could have made it even better, who knows but in true blood, the coveted role is Eric which is probably the direct rival role to Damon. Thou funnily I am not rooting for Sookie to be with Eric but I so want Damon to be with Elena.

    I agree that if I can give an award, Ian’s Damon would get one and I am not biased at all. 😉

  20. hypa_kitty

    Deciding to read this again – like the thousandth time, I do wonder, why the scene in which Elena has the car crash, and Mister Knight in nakey body armour [refer to Damon topless photos <33] has not made this list!

    Admittedly its very hard to come down to JUST ten scenes, but that is one which should have made the list!

    However, I most definitely would agree with your amazing choices! Time to re-read all your other vamp posts 😉 x

    • Both of the scenes you mentioned here are spectactular D&E scenes, hypa kitty! And you are right. I was probably remiss to exclude the SUPER SEXY scene where Elena enters the Salvatore household expecting to find Stefan, and finds an adorably inebriated and shirtless Damon instead to this Top Ten List. The moment where Elena slowly buttons up Damon’s shirt, as they look at one another with OBVIOUS lust, is one I can watch OVER, and OVER again, and NEVER get bored.

      There is really no excuse for my missing it, except for the fact that I wrote this shortly after Season 1 had wrapped up. Consequently, at that time, some of the later in the season, more “verbal,” Damon and Elena moments were on my mind in a major (some might say obsessive) way. 🙂

      Needless to say, if I ever do a D&E post related to best nonverbal / hottest body language moments for the couple, this one will DEFINITELY be near the top of my list. 🙂

  21. Daria

    Damon to ciacho ;*

  22. suhasini

    Hey kjewls!
    I love your recaps and lists and basically everything you do related to TVD and Delena! 🙂
    I also like many here consider Mating Dance as my favourite Delena moment from season 1!
    What makes this scene so special is, for a change, not Damon but Elena! It’s amazing how Elena, who is completely bewildered by Stefan’s absence, seems to forget everything the moment she touches Damon during the dance. Her smug is replaced by a tiny but a very heartfelt smile. Damon ofcourse is smiling throughout the dance! 🙂
    I love the way both Damon and Elena always manage to make each other smile! Even in the most adverse situation they bring one another at ease and relaxed!
    I also loved Delena’s georgia was uber-cool! 😀
    P.S. Hats off to you for summing down so many Delena moments to just 10! 🙂
    P.P.S. please write manyyy more lists related to TVD and Delena, it would make these 4 horrible months without TVD somewhat bearable! 😦

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, suhasini! I’m always happy to meet fellow TVD fans (especially TVD fans that SHIP Delena, a.k.a. The Mother SHIP ;)). I love your synopsis of the Mating Dance scene between Damon and Elena during Miss Mystic Falls.

      You are absolutely right! For better or worse, Elena tends to be a very serious person most of the time. And no one seems as universally successful at making Elena smile than Damon. No matter how dark circumstances may seem at the time, Damon just seems to have a knack for disarming Elena, with his carefree, charm, wit, and dry sense of humor. As you so eloquently mentioned, this is extremely apparent during the sweet and sexy Mating Dance. But it is also evident, during Damon and Elena’s trip to Georgia, and, a bit more recently, during their fun, yet still super sexy, dance scene in “The Last Dance.”

      I absolutely plan to do more TVD and Delena themed lists this summer. Earlier on in the year, I posted a Top Ten Best Delena moments of the First Half of Season 2. (How’s that for a mouthful?) 😉 . . .

      Here it is . . . (just in case you are curious) . . .

      Now, I just have to decide whether my next post will cover the ENTIRE second season (obviously, there will be some redundancies), or just the second half of the second season. After all, I could probably pick out 10 SPECTACULAR Delena moments from “The Sacrifice” and “As I Lay Dying” ALONE! On the other hand, I simply can’t imagine doing ANY Season 2 Delena list without including that awe-inspiring scene from “Rose.” (I’m sure you know the one to which I’m referring.) 😉

      So, I’m torn. But, rest assured, there are more lists to come. 🙂

  23. suhasini

    thanks! but i have already read that list like about 100 times! told you I am your fan! 😛
    Why dont you make a Delena list on top 10 delena moments from second half of season 2, then from entire season 2, then top 10 non-verbal Delena moments, then 10 oh wait that can be 100 reasons why Damon should be Elena’s obvious choiceetc etc.. 😀

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  26. Vanya007


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  28. Check it out! is giving away free Platinum tickets to see Ian Somerhalder and other cast members at Empoweresque!

  29. parshati

    hey people! i totttttaaallllyyyy agree wid u guys- delena ROCKS!!!i loved going through d is awesome!

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  31. Amanda

    You have strong points, and they are definitely well argued. However, there are some faults that I feel compelled to point out (I did not mean that to sound like a very cheesy pun- I just like the word compelled).
    Number ten only has one thing I disagree with: you seem to believe that Elena has immense feelings for Damon at this point. What you fail to realize, however, is that if the feelings exist- and it is questionable whether or not they exist (at this point in time)- they have not developed enough for Elena to “confront her feelings for him, and how they differ from her feelings for Stefan”. Now initially I agreed with your point, but after further thought, I realized that this is what Damon was aiming for. He wanted to confuse Elena and make her think about her feelings for him, but Elena is too strong willed that she would never confront them at this point in their friendship. There are two reasons for this. One: She IS in love with Stefan; thus the idea of having feelings for Stefan’s brother is so horrifyingly awful- especially considering that the two brothers had fought over and lost a different girl before- that she cannot, at this point, handle any feelings for him. Two: She is attracted to him, but she does not believe she has any feelings for him. He is much too dark for her, he has done way too many horrible things to innocent people, and he is completely obsessed with her look-alike vampire great-great-great (however many great’s) grandmother. Whether or not she has feelings for him at this point is unclear. I believe that her attraction for him is what caused her to get to know him (that, and he’s also forcing his way into her life), but she is still getting to know him, and therefore there cannot be any confrontation of her feelings: she simply will not admit them yet, no matter how hard Damon tries to make her.
    Number nine, I believe to be a very solid piece of evidence towards the “Dalena” (sorry, couple nicknames are just not my thing) storyline.
    Number eight, however, I disagree with your flirty assumptions. Elena knows that its in everyone’s best interest to keep the tomb vampires locked very tightly in their tomb- even if it means destroying the very complicated and attractive friendship she has going with her boyfriend’s brother. At some point it is important to realize that Elena had to play mind games with Damon just as he was playing mind games with her. The two share a very complex relationship, and therefore makes everything very difficult to decipher. She needed to know whether or not Damon believed Stefan’s lie. She approached the situation the only way she knows how when concerned with Damon: witty banter. In this case it was not so much flirty as it was… informational. She knew that if she lied to Damon, he would believe her, and that in order to sell it, she needed to give her something friendly to work with, thus the friendly flirty conversation. I honestly don’t think it was as much of a flirty moment as it was a means to get the information she wanted. Unfortunately, at this point she does not care enough about Damon to risk everything for him (this comes in the latter episodes, after they resolve the necklace compulsion issue- more on that later, though).
    The next reasoning I have issues with is number four. While you put up a very impressive argument, I am inclined to disagree with you. I think Elena is attracted to Damon, yes, but I think she was trying to make him vulnerable to make her point. She had no idea that he was trying to compel her, but keep in mind that she knows Damon to be the sexy bad boy player. “The eye thing” is simply something she assumes to be apart of his charm. So on some level, she did know what he was doing, but she did not really understand the situation- because who really thinks: “Hmmm… he’s doing this weird eye thing… He must be a vampire set out to destroy his brother (also a vampire and my boyfriend) over his dead girlfriend (also a vampire/manipulative bitch)!” It’s too far fetched. She knew what he was trying to do, and I believe she played along so she could send a very clear message: She was not Kathrine and she had no intention of EVER hurting, manipulating, or destroying either brother by dating both of them.
    The rest of your argument, however, was pretty solid. I really enjoyed reading it, and even though I just argued (in great length, that you probably did not bother to read- I’m not sure that I would…) your points, I really hope to see Damon and Elena together, because I believe their characters to be much better match than Elena and Stefan. I would explain this, but it would make my way, way too long argument even longer. Thanks for your time, and for giving me something to debate with; I really enjoyed it.

    • Hi Amanda, thank you so much for taking the time to craft this eloquent argument. 🙂 I really enjoyed reading it, as it brought me back to these scenes . . . some of which I haven’t viewed in a while . . . and allowed me to view them in a slightly different light. I think one of the great things about television dramas is that every aspect of them is really open to interpretation. This gives the viewer an opportunity to become part of the narrative to some extent. I suspect that if you asked Julie Plec, Kevin Williamson, Ian Somerhalder, and Nina Dobrev to interpret the extent of Elena’s romantic feelings for Damon in each of these scenes, each of them would provide you with a different response. And, to some extent, they all would be “correct” in their interpretations.

      As for me, I make no bones about the fact that I’ve been a staunch Delena fan, pretty much ever since Damon caressed Elena’s face, while she slept, so very early in the series. My strong feelings for this couple color my perception of every scene, and every line I write about this show. Other things that colored my writing of this particular post include a bit of hindsight. (After all, after watching Miss Mystic Falls, it’s hard not to see chemistry in everything these two do on screen together.)

      I was also colored by the fact that I was reading The Vampire Diaries book series, around the time I wrote this post. In that series (as different from its television counterpart, as it might be), which is told from Elena’s perspective, her romantic feelings for Damon don’t take very long at all to develop. And the first time we witness them is in an attempted compulsion scene that is very much like the one from the television series. Additionally, I think that a lot of Damon’s and Elena’s attraction for one another comes from Ian’s and Nina’s real life attraction. Two different actors might have played these scenes very differently, but every time Nina looks in Ian’s eyes, she looks like she wants to jump his bones . . . and so they same goes for Elena and Damon. 🙂

      On that note, in less than an hour, Delena will be back on our television screens. And if the spoilers are any indication, I suspect we will both be very much in agreement about Elena’s feelings for Damon in “The New Deal.” I CAN’T WAIT!

  32. I love it. Delena Forever! 😀

    • Well said, lostintheworlds! Thanks so much for stopping by, and for the awesome pingback! Tonight’s episode of TVD is going to be EPIC for our SHIP. I can feel it! 🙂

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  34. debora da luz

    eu adorei ver ésa serie o stefan é um gato lindo um princep e o …………. damom ele nao sei é uma coisa que eu nao sei esplica ele é nao sei vi ele no serie eu fiquey louca quero ver ele na vida real na minha frente por a mao na cabelo dele e beijalo e ficar olhando para o olho dele até eu morrer nao sei o que eu sinto mais é espesial nao sei dizer coisas feias dele ele é perfect pra mim mais o episodio meu prefrido foi o que as bruxas abrirao a tunba dos vampiros e ele nao ia sai de la mais a elena apareceu e pedio pra ele ir com eles e ele foi e depois a elena deu um abrasu nele e ele ficou bem feliz sou a debora sabbatini aparecida pais brasil estado riberao preto bairro parque dos pinos rua estevan nomeline sep da minha casa 741 damom me visita te amo………………………………………..

  35. le


  36. Ira

    i love vampire diaries !!!

  37. DelenaLover90

    Such beautiful description..and well a single DELENA scene has me all hot and bothered I don’t wonder if Elena’s hormones go all boom-ka-boom..their chemistry is undeniable…love them..

  38. Dis season is 1 of d greates season i hv seen so far

  39. Lilly

    Love delena!!<3
    What about when he tells her that
    He lives her then compels her to forget??
    I love that scene

  40. Katelynn

    i LOVE Damon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I was all of the girls that got to kiss him!!!!!

  41. Sophie

    I am so team Damon I enjoyed reading this. Can you believe that Stefan dies in the season 4 commercials to save Elena so does that mean that damon is the dad if so YES!!!

  42. Damon et hyper bogoss <3< I love you

  43. “The Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert:
    The Top Ten WINNING Season 1 Moments for OUR Team! | TV Recappers Anonymous” seriously causes me personally ponder a little bit more.
    I personally cherished each and every single part of this blog
    post. Many thanks ,Joann

  44. Touche. Solid arguments. Keep up the amazing effort.

  45. thayanne

    Adoro eles!!

  46. xyz

    blah blah blah

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